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Relationship: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
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The List
by scottmcniceass


Louis constantly gets Liam into trouble. Zayn is always there to get him out of it.


I just wanted to write something that had more fluff than angst. Literally half of this fic is
just boyfriendy fluff. And magic stuff. But mostly fluff. Okay, and a good smattering of
smut. (also i haven't really reread this to make sure it wasn't terrible, like I normally do,
because I really just wanted to get this fic done and out of my mind so I could continue
with other projects [ since this was supposed to be a hell of a lot shorter, but then, that
always happens I'm not even surprised anymore] so this may be really, really bad, and if it
is I apologize profusely for wasting your time).

See the end of the work for more notes

In hindsight, Liam knows not to listen to Louis. Theyve been friends since their first year, when
the sorting hat placed them both in Gryffindor and Louis had sat himself down right beside Liam
with a bright, slightly nervous, Im Louis Tomlinson, were going to be best friends. It was a bit
ridiculous, looking back on it, but Liam had been fairly caught up in the nerves and excitement of
their first day, and Louis had terrified him almost as much as the rest of Hogwarts; Liam had been
powerless to do anything but nod. Now, Liam wishes hed of told Louis to fuck off. His life
would be a hell of a lot less stressful if he had, because he has realized over that time that each and
every one of his problems in life can be blamed on Louis.

Okay, so Liam could have said no. Actually, he had said no, but he could have said it with more
conviction. He could have convinced Louis not to do it, but instead he had relented and agreed to
help because, as Louis put it, If you help then theres no way well screw it up and get in
trouble. Louis has a way of making the worst possible ideas seem like the plans of a genius.

Its still a bit of a surprise that hes in this situation, though. Liam didnt think it was possible for
Louis and Nialls plan to prank the Slytherins to go this bad, and yet he is somehow stranded in
the dungeons, hiding in a small closet at what must be two in the morning, with a group of angry
Slytherins blocking one way, and Filch blocking the other. There is literally no way for him to get
out of this, and he is either going to die by the hands of the pissed off Slytherins or get expelled for
helping Louis flood the Slytherin common room and also light their couch on fire (which had been
an accident on Nialls part, though he really doubts that their headmaster is going to care either

Liam, as quietly as he can, mutters, Lumos. The bright light of his wand illuminates the small,
square room hes in, and he cups his hand over it so that the light wont shine through the cracks
under the door.

He didnt know what he expected, but there is no alternate exit to this closet. He is stuck in here
until tomorrow, possibly, when Filch finds something better to do than chase after the student hed
seen dashing down the hall, and the Slytherins are too busy with class to keep up the search party.
And thats only if they dont find him in here first.

He wishes he had some way to contact Louis to get him to act as a distraction so Liam can run
free, but sadly wizards have yet to learn the convenience of cellphones.

Liam sighs and leans against the wall before sinking to the cold, stone ground, right beside a
broom and a rusted metal bucket. He leans his head back against the wall just as the room gets
suddenly cold. He snaps his eyes back open and nearly jumps as a ghost drifts in through the
opposite wall, but then hes scrambling up, eyes wide, because this could help.

Of course, everyone knows that the Grey Lady doesnt talk. He wishes she were Nearly Headless
Nick (because he would help Liam without a seconds hesitation), or The Fat Frair (who would
scold Liam first, probably, but would help him in the end, too). This is his only chance, though,
and he cant let it pass him by.

Um, excuse me, miss, he starts, and the ghost turns to him with a blank look on her face. Right,
I know Im not in your house, and I wouldnt expect you to help me, but Im sort of in a bit of
trouble here and I was wondering if theres anyway that you could possibly help me.

The Grey Lady regards him with the same cool, indifferent look for a long moment before her lips
turn up just a bit in the ghost (no pun intended) of a smile. She lifts a finger and then disappears
through the wall. Liam watches her go, feels the heat seep back into the room, and then wonders if
shes really going to help him. Honestly, he doubts it. If he were a Ravenclaw she probably
would, but hes not in her house, and she has no reason to actually help him.

Liam sinks back to the floor, ready to stick it out for the rest of the night. Maybe he can pull off his
robes and use them as a pillow, but then hed likely freeze to death in his sleep because the
dungeons are far too cold.

He hears footsteps by the door and holds his breath when a familiar voice drawls, He had to go
down this hall. Filch is blocking the other way. Theres no way he got out of here.
Fucking Harry fucking Styles, Liam thinks. Right now there is not a single part of him that regrets
the prank they played on him.

Check the closet, Harry snaps, and someone steps closer to Liams door. Liam stands up, wand
at the ready, but then someone shrieks and Harry shouts, What the fuck was that?

They ran left, someone answers, and then he hears the group running down the hall, their
footsteps echoing as they go.

Liam lets out a sigh of relief and lowers his wand just as the door to the cupboard opens. A
moment later it closes as if of its own accord, and if Liam didnt know what to look for, hed
think that there was no one there. Except he does know what to look for, catches the slight ripple
in the air in front of the door, and then the spell wears off and hes left alone in a small closet with
Zayn Malik.

What are you doing here? Liam blurts.

Zayns hair is a rumpled mess, much different than the usually carefully styled quiff. His eyes are
wide in a way that distinctly reminds Liam of Louis when hes just woken up. The--, he pauses
to yawn, Grey Lady woke me up and told me there was a lost Gyrffindor locked in a closet in the
dungeons, and I figured, you know, who else could it possibly be? What are you doing in here?

Liam swallows and says, a little sheepishly, Its kind of a long story.

Zayn rolls his eyes, a haughty expression on his face, which isnt exactly an uncommon thing
between the two of them. Of course it is, he says. I swear, Gryffindors are not brave. Theyre
cocky to the point of idiotic recklessness, and people mistake your terrible decisions for acts of

Did you come here to insult me or to help me? Liam snaps, crossing his arms over his chest.

Zayn sighs and then steps a bit closer to him, close enough that Liam can almost count each of his
dark, feathery eyelashes, not that hed, like, want to. Zayn lifts his wand and taps Liam on the
head, and then a moment later he shivers as something cold and invisible seems to almost drip
down his head and over his entire body.

Huh, Liam says, looking down to find himself almost completely invisible. If he moves his leg a
bit he thinks he can see a ripple in the air, but other than that hes completely concealed by the

Disillusionment charm, Zayn explains, waving his wand around himself. Liam watches as Zayn
slowly slips away. This will get us out of the dungeons. Just remember that next time Im not
going to be here to bail you out, alright?

I never asked you to, Liam points out. Its a bit weird, following behind Zayns invisible body.
He can feel the heat radiating off him when he steps too close, but other than that, and his voice,
its like hes alone.

Zayn snorts and the door opens slowly at first, and then is pushed all the way open. If I didnt
youd be spending the night in this fucking closet, Zayn points out. You should be thanking

I was going to, Liam whispers as they step out into the hall, but somewhere between
Gryffindors arent brave and reckless idiocy, I forgot to.

Liam begins to head left, but Zayn grabs his arm and tugs him right. Zayns hand slides down his
arm to encircle his wrist. Liam waits for him to drop it, waits for the gentle pressure of his fingers
to disappear. It doesnt happen, and hes not sure if hes pleased or annoyed by this, because
Zayns fingers and long and slightly calloused and nice, but Zayn is also sort of stuck up and

The dungeons are dank and quiet, and the sound of their footsteps seems to echo off the walls.
Liams slightly paranoid, he can admit that, and he keeps waiting for someone to round the corner
and spot them. Zayn must know what hes doing, though, because he guides Liam easily down
the hall, turns him left, and then theyre both crouching against the wall and watching as Filch
paces in front of the staircase that leads to freedom.

Dont move, Zayn whispers from in front of him.

Why? Liam asks.

He figures that Zayns probably rolling his eyes. Because I said so. Just-- dont move. Ill be right

Zayns hand drops from his wrist and then the quiet sound of his robes moving alerts Liam to the
fact that hes walking away, as well as the sudden change in atmosphere, and the disappearance of
the mildly citrus smelling cologne that seems to cling to Zayn.

Liam holds his breath and watches Filch, waiting for something to happen. Hes not sure what
exactly it is that hes waiting for, but when the sound of fireworks erupts somewhere in the
distance, Liam is mildly impressed. A beat later Filch is running off down the hall, and then
Zayns yelling, Run!

Liam dashes for the stairs, not looking back once. His feet slap against the stone as he goes, and
his breath hitches in his throat as he takes the stairs two at a time. He can hear someone behind
him, prays that its Zayn, but doesnt risk the chance of turning around to check. He just keeps
going until his hands hit the hard wooden door at the top of the stairs. He flings it open and
doesnt slow down as he runs in the direction of the Great Hall.

Slow down! Zayn shouts from behind him. Liam does, whirling around to make sure theyre
alone. He cant see anyone, so he figures it must just be him and Zayn.

A solid body slams into him, and Liams arms instinctually go around Zayns waist to hold him
up. Or hes pretty sure thats Zayns waist, but he cant really tell because, you know, invisibility.

Fuck, Zayn pants. Im too-- out of shape-- for this shit.

Liam grins even though Zayn cant see it. Well, you know, if you spent less time in the library--,

If you spent more time in the library, Zayn snaps, and less time listening to Tomlinsons
ridiculous plans, I wouldnt have to save your ass constantly.

They walks past the Great Hall and continue down the hallway. Personally, Liam loves the castle
at night when its nearly silent, nothing but the wind howling outside and the occasional ghost
drifting through the walls to accompany him. And Zayn, of course, because more often than not it
is Zayn who spends his evenings with Liam when things like this happen. Its not like Liam asks
him to, though. Zayn is just somehow always around to save the day, much to Liams annoyance,
because he never does it without an insult and a holier-than-thou attitude.

They climb the staircases together, even though Liam knows that they passed the route Zayn
would take to get back to his own common room a while back. When they get to the portrait of
the Fat Lady, shes asleep. The loud sound of her snores would have Liam laughing if he werent
so used to it.

Um. Liam chews his lip and tries to face Zayn, but he cant tell if he manages. How long until
this spell wears off?

It doesnt, Zayn answers. The rustling of his cloak proceeds the tap on his head from Zayns
wand, and its like that cool liquid that seemed to drip down him when Zayn cast the spell is
retreating, and he watches his legs come into focus, and then his waist, and then his arms. He feels
Zayns breath, hot and damp on his neck, and then Zayn says quietly, Dont let it happen again,

Liams grateful for the cloak hes wearing because it hides the goosebumps that now cover his

He listens to the sound of Zayns footsteps until he can no longer hear them, and then he coughs
politely, trying to wake the woman in the painting. The Fat Lady only snores louder, until Liam
has no choice but to say, quite loudly, Excuse me.

The Fat Lady blinks open her eyes and glares at him. Do you realize what time it is? she
demands. She shakes her head. Every time with you, Payne, I swear. And here I thought you
were the good influence, and yet youre always out of bed late, and youre always in far later than
the others--,

Gillyweed, Liam says, cutting her off.

Oh, fine, dont listen to me, then, the Fat Lady snaps, the portrait swinging open. But one of
these days youre going to be caught, and then Ill have nothing to say but I told --,

Liam closes the door on her lecturing. Its not the first time and, unless he decides to suddenly stop
being friends with Louis, it wont be the last. And its not like Liam wants to be out of bed at three
in the morning. In fact, hed very much so like to be in his warm canopy bed, with his comforter
pulled up to his chin, warm and asleep, dreaming of boys with long lashes and eyes that cant
seem to decide whether they want to be brown, amber, or hazel.

Where were you? Louis snaps.

Liam looks up to find Louis leaning over the back of the couch, eyebrows raised. He spots Nialls
blonde hair peaking up over the edge of the couch too, but the other boy doesnt turn around to
harp on Liam like Louis has.

You left me down there, Liam reminds him. Remember that? I was stuck between Filch and
Styles, and I had to hide in a closet, until Zayn--,

Malik to the rescue again, then? Louis asks, his accusatory look changing into one of

Liam shrugs. Yeah. The Grey Lady got him for me.

Liam walks around to the other side of the couch to find Niall sitting with a mug of butterbeer in
his hand, eyelids heavily drooped. His black and yellow tie is undone and hanging from his neck,
and his hair is a dishevelled mess.

Spending the night in our common room again? Liam asks, ignoring the smirk on Louis face.

Niall grunts. Too tired to go back to mine.

Are you trying to change the subject? Louis asks, cocking his head to the side. Because I
wasnt done hearing about your knight in shining Ravenclaw armour.

Liam narrows his eyes. Maybe he wouldnt have to come to the rescue all the time if you would
stop getting us into trouble.

Niall snorts and Louis waves a hand. Thats about as likely as Styles declaring his undying love
for me. Its just not going to happen, Liam. You should be used to this by now.

Liam sinks to the floor by Nialls feet and steals the drink from his hands, taking a long sip. I
know, Liam admits. Doesnt mean I dont still hate you for it.

You love me for it, Louis argues. If I didnt get you in trouble, Zayn wouldnt spend half as
much time with you, and then wed get Brooding Liam again, like in third year when he dated
Melissa Belcourt.

Liam doesnt even bother blushing at this anymore. No matter how many times he denies it, and
points out the fact that Zayn seems to dislike Liam quite a bit, Niall and Louis refuse to let it go.
So, instead of getting worked up, he just tilts his head back against the couch and closes his eyes,
praying that he can fall asleep like this. He doesnt really want to sneak up to his room and risk
waking Ben after last time, because he didnt seem to appreciate Louis and Liam coming in at all
hours of the night.


Liam is exhausted the next day. He wakes up to the sound of people milling about around him,
and then someone hits him in the face with a cushion and he jerks upright, eyes flying open. Louis
yawns and drops the pillow with a drawn out, Class in twenty.

Liam groans and stretches while Louis works on waking Niall. Its a sign of just how close the
three of them are that not a single person questions Nialls presence in their common room. It isnt
exactly usual for a student from another house to even enter another houses common room, let
alone spend as much time in it as Niall does in theirs.

Liam leaves his friends behind and trudges up the stairs, passing by Ben, who glares at him and
says, Another late night, Payne?

Dont know what youre talking about, Liam denies.

There is a large part of him that considers jut falling into bed and missing classes for the day when
he walks into his room, but he wont do it because Liam doesnt want to push his luck. They got
away with last night, he doesnt want to risk it.

He tugs off his clothes from last night and slips into a clean pair of dress pants, one of his white
button ups, the black jumper with the Gryffindor crest on the breast, and his house tie. By the time
hes dressed and ready, Louis and Niall are already gone. He sighs, not surprised, and makes his
way down to the Great Hall.

He spots his friends at the Hufflepuff table, Louis sitting between Niall and Josh, telling a story
and using his hands as much as he does his voice. -- entire couch just erupted into flames, right,
and you should have seen Liams face. He looked half terrified and half turned on. I think theres
a pyromaniac hiding inside that boy, for--,
Youre an idiot, Liam mutters, falling into the seat across from him. He steals a buttered bun off
Louis plate instead of getting one for himself, mostly because he cant be bothered to lift a knife
right now.

Louis is glaring at him and trying to steal the bun back, but Liam lifts his arm above his head, and
Louis is short enough that he cant reach it. Niall is ignoring them completely in favour of the
sausages on his plate, and Josh is watching them with an amused look, like theyre a wonderful
form of entertainment. Which, to be fair, they probably are.

Louis pulls out his wand and points it threateningly at Liam, but before either of them can do
anything someone slams a piece of paper down on the table, nearly knocking over a pitcher of

What the fuck-- oh, Louis says, his look of annoyed confusion changing to a smug one. Styles.
Having a good morning?

Im calling a truce, Harry states, crossing his arms over his chest. His eyes are narrowed and his
hair is a mess. He looks even more exhausted than Liam feels.

A truce, Louis repeats. Why would you do that?

Liam picks up the paper Harry had placed on the table, eyes scanning over it.

Because you managed to simultaneously flood our common room and light our furniture on fire,
Harry spits. You psychotic, egotistical son of a --,

I thought you came over here to call truce, not to insult me, Louis cuts in.

This doesnt look like a truce, Liam points out, frowning down at the words Acquire any object
of subjects choosing from the headmasters office.

Its not, Harry admits, lips quirking up. I figured Tomlinson wouldnt go for a simple white
flag, because hes insane, so instead Im offering you a deal. First house to complete every item on
this list wins. No pranks are allowed until at least one team has finished the list, and when its
finished the loser admits defeat, ceases fire, and dresses in the winning houses colours for the
final week of the year.

Give me that, Louis says, reaching for the list. Liam hands it over and Louis eyes dart down the
page. Who made these up? Louis questions. Get a date with someone from the opposing
teams house. Are you serious?

Not fair, Niall cuts in. I cant participate.

Actually, you can, Harry says, pointing at the top of the list. Either houses can request the
assistance of one member from one of the exempt houses.

Only one? Louis inquires, raising his eyebrows at Josh, who looks like he really, really doesnt
want any part of this.

Only one, Harry confirms. Ive already chosen mine, you chose yours.

Niall, obviously, Louis says. What about you?

Here he comes now, actually, Harry says, straightening up a bit. He lifts a hand and shouts,
Malik, get your arse over here.
Liam lifts his eyes, catching Zayns gaze for just a moment before Zayns eyes slide over to Harry.
He pauses on his way to the Ravenclaw table and veers towards them instead, hands buried
deeply in the pockets of his trousers.

What? Zayn asks.

I was just explaining to Tomlinson the rules for our truce, Harry tells him.

Zayn gives Harry an exasperated look. You were serious about that? I thought you were joking.

Deadly serious, Harry says with a grin. As long as they accept.

Oh, we accept, Louis says, a determined set to his jaw. We definitely accept. And were going
to make you regret this whole thing.

Then sign at the bottom of the page, Harry says, pointing to the dotted line. And you have to
sign with your wand, not a quill.

Louis shrugs and presses the tip of his wand to the paper. It almost seems to burn the letters into
the page as Louis writes his name in an elegant, swirling script. A moment later the letters flash
green and then red before settling on black.

You get to keep this copy, Harry tells him. We have one of our own. The contract will be able
to tell when youve completed one of the tasks, and theres no way to cheat it. The challenge starts
at midnight tonight, he adds. Let the best team win. He leers at Louis. I cant wait to see you
in the Slytherin colours. I bet green looks good on you.

Zayn looks mildly uncomfortable standing there beside Harry, hands still in his pockets. Liam
considers giving him a welcoming smile, but then decides that its probably best not to. If Zayn
wanted to talk to him, he would.

Zayn meets his eyes for a moment and winks at him. Liam frowns, nearly choking on the bite of
bread hed just taken, but before he can react any farther, Harry is grabbing Zayns arm and
tugging him off towards the Slytherin table, his blue and bronze tie standing out amongst the sea
of green and silver.

I still dont get why theyre friends, Liam mutters, eyes still on Zayn, who has his head ducked
and is muttering a response to something Harry just said, lips tilted up in a faint grin. Harry laughs
at whatever he said, and then Zayns eyes lift to Liams before darting back down to his plate.

Does that honestly say get a blowjob in any one of the four common rooms? Niall asks
suddenly, pulling Liams attention away from things he probably shouldnt be spending so much
time focusing on anyways.

Liam frowns and shakes his head. No, it doesnt--,

Yeah, it does, Louis interrupts. Rights below go on a date to the shrieking shack and right
above steal any animal related item from the groundskeeper s hut.

Liam closes his eyes and breathes deeply, but that still doesnt help. Were going to get
expelled, he states.

Louis shrugs and reaches for a new bun. Thats a small price to pay if we manage to win this.

You really are insane, Josh puts in.

Niall, Louis and Liam turn to him, and the three of them just laugh because, yeah, theyre aware.


Liam sleeps through his first two classes of the day. Hed feel a bit guilty for it, but its only
History of Magic with Binns (which he tends to fall asleep in even after a full nights rest) and
Charms with Madam Cartwright, who only has them practising spells that Liam had perfected last

Lunch is spent with Louis and Niall discussing the challenge, and Liam only sort of pays
attention. He needs to sleep tonight, no matter what Louis says. He cant do another day on only
three hours of sleep. Its too exhausting on his body, and plus, he has Quidditch tomorrow, and
since hes captain he really cant afford to spend the entire time falling asleep on his broom.

Someone drops into the seat next to his in Potions and Liam startles before the smell of citrus
invades his senses. He sighs and resists the urge to lean into Zayn, if only because Zayn would
likely hex him for it, and Zayn is fairly good at hexes.

Hey, Zayn says easily, spreading his books out on the desk in front of him. Zayn is always so
prepared for class, while Liam tends to forget his books in his room and has borrowed so many
pens off Louis that Louis had started to make Liam pitch in every time he bought some.

Hi, Liam says quietly, eyes struggling to stay open.

Zayn is silent as their teacher starts up the class, discussing the various properties of the
complicated potion theyre going to be working on today and tomorrow, which needs to stew for
at least half an hour and the ingredients need to be very carefully added. Hes restlessly tapping his
pencil on his desk, though, and hes chewing his lip, obviously not really paying attention. Thats
a little surprising, because in all the classes Liams had with Zayn, Zayn has always been one of
those students that will hiss at you to be quiet if he hears you snickering in the back of the room
and not giving the professor your full attention.

Are you sure this whole thing with the Slytherins is a good idea? Zayn asks, finally cracking.
He turns to Liam with wide, worry filled eyes, which Liam would find almost adorable if it
werent for the annoyed set to his mouth.

No, Im not, Liam admits. But Louis already signed the contract, so its not like we really have
a choice.

You could admit defeat, Zayn suggests. Half of the things on that list are more than enough to
get you expelled, you realize.

Im aware, Liam replies, dropping his eyes to his paper. He tries to write down what their
professor is saying, but shes talking far too fast and Liams not really paying much attention.

Zayn makes an annoyed sound. Do you purposefully go looking for trouble? Honestly, Liam, its
always one thing or another with you.

Liam frowns at him. For one, I dont go looking for trouble, thanks. Trouble happens to be my
best friend. And second of all, like Ive pointed out thousands of times, you dont have to
constantly save me, you know.
Zayn snorts but then a soft, reluctant smile fights its way onto his lips. Yeah, but if I didnt then
who would?

Youre part of this too, you know, Liam reminds him. Styles roped you into being on his

He didnt rope me into anything, Zayn denies. I offered.

Liam gapes at him. Why would you do that?

Zayn smirks and shrugs. Its all good fun, Liam. And plus, Im careful enough that getting caught
isnt as much of an issue for me as it is for you.

Liam narrows his eyes. The issue with Zayn is that Liam is never sure whether or not he likes him.
Sometimes, Zayn is sort of sweet and shy and hes got a thing for always being there right when
Liam needs him. But then hes also one of Harrys best friends, and he shows as many Slytherin
qualities as he does Ravenclaw. Hes arrogant and vain and more than a little rude when he wants
to be. And he has a thing for teasing Liam, apparently.

I doubt youll be saying that when we win, Liam quips, shoulders tensed.

Zayn laughs and puts a hand on Liams thigh. Youre cute when your wrong, you know that?

Liam pushes his hand off, praying that his cheeks arent as red as they feel. Well see.

We will, Zayn agrees.

Liam pointedly ignores Zayn for the rest of class. Or he attempts to, but he feels Zayns eyes on
him more than once, and its a little difficult to ignore the way his leg jiggles under the desk, and
the quiet whispers under his breath as he reads over his notes.

Liam was finally tuning out Zayns humming of a song that Liam didnt recognize when the other
boy grabbed his parchment from him. Liams head jerks up and he fixes Zayn with a look that
Louis himself would be proud of, but Zayn is too busy writing something on the corner of the
page to notice.

When hes done he slides the paper back to Liam and then resumes his work like nothing
happened. Liam gapes at him, waiting for him to say something, but he doesnt, so he looks at his
parchment. On the top left corner hes written the words Hungarian Horntail .

What does that even mean? Liam asks.

Zayn doesnt answer.


No way, Liam moans. Louis, come on. No. Not tonight. Im too tired, we have Quidditch
tomorrow, and--,

And the contract starts working at exactly midnight, Liam, Louis says pointedly. We have to
get a head start, and if we dont well lose, and do you really want to lose? Just think of how smug
Harry will be about it, not to mention the fact that youre not impressing Zayn at all if you lose--,
Why would I want to impress him? Liam demands.

Because youve been in love with him for, like, four years, Niall supplies from where hes
lounging in one of the armchairs by the fire.

Liam doesnt deem that worthy of a response. I just think that we should wait until tomorrow at
least .

The Slytherins wont wait until tomorrow, Niall points out.

Liam sighs and sinks farther back into the couch. Normally he loves the couches in the common
room. Theyre soft and comfortable and they sink in just the right amount. Right now nothing but
his bed will suffice, though. It nearly eleven at night, and the day has just been too much on him,
not to mention the night before.

Lets just read over the list just to see if theres anything we can do that wont take much effort,
Louis offers.

Liam groans. Fine, but Im not agreeing to anything else.

Fair enough, Louis concedes.

Liam closes his eyes as Louis reads over the list and Niall does whatever it is Niall does. Every
few moments Louis tsks or murmurs something. Its distracting, and Liam is seriously considering
bailing on this whole thing and heading upstairs to bed.

There are forty-six things on this list, Louis states. Liam blinks open his eyes. Some of these
are going to be really hard. Like-- getting into the headmasters office is going to be nearly
impossible, because you need a password, and its a better kept secret than the Hufflepuff
common room entrance.

Still not telling you where it is, Niall pipes up.

Ill figure it out eventually, Louis tells him. But seriously, how are we supposed to figure out
the password to his office? Theres no way.

Liam frowns, bottom lip caught between his teeth. He worries it for a moment, wondering if he
could possibly be right about this. The password could be anything, right?

Virtually, Louis answers distractedly. Itll be damn near impossible to figure out, but--,

I think I might have an idea of what it is, Liam says quietly. He doesnt know why he thinks
this, but hes always trusted his gut unless it comes to Louis (because it always screams to run far,
far away, and Liam is far too attached to the crazy lad to do that now), and he has a feeling this
might work.

Louis grins slowly, and its a grin that Liam knows well-- one that always leads to bad things.


At exactly midnight Liam finds himself on the third floor, just down the hall from the opening to
the headmasters office. Louis is right behind him, list in his pocket, and Niall is at the other end of
the hall, ready to alert them to anyone who might possibly come their way. Why Liam is the one
stuck doing this, he has no idea.

What if it doesnt work? Liam hisses, peeking his head around the corner. He can just see
Nialls blonde hair from this far away.

Then it doesnt work, Louis says easily. No big deal. We tried.

What am I even supposed to take? Liam demands.

Whatever you want, Louis answers. Preferably not something that could get traced back to us,
though. And nothing too heavy in case you need to make a quick getaway.

Liam sighs and runs a hand over his short hair. He really doesnt want to do this. He also really
needs to learn how to say no to Louis with conviction, or one day his best friend is going to
convince him that jumping off a bridge is a good idea, and Liam will likely do it.

At the other end of the hall a bright light shines for a brief moment and then goes out. Thats the
all clear signal.

Liam goes to suck in a breath, but Louis pushes him forward without warning. Liam stumbles into
the hall, shoes squeaking against the stone. He freezes, waits for someone to come out and catch
him, but after a moment he realizes thats not going to happen.

Liam slowly approaches the gargoyles blocking what he knows is a concealed door, only because
hes been in the headmasters office far too many times to count over the years. Hes also walked
past the gargoyles hundreds of times, and while they appear to be completely lifeless stone, he
knows that theyre not.

Hungarian horntail, Liam whispers, eyes darting around, worried that his quiet words will
somehow wake up the entire castle.

For a moment nothing happens, but then one of the gargoyles moves out of the way, revealing a
winding staircase. Liam chances a glance in Louis direction, only to find the other boy standing
in the hall, swinging his hips with his hands above his head, cheerfully dancing. He doubts Louis
would be celebrating if he were the one stuck doing this.

Liam steps onto the stairs, and the door is already slowly closing behind him, the stairs shifting
under his feet. For a second he panics and entertains the thought of getting stuck in here until
morning, when his headmaster comes into his office and finds him inside. That, for sure, would
get him expelled. And he will kill Louis in a thousand different, creative ways, at least four of
which will involve a can opener.

When he reaches the bottom of the staircase and is in the office, Liams worry starts to ebb away.
Hell be fine. He can do this. He isnt a Gryffindor -- and Louis Tomlinsons best mate-- for
nothing. Hes brave, possibly to the point of stupidity like Zayn constantly points out, but still.

The room is one hes familiar with. Theres the shelves lined with ancient books as well as the
walls lined with the portraits of all the old headmasters and headmistresses, most of which are
awake and eying him sceptically.

Lost, little Gryffindor? one of them asks.

The audacity or children these days, another one adds. How dare he.

Im not a child, Liam snaps, failing to ignore them. Hes seventeen years old, for Christs sake.
You better have a good reason for being in here at this time of night, one of them says. A
mighty load of trouble youll find yourself in if you get caught, son.

Im aware, Liam answers. He tries to tune them out after that so he can find something to nick
and then get out of there.

There are so many things in the office. He figures he could spend weeks in here going through
everything and hed still have new things to discover, things that he couldnt even imagine the
uses for. It sort of reminds him of the way hed felt when hed first got his letter for Hogwarts,
how shocked hed been, how insane the whole thing had seemed. Even at that age Liam was
practical and realistic, and magic did not fit into his neat, normal little world. Now its the biggest
part of it, and he cant say that he regrets a moment of it.

Hes about to reach for the quill on the large wooden desk when the sound of the stairs moving
behind him has him turning around. Louis, he hisses, what are you doing?

The stairs stop moving and Louis doesnt appear. In fact, no one does. Not Louis, says a voice
directly to his left. Liam nearly shouts, but instead he bites down on his tongue to keep the sound
in. Though I did pass him in the hallway. He was dancing. It was quite entertaining.

Zayn, Liam states.

So you worked out that it was the password then, Zayn says, and his voice comes from across
the room now.

Whats going on? one of the portraits demands. Liam sort of wants an answer to that question

Obviously, Liam says. Though I dont see why youd help me.

Suddenly theres a hand on his waist, and it moves over his stomach before disappearing
completely. Liam shudders and turns, trying to figure out where he went, but he cant until Zayn
says, I figured youd never realize it on your own.

Isnt it counterproductive to help me, though? Liam asks, turning in the direction of his voice.

Without any warning -- which is really starting to irritate Liam, because he should be able to hear
Zayns cloak moving, or his shoes padding against the floor, but he cant-- a warm body is
pressing against his back, guiding him forward, crowding him up against the desk. Liam sucks in
a breath -- he refuses to call it a gasp, because it wasnt-- and tries to turn, but Zayns reaching past
him and grabbing the quill off the desk and then stepping away from him completely.

Thisll work, he says. Its disconcerting because Zayn remains invisible, but the quill is still
clearly there, floating in the middle of the room. Might want to hurry up. Filch is doing rounds on
this floor in ten minutes.

Liam watches the pen as it seems to float across the room and then disappears up the stairs. He
turns back to the desk when its out of sight, trying not to think about the way Zayn felt pressed up
against him, and trying not to think about what that meant, because it just confuses him. Instead he
focuses on finishing the task at hand, and settles for stealing a rolled up piece of blank parchment.
He pockets it, casts one last look at the row of portraits, praying that none of them will rat him out
to Headmaster Wilton, but he has a feeling they will anyways.

The moment Liam steps on the stairs they start moving again, retreating upwards. Liam moves
with them, and the door at the top slides open. He doesnt stick around long enough to watch the
door close. Hes too busy jogging down the hall and turning the corner, running right into Louis.

Thank God, Louis says, steadying him. I could have sworn I just saw a floating quill, and I
thought that maybe--,

It was Zayn, Liam answers. Check the list.

Louis nods and pulls the list out of his pocket. Both of them scan it until they find the one that
Liam just completed. Beside it is two checkmarks, one green and one red. So were tied, Louis
states. Great.

If it werent for Zayn we never would have been able to check that one off in the first place,
Liam tells him, wondering why he sounds defensive.

Mm, youre right, Louis agrees, rolling up the paper. He gives Liam a confused, wondering
look. Why would he tell you the password anyways?

Search me, Liam says, shrugging. Can we go back the common room now, before we get
caught by Filch?

Yeah, sure, Louis says, but hes still looking at Liam with that undecipherable glint in his eyes.

What? Liam snaps.

Louis shakes his head. Never mind, he says. Lets go.

Liam doesnt even bother asking because he seriously doubts that hed get a sane answer, if hed
get one at all.


Theyre at breakfast the next morning when Louis pulls out the list to find Jinx a teacher when
their back is turned with a green checkmark beside it. Louis growls something low in his throat
and then turns in his seat to glare at Harry, who lifts a hand and waggles his fingers.

Zayn, on the other hand, is sitting with his fellow Ravenclaws, a book on the table in front of him
and all of his attention on it. His hair is fluffed up around his head today, and Liam cant help but
wonder if it feels as soft as it looks. He wants to know if his fingers will get caught in the tangles,
or if theyll slide easily through it. He wants to know if Zayn will gasp into his mouth if he tugs
hard enough, and he--,

Earth to Liam, Louis snaps. Literally. He snaps in front of Liams face, which is not only
annoying but also fairly rude.

What? Liam demands, pulling his eyes away from Zayn.

I need you to do me a favour, he says.

Liam frowns. What kind of favour? he asks, because he really doesnt fancy getting arrested this
early in the morning.

Louis rolls his eyes. Im not going to ask you to commit murder, Liam, honestly. Id do that
myself, thanks. But I need your help with something that neither of us are capable of doing. And
myself, thanks. But I need your help with something that neither of us are capable of doing. And
while I hate to ask you to do this, because I seriously do not trust that Ravenclaw at all, and I still
stand by my statement that hes got more scales than feathers, we need Maliks help.

Wait, what? Liam demands, eyes flicking to Zayn before they move back to Louis.

Damn, your heart eyes are so obvious, Louis tells him. Anyways, tomorrow Im going to be
receiving a package. I need you to make sure that said package is delivered to Harry, and no one
else but Zayn can do it. If we send it anonymously hell know it was us. I have a feeling he and
the rest of the Slytherins will be on high alert for the next couple days.

