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Pop quiz (with a sticky ball)

The teacher draws the 5X5 empty square on the board:

300 200 200 300

400 100 400

100 300 100

400 100 400

300 200 200 300

-BOMB: all your points explode

-SWAP: the two teams swap their scores

Teacher splits the class into two teams. The student from the first team has to
stand approx. 4-5 meters away from the board. He/she has to throw the sticky
ball on the board. Depending on where the sticky ball lands, the teacher has to
reveal which symbol/what point is in the square.
100 points Complete the names of these bands

1. Guns n. (Roses) 9. Backstreet (boys)

2. Green (Day) 10.Spice (girls)
3. Destinys (Child) 11.(Fifth). Harmony
4. 12.
5. (One).. Republic 13.(Pussycat). Dolls
6. (Maroon).. 5 14.(Girls). Generation
7. One .. (Direction) 15.Big ..(Bang)


17. 200 points- Guess the singer/band of these songs

1. Dangerous woman (Ariana 8.

Grande) 9. Panda (Desiigner)
2. Timber (Kesha &Pitbull) 10.Love yourself (Justin Bieber)
3. Hello (Adele) 11.Counting stars (One republic)
4. 12.
5. Bad blood (Taylor Swift) 13.My house (Flo Rida)
6. 7 years (Lukas Graham) 14.Worth it (Fifth Harmony)
7. Work from home (Fifth 15.Tell me something I dont know
harmony) (Selena Gomez)


17. 300 points Lyrics: Guess the song and the singer/band

How can we not talk about

family when family's all that Hear a knock on the door and
we got? the night begins
Everything I went through you Cause we done this before so
were standing there by my you come on in
side Make yourself at my home, tell
And now you gon' be with me me where you been
for the last ride (Wiz Khalifa - Pour yourself something cold,
See You Again ft. Charlie baby, cheers to this (Flo Rida-
Puth) My house)

My broken pieces When I first saw you
You pick them up From across the room
Don't leave me hanging, I could tell that you were
hanging curious,
Come give me some Oh, yeah
When I'm without ya Girl, I hope youre sure
I'm so insecure What you're looking for
You are the one thing, one 'Cause I'm not good at making
thing promises (One direction-
I'm living for (Maroon 5 Perfect)

400 points- Guess the singer (They have to guess right one male and
one female singer for 400 points)


Taylor Swift


Selena Gomez



Adam Levine

Ed Sheeran