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abandon abandonment, abort; relinquishment, surrender,
desertion; closure; cession; renunciation
abandon colar school leaving
abatere deviation, misconduct
abatere judiciar judicial misconduct
abilita to authorize, to empower
abilitat competent
a fi abilitat to be empowered
abroga to rescind, to abrogate, to repeal
abrogare abrogation, repeal
abrogarea regulamentului regulations repealed
absolvi to exempt
absorbie (sin fuziune prin absorbie) amalgamation merger
abuz abuse
abuz de autoritate power abuse
abuz de ncredere breach of trust, misappropriation
abuz de poziie dominant abuse of dominant position,
abuse of dominance
acapara to capture
accepta to accept, to consent to
a accepta termenii i condiiile to consent to the terms
and conditions
acces access
acces pe pia market access

acciz excise, excise duty acord de voin meeting of minds

achiesa to assent to, to acquiesce acquis comunitar body of EU law, Communitys achievements
a achiesa la decizia instanei de fond to assent to the trial pl
courts decision acreditare accreditation
achizitor purchaser acreditiv letter of credit (l/c)
achiziie procurement; purchase, acquisition act act; deed; law, statute; instrument; articles
achiziie guvernamental government procurement act constitutiv memorandum of association, deed of
achiziii publice public acquisitions; public procurement association
(SUA) act de dispoziie act of disposal
grup de achiziii buying group act ilicit wrongful act
volum de achiziii purchase volume act normativ governmental decree, law, normative act
achiziionare purchase act nul nullity
acoperi to cover act prejudicial tort
a-i acoperi costurile to cover costs act de procedur procedural document
acoperire coverage act de consimire mutual deed of settlement
acord convention; agreement, understanding, arrangement, active pl assets
accord; settlement, dealership; acceptance, accordance active circulante current assets
acord de asociere association agreement active disponibile quick assets
acord-cadru framework agreement, framework deal active fixe capital assets, fixed assets
acord de consimire settlement agreement (SUA) active incorporale intangible assets
acord contractual contractual agreement, contractual active lichide liquid assets
arrangement nghearea activelor asset freeze
acord de distribuie dealership, distribution arrangement, activitate activity, (frecvent) activities
distributorship agreement activitate comercial business activity, trade business
acorduri europene pl Europe agreements domeniu de activitate line of business
acord de liceniere licencing agreement actual current, topical
acord de negociere consent negotiation actualiza to discount to, to deflate, to adjust for, to update
acord de recunoatere a vinoviei plea bargaining valoare actualizat present value

actualizare time-adjustment; discount aciuni cu drept de vot pl voting shares

actualizare la rata inflaiei adjustment for inflation aciuni cu drept de vot n circulaie pl outstanding
coeficient de actualizare discount factor, adjustment voting shares
multiplier aciune juridic de aplicare a legii enforcement action
rat de actualizare (sin rata scontului) discount rate aciuni majoritare pl controlling interest (SUA)
aciona n justiie to sue, to file a complaint aciuni minoritare pl minority shares
acionar shareholder, stakeholder, stockholder (SUA), stock- aciuni ordinare pl common shares, common stock
owner (SUA); shareowner, owner (SUA), ordinary shares, ordinary stock (SUA)
acionar majoritar controlling shareholder, majority aciune pentru nendeplinire action for declaration of
owner failure to act
acionar minoritar minority shareholder aciune penal criminal proceedings, criminal action
acionariat ownership aciuni prefereniale pl preference shares, preferred shares
structura acionariatului ownership structure aciune prescris action extinguished under statute of
aciune action; claim; suit; demand, request; complaint (primul limitations
pas n justiie); aciuni pl shares, shares of stock, stock aciune privat private action
(SUA), stake aciune n rspundere civil liability action
aciune n anulare action for annulment, nullification aciune pentru restituire action for recovery
proceedings (SUA) aciune rezolutorie action in rescission
aciune n casaie action for rescission, action to res- cumprare de aciuni share acquisition
train a emite aciuni to issue shares of stock
aciune civil civil proceedings, civil action a intenta aciune to take legal action, to institute action,
aciuni n circulaie pl outstanding shares to file a case, to file a suit; to bring (an) action; to go to trial
aciune concertat collusive action, concerted action, acumula accrue; accumulate, build up
coordinated action, cartel action acuza to charge with, to accuse of
aciune individual private action acuzare accusation, incrimination
aciune n constatare declaratory action punere sub acuzare arraignment
aciune pentru daune-interese action for damages, claim acuzaie charge
for damage adaos comercial markup