What kind of package? Liam asks warily.

Its just a simple love potion slipped inside a few sweets, Louis says like its no big deal. Its
not like its fatal. Hell just make an ass of himself. Its part of the list, Liam.

Liam shakes his head. I dont think Zayn will go for it.

Of course he will, Louis says firmly. That boy would do whatever you asked.

He really wouldnt, Liam replies.

Sure, sure, Louis says. Just ask him at least? Please?

Liam sighs but nods. Not making any promises, though.

Youre brilliant, Louis says sincerely, reminding Liam of why hes even friends with this
maniac. Louis is overwhelming and overbearing, but at the end of the day Liam really wouldnt
trade him in for anyone. But Im off to the library. Ive got to look up a spell that makes only
clothes invisible. And before you ask, its for the list.

Liam has a feeling that theyll be doing a lot of crazy things in the next few weeks, each one of
them justified because theyre for the list.


When he gets to potions class he slides into the seat beside Zayn, not just for Louis, but also
because they have to start working on the potion theyd be taught how to make yesterday. Zayn is
already prepared for it, cauldron out on the table, ingredients piled neatly around it.

Dont touch anything, Zayn warns, not lifting his eyes from where hes piling a few pieces of
what looks like bloodroot, but might not be.

Liam sits down, careful not to let his legs bump into the table, lest he screw up Zayns
organization. Hes about to ask if Zayn needs any help when the other boy walks away, heading
for the supply closet. He returns with two ingredients that Liam cant name by sight, but one of
them smells rank and looks almost like intestines which, to be fair, is exactly what they might be.

Right, Zayn says after placing the ingredients on the table. Im going to need you to read the
instructions off to me, slowly and one at a time as theyre listed, alright?

Liam nods mutely and Zayn hands him a notebook thats already opened to the right page. Zayn
has sharp, slanted writing, but its easy enough to decipher. Much easier than, say, Louis, who
likes to write as small as possible, all the letters smushed together.

Heat cauldron to exactly 375 degrees, Liam instructs, after adding six drops of rose oil. Let
rose oil--,

Zayn lifts a hand, cutting him off. One at a time, he repeats.

Zayn locates the rose oil and carefully squeezes in six drops before he lifts his wand, quietly
muttering a spell that has a small fire starting up under the cauldron. He uses a thermometer to
check the temperature and then turns to Liam, giving him an expectant look.

Um. Liams eyes scan over the words. Let oil heat for precisely six minutes before adding the
bubotuber puss-- wait, seriously? Thats disgusting.

Zayn ignores him, eyes darting to the clock at the front of the room. So you got out alright last
night? Zayn asks, not moving his eyes from the clock.

Yeah, Liam admits. Grudgingly, he adds, Thanks for the tip, by the way.

Zayn shrugs and then says, Dont mention it. Like, seriously, dont mention it. Harry would skin
me alive if he knew I helped you.

Liam grins. Still cant figure out why you would. But I was wondering if youd like to do it

Next step, Zayn says, cutting him off. Hes reaching for the bubotuber puss-- Liam would throw
up if he wasnt used to this kind of thing by now-- and adding it to the pot.

Stir three times counter clockwise, Liam instructs. And then tap the side of the cauldron twice
with your wand.

Zayn nods and does as hes told. Then what?

Wait four minutes before adding wormwood and aconite.

Once again his eyes train on the clock. Help you with what? he asks.

I need you to give Harry something, Liam says slowly. For the list. Its not harmful, exactly,
but Louis say that theres no way hell take it unless its given to him by someone he trusts, and--,

Louis wants me to slip my best mate a love potion, Zayn guesses. His eyes flick to Liam for a
short moment and he looks both annoyed and vaguely amused. Why would I do that?

I dont know why you do any of the things that you do, Liam replies. I figured it was worth a
try to ask, but I assumed you wouldnt do it anyways.

Ill do it, Zayn says, reaching for the wormwood. But you have to do something for me.

Whats that? Liam wonders, because he knows that he couldnt, in a million years, guess at
what Zayn wants from him and actually get it right.

It cant be Louis, Zayn specifies as he adds the aconite. I dont care who it makes Harry
temporarily in love with, but it cant be Louis.

Liam cocks his head to the side. Why not?

Next step, Zayn asks.

Liam sighs, knowing that Zayns not going to answer that question. Stir twice counter clockwise,
once clockwise, and then let simmer for fourteen minutes until it turns a light bluish gray.

Zayn brushes his hair off his forehead and then stirs the potion. The steam from is has his quiff
falling flat, and his cheeks are flushed. Hes got an intense look on his face, the kind that Liam has
seen on his face more than once. When he gets into his work, he really gets into it. Sometimes
Louis questions why Zayn wasnt just put into Slytherin, but its quite obvious, if you actually pay
attention to him, why he was put in Ravenclaw. When hes learning he gets a bright, focused look
in his eyes, he chews his bottom lip incessantly, and its nearly impossible to distract him from it.

Very good, Madam Lovette says, peering down at Zayns cauldron. You two work well
together. Youve surely made the most progress so far.

Zayns lips quirk up just a bit before falling back into a straight line. Madam Lovette moves on,
correcting a pair of Hufflepuff students who stirred clockwise instead of counter clockwise,
turning their potion a dark, blood red.

The rest of the class is spent with Liam reading off instructions and Zayn acting them out. They
finish their potion first, and Madam Lovette commends them on getting it perfect. Liam considers
mentioning the fact that it was all Zayn, Liam really didnt do anything, but Zayn beams at him
when she says this, and he cant bring himself to do it.

After class he passes Louis in the hallway and stops him, whispering in a rush, Zayn said hed do
it as long as the person of Harrys affection isnt you.

Louis looks as confused by this as Liam felt, but they dont have time to discuss it because they
have classes on the opposite side of the castle. Liam has Care of Magical Creatures, and Louis has
Muggle Studies, which Liam has to help him with all the time.


Louis is going over the list during dinner when another checkmark appears on the page. They
both look over to the Slytherin table to see Harry Styles standing on it, pants down. Liam averts
his eyes and most people snicker, but a few people throw things at him. Louis groans loudly and
then stands up, climbs onto the table, and unbuttons his pants quickly. A moment later the room
erupts in cheers and Liam looks over to see Harry gaping while Louis quickly pulls his pants back
up, a haughty look on his face, like hes daring anyone to say something.

Tomlinson! Styles! Liam flinches at the tone in their headmasters voice. Louis eyes go wide
and he mutters, Shit.

It was for the list, Liam says, grinning.

Now , Headmaster Wilton shouts.

Niall falls into Louis seat the second he walks off, leaving the list behind. Perform one act of
public nudity , Niall reads.

Liam snorts and shakes his head. This is getting out of hand.

This is just beginning, Niall responds, frowning down at the page. Consume an entire
chicken in one sitting-- must be completed by one person only .

Liam raises his eyebrows. Head down to the kitchen and see if we can find one?

Niall grins. Consider this one checked off.

Liam returns the grin. Ten galleons says I can do it faster than you.

Nialls eyes narrow. Youre on.


Louis doesnt make it to Quidditch practise because he has detention for the next two nights due to
the scene in the Great Hall. Liam feels bad for him, but then again what did he really expect? Hes
just glad that hes not the one with detention, because that wouldnt be setting a very good
example for the rest of their team mates.

Liam loves Quidditch. Of all the wondrous, impossible things in the magical world, flying is
number one. Nothing can beat the way it feels to soar through the air, the wind whipping past you,
nothing but endless expanses of sky. The weightless feeling of floating above the ground, and the
way his stomach drops when he angles downwards. And then, of course, theres the actual game.
No muggle sport could ever compare. And Liams good , too. Winning is almost as good as
flying, because theres something wonderful about being surrounded by the cheers and shouts of
hundreds of people, his name repeated over and over again like a chant.

Liam is modest but even he can admit that he wasnt surprised when he was offered captaincy last
year, and hed led their team to victory, never losing a game, even though the game against
Slytherin was fairly close. They only won because Louis is the greatest seeker, and even Harry
cant deny that.

Liams running drills, mostly just trying to get their beaters used to each other. Markus is a
veteran. Hes been on the team for the last four years. Malarie is new, and shes fairly good. The
two of them dont have the same chemistry that Markus and Ben had, though. Those two worked
like two parts of one whole. They were always hyper aware of where the other way on the field,
always teaming up together, and they were infinitely better than the beaters on any of the other

Hes flying around, calling out corrections where he sees fit, when he spots Zayn in one of the
bleachers. Liam knows its him instantly. No one else has quite the same hair or build, and even
though his head is ducked and hes a fair distance away, Liams positive its him.

Without thinking he turns and zooms towards the stands where Zayn is sitting. Hes bent over a
book, occasionally scratching at the parchment with his quill. As he gets closer he can see the
slight colour in Zayns cheeks, and the other boy looks up at him and then drops his gaze back to
his book.

Working or watching? Liam asks, hovering a few inches from the stands. His stomach feels
warm at the prospect of Zayn coming all the way out here just to watch his practise.

Zayn looks up at him and frowns. I didnt even know you had practise today. I just like to work
Oh, Liam says, trying not to let the disappointment colour his tone. I thought you preferred the

Zayns cheeks redden even more and he says, Not always. I like a change of atmosphere, and
theres a group of third year Hufflepuffs in there. I couldnt focus, so I came out here.

Just let me know if we get too loud and start distracting you, Liam tells him. Markus and
Jordan get a little hyped up during practise.

Zayn waves him off. Dont worry about it.

Okay, Liam says, shrugging. He flies off before he can decide that watching Zayn do his work
is more important than running practise. He cant help but turn around halfway towards his team,
though, only to find Zayn watching him. The second their eyes meet Zayn drops his gaze again.

Someones got an admirer, Carla teases. An attractive one at that.

Who says hes here for me? Liam asks defensively. He has a feeling his cheeks are turning the
same colour as Zayns had been.

The fact that hes only got eyes for one person, Malarie puts in. Its not us hes watching fly
around the field. Maybe he has a thing for keepers. He is friends with Styles, after all.

Liam glares at her. Shouldnt you and Markus be practising?

Malarie winks at him before flying off, and Liam is regretting the decision to put her on the team.
He definitely should have went with Julie. She wasnt nearly as quick or as good, but she was
quiet and polite, at least.


Liam is sitting on Louis left the next morning at breakfast when the owl swoops over their heads
and drops a package onto the table in front of him. Liams grateful for it, because Louis has been
in a shit mood since last night when he got back from his detention with Harry, and hopefully this
will cheer him up a bit.

Perfect, Louis breathes, unwrapping the brown paper. Hey, Cher!

The girl in question, sitting beside Niall at the Hufflepuff table, looks over at them, raising her
eyebrows. Louis waves her over and she rolls her eyes before getting up. Niall follows her, falling
into the seat next to Liam a moment later.

This the love potion? Niall asks, reaching for the package on the table. Its bright pink with a
beautiful witch on the cover who keeps winking and simpering at them.

Whatre you doing with this? Cher questions, grinning. Need help getting a date, Tomlinson?

Not likely, Louis says. I need a piece of your hair, actually.

Chers eyes narrow. Whore you using it on? I dont want some creepy second year lusting after
me all day, Louis.

Harry Styles, Louis answers while ripping open the box. Inside is a pink potion in a bottle, as
Harry Styles, Louis answers while ripping open the box. Inside is a pink potion in a bottle, as
well as a box of chocolates, which hes to fill with the potion after he finishes fixing it.

Pranking the Slytherins again? she asks, shaking her head. Youre relentless, you know that?

Louis grins. Are you going to help or not?

Of course, Cher answers easily.

Liam watches as she carefully pulls out one long brown strand of hair. Louis takes it from her and
uncaps the lid on the potion. He drops the hair into it, and it fizzles and burns as soon as it touches
the pink liquid, dissolving completely.

Glad I could help, Cher says, getting up.

Youre a doll! Louis calls after her.

Yeah, yeah, Cher says with a wave of her hand.

When shes gone, Louis pulls open the box of chocolates and begins adding the potion to the
candies. Several people look over at him curiously, but the Slytherin table is too far away for any
of them to be able to see what Louis is doing.

Liam would feel sort of bad about this if it werent Harry, and if it werent for this stupid,
ridiculous list that hed concocted. They all knew what they were getting into when they agreed to

When hes done, Louis hands the resealed box of chocolates to Liam. Give these to Zayn.

Liam nods and puts the box in the deep pocket of his robes.

Think hell take it? Niall asks.

Louis nods, a sinister grin on his face. He will.


It happens at lunch. Liam and Louis and Niall are sitting together, all on the same side of the table
so that they can watch the Slytherins. Liam watches as Harry, who is sitting beside Zayn, takes a
chocolate from the box. Zayn doesnt seem to care at all that hes helping them humiliate his best
friend. He looks a bit bored, but not at all guilty.

It happens almost instantly. One moment Harry is chewing his third chocolate, and the next his
eyes widen and hes getting out of his seat. A few of his friends look up at him, confused, but
Harry ignores them and moves towards Cher with single minded determination.

Cher is up and out of her seat in seconds, moving away from him. She comes over to their table
and ducks behind Louis and Liam as Harry turns and starts in their direction. You did this, now
fix it, she hisses.

Cher! Harry calls loudly. Ive never had the luck of laying my eyes on someone more beautiful
or spectacular. I want to write poetry on your skin with nothing but my tongue.

Cher straightens up and makes a face while a few people laugh. Does that actually work for
you? she asks Harry, whos on the other side of the table now, looking about ready to climb over
top of it to get to her. His eyes are wide and dazed, and he clutches a hand to his heart.

Youre even more beautiful the closer I get to you, Harry sighs. The minuscule space
separating us feels like miles.

Zayn appears behind him and he puts a hand on Harrys waist. Come on, lets get you out of

Harry shoves him off and says, Dont embarrass me in front of the love of my life. Cher, please,
do you think we could--,

Zayn covers Harrys mouth with his hand and fixes Louis with a barely amused look. Happy?

Louis smiles brightly. Extremely so, he says, pulling the list out of his pocket. Liam looks over
his shoulder, seeing the little red checkmark beside Use a love potion on someone from the
opposing house .

Harry struggles as Zayn drags him away from the table, his eyes on Cher the entire time. Hes
distracted enough to make it easy for Zayn, though, and soon enough theyre out the door with
one last, I love you! for Cher from Harry.

I would not want to be the object of that boys affection, Cher grumbles. I want to write poetry
on your skin with my tongue . Who even says shit like that?

He does have a pretty mouth though, Louis muses.

Liam turns to him, eyes wide. Did you really just say that? Niall asks.

Louis shrugs. What? Its true. I still want to punch him. Aesthetically speaking, he has fairly nice

This is too weird for me, Niall says, standing up. You coming Cher?

The girl nods and follows Niall back to their own table. When theyre gone, Liam takes the list
from Louis and reads it over again.

Got any ideas for anymore of these? he asks Louis.

Louis nods and grins. Hogsmeade this weekend, he says. We should be able to mark off at
least one. If one of us can get a date and convince them to come to the Shrieking Shack, we can
get another.

What one? Liam asks, frowning down at the list.

Steal a bottle of Fire Whiskey from The Three Broomsticks, Louis answers with a grin. And
that will also lead to finishing another one, which is getting extremely wasted on the Quidditch

So were stealing now, Liam says, passing the list back to Louis. On top of getting expelled,
were going to get arrested.

Louis grins, unfazed by this.


When he gets to potions he heads straight for their table. Zayns not there yet, but hes early so
thats not really surprising.

Liam spends the first two minutes in class just sitting there, drumming his fingers impatiently on
his desk. He might be a little, tiny bit guilty about the Harry thing, and hes kind of afraid to see
how Zayns going to react. But Zayn walks in and comes straight over to their table (and since
when is it their table?) and sits down.

Hey, Zayn says, setting up his stuff like he usually does. Hes a bit of a neat freak, Liam thinks.

Hows Harry? Liam blurts.

Zayn chuckles and shakes his head. Hes fine. Going to kill Louis, but fine.

So you got the antidote for it, then? Liam asks.

Zayn nods. I may have made some up last night so I could get it to him quickly. Better to get him
back to himself before he does something he really regrets. Good choice with Cher, though. I
dont think he really minded all that much.

Are you going to help him retaliate? Liam questions.

Zayn laughs, loud and unabashedly. Obviously.

Liam pales. Hes not going to slip it to any random Gryffindor, is he?

Zayn shakes his head, no. Between the two of us, though, he says quietly, turning serious,
dont take anything from anyone for the time being.

Liam frowns. Why me? Why not Louis?

I never said it was definitely going to be you, Zayn says with a shrug. Just letting you know to
be careful.

Why? Liam thinks. Instead he says, Okay.

Zayn shrugs again and turns his attention to their teacher, his shoulder turned a bit, like a wall
between them, letting Liam know that hes not to bother him again. He doesnt.

At the end of class they both pack up their things, but instead of heading straight for the door,
Zayn lingers back a bit while Liam finishes cleaning up.

You going to Hogsmeade this weekend? he asks.

Liam nods. Louis wants to cross a few things off the list.

Yeah, thats what I figured, Zayn says. He taps his fingers on the back of his chair and then
ducks his head a bit. If we went on a date to the Shrieking Shack we could check that one off for
both of our teams.

Liam drops his notebook on the floor and bends down to pick it up to hide what he knows is a
blush in his cheeks. You want me to go on a date with you, Liam clarifies when he stands up.

Zayn shrugs once more. For the list, obviously.

What would a date to the shrieking shack entail, exactly? Liam wonders, raising his eyebrows.

Zayn grins. So youre saying yes then?

Im saying maybe.

Youll have to come to find out, Zayn answers.

Liam sighs. Okay. Though I really dont see how one of our houses is going to win if you keep
helping both.

Zayn ignores him. See you Saturday, Liam.

Liam goes to point out that theyll see each other in class tomorrow, but Zayn is already walking
away from him, heading for the door. He leaves without another glance back to Liam, which is
probably a good thing because Liam figures he looks like he was just hit by a train.


Liam doesnt get to his last class of the day. Hes halfway there, trudging down the hallway
behind a pair of Ravenclaw girls that are talking about Zayn (and Liams not eavesdropping, hes
really not, except theyre talking quite loud, and theyre going on about the amount of tattoos he
has, and he cant really help it) when Louis runs into his side, catching him off guard and
knocking the wind out of him.

Liam lets out a surprised noise and the girls in front of him turn, eyebrows raised, but then keep
walking when they realize, Its just Tomlinson and Payne, which is said with a roll of the one
girls eyes.

Youre not going to Care of Magical Creatures, Louis informs him, grabbing Liams arm
tightly. He starts tugging him down the hall in the opposite direction before he begins to explain.
I was sitting in class, looking over the list, when a checkmark appeared.

Beside what? Liam asks, frowning.

Beside acquire a beloved item belonging to any member of the opposing team who has
managed to earn a checkmark .

Liam gapes at him. It specifies that it has to be from someone whos completed one of the tasks?

Louis nods vigorously. Thats either you or me, babe.

And then theyre both running down the hall, ignoring the Divination teacher that they run past on
their way, who warns them to slow down and start to make their way towards their class. They
take the stairs two at a time, and Louis is out of breath but Liams still going strong, even though
his legs are aching just a bit because he hates stairs, no matter how in shape he is.

Liam is about to shout the password at the Fat Lady when they get to her portrait, but Louis puts a
hand on his shoulder, stopping him, and asks, What students have you let in in the past half an
hour? Louis demands.

The Fat Lady narrows her eyes. Im not going to answer questions that are barked at me. Come
back when youve acquired some manners and perhaps Ill consider changing my mind.

Please, miss, Liam tries, shoving Louis out of the way. Adults hate Louis, but they tend to love
Liam. Its just that, you see, we know youre so excellent at blocking the common room, and
wed never accuse you of slacking on your duties, because you do them so well , but we have
reason to believe that someone from another house--,

The Styles boy, the Fat Lady says, cutting him off. She smiles wistfully. He and that pretty
thing, whats her name? Leanne? They were in here not too long ago. Stumbled through the door
attached at the lips. I wouldnt have let him in, mind, if he hadnt been such a sweetheart, and she
seems to be incredibly besotted with him, and I figured that, just this once--,

No, Louis says, eyes wide. You didnt.

I did, actually, the Fat Lady says, lifting her chin defiantly. Young love is in the air. Not that
Id expect you to know about that. I doubt any respectable young lady would give you the time of

Louis growls at her, teeth barred.

Gillyweed, Liam says quietly, dread filling his stomach. He doesnt know what they would
take. He doesnt have many beloved possessions, but the ones that he does have mean a lot to
him, like the photograph of him and his family, or the souvenir from the Quidditch World Cup that
hed went to with Niall and his parents.

They push into the common room just as the Fat Lady calls, And shouldnt you two be in

Ill kill him, Louis says darkly as they rush towards the stairs leading to their room. Ill skin
him alive and sell his flesh to the groundskeeper to feed the thestrals, I swear .

The moment they step into their room its obvious that someones been in there. Louis side is
perfectly fine, but Liams is not. The covers on his bed are pulled back, and the drawers of his
bedside table are gaping open. The chest at the end of the bed is wide open, too, and its obvious
that Harry wanted them to know exactly who he fucked with.

Shit, Liam breathes, moving towards his bed. Ive got to figure out what he took.

It had to be something that meant something to you, Louis reminds him, already fixing Liams
bed for him as Liam riffles through his chest. Theres nothing missing from it, that he can tell at
least. Nothing that would mean something to him.

He shuts the chest after carefully rearranging the items inside, because it looked like Harry had just
pushed everything around to make a mess while searching for something. He heads over to the
bedside table, spots his framed picture, and sighs in relief. After hes went through those drawers,
too, he finds nothing missing.

Ill check the dresser, Liam says, though his dresser has very obviously been left untouched.
Everything is perfectly folded in the way hed left it this morning.

Louis has a frown on his face, and hes moving slowly towards his own bed. He kneels down and
reaches under it, pulling out a box that Liams seen only a couple of times. There is only a handful
of things inside it, Liam knows. Louis favourite, most memorable belongings. Theres the
drawing from one of his youngest sisters, as well as the tickets to movie theyd went to see last
summer (Louis first time at a cinema, and hed dragged Liam back four times in the week hed
spent at Liams house). Theres also the watch from his dad that has been handed down through
his family for years, and Louis autographed Jorgan Bilbourne snitch.

Its gone, Louis says quietly, shutting the box. The snitch I caught during my first game. Its
gone. Your side of the room was only a mess as a distraction. He didnt want us to know what he
took, so he made it look like he took something from you.

Liam sinks down onto his bed and says, very carefully, Well get it back, Louis, it will be fine .

Oh, it will be, Louis says, straightening up. Theres a fire in his eyes. Im going to fucking
murder him.

Liam stands up because Louis is heading for the door, and hes not exactly sure whether or not
Louis is serious. Louis doesnt slow down. He moves down the stairs and through the common
room with long, quick strides, and pushes open the door without waiting for Liam, who has to jog
to keep up with him.

Curly haired fucking bastard, Louis mutters. Ill shave his head and choke him with the hair.
Ill shove my foot so far up his ass hell be spitting out my socks.

Are you even wearing socks right now? Liam asks.

Louis tosses him a look that would burn him alive, if that were possible. Thats really besides the
point, Liam.

You do realize hes in class, right? Liam reminds him as they turn down the hall that leads to the
Great Hall.

Ill wait outside for him, Louis replies. Hes in Herbology.

Liam bites his lip to stop from asking why Louis knows Harrys schedule, because Louis has his
wand out and its sparking at the tip, and Liam really doesnt want to be on the receiving end of
any spell that may come out of it in the next hour or so. Instead he turns and starts in the opposite
direction, heading back the way they came. He heads for the second floor, not stopping until he
gets to the Arithmancy classroom. He stops and knocks lightly on the door, rocking back on his

Mr. Payne, the Arithmacy teacher, Madam Bantlam, says with a raise of her thin red eyebrows.
Is there something I can help you with?

Liam tries to grin at her in a reassuring, believable way. Um. Im here for Zayn-- Zayn Malik.
Headmaster Wilton needs a student to run an errand for him, and since Zayns a prefect--,

Malik, Bantlam calls.

A moment later Zayn appears at the door, a frown on his face. He meets Liams eyes and the
frown slips away into a look of annoyance and disbelief. Yes, maam?

Headmaster Wilton apparently needs you, she says, putting a hand on his shoulder. If you can,
come back before class ends. If not Ill have Jessica bring you your homework.

Thank you, Zayn says, stepping out of the room. The door closes between them and Zayn grabs
Liams arm roughly, much like Louis had, and starts tugging him down the hall while hissing,
Are you serious right now? I was in the middle of class .

Liam gives him an apologetic look and yanks his arm from Zayns grip. I know, and I honestly
wouldnt bother you under normal circumstances, but Louis--,
I mean, just because I come to your rescue a few times does not mean that you can just pull me
out of class to fix your problems, Gryffindor, Zayn spits, and Liam is just now realizing that hes
actually, truly angry. Unlike you, I actually care about my grades and graduating.

Liam stops and gapes at him. You think I dont care?

Zayn whirls to face him, shoving his hands deep into he pockets of his robes. His cheeks are an
angry shade of red and his shoulders are tensed. Its not as if you act like you care about anything
other than fucking around with Tomlinson and Horan.

Liam took a step back, nearly stumbling. He wants to say something defensive, but instead anger
bubbles up inside of him. I was only coming to get you because your prick of a best friend stole
something of Louis, and Louis is possibly going to actually kill him for it, and I thought that you
might want to get it back from him before Louis gets a chance to murder him, but never mind.
Forget about it. Its not your problem and I never should have even considered asking you for
help, and I definitely wont in the future.

Anger, annoyance and regret flicker through Zayns eyes before he lets out a frustrated sound and
turns on the spot. Much like with Louis, Liam is left to either stay behind or jog after him. So,
really, he doesnt have any choice.

Zayn doesnt speak to him at all during the walk through the castle and out the doors. The late
November air is brisk and harsh, and Liam pulls his robes in closer to his neck and ducks his head
a bit. Zayn seems completely unfazed, his anger apparently keeping him warm as he stomps over
the ground towards the greenhouse.

Louis is pacing outside the doors of the greenhouse, wand held tightly in his fingers. He doesnt
even question Zayns presence, he just keeps pacing, muttering to himself about all the creative
ways in which he could kill Harry. Zayn ignores him too, opting to just pull open the doors to the
greenhouse and walk in.

Liam can see him through the window, first talking to the teacher, then going over to Harry. Harry
grins and nods, but when Zayns expression remains stony he looks a little defensive, and then he
sighs and hands something to Zayn, who takes it and comes back towards the door.

Here, Zayn says, shoving the snitch against Liams chest. Im serious this time when I say
never again , Payne. Understood? If you four idiots would rather play around while youre
supposed to be in class, fine, but dont you dare drag me into it.

Zayn turns and walks briskly towards the castle, leaving Liam to stare after him, gut twisting for
some reason.

He and Zayn have never had the best relationship. Zayn is always teasing him, or snapping at him,
except on the rare occasion that he smiles fondly at Liam, but hes never had Zayn truly,
genuinely mad at him. And honestly, hes not all that surprised. He should have realized that Zayn
would be upset at him for this. Zayn takes his studies more seriously than anyone Liams ever met.

What the fuck was that about? Louis demands, finally stopping his pacing.

Liam holds out his hand, uncurling his fingers from around the snitch. Louis eyes widen and he
grins, taking it. Loverboy will do anything for you, wont he?

Liam shakes his head. Not anymore, apparently.


Louis happiness at having his snitch back is short lived, and by the time dinner is over hes on the
warpath again, but Liam doesnt have to deal with it because Louis has detention.

He doesnt see Zayn again that night. Hes not in the Great Hall at dinner, and Harry glares at him
when he catches Liam checking the Ravenclaw table.

He considers asking one of Zayns housemates to check their common room for him but decides
that its not a good idea. If Zayn wanted to see him hed make himself available, and he is
obviously doing the exact opposite.

Instead he waits until lunch the next day and asks for Nialls help. Niall grins and waggles his
eyebrows but Liam denies any claims that hes doing this because hes interested in Zayn. Hes
doing it because he owes Zayn for a lot, so many things over the years that he cant even count.
For the time that Zayn covered for Liam in their third year when he missed a really, really
important Herbology class. For that time in second year when Zayn had used the counterspell after
one of the Slytherins turned his skin a sickly green. For that time in fourth year when he nearly fell
from the sky at a Quidditch game. For so, so many things.

Hes a little late to Potions, and when he sinks into the seat next to Zayn, Zayn sneers at him and
pointedly doesnt look away from the front of the room. Liam slides a small, wrapped package in
front of him. Zayns eyes drop to it and then quickly return to the front of the room. Liam waits,
knows hes going to crack, and he does a moment later.

What is this? he asks, turning to Liam with a frown.

Liam shrugs. Unwrap it and find out.

Zayn looks more than a little wary, and a bit like hes considering getting up and throwing it in the
trash without even looking at it, but he obeys, long, thin fingers quickly tugging open the

Cauldron cakes, Zayn states, staring at the three chocolate cakes in front of him.

You always eat about fifteen of them at the feasts, Liam explains. I figured you must really like
them, so

Zayns eyes narrow as he picks up one of the small cakes, but the moment he bites into it his eyes
flutter closed, eyelashes appearing impossibly long as they brush the tops of his cheeks. I want to
be angry with you, Zayn says after swallowing. His eyes are still closed. But you make it really,
really freaking hard, with those stupid eyes and bringing me cakes and shit.

Does this mean Im forgiven? Liam asks, grinning.

Zayn opens his eyes. Theyre still slightly guarded, but a bit warmer than they were. Maybe.

Can I have a cake?


Liam pouts a little. You have three.

And Im going to eat all three, Zayn says, popping the second half of the first one in his mouth.
His lip quirks up a bit, like hes trying to suppress a smile but cant quite do it. Liam takes it as a


Louis is out of detention by Friday, and they have another Quidditch practise. Liams scheduling
them closer together because they have a game next Friday against Slytherin, and they really cant
afford to lose.

It isnt until theyre in the air, Liam dropping things like the keys for the storage shed and the
change in his pocket for Louis to dive forward and catch, that he tells Louis about the sort-of-not-
really date he has with Zayn the next day.

So is it specifically for the list, or is it a date? Louis asks, letting the keys fall to the ground
without even attempting to dive after them.

Liam watches the sun glint off the metal as the keys hit the ground far, far below. The list,

Louis raises his eyebrows. Are you sure?


Do you want it to be an actual date?

Liam frowns at him, stomach twisting. Why would I want it to be an actual date? he asks,
knowing that Louis can hear the defensive note in his voice as much as he can.

Louis smirks. Years of sexual tension, babe, Louis tells him. Its all gotta to come to a head at
some point. I figure that youll either end up fucking or attacking each other. Or both, possibly.

Liams eyes go out of focus as he pictures what itd be like to press his body up against Zayn,
both of them without the robes or pants or jumpers. With their skin slicked with sweat and their
cheeks flushed, and Zayns hair a mess from Liam running his hands through it. And his mind just
runs with it, trying to guess what sounds Zayn would make when Liam pushed into him, or
wrapped his lips around his--,

Jesus Christ, Louis chokes out, covering his mouth with a laugh. You honestly want to hook
up with him.

Liam glares at him. He doesnt. He really doesnt. Except Zayn is sort of incredibly attractive, and
Liam isnt exactly straight. But they would never work like that. Zayn barely tolerates Liam on a
good day, and Liam doesnt exactly have a set type, but everyone hes dated has coincidentally
been on the Quidditch team, from Melanie in third year on the Hufflepuff team, to Jonah from
Gryffindor who hed lost his virginity to, but who had graduated at the end of last year. And Zayn
really doesnt fit that mould at all, because Zayn prefers to spend his time in the library, hunched
over a book, and he only attends games if Ravenclaw is playing because he has no choice but to
support his house.

Just get the keys, Liam grumbles.

Louis drops to the ground at an alarming speed. It was something that used to make Liam nervous,
but Louis is good at what he does and he pulls up at the last second, right before hed splatter
himself on the ground, and somehow manages to scoop up the keys while he does it. Hes back at
Liams side in a matter of seconds.

So are you finally admitting to yourself what weve all known for years? Louis asks, tossing the
keys to him. Or are you going to keep pretending that youre not totally in love with him?

Liam flies off and uses the excuse of instructing his two chasers to keep Louis from pestering him
about it again. Liam is not in love with Zayn. He doesnt even like him. And he really, really,
really needs a new best friend. Hes going to hold auditions or something. He hates Louis.


Saturday morning brings the first snowfall of the year. Its nothing heavy. Just a few flat, wet
flakes drifting lazily from the sky. Not enough to coat the grounds, just enough to fill the sky with
the swirling white crystals.

Personally, Liam loves the snow. He loves the way the castle looks coated in a layer of white.
Loves the way that it never really gets dark in the winter, the snow reflecting any and all possible
light. He honestly cant wait.

Fucking gross, Louis groans, peering out the window. Snow .

Liam grins at him. Does this mean youre not coming today?

No, I am, Louis says, pushing away from the window.

Markus is still asleep in his bed, and Ben had left a few minutes ago for breakfast. Liam woke up
much earlier this morning and went down to the prefects bathroom. As captain of the Quidditch
team, Liam gets a few special privileges, the prefects bathroom included. Sometimes, after a good
game, while every one else was celebrating and partying in the common room, Liam would head
down there and fill the impossibly large tub with his favourite citrus smelling soap and relax.

Liam searches through his drawers, trying to find something warm and comfortable to wear that
isnt part of the school uniform.

So are you walking there with him or meeting him later? Louis asks, coming up behind him. He
tugs a red sweater out of Liams dresser and holds it up to Liams chest. Red is definitely your
colour. Go with this one.

Thanks, Liam says, pulling it on over top of the white undershirt hes wearing. And he just told
me to meet him at the fence to the shack at three.

Nialls not coming with us, Louis informs him as he leans against Liams dresser.

