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pee eee eee eee eee PEED, FOREWORD ‘Some calit'southern gospel.” Others think of itas “shaped-note musi. ‘The younger generation may identiy it as "the Nashvile sound.” We've chosen fe abel it "county and westem.” Whatever the name. the overall Styles unmistakable, for In recer years ithas swept across our county to Capture te attention andthe devotion of mikons of Amercanstremallwalks ‘lite. Youhearitnot ony inthe deep south of onthe midwestern prairies, or in isolated mountain communities, but just as Fequenty in te great urban ‘centers frm coast to coast. Harmonically (is simple and unsophisticated, oeticaly its direct and dow"-o-eart. isthe music ofthe common people, music of re hear, with roots buried deep inthe musical tradiions ofthe past hhundred-andsity years. Here, for your inspiration andblessing, isa second volume of etinestard ‘most popular of these hymn and gospel songs. Some are ol, and some are Conternporary. Some are by unknown witers, and thers have been penned by your favorite gospel artists. But each, in is own way. contains the gospel ‘and the geal tuths ofthe Christian expenence. "Many wil select te book for use with a choi. Otten it wil serve as resource fr solo or quartet pertormance. Bit tis primary designed as @ fhymnal—perhaps as a supplementary hymribook in your church for use in ‘Sunday evening song services oF for sing-alongs in the home or smaller church gatherings. Whenever and wherever you use I, we are opel wi bea means of enrichment and blessing to your soul! Sincerely, THE PUBLISHERS COMPANION PRODUCTS AVAILABLE... ZLP3117 Sing’! Share Twin Trax Albums (2) 2103117 Sing 'n’ Share Twin Trax Cassette WARNING! This compilation is protected by copyright law. Violators subject 0 prasecution. Annas sas es seer ese errr rrr ts: VOLUME Two © ar Compiled by Fred Bock Edited by Norman Johnson ‘and James Loucks Regular Edition #5778 Pocket Edition #5779 = BRENTWOOD -BENSON™ 11979 Brenod- Benson Musi Publishing In, 365 Great itle Roa, Nashvil, TN 37228 AAI RightsReserved. Unauthorized Duplication Prohibited Distributed by PROVIDENT MUSIC DISTRIBUTION, INC. 1 Greater Is He That Is in Me cw LANNY WOLFE: ‘Honus. Greer & Me that nme, Greater is He that in, ® 5 ° ' that imme Than he that is inthe work Lo Su-tan’s ke a oars tn, 2 rash Seige wid On the day of Pon te cot Blew ‘in "to" the “Up'- per room, Spd tap ened ‘a of tem Man - y souls hue been his prey 19 fall im someweak ow But With 1 pow ee eat ~er than ay sarki oer And be ak ae (21975 Laney Wolfe Company Nie Agha rae eon opyghe sewed tel y peinon ceeeeeeeeeeeereeeereeeeesegcoggcgsery: SARA AA RAAT Tee Tee eee T TSE FSP Pee pres ve Gok as pom =ied ue to-day His o = ver = coming pow Tm to ‘Gad the got it too Tet the ‘whole world Brow. 1s ‘e: Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You 2 1WM.J.& GLORIA GATTHER, WILLIAM, GAITHER: 1 Je =, we just want 10 think You, Jems, we 2 Je lis) west want fo pre You tele te Bode las Seat want toe You tela we So Sov fee, eft want fo sere You Sv lone S32, Se xnow Now are com = de Jesse Tank You for be = ine Trase You for be ine S0 ood We ite You for be vine an pond Sene You for be ois Take “te tote ia Your home Cony 1974p Wim J Cither(ASCAPL.Intenn copii sre Alig en Ue y pein, 3 How Big Is God! 1. Though mun may stiwe to go. be reef of space, 2A winters chil! may clue the st to fa To ravi be ~ yond the di=tant glim-m'ing star, To “te "To eee ah waked ‘by: Summers i, This wort’s + oom sonal with in my ‘Te bear own cod sam ad thro ith Mas ters hous, ” | fer abe oh oe 8 but a por-tion of His yard vent "hi the glow |S) =u —— ag Tre 0 The Maser ¢ 25, ceeeeeeeeeerrrerrrerrryyyyrryyyriser ee Scopyegh 1959 by Hhmblen Mea. (ASCAM, Inertom!copygbeseaed” Algae el by pinion. eo) CUCU Cette eee eer rrr rrr yi lps canon = ys, SSeS Ss Wes bee a a ie a a a ae 4 The Lighthouse RONNIE HINSON at house fon the hil = side that = er od 2 Yat tes “a= bout Sys Tear tat y Tooks the When 1m ase Wen bie Ships dow St ahs Wa Mant = poise down Tn + shinee mark nes now wil safe = by ead “ BSS ae Sorm."y night when jst im time Tt ehe He Devpyge 1971 Canad ceeceece t cepeeeeererpepeeeerreseesosees | 2 ie wan = t for te igh noune my —_ship woul Re go mews Yeo.the lek fomttat Git Bekt: howe that stands "up there on the “hil = HORUS ma fo m 6 ont 8 Ani 1 thank Gow ght-howe-— Aa om therocks of 8, LHe fe Stone 3 lide a round me That coutleeurty se 3 te Hah owe, Where would thissip ee ee ee ee a a a 5 copy 171 by Spinich re He’ll Break Through the Blue DON wyRETZEN 1 Are you walt-ing and watching, my broth ef? [Ave you working each 2 Ayu teaching and "telling the 0" ny? ‘reyou iy-ins “to ay by He wae? He is coming to take a to o~y, seme tim each Say? Soon the trumpet i sound for Ie coming Honus Wen se Je-sis face to se oun ‘And il-Hons ill be ca eM break hou ove. hue some-tine soon, Some morning oF nit ot og ming (0 tke ue a= wy tn eo ( COOOL’ cece eee reer settee ee eerie ieee | God Is So Good TRADITIONAL ‘TRADITIONAL. * oS Gentle Shepherd WML 1, A GLORIA GATHER: WILLIAM. GAFTHER og 1.3, Gen-le Shep-her, — comeand fad 2. Gentle Shep her Some and fend For we need You 19 help us Ft talon ree ar fied or ways ‘Scope 196 hy Waa). CASCAP ner cope ee. A ihre, Un ype. bbb bbb bb bbssssissidbi 8 Isn't the Love of Jesus swe Something Wonderful! J0uN W. PETERSON eo wos cuorus. 5 won ral; Of thelvent COCCCECCLE Cee eee reer epee peer sore ory Jesus Is Lord of All 9 WMI. &GLORIAGAITIER [WILLIAM J. GAITHER, LAM my to = mor-rows, all omy put dems tod of 2 MI Gt my como Mikte, Sy thouphis- Jesus Lord of SAI St my lone nings, all my dreams Jesus Load F a 2 WNe gut may sturenls, contentment at ast a His ve tins the bat 1 Gould not hve uh a 1 'AT “ot” omy alls ures His ower rec deems REFRAIN King of kings, Lord of ors Scop 97 by Wiliam | ith (ASCAP, tenons cpt eel, Agreed. Cady pion eek UU kkk tka III Itl 10 When the Savior Reached Down for Me GEN. : aoe .F, WRIGHT + 1. Once my soul was a = stay from the eae Wow, But He eas me on me es nme 1 ve for the mo = ment in His ove = vines 1 vai ‘in He aaa > ow my feasare all” gone or » Why think of 10 «mor = sow fast five fr to dave ty “Spirit rows strong > er Se momen cada, each sep of the: way. fich Sep of the Say ‘yrs Rees Zn a Ma, A O19 by Zanema et Ma UU Ub bbb bbb bbbsbbbbbbssbbsssssbosi 16 God’s Wonderful People bw LANNY WOLFE woRus oak mider-ful peo = pl, Love the hell that 1 feel when 4 Go's wonderful peo - ple; What SGM just to see all the hap = py Ge ~ 6s, Praising God 7 all that 1 feel when Ege PPPPPPPPPPP PPP peer ee eerie ETEII TITY srr | ™ “ aoe Fae erwin ous wonderful peo > ph sus == = = mS SSS SS And we ft our pearls in pie um = 10 the Lord Tmt the Spirit "or the Lond il” be thre to Kd the salts fom ey = yd sweep thry “the pats, ‘Tuer's no place TE raver be Thanwith he opeswho'vebeen set Taec's po "fel fow-shipso wee, Thewe'smo tl ist ean com = Nom ing oredonesraund the thrones AU lst well ‘all be on o Ds etm aa om ane fee Vim soa Pm iGo atet_ ig fam = 4 ere With the ll "1 feswnen = GrcerGavls hl gren meet Moone That wat “be the geattst™ thal'weve ey er known, Beek UT TTT ITI Itll 7 The Night Before Easter [DON SUMNER and DWAYNE FRIEND Lome onght sn it Pret fom al the rests 2 oie toom