adapta to adjust a admite nfrngerea to concede defeat

a-i adapta politica to adjust ones policy admitere acceptance (of an application)
adera to accede, to join admitere n principiu admissibility in principle
aderare accession adopta to enact, to pass, to adopt
adiional attached a adopta o decizie to enact a decision
act adiional schedule, annexed form, additional act, a adopta o lege to enact a law
addendum adoptare passage, concurrence
adjudeca to adjudicate, to adjudge, to allocate, to knock down adresa to refer
adjudecare adjudication a adresa ntrebri to refer questions
adjudecarea falimentului adjudication of bankruptcy adres letter; access letter (SUA) (prin care se cer informaii de
adjudecare public public tender la pri)
administra to oversee; to manage; to administrate aduce atingere to bring prejudice, to be prejudicial; to under-
a administra probe to produce evidence, to adduce mine, to impair
evidence, to take evidence aduce la ndeplinire to execute
admisibil permissable aduce la cunotin to inform, to disclose, to put on notice, to
admisibilitate admissibility; eligiblity; relevancy give notice
condiii de admisibilitate admissibility terms aducere la cunotin disclosure, notice
administrare administration, management adunare general general meeting
administrarea probelor production of evidence, adunarea general a acionarilor general meeting of
evidence-taking shareholders (UE), general meeting of stockholders (SUA)
administrator manager, admin manager; director, executive afectare restraint; concern; downturn
director; administrator, trustee afectarea concurenei competitive concern; effect on
administrator de cont account manager trade (UE); trade restraint, competitive effect (SUA)
administrator de credite credit administrator afectat injured; affected, disturbed
administraie administration, government (SUA) aferent in respect of, related to
administraie municipal municipal government (SUA) afirmaie statement, assertion, proposition
administraie public authority; public service agent economic undertaking; firm (SUA), corporation (SUA);
admite to admit, to allow; to concede business entity; company

agent procedural investigator, investigating officer amnare deferment (a unei hotrri); adjournment; deferral,
agent de vnzri sales agent continuance; enlargement of time; postponment; dismissal
agenie agency, commission, board; organization amnare a impozitelor tax deferral
agenie administrativ regulatory agency cerere de amnare motion to dismiss
agenie de publicitate advertising company, advertiser, amend fine, penalty
advertising agency amend cominatorie cumulative fine
agenie de reglementare regulatory commission, regu- amend contravenional civil penalty
latory agency amenda to amend, to alter; to fine, to penalize
agenie de stat agency amendament amendment, modification
ajutor aid, assistance, support (pe cale) amiabil by settlement
ajutor de stat state aid amortizare amortization, depreciation, write-off; payoff; re-
ajutor fiscal fiscal aid, tax aid demption
ajutor de operare operating aid amortizare acumulat accumulate depreciation
ajutor de pregtire profesional training aid amortizare amnat deferred depreciation
ajutor regional regional aid amortizare degresiv declining balance method calendar
ajutor de restructurare restructuring aid de amortizare amortization schedule
ajutor de salvare rescue aid analiza to analyze, to read
ajutor de omaj unemployment aid, unemployment bene- analiz reading, analysis
fit, unemployment compensation anchetator investigator, interviewer
anchet inquiry, investigation
alimenta to supply
anchet economic sampling technique
aliniere matching, allignment
anchet social survey
aliniere la concuren matching competition
anex a appendant
aloca to allocate, to compensate
anex appendix, schedule, annex
a aloca cote de pia to allocate market shares
anex a raportului memo appendix
alocaie welfare, allowance, allocation, compensation
anex a dosarului memo exhibit
amna to defer; to postpone, to delay; to table, to lay aside
angaja employ ; take, commit
(SUA); to supersede
angaja la (se) to pledge, to engage in
a amna executarea to reprieve
angajament commitment; engagement, pledge


cadastru cadastral survey, land surveying
cadru framework, scope
cadru comunitar Community framework
cadru instituional institutional framework
cadru legal legal framework, legal boundary
cadru multisectorial multisectorial framework
acord-cadru framework agreement, framework deal
n cadrul within the scope
n cadrul firmei in-house
caduc null and void
caiet de sarcini bid specifications, request for proposals
(SUA), articles of sales, conditions, tender book
calcul calculation
metoda de calcul a amenzii the method of calculating the
calcula to compound, to compute, to calculate
a calcula cota de pia to calculate the market share
calculare calculating, measurement
calculare a costurilor cost measurement, cost calculation
calculare a preurilor price calculation
calculare a dobnzilor interest calculation
cale de atac remedy, appeal, stage of appeal, appealing, level
of appeal
cale legal legal way; by law

