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n aceast sptmn, Global 3000 merge la:
This week, Global 3000 heads to:
- Ghana - unde ne ntlnim cu un om dispus s
- Ghana - where we meet a man willing to move strbat munii pentru a salva broate.
mountains to save frogs.
- n Belize, conservare poate fi o activitate
periculoas. Pdurarii ne spune de ce.
- Dar, n primul rnd, aruncm o privire n Filipine -
0:38 unde multor oameni le este fric pentru viaa lor.

58 countries around the world still have the death 00:38

penalty. The punishment was actually abolished ten n 58 de ri din ntreaga lume nc mai exist
years ago in the Philippines. But its new president is pedeapsa cu moartea. De fapt, n Filipine pedeapsa a
now determined to bring it back. As part of his anti- fost anulat n urm cu zece ani. Dar, noul
drugs campaign, Rodrigo Duterte has made public preedinte este acum hotrt s o aduc napoi. Ca
calls for dealers to be assassinated. Since then, over parte a campaniei sale anti-drog, Rodrigo Duterte a
3000 people have been murdered on the country's fcut apeluri publice ctre comerciani s fie
streets. asasinat. De atunci, peste 3000 de oameni au fost
ucii pe strzile din ar.
This little girl in this coffin had nothing to do with 00:01
drugs. Danica Garcia was simply in the wrong place Aceast feti n acest sicriu nu a avut nimic de-a
at the wrong time. The five-year-old from Dagupan face cu medicamente. Danica Garcia a fost pur i
died from a bullet wound to the head. She is the simplu n locul nepotrivit, la momentul nepotrivit.
youngest victim in the Philippines' so-called war on Fetia din Dagupan n vrst de cinci ani a murit
drugs. mpucat cu glon n cap. Ea este cea mai tnr
victim din Filipine "aa-numitul rzboi contra

0:20 00:20
"Danica era n curte, cnd dintr-o dat, doi brbai
+++0-Ton Gemma Reys Garcia, Grandmother :+++ narmai au venit i l-au mpucat pe soul meu. L-au
0:38 mpucat n burt. El a fugit n spate, iar ei l-au
urmat. Acolo Danica a fost mpucat i ucis."
The local river flooded - and the family home is still
under water. Danica's grandfather, Maximo, 00:38
survived the floods and now lives in hiding. His Ru local a inundat - iar casa familiei este nc sub
name is apparently on a police watchlist. ap. Bunicul lui Danica, Maximo, a supravieuit
inundaiilor i acum triete ascuzndu-se. Numele
lui este aparent pe o lista data n urmrire de poliie.

The hunt for presumed drug dealers goes on. Since 00:51
the end of June, more than 3,000 people have lost Vntoare presupuilor traficani de droguri
their lives in extra-judicial killings by police and continua. De la sfritul lunii iunie, mai mult de
what amount to private death squads. Orders come 3.000 de oameni i-au pierdut viaa n asasinate
from the very top. The recently-elected President extrajudiciare de ctre poliie ceea ce se egaleaz cu
Rodrigo Duterte made his intentions clear during his morii private. Ordinile vin de la servicii de sus.
election campaign. Preedinte Recent ales Rodrigo Duterte i-a explicat
clar inteniile n timpul campaniei sale electorale.

1:22 "Eti traficant de droguri, eti un gunoi te voi
omor. Nu voi ngdui aa ceva. Fie tu m omori,
sau eu pe tine, voi idioilor..."

But are all those being killed really linked to drugs? Dar, sunt toi cei ucii ntr-adevr legai de droguri?
It's not clear that the police are always acting in self- Nu este clar dac poliia acioneaz ntotdeauna n
defense. Some ask if authorities and politicians are auto-aprare. Unii se ntreab dac autoritile i
also involved in the drug trade. politicienii sunt, de asemenea, implicai n comerul
cu droguri.
+++ 0-Ton Jean Enriquez, Human Rights "n prima zi cnd preedintele a fost nvestit n
Organization iDefend: Engl.+++ funcie, un activist de mediu din Bataan a fost, de
asemenea, ucis. i sunt de asemenea ameninri
"On the first day the president was sworn into mpotriva altor aprtori ai drepturilor omului,
office, an environmental activist in Bataan was also inclusiv lideri ai populaiilor indigene n diferite
killed. And there are also threats against other pri ale Filipine."
human rights defenders, including indigenous
people's leaders in different parts of the 02:13
Philippines." Lucrarea sngeroas a rzbuntorilor s-a rspndit
n ntreaga ar. Victimele sunt adesea foarte tinere.
The bloody work of vigilantes has spread across the Aceast fotografie prezint una din ultimile victime.
country.. The victims are often very young. This
photograph shows one of the newly dead. Pancarta din spatele acestei femei care i plnge
prietenul ei mort d un avertisment rece dealerilor
The placard behind this woman grieving her dead de droguri: ". Nu fac acest lucru"
friend gives a chilling warning to drug dealers:
"don't do this." 02:37
Dar poliia din Pasig i n alte pri din ar se afl
2:37 sub presiune pentru a oferi rezultate presedintelui
Duterte, care spune c vrea s elimine drogurile din
But police in Pasig City and elsewhere in the Filipine n termen de ase luni. Acest lucru colonel
country are under pressure to deliver results to de poliie trece printr-o list. El spune ca moartea nu
President Duterte, who says he wants to eradicate a putut fi evitat.
drugs from the Phillipines within six months. This
police colonel is going through a list. He says the 3:00
deaths couldn't be avoided.
+++ 0-Ton Politie colonelul, Engi. +++
"Aceste asasinate au fost justificate. Au fost ucii
+++0-Ton Police Colonel, Engl. +++ pentru c lupta napoi i au loc viaa poliistului i a
altor persoane aflate n pericol. Aa c n loc s ne
"Those killings were justified. They were killed fie ucii ,. acestea ar trebui s fie cei care s mearg
because they fight back and they place the life of the mai nti.
policeman and other people in danger. So instead of
us being killed,. they should be the ones to go first. +++