Why not? Liam asks, frowning. The three of them always go to Hogsmeade together. Niall
brings them to the Hogs Head because his dad is friendly with the inn keeper, and he sneaks them
pints of disgustingly warm beer whenever they go in. And then they spend the rest of the trip
stumbling through the small village, Liam mostly guiding the other two because he always stops
after one drink, and Louis and Niall both go well into three or four.

Louis grins at him. I may have acquired the Slytherin password, Louis admits. And I have it on
good authority that Styles will be in the village today, so Niall will be free to sneak in, steal
something of his, and then well have that one checked off the list as well.

Liams frown deepens. Are you sure thats a good idea? You were pretty upset when he did it to
you. Upset being an understatement, because Louis had been ready to commit cold blooded

Paybacks a bitch and so am I, Louis says cheerfully.

Liam rolls his eyes and adjusts his sweater. This looks okay?

Louis smirks. Why, looking to impress Malik?

Fuck off, Liam mutters, turning away from him. He grabs his change purse from his sock
drawer and then puts his wand in his back pocket. Are we going or are you going to sit here and
whine about Harry and pay too much attention to my non-existent love life?

If youre the one with the non-existent love life, explain to me why youre going on a date while
I steal a bottle of alcohol so I can drink it to drown out my lonely sorrows?

Liam crosses his arms over his chest and doesnt deem that worthy of a response.

I am not overly dramatic, Louis states.

Never said you were, Liam points out.

Your accusatory eyebrows did.

Will you two honestly shut the fuck up? Markus shouts.

Louis narrows his eyes and points his wand at Markuss bed. A moment later his blanket is
floating above him, twisting and turning in the air. Louis runs from the room before Markus can
retaliate, and Liam jogs after him, stopping only long enough to call a Sorry! over his shoulder.

They make their way down to the Great Hall together. There is only a handful of people inside.
Most have already left for Hogsmeade or are still in bed. Liam doesnt mind because this means he
gets to eat in a more relaxed, quiet environment, even if hes eating breakfast with Louis. Louis is
in his own world anyways, quietly pushing around food on his plate and waving off Liams
concerns when he asks if something is bothering him.

By the time they arrive in Hogsmeade its a bit past noon. The snow is still drifting down from the
gray skies, and Louis is shaking it out of his hair with an annoyed look on his face.

Weasleys Wizard Wheezes first? Louis asks, nodding towards the shop with the colourful
storefront. Students are moving in and out of the shop, the latter with arms filled with bags that are
stuffed with purchases from the shop.

Liam shrugs. Sure.

The moment they move into the shop, theyre surrounded by the noises of various shoppers, as
well as the honks, shouts, bubbling, shrieking, laughing, sobbing sounds of the numerous items
lining he shelves. When Liam had first visited this place, hed been blown away. The wizarding
world is so different from that of the one hed spent the first eleven years of his life in, and even
now its a bit overwhelming. Hes used to this place, though, knows that Louis will guide him
straight through the shop and into the backroom, where only the employees and special costumers
are allowed.
Louis worked at their Diagon Alley branch for a few weeks during the last two summers. It was a
good fit for him, Liam had thought. He got an employee discount, and he loved the place enough
that, if theyd let him, he figures Louis would live there.

Joseph, Louis says brightly when they get to the front counter. Got anything for me?

Joseph, dressed in his Weasleys Wizard Wheezes uniforms, grins at him. I do, yeah. Ive got to
man the register, though. Just head into the back and dont touch anything thats marked unsafe
until further notice.

Wouldnt dream of it, Louis lies, already ducking behind the black curtain that separates the
back room from the front. Liam follows him, eying the numerous inventions on the shelf.

Invisitoffee, Louis says, reaching for a box of candies. One bite will turn user invisible for a
short, quarter of an hour time period. Side effects may vary, but include vomiting, loss of sight,
speaking in tongues, and a severe rash'. No wonder theyre on the unsafe until further notice
shelf. He pockets a box of them anyways.

Liam reaches for a box on one of the safe shelves labelled Get it done chocolates. For those 3
page essays that you put off until the last minute, Get It Done Chocolates will have you up and
focused all night long. Warning: a maximum of three doses are recommended. No more than one
box should be consumed within a seventy-two hour period.

Grab those, Louis orders. Weve got before holiday tests coming up shortly. They could really
come in handy.

Liam nods and keeps the box in his hands as they move around the room. By the time theyre
done theyve both got far too many boxes and bags in their hands for them to afford. Louis sorts
through them, putting back anything that he deems not worthy, and then they use his employee
(even though hes technically an ex-employee, Joseph lets him get away with it) discount to afford
the rest of it.

Remind me to beg my mum to send me more money later, Louis says as they walk out the

Liams only got a bit of his own left, just enough to get something to eat and drink at the Three
Broomsticks. He wonders if he should save it just in case Zayn decides he wants to do something
more than just go to the Shrieking Shack, but then decides that its better to spend it so that he has
an excuse not to if he does end up suggesting more. Louis is wrong about Liam liking him, and he
doesnt want to give Louis any more reason to tease him about this. Going on a date to Madame
Puddifoots Tea Shop would earn him at least a weeks worth of ridicule.

When they get inside the Three Broomsticks, its nearly packed with other students. Liam spots
Cher and Josh, as well as Corbin and Willow sitting at a table with two empty seats and nods his
head towards them. Louis nods back and makes his way to their table, pushing past other people,
shoving chairs in closer to tables so he can squeeze between them, before falling into one of the
free seats beside Cher. The others welcome him easily as Liam heads for the counter and orders
them both a butterbeer.

Liam carries their two drinks over to the table and sits down on Louis left. The moment he slides
the drink over to him, Louis says, Youve got about half an hour until you have to meet your

Liam groans and slaps Louis on the back of the head just as Josh asks, What boy?
Cher smirks. Are you and Malik finally admitting your love for each other?

Liam sips his butterbeer and ignores them.

By the time hes finished his first (and second drink, which Louis paid for as a way of
apologizing), hes got about ten minutes before hes supposed to meet Zayn. He pushes away
from the table, ignoring the cooing noises Chers making and the wink that Louis throws his way
as he weaves through the tables, heading for the door.

Its a bit colder outside this time, a striking contrast from the warmth of the Three Broomsticks.
The snow is falling heavier now, and he thinks that maybe it actually will stay this time, because
theres a thin coating of snow covering the ground now and its not melting instantly like it had
been before.

Liam ducks his head and follows the familiar path to the Shrieking Shack. He passes by other
students who are running for the shops to avoid the cold, cheeks flushed and hair mused, hardly
any of them dressed for the weather because todays snowfall had been a bit of a surprise.

When he turns onto the road that ends in the shack, he figured hed see Zayn leaning against the
fence, waiting for him. Hes not there.

Liam frowns and looks around, and then approaches the fence. He leans against it and waits,
figuring Zayns just running a bit late.

The snow continues to fall, and his ears are freezing. He wishes hed of worn something warmer
because hes almost shivering, his hands turning red. He buries them in his pockets and ducks his
head so the snow doesnt get in his eyes.

After about twenty minutes Liam turns and looks at the shack. Maybe Zayns waiting inside for
him, he realizes. Had he said to just go straight inside? Liam cant remember, so he makes his way
towards the building and hesitates on the steps. While Liam isnt easily afraid, theres only a
handful of students who have stepped foot inside the shack in years, and theyve all had horrific
(though probably exaggerated) stories about what happened inside.

Liam sucks it up and pushes open the door. He steps foot inside, looking around. Hes in a large
room that Liam figures served as the living room. Theres an old, destroyed couch against the left
wall, and other various pieces of wood from broken furniture scattered around the room. Dust
coats every inch of the place and Liam sneezes as he looks around, taking in the boarded up
windows, letting barely any light filter through from outside.

Zayn? Liam calls tentatively, though he really doesnt have to. Its obvious that no ones been
inside here for months at least . Zayn is definitely not inside.

Liam heads back outside, pulling the door closed behind himself, and makes his way back to the
fence. He waits for another twenty minutes and then gives up; Zayn is obviously not coming. He
wonders if something came up, or if this whole thing was maybe just a big joke and Liam was the
butt of it.

At least Louis is still inside when he gets back to the Three Broomsticks. He heads for their table
when the bell above the door rings, and Liam turns, watching as Harry and a few other Slytherins
walk inside, cheeks red from the cold.

Without even thinking, Liam starts towards them. Harry meets his eyes and pauses on his way to
the counter, and Liam doesnt stop until hes in front of him.

Have you seen Zayn? he asks.

Harry gives him a weary look. Why?

We-- we were supposed to meet up at three, but he wasnt where he told me he would be, Liam
admits, feeling extremely stupid. Harry probably had no idea what he was talking about.

Oh! Harry says, realization dawning on his face. He grins at Liam and says, Something came
up, I think. Which is probably a good thing, because I dont think its a good idea, the two of you
dating while were still trying to complete the list.

Liam feels disappointment bubble up inside of him but he pushes it down. We arent dating. We
were only doing it to so we could check it off the list.

Is that what he said? Harry asks, eyebrows drawing together. He pushes his hair off his
forehead, slightly slicked from melted snow. I thought-- never mind. Good. Thats good.

Liam nods mutely and goes to head back to his table with Louis, but at the last minute he turns
back around and asks, Did he say why he couldnt make it?

Harry, who was heading for the counter, shrugs and says, I think he made plans with one of his
housemates. He didnt really give me details.

Right, Liam says quietly. Thanks.

Harry continues on towards the front counter, and Liam moves back through the room and sinks
down into the seat next to Louis, who looks over at him, confused. Arent you supposed to be on
a date with Zayn?

Liam shrugs like he really doesnt care, because he doesnt. If it wasnt something that was
important to Zayn, then it isnt something thats important to Liam. Something came up,

Oh, Louis says, giving him a sympathetic look.

Poor thing, Cher adds, putting a hand on his thigh.

Liam glares at them both. You do realize that I dont care, right? It was just for the list. Its not
like it was an actual date.

Sure it wasnt, Louis says patronisingly.

Whatever, Liam says, waving him off. Can we head back to the castle now?

One second, Louis says, digging around in his pockets. I dont want to head back until I know
Nialls completed his task. I want to keep an eye on Styles until then.

Liam rolls his eyes and waits for Louis to scan the list. He stops abruptly and shoves it in Liams
face, finger pointing to number 27. Ask someone on a date and then stand them up . Theres a
green checkmark beside it.

You know what, Liam says, tugging the list from Louis hand, I genuinely thought he was
trying to help us, but if thats how he wants to play it, game on.

Game on, Louis repeats. Hey, Styles!

Liam turns to see Harry, two butterbeers in his hand, frowning at them. What?
Go fuck yourself, Louis says brightly.

Harry flips him off. Liam turns back around and settles into his seat, wondering why he feels
betrayed by this whole thing. Did Zayn really just ask him out so he could stand him up? Would
he actually do that? Probably, and thats enough for Liam to be done with asking him for help, or
allowing him to offer it. Theyre on enemy teams now, and Liams going to start acting like it.

This is good, actually, Louis says suddenly, pulling Liam out of his thoughts. You can help me
nick that bottle of Fire Whiskey.

Honestly, Liam doesnt want to get in trouble, but he figures that even if they did get caught,
Louis could find a way to spin it so they wouldnt get in trouble. Yeah, alright.

Great, Louis says, leaning forward. Okay, so heres the plan. Youre going to go up to the
barmaid and distract her, and Im going to use one of those Invisitoffees, sneak behind the counter,
and steal the bottle. When Ive got it Ill tap you on the back twice, and then we head back to the

Werent those toffees labelled as unsafe? Liam asks warily.

Louis shrugs. Whats the worst that could happen?

Liam really, really hates when Louis asks that question. Before Liam can give him a hundred
different answers, Louis is out of his seat, gesturing for Liam to do the same. Cher and Josh are
watching them with an amused look on their faces, but neither of them bother to warn them not to
do it. Liams not sure if thats a mark of their friendship or a mark against it.

Liam gets out of his seat and heads for the counter. The barmaid, a woman in her early thirties
with unruly red hair and a bright smile, greets him with a friendly, Another butterer, dear?

Liam shakes his head and coughs. I--, he coughs again, was wondering what you put in your
drinks. I think I might be allergic.

The womans eyes go wide and Liam watches as the short swinging door of the bar opens and
closes with no one touching it. Oh my, the woman says, reaching out to tip up Liams chin.
Are you breaking out in hives? Do you feel sick to your stomach? Any body parts swelling?

Liam shakes his head. Just a sore throat, he says, hoping hes being convincing. Louis is a far
better actor than he is, and Liam always feel really guilty about lying.

Hm, the barmaid says. I dont know what could cause that sort of reaction. Ive never had
someone get sick off my butterer before.

Liam coughs again and says, Ive never had issues with it before, either. This is the first time.

You know what, I think I might know what thats from, she says suddenly, straightening up. I
recently started adding nutmeg to the brew. A few people liked the subtle flavour. Do you have a
nutmeg allergy by any chance?

Liam watches as a bottle of Fire Whiskey suddenly lifts off the shelf and then, a moment later,
disappears entirely, probably in the fold of Louis robes. I think that might be it, Liam tells her.

Ill fix you up something right quick, dear, the barmaid tells him. You sit here and Ill be right

Liams eyes dart to the small door again, but thankfully it doesnt move until the barmaid is too
busy dumping a bunch of things in a cup. He feels someone tap the back of his neck twice, and he
whispers, Give me two minutes.

Ill be out front, Louis says from his left.

Liam nods and waits for the barmaid to return. When she does its with a foaming, steaming glass
of grey liquid that smells faintly like phosphorous. Liam grimaces but takes it and sips it down,
even though it makes him want to retch.

That better? the red haired woman asks, looking genuinely concerned.

Liam forces himself to swallow the last sip. Loads.

By the time Liam gets out front, Louis isnt there. Liam frowns and wonders if Louis is still
invisible, but then he hears the sound of someone throwing up, and he follows it around the corner
to where Louis is bent over at the waist, vomiting into the snow. The box of toffees is laying a few
feet from him and Liam walks over to it and picks it up.

May cause vomiting , he reads. Louis stops heaving only long enough to glare at him.


They dont meet up with Niall until dinner. He jumps into the seat next to Louis and tosses
something at him, lips spread in a wide grin. Easy as hell, he says, reaching for a bowl of
mashed potatoes.

Louis picks up the thing that Niall had thrown at him, which turns out to be a bracelet. Its well
worn, threads fraying at the edges. Louis returns Nialls grin and holds onto the bracelet while
checking the list. Its checked off, he says.

Liams eyes move to the Ravenclaw table. Zayn is staring at him, chewing his lip. He doesnt
drop his gaze when he realizes Liam can see him staring, but instead he awkwardly sort of lifts his
hand and then lets it fall as some girl beside him tries to get his attention.

Give me that, Liam says, holding out his hand. Louis is too busy with the list, so Liam snaps,
Louis. Bracelet. Now.

Fuck youre impatient, Louis says lightly, handing it over. Liam gets up, eyes still on Zayn.
Wait, where are you going? Liam?

Liam ignores him and heads for Zayns table. The girl beside him and her friends look up at him,
but Liam ignores them and drops the bracelet into Zayns lap. Zayn picks it up, frowning, and
says, This is Harrys.

I know, Liam replies. Now were even.

Liam turns to head back to his table, but Zayn stands up and grabs his arm. Liam rolls his eyes and
turns to him. What?

Zayn rubs the back of his neck. About today. I, um--,

Liam cuts him off before he can finish. Dont worry about it. You got another thing checked off
the list, so good job.

What? I dont--,

See you in potions on Monday, Liam says, backing away. Have a good weekend, Zayn.

When Liam sits back down at his own table, Louis levels him with a confused look and then turns
in his seat so he could look at Zayn over his shoulder. What was that all about? Louis demands,
eyebrows drawing together.

Liam shrugs. Niall, pass me those carrots, would you?

Niall obeys and then says, What happened with you and Malik? Thought you two were sposed
to go on a date today.

Louis answers for him. Zayn stood him up and Liams pretending hes not upset, even though he
obviously is because hes completely infatuated with the stuck up Ravenclaw, for reasons still
unknown to the rest of us.

Im not, Liam says while spooning food onto his plate. Upset, or infatuated with him. I really,
really couldnt care less.

Louis sighs at him. Do you want to come out to the Quidditch pitch later and get drunk on Fire
Whiskey with me?

Liam nods and shovels food into his mouth, pointedly not letting his gaze move towards Zayns at
all for the rest of the evening.


At eleven thirty he and Louis slip out of the common room. The Fat Lady shouts at them that its
past curfew but they both ignore her and head down the stairs, careful not to make too much
noise. Louis has his wand lit, and Liam has the bottle of Fire Whiskey in the pocket of his coat.
Its a bit heavy, and he can hear the liquid inside sloshing with every step he takes.

Left, Louis says suddenly, and Liam veers left, walking at a brisk pace.

The sound of their footsteps is loud in the empty hallway, but it cant be helped. If they slow
down enough to be quiet, theyll be at just as much risk of getting caught as they are walking fast
and making noise. Theyve done this enough times, though, that they should be fine.

Liam turns right abruptly and bumps into a solid body. Louis lets out a surprised shout, but Niall
just hisses, Shut the fuck up, its only me.

You Irish son of a bitch, Louis breathes. I thought you were Filch.

I think I should be offended by that, Niall says, frowning. But Filch is on the forth floor.
Someone set off a set of firecrackers about five minutes after I snuck out of my common room.
Heard him and Professor Hallstorm shouting about it.

Brilliant, Louis says, turning back around. That means were safe to use the exit by the
Niall nods and they start back through the hallway theyd just come down. They turn left again,
and then right, and then Louis nixes the light on his wand as they push open the door to the
grounds, lest the groundskeeper see it from his hut.

Shit, Louis says, wiping snow off his face I forgot about the snow. This isnt going to be
pleasant at all. Dont let us freeze to death, Liam.

Liam makes a face at him. Why are you telling me that?

Because youre the responsible one, Louis answers. In theory.

In theory, Liam repeats.

Louis grins at him and grabs his shoulder, shaking it a bit. You know we love you, Li.

Yeah, Niall adds. Youre like a cool uncle that tells us not to do shit and then helps us do it

Liam rolls his eyes. Whatever. I brought the keys to the storage shed. I think theres a tarp or
something inside that we can set up to protect us from the snow, and probably a few chairs.

Thank god, Louis says. I swear, as soon as Ive graduated, Im moving somewhere tropical.
No more winter for me. Just summer, all year round. Ill get an incredible tan and spend every day
on the beach without a care in the world.

By the time they get to the pitch, Louis hair is a wet mess, and Nialls isnt much better. Liam, at
least, doesnt have that issue. His ears are freezing cold, though.

Think we should just head back? Liam asks as he pulls out his wand, muttering a quick,

No way, Louis says firmly. Were out here. Lets just get this done. Plus, were drinking Fire
Whiskey . Itll keep us warm.

If you say so, Liam replies, moving towards the storage shed, where they keep the chest with
the Quidditch equipment, as well as a few other things, including school brooms. He pulls the key
out of his pocket and unlocks it, knowing that hes abusing his captaincy privileges by doing this.
Hed rather do it then get drunk while being coated in a layer of snow, though.

Liam doesnt find a tarp, but he does find a tent, which is a bit surprising. With Nialls help he
manages to get the thing outside, and then they set it up. Its not an actual tent, the kind he and his
parents used when they went camping, but its got four long poles that they dig into the ground,
and then a canvas top that keeps most of the snow from hitting them. While they set it up, Louis
retrieves a few old lawn chairs and sets them up underneath, and then they settle in and Liam
uncaps the bottle of Fire Whiskey, taking the first sip.

It burns the whole way down, and Liam grimaces. As he hands it off to Louis, he feels the effects
kicking in. His whole body warms, like hes been lit on fire from the inside out. Its not exactly
unpleasant, especially given the cold weather.

To beating the Slytherins, Louis says, holding up the bottle. He tips his head back and takes a
much larger sip than Liam had, and when he straightens up his face is contorted. He hands the
bottle off to Niall and wipes the back of his hand against his mouth. Fuck, that burns.

Liam takes the bottle from Niall after hes taken a sip, and he downs another shot of his own. He
wishes theyd of thought to bring something to drink to follow the burn, but they hadnt, so hes
stuck drinking it straight without anything to chase it with.

Half an hour later and the bottle is more than half empty, and Liams head is swimming. He cant
exactly see straight, and he thinks that hes probably a lot more drunk than both Louis and Niall,
who are far better at holding their alcohol.

His mind drifts to Zayn for some reason, and he tries to push away the burning anger, but
everything in him is burning anyways because of the alcohol.

Do you think that he really just asked me to get another check on that stupid list? Liam

What was that, babe? Louis asks.

Liam lets out an annoyed breath and says, Zayn . Do you think he only asked me out because he
wanted to get that thing checked off on the list?

Louis and Niall are both quiet for a long moment before Niall says, Did you give him a chance to

Liam shakes his head and looks out at the snow falling around them. No. I didnt really want to
hear some excuse.

I think it was probably a big misunderstanding, Louis says loudly. He always gets like that
when hes drunk, though. Hes quite obviously into you.

Liam snorts and holds out his hand for the bottle, which Niall passes to him. It doesnt even burn
that much on the way down anymore. Its almost bearable.

I think that I might like him, Liam says softly. Possibly.

Louis lets out a snorting laugh. So thats the answer, then. Get half a bottle of alcohol into him
and Liam starts admitting to things that weve all known for years. Ill have to remember that.

Dont be an ass, Liam tells him, trying to glare at him. He probably fails. He doesnt even care.
This isnt so bad, actually, he says, holding up the bottle of Fire Whiskey. Feels nice.

Youre wasted, Niall chuckles.

m not, Liam denies. He isnt. He is pleasantly buzzed. Definitely not wasted. If he were wasted
he wouldnt be able to stand up and walk in a straight line, now would he? No, so thats exactly
what he gets up to do, but the moment hes out of his chair his head is spinning so badly that he
cant even see straight. Woah.

Louis and Niall both laugh at him as he leans heavily on his chair to stay upright. He turns
towards the other side of the pitch. He spots a pinprick of light in the distance, and for a moment
he thinks its just his imagination. But then the light gets closer and, no, that is definitely the light
from a wand. Shit. Shit .

Guys, Liam says, eyes widening. Someones coming.

Fuck, Louis says, sitting up. Wheres the lid? Liam, lid, now .

Liam searches his pockets for the lid to the botle and finds it in the left one. He tries to toss it to
Louis but it goes wide, his aim way off. Louis scrambles to pick it up and then caps the bottle and
stuffs it in his pocket just as he comes into view.
Zayn, Liam breathes, surprised.

Zayn is wearing nothing but a thin sweatshirt, hugging his arms around himself. His eyes are
narrowed on Liam and he says, I was just sitting in the Slytherin common room with Harry while
he went over the list, and then suddenly a checkmark appeared beside get drunk on the Quidditch
pitch , and I thought, surely you wouldnt actually be out here, but I was wrong, apparently. You
realize its snowing, right? And that its past midnight? And--

Lighten up, Ravenclaw, Louis says, holding out the bottle of Fire Whiskey. Want to join us?

Liam stumbles towards Zayn, feet slipping in the slick, icy grass. You look cold, he says, but it
comes out a lot more slurred than he intended. Liam frowns and sticks out his tongue and strains
to look down at it, wondering if its as big as it suddenly feels.

You look wasted, Zayn responds, raising his dark eyebrows. Liam sort of wants to touch them,
see what they feel like. He lifts a hand to do so, but Zayn is so, so far away from him.

Thats what I said, Niall pipes up. Liam turns to glare at him and nearly falls over, but a pair of
hands grab his waist and hold him up.

Aw, Louis coos. Malik to the rescue once again. Where do I get a knight in shining armour,
Niall? I want a Zayn.

No, Liam says suddenly, grabbing the front of Zayns shirt. This ones mine.

This is apparently extremely funny, because Niall and Louis both burst into laughter. Liam is dead
serious, though.

One of Zayns hands move from his waist to his cheek, gently brushing over it. You good, Li?
he asks.

Liam nods because yeah, he is. But then no, actually, hes not. Hes really, really upset at Zayn.
m mad at you, Liam tells him, shaking his head.

Can you be mad at me while sitting down? Zayn asks.

Liam considers this and then nods. Not letting go, though, he adds, because hes not. His hands
are securely holding onto Zayns thin shirt. Really thin shirt, actually. Liam lets go with only one
hand, and he tries to tug off his coat and give it to Zayn, but it falls to the ground.

You should take him inside, Louis suggests. Hes fairly drunk.

Zayn struggles to bend down to pick up Liams coat with Liams hands still fisted in his shirt. He
straightens up and gives Liam a considering look and then says, Youre probably right. Whats
the password to your common room?

Louis snorts. Like Im telling you. Youll probably tell Styles, and who knows what hed do with
that information. Weve already had to change it after he broke in the other day.

Zayn makes a frustrated noise and his forehead wrinkles as he frowns. Liam laughs -- or giggles,
but hed deny it if anyone claimed thats what sound he made-- and lifts a hand to brush his
fingers over the lines until they smooth out. Zayns skin is really, really soft. Liam wants to kiss it.
Liam wants to kiss him, actually. Everywhere.

Liam leans in to do just that when Zayn says, Fine, Ill take him back to mine, then.
Good idea, Louis says. Farewell, Liam. Well meet again in another life, you brave, brave

Louis a bit dramatic, Liam whispers to Zayn.

Zayn sighs and struggles to uncurl Liams fingers from his shirt. I cant get you back to the castle
if you dont let go, Liam.

I dont want to let go, Liam says, frowning.

Youre like a child when youre drunk, are you aware of that? Zayn asks, finally managing to
get his shirt free, He curls his fingers into the spaces between the fingers of Liams on one hand
and says, Here, see? Not letting go. Just rearranging.

Liam squeezes Zayn hand, feeling even warmer all of a sudden. Okay.

Zayn takes one last look at Louis and Niall, and then he guides Liam forward, tugging on his
hand. Liam stumbles a fair bit, and he tries to lean on Zayn as much as he possibly can, because
Zayn smells like citrus and even though hes definitely not wearing proper clothes to be out in this
weather, hes still warm.

Liam, Zayn says hesitantly, flexing his fingers. Im going to let go of your hand, okay? Just to
make it easier to walk.

Liam barely hears him. Im very tired, he confides, eyelids drooping a bit. Really, really tired,

Brilliant, Zayn groans, releasing his hand. He moves it to Liams waist, and Liam puts an arm
over Zayns shoulder because he has a feeling that he wont be able to hold himself up for much
longer. Youre fucking heavy, do you know that?

Dont be rude, Liam scolds.

Just stating facts, Zayn replies, fingers digging into Liams waist a bit, but in a good way.

I waited for you for about an hour, Liam blurts without meaning to. His eyebrows draw together
because he definitely didnt mean to say that.

Zayn pauses in his step a bit, and Liam stumbles forward until he backs up into Zayns arms
again. I didnt think it was a good idea, Zayn says quietly as they resume walking. Theyre
close to the castle now, and Liam looks up at it. Is it always this big, or did it get bigger? He feels
extremely small.

Why not? Liam asks, remembering that Zayn had spoken.

Because it was supposed to just be for the list, Zayn answers with a shrug that Liam feels more
than sees. And I figured that, if I went, Id want it to be more than that. So I didnt go. Harry was
supposed to tell you, but I guess he forgot.

Or he didnt tell me on purpose, Liam offers. Hes sort of an ass. I dont know why youre
friends with him. Youre so nice . Except when youre not. Sometimes youre not. Maybe you are
an ass, actually.

Zayn snorts. I dont know if that was a compliment or an insult.

Zayn stops abruptly and releases Liam completely. Liam makes an upset sound, not at all happy
with this, but Zayn says, Were almost at the castle. Just hold still for a second.

Liam tries and sways a bit, but hes mostly successful as he waits for Zayn to do whatever it is
hes going to do. He figures out what a moment later when Zayn pulls out his wand and taps him
on the head with it, much like he had in that closet earlier in the week. The cold, dripping
sensation makes him shiver, but he doesnt think about it much because Zayn it twisting his wand
around himself, and then hes gone, and Liam starts to panic.

Zayn, Liam says quietly. Zayn, where--,

Im right here, Zayn answers, arm going back around Liams waist. His brain is having issues
working this out, because he is aware that invisibility spells are a thing, but hes a bit too drunk to
really understand that, and the fact that Zayn is here but not here is just confusing him. Just be
quiet until we get in my common room. Can you do that?

I can do that, Liam says confidently as Zayn moves them forward again. I can definitely do
that. Definitely.


Right, sorry.

They enter the castle through a different door than Liam had exited it with Louis and Niall. Zayn
leads him through a hall and then up a spiral staircase that seem endless. I hate stairs, Liam says

Were almost there, Zayn tells him.

At the top of the stairs theres a door. Theres no handle anywhere to be seen, but theres a large
eagle shaped knocker, and Liam realizes theyre at the door to the Ravenclaw common room.
Hes never been inside, never having reason to, and hes never been up this particular staircase for
the same reason.

Zayn releases Liam to use the knocker. A moment later an unfamiliar voice says, What can you
break but not touch?

Liam turns to Zayn, eyes wide, and asks, What was that?

Zayn chuckles. You have the Fat Lady, we have a riddle asking eagle.

Liam frowns at this and doesnt even attempt to figure out the answer to the question. Instead he
leans on Zayn as the other boy thinks, and then a moment later Zayn says, A promise can be
broken but not touched. That was far too easy.

The door swings open and Zayn steps through, gripping Liams hand to tug him in after him.
Liam hesitates for a moment, eyes on the eagle, but then he allows Zayn to guide him inside, and
the door shuts behind him.

Zayn works on undoing the spell that keeps them invisible while Liam looks around. Theres a
huge window letting in moonlight that illuminates the room. Hes not surprised to see walls lined
with bookshelves, each holding hundreds of books. Why do you spend so much time in the
library when you have all these books in here? he asks Zayn, who is no longer invisible.

Zayn shrugs. The librarys quieter, and there are far more books in there. This is a pretty small
collection in comparison.
Liam snorts because of course Zayn would think this wasnt a lot of books. They have a
bookshelf in the Gryffindor common room, but it doesnt even compare to the impossible tall and
wide bookshelves in the Ravenclaw common room.

Im going to run up to my room and get us blankets and pillows, Zayn tells him. Dont make
too much noise, okay?

Liam nods and makes his way towards one of the couches, which doesnt look nearly as
comfortable as the one in his own common room, but that could be because hes biased. His head
is still spinning and his eyes arent focusing right. He doesnt like it, doesnt like not being in full
control of his body. He shouldnt have had as much to drink as he had.

Liam sinks down onto the couch and listens to the quiet sound of Zayns shoes slapping against
the stairs, and then the sound of a door opening. He leans his head back against the couch and
closes his eyes, lids far too heavy to keep open anymore.

He wakes up to someone pushing gently on his shoulder. Someone who smells like citrus.
Zayn, Liam groans.

You fell asleep, Zayn tells him. Here, lie down.

Liam blinks open his eyes to see Zayn with a blanket over his shoulder. He lets Zayn push him
down until hes lying on the couch, and then Zayn takes off his shoes and covers him with a
blanket. Next time drink inside, yeah?

Okay, Liam mumbles into the pillow. It smells like citrus too.

Im going to go make sure that Louis and Niall got inside. Do you think youll be alright here?

Liam reaches out blindly and, after two failed attempts, manages to wrap his fingers around
Zayns wrists. Stay.

Ill be right back Liam, I promise.

Promises can be broken, remember? Liam points out, struggling to open his eyes again. He
finds the task too hard and gives up, settling for attempting to pull Zayn down beside him.

Liam, come on, Zayn says, struggling to pull out of his grip. Ten minutes. Thats it.

Liam sighs and releases him. Fine.

If anyone comes downstairs, just tell them that Ill be right back.

Right back, Liam repeats.

He hears Zayn walk away and rolls onto his back. The blanket is warm and he shifts a bit, tugging
it up to his neck. Hes so tired, but he doesnt want to sleep until Zayn gets back. Staying awake
isnt exactly easy, though, because everything smells like Zayn and hes just the right kind of
warm. The couch is actually pretty comfortable, too, and maybe waiting for Zayn is too much

Liam wakes up to his head pounding and someone asking, What the fuck is Payne doing in our
common room?

Everything is so loud . The words seem to ricochet in his head, and he groans loudly as someone
else says something, and then the sound of a door slamming feels like someone stabbing his brain.
Liam blinks open his eyes slowly, and hes not in his bed. Hes on a couch in an unfamiliar room,
and theres a group of faces staring down at him.

Liam slowly sits up, wiping at his eyes, and he sees Zayn across from him, curled up in an
armchair. The way his neck is bent cannot be comfortable, and he looks incredibly small.

Malik! someone shouts. Liam flinches, falling back down onto the couch. The room is way too
bright, theres too much noise, and his head hurts. Its all just too much .

What? Zayn asks. His voice is rough and cracked with sleep, and Liam refuses to find it
adorable. His head hurts too much for anything to be adorable right now, and hes pretty freaking
confused about why hes even in the Ravenclaw common room -- because thats got to be where
he is, its the only thing that makes sense-- when the last thing he remembers is sitting on a chair in
the middle of the Quidditch pitch with Louis and Niall.

Too early, Liam grumbles, pulling the blanket covering him up over his head, even though the
action has him surrounded in the smell of citrus, and seriously, does Zayn bathe in orange juice?

Your boyfriend looks pretty hungover, someone comments.

Not my boyfriend, Zayn says, sounding far more awake. What time is it?

Almost nine, another female answers. Might want to move him up to your room before
everyone else wakes up.

Yeah, yeah, Zayn says, and then he yawns loudly. Liam hears the chair creak and then Zayn is
tugging down the blanket, letting in the blinding light. Youre up, then.

No, Liam says, shaking his head. Im not.

Zayn rolls his eyes. Do you want to go up to my room, or do you think youre good enough to
walk back to your own?

The prospect of walking all the way across the castle has Liam wincing. Fuck, why did he drink
so much last night?

How far is your room? Liam asks.

Zayn snorts and says, Up a few stairs.