califica (se) to class, to classify; to qualify flux de capital capital flow

calitate quality; status, capacity; qualification influx de capital influx of capital, capital inflow
calitate procesual standing, locus standi, status participare la capital equity ownership
n calitate de in the capacity of, in his/her status as pia de capital equity market
caliti sociale i morale pl character fitness scurgere de capital capital flight
calomnie slander capitalizare capitalization
camer de comer chamber of commerce, board of trade caren failure to act
camer preliminar pre-trial chamber/procedures cart chart; paper; book
judector de camer preliminar pre-trial judge cartel cartel
cambie draft, bill of exchange cartel exclusiv close cartel arrangement
candida to stand, to run cartelizare cartelization, cartel formation
candidat candidate; applicant casa to reverse, to cassate; to dispose of, to vacate, to quash
ar-candidat applicant country a casa cu trimitere to reverse and demand
cantitate amount, quantity casare cassation, annuling, quashing
cap de cerere cause of action, count motive de casare reasons for cassation
capacitate capacity, output; ability, capability; standing casierie pay desk, cashiering
capacitate excesiv excess capacity, overcapacity cauz case, case file, matter, litigation; cause; issue
capacitate instalat installed capacity cauza aciunii cause of action
capacitate de plat ability to pay a susine o cauz to advocate a cause
capacitate de producie production capacity, productive fr cauz unjust
capacity n cauz at issue, in issue, interested, involved
capital capital, assets cazier judiciar judicial record, criminal record
capitalul acionarilor equity ctig gain
capital circulant working capital (sin circulating capital) ctig de cauz recovery
capital majoritar controlling interest ctiga to win, to prevail
capital de risc risk capital, venture capital centraliza to centralize, to pool
capital social share capital, registered capital (UE); a centraliza costuri to consolidate costs
capital stock (SUA), equity capital; stock centru centre, facility

centru educativ (drept penal) halfway house certificat de acionar certificate of stock
cenzor auditor certificat de depozit certificate of deposit
cercetare research; investigation cesionare vezi cesiune
cercetare judectoreasc court investigation cesiune transfer, assignment, disposal
cercetare penal criminal investigation cesiune de crean debt assignment, receivable
cercetare-dezvoltare research & development (R&D) assignment
cerere demand, call; claim, application; inquiry; request, cesiune de drepturi assignment of rights
notice; motion, petition; cetean citizen, national
(la) cererea upon request (by) cheltuieli pl expenses
raportul cerere-ofert supply-demand analysis cheltuieli generale outlays, overhead
curba cererii demand curve cheltuieli de judecat (pl) legal costs (defence costs,
cerere n anulare motion to set aside prosecution costs), legal fees
cerere de chemare n judecat summons, writ of cheltuieli judiciare (pl) legal costs, legal fees
summons (SUA) cheltuieli n pierderi diseconomies of scale
cerere de exceptare request for exemption chestiuni de drept pl points of law
cerere de ncuviinare request for approval cifr de afaceri turnover, volume of commerce (SUA), com-
cerere de neintervenie request for negative clearance merce; sales revenue, sales figures
cerere de ofert bid solicitation, inquiry ciorn draft
cerere reconvenional counterclaim circulant current
cerere de reexaminare petition for review circular circular
cerere de strmutare application/ motion for change of circumscripie judicial district (SUA); jurisdiction
venue circumscripie teritorial circuit
cerin de autorizare (necesar la intrarea pe pia) licensing circumstane agravante pl aggravating circumstances
requirement circumstane atenuante pl mitigating circumstances, exte-
certificare certification nuating circumstances
certificarea neinterveniei granting negative clearance, cita to take action against; to subpoena
non-intervention a cita prile pentru informaii to serve a summons on
certificat certificate parties for information

citaie writ of subpoena (SUA), citation; (a prilor) summons cod de procedur penal rules of criminal procedure
(pl summonses); (a martorilor) subpoena codireciune joint-management
a trimite o citaie to serve/issue a subpoena, to subpoena colabora to cooperate
a solicita documente prin citaie to subpoena documents colaborator part-time employee
a clasa to classify; to dismiss; to class; to file, to docket comanditar dormant partner
clasare classification; dismissal comandit limited company (societate n comandit simpl);
clasificare rating limited company by shares (societate n comandit pe aciuni)
clauz clause; term comercial trade, commercial; sales
clauz compromisorie arbitration clause comercializa to market, to commercialize, to sell
clauz contractual abuziv unfair contract term comercializare trading; marketing
clauz derogatorie overriding clause, derogatory clause comerciant merchant, trader; dealer; undertaking
clauz de nediscriminare non-discrimination clause comisie commission
clauz de neconcuren covenant not to compete, non- comisie de cenzori internal audit committee
compete clause Comisia European European Commission
clauz prealabil preliminary clause Comisia Naional a Valorilor Mobiliare commission
clauz de reziliere break clause, saving clause for securities transactions, security dealers; National
clauz restrictiv restrictive covenant Association of Security Dealers (NASD) (SUA)
clauz rezolutorie defeasance clause, resolutive clause, comisie paritar joint committee, equal labour-
management representation
avoidance clause
comisie rogatorie rogatory commission, letters rogatory
clauz suspensiv standstill clause
comision commission, fee, charge; management fee
client client, customer
comision de garanie underwriting fee
client final ultimate client, final customer
comision de gestiune agency fee
clientel customers, market; patronage, clientele, goodwill;
comision interbancar interchange fee
repartiia clientelei allocation of customers contract de comision commission
a deturna clientela to take away customers a comite to commit, to perpetrate
cod rule, code comitet director Board of Directors
cod fiscal internal revenue code (SUA), tax code comodat temporary leasing, commodatum
cod penal penal code compensa to offset, to compensate

