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Task 1.

14: Record Label Case


Major Record Label

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony music is home to some of the worlds greatest artists such as
Beyonc, One Direction, Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake, Celine
Dion, Rita Ora and many more. The label Columbia was formed in 1887
and to this day, remains the oldest label in the history of the recording
industry. From this, Sony Music evolved, accumulating the best in the
business to invent a world class record label and industry leader. In the
UK, labels such as Columbia, Epic, RCA, Syco, Commercial Group, RED,
Relentless, Black Butter and Insanity all make up the Sony Music family. The
chairman and CEO of Sony Music UK is Jason Iley.

Pros of a Major Record Label Cons of a Major Record Label

Money- Most of the bigger record Lack of attention- Major record

labels will have a big financial labels sign a high amount of new
advantage over any self-produced musicians and often tend to drop
music. This money gets used to many all at once, all depending on
produce music, tours and music what works well. Therefore, its
videos for the artist. extremely competitive.

Connections- There is many media Passion for music- There are many
outlets that can further promote people who work there just for the
the artists music. For example, money and have little interest in
agents, music channels, radio music, whereas those that who in
stations etc. This gives the artist a the indie labels are usually more
better and higher chance of committed and dedicated.
succeeding in the business.

Size of record label- If the record Difficult deals- Many labels want to
label is popular and well known, sign artists for multi album deals
then the more strings they can pull which give the album a high level
in the industry. They can use of control of the artist and also
contacts to promote the artist and their choice of music.
the record making it go further.
Independent Record label

Domino Recording Company

Domino Recording Company, generally known as Domino, is a British
independent record label based in London. There is also a wing of the label based
in Brooklyn, New York that handles releases in the United States, as well as a
German division called Domino Deutschland and a French division called Domino
France. Founded in 1993, by Laurence Bell and his partner Jacqui Rice, the label's
first release was the Sebadoh EP Rocking the Forest, licensed from Sub Pop
records for release in the UK. 2003 was the label's 10th anniversary! Some of the
companys current artists include the Arctic Monkeys, Sons and Daughters, Blood
Orange and there are many more.

Pros of and Independent Record Label Cons of an Independent Record Label

Love for music- Those that work at Money- This is a massive con for
indie labels do it because they this type of label. This means that
have a high standard of love and they have to think creatively for
interest towards music. They will promotion ideas. Also, they cannot
work extremely hard so that they distribute to a larger audience.
can succeed their goals. The money will affect things such
as tours, recording, packaging,

Freedom to work with whomever Size-Although a smaller size allows

they want The artists dont have them to more accessible to the
to experience the pressure like artist it also means that it is
what the major labels experience, harder to exhibit their artist due to
so they can do wells in the charts. little money and less contacts.
Its more to do with the quality of This results in them being less
their music. powerful than major labels.

Close relationships- There are Disorganised- Sometimes, certain

fewer staff, therefore everyone situations can get confusing. For
can gain closer relationships to example, the accounting or things
people that understand and enjoy may not be followed up or
their music. It is highly unlikely forgotten about. This could be a
that they would change their consequence due to small amounts
appearance as an artist or music, of staff and not enough people to
just ton please others. help out.

Macklemore was born Ben Haggerty in Seattle, Washington in June 1983. He

developed an early fascination with hip-hop at the age of six after hearing Digital
Underground for the first time. This fascination developed into a full time passion
by the time he was a teenager. At the age of 14 Macklemore started writing his
own lyrics. Since 2000, he has independently released one mixtape, three EPs,
and four albums. He has significantly collaborated with producer Ryan Lewis as
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. His real name is Ben Haggerty, but he is formerly
known as Professor Macklemore.

Pros for a self-produced record label Cons for a self-produced record label
Easier to produce your own music- Time consuming- It is a full time
This is because you can work to job to promote a record and will
your own timetable. Music can be require days of work to produce a
recorded in own time and when finished product.
time is available.

Keep your own rights- This is due May not have the contacts to
to the fact of having no contacts promote releases that Major/Indie
and being able to keep your own labels have- Therefore artists will
image. The artist can decide on struggle to release pieces of
when and how their music is used music. The major and indie labels
and the price of it. have agents, promoters and media
links which help them. It takes a
lot of time to builds these

Its all on the artists own terms- Learning when doing it- During the
Its all in their own terms so the making of the music video, it can
artist decide when their music is take time to figure out how to
going to be released, tour dates, distribute the music in the right
signings, the type of music you way, also ensuring the best
produce and how you the artist results. Artists will have to take
markets themselves everything in so they can make it
work properly and end up with a
professional finished looking

Keep your own money- There is no money behind the

release to help promote the artists
music- Major and indie labels will
always have a budget to help
release their album. Independent
artists will need to finance it
themselves and have the burden
to distribute it as much as possible
therefore can become in debt.