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Outotec Mineral

Processing Solutions

Outotec provides the mining industry with complete

mineral processing solutions tailored to the specific Benefits
needs of the customer. The comprehensive offering of
Fully integrated solution offering with
various technologies enables virtually all ore types to
optimized total expenditure for
be treated efficiently and profitably.
the entire operation lifecycle
With more than a century of experience in the mining Extensive range of proven technologies
sector and a mindset to continuously develop new and Total offering from initial mineralogical and
innovative technology, Outotec has the expertise and
metallurgical testing to complete operating
capability for designing, supplying, and constructing
modern state-of-the-art mineral processing plants with plant within single-point responsibility
fast and reliable ramp-up to meet any requirement. Experienced staff with operating
Outotecs global network ensures close collaboration background within interfaces
with customers worldwide during the entire plant
Global process and plant service
002 Outotec Mineral Processing Solutions

Outotecs most significant contribution to
sustainability is made through the solutions
we provide to our customers, enabling them to
do business in a more environmentally friendly
manner and respond to increasingly tight
environmental regulation. We provide minerals
processing solutions and operational excellence
that cover the entire lifecycle of a plant, whether
greenfield or an existing installation.

Mineral processing applications

Outotec provides front-line process solutions for a wide purposes in minerals processing and extractive
variety of mineral processing applications: metallurgy. Outotec's HSC Chemistry software offers
a modern way for simulating processes by using the
nn Base metals data received from the test work.
nn Precious metals
nn Iron ore Outotecs capability to combine process and automation
nn Chromite and ilmenite ores design is vitally important in ensuring that the process
nn Different industrial minerals is controlled as intended. The provision of automation,
nn Smelter slags process design and project management from Outotec
eliminates expensive and restrictive interfaces during
Outotec offers solutions from equipment to complete implementation.
production plants, always tailor-made to the customers
needs. Outotec's competitive edge is based on our Outotecs minerals processing technology has been
extensive mineral processing experience combined developed to produce concentrates of every category
with our proven technologies. In-depth process and with maximum efficiency. Outotec has developed
industry knowledge with hundreds of plant references and manufactured some of the worlds most efficient
make us a unique strategic partner for our customers. and reliable equipment and has the ability to provide
integrated process design and deliver processing
The expertise of two Outotec in-house R&D centers plants with almost any level of automation. Outotec is
is utilized in designing process solutions. The R&D the partner of choice offering technically, economically,
centers are specialized in minerals processing, and environmentally sustainable solutions to meet the
metals production and technology development. These customers needs.
research facilities have state-of-the-art laboratories
and pilot plants for the most demanding testwork
Outotec Mineral Processing Solutions 003

SAG Mill Cu Flotation Zn Flotation Pyrite flotation


Tailing Thickener

HIG mill Py Cleaner flotation
Ball Mill

TC3 Py Thickener
Cu Cleaner flotation
TC2 Zn Cleaner flotation

Py Pressure filter

Cu Thickener
Zn Thickener
Cu Pressure filter Zn Pressure filter

Py Concentrate

Cu Concentrate Zn Concentrate

Example of beneficiation of Copper-Zinc-Pyrite ore

Complex sulphide ores Porphyry copper ores

Complex sulphide ores contain more than one single The main sources of global primary copper are
valuable metal sulphide mineral each to be separated porphyry copper mines; the largest typically treat tens
into its own individual concentrate. The most common of millions of tons of ore annually. The requirement
method is flotation, using various sulphydryl collectors, to handle these massive capacities demands large-
pH control, and a selection of depressants. Generally, scale equipment, meaning fewer units with a smaller
the ore is ground in two stages after which the ground footprint to conserve energy, reduce maintenance and
pulp is subjected to conditioning followed by individual manpower costs, and through functional automation
flotation stages to produce different concentrates that systems limit the environmental burden.
are then dewatered to optimum transport moisture.