3:19 n plus fa de campania brutal, autoritile

urmresc alte msuri. Unii dependenii trebuie s
In addition to the brutal campaign, the authorities depun jurmnt, i s semneze un angajament
are pursuing other measures. Some addicts have to pentru a merge curat.
take an oath, and sign a committment to go clean.

03:32 +++ ((situational: ofier de poliie

3:32 +++((Situational: police officer questioning a interogatoriu un om ntr-o pia))
man in a market))
Acest tnr este ntrebat ct timp el a fost folosit
This young man is asked how long he has been droguri. El rspunde: mai mult de trei ani. Cand a
using drugs. He replies: more than three years. fost intrebat ce medicamente el folosete, el
When asked which drugs he uses, he replies, rspunde, "Meth de cristal". El spune c nu este un
"crystal meth". He says he's not a dealer. dealer.

3:47 03:47

Maximo Garcia, the grandfather of the five-year-old Maximo Garcia, bunicul vechi de cinci ani, care a
who was shot dead, has gone into hiding. He's afraid fost mpucat mortal, a intrat pe ascuns. i e team
the men who killed his grandaughter will come back oamenii care au ucis nepoata lui va veni din nou s-
to get him. He later admits that he DID take drugs, l. mai trziu, el admite c el a luat droguri, pana
until he had a stroke one year ago. But he says he cand el a avut un accident vascular cerebral acum un
didn't sell any drugs. an. Dar el spune c nu a vndut nici droguri.

4:07 04:07

+++0-Ton Maximo Garcia (ohne Insert):+++ +++ 0-Ton Maximo Garcia (ohne Insert): +++

"I don't understand why I suddenly appeared on a "Nu neleg de ce dintr-o dat am aprut pe o list cu
list of drug dealers - people, that they have now dealerii de droguri - oameni, pe care i-au ucis acum
killed. I felt safe when President Duterte took over m-am simit n siguran atunci cnd preedintele
because I'm no dealer." Duterte a preluat pentru c nu sunt un dealer.".

+++ +++

4:27 04:27

Garcia says he voted for Duterte. // He shows us Garcia spune c a votat pentru Duterte. // El ne arat
scars from bullet wounds. rni provocate de rni de glon.

4:34 04:34

The so-called anti-drug war is creating fear and Aa-numitul rzboi anti-drog creeaz team i
suspicion. No one knows whom to trust anymore, or suspiciune. Nimeni nu tie cine s aib ncredere
who might be informing on others.. Are the people mai, sau care ar putea fi pe alii informa .. Oamenii
arrested really the ones producing and selling the sunt arestai ntr-adevr cei care produc i vnd
drugs, including crystal meth? droguri, inclusiv Meth cristal?

4:56 04:56

Many Filipinos are actually volunteering to go to Multe dintre Filipinezii sunt, de fapt voluntar pentru
prison. They give themselves up to save their own a merge la nchisoare. Ele se dedau pentru a salva
lives. Hundreds of thousands across the country are propriile lor viei. Sute de mii n ntreaga ar sunt
beating a path to the authorities' doors. The addicts bate o cale la uile autoritilor. Persoanele
and dealers are hoping they'll be safer in jail. The dependente i dealerii sunt n sperana c vor fi mai
surge in prisoners is unsustainable at this city jail in n siguran n nchisoare. Creterea brusc a
Qezon. It was built to house 800 inmates, but with deinuilor nu este sustenabil n aceast nchisoare
4,000 people here, overcrowding has lead to the ora n Qezon. Acesta a fost construit pentru a
spread of disease. gzdui 800 de deinui, dar cu 4.000 de oameni aici,
suprapopularea a dus la rspndirea bolii.
+++ 0-Ton Rosielyn Carta, Gefngnis Quezon City
(teilweise im OFF): Engl.+++ +++ 0-Ton Rosielyn Cra, Gefngnis Quezon City
(teilweise im OFF):. Engl +++
"As of now TB is 200 plus. Last month we also had
incidents of diarrhea - the highest was 500 of our ". De acum TB este de 200, plus Luna trecuta am
inmates. But with the help of the International avut, de asemenea, cazuri de diaree - cea mai mare a
Committee of the Red Cross it was abated." fost de 500 de deinui notri Dar, cu ajutorul
Comitetului Internaional al Crucii Rosii a fost
+++ potolit.".