fied with Soe “row ot moth, = er ces Sat tie [eet “op hs! mother 3 tte oy See the ime Gr at Sf, the Giver “ones Ad a d= tence ge asthe cats Por Je - as, bet Son, now “gan Suv" eg "Mommas dont "an = der = For 2 momsent hes Stent 7 have oo giim-mer, the 00m testo ‘hide, Gia Stat ome Reese tae “tak” “Se re = somber “the Took ote” fe 3” Pow” seni fom hemes comes pieak- ine The Sez ty cos. qunarer mw, ake, Mable 1 7A Agee PLPPLEPLPLPPPPPPPPPP ITIL PPP PP ELIT rr ee ee ‘cHonus 7 7 ‘Tam 2 sone moves, te cath shakes, the bide atart— a8 ing, The sn shins, the earth warms, for ae mmoth-er it sling. For SEGUE EYEEEEEEEEUHHEHOHHHHHHHEbbLLLALIELS 18 It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn ome TETERSON ae 1. Ate you dis = cour = sesh and are you Be? Are coutsob 2 He amowsyour™ fart © he. Taner = stands, shat pot our — — 7? FF os You hae ti prom ~ We sil ot fal il gor ay ca eS mot for pot Sten Ne loves Sl ne you il) —— — CHORUS Tes always ik < est esfore the dawn Don't be di = cour = 80 on Henne for = sake your THe sn wl see rcak throueh, 18S al eways dank ~ et before the daw, PPPPPPPPPPPPPRPPEP PPP PPP PPP PP PIII PIP PY DENN ED HHS eHBPHsesssb bes sul Then I Met the Master 19 ML. MOsiE LISTER, 1. Uke § babe when it ries for is mother Like a chink 1 wan 4X ke 3 hms “mimo wake nthe ‘Sar a, Trae ones, 1 had Helpless a tone Then met the Mak = ter Now sued Tor the Wht Then 1 met the Mat “tere Now Horus For all things were changed when He found we Say broke thes 219569 Liem bling Co Alig es, Uy prion 20 Bring Back the Springtime KURT KAISER 1. When jm the spring the ow'sare blooming bag ahd, At - the 2 Lord make me "ike that stem that Bows so cool and ear Down fom the F 7 & ay of winters pond (Once ain the rk begins its mountains igh ~ ove Twit fell the werld ha wondrous Back inthe mead-ovs of myhome OF ne steam tha owed from Cal-v8 =. cuorus rn By ont i om on Vow, to my eat bring back the spring iney— Take aay he coll ant dark of © teeta to mevswee Ho = om os om % May Uo warm and tender ben = gai Seep 370 y Sie Song (A Dib of Won Mas, Thier 1972 by Wor Mase Ine. Alles eee Soret PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPP P PP PLP PIII VII Pe I Will Serve Thee 21 WM, 1. &GLORIA GAITHER WILLIAM. GAITHER: * ” e Twit seme Thee be-eaue Tove ee You have 21 Ms noth ine eo fore You found me You hve ». ——————_} g gig ens . ae REFRAIN Tes ate why You diol on Gal=vigs Your touch wawhat f (Scop 1969 by Wiiam J. Casder SCAN, Inenaonl apyehe ced, Alpe, Ul by panini, lel late EES EEGs e ee ee ees 4 22 I Have a Friend-His Name Is Jesus aoe BAYNARD L Fox: 4re bp Nana Joon 11 have a end PA the for You to mest Hint He's he de 2 when Tim 3 — lone, with "ta posing rounate, a Ae". sat omy nen’ “R conatunt iy be side me, Kecping Hom Gags Sess me lelecesden Hen eee onreae = now flint Ant 1 know Hel bea fri to 30, Hes been 8 found me, That my fiend wil tear me when Sal been fnile me Thus "T tve cach day th “in tie pow’, Ts heen e. friend 10 me, © sich 2 teen is te Hes ateways near to Inctd to me © ich 3 feeml ie He Hes cwayr near Mend 10. me © ch 3 thend He Ney aways nae ible me ery day! Who this fend you ny, eho wil or = pile me ev ory day? No” other fem cane “cls 90 file me Sy day! niin you "Van ‘e-pens, Hs rem ap ©copyright 146 ox Mic acnom, hina 1979 by Fox Mu abo, AB yh er CPPPPPEPPPERRPPERP PPD EVAR RLIAAAIA DAM Am ww a 7 2 1am gal sy Hismimes fe - ss My tend © er nit-™ | Hiemame Je > S He Wants co Se your feat Hamame Je = O How He Loves You and Me! 23 KK. KURT KAISER ® He ” ° fia a a # He loves you and me, © tow He to ‘Caleway id Mis Tove for loves you anda Ne ggve Hee, what mim kind to) