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Kelly Gaule

Electronic portfolio:

Objective: Obtain a teaching position that will provide an opportunity to encourage and engage learners in a
nurturing and enthusiastic environment.

Related Student Teaching
Experience: January 2017- Present

Student taught in a second grade classroom at C.A. Frost Environmental Science Academy.
Student Assisting
September-December 2016

Assisting in a Kindergarten classroom at Shawmut Hills. Assisted cooperating teacher with lessons
and daily tasks. Provided multiple whole group and small group lessons on my own.

Grand Valley Childrens Enrichment Center September

2013- Present
Employed as an assistant teacher in classrooms with children ages two and half years to five years
old. Acted as lead teacher when necessary. Responsible for planning activities and evaluations of
the childrens, social, physical, and educational development. Work with children 5-12 years of age
in an afterschool program. Awarded employee of the month multiple times.

Red Bell Preschool

May 2013- August 2015
Active as a lead teacher in the preschool and summer camp classrooms. Responsible for
Related instructing children ages two and a half to12 years old, planning educational activities, and
Volunteer evaluating students' social development and physical well being.

Grand Valley Childrens Enrichment Center Carnival Coordinator

Coordinated the Childrens Enrichment Centers annual carnival. Planned and delegated activities,
managed volunteers, and designed and constructed decorations.

Science Night Volunteering November 2014,

February 2015
Professional Worked with other Grand Valley science education students to provide students and their families
Development with fun and educational science activities.

Michigan Science Teachers Association October

2014- present

Active member of MSTA. Attended multiple conferences and was involved in various sessions about
bettering science education in and out of the classroom.

Childcare Training
Completed various child development and training programs through The National Association for
the Education of Young Children and Appelbaum Training Institute.

Grand Valley State University

Allendale, MI
Fall 2012-Present
Majors: Integrated Science and Education. Minor: Elementary Certificate
Expected Graduation: April 2017