Okay, Liam agrees, sitting up. Once again he has a handful of sort of familiar faces looking at
him, all of them female. He shifts uncomfortably and wraps Zayns blanket -- it has to be Zayns,
it smells like him-- around his shoulders as he struggles to sit up.

If he thought his head hurt before, it is nothing to the way it feels when he stands up. Its like
someone cracked it open with a hammer. Fuck, Liam breathes.

Zayn puts an arm around his waist after grabbing the pillow off the couch. Liam doesnt care
enough to push him away, even though there is a voice in the back of his head reminding him that
hes mad at Zayn. That Zayn stood him up, all because of that stupid list.
Come on, Zayn urges.

That is adorable , someone comments. Zayn glares at them for it.

Zayn guides him over to a staircase and Liam looks up at it and then decides, yeah, thats not
going to happen. Just leave me here, Liam moans, sinking down onto the first step. I cant do
it. Id rather die.

I want to go back to sleep, Zayn snaps. And I cant physically carry you, but I can jinx your
ass until you get up there yourself. You have a choice.

Liam takes a deep breath and then stands up, blanket nearly slipping from his shoulders. He leans
heavily on the banister and, somehow, they manage to make it all the way to the top of the stairs --
oh how he hates stairs-- and into a room that looks a lot like his own, actually. There are more
windows, each covered by heavy, thick -- thank god- curtains that block out almost all light. There
are four canopy beds, too, each one draped with Ravenclaw colours.

Zayn instantly falls into the only empty bed, one that doesnt have a comforter on it, probably
because its around Liams shoulder. Liam looks at him, chewing his lip, and realizes that hed
sort of agreed to sleeping in Zayns bed. With Zayn. In a bed.

Zayn sits up on his elbows and raises his eyebrows. Liam can barely see him in the dark, but he
thinks that Zayn might look both annoyed and amused, like he usually does. Liam huffs out a
breath and thinks, fuck it. He can blame this all on the hangover later, after hes slept a bit more
and his head no longer feels like its been split in half.

Liam falls onto Zayns bed, and after a moment he throws the cover over Zayn, too, even though
he sort of wants to keep it wrapped around himself only. He can hear one of Zayns roommates
snoring as he shifts to get comfortable, far too aware of the other body in his bed. Its not like he
always sleeps alone. Nialls slept in his bed countless times over the years, and Louis might deny
it if ever asked, but he gets homesick all the time and curls up beside Liam, falling asleep only
after Liams brushed his fingers through his hair for a while. But this is different because those
were his friends, and while he a part of him might, at one point, of wished that Zayn was his
friend, hes not .

Stop thinking and go to sleep, Zayn whispers before breaking into a yawn.

Liam sighs and closes his eyes. Sorry.

Dont worry about it, just go to bed , yeah?



This time when he wakes up, hes curled around another warm, solid body. He has an arm curled
around Zayns waist, hand flat on his chest, and he can feel the even beating of Zayns heart. His
other arm is trapped uncomfortably under his own body, and he has a leg thrown over Zayns. His
lips are only inches from Zayns neck, and to his sleep fogged brain, kissing the skin there seems
like a good idea. But then Zayn makes a soft noise and Liam realizes that this isnt a dream. This
is actually happening. He is cuddling with Zayn .
As carefully as he can, Liam disentangles himself from around Zayns body, trying not to wake
him as he starts to panic, just a bit. His head doesnt hurt nearly as much as it had, but he was
cuddling with Zayn. In Zayns bed. In the Ravenclaw dormitory.

Liam slowly moves his legs out of bed and stands up, cold seeping into his feet from the stone,
through his socks. Zayn rolls over suddenly, but his eyes are still closed as he grabs at the blanket
that had been covering Liam moments ago, tugging it to his chest. He looks really young like that,
hair mused from sleep, expression almost soft, lips parted slightly. Liam really, really needs to get
out of here.

He moves across the cold stone floor and, with one last look for Zayn, who is definitely still
unconscious, he slips out the door.

There are people in the common room below. He can hear them, and he really wishes he could
avoid passing through there to get out of the Ravenclaw dormitory, but unfortunately he cant.
And his head is starting to hurt again from the loud noises.

Several people look up at him when he gets to the bottom of the stairs, and most of them are
smirking. Doing the walk of shame, Payne? asks a sixth year female that Liam knows is on the
Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Does Zayn know youre sneaking out of his bed while hes still

Liam swallows. How do you know hes still asleep?

A few people laugh, and this time its a guy who says, cause if he was awake hed be down
here with you, making sure that none of us harassed you.

Your shoes are by the door, someone else puts in.

Thanks, Liam mumbles, ducking his head. He doesnt meet anyone elses eyes as he heads for
the door on the other side of the room. He slips on his shoes and ducks out the door as quickly as
he can, and then he pauses outside and tries to clear his head. It doesnt really work. Its still
fogged with sleep and from the alcohol hed had last night. And from the smell of citrus, which
seems to cling to him now, too.

By the time he gets back to his own common room, he figures it must be late in the afternoon.
Normally he doesnt sleep that late. He sort of hates spending the whole day in bed. He could use
another few hours of sleep still, though, and he plans on getting them as soon as hes in his own
room, out of his wrinkled clothed, and alone.

Blast-ended skrewt, Liam says to the fat lady. His voice sounds wrecked, like hed been yelling
all night, or was starting to get a cold. Lovely.

For once the Fat Lady doesnt have a lecture for him. Bit of honeywater and a drop of rose oil on
your temples should clear that headache right up, dear.

Liam nods. Ill keep that in mind, he says as the door to the common room opens. Liam steps
through, wincing at the bright light coming in through the windows.

Louis is not in the common room. A few of his housemates give him questioning glances,
obviously aware of the fact that Liam is just getting in from last night. He doesnt bother to answer
any of them as he trudges up the stairs to his room.

Liam pushes open the door and closes it as quietly behind himself as he can, but the soft noise has
Louis sitting up in his bed, jaw clenched. If you make another sound, Louis says threateningly,
I will throttle you.
Liam doesnt have the energy to even flip him off. He tugs off his shirt, kicks off his pants, and
climbs into his own bed and tries to get back to sleep. Hes too awake now, though, and he cant .

The end of his bed dips, and then Louis is crawling up it and sprawling out beside him, his own
blanket around his shoulders. I drank to much, Louis announces. Your boyfriend and Niall
apparently had to carry me up the stairs, and then Niall had to carry me into bed. I love Niall. You
abandoned me. I dont love you.

Liam rolls onto his side to face him. Louis hair is a mess, and Liam has a feeling that if he even
tried to brush his fingers through it that theyd get stuck, or hed end up tugging out strands of it.
He looks pale, too, and there are bags under his eyes.

I cuddled with Zayn, Liam admits.

Louis puts his head on Liams chest. Thats adorable. Cuddle with me now. Ive had dibs for
more than six years. Zayn Malik can get his own Liam.

Liam sighs and pushes Louis hair off his forehead. I sort of snuck out. I think hes still sleeping.

Louis sits up suddenly and slaps his shoulder. You did not. Liam .

I kind of did, Liam admits. Was I really drunk last night? Like embarrassingly so?

Louis sits up and contemplates this for a minute. At one point I think you were going to lick his
face, and you also refused to release his shirt until he held your hand. Oh, and you said that Zayn
was yours, which, by the way Liam, is rude. People do not belong to you.

Didnt you just say you had dibs on me? Liam argues to hide the fact that hes extremely
freaking embarrassed. Fuck, he can sort of remember saying that when Louis said he wanted a
guy like Zayn. Hopefully Zayn will have forgotten about that part of last night.

I need a shower, Louis says abruptly.

So do I, Liam admits. He knows he wont be able to get back to bed now. Meet you in the
Great Hall in half an hour?

Louis nods and they both get out of his bed.


When Liam gets to potions on Monday, Zayn is sitting on the other side of the room beside
Miranda, a girl from Nialls house that Liams only spoken to on a few occasions. Liam frowns
and sits down at his normal table, by himself, and catches Zayns eyes for only a moment before
Zayns eyes narrow and he looks away.

Liam hadnt seen him at all yesterday. He wasnt in the Great Hall during lunch or dinner, and he
wasnt in there for breakfast this morning. Its quite obvious now that its because hes upset at
Liam, though Liam cant think of any reason why he would be. And wasnt Liam the one who
was mad at him for standing him up?

Whatever. If Zayn wants to be mad at him, fine. Liam really doesnt care. Or thats what he tells
himself all through potions while glancing over at Zayn every few minuets. Zayn never looks
back, and at the end of class he is the first one out the door, no giving Liam any time to stop him
and ask him what he did wrong, and what he can do to set it right.

At dinner Liam tries to pay attention to Louis, who is doing something for the list, but hes

More than one person wrote this list, Louis says suddenly, and Liam stops scanning the
Ravenclaw table, knowing that Zayns not there. I mean, some of these are normal, like, win a
Quidditch game with a hundred point lead at least , but then some of these are clearly written by
someone who is fucking insane. I mean, really? Use polyjuice potion to sneak into the opposing
teams common room . Where the hell are we going to get polyjuice potion? Itll take months to
brew it from scratch.

Lovette should have some in her person supply closet, Niall muses. She has a shitload of
potions in there.

How do you even know that? Louis asks him.

Niall shrugs. Shes our head of house. She tells us stuff.

Louis rolls his eyes. Not fair. House privilege. Its not like Malgorne ever lets me off my Muggle
Studies homework just because hes my head of house.

Liam sighs and pushes away from the table. Im not hungry, he says. Ill see you guys later.

If youre going to brood about Zayn, can you do it while helping us break into Lovettes supply

No, Liam says, shaking his head.

Like, an actual no, or a Liam no, where youll say yes if I just ask a few more times and pout a
bit? Louis questions.

Liam rolls his eyes. Actual no. Im going to the library.

What? Why would you do that? Louis asks.

Liam doesnt answer. He just grabs a bun off the table and chews it as he makes his way through
the room and out the door. The food sits like a brick in his stomach and it doesnt taste much
better, but he barely ate anything at breakfast, and he figures itll be good to get something in his

When he gets to the library he realizes that, even if Zayn is inside (which he cant be sure about),
itll be nearly impossible to find him unless he wants to be found. The library is a sprawling
labyrinth of shelves. Liam doesnt spend enough time in here to know the place off the back of his
hand, the way that Zayn most likely does, and he has no idea where to start looking for him.

He heads for the windows against the left wall, checking the desks that are pushed up against said
wall. There are students scattered about, some sitting at tables, bent over books or homework.
There are more in the aisles between the shelves. Zayn isnt one of them, though.

Liam sighs and heads farther into the impossibly large room, checking down every aisle he passes.
He considers asking a Ravenclaw that he passes if theyve seen Zayn but then thinks the better of
it when she glares at him and hurries towards one of her friends. That just further proves what
Liams already worked out: Zayn is definitely upset with him. Enough so that his housemates are
giving him the cold shoulder as well.

Liams almost ready to give up by the time he reaches the other side of the room where there are
desks scattered few and far between aisles. These are the desks you work at when you really,
really want to be alone. Liams only sat at them once, in his fifth year while he was studying for
his O.W.Ls and Louis was stressing out so much that he started rebelling and setting off fireworks
in their common room.

Theres only one desk in use, and the person using it isnt there at the moment. All of their things
are spread out in a neat, orderly fashion. Books are stacked perfectly, largest on the bottom,
smallest on the top, all of their spines in line. There is one book open, and it lays flat in front of a
piece of parchment with a vat of ink and a quill laying beside it. Liam shakes his head and pulls
back the chair across from the one thats pushed a bit away from the table, like the person sitting
there had gotten up in a hurry and didnt bother to push it back in.

He doesnt need to look down at the writing on the page, to read the name in the right corner, to
know that its Zayns table. Five minutes -- and a lot of anxious foot tapping-- later, and Zayn
comes out from one of the aisles a few shelves down, a large book in his hands that hes got open
and is reading while he walks.

He doesnt see Liam until hes pulling back his chair, and he nearly drops the book in his hand.
Liam waits for him to ask what Liams doing here, but he doesnt. He places his book on the
table, pushes back the large stack of them, and then sits down and picks up his quill and begins
writing furiously on the page. Every so often he stops and pulls one of the books closer to him and
flips through the pages until he finds what hes looking for, and then he slams it closed and tosses
it aside before resuming his writing.

Liam quietly waits for him to look up, but he doesnt. He just keeps working and writing, and
occasionally licking his lips or biting them. Not once do his eyes lift to Liam, and Liams getting a
bit impatient because hes been sitting there for at least half an hour, and neither of them have said

Finally Zayn lifts his eyes, but instead of saying something he pushes away from the table and
heads for one of the aisles. Liam sighs and gets up too, following him.

Are you just going to completely ignore me? he asks as Zayn stops in front of a shelf and runs
his fingers over the spines of a few books before stopping on one and pulling it out.

Zayn sighs and shoves the book back onto the shelf with a lot more force than was probably
necessary. He turns to Liam, head ducked, and says, I thought thats what you wanted.

Liam gapes at him. Why would I want that?

Zayn shrugs. Because you were pretty quick to run away from me that morning, and then my
housemates told me that you looked pretty fucking embarrassed when you left, so I thought itd be
for the best if I just left you alone.

I was embarrassed, Liam admits. He runs a hand over his hair. I made a complete ass of myself
that night, Zayn, and then when I woke up I realized it, and I really needed to clear my head. I
couldnt do that with you laying beside me, so I left.

You ran, Zayn corrects, eyes narrowing a bit.

Okay, I ran, Liam concedes.

How brave of you, Gryffindor, Zayn says, crossing his arms over his chest.
Im here trying to work it out, arent I? Unlike you, who just avoids me completely, going so far
as to not step foot in the Great Hall for two whole days.

Zayn rolls his eyes and says, That wasnt just because of you. You flatter yourself too much,
Liam. Ive been busy with a big paper for Arithmancy, one that I still need to work on, so if you
dont mind do you think you could maybe stop bothering me?

Liam groans and says, Why are you so frustrating?

Because I live to annoy you, Zayn says dryly. Are we done here? Did you do what you
needed to?

Are you still mad at me? Liam asks.

Zayn gives him a blank look for a long moment, and then he finally says, If I say no will you
stop bothering me?

Maybe, Liam says, grinning.

Then fine. No, Liam, Im not mad at you.

He turns back to the bookshelf and grabs out another book, flipping open the pages until he finds
what hes looking for. Liam watches him, leaning against the shelf, until Zayn raises his eyebrows
and says, I thought you were leaving.

I said maybe, Liam points out.

Do you not have something better to do? Zayn demands, slamming the book closed.

Not really, Liam says brightly.

Zayn shoulders past him, down the aisle, and turns left. Liam follows him as Zayn continues
down another aisle and then stops and bends down to search a lower shelf, finally pulling out a
book. He doesnt acknowledge Liam at all the whole way back to his table, and Liam slips into
the seat across from him and watches him work.

Honestly, he really doesnt have anything better to do. Louis and Niall are probably working on
something for the list, and Liam cant really be bothered to get involved in that right now. And
hes sort of content to just sit there and watch Zayn work.

Liam reaches for one of the books in Zayns stack and pulls it open, flipping through the pages.
He doesnt understand half of the stuff inside, and he doesnt really try to. Zayn is apparently a
fucking genius, but Liam sort of already knew that.

Can you stop distracting me? Zayn hisses, looking up.

Liam shuts the book and frowns at him. Im not even making any noise. How am I distracting

You just are, Zayn says, looking back down at his work.

By existing ?


Liam ignores him. Are you coming to the game on Friday?

Zayn gives him a confused look, obviously caught off guard by the random question. Why?

Because I want you there . Just wondering.

I dont know, Zayn admits. He writes something down on his page and then adds, Probably.

Liam leans forward on his elbows. Supporting Gryffindor or Slytherin?

Does is really matter? Zayn asks, exasperated.

Liam shrugs. Guess not.

Liam lets him work again for a few minutes before saying, Id like it if you came.

Zayn lets out an annoyed sound and then shuts all of his books, stacks them together, and rolls up
his parchment. He packs it, along with two of the books and his ink and quill, into a bag and then
stands up and says, You can carry those books.

Youre done? Liam asks, standing up.

No, but obviously youre not going to let me work, Zayn says. And I could probably use some
fresh air anyways. Help me put those away and then come for a walk with me outside?

Liam grabs the books and frowns. A walk outside, he repeats.

Zayn shrugs. Its snowing again. I sort of like the snow, okay?

Liam grins. Okay.

Zayn knows every inch of the library by memory, apparently, because he weaves through the
aisles, stopping every once in a while to point to a gap in the shelves and tell Liam which book
goes there. Liam puts them away and then they continue on in silence, only the sounds of their
feet hitting the plush carpet to surround them because the library is so quiet.

When theyre done they head for the doors, and Liam feels a few eyes on them as they go. He
turns to see that same Ravenclaw girl from earlier glaring at them and decides that maybe that had
nothing to do with Zayn being upset with him.

When theyre in the hallway Zayn stops and says, You might want to go get your coat. Its
probably cold outside.

Right, Liam says, eying the window to his right. Its getting dark out, and the sky is a deep gray.
The snow isnt falling heavily, but its falling fast. Do you want to meet at the doors by the

Zayn nods and turns, but he stops a moment later and faces Liam again, saying, Youre not going
to stand me up as payback, are you?

No, Liam says honestly. I, unlike you, wouldnt do that.

Zayn cocks his head to the side and rubs the back of his neck. You dont remember me
explaining why I did that, do you?

Liam shakes his head. No, I dont.

Good, Zayn says quietly. He grins. Ten minutes, greenhouse doors. If youre not there just
remember that I know where you sleep, Gryffindor.

Liam turns to go in the opposite direction, heading for the his dormitory. He feels warm and a little
giddy, but a bit confused because he honestly has no idea how they got to this point, considering
the fact that about an hour ago he was sort of mad at Zayn, and Zayn was definitely mad at him,
but neither of them had really apologized.

Its as hes entering the common room that he realizes this late night walk in the snow could be
considered sort of romantic. And then he wonders if he wants that. Apparently, if the twisting in
his stomach is any indication.


Liam! Louis says loudly. Did you find Malik in the library?

Louis is sitting (technically) on one of the armchairs by the fire. Hes actually upside down, his
legs up on the headrest, his head hanging just a few inches from the floor. His face is red and Niall
has a bowl of popcorn in front of him, and he tries to get a piece in Louis open mouth but it
bounces off his forehead instead.

I did, Liam answers. I cant really talk, though.

Louis frowns and struggles to sit up, but Liam hurries towards the stairs to avoid questions.
Markus is in their room, sprawled out on his bed with a bunch of homework. Liam tries not to
disturb him as he grabs his coat and then, for good measure, his Gryffindor scarf and his gloves.
He wraps the scarf around his neck and tugs on the gloves before heading back downstairs, nearly
bumping into Louis on the way.

Where are you going all bundled up like that? Louis asks, raising his eyebrows.

Out, Liam says vaguely, waking past him.

That was not an answer, Liam! Louis calls after him. Liam ignores him and pushes open the
door, shutting it quickly behind himself.

This time Zayn is the one waiting for him, and hes actually there . Hes wearing a black button
up jacket that doesnt look like it will do all that much to protect him from the cold weather. Its
more fashionable than practical, Liam thinks.

Ready then? Liam asks, stopping a few feet from him.

Zayn nods and pushes open the door. The cold wind instantly bites at his cheeks and Liam ducks
his head against the icy flakes that land on his skin. Zayn lifts up the collar of his jacket and then
ducks his head a bit, cheeks red from either the cold or a blush, and offers Liam his hand.

Liam hesitates only for a moment before taking it. Zayns wearing gloves too, and Liam sort of
wishes that they werent. Hed rather feel Zayns hand against his, skin on skin instead of material
again material.

The castle is really beautiful in the winter, Liam thinks. Zayn leads him down a familiar path that
leads to the lake and then back up and around the doors that lead to the path by the gamekeepers
hut. They dont talk much, and its mostly quiet outside, like theyre in a snow globe and theres
nothing but them and the snow and the castle.

This is sort of nice, yeah? Zayn asks as they get to the lake. They dont stop and look out at it,
but its already covered by a thin layer of ice.
It is, Liam agrees, squeezing his hand. We should have done this a long time ago.

Zayn stops walking and Liam keeps going for a few steps, his hand slipping out of Zayns. He
stops, confused, and turns to Zayn, wondering if he said something wrong. Zayns just standing
there, snow falling into his quiff and not melting. Liam wants to brush it off but then doesnt at the
same time because he looks sort of cute like that.

Zayn rubs the back of his neck and says, Liam, I--,

The snowball comes from nowhere and hits Zayn in the back of the head. Zayn flinches,
stumbling forward, and Liam grabs his arm to steady him as another snowball hits Liam in the

What the fuck ? Zayn asks, turning.

Liam looks around, trying to figure out where they came from as another one hits him in the thigh
hard enough to sting.

Liam whips around and spots a familiar head of blonde hair ducking behind a tree. He narrows his
eyes as another snowball comes from the other direction, this one hitting Zayn in the chest. He
turns to see--, Wait, is that Harry? Liam asks, frowning.

Youve been caught in the crossfire! Louis yells from the direction hed seen Niall. Win a
snowball fight, he adds. Its for the list!

Harry runs up to them, grabbing Zayn by the shoulders to use him as a shield. He started it,
Harry hisses as Louis and Niall send another couple of snowballs in their direction. Liam jumps
back to avoid getting hit and glares at his friends.

Louis, fuck off, Liam shouts.

Not until Harry surrenders, Louis calls back.

Like hell! Harry shouts back. Liam and Zayn are on my team now!

Are you seriously having a snowball fight? Zayn demands, giving his friend an incredulous
look. That is so--,

Liam doesnt find out what that is because a snowball hits Zayn in the chin, and his eyes narrow
as he wipes the cold flakes from his skin. Theres a red mark where it hit, and Zayn look
murderous. It is so on.

Liam watches as he bends down to scoop up a handful of snow, forming it quickly into a ball. He
waits until Louis peaks his head out again to throw it, and it hits him square in the forehead.

Zayn! Louis shrieks. What the hell?

Zayn grins and spreads his arms out wide, as if daring Louis to do something about it. Liams
never seen this side of him before, this playful, carefree side. His hair has almost completely fallen,
and hes grinning wide, tongue pressed up against the back of his teeth.

Louis moves out from behind the tree, grabbing a handful of snow as he goes. Zayn suddenly
grabs Liams hand and says, I think this would be a good time to run.

Liam nods as two snowballs hit his chest, and then theyre running, leaving Harry behind. Louis
tackles him into the snow and then pushes himself up to run after him and Zayn, leaving Harry
behind with Niall.

Theyre not even following a path anymore. Theyre running downhill in the direction of the
gamekeepers hut, and Liam cant stop because if he does he thinks hell end up sprawled out on
the ground.

Your friends are insane, Zayn shouts, still tugging him along.

A bit hypocritical, dont you think? Liam asks. A snowball whizzes by their heads and Liam
turns to see both Harry and Louis standing together at the top of the hill, Harry forming snowballs
while Louis throws them. Are they working together?

That cant be good for anyone involved, Zayn says, tugging Liam left, just out of the way of
another snowball. We need some sort of cover, he adds before ducking as Louis hurls another
snowball his way. Then he frowns and says, Wait, why the fuck are we throwing snow when we
have wands?

Liam frowns because this is a really, really good point. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out
his own as Zayn does the same, and then Louis is yelling, Thats cheating!

Zayn flicks his wand in Louis direction, and then Louis falls flat on his ass. Harry laughs at him
until Niall appears behind him and stuffs a pile of snow down the back of his jacket; Harry is no
longer laughing at him after that.

Louis is scrambling to get up but Zayn flicks his wand again, and suddenly the ground at Louis
feet is completely coated in ice. He slips again, and then Niall falls, too, right on top of him.

Give up? Zayn shouts.

Liam can see Louis glare even from a distance. Not likely, you son of --, Niall elbows him in
the ribs on accident.

Liam lowers his own wand and this time he grabs Zayns hand. We should probably start
running again before he gets up. Hes probably going to kill you.

Zayn regards Louis with a calm expression and then turns to Liam and says, Yeah, youre
probably right.

Wait, whats he doing? Liam asks, pointing at Louis, who isnt really doing anything. Zayn
turns to him and Liam scrapes up a handful of snow. When Zayn turns back to him he looks
confused, and Liam grins at him before cupping Zayns cheek with his freehand. Without even
thinking, or convincing himself that its a bad idea, he presses his lips against Zayns.

Its not a very long kiss. Their lips are chapped and Louis is shouting something at them. Zayns
nose bumps against his cheek, freezing cold, but everything else about the kiss makes him feel so
warm. But then hes pulling back, taking in Zayns surprised, glazed over eyes, and he brings the
snow in his hand down on Zayns head.

Sorry, mate, Liam says, backing away from him. Gryffindors have to stick together.

And then he runs because Zayn is lifting his wand. He hears a spell hit the ground behind him and
veers left, heading uphill. When he gets to Louis he offers him a hand up, and Louis says, About
time, you traitor.

Harrys pulling out his wand now, too, and Liam releases Louis hand and says, You just had to
start a war, didnt you?
Always knew I would, Louis says solemnly. Though I figured itd be over my great ass, not a
few well aimed snowballs.

Niall is already moving closer to the castle, and he turns to them with his eyebrows raised. Can
we talk when were not in the line of fire, maybe?

A four snowballs at once hit Louis back and he flinches before nodding. Good idea.

Louis is apparently the biggest target because nearly all of the snowballs and spells Zayn and
Harry are sending their way are aimed at him. Liam veers right, putting distance between himself
and Louis, and heads for the door by the Ravenclaw side of the castle. As much fun as hes
having, hes cold and he wants to get inside, get off his clothes (now dripping with melted snow)
and sit in front of a fire.

Hes a few feet from the door when someone tackles him from behind. His hands break his fall
and he tries to roll, but the body stays on top of him, trapping him against the ground. His chin is
in the cold snow and its that too-cold that kind of burns unpleasantly.

You use dirty tactics, Payne, Zayn says. Liam cant see him, but his breath ghosts along his
neck, and he figures that Zayn is bending down, lips close to his skin.

My chin is cold, Liam complains.

Should have thought of that before, Zayn says, not moving. Hes a solid weight on Liams
lower back, his hands flat on Liams shoulder blades.

What do you want? Liam groans, knowing that Zayn isnt going to let him up for nothing.

Your scarf, Zayn says.

Liam frowns down at the snow, lifting his head as much as he can to keep his face out of it. My--
what, why?

Because I lost mine, Zayn says simply.

Fine, Liam agrees. Just let me up.

Zayn is off him instantly. Liam groans again and rolls over before pushing himself up. Zayn is
grinning at him, hand held out expectantly. Liam fixes his coat first and then tugs off his scarf.
Instead of handing it Zayn, he loops it around the back of his neck and uses the edges to pull Zayn
closer to him.

Didnt just kiss you as a diversionary tactic, Liam say softly, eyes dropping to Zayns lips.
Theyre still chapped, and hed never noticed before how full the bottom one is. He sort of wants
to nip at it with his teeth.

Zayn licks his lips and Liam lifts his eyes to Zayns just as he says, Really.

Maybe, Liam says quietly. The world is too quiet around them for him to speak loudly. I sort
of want to do it again.

Zayns eyes drop to Liams lips and then move back to his eyes. Theyre only inches apart, really,
and if Liam tugged on the scarf a little bit harder theyd probably be pressed flushed together.

Okay, Zayn says softly.

Okay, Liam repeats, stepping a bit closer to him. He drops the edges of the scarf and they fall
limply against Zayns chest.

Its so awkward for a moment, both of them just standing there. But then Zayn says, very quietly,
Fuck it, and grabs the front of Liams shirt, pulling him in the rest of the way.

This time Zayns lips are slick from him licking them, and they slide against Liams gently, barely
any pressure, as his hand moves to the back of Liams neck like hes trying to hold him in place.
Liams not complaining at all because, really, hes realizing now that they definitely should have
been doing this forever. Now that he thinks about it, he has no idea why they waited this long.

Zayn pulls back, one hand still cupping the back of Liams neck, the other fisted in the front of his
shirt, and his eyes flick between both of Liams for a short moment that feels really, really long,
before he grins and kisses Liam again, this time a lot harder.

Its cold and the wind is picking up. Liam can feel the flakes of snow hitting his cheeks almost
painfully, but he cant really pay attention to that when Zayns tongue is pressing against the seam
of his lips insistently. He parts them and Zayn groans as he pushes his tongue into Liams mouth.
He tastes like citrus, unsurprisingly, and then underneath that is the slightly bitter tang of smoke.
Liam cant get enough of it.

Liam tries to tangle his hands in Zayns hair but the gloves make it difficult; he settles for putting
them on Zayns waist instead, tugging him even closer, not that thats really possible. Theres so
many freaking layers between them, and Liam cant help the frustrated, needy sound that he
makes as Zayns tongue curls against his.

Zayn pulls back abruptly, eyes wide. His lips are spit slick from the kiss and he rakes his tongue
out to lick over them again. Liam groans and tries to pull him back into another kiss, wondering
why he finds that incredibly fucking sexy, but Zayn takes a step back.

s cold, Zayn explains sheepishly. Inside?

Liam nods and, after a moment of thought, lifts his hand. Zayn looks down at it, lips spreading
into a breathtaking grin, and grabs it with his own.

Are you really keeping my scarf? Liam asks as they walk towards the door.

Zayn releases his had to knot the scarf. You cant have it back, he says defensively.

Liam shrugs. Looks good on you, he says, because it does. The red looks nice against his skin,
and Liam cant help but think that he likes it much better than the usual blue and bronze tie he
wears. Maybe you should have been a Gryffindor.

Zayn snorts. Not likely, he says, pulling open the door. He holds it for Liam and then steps in
after him. Did you know that I was nearly a hatstall, though?

A what? Liam ask, frowning.

A hatstall, Zayn says, is the term for someone taking more than five minutes to be sorted.
Twelve more seconds and I would have been one.

The castle is impossibly warm compared to outside, and Liams limbs all feel weirdly prickly at
the sudden change in temperature. His clothes are damp, too, and he really needs to change.

What other house were you being considered for? Liam asks while pulling off his gloves.
Slytherin, Zayn says darkly, and Liams not at all surprised. Thats exactly what hed been
expecting. Did you know that there hasnt been a single member of my family in almost a
century to be put in a house other than Slytherin? I was the first. My parents werent exactly

Liam frowns. Why not?

Zayn shrugs. Family pride or some shit. I dont really know, or care. They pass by a few people
who eye their wet clothes warily. Thats why Im friends with Harry, though. Our parents have
been friends for as long as I can remember. We grew up together, live close enough to each
others houses that I spent most of my childhood in his backyard.

Theyre in front of the Great Hall now, and they both stop without even discussing it. Theyre
almost exactly between both of their dormitories, Liams to the left, Zayns to the right.

We should probably go back to our dorms and change, Zayn says, frowning down at himself.
Theyre both dripping water on the stone floors.

Probably, yeah, Liam agrees.

Zayn rocks back on his heels, tugging at Liams scarf still around his neck. So, um, Ill see you
tomorrow. In potions.

Are you actually going to sit with me again? Liam asks, raising his eyebrows teasingly.

Zayn rolls his eyes. Maybe I wont, actually.

Liam grins and Zayn instantly covers the smile with his own lips. Liams more than a little
surprised, given the fact that theyre definitely not alone in the hall, but its not an unwelcome
surprise. Its quick, soft, chaste, and Zayn pulls back a beat later and then turns on his heel and
starts towards his dormitory, not turning around once. Liam thoughtlessly brings a finger to his lips
and then drops his hand and starts towards his own dorm, wondering if this is going to become a
thing . He really, really hopes it does.

Liam doesnt even notice anyone in the common room as he trudges through it on his way to his
room. He pushes open his door to find Louis inside, sitting on his own bed and staring blankly at
the wall. Liam grins to himself and shoulders off his jacket, hanging it up by the window so it can

Why do you look like that? Louis asks without warning.

Liam turns to see Louis giving him a pensive look. Why do you look like that? Liam counters.

Louis cheeks go red and he says, None of your business. And I asked you first.

None of your business, Liam replies while pulling off his shirt. What happened to Niall?

Louis falls back onto his bed. Hes already in his pyjamas, and his hair has dried in a chaotic mess.
We were running from Harry when Cher and a few other Hufflepuff girls walked by. He ran
after her like a lost, lovesick puppy. It was disgusting.

And then you came inside? Liam asks while kicking off his shoes. He unbuttons his pants next
and tosses them into the hamper before pulling open his dresser drawers, reaching for his grey

Uh, yeah, Louis says weirdly.

You dont sound sure, Liam tells him.

I did, Louis says with more conviction. Come right in after that, I mean. What about you? Ive
been inside for about ten minutes. What the hell were you doing?

Zayn stuff, Liam says vaguely. For some reason he doesnt want to tell Louis just yet. He
doesnt think that Louis will let it go that easily, though.

What Zayn stuff? Louis asks, just like Liam figured he would.

Ill let you know when I figure it out myself, Liam says, sinking onto his own bed. He yawns.
Quidditch practise tomorrow and Thursday, dont forget.

You are running us hard, you little dictator, Louis taunts.

Do you want to lose to Slytherin? Liam asks, raising his eyebrows.

Definitely not, Louis says instantly. Harold would get all smug about it, and--,

Harold? First you team up with him during the snowball fight, now youre giving him a
nickname? Liam snorts. If I didnt know better, Id--,

Finish that sentence and Ill tell Zayn about that time in third year when you read the entire
Hogwarts, A History book just to impress him, Louis warns.

Liam raises his hands defensively. Okay, okay.

You two are like watching a bad soap opera, Markus says, making Liam jump.

How long have you been in here? Liam asks him, turning to give Louis an incredulous look.

bout forty minutes, Markus says from his bed.

Huh, Louis says, cocking his head to the side. Has anyone ever told you that youre incredibly
fucking creepy? What the hell is wrong with you?

Markus snorts and says, Im not the one who stared at a wall for ten minutes and then asked it
whether or not I had feelings for someone.