Cu flotation
SAG Mill


Tailings Thickener
Ball Mill HIG mill

Cu Cleaner flotation

Pressure Filter

Concentrate Thickener Cleaner 2

Cu Concentrate

Example of beneficiation of Porphyry Copper ore

004 Outotec Mineral Processing Solutions

Iron ores

Where direct shipping of iron ore lumps is not possible Outotec supplies complete beneficiation plants for
due to the low grade, iron ores are mainly processed different types of iron ores globally. In order to develop
by crushing, grinding, screening, classification, a process flow sheet, the mineralogical, physical, and
gravity separation, magnetic separation and flotation chemical properties of the raw material generally need
technologies. The main iron minerals, magnetite and to be defined at first. Furthermore, it is essential to
hematite, are separated from gangue minerals using carry out laboratory and pilot scale test work. Based
the following core technologies: for magnetite ores, low on extensive test work, Outotec is able to give process
intensity magnetic separation and flotation to remove guarantees for the process solutions we deliver.
mainly sulphides and silicates; and for hematite ores,
scrubbing, desliming, gravity separation, high intensity
magnetic separation, and flotation to remove mainly
silicates including clay.

Ball mill Regrinding Mill

Hindered Settler



HIG mill SLON separator

Concentrate Thickener


Tailings Filtration
Concentrate Filter

Tailings Thickener

Hematite concentrate Tailings disposal

Example of beneficiation of Hematite ores

Outotec Mineral Processing Solutions 005
006 Outotec Mineral Processing Solutions

Proprietary equipment for

mineral processing solutions
The demand for ever increasing capacities requires The Outotec Turbo Pulp Lifter (TPL) makes the
reliable and high throughput machinery. The Outotec grinding process more efficient in SAG and AG mills,
range of equipment meet the requirements of any as the primary grinding process can be intensified.
application. Outotec offers an extensive selection TPL is an environmentally friendly technology and is
of grinding mills, flotation cells, and dewatering used to ensure efficient material transport to achieve
equipment with a high level of automation and process high energy efficiency. Better energy efficiency in the
control to optimize plant performance. grinding process can create significant cost savings in
the concentration process.
Grinding mills

Outotec's comminution equipment includes Autogenous

(AG) mills, Semi-autogenous (SAG) mills, rod mills, ball
mills, and pebble mills. A wide variety of mill designs
are available to suit customer requirements in either
greenfield projects or existing operations as expansions
or upgrades.

Outotec expanded its grinding mill product family with

the Outotec High Intensity Grinding MillTM (Outotec
HIGMillTM) for fine, ultra fine, and regrind milling
Outotec Mineral Processing Solutions 007

Flotation machines

Outotec sets new standards in superior flotation

performance; aeration and mixing, froth manipulation, and
recovery, for every flotation task. Our flotation solutions are
tailor-made to customers' needs; be it a question of flotation
packages with support services, modular process sections
or concentrator solutions. FloatForce, Outotecs innovative
flotation mechanism, improves metallurgical performance
and reduces the energy consumption of flotation operations.
This rotor-stator design can be directly retrofitted to
Outotecs OK, TankCell and SkimAir flotation cells to
improve their mixing profiles and solids suspension.

Every stage in the flotation circuit is customized, be it roughing,

scavenging or cleaning. The Outotec offering consists of the
worlds widest range of flotation cell sizes from 5 to 500
m3 universally known for excellent metallurgical selectivity
and energy efficiency. The new TankCell e500 provides lower A number of significant thickening advances include low
capital expenditure due to lower equipment costs, savings profile triangular rake arms to reduce rake torque, Outotec
in plant footprint, less installation work with less auxiliary Directional Autodil and Outotec Turbodil the worlds
equipment, lower energy consumption, and fewer units per first thickening systems to auto-dilute feed, thereby
installation results in fewer components and spare parts, optimizing performance and flocculant consumption,
and less maintenance. Outotec FrothBuster deaerator to reduce the amount
of froth forming on the surface of thickeners, automatic
Thickeners de-scaling of thickener rakes, and the complete redesign
of thickener drives to use low-cost, efficient epicyclic
Outotec is a global leader in the design, fabrication, and gearboxes. Outotec Vane Feedwell incorporates a
supply of thickening and clarifying solutions for the minerals cutting-edge design and is the major innovation in the
industry. The Outotec High Rate Thickener has pioneered

thickening industry. One of many design features is the
thickening and clarifying methods around the world. interconnected upper and lower zones.
008 Outotec Mineral Processing Solutions


Outotec is a leading industrial filtration solutions provider

with full after sales services for solid-liquid separation.
Mining and metallurgy, chemical process, and related
industries benefit from our high-efficiency process
technologies, products, and solutions.