compensabil compensable comportament uniform uniform behavior

costuri compensabile pl compensable costs comunica to send, to provide to, to communicate, to call upon;
compensare compensation; roll-out to release
compensatoriu compensatory, compensative a comunica acceptarea to communicate acceptance
compensaie compensation; reimbursement a comunica un document to send a document
compensaie bneasc monetary compensation comunicare comunication; notice
competent competent; having jurisdiction comunicat de pres press release
competen competence, responsibility, line, (UE) expertise; concediere lay-off, discharge, dismissal
jurisdiction; (SUA) jurisdiction, statutory authority; term concediere colectiv collective dismissal
of reference; cognizance concentrare concentration
competen de apel appelate jurisdiction gradul de concentrare a pieei market concentration,
competen exclusiv sole power industry concentration
competen de execuie dispositive power concentrare economic economic concentration, statu-
competen material ratione materiae (UE), jurisdiction tory merger (SUA); merger
over the subject concentrare de proprietate ownership concentration
competen naional domestic jurisdiction
concepe to consider
competen personal ratione personae (UE), jurisdiction
concesionar lessor
over the person
competen personal extrateritorial long-arm juris- concesiune concession, lease
diction (SUA) concordat composition
competen teritorial ratione loci, venue (SUA) concret material; tangible, specific, fair, affirmative,
conflict de competen concurrence of jurisdiction meaningful, serious
complet panel concura to match, to compete
complet de judecat bench, judge panel a concura strns to compete hard
completa to supplement concuren competition
comporta (se) to conduct Consiliul Concurenei Competition Council
comportament conduct, behavior legea concurenei competition law (UE), antitrust act
comportament interdependent interdependent conduct (SUA)
comportament strategic strategic behavior concuren aproximativ workable competition

concuren excesiv (sin ruinous competition, destruc- informaii confideniale pl privileged information, confi-
tive competition) cut-throat competition (care face ca pre- dential information
urile s nu acopere costurile fixe de producie) confirma to confirm, to affirm
concuren perfect perfect competition a confirma o decizie to affirm an order
concurenial competitive, competing confisca to confiscate, to impound; to garnish, to disgorge, to
avantaj concurenial competitive advantage forfeit
mediu concurenial normal normal competition, com- confiscare confiscation, impounding; garnishment, forfeiture,
petitive environment attachment
concurs contest confiscarea profiturilor disgorgement of profits
concurs de oferte competitive tender, tender offer conflict conflict, litigation; friction
condamna to convict, to sentence conflict de competen concurrence of jurisdiction
a condamna la nchisoare to convict to jail conflict de interese conflict of interests, conflict of goals
condamnat tangible convicted person conforma (se) to abide, to conform with
condiie condition; condiii pl terms and conditions a se conforma unei decizii to abide by a decision
condiie rezolutorie defeasance clause conform cu pursuant to
cu condiia ca provided that conformitate compliance, consistency
n condiiile n care insofar as, provided that n conformitate cu in compliance with, in line with,
n condiiile pieei pl under market terms pursuant to, under
a condiiona to tie; to put up consecven consistency
conduce la to lead up to consemna to record, to register, to put down, to enroll, to
conduit principles and rules document
conex consolidated; adjacent, further and different consfini to avow, to establish
conexa to consolidate, to join considerare consideration, account
conexare joinder, consolidation a lua n considerare to take account of, to take into
conexare a dou cauze de competen federal conso- account, to envisage, to view
lidation of two federal cases consilier commissioner; counsellor (SUA), councillor
prin conexare cu in conjunction with consilier juridic legal counsellor; legal advisor (SUA),
conferi to grant legal adviser; legal counsel; (guvernamental) solicitor (SUA)
confidenial privileged, confidential consiliu de administraie board, board of directors

consimmnt consent; acquiescence cont de colectare collection account

consimi to acquiesce, to accept, to consent conturi debitoare (pl) accounts receivable
consolida to consolidate conturi ncasabile (pl) accounts payable
consolidare consolidation cont de profit i pierderi profit and loss account
consoriu syndicate, consortium contabil1 s accountant
constata to find, to ascertain, to hold to conclude, to find out, contabil autorizat expert accountant, certified ac-
to note, to assess; to acknowledge, to establish countant
a constata o nclcare to establish an infringement contabil2 a book-keeping
constatare finding; conclusion pre contabil accounting price, book price
constatare de fapt finding of fact, fact-finding valoare contabil book value
constatator fact-finder (sin fact finder) contencios legal dispute, contentious matter; legal department
agent constatator fact-finder agent contencios administrativ administrative court
constitui to be determined, to constitute; to incorporate; to serviciul contencios claims department
establish, to set up a ataca n contencios to attack a decision in the admi-
a constitui n garanie to establish as guarantee nistrative court
a constitui o societate comercial to incorporate, to n procedura de contencios administrativ by adminis-
set up trative proceedings
a se constitui ca parte civil to bring a civil action contesta to challenge, to appeal, to question
(against sb.) a contesta n instan to appeal, to challenge in court
constituire incorporation; settlement; establishment (a unei contestabilitate (caracteristic a unei piee n care se poate
garanii) intra i iei uor) contestability
constituire ca parte civil bringing a civil action, contestaie application; appeal, challenge; objection
inscription as civil claimant context background
constrngere coercion contract contract, deal
consumator consumer contract de desfacere supply contract
consumator captiv captive consumer contract exclusiv exclusive dealing
contientizare awareness, sensitivity contract ferm binding contract
cont account contract de fidelitate loyalty contract

