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Speaking Skills Performance Rubric

This rubric was developed to help students enhance their oral communication skills.

1 2 3 4
Hesitant and Spoke clearly and Spoke clearly and Spoke clearly and
lacking confidently some of the confidently most of the confidently, displayed
In confidence time time, displayed some excellent knowledge of
knowledge of how to use how to use pace,
Voice pace, volume and volume and
pronunciation to make pronunciation to make
speaking more interesting speaking more

Information not Some interesting Used interesting and Well-employed and

organised or easy information, needed appropriate information; organised information
to follow, little more detail easy to follow
Information information to
know what
content is about

No use of visual Little use of visual aids, Some use of visual aids, Clearly explained and
aids and did not lacked interest interesting most of the easy to understand,
keep audience sometimes time engaging and
interested appropriate to the
Presentation audience, using a
variety of props and

No eye contact Some eye contact Eye contact most of the Maintained excellent
Eye Contact time eye contact

Moving around, Some moving around Developing confidence, Confident, used body
fiddling, nervous; and fiddling, little facial used some body movement and facial
Body no facial expression used to get movement and facial expression to get
Langua expression used message across expression to get message across
ge to get message message across