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Social Networking: Good or Bad?

Is social media really a bad thing? For many years, social media has been a controversy

among the world. People debate on whether its a good thing for society, or only something

detrimental. Over 79% of American adults use social media as of January, 2014 (Hampton).

Therefore, the effects of the Internet impact well over half the United States. Social networking

sites are used for education, communication, and are a news source for all ages. Social media

just keeps evolving and growing, and mostly the effects are positive rather than negative.

Social networking sites allow interpersonal communication and help people to make new

friends and strengthen relationships. About 70% of adult social media users visit the sites to

connect with friends and family members (Solis). Roughly 52% of teenagers using social media

report that using the sites has helped their relationships with friends, 88% proclaim that social

media helps them stay in touch with people they cannot see regularly, 69% report getting to

know students at their school better, and 57% make new friends (Social Media). People use

social media to interact at events and get to know people before personal, business, and other

meetings (Morgan). Social networks even facilitate face-to-face interactions.

Social networking sites spread news faster than any other media. Over 50% of people

learn about breaking news via the internet (Marino). Social media sites like LinkedIn and

Facebook are used by 65% of traditional media reporters and editors as a source of story

research, and 52% use Twitter (Kidwali). Social networking sites are the top news source for

27.8% of all Americans, a close second to newspapers (28.8%) and ranking above the radio,

which is 18.8% (Marino). However, some might argue that the news spread on the Internet is

misrepresentative and unreliable. Undeniably, anyone can post anything they want on social

networking sites whether its true or not. This causes panic and stress among the readers of the

inaccuracies. The minuscule amount of lies doesnt even compare to the prodigious amount of

correct information, nonetheless.

Social networking sites can even help students perform more accurately in school.

Approximately 59% of students with access to the Internet report that they use social networking

sites to discuss educational topics and 50% use the sites to talk about school assignments (Online

Social). Studies have shown that for schools that influence the use of social media, grades go up

and numbers of absences go down. This exact thing happened at George Middle School after

they installed online learning programs (Kessler). Most students generally learn better when

theyre engaged with something of their interests.

Social media is not a harmful thing for society. Undoubtedly, social media has been

proven to help students do better in school. It also is a leading source of news for Americans and

it spreads news faster than any other media, even though sometimes that news and information is

not efficient and reliable. Ultimately, social networking sites increase face-to-face interaction

and facilitate healthy relationships. When used conscientiously, the Internet is a great thing. In

order to keep social media the magnificent thing it is, always remember to stay responsible on

the Internet.

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