contract de mandat terms of reference, agency contract

contract de munc employment contract, labor contract, [..]
work contract
contract de societate articles of association
contract la termen futures contract
contract de vnzare contract of sale
contract de vnzare-cumprare buying-selling contract,
sale-purchase agreement
a ncheia un contract to enter a contract
a rezilia un contract to terminate a contract
contractare transaction
contractor dealer
contractual contractual, contrct
relaii contractuale pl contractual relationships, contrac-
tual agreements
contradictoriu adversarial
(n) dezbatere contradictorie adversarial hearing, judged
contrafcut counterfeit, false
contragaranie counter-guarantee
(n) contrapartid in consideration of (SUA)
contravaloare counterpart, value
contravenient perpetrator, offender, violator
contravenie offence, petty offence
contribui to contribute
contribuie contribution, input
contribuie la buget budgetary contribution
a avea o contribuie to make a contribution

nendeplinire failure to fulfil; failure to act; default

aciune pentru nendeplinire action for declaration of
N failure to act
nejustificat unduly, without good reason
necesar (s) necessaries, requisite nelegalitate illegality, unlawfulness
necompeten lack of jurisdiction neobieciune negative clearance
excepie de necompeten objection to jurisdiction neopozabil not opposing, non-binding, non-opposable
necontencios non-contentious, non-litigating neperformant non-performing
necuvenit undue neplat failure to pay
nediscriminare non-discrimination neprezentare failure to appear
neexecutare failure to perform, nonperformance; tortious nerambursabil nonredeemable
interference with contract claim nerecuperat unrecovered
clauz de neexecutare default clause nerecuperabil uncollectible
neexecutoriu unenforceable nereglementat unregulated
nefavorabil adverse nerespectare non-compliance
nefondat ungrounded, groundless, unfounded, unsustained, fri- neretroactivitate nonretroactivity
volous netemeinic groundless
nefracionabil non-divisible netrimitere n judecat nonsuit judgment
negare denial neutilizat idle
neglijen profesional malpractice nivel scale
negociere negotiation, trading nivel de trai standard of living
negociere colectiv collective bargaining nomenclator classification, list
neintervenie non-intervention; non-interference nominal total
decizie de neintervenie negative clearance, non-inter- capacitate de producie nominal rated production
vention decision capacity
nencasare noncollection valoare nominal face value, par value, nominal value
nencasat uncollected nominaliza to nominate
nenceperea urmririi penale decision not to take action nonprofit nonprofit, not-for-profit, non-profit-making

persoan juridic nonprofit nonprofit corporation

normativ law-making, rule-making
norm norm; standard; rule; workload
a ndeplini o norm to meet a standard
norme etice pl canons of ethics
norm juridic legal standard, standard
norme metodologice enforcement guidelines, standards of
methodological rigour
norm de sancionare remedy
notar, notar public notary, notary public (pl notaries public)
not note; bill, invoice
not scris submission
notifica to notify, to report, to file (SUA), to lodge
notificare notification, filing (SUA)
a depune o notificare to file a notification, to lodge a
formular de notificare notification form
obligaie de notificare duty to notify, obligation to file
(SUA); reportability
omisiunea notificrii failure to file
nulitate nullity
nulitate absolut absolute nullity
nulitate relativ relative nullity
lovit de nulitate void
nul i neavenit null and void
numerar cash, cash assets, cash holding
numi to appoint, to assign, to name


abatement nlturare; degrevare; reducere
abeyance suspensie, ateptare
in abeyance n suspensie, n ateptare
abide v a se supune; a fi de acord; a ine, a rmne
to abide by a price a rmne la un pre
ability capacitate
abscond a sustrage
absorption absorpie; ocupare; consum
industrial absorption consum industrial
abstain a se abine (de la vot)
abuse a abuza, a profita; a maltrata, a molesta
abuse abuz
abuse of dominant position (sin abuse of dominance)
abuz de poziie dominant
abuse of power abuz de putere/de autoritate
abuse of process abuz de procedur, procedur abuziv
accede a adera, a se afilia; a agrea; a aproba; a accede
accede to a demand a agrea o cerere
access letter (SUA) cerere de informaii (n procedura de
accession aderare; adeziune
acceptance acceptare; recepie; omologare
market acceptance acceptarea produsului de ctre pia,
reacie pozitiv a clientelei
accord acord, convenie, nelegere

