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I am creating a list of rules that must be followed or whatever entered into the mind palace will

never be properly remembered.

Rule one: Each of the kanji placed, but me written exactly five times.
Rule two: Each of the kanji have to be read into multiple different compounds and contexts (if
Rule three: All readings must be memorized and vocabulary that come with it must be placed in
each of the doors.
Rule four: I must be happy with each after I am finished.
Rule five: At most, I am only allowed to do 50 kanji a day.
Rule six: I must read at least an hour of kanji a day, no matter the circumstances.
Rule seven: I have to practice everyday until the kanji have been exasperated or I have been
Rule eight: I have to work out the same day/night in which the memory palace is entered or
nothing inserted will be memorized.

Now that we got the first rules I can think of out of the way let us get to work.

The house as I am imaging it has roughly 2,136 rooms. I will divide them equally, making 1,067
rooms equally split on each side. The floor is made up of a gravel pattern in which we have seen
before with blades of grass sticking out every now and again. The doors will have each of the kanji
labeled on them and as we go through, each of the doors that have not been used will have a
question mark on them. Inside each of the rooms will just have a picture representing each of the
kanji if possible and each of the sounds if possible. This is going to be a delicate process so I will
continue as I go along. At the head of the Memory Palace, I have Jessica Fray on one side wearing
a normal sleeping clothes and she is perpetually tired. In the middle I have athena, who is only
allowed to speak japanese to me, and I the same. On the right side will be placed Ayaka, for
reasons I will not mention as of yet. Behind them is a bust of simonidies of ceos and above and
behind them is a picture of the God of mnemonic, or pnemosyne.
In fact, instead of separating them by the fashion in which I have done before I will use the method
done in the Dungeons and Dragons. I will group together each of the ones found in each sections
in different parts of the house. This will undoubtedly turn the house into a land in where there are
a lot of circular doors in which to enter and that will soon be a problem for an architect but not
someone making a house of his own that can be changed at any time. I will do it by sections,
seems to inevitably shrink down the size of the house and everything that I need to do. That way I
will know where and when I couldnt remember any of the kanji. It is about time I get to work I