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ae =—— 2017-CF-1703 Arrest And dooking Report [2017089599 sare | “teksti Sa tice “scien Nona eases (ai 0ronae? rans oS FEI ONY [some car Creu sre chante hata ome sou ‘ner Unt aan Trey 2M vone GRIFFIS, LANCE A ‘erates OE srt ae K COP anna ce 33 CLER pe ta 200 dri eng aren NO ‘ace WHIT Extn NOT OF HISPANIC ORIGIN... Male # ‘Bye Color: UNKNOWN Hair Cair: BROWN Conplexion: FAIR / LIGHT suit Medium B eT coon {hava eh ene? NO ian nese oleae? NO Agel ese Spe nat Miran? VES Aree es Enrstan? NO are Coon Dia Spc Coo Drs caaet Sate FLORIDA. Sj Rede pe CITY apie Bas Pan #(808)-890-0500 Pent ae Coe? YES bev? NO ‘Suess RESIDENT dred Wik NOT APPLICABLE HONS) nygor TYP AGKSONMLLE Pa UNTED STATES Cf Ces UNTED STATES Sconce anos UR scimms YES. [ec tsi NO car 1 Pa NO Ro won aes NO. eyo finder, Mones8y 2/8017 BY ‘Denon nF MONEY 2IS2OT7 21:52 ewan 1981 STH ST W Anon soc MS CordACKSONVILLE.Sau:PLORIDA 2p: 22009 20 Cena ee an pe Hlghway | Rodway. ries: ere ‘hos trate 1800 EXECUTIVE CENTER DA wea sem: ED Gor JAGKSONVILLE. Seu: FLORIDA zn 22267 e382 Cm Ioana: NO rio Ast noite RettNO Ares Cg ment NO ‘Statue or Ordinance Number: 4 Set 1619 bee. eRe O00, tn CicComMAR ARSE, | Geen i sins NOT APPLICABLE set NONE TAR TS anne [ADLT curr, cucea ARREST REPORT 142 _savsainoun ADLT| [ascaunre 1511096 Semi TOGO AROREIODOOTR cua Hecuwte 1511096 _ arcu ¥16-2017-AF-069810F00. “inc ckonile Sars Oe rte NONE Person Hye: ROIRRSOG ONtontinone ANCE fw 2NGOWT Duco 2NGO17 nd aRAS Blanket Bond: VOPIFTA ONLY orga Sane Dep CER Cian Cote COMME Statute or Ordinance Number(s): #2 SuteNo 777.08) Der MTCC Cte 9000 Anon Cote Com ssn ra08 RENIN CONSPIRACY ~\ SRD. GEOREE FELONY /uvs 7 OR2 CRIME [own #NOT APPLICABLE “Su NONE: ora nye: Local Arest Warrant eNOT APPLICABLE swNONE mote 1811096 Narancant W2OTTAPOSSETO-FIORMA oc 4 sdenolehaonle Shits Ox ‘esos NONE PereBont yr RELCBBRS On aowtAnonc ance — Dawei 2NGROAT- aoe INGOT jugcANAS Blanket Bond: VOPIFTA ONLY —— ni Sane Dep UCR Cate Ann Cte Comet QRDTTONAL INFORMATION + —— i ‘Soo arrest warrant pet sine Oe Se ie, on fa eh ee on Dagan: NOT APPLICABLE ‘oe re NOT APPLICABLE. ‘Ait eats UNKNOWN (OR NIA enue UNKNOWN (OR WA) ‘Jail Information (Back Door) ‘Date and Time Admitted: aN@20¥7 12:20 Sve 2o1ro0eage eee Cet ‘tipper ing reat NO. Basser do eee? NO Doerr eto of ‘ase ane tone rappel or pp ae? NO [tere ay oer reach es il pa re NO ecw ADLT cars avers ARREST REPORT 202 airmen ADLT oat nett pein? NO art efarrest And Backing Rept Arete Feo foto: How Longin Jes BAYS Chemical Test Dat Fight Thumb Print [ADLT curs scra i & ~ Page t oft WARRANT SERVED NOTIFICATION cre 1511036 sA.No, cro. 2017-0088500 COURT CASE NO: 16:2017-AF 59810.FXXX-A CONTROLNO: —t611096 Nc NO: ecewved this Arrest Warant the 1th cay of February, 2017, and executed it onthe 16th day of February, 2017, by aresting te within named LANCE A GRIFF anghaurg him before the Court hg 10h dovat Febriary. 2017. Sila Naber and Benton pond [78191 TANBERING WaTH OR FABRICATING EVIDENCE FS Iron {77.049}. CONEPIRACY To COMMIT fron JUDGE: R. ARIAS COURT LocATIONON: SERVING OFFICER: is! MARIA | MCKENZIE DR 5385 ‘SERVING AGENCY: Jcksonile Shes Ofco bury sEcmoN: ‘SERVICE COUNTY: Duval wi pocKeT NUMBER: 70/700 YY ZZ. coc OFFENDER NUMBER ‘OBTS NUMBER, . & ~ Page tot ED Hor coma 1811098 S.A.NO: ocr No, 2017-0009599 (COURT CASE NO: 16:2017-AF-89810-FXX.MA. CONTROLNO: 1511036 we no Received this Arrest Warrant the 16h day f February, 2017, and executed iton the 16th day of February, 2017 by azesing tn vin named LANCE A GRIFF and having hm befor the Court Oh ay of brian. ‘taut Naber ond Dosen pond TWD, TAUPERING WiTH OR FABRIGATING EVOENCE: FS ino [7.043 CONSPIRACY TO Conn” now JUDGE: R. ARIAS ‘SERVING OFFICER: t/ MARIA ( MCKENZIE IDR 5385 CouRT Locarionow, SERVING AGENCY: Jecksonile Sher Office DUTY secTiON: ‘SERVICE COUNTY: Duval, nt Docker NuMBER: (COC OFFENDER NUMBER: TS NUM (o8TS NUMBER: ‘i A 9a aol Cea) 22 crtee © 2017- AF CESE lon) = Fonte xn IS1036 Bwisio CCRINO. 2017-9089599. Division JUDGE as ASST STATTY A. Mizahi INTHE NAME OF THE STATE OF FLORIOA TOALL SINGULAR THe SHERIFFS On DEPUTY SHERIFES OF THE STATE OF FLONIDA WHEREAS, upon he swom até compaintor other sworn tory HHI 2 unvorsignc suigo of te Fath Juda Grutor nad or Duval County, as ound ‘atthe exes probale causa beers atone Lance A. Gili, onthe th deo, February, 2017, 'n Dwal County, For, commit he otnse() of Tampering with or Fabicaing Phyaleal Evidence, ‘nd Criminal Conspiracy conary ttt provisions of Sacton(e 91813, and 77704(9, Ford States, YoU ate HEREBY COMMANDED wo atest Lance A ris: Last Known Adios: 501 EBay Steet, Jacksonville, FL 22202; Racowhte; Sox male; 008: INI 1510: wt: 200; Hat brown, Joe:UK; Scare, Marks: tb four nyour county, and aly Rep him thal you hve Bl boy bare auge he burd Cony Cra Co atte asmocy micceee hepa teens wenaccoriog olen. Apes ow istaadats, BOE. wae bl daa fae errr cer Febuucsy l2 emtrianoic or Foie: 14 Yes. [No (CHECK ONE} YES, Exradtion Code: CIEEDSID (CIRCLE ONE) [ASA Approval: Recolved this Arrest Warrant the ay of —_ 20___ and ‘executed it on tho day of by arresting the within named ard having him / hor now before the Court this ay of 0. ian Oe ee un vocKerno,L0/7 00 YY2E_ Oey Seton mie & ~ AEFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT S.No CoA NO. 2017 gone, Bio sine” Aris ASST STATTY A. Mizah\ STATE OF FLORIDA ) COUNTY OF OUVAL } Bore me the undersigned Judge of the Fourh Juda Cu in and fr Dwal County, Fada, personaly came Detect to, being duly nom dposas and sas thatho has reason to boleve and does believe Hat ona Lance A. Grits, doscrved as folows: Last Known Addiess'801 E. Bay Steet, Jacksonvile,FL.32202, Race white; Sox te 810% W200 pounds; Haicbrown; Eyes'UK; Scare, Marks: iin Duval County, Fld, on the 6 dao Februnry, 2017 commit th ca of Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence, and Criminal Conspiracy omar tthe provi of Secon) 918.13, and 777.049), Florida Staton. fant reatone foro betieving are a toons: Your affant is a detective with the Jacksonville Shert's Office Integrity’ Special Investigations Unit and has over 20 years of law enforcement experience. 