Beyond those prison walls, more than 40 people are 05:50

being shot dead every day. President Duterte says
the campaign will continue until all drug bosses and Dincolo de aceste ziduri de nchisoare, mai mult de
dealers are behind bars - or dead. The killings look 40 de persoane sunt mpucai n fiecare zi.
set to continue. Presedintele Duterte spune ca campania va continua
pana cand toti sefii de droguri si dealeri care sunt n
END by : 6:08 spatele gratiilor - sau mort. Asasinatele par a

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And now, on to our Global Ideas series, where we

meet people determined to preserve and protect our 07:17
planet's most endangered species. This week, we
head to Belize, a country with huge nature reserves. i acum, cu privire la seria Global idei, unde ne
But these protected areas are still subject to ntlnim cu oameni hotri s conserve i s
poaching, which threatens the diversity of local protejeze speciile cele mai ameninate ale planetei
forests. Our reporter, Katja Dhne, met up with noastre. n aceast sptmn, ne ndreptm spre
Belizean rangers who are risking their lives. Belize, o ar cu rezerve imense natura. Dar, aceste
arii protejate sunt nc supuse braconajului, care
amenin diversitatea pdurilor locale. Reporterul
nostru, Katja Dhne, sa ntlnit cu Rangers
Belizean, care i risc viaa.
Start of Item Beginning of Transcripts Top of
Species preservation in Chiquibul In Depth
Report 6
nceput de articol nceput de transcripte nceputul
Specii de conservare n Chiquibul n raportul
Adncimea 6

This anteater knows it's being watched - and is
trying to scare off its audience. 00:10

We're in the jungles of Belize...home to a rich

variety of wildlife. Acest lucru furnicar tie c este urmrit - i ncearc
s sperie publicul.

Suntem n junglele din Belize ... acas la o varietate

bogat de animale slbatice.

A frog locked in a deadly battle with a snake. It

doesn't stand a chance.

O broasca blocat ntr-o lupt mortal cu un arpe. Ea

00:28 nu are nicio ans.

Here in Chiquibul Forest, the name of the game is

eat or be eaten. The 1700 square kilometers of
jungle is often called the jewel of Belize. It's a 00:28
treasure that's protected by national park rangers.
They're armed - because they have a dangerous job. Aici, n Chiquibul Forest, numele jocului este de a
We're not allowed to show their faces. Only their mnca sau s fie mncat. 1700 de kilometri ptrai
leader is willing to talk to us. de jungl este adesea numit bijuteria Belize. Este o
comoar care este protejat de rangerii parc naional.
Sunt narmai - pentru c ei au un loc de munc
periculoase. Nu avem voie s arate feele lor. Numai
liderul lor este dispus s vorbeasc cu noi.
00:56 - 1:26




Yeah, I have been fired at. In many cases, I was PARK CHIQUIBUL", ONG PRIETENI DE
patrolling with soldiers or with rangers and people DEZVOLTARE I CONSERVARE,
fire at us, in the jungle. Sometimes you see them,
sometimes you don't. You come here to protect
wildlife, and you encounter yourself in a situation "Da, am fost tras. In multe cazuri, am patrula cu
that could be really dangerous. Yeah. soldai sau cu rangerii i oameni de foc la noi, n
jungl. Uneori i vezi, uneori, nu. Ai venit aici
pentru a proteja fauna slbatic, i v ntlnii ntr-o
situaie care ar putea fi cu adevrat periculos. Da. "
We're just ten kilometers from Guatemala. The
border runs through the middle of the jungle. 01:28
Poachers from the neighboring country - who are
often armed - enter Belize illegally to plunder the Suntem la doar zece kilometri de Guatemala. La
forest. The intruders kill and steal local flora and grania trece prin mijlocul junglei. Braconierii din
fauna, pan for gold, and operate illegal marijuana ara vecin - care sunt adesea narmai - intr Belize
plantations. ilegal la jaful de pdure. Intruii omoare i s fure
flora i fauna local, tava pentru aur, i s opereze
plantaii de marijuana ilegale.


The idea is to see if there is any human activity on DEZVOLTARE I CONSERVARE (DGF)
this track. Once we know that nobody is here we
don't really need to monitor this trail again.. "Ideea este de a vedea dac exist vreo activitate
uman pe aceast cale. Odat ce tim c nimeni nu
este aici, nu avem nevoie ntr-adevr s
monitorizeze din nou acest traseu .. "

Freshly chopped branches indicate that someone's

been here recently. There are footprints, too. They 02:01
look deep, which suggests that whoever walked
down this trail was carrying a heavy load. Probably crengi tocate proaspt indic faptul c cineva a fost
illegal pickings from the jungle. Today, the rangers aici de curnd. Nu exist urme de pai, de asemenea.
fail to track the culprit down. Ei privesc adnc, ceea ce sugereaz c oricine a
mers n jos acest traseu a fost transport o sarcin
grea. Probabil ilegale din pickings jungl. Astzi,
rangerii nu pentru a urmri vinovatul n jos.