account cont; factur; relatare, mrturie acting interimar

account of proceedings proces-verbal action aciune; aciune n justiie; cerere; revendicare; recla-
account withdrawal retragerea unei sume din cont maie; proces; recurs; msur
accountability responsabilitate; responsabilizare action for annulment aciune n anulare; recurs n anulare
accountant contabil; certified public accountant expert action for damages aciune pentru daune-interese, aciune
contabil n pretenii
account (for) a cauza, a motiva, a justifica; a explica action for declaration of failure to act aciune pentru
accounting profit beneficiu contabil nendeplinire, recurs n caren
accrue a crete, a acumula; a-i reveni, a se nate; a antrena; a fi action for failure to fulfill recurs n lips
exercitat action for infringement aciune pentru nclcare
accrue interest dobnd acumulat action for rescission aciune n casaie
accuracy justee, atestare, corectitudine, exactitate action for recovery aciune pentru restituire
accuracy in adjudication justeea deciziei
class action (SUA) aciune colectiv, aciune reprezen-
accurate corect, exact, riguros
achieve a nfptui, a realiza Generally... a class action is brought
acknowledge a constata; a recunoate; a lua cunotin in a Federal District Court by one or
acknowledgement recunoatere, confirmare; atestare more named representatives on the
acquiesce a agrea tacit purported behalf of the asserted class.
acquiescence consimmnt, aprobare, achiesare 122 S. Ct. 2005
acquire a achiziiona, a cumpra, a fuziona declaratory action aciune n constatare
acquirer acquiring company to bring (an) action a introduce o aciune, a iniia o
acquiring company firm achizitoare procedur judectoreasc; a deschide un caz
acquisition dobndirea controlului; achiziie, achiziionare; to take (an) action a ataca n justiie; a ntreprinde o
concentrare economic aciune
acquisition of assets dobndire de active actionable pasibil de nclcare, pasibil de sanciuni, cu posibile
act act, lege; amendament; decret-lege; fapt, fapt; aciune urmri n justiie, care face posibil intentarea unei aciuni
Robinson-Patman Act Legea Robinson-Patman (decret- actual real, efectiv
lege) actual conduct comportamentul efectiv
actual cost cost real, cost efectiv

address (SUA) intervenie; rechizitoriu competition with the involuntary

ad hoc aid ajutor ad-hoc purchaser. 169 F.3d 16
adjudicate a decide (asupra), a se pronuna; a adjudeca; a administration administraie; gestiune; guvern, guvernare
atribui administration order ordin de administrare judiciar
adjudication soluionare; decizie administrative administrativ
summary adjudication soluionare sumar administrative costs costuri administrative
adjudicative body organ de decizie (autoritate cu rol jude- administrative court curte administrativ, contencios
ctoresc, administrativ-jurisdicional), tribunal, consiliu administrativ
adjudicative decision (SUA) decizie a unui organ admi- administrative hearing audiere administrativ; audiere
nistrativ-jurisdicional administrative law drept administrativ
In the case at bar, the City has made an administrative procedures act (SUA) legea conten-
adjudicative decision to restrict indi- ciosului administrativ
vidual property in a manner that is in admissibility criteriul admisibilitii; admisibilitate
derogation of important common law advance1 v a crete, a accelera; a prezenta; a mpumuta
rights. 1997 U.S. Briefs 1235 advance the price a crete preul
adjudicative function funcie judiciar advance2 s avans, dezvoltare, mbuntire; cretere a ga-
adjust a adapta; a aplana; a ajusta, a regla; a redresa rantat
adjust for inflation a actualiza la inflaie, a ajusta n advance anouncement anun de cretere a preurilor
funcie de inflaie advance price pre garantat
adjust fare levels a ajusta nivelurile tarifare advantage avantaj, profit, utilitate
adjustment adaptare, armonizare; ajustare, indexare; schimbare competitive advantage (sin competitive edge) avantaj
adjustment of the institutional framework armonizarea concurenial, avantaj n poziia concurenial
cadrului instituional competitive disadvantage dezavantaj n poziia
administered price (SUA) pre administrat, pre impus concurenial
The argument would make sense only
market disadvantage dezavantaj pe pia, dezavantaj n
if a producer's regulatory entitlement
to governmentally administered prices
poziia concurenial
could be said to put the producer in adverse nefavorabil, negativ
adverse effect efect negativ
advertisement anun publicitar; publicitate

