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Formative Essay Rubric


Claim: The text introduces a clear, The text introduces a The text introduces a The text contains an The text contains an
arguable claim that can be supported by compelling claim that is claim that is arguable and unclear or emerging claim unidentifiable claim or
reasons and evidence. clearly arguable and takes a takes a position. The text that suggests a vague vague position. The text
purposeful position on an has a structure and position. The text has limited structure and
issue. The text has a organization that is attempts a structure and organization.
structure and organization aligned with the claim. organization to support
that is carefully crafted to the position.
support the claim.
Development: The text provides The text provides The text provides relevant The text provides some The text contains limited
reasons and evidence to back up the convincing and relevant reasons and evidence to relevant reasons and reasons and evidence
claim. reasons and evidence to back up the claim. weak evidence to back up related to the claim.
back up the claim. the claim.
Cohesion: The text uses words, phrases, The text strategically uses The text uses words, The text contains limited The text contains few, if
and clauses as well as varied syntax to words, phrases, and clauses phrases, and clauses as words, phrases, and any, words, phrases, and
link the major sections of the text, as well as varied syntax to well as varied syntax to clauses to link the major clauses to link the major
creates cohesion and clarifies the link the major sections of link the major sections of sections of the text. The sections of the text. The
relationship between the claim and the text. The text explains the text. The text text attempts to connect text does not connect the
reasons, and between reasons and the relationships between connects the claim and the claim and reasons. claims and reasons.
evidence. the claim and reasons as reasons.
well as the evidence.
Style and Conventions: The text The text presents an The text presents a formal The text illustrates a The text illustrates a
presents a formal, objective tone that engaging, formal and tone. The text accurately limited awareness of limited awareness of or
demonstrates standard English objective tone. The text demonstrates standard formal tone. The text inconsistent tone. The
conventions of usage and mechanics accurately demonstrates English conventions of demonstrates some text demonstrates
including correct sentence formation, standard English usage and mechanics accuracy in standard inaccuracy in standard
punctuation, capitalization, grammar conventions of usage and including 1 or 2 errors. English conventions of English conventions of
usage, and spelling. mechanics. usage and mechanics. usage and mechanics.