Crime in this natural paradise is a serious problem.

A young Guatemalan boy was killed here in a recent 02.23
shooting incident. Only a few weeks earlier, a
policeman was shot at an ancient Mayan Criminalitii n acest paradis natural este o
archaeological site. The government has invested problem grav. Un biat din Guatemala a fost ucis
heavily in protecting the forest - but it's clearly still aici, ntr-un incident de fotografiere recent. Numai
not enough. cteva sptmni mai devreme, un poliist a fost
mpucat ntr-un sit arheologic vechi Mayan.
Guvernul a investit masiv n protejarea pdurii - dar
nu este n mod clar nc suficient.

Here at the Belize zoo, visitors can admire the

country's biodiversity at close quarters. The zoo 02.46
houses indigenous animals only - among them the
tapir, the national animal of Belize. There are Aici, la grdina zoologic Belize, vizitatorii pot
jaguars here too - which otherwise live wild in the admira biodiversitatea rii la aproape sferturi.
country's forests. Grdina zoologic gzduiete animale indigene
numai - printre ei tapir, animalul naional al Belize.
Exist, jaguari i aici - care triesc altfel slbatice n
pdurile rii.

Hannah St.Luce Martinez

Hannah St.Luce Martinez
It fills you with pride. Knowing that you have
these beautiful creatures, where you live. BIOFIN, BELIZE

"Te umple de mndrie. tiind c avei aceste creaturi

frumoase, n cazul n care locuii ".
Hannah St. Luce Martinez works in the forest
management division of the country's environment 03:12
ministry. But she also works for BIOFIN, the
Biodiversity Finance Initiative. This was set up to Hannah St. Luce Martinez lucreaz n divizia de
establish the cost of a biodiversity action plan for gestionare a pdurilor a ministerului mediului al
Belize. rii. Dar ea lucreaz, de asemenea, pentru BIOFIN,
Iniiativa Finane Biodiversitate. Acest lucru a fost
creat pentru a stabili costul unui plan de aciune
pentru biodiversitate Belize.

3.32 3:49

Hannah St.Luce Martinez

3,32 - 03:49
Hannah St.Luce Martinez
Protecting them isnt cheap. We have never placed
a price figure on protecting their habitat in the wild. BIOFIN, BELIZE
So Biofin intends to do a cost analysis that will help
us reach our biodiversity goals and targets. "Protejarea ei nu este ieftin. Noi nu am pus o cifr
de pre pe protejarea habitatului lor n slbticie.
Aa c Biofin intenioneaz s fac o analiz a
costurilor, care va ajuta sa ne atingem obiectivele
3:51 privind biodiversitatea i intele. "

Chiquibul Forest is a key region for the project.

Today Hannah's on the road, investigating the
financial state of conservation projects already up 03:51
and running.
Chiquibul Forest este o regiune-cheie pentru proiect.
Astzi Hannah pe drum, investigarea strii
financiare a proiectelor de conservare deja i s fie
4:08 difuzate.

She's on her way to Las Cuevas, a research

institute and a breeding station for parrots. Over a
dozen Scarlet Macaws have been bred here. In the 04:08
jungle, their nests are often plundered by poachers.
Chico is one of their full-time keepers. He looks E n drum spre "Las Cuevas", un institut de
after the birds until they're released into the wild. cercetare i o staie de reproducere pentru papagali.
Peste o duzin de Scarlet Macaws au fost crescute
aici. n jungl, cuiburi sunt adesea jefuite de
braconieri. Chico este unul dintre lor deintori full-
time. El se uit dup psrile pn cnd sunt
04.31-4:49 eliberate n natur.


04.31-4: 49
I think of them like my kids, I will say it. You
know, because, I wake up so early to feed them, I Chico, PRIETENI ONG-CONSERVARE I
wake up at 5 oclock in the morning. When it is time DEZVOLTARE (DGF), DOMENIU DE
to release them, I am so sorry but I am feeling so CERCETARE ASISTENT
"M gndesc la ei ca copiii mei, voi spune. tii,
pentru c, m trezesc att de devreme pentru a le
hrni, m trezesc la ora 5 dimineaa. Cnd este
4:51 timpul s le elibereze, mi pare att de ru, dar m
simt att de trist. "
Las Cuevas is the first stop on Hannahs itinerary
today. The project is run by Friends of
Conservation and Development.
Hannah's impressed.
Las Cuevas este prima oprire pe itinerariul de azi
Hannah. Proiectul este condus de "Prietenii de
conservare i dezvoltare".
05:03 ATMO
Hannah impresionat.
Its a beautiful cage. Who built it?
05:03 ATMO

Myself. (Chico) "Este o cuc frumoas. Cine a construit-o?

Eu nsumi. "(Chico)
Butthe cage is only a stopgap solution. If the
birdnests in the jungle were better protected, it
wouldn't be neccessary.

Butthe cuc este doar o soluie paliativ. n cazul n

care birdnests n jungl erau protejate mai bine, nu
5:16 (im OFF) (Chico) ar mai fi necesara.

If we have the enough funds, yes, we could try to

keep them more in the wild. I know that it is very
difficult to find the funds, but its not impossible to
get it, you know. 05:16 (im OFF) (Chico)
"Dac avem fonduri suficiente, da, am putea ncerca
s le pstreze mai mult n slbticie. tiu c este
5:26 foarte dificil de a gsi fondurile, dar nu este
imposibil s-l, tu tii. "
These Scarlet Macaws will soon be leaving their
comfortable home. Then they'll have to look after

Acestea Scarlet Macaws vor fi n curnd prsi casa

lor confortabil. Apoi, ei vor trebui s se uite dup ei
5:32 nii.

Protecting wildlife in the Chiquibul Forest makes

not just environmental but also economic sense.


05.40 -5:53 +++ SOT Hannah St.Luce Martinez ++ Protejarea faunei din Pdurea Chiquibul face nu
+ doar asupra mediului, ci, de asemenea, punct de
vedere economic.

Anything that occurs or affects our national

resources, affects our economy. Because tourists are 05.40 -5: 53 +++ SOT Hannah St.Luce Martinez ++
attracted to the green and the biodiversity that we +
have as a country.

"Orice lucru care are loc sau afecteaz resursele

5:55 noastre naionale, afecteaz economia noastr.
Pentru c turitii sunt atrai de verde i
Next, Hannah pays a visit to the park rangers. She biodiversitatea pe care o avem ca ar. "
asks them about working conditions. Park manager
Derek Chan says the team could really use a
helicopter, arguing that it could save lives.

n continuare, Hannah pltete o vizit la rangerii

parcului. Ea i ntreab cu privire la condiiile de
+++ SOT Derek Chan +++ munc. managerul de parc Derek Chan spune ca
echipa ar putea folosi ntr-adevr un elicopter,
6:06 argumentnd c aceasta ar putea salva vieti.

You know a ranger would sometimes say, what if I

die out here. If you get a snake bite or a gun shot
you need to be extracted in an hour or two. And that
is a concern." +++ SOT Derek Chan +++

"tii un pdurar ar spune, uneori, ce dac mor aici.

06.20 Dac obinei o muscatura de sarpe sau o lovitur
pistol trebuie s fie extras ntr-o or sau dou. i
It's obvious that lack of funding is a problem acesta este un motiv de ngrijorare. "
everywhere. What's NOT obvious is where more
financing should come from.


06.35 6:46 Este evident c lipsa de fonduri este o problem

peste tot. Ce nu este evident este n cazul n care mai
+++ SOT Hannah St.Luce Martinez +++ multe fonduri ar trebui s provin din.


We need to be very innovative. As to how to

identify where money has been coming from and 06.35 06:46
where will money will come from for biodiversity
management. +++ SOT Hannah St.Luce Martinez +++

"Trebuie s fim foarte inovatoare. n ceea ce

6:47 privete modul de a identifica n cazul n care banii
au fost vin si unde se vor vor veni bani de la pentru
The Chiquibul Forest is only the start. 40 percent of managementul biodiversitii. "
Belize is a conservation area. And protecting it all is
a costly business.

6:56 06:47

Pdurea Chiquibul este doar nceputul. 40 la suta

din Belize este o zona de conservare. i protejarea
totul este o afacere costisitoare.


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LIVE 7 Cuprins
14:40 2
nceput de articol nceput de transcripte nceputul
Next we head to Ghana. Here, too, in the Sui River Cuprins
Forest, conservationists are working hard to protect Clip video 3
wildlife. Our reporter, Mabel Gundlach, met up with nceput de articol nceput de transcripte nceputul
a biologist involved in reforestation projects there. Cuprins
His priority is to recreate a habitat where local LIVE 7
animals can thrive. Especially the frogs. 14:40

n continuare ne ndreptm spre Ghana. Aici, de

asemenea, n Sui River Forest, conservationistii
muncesc din greu pentru a proteja animalele
slbatice. Reporterul nostru, Mabel Gundlach, sa
Start of Item Beginning of Transcripts Top of ntlnit cu un biolog implicat n proiecte de
Contents rempdurire acolo. Prioritatea lui este de a recrea
Frog researcher Gilbert Adum In Depth Report 8 un habitat n cazul n care animalele locale pot
0.08 prospera. Mai ales broaste.

Trekking through the Sui River forest reserve in

Ghana is tough going. But these conservationists are
on a mission. Researcher Gilbert Adum is here with
some American colleagues on a quest to find a
particular species of frog, which he first discovered nceput de articol nceput de transcripte nceputul
a few years ago. Cuprins
Broasca cercetator Gilbert Adum In raportul
adancime 8
Not this one. But the giant squeaker frog. 0,08

Trekking prin rezerva de pdure Sui River n Ghana

este in curs de dur. Dar, aceste ecologistii sunt ntr-o
0.31 misiune. Cercetator Gilbert Adum este aici cu unii
colegi americani pe o cutare pentru a gsi o
Atmo frei anumit specie de broasc, pe care a descoperit mai
nti n urm cu civa ani.
Michael: "Gilbert, I found a frog.

Nu aceasta. Dar gigantul prtor broasca.

It's thought there are only about 30 of them left. 0,31

Atmo frei

0.37 Michael: "Gilbert, am gsit o broasc."

Atmo frei

Gilbert: I have to be careful. 0,33

Chelsea: Have you seen this frog today? Se crede c sunt doar aproximativ 30 din ei.

Gilbert: No. That is lovely, the same genus, but it is

a different one. But it is a forest one. It is a good 0,37
find. It is a great find.
Atmo frei

Gilbert: "Trebuie s fiu atent."

Chelsea: Ai vzut aceast broasc astzi?
SOT Gilbert Adum
We spent sometimes a whole week or two weeks Gilbert: Nu. Asta este minunat, acelai gen, dar este
every month here looking for it. For instance we unul diferit. Dar este una de pdure. Este o
started from June and it was not until the beginning descoperire bun. Este o descoperire mare.
of this month so it took four months and then we
found one! Here!


1.14 SOT Gilbert Adum

Gilbert Adum has devoted his career to the giant "Am petrecut uneori o sptmn ntreag sau dou
squeaker frog. His work on its behalf has sent him sptmni, n fiecare lun, aici, caut. De exemplu,
to distant countries. am pornit din iunie i nu a fost pn la nceputul
acestei luni ... aa c a durat patru luni i apoi am
gsit unul! Aici!"


Atmo 1.14

Gilbert Adum i-a dedicat cariera broasca gigant

prtor. activitatea sa n numele su, a trimis n ri
SOT Gilbert Adum
"That is the sound of the Giant Squeaker Frog. I
love frogs and this love for frogs brought me to Atmo
Germany, brought me to Berlin.

1.33 1.26

To be precise, to the city's Natural History Museum SOT Gilbert Adum

where Adum spent 18 months conducting
research. The museum has a collection of West "Acesta este sunetul Giant prtor Frog. mi place
African amphibians. And the Ghanaian biologist broate i aceast dragoste pentru broate mi-a adus
also learned to use a Geographic Information n Germania, mi-a adus la Berlin."
System to produce maps.

Pentru a fi precis, la Muzeul de Istorie Natural al
How are the Giant Squeaker Frog and other frogs oraului - n cazul n care Adum a petrecut 18 luni
native to Ghana coping with climate change? Adum efectuarea de cercetare. Muzeul are o colecie de
received a fellowship grant from the Humboldt amfibieni din Africa de Vest. i, de asemenea,
Foundation to find out. biolog ghanez a nvat s utilizeze un sistem de
informaii geografice pentru a produce hri.

2.04 1,50

SOT Gilbert Adum Cum sunt gigant prtor broasca si alte broaste
native n Ghana pentru a face fa schimbrilor
"My knowledge has improved drastically. There are climatice? ADUM a primit un grant de bursa de la
about 80 frogs that occur in Ghana. Almost all of Fundatia Humboldt pentru a afla.
them, they have the specimens. And I have studied
all of them. And now with the maps that I have
developed, I know where each frog occurs. So I
have really benefited so much, I have never
benefited from anything more than this fellowship. 2,04

SOT Gilbert Adum

2.30 "Cunotinele mele sa mbuntit n mod drastic.

Sunt aproximativ 80 de broate care au loc n
Now Adum is back in Ghana, continuing his Ghana. Aproape toate acestea, ei au exemplarele. i
research in the Sui River forest reserve. am studiat toate. i acum, cu hrile pe care le-am
dezvoltat, tiu unde fiecare broasc apare. Aa c am
beneficiat ntr-adevr att de mult, nu am beneficiat
This time, he doesn't manage to find a Giant de nimic mai mult dect aceast prtie. "
Squeaker Frog. But he DOES find a few pits left by
illegal gold prospectors.


2.43 Acum Adum este din nou n Ghana, continund

cercetrile sale n rezerva de pdure Sui River.

Gilbert: "Even for the tree frogs, they cannot come De data aceasta, el nu reuete s gseasc un gigant
out, because they will need things like this. And if prtor Frog. Dar el gsi cteva gropi lsate de
there is a predator there, the frog will not be able to cuttori de aur ilegale.