advertisement bid anun de licitaie advise somebody on a procedure a acorda cuiva

advertising publicitate, anun; publicare de anunuri legale; asisten n privina procedurii
recrutare advisory consultativ
comparative advertising publicitate comparat advisory opinion (SUA) aviz consultativ (acordat de o
cooperative advertising publicitate n comun (pentru autoritate la solicitarea unei societi, fr titlu irevocabil),
promovarea unui produs de marc) aviz; aviz al instanei (fr titlu irevocabil); aviz (al unui
corrective advertising (SUA) publicitate corectiv organism sau asociaii), punct de vedere
An award of corrective advertising is Advisory opinion is one of advice and
intended to compensate a trademark not of judgment, as there are no parties
owner for the amount it has spent, or whose rights are adjudicated, and it is
will be required to spend in the future, not binding on anyone. 699 A.2d 310.
to dispel harmful confusion caused by advisory vote vot consultativ
a defendant's infringement. 2001 U.S. advocacy pledoarie; promovare; politic de susinere; aprare,
Dist. LEXIS 852 aprarea drepturilor
deceptive advertising publicitate neloial competition advocacy politic de promovare a
discount advertising publicitate la reduceri concurenei, pledoarie n favoarea concurenei
price advertising publicitate de pre advocate1 v a susine; a pleda n favoarea
non-price advertising publicitate care nu include preuri advocate2 s avocatul aprrii
(care se refer la alte aspecte dect cele legate de pre) Advocate General (pl Advocates-General) avocat ge-
retail advertising publicitate prin detailiti neral
point of sale advertising publicitate la locul de vnzare However, a ninth Advocate General
advice avizare; aviz; notificare shall be appointed as from 1 January
expert advice aviz de specialitate; expertiz 1995 until 6 October 2000. (Treaty
establishing the European Community)
request for advice cerere de avizare
affair afacere, tranzacie; problem
by (the) advice of cu avizul
affidavit depoziie (sub jurmnt), afidavit
by and with the advice of cu avizul i consimmmtul
affiliate filial, afiliat; ramur
advisable recomandabil, de dorit; util
affiliation afiliere
advise a aviza; a acorda asisten; a ntiina
affirm a menine, a susine; a aproba, a ratifica


facilitate a nlesni, a mijloci, a ajuta, a susine, a da curs
facility (SUA) infrastructur de producie, instalaie, mijloc de
producie; construcie; centru, unitate, stabiliment; facili-
tate, abilitate, expertiz; pl facilities facilitate fiscal
essential facilities pl faciliti eseniale, structuri eseniale
(trebuie permis accesul concurenilor de pe piaa din aval
la acestea), uniti eseniale, mecanisme eseniale, faciliti
fact fapt juridic, fapt, eveniment
fact pattern situaia de fapt
fact sheet fi de informaii
fact finder anchetator
fact-finding (a) de constatare, de informare
fact-finding commission comisie de anchet
factor a constitui un factor
to factor in a include ca element esenial
factor input mijloc de producie (capital, munc)
factoring factorizare, afacturare, factoring
factual factual, conform cu faptele
factual evidence element de fapt, prob efectiv
factual inquiry investigaie a faptelor
failing firm defence (sin rescue merger; failing company
defense, SUA) argumentul firmei falimentare
failing market pia n scdere

failure eec; omisiune fee tarif; tax; onorariu

failure to act caren fee increase majorarea tarifelor
failure to file omisiunea notificrii contingency fee (SUA) onorariu n funcie de rezultate
market failure (sin business failure) eec pe pia interchange fee comision interbancar
fair loial, cinstit license fee tax de licen
fair competition concuren loial term fee (SUA) onorariu juridic
fair level of price nivel loial al preului feedback reacie; contracarare, repercusiune; retroaciune;
fair market value (FMV) (sin fair and reasonable feedback
value) valoare de pia, valoare comercial just felony (SUA) infraciune major
fair trade practice uzan comercial cinstit Every person who shall monopolize, or
fair rate of return rat loial a rentabilitii attempt to monopolize...shall be
fair use utilizare loial deemed guilty of a felony, and ... shall
fairness onestitate, imparialitate, loialitate be punished by fine not exceeding $
resource distributional fairness imparialitate privind 10,000,000 if a corporation. 15 USCS
distribuia resurselor 2 (2002)
fall (within/into) a se nscrie, a se ncadra fencing-in s (SUA) ngrdire (prevedere de interzicere a unui
fallacious eronat, greit comportament, n alte condiii legal, pentru a descuraja
fare tarif; tarif de pasager; pre de transport viitoare nclcri)
fast-track a accelerat fighting brand submarc
file1 s dosar, registru
fast-track authority (SUA) putere acordat prin proce-
court file dosarul curii
dur accelerat
file2 v a notifica, a nainta, a depune
Instead, President Clinton conducted
the negotiations leading up to NAFTA to file a case a intenta aciune
under the so-called fast-track to file a merger a notifica o concentrare
authority delegated to him by to file a notification a notifica, a face o notificare
Congress... 242 F.3d 1300 failure to file omisiunea notificrii
feasible realizabil filibustering s (SUA) obstrucionism, obstrucie (n special a
federal government (SUA) guvern federal; stat unei aciuni legislative)