Im going to bed, Louis moans, pulling a pillow over his head. His words are muffled by the
pillow when he says, Youre both horrible people and I hate you.

Liam grins and falls onto his own bed. A moment later Louis mutters something too quietly for
him to hear, and the room goes dark. Liam pulls his blankets up around himself and then falls
asleep thinking of boys with chapped lips that taste like citrus.


At breakfast the next morning Liam catches Zayns eye. He grins, considering waving Zayn over
to sit with him, but Zayns cheeks flush red and he drops his gaze to his plate. There is a definite
soft smile on his face, though.
Louis falls into the seat next to him with a loud, exasperated noise. Hes sweating a bit, and hes
out of breath. There are bags under his eyes, too, and he looks like hed barely slept at all last
night, which might actually be the case considering the fact that his groaning and tossing and
turning had kept Liam up far later than he would have liked.

Hey, he says with a bit of effort.

I thought you werent coming to breakfast because you had to finish that Defence Against the
Dark Arts essay, Liam says, reaching over Louis to grab the strawberry jam.

I did, Louis says. I just finished it.

He looks a little weird but Liam cant pinpoint why. Theres something in the way that hes
holding himself, a bit too rigidly, not nearly as relaxed as he usual is. Something wrong? Liam

What? Louis says, eyes widening. No, why?

Liam frowns at him. Are you sure?

Louis throws up his hands dramatically, nearly hitting Liam in the face. Okay, fine! he says
loudly. I think Harry Styles is attractive. Are you happy? He freezes, eyes wide. Shit, how
loudly did I say that?

Liam looks around but only a few people at their table are looking at them weirdly. Youre
good, Liam tells him. But-- what?

Louis sighs and says, We were screwing around in the snow after you ran off -- thanks for
abandoning me, by the way-- and then he tackled me to the ground, right, and all was fine and
dandy until it happened.

Liam snorts. It meaning what exactly?

Louis covers his eyes with his hands and says, rather dramatically, The boner of doom.

Liam groans and tosses his half eaten toast away from him. Its too early for dooming boners.

Fuck off, Louis hisses. I dont think he noticed, but I noticed, you know? Like, my body is
attracted to him. Ive never felt so betrayed in my life. Does my penis not realize that hes a dirty

Dont say penis at breakfast, Liam orders, sipping his coffee. You know youre not allowed to
talk about genitalia before noon.

Louis glares at him but then the doors open and he ducks his head, covering his face with his
hand, and hisses, Oh, god, hes not looking over here, is he?

Liam looks up to see Harrys eyes dart to their table for only a moment before he continues talking
with a couple of his housemates. He sits down at the Slytherin table with his back to them. Hes
not looking, Liam tells Louis.

Anyways, Louis says, straightening up, acting like he hadnt just completely hid from Harry
because he got an awkward boner the day before, I need you to be in the common room right
after your last class. And make sure to bring a strand of Zayns hair.

Why would I need a strand of Zayns hair? Liam asks warily.

Louis waves his hand. Just get one, okay? And be there. Ive got to go and-- not be in the same
room as Styles. Bye.

Liam watches him go, once again questioning his choice of friends.


Zayn is already at their table by the time Liam gets to potions. As per usual, he already has his
things spread out on the table, just enough room for Liams things on the left side. Liam shakes his
head and moves towards him, falling into the seat loud enough that Zayn looks up from the book
hes reading.

Hey, Liam says almost nervously.

Hey, Zayn says easily.

Without any warning Zayn puts a hand on his thigh. Its warm and light, and Liam cant stop
thinking about it, even as Madam Lovette starts going over the properties of-- some kind of
ingredient, hes really not paying any attention.

Liam licks his lips before picking up his quill. Zayn is merrily writing away like hes not aware of
what hes doing to Liam right now, even as the hand on his thigh moves up a little higher when
Liam shifts in his seat. Zayns fingers dig in a bit, squeezing, and Liam sucks in a breath that
makes Zayns lips curl up.

What are you doing after you last class? Zayn asks, not lifting his eyes from his work.

Hes supposed to do something, he just cant remember what. Nothing, Liam says. Nothing
important, anyways. I have Quidditch at six but until then Im free.

Zayn grins. Brilliant. Come to the library with me?

Yeah, sure, Liam says, sort of hoping that theyll be working on potions because he has a
feeling that hes going to end up failing this class if Zayn makes a habit of touching him when hes
supposed to be paying attention.

Zayns hand doesnt leave him for the rest of the period, and when he walks out of class Zayn is
right behind him. He goes to turn left to head for his Care of Magical Creatures class, but Zayn
grabs his arm and pulls him in the opposite direction.

What are we doing? Liam asks as Zayn pulls him down an only vaguely familiar hallway. He
doesnt have any issues with skipping class, he just never figured Zayn to be the type to do that.

We have about five minutes, Zayn explains, still tugging him forward. He takes a sudden left,
pulls open a door, and drags Liam inside an empty classroom that looks like it hasnt been touched
in months.

Liam spots a familiar piece of red and gold fabric sticking out of Zayns back pocket as Zayn
releases his hand and moves towards on of the desks. He jumps on it, effectively hiding what
Liam knows is his own scarf.

Liam walks over to him, raising his eyebrows. You still havent explained what were doing.
Zayn sighs and leans forward, grabbing Liams tie. He spreads his legs wide enough that, when
he tugs Liam in, theres just enough room for Liams body between them.

See, Zayn says, eyes on his fingers, which are deftly undoing the knot in Liams tie, Ive been
waiting for you to open your eyes for about four years and make a move, but you never did. And
now that you have, I sort of dont want to stop touching you.

Liam pulls back suddenly, eyes wide. Wait, you--?

Dont make a big deal of it, Zayn says quietly. Okay?

Liam shakes his head, confused. I didnt realize--,

Weve got about three minutes, Zayn says, cutting him off again. Do you really want to spend
that time talking?

Yes, but also no. He wants to know if Zayn is serious, if he really, truly had liked Liam that whole
time. But then, at the same time, Zayns lips look soft and inviting, and hes having issues forming
coherent thoughts anyways.

Zayn grins and tugs him forward by the now loose ends of his tie and brings their lips together.
Liam leans forward, hands braced on the desk beside Zayns hips, and Zayns hands drop to his
waist, fingers bunching up the material of his sweater. Liams the one who deepens the kiss this
time, parting his lips with enough force to push Zayns open, too. He licks into Zayns mouth,
searching for that tang of citrus and smoke; his head spins when he finds it, and Zayn makes a soft
sound and pushes forward on the desk a bit so hes almost hanging off the edge, his legs wrapping
around Liams waist.

But then Zayns legs drop, he pushes on Liams shoulders, and he slides off the desk. See you
after class, Liam, he says, heading for the door. He pulls open the door and, with one last grin for
Liam, closes it behind himself.

Fuck, Liam breathes, reaching for his tie. He quickly reties it, adjusts himself in his pants, prays
that the semi hes sporting isnt obvious, and then hurries out the door and towards his next class.

His mind just isnt into his class after that scene in the abandoned classroom, though, even though
Care of Magical Creatures happens to be his favourite class normally. Hes still not exactly sure
what he wants to go into after school, but hes narrowed it down to either some kind of vet or
healer. The only other thing thats ever caught his attention is playing Quidditch, but he doubts
hes good enough to make a career of it.

Its snowing again by the time his class if over, and Liam moves to ties his scarf tighter around his
neck before remembering that he doesnt have it anymore. He doesnt really mind, either.

Normally hed head up to his common room after CoMC, take off his coat, and then lounge
around in the common room for a bit. Instead he heads straight for the library. Zayns not waiting
for him at the doors but Liam wasnt really expecting him to be. He pushes them open and makes
his way through the aisles, heading for the table they sat at yesterday.

Zayns not there, either, but Liam knows he will be. He shoulders off his jacket, hangs it up on the
back of his chair, and sits down. The library is so quiet compared to his common room, and within
a few minutes the stuffy, silent atmosphere has his eyelids drooping. He closes them, figuring hell
just nap until Zayn gets here.

When he blinks his eyes back open he knows that he slept for a while. It takes effort to blink the
sleep out of his eyes, and when he does they land on Zayn, whos sitting across from him, head
bent over a book.

Hey, Liam says, voice cracking a bit. How long was I out?

Zayn shrugs. Only about half an hour, I think. I didnt want to wake you.

Liam yawns and stretches. You should have.

Zayn shrugs and puts down his quill, pushing away from the table while he does so. I need to get
a book for this paper, Zayn says, standing up. Come with me?

Liam nods and yawns once more before pushing away from the table. Zayn starts leading him
through the aisles once again, walking with determine purpose. Do you have the layout of this
whole place memorized? Liam cant help but ask.

Zayn slows down a bit and shrugs. Maybe. He suddenly stops and searches a row of books, and
then reaches up high to pull down a rather large volume thats coated in dusts. He cracks it open
and reads the index before sighing. I thought itd be a short chapter but apparently not. Might as
well sit down.

Liam nods and falls to the ground, spreading his legs out in front of him. Zayn sits down across
from him, legs crossed, hunched over the book, which he laid out in front of him. Liam leans his
head back against the shelf behind him. Its not exactly comfortable, but hes not going to
complain. Honestly, hes weirdly happy to just sit here and listen to the soft sound of Zayn turning
pages every once in a while.

Liam, Zayn says quietly. Come here.

Liam blinks open his eyes and moves over to his side of the aisle. Zayn sits up a bit straighter and
pats his lap, and Liam looks down at it for a long moment before laying down, his head in Zayns
lap. He closes his eyes again, this time a lot more comfortable. Zayns cologne or body spray or
whatever it is surrounds him, and his hand absently scratches at Liams scalp as he continues to
read. This close up Liam can hear the way he quietly reads out loud to himself, so softly that if he
couldnt see Zayns lips forming the words, hed think that Zayn was just blowing out air too

Did you know, Zayn says quietly, that in the eighteenth century, Quidditch was banned from
Hogwarts for four months because the headmaster at the time thought that it created more tensions
between the houses, and thought that it was the sole cause of the riff between Slytherins and

Liam doesnt open his eyes, but he grins up at Zayn. Why did it get reinstated?

Students started protesting classes, Zayn answers. Apparently they went so far as to ban
together outside the door to his office. They refused to be moved or to go to class, and there were
too many of them for him to expel them all. After four days he finally relented.

Should have expected that, really, Liam says. Banning Quidditch. Thats insane.

Zayn snorts but is quiet again for a while. Fingers move over Liams eyebrows and down his
cheeks, and then they ghost over his lips. Liam grins and licks out his tongue and Zayn yanks his
hand back before wiping it on Liams sweater.

Did you know that, statistically speaking, seven out of ten Hogwarts Quidditch captains go on to
play the sport professionally, Zayn says, tracing Liams collarbone gently.
Really? Liam asks, surprised.

Apparently, Zayn answers. What about you? You planning on becoming a big shot athlete,

Liam snorts and shakes his head. Not likely, he says. Didnt think it was realistic, honestly. Im
not that good.

I think you sell yourself short, Zayn tells him.

Liam ignores him. What about you? What are your plans after graduation?

He feels Zayn shrug. I either want to teach or be Minister of Magic. Liam snorts but Zayn says,
Im serious.

Liam blinks open his eyes and tilts his head a bit, about to tell Zayn that he thinks he could
honestly do it, if he really wanted to. Zayns got a sort of set determination thats almost a bit
frightening. But then he realizes for the first time just how close he is to Zayns dick, and his
thoughts sort of drift away as he licks his lips nervously and looks up at Zayn, praying that his
thoughts arent completely transparent.

I think its almost time for dinner, Zayn says, looking down at him.

Liam nods and sits up. Zayn shuts his book and keeps it in his hands as he stands up. He starts
heading back down the aisle as Liam scrambles to get up and follow him. Just like earlier, he spots
his scarf in Zayns back pocket, but this time he jogs to catch up with him and tugs at it.

Scarves are supposed to go around your neck, Liam informs him, grinning widely.

Zayn flushes red and walks a little faster. Shut up.

Are you going to wear it at the game on Friday? Liam asks.

Zayn glares at him. No, Ive got a whole green and silver outfit picked out, actually.

Liam raises his eyebrows as they approach the table with Zayns things. Zayn adds the new book
onto the older pile, and Liam steps up behind him, crowding Zayn up against the desk, hands on
either side of his body. Id like it if you wore it, Liam says against Zayns neck.

Zayn pushes back against him and turns. Just like earlier he reaches for Liams tie, but this time he
tugs it all the way off. Are you getting possessive on me? Zayn asks, tucking the tie into Liams

Liam shakes his head, no. I just like you in red.

Zayn snorts and undoes his own tie, and then he wraps it around Liams neck, under the collar of
his shirt, and he ties it quickly. I like you in blue, he says before turning back around to gather
up his books. Liam takes half of them from him and Zayn rolls his eyes but grins at that.

They make their way back through the library, and when they get out the door Liam starts to head
towards the Great Hall. Zayn, on the other hand, turns in the opposite direction. Sorry, he says.
Ive got to drop these off in my room. See you later?

Liam wants to offer to come with him, but hed feel needy and clingy if he did, so instead he nods
and heads towards the Great Hall. He forgets about wearing Zayns tie until he sits down beside
Niall and Louis, and they both give him weird looks.
How dare you, Louis gasps. He tugs at Liams neck. Get that thing off .

Liam looks down at Zayns tie, which Louis now has his fingers wrapped around. He bats them
off and says, Its not a big deal.

It is a big deal, Louis says seriously. You dont wear other houses colours, Liam. Thats, like,
rule number one of house pride. What is wrong with you? He pauses and then says, eyes
widening, And I just remembered that Im upset with you. You were supposed to meet us in the
common room after class, but apparently you forgot.

Liam, about to reach for the green beans in front of him, winces. I did forget, he says, turning to
Louis. Shit, sorry. I --,

Louis waves him off. Dont worry about it, he says easily. He smirks. Obviously you were too
caught up with a certain Ravenclaw to remember. And Ive decided to go with a different tactic
anyways. But Im going to have to miss Quidditch practise tonight.

Liams eyes narrow. No way, he says instantly. We have a game at the end of the week, we
cant afford for you to--,

Exactly! Louis says, slapping his hand on the table. Thats exactly what the Slytherins will be
thinking. Theres no way I could be anywhere but at practise, which is why its a perfect time to
do this.

To do what? Liam asks, baffled.

Use polyjuice potion to sneak into the Slytherin common room. The list says that he has to spend
at least half an hour in there like that, and if he gets caught it doesnt count, Niall explains
through a mouth of pork chop. Liam grimaces at him. Niall swallows and adds, Its a good idea,
doing it when theyd least expect it.

Thank you, Niall, Louis says, looking genuinely flattered.

Go fuck yourself, Niall says, forking up another bite of his pork chop.

Liam ignores them because the door to the Great Hall opens and Zayn comes in, head bent down
as he talks to one of his housemates. Shes very obviously trying to explain something to him, but
he lifts his head and catches Liams eyes and grins at him, and Liam has a feeling that he doesnt
hear a single word that his housemate says.

Really? Louis says loudly. Are you really going to space out every time your boyfriend is in
the room? Are you really going to be that person, Liam?

Liam pulls his eyes away from Zayn and frowns. What?

Louis slaps him on the back of the head. Im very happy that you and Zayn are together, but--,

Were not, Liam says quickly. Together, I mean. We havent-- were not.

Look, hes nervous, Niall says, pointing his fork at Liam. Thats adorable. I think Im going to
throw up.

Liam throws a bun at him.


Come Friday theyve managed to check a total of eleven things off the list, and Liam plans on
checking off another one. Hes more than a little hyped up and ready, dressed in his Quidditch
robes, broom in hand, as he waits for the rest of his team mates to file onto the field. Louis is
beside him, always early, bouncing on his feet impatiently.

The stands are filling with people. Half the stands are decked out with red and gold banners,
people waving Gryffindor flags. The others are covered in green and silver. Liam thinks that there
might be more red and gold but that could just be wishful thinking.

Right, Liam says when everyone is huddled together. I dont just want to win tonight. I want
us to--,

Destroy them, Louis says loudly. Crush them. I want Styles in tears by the end of this. I want --

Louis, Liam groans.

Sorry, Louis say sheepishly.

Anyways, Liam continues, careful to meet the eyes of each of his team mates, I know we can
do this. Were far better than they are. Thats not cockiness, thats a fact. And as long as we all
remember that, and play as best as we can, theres no possible way that theyll stand a chance.

The seven of them huddle closer and Markus slaps Liam on the back before raising his fist in the
air and shouting, To destroying Slytherin!

To the best captain! Carla adds, grinning so widely at him that it almost looks painful.

To punching Harry Styles in the face despite the fact that were all obviously attracted to him!
Louis adds, pumping the air.

Markus and Liam are the only ones who look like theyre going to argue this. Both Carla and
Malarie shrug and nod their heads. Liam sighs deeply. Just get into positions, everyone.

When both teams are in position the referee releases the four balls, blows her whistle, and then the
game begins.

And theyre off! Nialls voice booms through the crowd. Liam grins to himself as he moves
towards his goals. Why they still allow Niall to do commentary, he has no idea. Hell swear at
least once during the course of the game, not to mention the fact that Niall clearly picks favourites,
and hell likely be dissing the Slytherin team the whole time. Carla Macintosh of Gryffindor
moving towards the Slytherin goal. Nearly taken out by a bludger sent her way from Alvin

Liam tunes him out, mostly. If he worries too much about the rest of the players hell get too
distracted from what hes supposed to be doing. Louis whizzes by his head at one point but
Liams too busy searching the stands closest to him. He cant see that far in the distance, but he
doesnt need to because Zayns in the stand closest to him, standing at the front. He wasnt
kidding. Hes in a green and silver coat -- he probably borrowed it from Harry-- and theres green
and silver painted stripes on his cheeks. But hes wearing Liams scarf and very obviously
grinning at him.
Liam shakes his head and gets back into the game.


They win with a 170 point lead. Louis, of course, catches the snitch. Liam never had any doubts
that he would. Louis isnt his seeker because theyre best friend. Louis is his seeker because hes
really fucking good at it.

The crowd erupts into cheers, and Liam lands on the pitch not far from his team. Louis jumps on
his back and waves his snitch in the air as the rest of their team engulfs them both in a hug. Liam
cant stop grinning, and he feels that familiar rush of adrenaline that always lasts even after the
game ends.

Party in the common room! Louis shouts. He slides off Liams back, grabs Liam roughly by the
sides of the face, and kisses him on the forehead before pulling back and running off to pick Carla
up in his arms until she punches him hard enough on the shoulder that he drops her.

By the time Liams got his teams brooms away, the stands are cleared and everyones heading
back for the castle. Liam lags behind a bit, shivering as the cold air freezes the sweat that dampens
his skin and his uniform. A few Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs congratulate him, and a group of
Slytherins sneer at him. Liam only grins in response.

He tries to spot Zayn in the crowd of people moving towards the castle but he cant. Either hes
already inside or hes lost in the sea of people wearing Slytherin colours.

When he gets inside he doesnt follow along with the rest of the Gryffindors. Instead he heads for
the Prefects Bathroom on the fifth floor. Hes cold from the weather, sweaty from the game, and
he just wants to relax. He cant do that in his own common room, and plus, this is sort of part of
his ritual. If he loses a game -- which has only happened three times in total since hes been on the
team-- hed go straight up to bed. But they won and everyone else is celebrating, and he wants to
as well, just in his own way.

When he gets to the door of the prefects bathroom he says, Rose oil. The door swings open,
revealing the large room. One side of the room is completely covered in stain glass windows.
Against the other wall is the stalls. Theres also a shelf with clean towels and shampoos and soaps.
The main focus of the room is, of course, the impossibly large bathtub that, really, is more of a
small swimming pool.

Liam heads for the tub, bending down to turn on the water to begin filling it. He twists the knobs
for the citrus smelling bubbles -- which he only uses after a game because theyre relaxing, but if
he uses them every day they wont be a special occasion thing-- and then tugs off his shirt.

By the time hes undressed the tub is nearly filled to the top. He has just enough time to grab a
towel and place it beside his discarded clothes, along with the vanilla soap and the strawberry
shampoo that he likes the best, before he has to shut the water off to keep it from overflowing.

Liam steps into the tub, wading out to the middle. He crosses to the other side because theres a
bench seat there, and he sits with his head tilted back, willing the warm water to relax his muscles.
Hes still got that ridiculous grin on his face, but he cant help it. Hes just happy . Completely,
perfectly happy.

He closes his eyes and rests his arms on the sides of the tub, letting the gentle waves of the water
lull him almost to sleep.

Eventually he opens his eyes and finishing bathing before getting out, towelling off, and getting
dressed. He heads for his dormitory, passing by only the occasional person in the hallway. Most
people are either back in their own common rooms or, more likely, back at his .

Just as expected, when he pushes open the door to the Gryffindor common room he has to cover
his ears to drown out the music, the shouting, and the singing. The room itself is fairly large, but it
feels really, really small to him at that moment, trying to push past the sea of bodies so he can get
to his room and change.

He spots Louis on his way, standing on top of the sofa and dancing with Niall, whose cheeks are
a bit too flushed to be just from the dancing. Either Louis broke out the leftover Fire Whiskey
from the other night, or someone else had gotten bottle of something.

Liam finally makes it to the stairs and climbs them, pushing open the door to his room and closing
it instantly behind himself to drown out as much of the noise as he can. He tugs off his shirt and
tosses it in the hamper before realizing that hes not alone.

Louis let me in, Zayn explains. Hes spread out on Liams bed, a book beside him. Hes still got
the green paint on his cheeks, too, and Liams scarf around his neck even though hes inside, and
its obviously too hot to need it.

With those colours on your face? Liam asks, raising his eyebrows.

Zayn frowns and then absently wipes at his cheeks. I forgot about that, he admits, grinning.
Did it mostly to spite you.

Liam snorts and pulls open his dresser, grabbing out a clean t-shirt. He also pulls out his
sweatpants and then remembers that hes not alone. Hes in a room with the guy his interested
in/sort of seeing but technically not dating. What is the etiquette for this kind of thing?

Um, do you mind if, I--? Liam waves a hand, not finishing his sentence.

Zayn chuckles and covers his eyes. Go on, Im not going to peek.

Liam flushes and quickly tugs off the rest of his uniform before pulling on his clean sweatpants.
He tosses them in the hamper, too, and then falls onto the bed beside Zayn, jostling him. Zayn
lowers his hand and closes his book, placing it on Liams side table.

Want to go downstairs and join the party? Liam asks, crossing his arms behind his head. Zayns
laying on his side, facing him, and Liams laying on his back.

Not really, Zayn says honestly. He plays with the string of Liams sweatpants, and Liam sucks
in a bit, almost holding his breath until he realizes what hes doing and stops. Rather stay up here
with you.

Liam rolls onto his side, too, but Zayns eyes are on his hands, which are still lightly tugging at the
string. Okay, Liam agrees. Did you have fun at the game?

Zayn lifts his eyes to Liams and snorts. Sports arent really my thing. You look sort of hot in
your uniform, though.

Liam tries not to react to that, but he figures he fails pretty badly. You didnt enjoy any of it?
Liam asks, brushing his thumb against Zayns cheek to wipe away the last of the green paint.
It wasnt terrible, Zayn admits with a shrug. Just not really my thing, you know?

What is your thing? Liam asks, sliding his fingers down Zayns arm and then back up again,
over and over until he can see the goosebumps that break out on Zayns skin.

I dont know, Zayn says, frowning down at his hands which are still tugging at the string of
Liams pants, not hard enough to undo the knot there, though. Id rather read a good book in
front of a fire than sit out in the cold stands.

So youre not coming to my game against Hufflepuff in February, then? Liam teases.

No, Ill be there, Zayn says. Im just going to bring a book and Ill only look up when
everyone starts cheering your name, which happens quite a bit, actually. Are you aware of that?

Not really, Liam says. I mean, I am sometimes, but I mostly just tune everyone out or else I get
really freaked out and nervous.

You know, Zayn says slowly, looking up at Liam through his lashes, were sort of a power
couple. I mean, youre the captain of the best Quidditch team in school -- dont tell Harry I said
that, hed disown me-- and Im top of all of my classes. Not to mention the fact that youre fairly
popular and Im also a prefect.

Is that what we are? Liam asks, feeling that familiar excitement he gets during a game despite
the fact that the game ended over an hour ago. A couple.

Zayn sits up suddenly, a deeply embarrassed look on his face. I just thought that-- we-- I--,

Liam grabs Zayns hand and tugs him back down. Zayn sort of sprawls out half on top of him,
half on the bed. He blinks down at Liam, confusion and surprise on his face; Liam grins at him
and says, Hi.

Zayn gives him an incredulous look. Youre insane.

Liam runs a hand through Zayns hair. It is definitely as soft as he always thought it would be. In
a good way or a bad way?

Instead of answering him, Zayn dips his head a bit and presses his lips to Liams. He can still
faintly hear the noise of everyone in the common room below, and he knows that at any minute
someone could walk in. He just really, really doesnt care, which is why he puts a hand on Zayns
shoulder and flips them over so Zayns on his back and Liam is fully on top of him, legs on either
side of Zayns body.

Is this okay? Liam asks, pushing himself up on his elbows.

Zayn nods quickly and pulls Liam back in for another kiss, this time open mouthed. Zayns
fingers slip under the back of Liams t-shirt, nails dragging along his spine. Liam shudders and
arches into the touch, hips grinding down against Zayns without him even meaning to.

Zayns tongue pushes into his mouth, and Liam lets his eyes fall closed, getting lost in the gentle,
lazy kiss. Theres nothing overtly heated about it. Its just a warm, nice simmer, the way Zayns
tongue moves against his, and his hands slide over Liams back like hes trying to memorize the
way the muscles shift under his touch.

Zayns lips move from his mouth, over his jaw, and then to his neck. He cant even think to
complain about the mark that he knows is going to be there after Zayns done sucking on his skin,
mostly because Zayns hands are grabbing his ass, moving their bodies closer together. He might
be embarrassed about how obvious it must be that hes definitely hard, given the thin material of
his sweatpants, but Zayn gasps against his skin and jerks his hips up, and Liam doesnt really see
any reason to be.

Zayn pushes on his shoulders without warning, and Liam has no choice but to sit up so that hes
kneeling on the bed, Zayn between his legs. Too much clothing, Zayn explains, sitting up only
enough to tug off his shirt. He tosses it off the bed somewhere and then pulls at the hem of Liams,
a question in his eyes. Liam nods and pulls it off himself, letting his shirt fall off the side of the
bed. Zayns eyes move over his skin and he says, Of course you have abs.

Zayn doesnt, not really, but hes covered in tattoos. Liam didnt know he had quite that many.
Sure, he knew about the ones on his arms, and he suspected there were a few under the collar of
his shirt, he just didnt expect so many. Im a bit rebellious, Zayn admits. But theres a reason
for each of them.

Liam nods, eyes dropping to the heart on his hip. I want to learn them all sometime, Liam tells
him, biting on his lip. Can I--? He doesnt really know what hes trying to say here, but he
wants to know what Zayns skin tastes like, and he wants to lick over the heart on his hip just to
see how Zayn reacts.

I-- yeah, Zayn says breathlessly, falling back against Liams pillows. You can-- yeah.
Whatever you want, Li.

Liam blinks at him because fuck . He licks his lips and moves down Zayns body, just a bit, and
then looks up at him as he licks his tongue over the dark ink on his hip. Zayn sucks in a breath and
bites down on his lip, leaning up on his elbows so he can hold Liams gaze.

W-wait, Zayn says shakily. Liam pulls up and Zayn digs into his pants, pulling out his wand.
He points it at the door and says, Colloportus. Liam raises his eyebrows and he says, I just
thought it would be a good idea to make sure that it was locked.

Zayn reaches over and drops his wand on the bedside table. Liam pulls his out and does the same
because thats probably a really good idea, lest they accidentally roll over and break them.

Liam moves back up Zayns body and kisses him again, this time with purpose, his hips moving
against Zayns with more than helpless abandonment. Zayns hands are hopelessly trying to grab
at his hair despite the fact that its not long enough to grip in his fingers.

Fuck, Liam, Zayn gasps into the kiss. Trying to kill me?

Liam groans at him because that is pretty freaking hypocritical, given the way that Zayns pushing
up against him, and the soft sounds he keeps making that seem to go straight to Liams dick.

He leans heavily on one hand so he doesnt drop all his weight on Zayn, and then his moves a
hand up Zayns side, over his ribs, and then back down. He moves that hand between their
bodies, over his stomach, and Zayns eyes widen before he squeezes them closed and says, Are
you going to tease me the whole night?

Maybe, Liam says. He likes the flush in Zayns cheeks, and the fact that he put it there.

Zayn opens his eyes again and grabs Liams waist before pushing him over and crawling on top
of him. He moves his hands over Liams arms and then circles his fingers around Liams wrists
and leans down on them, affectively trapping Liams arms to his sides.

He bends down and gently bites at Liams jaw before saying, Im sort of a bit of a control freak.
He punctuates the words with a roll of his hips.
Im sort of okay with that, Liam replies honestly. He could get used to this, Zayn on top of him,
looking down at him with heavily lidded eyes, bottom lip caught between his teeth, chest heaving.

Someone knocks on the door, and Liam turns his head towards it, eyes wide. Liam, Louis calls.
You still in there with Zayn?

Liam goes to sit up but Zayn grins and shakes his head. He releases on of Liams wrists and
brings a finger up to his own lips, gesturing for Liam to be quiet. Tell him I left, Zayn orders.

Liam frowns and whispers, Why?

Zayn shakes his head and moves down Liams body, kissing his chest. His lips are slick and
warm, and they continue down a bit father. Tell him, Zayn says against his skin.

Liam! Louis calls again.

I-- Im trying to sleep, Liam shouts back.

Really? Louis asks, as Zayn gets to Liams stomach. He licks at the indents there and Liam
watches him, breath catching in his throat because of the way Zayn looks up at him with a wicked
glint in his eyes. I didnt see him leave.

He, uh--, Zayn boldly rubs him through his sweatpants, and Liams brain stops working. His
lips brush down the trail of hair below Liams bellybutton and go lower, before his tongue slides
along the waistband of Liams sweatpants. Fuck.

What was that? Louis -- fucking Louis-- questions.

Nothing, Liam says shakily. Zayn, um, he left. A while ago. We -- we got in a-- in a fight-
-fuck .

Zayn grins up at him, the string of Liams sweatpants caught between his teeth, completely untied
now. Liam would be impressed if he wasnt so desperate for Zayn to do something other than grin
down at him.

You dont have to be rude , Louis snaps. Swearing at me. I just wanted to see if the two of you
wanted to come down to the party, but obviously youre upset because of a fight with your

Is this okay? Zayn asks quietly, hooking his fingers under Liams pants.

Liam nods furious while saying, Sorry, Louis. Im just trying to sleep.

Zayn tugs down his sweatpants and then watches for Liams reaction as he grips him through his
boxers. Theres too much material between his hand and Liams skin, but Liam knows that he
could get off like this no problem if Zayn kept looking at him like that.

Why do you sound so breathless? Louis asks.

Liam groans loudly and considers grabbing his wand and unlocking the door, letting Louis walk
in just so hed get embarrassed and run away. Except, knowing Louis, hed probably stand there
in the hallway and laugh at them until Zayn awkwardly got up and left, and then Liam would
really have to kill him.

Are you masturbating, Liam? Louis asks abruptly.

Zayn covers his mouth to smother a laugh while Liam goes red. But then Zayns nodding his head
pointedly. Liam shakes his own, no, but Zayn raises his eyebrows and pulls back the elastic
waistband of Liams boxers and releases it so it snaps against his skin.

I-- yes, okay? Im -- Im masturbating, go away, Liam says, wincing.

Louis, on the other side of the door, laughs and says, Sorry. Ill, um, leave you to it. Uh-- good
luck. Have fun.

Liam covers his face with his hand, and Zayn snorts out a laugh. Its not funny, Liam moans.
Hes going to tease me about that for at least a week. I hope youre happy.

Zayns hand is just above his knee, and he moves it up slowly. Ill make it up to you, Zayn
promises, kissing his hip.

Liam drops his hand from his face so he can look down at Zayn, whose eyes are on Liams
erection, which is more than prominent in the thin, clingy material of his boxers. He licks his lips
and Liam literally moans because Zayn isnt going to ruin him. Hes already completely, totally

Zayn tugs down the left side of Liams boxers and then bites at the skin there. Liam curls his
fingers in his blanket, waiting, but then Zayns moving up his body and pressing their lips
together. Liam lets out an embarrassing sound, desperately needing more than just Zayns jean
clad hips grinding against him.

I really, really want to blow you, Zayn says, pulling back just a bit. But I seriously need you to
touch me. Rain check?

Liam nods, taking that as a good ahead to reach between them and unbutton Zayns jeans. He
pushes Zayn onto his side, and Zayn shucks them off himself, and then he removes his boxers,
too; Liam fumbles to do the same.

Theres something intoxicating about Zayns skin. Liam wants to memorize the feeling of it under
his fingertips. He wants to trace every inch of it with his tongue. He just-- he just wants Zayn so
freaking much, and it sort of hits him like a train all at once and steals his breath.

Liam, Zayn says softly, and Liam looks up at him to see something insecure in Zayns eyes.
Can you kiss me again, maybe?

Liam nods and moves forward until their lips are brushing. Its almost sweet, and Liam realizes
that, as bold as Zayn had been, hes going to have to make the first move here. So he does, hand
sliding over Zayns waist, and then he wraps a hand around him. Its not like this is his first time
intimately touching someone else. Its just that he hadnt ever been with someone else that made
him feel so completely desperate for it.

Fuck, Zayn hisses against Liams lips. His eyes are closed and his nails dig into Liams skin
before he mimics Liams actions and grips him loosely. Zayn hesitantly moves his hand over
Liams cock, like hes not quiet sure, but then his grip tightens and he moves faster. His hands
have always felt slightly calloused and rough, but Liam had never noticed how much of a positive
that was until now, because for some reason it makes it so much better.