The frogs' natural habitat is also threatened by
logging. Gilbert Adum shows his colleagues from Gilbert: "Chiar i pentru broatele de copac, ei nu
the US NGO "Save the frogs the damage that's pot iei, pentru c ei vor avea nevoie de lucruri ca
been wreaked by the timber industry. Loggers are acest lucru i n cazul n care exist un animal de
allowed to fell just three trees per hectare here. But prad acolo, broasca nu va fi n msur s scape.".
in fact, they chop down a lot more - leaving
devastated landscapes in their wake.


habitatul natural al broatelor "este, de asemenea,

3.21 ameninat de logare. .. Gilbert Adum prezinta
colegii sai de ONG din SUA "Salvai broatele"
SOT Gilbert Adum prejudiciul care a fost provocat de industria
lemnului Furnizori de bustean pot sa beneficieze de
It has been a war for us ...we cannot fight them. a sczut la doar trei arbori pe hectar, aici, dar, de
What we have been doing is to educate the local fapt, ei taie mult mai mult - lasand peisaje devastate
people that this forest is not for any timber n urma lor.
company, it is not for the government, it is for them,
the local people.

SOT Gilbert Adum
The village of Yawkrom is located on the edge of
the reserve. If the Sui Forest and the frogs that live "A fost un rzboi pentru noi ... nu ne putem lupta cu
in it are to survive, the inhabitants have to do their ei. Ceea ce am fcut este de a educa localnicii c
part. aceast pdure nu este pentru orice companie din
lemn, nu este pentru guvern, este pentru ei,
localnicii. "


They depend on cocoa cultivation for their 3,43

Satul Yawkrom este situat pe marginea rezervaiei.
n cazul n care Sui Pdurea i broatele care triesc
n ea s supravieuiasc, locuitorii trebuie s fac
3.56 partea lor.

and also on honey production. Here they're being

taught how to build beehives and manage the bees.

Acestea depind de cultivarea de cacao pentru traiul

4:04 lor ....

The project was initiated by the frog

conservationists. In the past, locals harvested honey
in the wild with fire - but would burn down trees in 3,56
the process. The new beekeeping system is designed
to protect the forest. i, de asemenea, producia de miere. Aici acestea
sunt nvai cum s construiasc i s gestioneze
stupii albinelor.

Proiectul a fost iniiat de ctre conservationistii de
broasc. In trecut, localnicii recoltate miere n
slbticie cu foc - dar s-ar arde copaci n proces.
Change is afoot in Yawkrom. In another project, Noul sistem de apicultura este proiectat pentru a
ground that was cleared to make way for farmland is proteja pdurea.
being replanted.

4.38 4.28

In just a few years, Gilbert Adum and his Atmo

organisation have managed to enlist the support of
locals in protecting the forest.
Schimbarea este o micare n Yawkrom. Intr-un alt
proiect, motiv care a fost eliminat pentru a face loc
pentru terenul agricol este replantate.

Initially, they didn't take his work seriously - and

didn't see the point of saving the frog and its habitat. 4,38
But now they've helped plant 15 thousand seedlings.
In doar cativa ani, Gilbert Adum i organizaia sa au
reuit s atrag sprijinul localnicilor n protejarea

SOT Gilbert Adum

The forest is so vast, so so vast, and there are so 4,47

many places degraded. See how far we came into
the forest and see the farms that have been made. Iniial, ei nu au luat n serios activitatea sa - i nu a
And now the local people have agreed that they will vzut punctul de a salva broasca i habitatul su.
work with us. We could do the planting on their Dar, acum au ajutat de plante 15 mii de rsaduri.
farms. So later the trees will take over.

SOT Gilbert Adum
"Pdurea este att de vast, astfel nct att de vast, i
sunt att de multe locuri degradate. A se vedea ct
de departe am ajuns n pdure i a vedea fermele
Today the village of Yawkrom is welcoming the care au fost fcute. i acum localnicii au fost de
community chief. Schoolchildren are reciting poems acord c vor lucra cu noi. Am putea face plantarea la
to mark the occasion. fermele lor. Aa c mai trziu, copacii vor prelua ".

5.34 5,24

Atmo Muzic

Girl: I am here to recite a poem. Title:Types of

frogs. Types of frogs. There are many different types Astzi, satul Yawkrom este primitoare eful
of frogs. comunitii. colarii recita poezii pentru a marca
aceast ocazie.

The celebration revolves around the frogs and the
frog conservationists..... Atmo

Fata: Sunt aici pentru a recita o poezie. Denumirea:

5.51 Tipuri de broate. Tipuri de broate. Exist mai
multe tipuri diferite de broate. "
Gilbert Adum is even awarded a special honour.

Sarbatorirea se nvrte n jurul broatele i
Atmo broasc ..... conservaionitii

Gilbert Adum este chiar atribuit o onoare special.
SOT Gilbert Adum

They have made me the chief of the environment.

Environmental chief I have never heard of an 5.58
environmental chief in Ghana or even in West
Africa. So maybe I am the first environmental chief Atmo
across all West Africa. And this all because of
nothing else than frogs and the Giant Squeaker frog
in particular.


