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Cementing Services

Achieve long-term zonal isolation in any environment with cementing

Cement supports and protects well casings and helps achieve zonal isolation. Critical to safer, environmentally
sound, and profitable wells, zonal isolation is created and maintained in the wellbore by the cementing process.
Whatever your drilling environment or however remote the location, our innovative cementing technologies offer you
a range of cementing solutions to achieve zonal isolation for the life of your well.

Deepwater Cementing Technologies

Understand deepwater technical challenges and design cementing solutions that meet deepwater specifications and
provide required zonal isolation.
DeepCRETE Deepwater Cementing Solution | FlexSTONE Advanced Flexible Cement Technology | LiteCRETE
Lightweight Cement Slurry

CemCRETE Concrete-Based Oilwell Cementing Technology

Develop high-quality cementing solutions for each type of well environment with a thorough understanding of the
physical properties of both the slurry and the set cement needed.
DeepCRETE Deepwater Cementing Solution | LiteCRETE Lightweight Cement Slurry | DensCRETE High-Density
Cement Slurry | SqueezeCRETE Remedial Cementing Solution

CO2-Resistant Cement System

Mitigate the risk of CO2 degradation and leakage when cementing new CO2 injection wells or plugging and
abandoning existing injection/production wells.
Advanced Flexible Expanding Cement
Resist stresses and minimize cracking throughout the well life cycle with flexible cement systems.
Flexible Self-Healing Cement System
Achieve zonal isolation for the life of the well with a cement system that expands after setting, has the flexibility to
withstand stresses, and autorepairs on contact with hydrocarbons irrespective of methane content.

Thermally Responsive Cement System

Prevent cement failure with thermally responsive cement systems that expand and contract in high pressures and
Cementing UGS Wells
Reduce unwanted gas migration and effectively isolate zones with advanced cementing technologies.
Self-Healing Cement System
Ensure long-term zonal isolation and well integrity from production to abandonmentand beyond.
Gas Migration Control
Density control, mud removal, and slurry design are critical to effectively cementing gas-bearing formations and
preventing annular gas flow.
HT | D168 | ISOBLOK | D193 | GasMigrationAdvisor

Lost Circulation Solutions

Cure lost circulation and reduce drilling costs using cement additives.
Losseal Reinforced Composite Mat Pills Family | CemNET Fiber Technology | PressureNET Fiber- and Solids-
Based Lost Circulation Solution
Mud Removal and Spacer Fluids
Remove drilling fluids prior to cementing operations and achieve long-term zonal isolation.
WELLCLEAN II Simulator | WELLCLEAN II Advisor Software | CemPRIME Spacer | MUDPUSH Express Mud
Removal System | ScavengerPlus Slurry Stabilizer | Chemical Washes

Cementing Equipment
Use the right cementing equipment for the job with state-of-the-art technology designed for the most challenging well
Offshore Cementing Equipment | SlurryAirSeparator Mechanical Cement Slurry Defoamer | DeepSea EXPRES
Offshore Plug Launching System

High Performance with Environmental Conformance Technology

Enhance chemical treatment performance while minimizing environmental impact.
Cementing Software
Evaluate zonal isolation parameters, calculate pressures, optimize mud removal, minimize gas migration risk, and
reduce contamination during plug placement.
CEMENTICS Zonal Isolation Software | Solids Fraction Monitor Software | CemCADE Cementing Design and
Evaluation Software

Cement Evaluation
Noninvasively measure the annular barrier and bond between the casing and cement with acoustic sonic and
ultrasonic insight.
PowerFlex and PowerEcho Annular Barrier Evaluation Services | Isolation Scanner | USI Ultrasonic
Imager | Cement Bond Logging Tools | Invizion Well Integrity Services