07 02:06:2017, Jacksonvile Sheritfs Ofce Narcotes Detectives B. Tuer, LG, and K. Kies a approxi jonas fet porson was atlompting to rob Tumer ‘uring an encounter. During that incident, a recording device was oparating that captured the shooting and the events that folowed, Gifs was driving the ericle, Tumer was seated in the front passenger seat, and Kvies was seated in the back seat ‘Approximately 20 seconds ater the shooting, Kvies and Turner bogan te discuss removing beer from thelr vehicle, Kvies could be heard saying, “Hey get all the beer and Ture could be hoard saying, "Yea get ofthat shit to which Kvies replied, “Yoa I wil” Moments later, Kvies asked Tumer, “How far Igotto go with those beers?"to which Ture replied, As fara you can.” It should bo noted, III sotoctives are alowed by policy o have "props" to include beer while they are working, ‘Approximatoly 4 minutes later, Kvies and Grifis began a conversation. Kies stated, “We're good, Igot rid of al of them’ to which Gifs asked, “Are there any'n the back?” Kvies told Gifs “No, don't know, lt me check” and Grifis stated, “Lookin the back good.” vies and Grifis were both interviewed the night ofthe shooting about that incident by Jacksonville Sheriffs Ofice Homicide Cold Case detectives, Kies and Gris did not disclose that they had beerin the vehicle and did not disclose tha the beers had been removed trom the vehicle. Had the beor cans remained inthe vehica, investigators would have made that pat of ‘heir investigation into the shooting ‘The day attr the shooting incident, Kvies was re-interviowed by Jacksonvile Shen's Otfce Homicide Cola Case detectives regarding the discarding ofthe beer cans irom the vehicle Post Miranda Kvies zs & ~ vies could not provide a legal orlogitimate reason After the interviow, ‘vio tookdotectives to recover the beor cans he discarded. There were two unopened 16 ounce cans of Natural Light beer (consistent with what was purchased). The other two Natural Light beorcans were not found. There was also an open and empty 16 ounce bottle of Miler Lite found ‘hat Kvies identifi as being removed from the vehicle. The beer cans were collected by the rime Scene Uni. Grifis was also 104 detectives regarding the discarding ofthe be terviewed by Jacksonville Sherit's Office Homicide Cold Case sans from their vehicle. Post Mirand Tumer was re-interviowed their vehicle. Post Miranda, Tumer could not provide a legal or legitimate reason} ‘Your atfiant confirmed that Turer bought a 4 pack of 16 ounce Natural Light beer cans at the Day N Wite store located at 9917 Lem Tumer Road on 02-06-2017 at 2050 hours. |i sum, there is probable cause to believe al three suspects conspired to, and participated in the removal of items trom the scene of a lawful investigation. Duty Section: Intognty’ Special Investigations Unit swum ansutagtedtaire mote J_eayot_E —20LZ.,wyoe sforavanonod Baie eps ron fm ot J ts ontaton and wth ae wn oa, ¢ ‘Court ofthe Fourth “udleal Cieutin and for Cova County, Flora