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6- Research Proposal
To: Miss Wellings and Mrs Bond
From: Charlotte, Mitch and Frankie
Date: 20th October 2016
Subject: Research Proposal

Proposed Research Topic:

Firstly, television idents are created, with the purpose of giving the
channel an identity allowing that specific channel to stand out from
all the others, this brings hope of attracting more viewers for the
channel. Each channel has a specific design and is created in a
certain way to represent that specific television channel. Idents are
designed with particular colours, objects and text. All of this comes
and links into actually representing the channels identity. Also, it can
suggest to the audience the kind of programmes they can find on
that certain television channel.

Television idents are also used for marketing purposes. Television

channels can use the ident at the start and end of programmes, as
well as during the advert breaks. This is a marketing technique that
television channels use, firstly, to help remind the viewer about
what channel they are watching, but also to advertise the identity
and branding of the channel to their current audience. The branding
and identity represented through their ident may appeal to the
viewer, therefore resulting in the viewer most likely returning to the
channel due to them liking the identity of the channel. Also, they will
probably like the types of programmes that channel airs too as the
ident can be linked to certain programmes and represent particular


Myself and my partners have decided upon designing an ident for

Sky sport, so it will be based around a sporty themes and have that
feel to it. The target audience of our ident will be aimed mainly
towards males as they are the higher percentage out of both sexes
who watch sport, however woman will also be included within our
target audience. We are aiming to achieve a creative and effective
ident, which will be appealing to the audience. We will be
researching factors that we hope will please the target audience, so
our research is key.

It is important to research because it means that we have a good
idea about the company we are making an ident for, so when it
comes to making our ident we can make sure that the ident is
keeping its corporate identity, so it remains recognisable for our
target audience. We are creating and ident for sky sports because
this is the channel we feel we relate to the most. In our sky sports
ident we shall keep the same colour theme in an ident to sustain
the channels design. We will also research other idents of the
channel to review the density of information that they provide so we
know what content to put in our ident so it is relevant to our
channel. I have noticed that sky sports idents usually involve just
titles however we were thinking of involving videos of sport to link
to the sport channel.


I will be investing my time mainly into research where I will be able

to see what the main audience appreciate within an ident. I have
decided to interview 10-15 people, both mixed sexes, whether or
not they approve of the ident. If the majority do, so above 11 people
like the ident, then I will go along with it. However, if fewer than 6
people dont like the ident, it would be clear that I would have to
make some changes to improve it. The individuals that werent fond
of it, I would ask them personally what they would like changed or
how they think it could be improved.


For our research for our Sky Sports ident we will be using a variety
of different research methods. This will include us taking surveys,
interviews, online research and will also be analysing existing
idents. Firstly, we will conduct a survey to ask our target
audience questions such as: What do you find appealing in a
television ident? By finding out what peoples interests and
dislikes are we can use the knowledge from their feedback to
create an ideal channel for them. Interviews are more accurate in
my opinion as a more detailed and reliable answer can be given,
opposed to surveys because surveys could have been made up
answers and then are usually not very descriptive. Also, in an
interview people usually give a more honest opinion as they are
put on the spot and are sitting in front of you, so the answer is
usually honest and fresh from their mind.

Prepare proposal by: 05/01/2017
Complete literature review: 07/01/2017
Complete fieldwork by: 14/01/2017
Complete analysis by: 21/01/2017
Give presentation on: 03/02/2017
Complete final report by: 15/02/2017


A limitation for our research is that my class does not have an equal
amount of males to females therefore when conducting our survey it
will not be fair. This means that our results will not be reliable.
However, I want as many responses as possible to gain quantitative
data as the more responses the better the research. When doing my
focus groups and interviews I will make sure that I choose an equal
amount of both male and female participants to make this as fair as
possible. Another limitation is that we dont work for the company
sky sports. This is challenging due to not having much information
about the company and therefore we will not have the research
facilities that sky sports would enable us to have. However, I will use
online sources via secondary research to find out as much as
possible regarding the channel and its ethos. Lastly another
limitation is that we dont have the technology that sky sports has,
meaning our ident is not going to look as good and professional as
theirs. We will try our best with the facilities that we have to make it
look professional and realistic whilst incorporating their channels


[List all references cited that are not on the course reading list]

Merit Distinction
Unit 3 Explain the nature and Comprehensively explain the
purposes of research in the nature and purposes of
creative media industries research in the creative
with detailed examples and media industries with
with generally correct use of elucidated examples and
subject terminology consistently using subject
terminology correctly