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Using the 2130 Remote Display Program

Loading the display program to the 2130:

The remote display program that runs on the 2130 is named CERDisplay2.exe. It is only for the newer 2130s (with
SD card interface and built in Ethernet) running code version or higher.

Copy the .exe to the same folder on your PC that the 2130 firmware is located. (If you do not have the files on the
PC and only load the firmware from the CD, then copy the .exe to any PC folder).

The program is loaded to the 2130 using AMS Suite, the same that is used to load firmware and applications to the
2130. Make sure the Firmware path is set to the folder where the display program is located. On the 2130 main
screen, Press F6 Program Manager, then press F8 Connect for Transfer. If Update Current Programs is
highlighted, press F9 Start Download. Otherwise, load any program by pressing F9 Start Download. The
program is now loaded to the 2130. Turn off the 2130.

Running the display program:

Note: If using USB, either close AMS Suite, or uncheck the USB option under Available Communications on the
Data Transfer tab, and press Apply. USB cannot be used simultaneously for Data Transfer and the remote display

Turn on the 2130 and connect the USB or Ethernet cable (or both). On the PC, run the program RemoteHost.exe
and choose the connection method. On the 2130 main screen, Press F5 Comm Setup then press the ALT key to get
to the remote display communications setup screen.

For USB: Press F3 until USB Port is shown. Press F4 to begin the remote display program.

For Ethernet: Press F3 until Ethernet is shown. Press F6 to setup the Host Name or Host IP address for the
computer you are attaching to. The Host Port ID should match the Host Port ID of the PC RemoteHost program
(typically 10078). Press F4 to begin the remote display program.

Ending the display program:

Exit the PC display program first, then turn off the 2130. Turning off the 2130 is the only way to end the program
on the 2130.

Things to know:
If you want to use AMS Suite to transfer files while using the remote display program, you must connect using
Ethernet. Just make sure that the Host Port IDs are different. Typically, the AMS Suite Host port ID is set to 10077,
and the 2130 remote communication Host Port ID is set to 10078.

When using USB and AMS Suite is running, make sure that USB is NOT checked in the Data Transfer Available
Communications option.

If a problem occurs with the display program on either the PC or the 2130, then exit the PC program and turn off the
2130. Turn on the 2130 and connect the appropriate cable(s), then run the PC program. Now try to connect again.