6.47 SOT Gilbert Adum

The frog has become a symbol of the community's "M-au fcut ef al mediului. ef de mediu ... Nu am
commitment to protecting their environment. auzit niciodat de un ef de mediu, n Ghana, sau
chiar i n Africa de Vest. Deci, poate c eu sunt
primul ef de mediu n toate Africa de Vest. Si toate
astea din cauza nimic altceva dect broate i
broasca gigant prtor n special. "

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LIVE 18 Broasca a devenit un simbol al angajamentului
22:01 comunitii de a proteja mediul lor.
This week we have another Global Snack for you -
this time from Bella Italia!

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Contents nceput de articol nceput de transcripte nceputul
Global snack from Italy: Panzerottis In Depth Cuprins
Report 9 LIVE 18

In aceasta saptamana avem un Snack Global pentru

0.13 tine - de data aceasta de la Bella Italia!

Bologna in northern Italy ... a city of arched

walkways called 'porticoes'. They stretch over 38
kilometers through the old town. nceput de articol nceput de transcripte nceputul
gustare la nivel mondial din Italia: Panzerottis n
raportul Adncimea 9

In the middle of the historic city center you'll find 0,13
the Zamboni Snack Bar.
Bologna n nordul Italiei ... un oras de pasarele
arcuite numite "porticuri". Ele se ntind peste 38 km
n oraul vechi.


n mijlocul centrului istoric al oraului vei gsi la
snack bar Zamboni.
Every day, Silvia Acerbi and her co-workers make
fresh panzerottis here.




In fiecare zi, Silvia Acerbi i colegii si fac
panzerottis proaspete aici.
Panzerottis are a specialty from Puglia in southern
Italy. Made from pizza dough, they're filled with
ingredients, shaped into small turnovers and
dropped in the deep fryer. The classic fillings are of
course cheese and tomato sauce. (Gustarea)


Panzerottis sunt o specialitate din Puglia din sudul
Italiei. Din aluat de pizza, acestea sunt umplute cu
+++O-Ton: Silvia Acerbi +++ ingrediente, n form n cifre de afaceri mici i a
sczut n friteuz. Umpluturile clasice sunt de
"Panzerotti are small, but you know, but they're brnz curs i sos de roii.
amazing, packed with so much flavor -- tomato,
mozarella, and a variety of natural ingredients -- it's
impossible not to enjoy them."


+++ O-Ton: Silvia Acerbi +++

1.31 "Panzerotti sunt mici, dar tu tii, dar sunt uimitoare,

ambalate, cu att de mult aroma - rosii, mozzarella,
precum i o varietate de ingrediente naturale. - Este
Twenty-three year old Silvia Acerbi studies bio- imposibil sa nu se bucure de ele"
engineering. But she'd rather spend her time behind
the counter here than in a lecture hall. She can even
imagine opening her own snack bar some day.

1.46-1.58 O-Ton: Silvia Acerbi (italienisch) 1.31

"Well, maybe someday, since I've learned so much

here over the years. Why not? I'm a real panzerotti- Douzeci i trei de ani, Silvia Acerbi Studii de bio-
girl..." inginerie. Dar ea ar fi mai degrab petreac timpul
n spatele tejghelei aici dect ntr-o sal de
conferine. Ea se poate imagina chiar si deschide
propria snack-bar ntr-o zi.
2.06 1,46-1,58 O-Ton: Silvia Acerbi (Italienisch)

"Poate ntr-o zi, de cnd am nvat att de mult aici

The shop sees lots of tourists as well as locals. One de-a lungul anilor. De ce nu? Sunt un adevrat
regular is businessmann Fiore Manzo. panzerotti-fat ..."


+++SOT: Fiore Manzo (italienisch)+++ 2.06

"I come here because it's one of the best places in

Bologna for a classic panzerotti." Magazinul vede o mulime de turiti precum i
localnici. Una obinuit este businessmann Fiore

+++SOT: Matteo Depalo (italienisch)+++ 2.16

"It's kind of funny, but where I'm from in Puglia,

Panzerottis are less expensive than they are here. +++ SOT: Fiore Manzo (Italienisch) +++
That's because we eat so many of them. It's one of
our favorite dishes." "Am venit aici pentru c este unul dintre cele mai
bune locuri din Bologna, pentru un panzerotti


Here, panzerottis cost 2 euros 50 apiece. No matter 2.22

whether they're filled with spinach, assorted veggies
or ham.
+++ SOT: Matteo Depalo (Italienisch) +++

"Este un fel de amuzant, dar unde sunt n Puglia,

Panzerottis sunt mai puin costisitoare dect sunt
Enjoy! aici. Asta pentru c noi mncm att de muli dintre
ei. Este una dintre preparatele noastre preferate."

+++O-Ton: Silvia Acerbi (italienisch)+++
Aici, panzerottis costa 2 euro 50 bucata. Nu
"Grazie. Buon appetito!" conteaz dac acestea sunt umplute cu spanac,
legume asortate sau sunca.

2.52 (END)

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24:54 2.47

Hello - this is us - with a new facebook name: +++ O-Ton: Silvia Acerbi (Italienisch) +++
Global Society.
"Grazie. Buon Appetito!"

Join us to start discussing the topics that touch us

all. Like: (List)
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Follow us on facebook - and join our Global
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