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News from Mrs.

Isemingers Classroom
February 13, 2017

Weve been busy during our days! In honor Reminders:

of Black History Month, students have been study-
ing biographies on Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa
Parks. Weve had some amazing discussions, and Valentines Day Party at 2:15 pm
have worked on comparing and contrasting these
two influential people!
Monday, February 20thNo School ( Presi-
Weve also been working hard on our read-
dents Day)
ing comprehension, practicing prefixes/suffixes, syn-
onyms/antonyms, homophones/homonyms as well
as many other things. If youre looking to help your
Ive attached an updated list of students for Val-
child at home, you can practice any of these skills
entines Day cards.
with them as well! Every bit of practice helps!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

The Week

Spelling Pretest Valentines Day Adjec- Adjectives Writing: Minilesson on

tives Word Choice
Syllable Pattern Spelling Test

Comparing and Con-

Captain Cash
trasting Folktales
Read: Sukis Ki- Stations
Homework: Passage Reading Test
and Questions
Skill: Compare/
Fill out Rockstar Home-
work Slip for Friday!

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Lab (Tech