Outotec filtration technologies are based either on over-

pressure, including automatic vertical pressure filters,
horizontal filter presses, and polishing filters, or on under-
pressure, including horizontal vacuum belt filters, ceramic
disc filters, and conventional vacuum disc and drum filters.
Most of the products have served the markets for several
decades and all are supported by Outotec services.

Analyzers and automation

Outotec is a leading supplier of intelligent instruments,

sampling systems, and advanced process automation
for mineral and metal processing industries. Among
the most well known Outotec products in this field are
Outotec Courier on-stream XRF analyzers that enable
the real-time assaying of slurry process streams of all
types of mineral processing plants. On-line particle size
analysis by Outotec PSI, combined with advanced control
enables optimum grind size with maximum throughput to
be maintained regardless of variations in feed quality.

The Outotec Proscon and Outotec ACT (Advanced Control

Tools) are process control systems and optimizing solutions
for unit processes and complete processing plants. The
systems comprise design, implementation, maintenance,
and all the necessary hardware and software.
Outotec Mineral Processing Solutions 009
010 Outotec Mineral Processing Solutions

nn Rod Mills
nn Semi- Autogenous Mills
nn Autogenous Mills
nn Pebble Mills
nn Ball Mills
nn High Intensity Grinding Mills

Minerals separation
nn Conditioners
nn Flotation Cells
nn High Gradient Wet Magnetic
nn Gravity Spiral Concentrators

nn Conventional Thickeners
nn High Rate Thickeners
nn High Compression Thickeners
nn Paste Thickeners
nn Clarifiers
nn Solids Contact Clarifiers
nn Lime Saturators
nn Deaerators
nn Pressure Filters
nn Filter Presses
nn Polishing Filters
nn Vacuum Drum Filters
nn Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters
nn Ceramic Capillary Action
Disc Filters

Analyzers and Automation

nn On-line Particle Size Analyzers
nn On-line Elemental XRF
nn Flotation Froth Analyzers
nn Metallurgical Balance and
Process Samplers
nn Proscon Automation Systems
nn Advanced Control Tools
Outotec Mineral Processing Solutions 011

Outotec Services
improve process
Outotec's long-term partnerships with its customers Our global network of service centers is dedicated
ensure that the full value of operations and equipment to providing lifecycle support for all our customers'
is realized. Our ambition lies in maximizing your plants and processes. Outotec offers access to
productivity, while delivering environmentally sound unparalleled expertise and experience of the industry
and optimized solutions for your plant-specific needs. in more than 80 countries. Lower operating costs and
improved equipment efficiency, teamed up with added
safety, health and environmental efficiency, form the
heart of the values we offer our customers.
Outotec lifecycle services
Spare parts solutions Modernization solutions As a technology leader, Outotec engages in extensive
nn Outotec OEM Spares nn Upgrades research and development programs, granting
nn eSpares nn Refurbishments access to the latest technological developments
nn Advisory Services nn Advisory Services to our customers. We deliver service from spare
nn Availability Solutions nn Optional Investment parts solutions, modernizations and maintenance
nn Complete Service Services agreements all the way to plant-level operations,
Solutions including training, project management, and plant
Operation and operations. Combining our certified Best Available
Technical services Maintenance
Technologies with expert-driven services allows our
nn Maintenance Services nn Outotec Full O&M
customers to focus on their own core capabilities
nn Evaluation and Service
while their facilities are running at maximum capacity.
Assessment Services nn Outotec Support
nn Research and Analysis O&M Service
nn Installation and Start-up nn Outotec Advisory
nn Training Services Service
nn Engineering Services
Finland, September 2012.
Outotec develops and provides technology solutions for the sustainable use of Earths natural
resources. As the global leader in minerals and metals processing technology, Outotec has developed
over decades several breakthrough technologies. The company also offers innovative solutions for
the chemical industry, industrial water treatment and the utilization of alternative energy sources.
Outotec shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.
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