Zayns panting into his mouth now, as Liam works him over with his hand, trying to make it as
good as possible, forcing himself not to forget to move when Zayn twists his wrists just right or
thumbs over the head and makes Liams mind go blank. He doesnt even notice the noise from
outside the door anymore. There is only Zayn, the soft sounds hes making, and Liams own
breathing and smothered moans.

Liam leans forward and bites on Zayns shoulder as he comes. Zayn strokes him through it before
his hand stutters to a stop and he tenses beside Liam. Liam keeps going even as Zayn shudders
and comes over his fingers, until Zayn whimpers out, Too much, Li--,

Liam kisses him again and then rolls onto his back and tries to steady his breathing. His heart is
racing, and he figures he looks pretty fucking wrecked considering thats exactly how he feels. At
least Zayn looks just as fucked out as he feels. His hair is a mess and it lays flat against his
forehead, damp with sweat. His cheeks are fever red and his eyes are bright.

Louis called me your boyfriend, he says quietly.

Liam chuckles and kisses him again.


The letter comes at breakfast the next morning. Liam is so out of it, far too caught up in the
memory of everything that had happened the day before to even notice the way Louis keeps
making masturbation jokes, or Niall keeps nudging his ribs and waggling his eyebrows (because
of course Niall knows that Liam wasnt alone last night, because Niall is weirdly all knowing
sometimes). It isnt until the owl swoops far too closely to his head and drops an envelope right on
top of his eggs that he stops pushing them around on his plate and replaying the way Zayn gasped
into his mouth in his mind.

Liam frowns down at the familiar handwriting on the front, and he wonders why his parents could
possibly be sending him a letter when hes heading back home in less than week for Christmas

He rips open the envelope and scans the words quickly. There is a part of him that is genuinely
happy for his parents, but a much larger part of him that is more than a little upset for himself.

Whats wrong? Louis asks.

Liam shakes his head and carefully returns the letter to the envelope before stuffing it in his pocket
for safekeeping. Nothings wrong, really. My dad recently got a bonus at work, and theyre going
to use the extra money to go on a honeymoon to Jamaica that theyve been trying to save up
enough for.

When? Louis questions, though Liam can tell by the look on his face that he already knows.

During the holidays, obviously, Liam says. Its the only time they both have off work. They
were sending me a letter to ask if its okay if I stay here. They said that they wouldnt have any
issues cancelling if I really wasnt okay with it, but I can tell that they would be, you know? Like,
theyd still be happy and cheerful but deep down theyd always sort of resent me for it.

So youre staying here then, Niall guesses.

Liam nods. Yeah.

Brilliant! Louis says happily. Liam gives him an incredulous look, but Louis continues quickly
with, Sorry, its just that my mum wanted to drag me to visit the husbands home town to visit his
family. The town has a population of less than two thousand, not to mention the fact that Id be
stuck sharing a room with one of his family members. And they live on a farm , Liam. But now I
can just stay here with you instead.

Liam knows that Louiss serious. Hell be upset about not seeing his sisters the whole time,
because Louis loves his sisters more than anything. But he also really, really dislikes his step dad,
and also farms, so him not going is probably best for everyone involved.

Youll stay with me? Liam asks anyways.

Louis nods solemnly. I wouldnt abandon you on the holidays, make you stay here all by
yourself while Niall and I went home to our loving mothers.

Liams gut twists. Thanks, that makes me feel so much better about the whole thing.

Louis throws an arm over his shoulder. Its okay, we can cry together, Liam. It doesnt make us
any less manly.

I need new friends, Niall grumbles.

Hey, Liam says, pushing Louis away from him. Thats my line.

Its true, Louis puts in. He has it trademarked and everything.

Hey, Louis, someone says from behind them. Someone with a familiar enough voice that both
he and Louis tense. Liam doesnt have to turn around to know that its Harry, not just because he
recognizes the voice, but because Harry reaches between him and Louis to snag an apple off their
table. Heard you got drunk last night and spent half an hour asking Leanne if I was a good

Louis eyes narrow. You shouldnt listen to every rumour you hear, Harry, because I recall there
being a rumour in fifth year that your dick fell off after you tried to use an enlargement spell on it
and that it took you four days in the infirmary to grow it back.

Harry makes a face at him. There was never a rumour about that.

Actually there was, Louis say brightly. I should know because I started it.

Harry glares at him for a moment while Niall lets out a bellowing laugh, and Liam tries not to join
him because the whole thing is sort of mean, even if it is funny. Harrys lips tilt up in a smirk,
though, and he bends down close to Louis as he says, If you admit that you want me I might just
let you decide for yourself whether Im a good kisser or not.

Louis goes to throw a sausage at him but Harrys already walking away, grinning to himself, most
likely because its pretty obvious that he got to Louis with his words.


The last week before Christmas holidays is always hectic. Their teachers always seem to want to
cram every piece of information into them before they leave for two weeks, not to mention the
massive amounts of homework they assign that most people try to get done before the holidays,
that way they can just relax during their time off. And then theres the packing and early gift
exchanges for everyone whos leaving on Friday. It seems like everyone is always in a hurry to
get somewhere; theres no leisurely walking through the halls or out on the grounds.

Honestly, this is a good thing for them because it gives him, Louis, and Niall the chance to get
four things off the list (including stealing from the kitchen and convince Peeves to help you with a
prank) before Niall has to get ready to leave with everyone else.

He doesnt spend all that much time with Zayn during that week. Definitely as much as hed like
to. Its just too busy, and in his freetime Zayn is in the library finishing up an essay for both
Transfiguration and Charms, and he kicked Liam out for distracting him.

Zayns stuck at the castle for Christmas too, though, which he learns on Thursday when he sneaks
Zayn food into the library (Zayn scolds him for it but eats it anyways) and tells him that he just
wants to spend time with him before he has to leave. Apparently Zayn and Harry have stayed at
the castle every Christmas since third year. He wanted to ask why at the time, but he figured that if
there was a reason and Zayn wanted him to know it, he would have said so.

Liam tries really, really hard not to be in a bad mood all day Friday. Its just a little hard, given the
fact that everyone else is bundled up in their coats and sweaters and scarves, bags in hand, ready
to head home for the next two weeks, and Liams not one of them. He loves Hogwarts, he does,
but he spends more time a year there then with his parents, and it sucks that hes not going to see
them. Especially considering the fact that hes never spent the holidays without them before in his

Well miss the hell out of you, you Irish little fucker, Louis says as a way of goodbye to Niall.

Liam hugs him instead and Niall hugs back tightly. Im not leaving your presents with you, he
adds. Tomlinsonll open them as soon as Im gone. Ill have em dropped off on Christmas.

Louis, who was pulling a wrapped gift out of his pocket, stops and glares at him. Then you cant
have yours.

I wont open it beforehand, Niall argues.

Liam rolls his eyes and takes the gift from Louis hands and hands it to Niall, as well as his own.
Have a good holiday, Niall.

See you idiots in two weeks, Niall says, trying to balance the new presents and his bags.

Louis flips him off and Niall rolls his eyes and starts heading along the path to Hogsmeade with
everyone else. Liam watches him go, but at the last second Louis runs after him and hugs him
tight enough that his feet lift off the ground. Liam grins at them.

Shut up, Louis says when he gets back.

You love us, Liam says, slinging an arm over Louis shoulder as they head back to the castle.
Your heart isnt as icy as youd like for everyone to think.

Possibly, Louis agrees, leaning into his side. His arm curls around Liams waist and he says,
Well be fine just the two of us. We can cry over missing our parents and gorge ourselves on

Its not actually just the two of us, Liam says very slowly.

Louis freezes, fingers digging into Liams hip. What do you mean?
I mean, uh--, Liam winces and scratches the back of his neck. Zayn stays at the castle for
Christmas. And Harry does as well.

Youre not going to ditch me off to suck face with your boyfriend, are you? Louis demands.

Liam tries not to smile, its just a little hard not to every time someone reminds him that, yeah,
Zayn is his boyfriend. No, I wouldnt do that, Liam says quickly.

Okay, good, Louis says, and they resume walking like nothing happened. Well just extend
our twosome to a foursome. No big deal. I wont even try to stab Harry, just because its
Christmas time.

How charitable of you, Liam snorts.

I know, Louis replies, dramatically swiping a piece of hair off his forehead. Im such a


The first day of Christmas break is eerie. Louis and Liam are the only ones in their room who
didnt leave, and without Markus and Ben there, the room feels weirdly cavernous. There is a total
of four Gryffindors staying at the castle, including Liam and Louis. Theres Karen, a fifth year
prefect who never bothers to get him and Louis in trouble, though shes had countless chances to,
and Ivan, a sixth year boy who tried out for -- and didnt make it onto-- the Quidditch team.

Liam has never seen the common room this empty at nine on a Saturday. There should be people
on the sofas and the chairs. Tired, groggy students slumping down the stairs. Louis should be on
the floor in front of the fire while Markus or maybe Carla attempts to draw on his face. There
should be younger students laughing and enjoying the beginning of the weekend. Instead its
completely quiet and empty, save for Liam and Louis.

Feels like a graveyard, Louis whispers.

Yeah, Liam agrees, wondering why theyre whispering. He doesnt stop, though, because it
feels necessary. Downstairs for breakfast?

Louis nods, wrinkling his nose. I want to get out of here. Its creepy.

If the common room was weird, it is nothing compared to the Great Hall. As is usual this time of
year, there are twelve beautifully decorated Christmas trees set up along the room. There are other
various Christmas decorations in the Great Hall, as well as the rest of the castle. But the long
house tables are nearly completely empty. Usually theres a collection of plates and food and cups
covering every inch of them, but now theyre mostly bare.

I want to go home, Louis says quietly, ducking his head.

Liam frowns and feels weirdly cold. Its just so odd . Grab food and bring it back up to our
room? Liam suggests.

Louis nods and heads for the Gryffindor table, just as a pair of arms encircle him from behind.
Hey, babe, Zayn says in his ear. Guess whos currently the only Ravenclaw on campus,
meaning he has an entire dorm to himself for the next week and a half?
Liam turns, eyes wide. Seriously?

Zayn grins and nods, wrapping his arms around Liams neck. And Ive finished all of my work,
so I dont have to spend any time in the library either.

What the fuck did I say about coupley shit, Malik? Harry says from behind Zayn.

Liam looks at Harry over Zayns shoulder, but Harrys grinning to soften his words. Fuck off,
Zayn says to Harry without looking away from Liam. But seriously, entire dorm. Just us. Over a

Liam rests his forehead against Zayns. I promised Louis I wouldnt ditch him off.

Great, Zayn says, pulling back. Louis and Harry can entertain each other while we entertain
each other. Its perfect.

Liam laughs and shakes his head, hands on Zayns waist. Hes aware of the fact that theyre
standing just a few feet from the doors, blocking the way for anyone else who comes in. He really
doesnt care all that much, though.

Theyll end up killing each other, Liam points out.

Zayn shrugs and leans back in, lips ghosting over Liams chin. I could care less, as long as I get
some time alone with you.

Thats disgusting, Louis says.

Liam sighs and releases Zayn, turning to see Harry and Louis both fighting over a pitcher of juice.
Harry finally releases it and then turns to them and says, Plus, we have plans tonight, Zayn.

I forgot, Zayn admits. Liam and Louis can come with us.

Louis pauses in the middle of adding a few pieces of toast to a plate thats already piled high with
food. Plans to do what, exactly?

Zayns hand slides along Liams back as he and Harry exchange a wicked look. Youll see. Just
meet us on the fourth floor by the set of armour underneath the portrait of Helga Hufflepuff at
seven thirty.

Liam frowns because theres not really anything interesting to do on that floor, and he cant see
why theyd meet there.

And dress warmly, Harry adds.

Dont tell me how to live my life, Louis snaps at him.

After that Harry and Zayn move off to eat breakfast at the Slytherin table, along with three of
Harrys housemates. He and Louis finish grabbing food and head up to their room, where they sit
on Bens bed to eat because Louis says he refuses to get food on his own bed, and Liam doesnt
really want to sleep in crumbs tonight either.

They spend the rest of the day not doing very much. They head down to the Great Hall for dinner
and lunch, but other than that they spend their time in their common room, Louis putting anti-
inflammable spells on things and throwing them into the fire, Liam practicing a spell for charms
that hed been struggling with. Their housemates spend a bit of time with them, but mostly
everyone just does there own thing.
Louis suggests a walk through the castle, and Liam agrees only to kill the boredom. If he were at
home right now hes be catching up on all of the television shows he missed while he was gone.
Or hed be playing video games, or visiting Andy. Here, he doesnt really have all that much to
do. Theres so much downtime and nothing to fill it.

By the time they get back they have just enough time to grab their coats and gloves and, in Louis
case, a scarf. What do you think were going to be doing? Louis asks as Liam does up his

Liam shrugs. Who knows?

If its really boring can you and I sneak out onto the Quidditch pitch and take the school brooms
out for a ride?

Liam nods, though he doesnt think itll be boring. The look that had been exchanged between
Zayn and Harry seemed to promise that whatever theyd be doing, boring would definitely not be
the word to describe it.

When they get to the fourth floor, Harry and Zayn are already there, leaning against the wall as
they wait for them. Theyre both dressed in their coats and scarves (Harry in a green Slytherin on,
Zayn in Liams red and gold one).

Ready? Harry asks, pushing away from the wall.

Louis looks around and then raises his eyebrows. For what?

Harry chuckles but Zayn turns to the suit or armour, knocks in it twice with the tip of his wand,
and says, Sugar quill. The suit of armour suddenly moves, taking an even stride forward,
revealing a hidden passage way behind him.

Liam and Louis gape at it, but Harry just lifts his wand, mutters, Lumos and heads inside the
passage way. You coming? he calls over his shoulder.

Louis glares at his back and hurries after him. Zayn offers Liam a hand and he takes it, letting
Zayn guide him inside the passage way. As soon as theyre both inside, the suit of armour steps
back into place, blocking off the exit. The only light comes from Harrys wand, and it does little
but illuminate a few paces in front of them.

Where are we going? Liam whispers to Zayn.

He can only faintly see Zayns answering grin. Itll be fun, I promise. Have you ever done side-
along apparition before?

Liams eyes widen and he swallows. No, I havent. I failed my apparition test. It freaks me out,
and frankly Id prefer to use a vehicle or a broom.

Zayn snorts and squeezes his hand. Youll be fine, trust me. Im an expert at it. Remember when
we all did our tests last year? The instructor said I was easily one of the best students hes ever had
he privilege of teaching.

Liam wasnt kidding about disliking apparition. The travelling from one destination to another
purely by focusing on your destination. And its really dangerous if you dont do it well, which is
exactly why Liam had failed his test. He made it to the proper destination, but he lost a good
chunk of his shoulder doing it, and had to be rushed to the infirmary.
In front of them, Harry and Louis are actually having a civil conversation. Or Liam think its civil
because neither or them are shouting or hitting each other. He cant hear what theyre saying,
though, and judging my the look on Louis face it isnt exactly a friendly conversation.

The path theyre taking subtly starts curving to the left. Theyve been walking for a while, and
Liam has a feeling that theyre no longer on the castle grounds, let alone in the actual castle itself.

Were almost there, Zayn tell him, squeezing his hand again.

I still dont know where there is, Liam says warily.

This isnt technically our destination, Harry says over his shoulder. This is just a pit stop
because you cant apparate inside the school grounds.

Liam already knows this from reading Hogwarts, A History in third year. Not that hed really paid
that much attention to it, and admittedly (as Louis likes to tease him about) hed only done it to
impress Zayn, but he remembers reading that part.

Here we are, Harry says suddenly.

The wall in front of them ends in a door. Liam can faintly see the light in the room on the other
side shining through the cracks. Harry quickly unlocks the door and then pushes it open. They
step into what looks like someones bedroom.

Were above the Three Broomsticks, Zayn explains.

Wait, theres a passageway that leads from the castle to Hogsmeade? Louis asks, eyes wide.
Why didnt I know this? This could have come in handy so many times.

Harry smirks at him. You dont know the castle the way that I do. And theres not a passageway
to Hogsmeade. There are several.

Liam is more than a little impressed. Theyre not technically allowed to go to Hogsmeade unless
its during one of the school regulated trips.

Meet you at the shop, Zayn tell Harry. He turns to face Liam completely, and he says, Just
dont freak out and youll be fine. Im good at this.

At what? Louis asks.

Apparating, Harry answers. He grabs Louis hand and then, without warning, turns and they
disappear with an audible pop and a shout from Louis that cuts off when he disappears.

Louis is going to beat him senseless for that, Liam says, frowning at the spot that the two of
them had just been standing.

Harry can hold his own, Zayn says without care. Ready?

Liam sucks in a breath and then nods and closes his eyes.

It happens so fast. He feels Zayn being tugged away from him and tightens his grip on his hand,
and he suddenly cant breath at all as the air around him seems to compress on him from every
direction. And then its over and he can breathe again.

Theyre standing in a dingy bathroom. The mirrors are covered in a layer of grime, and Louis has
Harry pressed up against a wall, tip of his wand against Harrys throat.
No warning at all, Louis hisses. And I fucking hate apparition.

Harry seems to have little concern for the wand at his throat because all he does is roll his eyes and
says, Calm down, Lou, Christ.

Louis releases him and steps back. What did you call me?

Liam rolls his eyes and turns to Zayn. So where did you take us, exactly?

Zayn grins and leads him out of the bathroom.

Theyre in a small pub. Its a bit dirty and smoke hangs thickly in the air. Outside the window he
sees cars and people streaming by, all bundled up in coats to fight off the cold weather. And he
recognizes the street, possibly.

Are we in London? he asks, eyes wide.

Yep, Zayn says. So, what do you want to do first?

Despite the fact that they have no money at all between the four of them, theres plenty to do. By
law they cant technically use any spells in front of muggles, but Harrys got a whole pocketfull of
sweets and toys from Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes. A Charming Cherrybomb here and Harry
gets them into the cinema for free. Another one at the food truck a few hour later and theyve all
got hot chocolate while they walk down the street, surrounded on every side by Christmas lights
and music softly playing from whatever stores are still open.

It starts snowing eventually, and its getting extremely late. Liams honestly having a great time.
He could almost consider this a double date, if Louis didnt kick Harry in the shins or punch him
every time he stepped to close. He and Zayns hands havent been separated from each others for
more than five minutes at a time since theyve arrived, and Liam likes that. Likes that Zayn seems
just as inclined to keep Liam close to him as Liam is with him.

One more thing before we go, Harry says, turning down a side street.

Tradition, Zayn tells Liam.

Liam frowns at Harry leads them down another street, and then another, away from the shopping
district. Finally he pulls open the door to a small, closed coffee shop with no lights on. Liam
frowns as Zayn guides him inside without explanation.

They make their way through the darkened store, door chiming quietly behind them as it closes
behind Louis. Harry pulls open a door that leads to the back of the shop, and then continues
through the dark room until he gets to another door that, when he opens it, leads to a well lit

We wont be here long, Zayn promises. Harry can never stand this place for more than a few

Liam frowns, confused, as Harry knocks on the door at the top of the stairs. A moment later it
opens and music pours out, deafeningly loud, and Liam knows that someone must have a muffling
spell put up, because theres no way they couldnt hear that from downstairs.

Harry! the guy who answered the door says loudly. Come on in! Bring your friends!

Harry wrinkles his nose and shoulders past the guy inside. Louis follows a moment later, side
eying the guy who let them in, mostly because the guy gives Louis a very appreciative once over.
When Liam gets inside he realizes theyre in a club, technically. Theres another door, Zayn
explains, shouting over the music. This is technically the back door. The other one is on the
opposite street. Looks like an abandoned gas station to muggles.

Everyone is holding colourful drinks, some that are foaming, some that are steaming. The lights
and dizzying and Liam figures that theyre enchanted. The way they play over the room is far too
intricate and hypnotic to be done by any machine.

Harry is moving easily through the crowd, Louis right behind him, Zayn and Liam right behind
them. Hes heading straight for the bar where a pretty girl is mixing drinks and laughing along
with a costumer.

Gem, Harry shouts, sinking onto one of the stools by the bar.

The girl behind the bar pauses, eyes widening, and then she turns to one of her coworkers,
whispers something, and hops over the bar, sliding to the floor right beside Harry. She wraps him
in a tight hug and shouts, Forgot you were coming today!

Harry rolls his eyes and pulls a wrapped present out of his pocket, which he hands to her. She
takes it and passes it to the other girl behind the counter, the one who has taken her spot in mixing
the drinks.

Is that his girlfriend? Louis asks, a blank look on his face.

Zayn laughs so hard his face turns red. No-- no, he gasps out, and Harry glares at them.

Whos this? The girl-- Gem? Is that what Harry called her?-- asks. She turns to Zayn and Liam
and her eyes widen. Wait, wait, wait. Let me guess. Youre Liam Payne, right?

Zayn goes red and its Harrys turn to laugh. Liam politely extends his hand and says, I am. Nice
to meet you.

She shakes it and says, Ive heard a great deal about you. This ones been quite infatuated with
you for years, havent you, Zaynie?

Shut up, Zayn pleads. Gemma, please, for the love of God, shut up.

Gemma winks at him and turns to Louis. So then who are you?

Im Louis, he says flatly, eyes narrowing. And who are you?

Gemmas eyes widen and she looks between Harry and Louis before Harry says, Utter a single
word and Ill tell mum about that time you--,

Gemma waves a hand and ignores him. Im Harrys sister, Gemma, she tell Louis, and Louis
expression goes from cold and slightly rude to shocked and taken aback. Ive heard a good
amount about you, as well.

Come dance with me, Zayn says abruptly, pulling Liam away before he can even answer. You
dont want to watch that, trust me.

Why, whats going to happen? Liam asks, trying to see the three of them over his shoulder, but
Zayns pulled him too far away for that to be possible.

Zayn gives Liam a sly grin. I cant tell you that. Best friend code. Harry would kill me, much like
hes going to kill Gemma any moment now if she doesnt keep her mouth closed. They fight like
cats and dogs, those two. Gemma lives to torment him.

Liam is extremely confused, to say the least, but Zayns turning around, pressing his back against
Liams front, and hes swaying along to the music. Whatevers happening there can wait.

Liam doesnt really like the club, to be honest. Its too loud, there are too many people, and the
music isnt anything hed willingly listen to on his own. But Zayn has an arm snaked around his
back, holding Liam against him, and the way hes moving his hips is enough to make Liam really,
really enjoy this.

He cant help but lean down to press his lips against Zayns neck, and Zayn tilts his head back and
groans, eyes falling closed. Theyre in a sea of people and all Liam wants to do is rip off Zayns
clothes and taste his skin.

Zayn is suddenly yanked from his arms. Liam grabs his wrist and then hes being tugged along,
too, through the throng of people as Harry shouts, Were leaving. Now.

Louis is right behind him, face red, lips spread into a wide grin. I was enjoying that chat with
your sister.

Fuck off, Harry tosses over his shoulder, eyes narrowed. He looks more than a little angry, and
Liam is definitely going to ask Louis what happened as soon as theyre back in their dormitory.

When they get to the door the same guy who let them in opens it to let them out. Harry finally lets
go of Zayn and stomps down the stairs, disappearing around the corner before the door can even
shut behind them. Louis looks more than a little smug and pleased, but underneath that Liam can
see confusion in his eyes, too, and something else that he doesnt fully understand.

Gemma made an ass of him, then? Zayn asks Louis.

Hm? Louis frowns at him. Oh, yeah. Something like that. Liam gives him a quizzical look
and Louis touches his shoulder lightly and says, Tell you later. Dont worry about it.

Harry is waiting out front for them, hands buried in the pockets of his coat. He starts heading
down the street, not waiting for the rest of them to keep up. They dont go back to the pub they
arrived at. Instead Harry turns into the nearest McDonalds and heads straight for the bathroom.
Why they didnt just apparate from the club, Liam has no idea.

Inside the bathroom Zayn grabs his hand and, without another look for Louis and Harry. They
arrive back at the room above the Three Broomsticks. Zayn pulls open the door to the
passageway, not waiting for the others.

Shouldnt we--?

Zayn shakes his head. I have a feeling theyll be a bit, Zayn tells him.

Okay, Liam says slowly. Zayn lights his wand and they start down the passageway.

Do you want to spend some time in my common room? Zayn asks as they walk. We havent
really had much alone time today. Or the past week, really.

Whose fault was that? Liam teases.

Zayn bumps his shoulder into Liams. I get sort of obsessive about my work. Sorry.

Liam shakes his head, resisting the urge to stop and kiss Zayn right there, mostly because he just
really, really wants to be out of the tunnel. No, I like it, Liam says honestly. I like watching
you work, too. You get really focused. Its sort of attractive.

But you always distract me, Zayn points out.

I never even do anything, Liam argues.

Well, see, Zayn says, lowering his arm so that it doesnt lighten up the space in front of them as
much, I have this issue where, whenever youre around, I really want to be kissing you. And its
hard to focus on my work when youve got lips like that.

Liam flushes, grateful for the lack of lighting because he knows Zayn cant see him. Far behind
them he hears voices and figures that Harry and Louis are arguing about something. He and Zayn
dont slow down and wait for them, though. Liam feels a bit bad, knowing that they wouldnt go
at each other as badly if he and Zayn were there to break it up. But, at the same time, Liam just
wants to spend a bit of alone time with Zayn, too.

You know, Zayn says quietly, with an entire dorm to ourselves, we can check another thing
off the list for both of our teams.

Liam frowns, not following. What one?

Zayn chuckles quietly and says, Youll see.

The way he says it has Liam shivering. He tugs them forward a bit faster. When they get to the
opening thats blocked by the suit of armour, Zayn mutters the password again and it opens for
them. Liam looks over his shoulder but Harry and Louis are far enough behind that he cant even
see them. He hopes that Louis not mad at him for running off with Zayn, but if he is Liam will
just make it up to him tomorrow by sneaking down to the kitchen and getting him his favourite
chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

I think its past midnight, Zayn whispers as they head through the halls, hand in hand.

Im sort of an expert at sneaking around the halls past curfew, Liam says, lifting his chin a bit
and grinning.

I know, Zayn tells him. I normally have to come save your ass afterwards.

Liam pouts at him but says, Youre fairly good at the whole knight in shining armour thing.

Only for you, Zayn says sleazily. Liam rolls his eyes.

They make it to the Ravenclaw door without incident. Liam vaguely remembers last time he was
here, and he only startles a bit when the eagle on the door asks, Whats easier done than said?

Zayn snorts and says, Silence. Really, are you even trying?

The door swings open and Liam spares the eagle one last look as they head inside. Zayn releases
his hand and heads straight for the sofa. He grabs it and, with a bit of effort, tugs it closer to the
fireplace against the left wall. Liam heads over to him and sinks down onto it while Zayn lights
the fire.

Its silent in the room except for them and the soft sound of wind blowing outside. A faint amount
of light comes in through the window, and other than the fire its the only source of illumination.
The fire flickers, casting shadows around the room, and it fills the room with the faint scent of
charred wood. Liam inhales deeply and shrugs off his gloves and coat.
Zayn takes off his own coat, too, throwing it over the back of the couch. He tosses his gloves
somewhere, too, and then says, Ill be right back.

Liam nods and watches him dash up the stairs. Its late and the fire is warm and relaxing. He could
fall asleep like this, he figures. He plans to head back to his own common room, though. He wants
to let Louis know that hes okay, and he wants to make sure that Louis okay.

Zayn returns a moment later with a blanket. He throws it over Liams lap and then settles onto the
couch beside him, tugging it over himself, too. He puts an arm around Liams shoulder and Liam
sinks into him, resisting a yawn.

Isnt it kind of lonely? Liam asks. Being here all alone, I mean.

Zayn shrugs. I dont mind being alone. I spend most of my time in here just reading anyways,
and this way theres no one to bother me.

Liam shakes his head fondly. Why dont you ever go home, though?

Zayn sighs and removes his arm from around Liams shoulder. He brushes a hand through his
hair, eyes on the fire, and says, I dont really get along with my parents. I sort of told you about
that the other day, with them wanting me to be in Slytherin and being more than a bit upset that I
wasnt. Liam nods, remembering. I dont know why, its just that theyre really into, like, family
pride and blood status and shit. Fuck, theyd disown me if they had any idea I was dating a

Liam shifts uncomfortably, eyebrows drawing together. He remembers years ago, when he was
only a second year, walking through the halls with Louis when a group of older students had
called him a mudblood. Louis had punched the guy in the face, and Liam had been more than a
little confused. He gets that certain older families are like that, though. That they think being born
into a wizarding family, as opposed to being born into a muggle family, makes you better. That
theres something dirty about muggles and muggleborns.

Do you feel the same way? Liam asks quietly.

Zayn shakes his head, eyes wide. Definitely not, Liam, come on. He fits his fingers into the
spaces between Liams. Im just saying that my parents are sort of assholes. And we really dont
get along all that much, so its easier to spend as much time away from them as I can. During the
summer I spend most of my time at Harrys, and when I can I stay here.

Im sorry, Liam tells him. He cant imagine how it would be to have a bad relationship with his
parents. He relies on them so much for everything, and he doesnt think hed be the same person if
they all werent as close as they are.

Zayn shrugs. Not a big deal, he says nonchalantly. As soon as I graduate I have an internship
at the Ministry, and Harry and I have been planning on sharing a flat together since we were old
enough to want something like that. I obviously still love them, its just best for us to have a more
long distance relationship.

Liam smiles weakly at him and brushes a fallen piece of hair off Zayns forehead. He cant help
but let his hand trail down his jaw, feeling the difference between the smooth skin and the rough
stubble. He sort of loves the stubble; loves the way it feels under his fingers, and the way it makes
his chin tingle if they kiss for too long. And he cant help but wonder how it would feel on the
inside of his thighs if Zayn was--,

Anyways, Zayn says, cutting off his thoughts, which is probably a good thing because his pants
are uncomfortably suddenly. Did you have fun today?

I did, Liam says honestly. I would have had fun no matter what we did, though. I just like
spending time with you.

That is cheesy as fuck, Zayn informs him, but hes grinning anyways. He leans in, and the hand
that was holding Liams is now rubbing circles on his thigh. Can I try something?

Liam struggles to think through the fog in his brain that Zayns breath on his neck has caused.
Yeah, Liam says, nodding.

For the list, Zayn explains, pushing the blanket off Liams legs. He kisses Liams lips softly, just
once, and then he slides off the couch to the floor. He kneels there, a hand on each of Liams
knees, looking up at him with an almost vulnerable expression. Is this okay? I-- can I--?

Liams having a hard time breathing, because he pretty sure that Zayns on his knees in front of
him, asking if he can suck Liams dick. And that is just too much for Liam, really. Please-- I
mean, yeah. Yes. You-- yeah.

Liams stammering must be enough for him, because that vulnerable look is almost completely
gone as he leans forward, hands moving up Liams legs. Liam is already hard just from the
prospect of what is most likely going to happen.

Zayn pushes at his thighs a bit, spreading them a bit wider, and Liam moves slightly closer to the
edge of the couch. Zayn has his bottom lip caught between his teeth, and when he chances a
glance up at Liam, Liam has a feeling that Zayn wont even get his pants undone before he comes
because, really, one person should not be allowed to be that attractive.

Zayn pushes up Liams shirt a bit, untucking it from his pants. His fingers fumble on the buttons
of Liams jeans, and hed help him if he could, but Liam doubts hed be able to do it himself right
now. He finally gets it done and then pulls down the zipper, eyes on what hes doing. Liam lifts
his hips a bit when Zayn tugs on his jeans, and he pulls them off, tossing Liams shoes away as he
does so.

And then Zayn is sort of just staring at him. His hands are impossibly hot on Liams thighs, and
Liams feeling more than a little self-conscious at the way Zayns eying him through his boxers.

You dont have to, Liam says in a quiet voice.

Zayn looks up at him sharply. He licks his lips -- fuck -- and says, I really, really want to. Im
just-- sorry. I havent really I havent really done this. Before. Ever.

Liam tries not to look surprised by that, but he is. Its just that Zayns been fairly confident and
forward through this whole thing, and thats just he didnt expect that. Liam actually has done
this before, but it was different. It was all different before Zayn because Zayn is different.

Liam leans forward a bit, brushing a hand through Zayns hair. I can guide you through it, if you

Zayn snorts and gives an affronted look, but he says, Okay. But Im not, like, completely lost
here. I just-- let me know if-- if its--, he waves a hand.

Liam would find him adorable right now if he werent, you know, on the floor in front of him,
talking about sucking Liam off.

Zayn sucks in a breath and gets a determined look on his face. You really dont have to, Liam
tells him. Honestly, Zayn. Whatever youre comfortable. Im happy to just sit here with you in
front of the fire.

Only you, Liam, Zayn says, shaking his head, would be polite when Im trying to suck your

Liam goes to apologize -- he cant help it-- but then Zayn is palming him through his boxers, and
apologizing is really not important, in the scheme of things. A moment later Zayn pulls him out of
his boxers and wraps a hand around him, pumping him slowly for a minute. Once again, Liam is
more than a little self-conscious with the way Zayn is watching him so intently, from the way his
hand moves over Liams cock to the way Liams chest is heaving.

Its suddenly so fucking hot in the common room. Liam fumbles with the buttons on his shirt,
considering just ripping them off, but when he finally gets them unbuttoned he can breathe a little
easier, and Zayn is looking at him like he wants to ruin him, despite the fact that hes already done
just that.

When Zayn leans forward hesitantly, Liam sucks in a breath. Zayn tentatively licks at the head,
and Liam lets out a helpless, strangled sound that has Zayn looking up at him in alarm. Liam
tangles a hand in Zayns hair, trying to let him know with a light tug that hes good. More than
good. Hes fucking fantastic right now.

Zayn wraps his lips around Liam completely, and it takes everything in Liam not to push Zayns
head down, or jerk his hips up. Zayn looks up at him again, seeking assurance; Liam can only nod
mutely because he doesnt trust his voice right now, doesnt trust moans and a litany of fuck
please Zayn fuck not to slip between his lips.

When Zayn lowers his mouth and Liam feels himself hit the back of his throat, he has to curl his
freehand around the armrest of the couch, nails scratching almost painfully against the material.
Its almost too much for him already, the way Zayns mouth feels, and the way he looks with his
lips stretched obscenely around Liams cock.

