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QFS Techniques (Questions from students)

QFS allow the student to use the interrogative form, an essential part of daily
conversation. QFS may be elicited by one or more of the following techniques:

Question-Answer-Answer-Question (Q-A-A-Q)

I: What is it?
S: Its a pencil.
I: (cue)* (show them a book)
S: What is it?

I: What did have for lunch yesterday?

S: I had fish for lunch yesterday.
I: I had chicken for lunch yesterday. (cue)* Question
S: What did you have for lunch yesterday?

* The cue may be a gesture, first word of the question, or the instruction, Question?

Remember that the instructor answers the students questions! (Or their partners if
theyre working in pairs).

Answer-Question (AQ):

I: Its a book. (cue) I: Its 9h15. (Question)

S: What is it? S: What time is it?

By varying the stress, the AQ technique can be used to elicit different questions from the
same sentence/answer:

I: I went to the bank on Monday.

S: Where did you go on Monday?
I: I went to the bank on Monday.
S: When did you go to the bank?
I: I went to the bank on Monday.
S: Who went to the bank on Monday?

Negative statements can also elicit questions:

I: I didnt have eggs for breakfast. I: I dont usually come to school by bus.
S: What did you have for breakfast? S: How do you usually come to school?

Indirect Questions

I: Ask me what I did yesterday!

S: What did you do yesterday?
I: Ask me if I have a car!
S: Do you have a car?

This technique can be simplified by placing the question in direct speech:

I: Do I have a car?
S: I dont know.
I: Ask me! Do you....
S: Do you have a car?

I: What time was I here this morning?

S: I dont know.
I: Ask me! What time....
S: What time were you here this morning?


I: And now you ask a question with commute

I: And now you ask a question with how often

(Actual word cues may be written on the board to guide students, the words are of course
one of the key word or key question from the lesson)

Tease Answer (TA)

This technique can be used as a practice activity at the end of the class to have the
students practice asking question, it might not be directly related to the topic of the class.

I: * (Cue)
S: Whats this?
I: Its a bus, but its not red.
S: What color is it?
I: Its blue, but its not American.
S: What kind of bus is it?
I: Its a German bus, but its not in Germany.
S: Where is it?
I: Its in France, but its not in Paris.
S: In which city it? Etc

Can also be used with verb tenses

I: Oscar will travel to Chicago but he wont travel by car

S: How will he travel to Chicago?
I: He will travel by plane but he wont take his car to go to the airport
S: What will he take to go to the airport?
I: He will take a taxi but he wont take 2 suitcases
S: How many suitcases will he take?
I: He will take 1 suitcase but it wont pack it himself.
S: Who will pack it?
I: His mother will pack it but ..