filing notificare (SUA); nregistrare (a unei mrci) floor nivel, prag

mandatory filing notificare obligatorie floor price pre minim, pre-prag (cel mai mic pre la
merger filing notificarea concentrrii care un vnztor este dispus s vnd)
final definitiv competitive floor nivel concurenial
final and conclusive definitiv i irevocabil FOB price pre franco bord
to declare final a rmne definitiv follow-up a ulterior s control permanent
financial year an bugetar follow-up inquiries pl investigaii ulterioare
finding constatare follow-up questions pl ntrebri succesive (care urmeaz
findings of fact pl constatri de fapt logic, dup fiecare rspuns)
fine1 s amend, penalizare; pedeaps pecuniar, sanciune pe- follow-up service servicii post-vnzare
cuniar force a obliga
fine for failure to file amend pentru omisiunea notificrii force-and-effect (SUA) for executorie; efect
to levy a fine a impune o amend foreclosure nchidere a accesului, mpiedicare a accesului;
fine2 v a amenda; a impune o amend nchidere; mpiedicare; executare silit
firm agent economic, firm foreclosure effect efect de nchidere (a accesului pe pia
firm in difficulty ntreprindere n dificultate a unui participant)
firms supply curve curba ofertei unei firme market foreclosure mpiedicarea accesului pe pia
dominant firm firm dominant vertical foreclosure mpiedicarea accesului pe vertical
first-best optimum optimum de rang nti foregoing precedent
first-degree price discrimination discriminare prin pre de foregoing payments pli precedente
gradul nti forensic criminalistic
first impression case caz fr precedent forensic medicine medicin legal
fixed costs costuri fixe forensic evidence expertiz criminalistic (tehnici
fixity of tenure inamovibilitate judiciare)
flat absolut; fix, uniform, stagnant, neschimbat, forfetar forensic expert (scientist) expert n criminalistic, expert
flat ban interdicie absolut tehnic
flat rate tarif fix, rat invariabil forensic science criminalistic, poliie tiinific
flatten v a aplatiza foresee a prevedea, a previziona, a anticipa


table a depune, a supune discuiei (MB); a amna (SUA)
tacit agreement nelegere tacit
tackle a se ocupa de, a ncerca s rezolve
tailor a armoniza
take (legal) action (against) a ntreprinde o aciune, a
introduce o aciune, a ataca; a trimite n judecat, a intenta
proces; a cita
take away customers a deturna clientela
take evidence a administra probele
take a hard line a adopta o politic intransigent
take-and-pay contract contract cu plata la livrare
take-or-pay contract contract de cumprare ferm
takeover preluarea controlului
take to stand a depune mrturie
take the view a fi de prere
tamper a manevra
jury tampering (SUA) manipularea jurailor
tangible assets active corporale
tariff tax vamal; tarif
tax1 s impozit
sales tax impozit indirect
tax2 a fiscal; financiar
tax audit control fiscal
tax authorities administraie financiar

tax base baz de impozitare term(s) of reference mandat, competen, atribuii;

tax break scutire fiscal contract de mandat
tax burden sarcin fiscal terms and conditions termeni i condiii, stipulri
tax compliance respectarea obligaiilor fiscale non-abusive terms clauze neabuzive
tax credit scutire fiscal terminable reziliabil; terminabil
tax evasion fraud fiscal terminate a anula, a rezilia; a lichida
tax rule reglementare fiscal termination lichidare; ncheiere, reziliere, anulare, ncetare
taxation impozitare, impunere, fiscalitate early termination (SUA) procedur rapid; ncheiere
technicality detaliu de form, subtilitate de ordin juridic prematur a unui contract, denunare unilateral
teleshopping teleshopping testimony mrturie; declaraie oral
tenancy concesiune; dreptul chiriaului sworn testimony declaraie sub jurmnt, mrturisire;
tender1 s licitaie audiere
tender offer (SUA) (sin tender offer bid, abr T.O.B.) thereof din aceasta; corespondent
ofert public de cumprare all acts amendatory thereof toate amendamentele de lege
tender of payment ofert de plat decurgnd din aceasta
cash tender offer ofert de cumprare n numerar thereunder care decurge din
tender2 v a face un deviz; a face un anun public, a face o third party ter, ter persoan
ofert public threshold prag, plafon
decision to tender or retain stock decizie de a face ofert threshold size prag de mrime
public de vnzare sau de pstrare a aciunilor threshold value plafon valoric
tenderer ofertant tie-in (sin tie-in sale) vnzare condiionat/legat
tenure perioad de funcionare ntr-o funcie oficial; mandat tied-up imobilizat
security of tenure inamovibilitate tied-up capital capital imobilizat
term termen, perioad, durat; clauz, condiie; mandat; termen tied product produs legat
de valabilitate time limit termen
term for deliberating termenul de deliberare timeliness of entry rapiditatea intrrii (efectuat de o firm pe
term fee (SUA) onorariu juridic pia)
timely rapid

time period perioad de timp [..]

time-sharing proprietate n comun, nchiriere a unei locuine
de vacan
time span perioad
timing sincronizare, alegerea momentului
to-arrive market piaa mrfurilor ce urmeaz a fi livrate
toll tax
tort (SUA) delict civil, prejudiciu, ofens, act prejudicial; __________________________________________________
rspundere civil
tort law (SUA) dreptul rspunderii civile (delictuale)
tort liability rspundere civil delictual
tortious delictual; prejudiciabil
tortious conduct comportament delictual
tortious interference nclcare prejudiciabil
total total; nominal
total production capacity capacitate de producie no-
total costs costuri totale
track record prestaie; performane, realizri
trade comer, activitate economic, schimburi comerciale;
trade association asociaie comercial
restraint of trade restrngerea concurenei, restricie
trademark marc nregistrat
trade-off raport; compensaie, arbitraj, alegere
trade tariff tax vamal
trader comerciant

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