When he pulls up Liam hisses, Teeth. Teeth, Zayn. Zayn pulls off all the way, lips slick, and
licks soothingly at the head before going back down.

Liam tilts his head back against the couch as Zayn gets braver, more bolder, less hesitant. He cant
take Liam all the way in - Liam doesnt expect him to-- but he makes up for what he cant with his
hand. And its good. Its so fucking good, and Liam has no idea why Zayn was nervous about this
because Liam is a breathless, mindless mess from his tongue and mouth and lips and his heavily
lidded eyes.

So good, Liam tells him, brushing his hand through Zayns hair. So fucking-- fuck .

Zayn struggling to moan around him, and Liam doesnt miss the way his eyes flutter closed as he
pushes a hand down on his own need. Thats almost all Liam needs to be pushed to the edge, and
he tugs on Zayns hair a bit, reluctantly. Zayn moans again, louder, and Liam realizes belatedly
that he likes Liam pulling his hair. Liam is a complete wreck after that.

You need to-- Zayn, Im--, he cuts off on a moan as Zayn pulls up, tongue dragging along the
underside, and then completely pulls off him. He barely has to move his hand up Liam, palm
sliding over the head, before Liam is coming, chest tight, hand still fisting tightly in Zayns hair,
moan slipping between his lips without his consent.

Zayn wipes his hand on Liams boxers and sinks down onto his feet, a pleased look on his face.
Liam grabs his shirt and tugs him up, not caring about the fact that theres come on his stomach
and his boxers. Zayn doesnt either, apparently, because he straddles Liams hips instantly, tipping
his head down to kiss him. Liam can faintly taste himself on Zayns tongue, underneath the citrus
and smoke.

Liam wraps an arm around Zayns back and lifts up, dropping Zayn onto the cushions of the sofa.
Zayn lets out a surprised sound but Liam barely registers it, hands pushing at Zayns button up.
Fucking buttons, honestly.

Liam rubs a hand over the length of Zayns erection through the material of his dress pants. Can I
return the favour? he asks, looking up at Zayn.

Zayn nods frantically, eyes wide. Liam realizes a beat later that hes the first to do this for Zayn,
and he wants it to be as good for him as Zayn had made it for Liam.

Liam doesnt even look to see where Zayns pants go when he tosses them over the back of the
couch. Honestly, he doesnt really give a fuck. Zayns wearing tight white briefs that do little to
hide the length of him, and Liam almost needs to do this. Needs to taste him and feel Zayn hitting
the back of his throat as he rips moans from Zayns lips.

Liam pulls Zayns briefs down just enough to free him, and then, without the hesitancy that Zayn
had, he licks his lips and then wraps them around him. He swirls his tongue over the head, tongue
at the slit a bit, and Zayns hand goes to his head, nails scratching feebly against his scalp.

No hair, Zayn says desperately. Why dont you have hair-- fuck , Liam.

Liam attempts to grin around him, but its sort of difficult and not really all that important
anyways. He has a hand flat on Zayns hip, holding him down, which is a good thing because
Zayn accidentally bucks up into his mouth before letting out a stream of apologies.

Liam just sucks him down father and then hollows his cheeks as he pulls back up. The sound
Zayn makes as his head falls back almost painfully hard against the arm rest of the couch is
possibly the best thing Liams ever head. The hand not struggling to find hair to hold onto
bunches up the fabric of Liams shirt, and Liam hears the sound of the seam ripping but he doesnt

Zayn, thankfully, warns him before he comes. Liam pulls off him and strokes him through it,
revelling in the way Zayns stomach -- showing only because Liam pushed his shirt up-- tenses,
and his eyes squeeze closed, and his lips part in a soundless o. Seeing Zayn like this is almost
better than having Zayns lips wrapped around him.

Afterwards, when theyre cleaned up and both partially dressed again-- Liam leaves his shirt
unbuttoned at Zayns request, and Zayn doesnt bother to locate his pants--, Zayn says, Youve
got quite the potty mouth during, did you know that? Liams cheeks go red but Zayn rubs his
thumb over one of them. I kind of love it.

Liam swallows and bites on his tongue before he says something that hes not quite ready to say
yet. I should probably let Louis know that you didnt murder me or something.

Or make sure that Harry didnt murder him, Zayn says.

Yeah, Liam agrees. He stands up and stretches, yawning as he does so. Zayn pulls the blanket
back over himself and curls up against the armrest. See you tomorrow?

Zayn nods. Night, Liam.

Liam kisses his forehead before he heads out.

Liam nearly has a run in with Filch on his way to his own common room, but he ducks behind a
suit of armour to avoid being seen. When he makes it up to his room, Louis is still awake, sitting
up in his bed, papers spread out around him like he was actually doing work.

Hi, Liam says sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

Hey, Louis says distractedly. Have fun with Zayn?

Um, yeah, Liam says lamely. Lots of fun.

Louis hums and continues with his work. Liam changes into more comfortable clothes and gets
into bed. So, you going to tell me what happened with Harry?

Apparently Louis was waiting for him to ask, because he sits up straighter and pushes his work
away with a dramatic sigh and a sweep of his arm. Gemma is under the impression that Harry
has had a crush on me since we were thirteen and he watched you and I playing Quidditch.

Liam raises his eyebrows, surprised. Seriously?

Louis snorts. Shes wrong, obviously, but --, he grins, there was still something completely
satisfying about watching him turn red and jump her like he was going to physically stop her from
saying anything else.

Liam snorts and returns the grin. So you had fun today, though?

I did, Louis agrees. He yawns and Liam does the same. Bedtime, I think.

Yeah, Liam consents.

Louis reaches for one of the papers on his bed before they turn out the light, though, and he reads
over it slowly. Liam recognizes it as the list a moment later, just before Louis says, Get a blowjob
in any of the four common rooms . Liam turns red and Louis regards him with a look of barely
surprised amusement. Its got a green and red checkmark beside it.

Goodnight, Louis, Liam says, pulling a pillow over his head.


Two days later Louis walks into the Great Hall at lunch -- which Liam is having with Zayn, since
Louis was still sleeping when hed gotten up-- and coughs loudly, bringing everyones attention to
him. Harry is having lunch with his housemates, and the other two Gryffindors are sitting with the
table of four Hufflepuffs.

We, Louis says loudly, are going to play a game of Quidditch. Everyone out on the field in
half an hour. If youre not there I will find you. And I will do painful things to you with one of the
cactuses from the greenhouse.

Louis sweeps out of the room right afterwards. Liam watches him go and then grins at Zayn as
everyone else starts talking animatedly. Liam doesnt hear a single complaint, but he does here a,
Going to kick Tomlinsons ass to make up for that game the other day, from the Slytherin table.

Zayn goes pale and he shakes his head. No way, he says. Im not playing.
Liam gapes at him. Why not?

Because, Zayn says defensively. This whole school is so obsessed with Quidditch. Its just a
sport. A ridiculous, dangerous sport at that. And I dont want any part in it.

Liam hooks his ankle around Zayns and says, Come on. Itll be fun.

Liam widens his eyes and juts out his bottom lip. Zayn glares at him, but Liam keeps it up until
Zayns lips twitch and then he sighs deeply and says, Fuck your puppy face, Liam. Liam
continues pouting. Okay, fine .

Liam grins and bites his sandwich merrily. They go their separate ways after theyre done eating,
planning to meet up on the field. Liams wearing his coat and gloves, and he has the keys to the
storage shed in his pocket so he can get out the school brooms and the balls. Theyre going to play
snitch-less because snitches are only good for a one time use, and Liam actually doesnt know
where the referee gets them before the game, because theyre definitely not in the box with the rest
of the balls.

I just figured, Louis says while Liam unlocks the shed, that we all need something to do. And
what better than Qudditch, right?

Liam nods. Its a brilliant idea, he agrees, heaving up the large trunk that contains the balls.
Louis doesnt offer to help; Liam didnt really expect him to.

By the time he gets the box out, everyone else is on the field. He doesnt see a single person
missing. Everyone is dressed in weather appropriate gear, given the fact that its snowing lightly
and the wind is a bit strong.

Okay, were going to break up into teams, Louis says, clapping his hands together. Two
captains get to chose from the ground. I appoint myself first captain, and --,

Ill be second captain, Harry cuts in.

Louis glares at him and says, Fine. My first pick is, obviously, Liam.

Liam groans because he wants Zayn, who is standing beside Harry, looking deeply
uncomfortable, on his team, and Harry will obviously pick Zayn next because theyre best friends.

Surprisingly, Harry says, Ill take Roman. Roman is a boy from Slytherin team. Hes a fairly
good beater, too, and Liam knew Harry would chose him, he just figured Harry would pick Zayn

Ill take Warner, Louis says, gesturing to the Hufflepuff boy. Again, he is on an actual
Quidditch team.

Benson, Harry says, picking his other Slytherin classmate.

Next Louis picks the female Gryffindor, and then Harry takes the last Slytherin. At the end Louis
has all the Gryffindors as well as one Hufflepuff. Zayn is the last man. Theyre uneven teams, and
Louis says, Howre we going to decide who gets the extra player?

Harry laughs and says, You can take Zayn. Zayn glares at him for this and moves towards

Prick, Zayn mutters. Cant I just referee?

No, Louis says. We have an advantage now, Im not giving it up.

Youre insane if you think Zayns an advantage, Harry tells him. Liam and Louis both frown at
him, and he adds, Zayn hasnt been on a broom since third year. He hates flying.

Liam gapes at Zayn and Zayn flushes red. So what? he snaps. Its not a big deal.

It is, actually, Louis says, looking at Zayn as if hes an escaped mental patient. How do you
not like flying?

Because I dont, Zayn says roughly. Im not playing. Fuck this.

Hey, Liam says, putting a hand on his waist. No, play. Itll be fun. You-- you can fly on the
back of my broom. Im a great flyer, I promise.

He is, Louis says. Best Ive ever met, considering hes muggleborn and all.

Liam makes a face at him and turns back to Zayn, who still looks more than a little unwilling. He
brushes a hand over Zayns cheek and says, Ill show you how fun it is. Trust me.

Youre not going to let this go, are you? Zayn sighs.

Liam shakes his head, grinning. Quidditch is one of my favourite things, he says. I want to
share that with you.

I hate Qudditch, Zayn grumbles.

Ill make you love it, Liam says. Or Ill try, and if not then Ill bring you back down and you
can referee.

Zayn runs a hand through his hair and then nods. Okay, deal. But we spend the rest of the night
in the library, then.

You and that library, Liam says, shaking his head. He leans into Zayn and adds, too quiet for
anyone else to hear, Afterwards we can clean off together in the prefects bathroom.

Zayn pulls back, lips quirking up. I love Quidditch.

Thats the spirit! Louis says brightly. Everyone get a broom.

Zayn groans and waits outside as Liam gets his own (he actually owns his own, not one of the
school ones. How his parents had bought it for him -- he thinks Louis had something to do with it,
though Louis refuses to answer every time he asks-- he has no idea). When he gets back outside
Zayn is gnawing on his lip, cheeks flushed.

Just get on behind me, Liam says while tucking the broomstick between his legs. Puts your
arms around my waist. As long as you hold on tightly, youll be fine.

Ill be fine, Zayn repeats. Were just, you know, flying so far off the ground that if we fall we
could potentially crack open our skulls and/or break our spines. But itll be fine because its all in
the name of sports .

Youre very sarcastic, Liam notes.

Zayn sticks out his tongue but gets on the back of the broom. He doesnt have his gloves on at the
moment, and Liam thinks thats probably for the best. Itll be easier for him to hold on without
them, which is why Liam takes off his own, too, just so hell be sure to have a good grip on the
broom. Zayns arms wrap tightly around his waist-- almost painfully so-- and Liam shifts a bit to
get comfortable and used to the extra weight on his broom.

You ready? Liam asks.

Zayn presses his face against Liams back. Just do it, Liam.

Liam shakes his head, feeling bad suddenly. If you really dont want to, Im not going to make
you. Its fine if--,

If you dont push off from the ground right now, Liam, I swear--,

Liam grins and does just that, cutting off the rest of Zayns words. Its a little awkward at first,
given the fact that Liam has little to no experience of flying with anyone else -- except that time
when he stayed at Louis house during the summer and he gave one of Louis sisters a ride, but
shed been tiny, and Zayn isnt--, but he gets the hang of it pretty quickly. Hes just got to put a
little more effort into turning, and he has to be careful not to more downwards too fast, because he
tried to tilt the broom down and Zayns extra weight had them zooming towards the ground,
which made Zayn shout out a stream of colourful words that Louis himself would be proud of.

Sorry, sorry, Liam says quickly. Didnt think that through.

He can see Zayn behind him, eyes squeezes closed. Youre a horrible person, Zayn gasps out.
I thought you were a good person, but I was really, really wrong.

Im sorry, Liam says sincerely. Do you want me to put you on the ground?

Zayn shakes his head and breathes deeply. He slowly opens his eyes. No, Ill be fine. Im good.
Just-- dont do that again.

I wont, Liam promises.

They circle around the field a few more times until Liam is fully comfortable and functional with
Zayn behind him, and then Louis starts the game. Its fun. Its not all that competitive. Everyones
mostly just trying to have fun. At one point Liam makes Louis cover his goal so he can show off a
bit and show Zayn that hes not just a good keeper. Hes a fairly good chaser, too, he just doesnt
ever get a chance to play that position because hes better suited to playing goal.

He gets the goal, one of Harrys team mates streaming after the Quaffle after it goes through. Zayn
lets out a loud whoop and then says, Fuck you, Styles! My boyfriend plays better than you with
two to a broom!

Harry flips them off and Liam grins so widely it almost hurts. Next time can I throw it? Zayn
asks as Liam streams towards Roman, who has the Quaffle.

Definitely, Liam agrees. He turns to Karen and says, Get me that Quaffle.

Karen nods and then, with Warners help, she gets the Quaffle and tosses it to Liam, who catches
it and tosses it to Zayn. Then theyre zooming towards Harry again, Liam weaving expertly to
avoid the other team.

Zayn misses but he doesnt care at all, apparently, because he still lets out a proud whoop again
and says, I was close. Next time Ill get it.

By the end of the game no one is playing their specific positions. No one is blocking either goals,
Louis stole a Beater bat from the other team and he and Harry were attacking each other with
Bludgers. Zayn scored more than one goal, but no one was really taking score anymore.
Eventually people start landing, groups of two putting their brooms away and heading back to the
castle, seeking the warmth and probably something to drink and eat.

Zayn and Liam are the last two, with Harry and Louis, both of whom are now struggling to
capture the final bludger. Were heading back up the castle, Liam says, flying by Louis side.
He pulls the keys to the storage shed out of his pocket and says, Lock up when youre done.

Louis nods and holds out his hands for the keys. Instead of tossing him then, Liam grins and drops
them to the ground. Louis calls him a fucker before flying after them.

That wasnt so bad, right? Liam asks when theyre on the ground. Zayn slowly climbs off the
broom and stretches with a wince.

Not so bad, Zayn agrees. Mostly because youre a pretty good flying. Im really, really bad at
it, though. Remember in first year when we all had to take flying lessons? I cried. And then in
third year Harry snuck me out to the pitch and we went for a broom ride, and I flew right into the
Whomping Willow. I spent a week in the infirmary, and today was the first time Ive been on a
broom since that.

You flew into the Whomping Willow? Liam asks, eyes wide. Zayn nods and Liam struggle not
to laugh. He pictures it happening, though, and its really funny. For a moment, but then he
winces and its not funny anymore, because he doesnt really like imagining Zayn getting hurt.

Liam puts the broom away and then, hand in hand, they head for the castle, leaving Louis and
Harry-- who are still in the air-- behind.

Meet you back here after we bring our coats to our rooms? Liam says when they get to the
Great Hall.

Zayn raises his eyebrows. I was promised a bath in the prefects bathroom.

Liam forgot about that, but now that Zayns reminded him, that is a really, really good idea.
Better not break that promise, then, Liam says, stomach twisting in the best possible way.

You also said we could spend the rest of the night in the library, Zayn adds as they head for the
fifth floor.

Liam groans. I did.

And youre going to love every minute of it, Zayn tells him. Ill read to you. Itll be nice.

Liam stops and pulls him into a kiss, mostly because he can, and he likes that. I will, he agrees.
Only because Ill be with you.

Cheesy, babe Zayn points out.

Liam shrugs. You love it.

Zayn doesnt deny it.

When they get to the prefects bathroom, Zayn says the password and they head inside. Liam
shucks off his jacket and then heads for the tub, pausing above the orange bubbles he likes to use
after a good game. Any preferences?
Zayn nods. Use the orange bubbles, he says. Theyre my favourite.

Liam pauses and then looks up at him. Is that why you always smell like citrus?

Zayn frowns. I wasnt aware that I did, but probably.

And you taste like it, too, Liam adds. Do you eat the bubbles?

Zayn makes a face at him and digs around in his pocket. He produces a small, foil wrapped object
and tosses it to Liam, who just catches it before it falls in the tub. He unwraps it, realizing its a
piece of candy, and pops it in his mouth. Of course it tastes like oranges and a little bit like lemon.

What about the smoke? Liam asks while turning on the water.

Zayn shifts uncomfortably. I may have a bad habit, Zayn admits.

Ive never seen you with a cigarette, Liam tells him.

Zayn grins. Not allowed to smoke on school ground, are you? And Id prefer not to get caught.

Smoking is a bad habit, and Liam doesnt understand it. But he pictures Zayn with a cigarette
dangling from his fingers, a cloud of smoke surrounding him, and maybe its not such a disgusting
habit after all.

Do you have a smoking kink? Zayn asks, snapping Liam out of the fantasy.

No, Liam says, turning back to the tub. He twists the knob for the orange bubbles and then
straightens up and tugs off his shirt. You know were probably breaking, like, ten school rules
right now.

Were in a bathroom, Zayn points out while kicking off his shoes. Whos going to catch us in

They both look at each other for a moment before saying, at the same time, Louis.

He doesnt have the password, though, Liam adds. He grins. Thats why this place is my safe
haven. I always come here after a game to relax.

Really, Zayn says. He pulls off his shirt and Liam pauses to admire him because, really, theres
a lot to admire. But then Zayn is tugging off his pants, too, and Liam looks away, unbuttoning his
own pants.

By the time hes naked Zayn still has his boxers on. Liam is more than comfortable with his body,
especially considering the way that Zayn looks at him like he should be. Zayn, on the other hand,
is blushing a bit.

You realize Ive seen you naked before, right? Liam says, sinking down onto the ledge of the

I know that, Zayn says somewhat defensively. But both of those times were when we were
caught up in the moment. This is different.

How so? Liam asks, sliding into the tub. Its just the right temperature, not too warm, and he
settles into the soothing water.

Because you were touching me then, Zayn points out. Now youre not.
I could be, Liam points out.

Zayn rolls his eyes and then says, Turn around and Ill get in.

Liam complies instantly. He turns and cover his eyes, too. A moment later he hears Zayn get in,
and then Zayn is at his back, kissing his neck. We should do this all the time, he says. I like
you covered in bubbles.

Liam turns around and kisses him. His arms go around Zayns neck, hands fisting in his hair, lips
parting. Its a slow, warm kiss, the kind that seems fitting at the moment. He can feel Zayn
hardening against his leg, knows hes in the same position, but neither of them are rushing towards
anything more just yet.

I sort of always want to be touching you, Zayn says against his lips. I cant stop. His hands
slide up Liams sides, down his back, cup his ass, over his thighs.

No ones going to make you any time soon, Liam tells him.

Zayn grins. Good.

Its mostly an innocent bath, until Zayn pushes Liam up against the side of the tub and grins
against him while sucking a mark onto the spot where his neck meets his shoulder. After that it
becomes decidedly less innocent.

Liam wakes up on Christmas Eve feeling melancholy. Louis isnt in a much better mood, either,
and he doesnt even really have the energy to get up and head down to the Great Hall, or to go see
Zayn, which normally hed be rushing to do. Instead he changes into a clean pair of sweat pants,
an old t-shirt, and then he and Louis curl up in the common room on the sofa, Louis head on his
chest. They bribe their housemates into bringing them breakfast and lunch, and they mostly just
stay like that for a while.

My mums probably making cookies right now, Louis say wistfully. And the girl will beg to
help, but theyll end up eating half of the dough raw, even though mum scolds them for it.

Liam brushes a hand through Louis hair. We can go make cookies in the kitchen if you want.
Consider it my birthday present to you.

Louis sits up, eyes wide. Really?

Liam nods. Im sure we could.

Louis kisses him sloppily on the cheek. Have I told you lately that I love you?

Liam grins. No. Nice to hear it sometimes, though.

Well, I love you, Louis says, standing up. Now get up, cookie time. And then afterwards you
can go see your boyfriend, because I have a feeling youve been itching to do so for the last hour.
You and Malik are so clingy, honestly.

Liam makes a face at him. Were not clingy.

You are, Louis tells him. Its okay, though. Youre sort of good together, you know. And its
about fucking time, considering how long the two of youve been in love with each other.

I think I might really be, you know, Liam says softly, looking down at his hands. Be in love
with him, I mean.

Louis falls back onto the couch, looking like he was hit by a train. Well fuck, Louis says.
Thats kind of a big deal.

Yeah, Liam agree.

Not fair, Louis sighs. Youre all in love, and I cant even get a date.

Liam lets out a loud breath. You could, youre just picky. You and I both know that youve been
asked out several times this year alone. You just always say no.

Im holding out for the right one, Louis says easily. Im not picky, Im -- yeah, Im picky.
Nothing wrong with knowing what you want and not settling for less.

And what do you want? Liam questions.

Louis shrugs. Someone whos attractive and funny. Whos nice, but not too nice, you know?
Theyd have to be able to sass me right back or Id get bored. And hed have to have nice eyes
and legs. And good hair, too. And theyd have to be interested in the things I like, like Quidditch,
and myself. Theyd have to laugh at my jokes even if theyre not funny, but just because they
want to make me feel good about myself. And theyd have to give good foot massages. Oh, and
Id like abs, too, but thats not a deal breaker. Just a preference.

Liam raises his eyebrows an falls back against the back of the sofa. I should have gotten you a
cat for Christmas, he tells Louis, because youre going to be waiting for the perfect person for a
long time with a list like that.

Louis sighs. I know, he agrees. Anyways, you promised me cookies, I want cookies. And Im
going to make an entire bowl of dough and bring it back up here for dinner. And no, Liam, you
cannot stop me. Its Christmas eve and I want cookie dough for dinner. Dont you take this away
from me.

Liam lifts his hands defensively. I wouldnt dare try.

When they get back to the common room, Liam is covered in flour (not from the actual baking,
but from Louis being an asshole) and Louis with an entire bowl of cookie dough and a spoon, just
like hed promised.

Youre going to get sick, Liam tells him.

Dont care, Louis says, spooning another bite into his mouth. If I die, I will have died a sugary,
chocolately, buttery death, and that is all I could ask for in life.

Liam rolls his eyes and reaches for a finger of dough, but something hitting the window to his left
stops him. He frowns and then, a moment later, another snowball hits the window and he gets up
to investigate.

Zayn is standing outside in just a t-shirt, arms crossed, rocking back on his heels. Harry is beside
him, dressed in much of the same.

The Fat Lady wouldnt let us knock on the door, Zayn shouts. Spend the rest of the night with

Liam grins and shakes his head when Harry produces a bottle of vodka from his jacket. Ill wait
outside the door for you.

Zayn grins and then he and Harry hurry off towards the door. Liam shuts the window again and
rubs his arms, which are cold from the air that had been blowing in through the window. Louis is
leaning over the back of the couch, bowl of dough in his hands. Who wazat? he asks through a
mouthful of dough.

Zayn and Harry are coming in, Liam explains. Is that okay?

Louis falls back onto the couch, still not sitting properly because hes kneeling on his knees, but
its Louis so, really, this is as good as hes going to get. Thats fine, he say offhandedly. Sure.
No problem.

As promised, Liam waits outside the portrait for Zayn. The Fat Lady lectures him on having a
Slytherin and Ravenclaw in, but Liam reminds her of the time shed let Harry in with Leanne, and
she shuts up instantly.

Zayn climbs the stairs by himself, a book in his hands. He kisses Liam on the cheek -- which the
Fat Lady coos at-- and then says, Sorry, Harrys getting something. Hell be a minute.

Liam shrugs. Thats fine. We werent really doing anything anyways. Well, I wasnt. Louis
finishing off an entire bowl of cookie dough.


Liam nods solemnly. Its like watching the discovery channel.

Zayn frowns at him. The what?

Its a-- never mind, Liam says, remembering that Zayn was born into a wizarding family,
therefore he has no idea about certain things that are common knowledge for Liam. Its just
disturbing, lets say that.

Okay, Zayn says, chuckling.

Harry arrives a few minutes later, a chess board under one arm, the bottle of vodka in one hand, a
bag in the other, and a cookie in his mouth. House elves made cookies, he says through the food
in his mouth.

No they didnt, Liam corrects. Louis and I did.

Harry frowns and chews, and then says, But these are really good.

Id offer you some dough, Liam tells him, but youd have to literally pry it from Louis cold,
dead fingers. He turns to the Fat Lady. Nutcracker.

The door opens and they all head inside. Louis is no longer on the couch. Instead he is spread out
on the floor, on his back, bowl of cookie dough on his stomach, spoon in hand. Mistakes have
been made, Louis groans. So much cookie dough. I think its leaking from my orifices.

Told you so, Liam says.

Happy birthday, Louis, Harry says. He drops his bag on the floor, places the chess board on one
of the tables, and then bends down over Louis and scoops up a finger of dough. He sucks it into
his mouth and says, Play you for the rest of the bowl?

Louis sits up and cradles the cookie dough to his chest. Youre on, Slytherin.

Liam and Zayn lounge on the couch, Zayns head in Liams lap. He plays with Zayns hair while
Zayn reads to him, some old, classic novel that hes only interested in because he likes to listen to
Zayn talk. Louis wins the first game of chess, but Harry challenges him to a best two out of thee
and winds up victories. Afterwards they break out the vodka and the bottles of butterbeer, which
Harry mixes together. Liam only sips his, and Zayn does the same, but Harry and Louis both
drink like theyre dehydrated.

Liam has completely forgotten his bad mood, and what caused it, until Zayn breathes against his
neck, Merry Christmas, Li. Hes still missing home, and his parents, but he decides that this isnt
a bad alternative at all.

By the time the bottle is nearly empty, Liam only has a nice buzz going. Nothing too strong, his
vision is only slightly blurry, and he just feels nice and warm. Louis is off his ass, though, and
Harrys not looking much better. Theyre clinging to each other and singing some Wizarding carol
that Liam doesnt recognize, but Zayn does because he hums it softly under his breath.

Hes not so bad, Liam decides, nodding his head at Harry.

Zayn grins at him. Youre not so bad, he says.

Im glad you think so, Liam snorts.

Zayn nuzzles closer to him. He smells faintly of alcohol, and when his lips ghost over Liams the
smell get more intense. Can I stay here tonight? he whispers. I dont want to be alone in my

Of course, Liam says instantly. He rubs a hand up and down Zayns back.

Zayn ducks his head into the crook of Liams neck and yawns. Can we go to bed now, then?

Liam chuckles but nods. Sure.

Carry me?

Liam shakes his head. Youre very demanding.

m just tired, Zayn replies, punctuating his words with another yawn. Harry, were heading to

Harry shrugs and says, Okay. Night.

If youre going to have sex lock the door, Louis tells them. If its locked I wont come in.

Liam makes a face at him and then grips Zayns thighs and lifts him. Zayn is heavier than he
looks, considering the fact that he looks pretty freaking thin. Liam stumbles, nearly drops him, and
then Zayn wiggles out of his arms and says, It would be a lot less romantic if you dropped me.
Im good to walk.

Liam puts a hand around his waist instead. When they get to his room he offers Zayn a pair of
sweatpants to sleep in. Zayn takes them and changes, and then Liam gets the light and they fall
into bed.
Night, Li, Zayn says. He has an arm over Liams waist, and Liam has a leg thrown over his hip.

Night, he answers.


Liam wakes up with to Louis jumping on top of him. Christmas! Louis shouts. Wake up, wake

Louis, Liam groans. You are eighteen years old. Stop acting like youre five.

Go fuck yourself, Louis says brightly. And get up.

Liam, Zayn groans from beside him. He has his head tucked against Liams chest, and his eyes
are closed, eyebrows drawn together. Make him stop.

Youre in my room, Louis points out.

Zayns fingers curl into Liams shirt. m gonna kill your roommate, babe.

Okay, Liam agrees.

Something hits him in the head and he groans. Zayn pulls the blanket up over his face and says,
Not getting up. Dont make me.

You are both aware of the presents , right? Louis asks.

Liam doesnt care about presents. He cares about sleep. And the sleeping boy beside him. And
cuddling with said boy and going back to sleep. Shut up, Louis.

Louis sighs deeply. Youre both extremely boring. Merry Christmas. Go back to sleep. Well
open presents later.

I suddenly love you, Zayn mumbles as Liam climbs under the covers again, pressing his chest
against Zayns.

I still hate you, Louis answers.

He lets them get another hour or so of sleep, though, and the next time that Liam blinks open his
eyes, its because he can smell eggs and toast and roasted potatoes. He sits up, rubbing at his eyes,
and inhales deeply.

Going to have to get out of bed to eat it, Louis says, holding a tray of food. And then we open

Liam crawls to the end of the bed and attempts to reach the food on the plates, but Louis steps
backwards and Liam sighs, collapsing onto the mattress, arm hanging off. Give me the toast,
Liam orders.

Rude. Where are your manners, Liam? I thought you were a well brought up gentleman.

Liam rolls onto his back and frowns up at Louis. Im too tired for manners. And hungry. Ill be a
gentleman later.
Do I smell muffins? Zayn says, sitting up. His hair is a rumbled, dishevelled mess, and theres a
crease on his cheek from the pillow. His lips are puffy and pouting a bit, and his clothes are
wrinkled. He looks, in all honesty, like the best thing Liam has ever woken up to on Christmas

There is a plethora of breakfast foods, Louis taunts, biting on a crispy piece of bacon. Liam
whimpers. But you two will have to get out of bed to have it.

Zayn moans and crawls over Liams body, hand outstretched. Give me the muffin, Louis.

Get out of bed, Louis replies.

Zayn collapses on top of Liam in defeat.

You two really are made for each other, Louis comments, sinking onto his bed. He cheerfully
eats his bacon while Liam contemplates how to get the food without leaving the bed.

Zayn apparently knows how to do this, because he reaches for his wand on Liams bedside table
and says, Accio muffin. The muffin zooms across the room and he catches it, leaning up above
Liam while he bites it. He offers Liam some and Liam lifts his head only enough to sink his teeth
into the warm, buttery muffin. He moans and falls back against the bed afterwards.

Jesus, Louis breathes. That is some serious acts of laziness. Im both impressed and mildly

Zayn falls off Liam and rolls onto his back, too. Muffin, he says happily.

Louis rolls his eyes and gets up. He removes a plate from the tray and then places the tray on
Liams beside table. I shouldnt be enabling this, but there you go, he tells them. Hurry up and
eat. I have presents to open.

Zayns breakfast consists of nothing but muffins. He eats four of them. Liam, on the other hand,
eats bacon and eggs and toast and potatoes and a muffin, too. When theyre done they both move
towards the end of the bed. There are two separate piles of presents there, one with Zayns name
written on them, the others with Liams.

Holy crap, Liam says, eying Louis pile. Someone got spoiled this year.

Louis shakes his head and picks up an entire bag of presents that arent wrapped. These arent
gifs, he says. These are supplies for the list.

Supplies for the list?

A tent, Louis explains, pulling it out. Spend an entire night in the forbidden forest . Im not
doing that without somewhere to sleep. And then a few other things.

Oh, Liam says, frowning. I dont remember reading that one.

Well, its on there. I figure well go as soon as the snows melted, Louis explains.

Liam nods and reaches for one of his presents. Zayns parents have a lot of money, Liam learns.
All of his presents are definitely expensive. Liams, on the other hand, have a more personal feel.
They might not have broken the bank, but they were all things he really wanted. Louis acts like a
child, ripping his wrapping paper off his gifts and tossing it around the room in abandon.
By the time theyre finished Liam is ready to go back to bed. Zayn looks like he feels the same
way as he pops one of his orange candies (which hed gotten a bag of from his parents) into his
mouth. Nap? he suggests.

Are you serious? Louis asks, looking between the two of them.

Dead serious, Liam says.

Louis rolls his eyes. Whatever. Ill be down in the common room, trying to find someone who
doesnt suck to spend time with.

Good luck with that, Liam tells him while stealing one of Zayns candies. Zayn slaps his hand
for it and unwraps it himself, and then Liam opens his mouth and Zayn places it on his tongue.

Yep, definitely leaving, Louis says.

Liam grins and doesnt move his eyes from Zayn as the door to the room closes behind Louis. He
leans forward and kisses Zayn softly. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Zayn says back. He tugs Liam down on top of him. I could get used to
waking up and spending the day in bed with you.

Stay here tonight, then, Liam suggests.

I just might, Zayn agrees. He hugs Liam to him, and Liam doesnt even attempt to get away. I
want to sleep but I really want to kiss you.

Liam leans up and kisses him slowly. You can kiss me more later, he bargains.

Okay, Zayn agrees, breaking off with a yawn. Good idea.


The rest of the day is spent mostly in bed, except for dinner. They go down to the Great Hall
when Louis threatens to literally light Liams bed on fire if he and Zayn dont get out of it. Liams
glad that he did, though, because the Great Hall is decked out completely for a Christmas feast.
Gone are the four house tables; instead, theres one long table for everyone, and its covered in
impossible amounts of food. Liams a bit overwhelmed as he sits between Louis and Zayn, not
sure where to start.

Harry ends up sitting with them, too, beside Zayn. The professors sit with them as well, and its
just sort of nice and intimate and completely different to every other feast Liams had in the castle.

By the end of the week Liam decides to put this one near the top of the list of best holidays ever. If
it werent for Louis and Zayn it would have been terrible. But he has really great people in his life,
and he cant really ask for more than that.

Niall comes back a few days later, and Louis and Liam both envelope him in a hug. Missed
you, Liam says. Liams a dictator and a little bitch, I need someone with balls to fuck shit up
with me, Louis says.

Niall mutters, fuckers and then hugs them back. Thanks for the presents, by the way. My mum
wasnt too happy with that dick shaped lollipops though.

Louis fakes a shocked look. She obviously doesnt appreciate beautiful art.

Niall shakes his head and hands one of his bags to Liam. Carry this for me? Liam nods and they
head towards the castle. Its been weirdly warm for the last two days, and some of the snow has
melted, leaving the grounds a gross, slushy mess. Liams shoes are soaked by the time they get
inside. So whatd you to get up to while I was gone?

Well, Louis starts, cocking his head to the side, that is a long story that includes a lot of really
disgustingly mushy Zayn and Liam stuff, as well as an overdose on cookie dough, and more time
spent in Harry Styles presence than I thought would be possible without killing him.

That probably has to do with the fact that you want to fuck him, Niall tells him.

Louis stops dead and his eyes widen. What-- I-- why-- Niall .

Liam grins. You know you do, Lou.

I-- I-- well, yes, but honestly you cant blame me for that, Louis says hotly. Have you looked at
him? Hes like-- awkward because hes sort of a freak of nature with that hair and those long
limbs, but hes also incredibly attractive and-- no. Im not having this conversation. Not
happening. I would never. My body having a physical reaction and me even considering acting on
those desires are two very different things that are not at all related.

Okay, Liam and Niall both say, knowing that if they push this any farther Louis will either kill
them or rant to them for so long that theyll wish he would just get on with it.

What about you? Louis snaps at Niall. Youve been running after Cher for years. Dont you
think its about time to get a more realistic goal?

Niall shrugs. No, he says easily. Considering the fact that Cher agreed to go to Hogsmeade
with me on the next trip.

Louis gapes at him. Liam pats Nialls shoulder and says, Congratulations, mate.

Louis groans loudly and walks away from them.


Classes start up against and things return to normal. Liam enjoyed the holidays, but there was
something easier about having a structured week, as opposed to endless days with nothing
planned, that he preferred. Plus, all the extra homework meant that Liam had an excuse to spend
endless amounts of time with Zayn in the library. Honestly, Liam think hes spent more time in the
library in the last couple moths than he has in the six previous years at Hogwarts combined.

Whats the most defining quality of Rowan wood wands? Liam asks, pen poised above his

Zayn lifts his eyes only long enough to say, Im not doing your homework for you, Liam.

Liam sighs and then smirks and rubs his socked foot up Zayns leg. What if I said there was
something in it for you?

Zayn swallows. He doesnt fall for it, though. Instead he says, You finish that in the next half an
hour and Ill suck you off right here, with you in that chair and me on my knees.

Liam absently presses a finger to the mark on his collar, just under his shirt, that Zayn had given
him two days ago that still hasnt faded. Zayn fucking Malik is honestly going to be the death of
him. And hes also going to be the reason why Liam passes all of his classes.

Deal, Liam says, pulling his textbook towards him.

He really, really hates homework, but somehow its worth it when, forty minutes later, Zayns hair
is a dishevelled mess, his cheeks are flushed and hollowed out, and his lips are spread around
Liams cock. Liam tries to pay attention to the world around them to make sure that someone
doesnt somehow stumble upon them (though Liam has only ever seen one other student at this
side of the library in all the time theyve spent here), but its sort of impossible with the way
Zayns working his tongue over him as he pulls up.

Come on, Li, Zayn urges, stroking him quick and hard. Ive still got a half page essay to write.
And the longer this takes the bigger chance of us getting caught.

You really-- know how to-- talk dirty-- dont you? Liam gasps out.

Zayn snorts and releases him, standing up. Liam lets out an embarrassingly needy sound at the
lack of contact, but then Zayn is straddling him (the chair creaks under their combined wait, and
Liam wonders in the back of his mind if itll break, and then decides that he probably wouldnt
even notice if it did) and unbuttoning his own pants.

Come one, Li, he says again, but this time hes grabbing Liams hand and then, instead of
placing it on his own erection, he curls Liams fingers around Liams cock and then does the same
to himself. Liam hesitates for a moment but then Zayn is fisting himself and panting into Liams
shoulder, and its possibly the second hottest thing Liams ever witnessed (because nothing will
ever compare to the way Zayn looks when he comes, most likely).

Theres something completely filthy about the whole thing, given the fact that theyre in the library
for fuck sake, and all he can hear is Zayns panting and his own heavy breathes, and the loud
sound of skin on skin. Liam comes first, pulling Zayn into a biting kiss and tugging at his hair with
his free hand because Zayn likes it, and he sort of likes it, too. Zayn comes a moment later with a
broken sound against Liams neck.

Afterwards, when theyre struggling to get back into their work, Zayn says, That was a seriously
bad idea. I dont think Im going to be able to look at the library for a week without getting hard.

Liam smiles happily at him.

February brings his next Quidditch game. Liam spends more time on the pitch than in the castle on
the week leading up to it, he thinks, but its worth it because they completely dominate with an
astounding lead of 375 to 90 when they win. He and Zayn use the secret passage way to sneak
out to Hogsmeade for a celebratory dinner, and its just nice . And Liam is so, completely fallen
for him already, but he cant tell Zayn that yet. He doesnt know why, it just doesnt ever feel like
the right time, and it just wouldnt be enough. Those three words just dont do what hes feeling
justice, and to say them would almost sound too lame and not good enough.

By April theyre close to finishing off the list. Louis is counting them down each time they cross a
new one off, until they only have a handful left. Theyre in the lead, currently, but a week ago the
Slytherins were winning. Really, it could be either ones victory at this point.

Its in May when things start to go wrong with Zayn. Not with him and Zayn. Just with Zayn .
They have their N.E.W.T.s -- which is a series of impossibly hard tests that pretty much dictate
whether or not theyll be able to apply for almost any job in the future-- coming up, and Zayn is
sort of freaking out about the whole thing. Liam barely sees him and, honestly, hed be fine with
this if it was just because Zayn was focusing on work. He truly wants whats best for Zayn in life,
and if that means only seeing him in potions for weeks straight, thats fine for him. But when he
does see Zayn, the other boy looks thin and worn out and lost, and Liam feels helpless because he
knows hes freaking out about the upcoming tests.

It isnt until Harry approaches him that Liam realizes just how bad it is. He rarely sleeps, Harry
tells him. Theyre in an abandoned classroom because Harry had dragged him inside while Liam
was on his way to Care of Magical Creatures. He rarely eats. All he does is study and take notes
and its freaking me out, Liam.

Liam sighs and rubs a hand through his hair, which is getting a bit longer now, but is still fairly
short. I didnt realize he wasnt sleeping or eating, Liam says quietly. I mean, I know hes
working himself hard, I just didnt realize-- to what extent, you know?

I know, Harry agrees. He leans against a desk and says, Im sort of really happy that youre
together, you know that, right?

Liam frowns at him. I didnt, but, um, thank you.

Harry rolls his eyes. I just think that youre good for him. And youre sort of a good guy, you
know? So anyways, I figured youd be able to fix this. Help him. God knows Ive tried, but he
just waves me off like its not a big deal.

Liam racks his brain, trying to think of a way to get Zayn to relax, when it hits him. This
weekend, Liam says. I have an idea, but its-- its sort of sneaky and morally wrong on several
levels, and hes going to be pissed at us at first, for sure, but--,

Harry cuts him off with a wave of his hand. You had me at morally wrong, he says, grinning.
Tell me what to do.

Liam explains and Harry nods along. I can do that, he says at the end. I can definitely do that.
What time on Friday?

As soon as class ends? Liam offers. I think its best to get him relaxed as soon as possible.

Harry nods. Well be there, then.

Wait, youre going to stay too? Liam asks, raising his eyebrows.

Harry smirks at him. You think Im going to miss a weekend of watching Louis Tomlinson
attempt to camp ? Not likely.

Liam shakes his head but Harrys already leaving the room, and Liam, behind. After his last class
he finds Louis and Niall both, asking them for help. Louis agrees without question (probably
because Liam leaves out the part where Harry has a large part in this) and Niall agrees, too, on the
condition that Cher can come with them. Liam nods, not caring because he likes Cher.

Come Friday Liam is really seeing what Harry said. Zayn is restless and jumpy in class, and his
eyes are fever bright. The only thing Liams seen him consume the entire day is coffee, which he
gets from the Great Hall at breakfast and lunch and dinner before darting off for the library or his
common room or wherever else it is Zayn goes to study.

Hey, Liam says, rubbing a hand over Zayns arm. You okay, babe?

Zayns head jerks up and he nods quickly before saying, Im good. Why do you ask?

Liam rubs his cheek, not caring that theyre in class. You look tired, Zayn.

Zayn shakes his head, grinning widely. It looks wrong, though. Nope. Just a bit stressed, you
know, with the NEWTs coming up. Ill be fine a soon as theyre done. Dont worry about it.

Like hell , Liam thinks. Instead he says, Okay.

He skips his last class of the day to meet up with Niall and Louis. They sneak off the grounds with
Louis tent in hand, making their way towards the forbidden forest.

You know, Niall says as they walk, its forbidden for a reason, right? Like, theres some crazy
ass shit in here?

Scared? Louis asks, waggling his eyebrows.

No, just stating facts, Niall says with a shrug. m more worried about you, actually. Didnt
think you could handle living without running water and every piece of clothing in your wardrobe
within a few feet of you.

Louis rolls his eyes. You both act like Im some spoiled, stuck up person, Louis says as they
head into the forest.

Honestly, Nialls probably right to be a bit hesitant about spending the night in the forest. There
really are dangerous things inside, not to mention the fact that theyre breaking school rules just
stepping foot inside, and actually spending the entire night in the forest is breaking about fifteen.
Its all for a good cause, though, because Zayn needs a break. And itll check one of the last things
off the list.

They dont move very far into the forest. Liam suggests that they only go in deep enough that they
can light a fire without getting seen, but that they could easily get back onto the school grounds if
needed. They find a small area with barely any trees, more than enough space for them to set up
the tent and then, later, to make a fire pit.

Louis drops the bag with the tent on the ground and then starts pulling it out. He uses his wand to
set it up, and then Liam pulls back the flap and gapes inside.

I know, were really going to be roughing it, Louis says, shaking his head as he moves inside
the tent.

Liam has been inside enchanted tents before. Hed went to the Quidditch World Cup with Niall
and his family, and theyd slept in a tent then. Itd been about the size of Louis on the outside, but
on the inside it had been impossibly large. There had been two separate bedrooms, as well as a
bathroom and a mini kitchen. Louis tent, on the other hand, is possibly more luxurious than
Liams whole house. Theres a fully furnished living room with a comfortable looking sofa as well
as a white, padded throw rug. Moving father inside he finds a kitchen that is about the same size
as Liams kitchen at home, as well as a bathroom with a sink that works as long as you cast a spell
on it first. Then there are the separate bedrooms. There are four of them. The biggest one has a set
of bunk beds inside, as well as a few toys that must belong to Louis sisters. Then there are two
guest bedrooms that are medium sized with comfortable looking beds -- with bed frames and
everything. Finally theres the master bedroom, which has a king sized bed and a dresser.

This is ridiculous, Liam tells him.

Louis frowns. What do you mean?

I mean when muggles go camping, they sleep in a tent that is literally as big on the inside as it
looks on the outside, they sleep in sleeping bags, which, since you probably dont know, are sort
of like blankets that zip up. And there is no bathroom or separate bedrooms or sofas.

Louis gapes at him. Why would anyone want to camp like that?

Liam shakes his head. Youre missing the whole point of being in the wilderness if you take the
comforts of home with you.

I never claimed to want to spend time in the wilderness, Louis points out.

This thing work? Niall asks, picking up a radio. Probably. Good luck getting a signal out here,

Niall taps the radio with his wand, and a moment later the tent fills with music that is a bit tiny and
static filled. Liam lets out an exasperated sigh and leaves the tent. Harry should be arriving any
time with Zayn, and Liam wants to be there to take the brute end of Zayns anger at Harry for
dragging him out here.

Just as expected, Zayns voice proceeds him. Put me the fuck down Harry, I will throttle you, I
swear to fucking god.

When Harry comes through a set of trees, Zayn literally suspended upside down in the air, being
guided by Harrys wand, Liam says, That wasnt part of the plan.

Zayn twists feebly in the air. Liam? he asks, eyes wide. You had a part of this?

Put him down, Harry, Liam says.

Harry shrugs and drops his wand. Zayn collapses onto the ground in a heap. Harry snorts and
says, Youre so dramatic, Zayn. Liam, on the other hand, runs to his side to help him up.

Zayn pushes him away as soon as hes on his feet. He doesnt look happy at all. Do you think
this is funny? he asks Liam, and then Harry. I need to--,

You dont need to anything, Harry tells him. I talked to your teachers. Any work you have due
on Monday can be handed in later in the week. Were worried about you, you dick. You need to

I really dont, Zayn says defensively, taking a step backwards. Im fine. I just actually care
about passing my classes, unlike everyone else apparently.
Dont lash out, Liam pleads. He moves towards Zayn and Zayn steps back again. Liam doesnt
let him win, though. He grabs Zayns hand and says, Come on. Walk with me.

Zayn glares at him for a moment before reluctantly agreeing. Fine, he snaps.

Zayns hand is limp in his as they move through the trees. Liam makes a point of leading them
farther away from the castle, instead of towards it, and Zayn sees to have no idea where theyre
going anyways.

Can I just suggest something? Liam asks.

No ones stopping you, Zayn says.

Liam realizes that the stress has done more than just effect his appearance, because Zayns not
usually this cold towards him. You need a break, babe, Liam tells him. Just spend the weekend
with us. No homework. No worrying. No studying. No revising. Just -- a nice, relaxing time. Two
days. Thats all I ask for.

I cant, Zayn tells him. Dont you get that? This is important. I cant just slack off for two

Zayn, Liam says quietly. Youll be okay if you take two days to recuperate. Fuck, I think itll
help with everything, even. You cant expect to do well if youre collapsing in the middle of the
test. And-- youre freaking me out, Zayn. I dont like seeing you like this.

Zayn stops and he turns to Liam, dropping his hand. He falls against Liams chest, hands fisted in
Liams shirt. Im sorry, Zayn says, voice muffled. Im sorry, Liam, I really am. I just-- I have to
do okay, you know? I have to. If not-- itll all of been for nothing. Our whole lives depend on
these fucking tests, and its-- its freaking me out.

Liam tries to rub soothing circles onto his back. Its fine, Liam assures him. And youre going
to do fine. He pushes Zayn back just enough that he can look into Zayns eyes. Seriously.
Youre brilliant, you realize that, right? Like-- really, really smart, sometimes it intimidates the hell
out of me because youre so far out of my league with everything.

Zayn snorts, like Liam is ridiculous. Im really not.

You really are, though, Liam tells him.

Zayn sighs and steps out of Liams arms. Just for tonight and tomorrow night? Liam nods.
Fine. But thats it. He cocks his head to the side. Is this for that stupid list?

No, Liam says. Okay, partially, possibly, but its mostly because I miss you, and not just
because youre busy all the time, but because you havent really been you in the past couple of

Ill try not to let it happen again, Zayn says. I just-- I tend to get really obsessive when it comes
to exams and tests. These are literally the biggest exams of our lives . Im really surprised that Im
the only one having a breakdown.

Youre not, Liam says instantly. Louis screamed into a bowl of cereal three days ago, and Niall
literally walked out of History the other day. You just need to have a good blow up and then
youll be fine.

A blow up, Zayn repeats.

To let off steam, Liam explains. Its healthy.

Im not really the blowing up type, Zayn says warily.

I know, Liam replies. Thats why were camping.

Zayn grins and this time he actually does tell Liam how ridiculous he is. Liam doesnt care
because Zayn is smiling genuinely again, and that is a victory all in its own.

When they get back to camp Cher is there with Niall, and the two of them are arguing over a bag
of marshmallows. Louis and Harry are both inside the tent, each on a different end of the sofa.
Well, Harry is sitting at one end of the sofa. Louis is sitting on one end of the sofa, perched on the
arm rest like a bird because Louis doesnt understand how furniture works.

Zayn, Harry says when they walk in, jumping up. He turns to Liam. You convinced him,

Ive kind of got a weak spot where this one is concerned, and you know that, Zayn tells Harry.

Harry grins and hugs him. Louis watches this with an affectionate look on his face until he realizes
what hes doing, and then he schools his face into a look of disgust and annoyance that Liam isnt
buying at all.

So, camping, Zayn says when Harry releases him. What does that entail, exactly?

There are several answers to this, apparently, including making smores, telling horror stories
(Harry attempts to and, after a fifteen minute story that seemed to have no end, Louis cut him off
and started one of his own) as well as cuddling under the stars (mostly just for Liam and Zayn,
though Cher and Niall sit outside with them for a bit, too) and also a lot of kissing, from literally
everyone, which Liam discovers when he goes to gets an extra chocolate bar for smores from the
kitchen and finds Louis against the counter, Harry pressing him up against it.

Liam backs away from them as slowly as he can, trying not to make too much noise, but then
Zayn comes up behind him and says, Niall wants a bottle of butterbeer, too.

Harry and Louis jump apart, and Zayn gapes at them. Harrys lips are red and Louis hair is a
mess, and his tie is completely undone.

I was choking, Louis gasps out. He was-- giving me-- CPR.

Liam covers his face with his hand and drags Zayn from the room, waiting until theyre far away
to burst into laughter because Louis would have probably punched him if he had done it in front
of him.

Thats new, Zayn says when Liam stops. Sort of been waiting for that to happen for years,

Liam looks up at him, eyebrows drawing together. Seriously? I kept waiting for them to kill each
other, not kiss each other.

Zayn shrugs and wraps his arms around Liams waist, hand going in his back pocket. Harrys
sort of been in love with Louis for, like, ever. But he pretends that he hates him.


Because both of our best friends are idiots, Zayn supplies. He was giving me CPR .
Point taken, Liam says.

They head back outside to find Niall and Cher attached at the lips. Is this how everyone feels
around us? Zayn asks, tilting his head to the side as he watches them.

Probably, Liam admits. He turns to Zayn and says, Want to head to bed instead? You could
probably use an entire nights sleep.

Zayn nods slowly. I think Ive slept a total of fifteen hours in the last week. Maybe less.

No more, Liam tells him, guiding Zayn back into the tent. Okay?

Okay, Zayn agrees. Start spending time with me in the library again?

Liam nearly pauses on the way to the smallest guest bedroom. Are you sure? You kicked me out
for distracting you.

Zayn shrugs and pushes open the flap of the door to the room. Sort of good to have a distraction
every once in a while, maybe.

There isnt any light in the room, and neither he nor Zayn bother to light their wands to see their
way around. Liam instead shucks off his shirt and pants, and the pulls off Zayns in the dark until
theyre both in just their boxers. He pulls Zayn over to the bed, tucks back the blanket, and then
gently pushes him down onto it before crawling over him to get in on the other side.

Zayn yawns loudly beside him and rolls over to face him. Liam traces Zayns features with his
fingers before saying, very quietly, Im kind of in love with you.

Zayn lets out an amused sound and moves closer. Ive sort of been in love with you for years.

No, not-- I mean, Im really, truly in love with you. Everything about you. All of you. I just--
dont even know how to explain it because it feels like so much, Liam says softly.

Liam, Zayn says gently. Youre the greatest thing Ive ever had, okay? You dont have to
explain it because I know exactly what you mean.

Liam kisses him then because he figures that Zayn really doesnt, but he doesnt want to say that.
He doesnt want to ruin this. But then Zayn kisses him so slowly and tenderly that Liam thinks
maybe, possibly, he actually does get it.

I--, Zayn yawns, love you--, another yawn, too. Lots. And sleep. I love you and sleep. I
want both. Right now.

Liam lays his head on Zayns chest and lets him have both, though Zayns sort of always had him,
long before this.


The rest of the weekend is spent relaxing. Theres enough supplies in Louis ridiculous tent that
they dont have to leave the forest. Liam forces Zayn to stay relaxing almost the whole day. He
gets Zayn his food and rubs his shoulders and kisses his neck and slowly, Zayn starts to look more
like himself. His skin doesnt look at ashen, and there arent bags under his eyes anymore.
By the time the weekend is over, Zayn is back to the Zayn that Liam loves, and Liams just
grateful that their plan had worked.

Thank you, Zayn says as they head back up to the castle on Sunday. Really, Liam, I needed

Anytime, Liam says easily. He bumps his shoulder into Zayns. Seriously. Any time. Lean on
me whenever you need to, okay?

Okay, Zayn agrees.

Of course, Zayn still throws himself back into his work as soon as he can, but he doesnt go so
overboard with it. If Liam or Harry find that hes spent more than five hours straight in the library,
one of them go and drag him out. Liam finds himself spending a lot more time with Harry than he
ever thought he would, and he really doesnt mind the Slytherin so much anymore.

He and Louis and Niall have all let their guard down, which is probably why, a few days later at
lunch, when Harry offers Louis a chocolate, Louis takes it. And then, a few moments later, his
eyes glaze over and Harry starts cackling.

Zayn, Louis breathes, and Liam stiffens because he loves Louis, he does, but he does not want
his best mate talking to his boyfriend in that kind of voice.

Zayn groans loudly and throws something at Harry. Really? You had to use one of my hairs?

Liam blinks and then gets it. Love potion, he says.

Youre so pretty, Louis sighs at Zayn. So, so pretty. And smart. Youre really smart. And your
tattoos are so hot. Fuck.

Liam sits up and grabs Louis arm and turns to Zayn, Help me?

Zayn shrugs and gets up, but Louis is right there, wrapping his arms around Zayns neck. He
leans into him and whispers something that Liam doesnt hear, but Zayns cheeks go bright red
and he says, Fucking Christ, Louis.

Right here, Louis adds, I dont care if anyone sees.

Zayn carefully extracts himself from Louis grip and glares at Harry. Youre an ass, you know

Harry shrugs and happily eats his lunch.

Its pretty easy to get Louis out of the Great Hall. Anywhere Zayn goes, Louis cheerfully follows.
Hes trying really, really hard not to be jealous, but thats his boyfriend and Louis is his best
friend, and its a little hard not to when Louis looks at Zayn like he wants to devour him.

Louis, Liam snaps while Louis makes a grab for Zayns ass.

Mm? Louis frowns at him. I cant help myself. Hes just so---, Louis breaks off with a sigh.

This is making me really uncomfortable, Zayn comments.

I could make you more comfortable, Louis tells him. He raises his eyebrows suggestively. Just
get rid of Liam and we could--,
We are not getting rid of Liam, Zayn says, pushing open the door to their potions room. Madam
Lovette is inside, and she frowns at them as they walk in. Love potion, Zayn explains.
Someone slipped it to him while we werent looking.

Oh, dear, Madam Lovette says, jumping out. She tsks and heads for the supply closet. They
should be banned, you know. Nothing good ever comes from a love potions. I always tell
everyone this, but no one ever listens to me.

Liam has his arms around Louis middle, stopping him from groping Liams boyfriend. Let me
go , Liam, Louis hisses. I need to see if he tastes as good as he looks.

He does, Liam tells him. But youre going to have to just trust my judgement on that.

Zayn must hear this because his cheeks turn red as he continues to talk to Madam Lovette. Louis
melts into Liams arms and says, Tell me what he likes, Liam. What hes interested in. You know
him better than anyone.

Liam is going to kill Harry this time. And Louis will likely help him.

Madam Lovette gets the antidote made up for Louis, which he drinks without question when Zayn
tells him to. Liam watches as Louis goes from dazed and lovestruck to confused and horrified, and
then murderous.

Ill kill him, Louis states. Zayn, you better get to your mate before I do because Im going to
have a new coat made out of his skin in about ten minutes.

If you kill him Ill have to tell Liam what you said to me in the Great Hall, Zayn says as they
make their way back towards the hall in question. And then Liam would have to kill you.

You cant blame me for that, Liam, Louis says instantly. I wasnt--,

I know, Liam says honestly. I dont. But-- just curious, what did you say?

Louis and Zayn both shake their heads, flushing. Quite an imagination you have, though, Zayn
says. I dont even think its fully possible to actually do what you suggested. I doubt my body
can bend like that.

Liam decides that, yeah, hes better not knowing.


The week of their NEWTs is stressful on everyone. Louis is a snappy, bitchy mess, threatening
creative forms of bodily harm on everyone who interrupts his studying. Liam is freaking out, just a
bit, and its only because of Zayn that he manages to stay Zayn. Zayn, weirdly enough, gets
calmer the closer they get to their tests. Liam doesnt get it, but Zayn is completely zen about the
whole thing. Niall, on the other hand, has adopted a completely no fucks given attitude. He
refuses to crack open a book or revise at all. Instead he spends most of his time in the Great Hall,
eating and teasing them all for working so hard.

If you freak out, Niall explains, youll do worse. Youve just got to trust that youll be fine and
youll be fine.
Liam doesnt think this is very smart, but he refuses to look up from his potions book to tell Niall

Louis has a breakdown the day before their first test. It takes Liam, Niall, and Zayn to calm him
down, but even then theyre not doing a very good job. Theyre in the Great Hall and Louis just
starts crying. Liam, in all the time hes known Louis, has only seen him cry a total of three times.

Our-- whole-- futures, Louis gasps out. Liam tries to rub soothing circles in his back, while Niall
says, Youll be fine, Louis.

No, Louis says, shaking his head. He looks horrified. Im going to fail everything, my whole
entire life will have been for nothing. I have nothing to live for.

Liam tries to think of something consoling to say, because, really, theyre all in the same boat right
now, he should be able to give them all some sort of pep talk. But before Liam can even open his
mouth, Harry is sliding into the seat next to Louis.

Tomlinson, Harry says, and Louis looks up, furiously wiping his tears off his cheeks in
embarrassment. Go fuck yourself.

Louis gapes at him and then, a beat later, says, Go fuck your self.

Rather you do it for me, Harry says.

Louis snorts. Dream on, Slytherin. I wouldnt touch you for a million galleons.

Liam watches this exchange with his eyebrows drawn together, because Louis is suddenly back to
his normal, haughty, better than everyone self. His eyes are red and his cheeks are still a bit wet,
but hes no longer sobbing.

Theyre ridiculous, Zayn says softly, head ducked so only Liam can hear him. Honestly.

Liam grins. Think theyre aware of how in love with each other they are?

Zayn shakes his head. Definitely not. Theyre oblivious, though I really dont see how because
its really, really blatantly obvious.

Are you serious? Niall says suddenly, cutting in. You realize that Louis and I had the same
conversation about you two, like, five months ago, right?

Zayn grins so wide that his eyes become little slits with crinkles at the side. And look what
happened there.

Youre insufferable, Harry states, pushing away from the table. I came over here because you
looked like you needed someone to cheer you up, and all you do is yell at me. Fuck you, Louis.

Back at you, babe, Louis says as Harry walks away. He rolls his eyes and turns back to the rest
of them. God, hes annoying.

Liam shakes his head fondly, Zayn snort, and Niall says, Everyone needs to learn how to talk
about their fucking feels, it would solve so many problems.

Dont know what youre talking about, mate, Louis says primly.


The day of their final test, Liam comes out of his feeling dazed and lost. He thinks he did as good
as he could, but he cant be sure. Theres nothing he can do about it now, though, so he heads
down the hall, knowing that Zayn should be done his Arithmancy test soon.

When the door to Zayns room opens and the students stream out, Liam pushes away from the
wall, waiting to spot that familiar quiff and those eyes that are truly all of his favourite colours at

He doesnt see Zayn before the other boy is on him. Zayn jumps into his arms, legs wrapping
around Liams waist, arms around his neck. Hes grinning widely and Liam cant do anything but
grab his thighs and try not to drop him.

Its over, Zayn breathes. Its over, Liam. We fucking did it.

Lets just hope we passed, Liam says quietly.

Zayn shakes his head and kisses Liam hard. Several people are privy to this, but Liam doesnt
give a fuck. He kisses Zayn back as hard as he can, trying to make up for all of the missed
opportunities theyve had lately, because they havent had time to do much else but study and

I love you, Zayn gasps, pulling back. I love you, I love you, I love you. And I fucking
hate exams.

Liam grins and drops Zayn to the ground, opting to push him against the nearest wall instead. He
licks into Zayns mouth, finding that familiar citrusy smoky taste as Zayns tongue moves against
his, kissing him back roughly. Theyre pretty evenly matched for dominance until Liam tugs at
Zayns hair, and then the other boy whimpers into Liams mouth and jerks his hips forward at the
same time.

Ahem. Liam and Zayn break apart as Zayns Arithmancy teacher raises her eyebrows at them.

Liam takes a step far away from Zayn, cheeks heating up, and Zayn awkwardly straightens his
shirt before saying, Sorry, maam.

Madam Bantlam shakes her head fondly. You boys should be outside celebrating, not in the

That is a very good idea, Liam says, grabbing Zayns hand. Come on.

Zayn grins sheepishly at her and allows Liam to drag him until theyre out the doors by the
Ravenclaw tower. Liam keeps going, guiding Zayn through the field by the gamekeepers hut,
while Zayn asks, Where are we going?

Liam pauses and looks around and then pulls him left until he stops and says. Here.

Why are we here? Zayn asks as Liam tugs him to the ground.

Because, Liam says, pushing on Zayns shoulders until hes lying down, this if the first place
that I kissed you.

Cheesy, Zayn tells him. You are a cheesy fuck, Liam Payne.
Im okay with that, Liam replies.

Zayn smiles fondly at him and brushes a hand over Liams cheek. So am I.


The Gryffindors win the challenge that night when Niall and Cher sneak off to Hogsmeade for a
date at the Shrieking Shack. Louis is cheerfully smug about the whole thing for the rest of the
night, and the Slytherins are all sulking. Honestly, Liam doesnt really care about winning. Hes
got Zayn on his left, a hand on his thigh as they eat, and Liam figures that he won a long, long
time ago.

The next day Liam is definitely seeing the upside to winning, though. All of the seventh year
Slytherins enter the Great Hall in gold and red. The other houses snicker and laugh at them, and
the Gryffindors are all smug about it. Theres something really satisfying about the whole thing.

Harry is the last one to enter. Hes decked out in a red and gold jumper, as well as a red and gold
tie. Hes got red and gold paint on his cheeks, too, but he doesnt look upset. Hes got his head
tilted high, and he spreads his arms when he walks in.

Are you happy? he shouts to Louis.

Very much so, Louis calls back.

Harry nods and then walks over to the Hufflepuff table -- which is closest to where he was
standing-- and he climbs on top of it, despite the fact that one of their professors is yelling at him.

Louis Tomlinson, Harry shouts. You are the most annoying, rude, infuriating, stuck up person
Ive ever met.

Thank you, Louis says, aware of the fact that literally everyone in the entire room is watching
the two of them now.

Go out with me, Harry finishes.

Louis cheeks go red and he says, Are you insane?

Must be, Harry says, jumping off the table. Only someone with serious mental deficiencies
would be in love with you.

Louis narrows his eyes as Harry moves towards him. What do you say, Lou?

And then the room erupts into shouts of, Say yes! and Give the man a chance, Louis! and
What the fuck is going on here?

Harry grins and gives Louis a what are you gonna do? look. So?

The room is quiet as Louis contemplates his answer, and then finally he says, Oh, fine. I dont
really have a choice, do I?

Harry, satisfied, heads over to the Slytherin table. Louis turns back around and resumes eating like
nothing happened, but he mutters, That was incredibly dramatic.
Liam points his fork at him. You love dramatics.

That I do, Liam, Louis says solemnly. That I do.


Theyre heading home tomorrow afternoon. There is a very depressed feel in the common room
for every one of the seventh years. Next year they wont be coming back here. This is it. This is
the end of their time at Hogwarts. And Louis wants to go out with a bang.

One last prank to rule them all, Louis says seriously. Its going to be elaborate and shocking
and well be remembered for it for the rest of our lives.

Liam eyes him warily from where hes sitting on the couch beside Niall. What do you have

Louis grins at him.

Forty minuets later and Liam is sweating like crazy. His shirt is slick and stuck to his back, and the
spell hes using is taking a lot out of him, mostly because hes ever tried to use it on something so
heavy before. How is this the greatest prank ever? Liam questions.

Niall shrugs. I have no fucking idea.

Because its never been done before! Louis says shrilly. Just shut up and keep moving that

That table being the gigantic, impossibly heavy Slytherin table from the Great Hall. Honestly,
Liam has no idea how the fuck they managed to not only break into the Great Hall, but also get
the schools front doors open (they were the only ones big enough to fit the table through) and the
entire fucking table outside through it without getting caught.

Here is good, Louis says. He smirks as the three of them carefully lower their wands. The table
still falls to the ground with a booming, crunching sound. Nothings broken that Liam can see,
though. Theyre all going to head inside for breakfast tomorrow, and theyll be so fucking

This is the dumbest prank ever, Liam tells him.

You dont understand true genius, Liam, Louis says hotly. Which is why you can head back to
the Great Hall and get the Slytherin banners from the ceiling.

Liam groans and starts the trek back up to the castle. He makes it to the Great Hall without
incident, removes the Slytherin tapestries from the ceiling, and bunches them up in his arms.
Theyre heavier than they look, and he struggles to carry them out the door and into the hall, just
as he hears a pair of footsteps.

Shit, Liam breathes. Technically hes already graduated, and he knows he cant get detention or
anything, but if he manages to get expelled on his last day of school, he has a feeling that any
potential employers wont be very pleased with him.

Liam adjusts the cloth over his shoulder and bolts for the nearest door. Its a small closet with
nothing but a few brooms and other cleaning supplies, which he learns as soon as he lights his

Liam sighs and leans against the wall just as the sound of footsteps outside the door has him
tensing. Liam sucks in a breath and waits as someone turns the handle, ready for whatever is to

Really, Gryffindor? Zayn asks, standing in the doorway. Saving your ass again, just like old
times, then?

Liam lets out a relieved sigh and drops the tapestry so he can grab Zayn by the waist and pull him
in for a kiss.

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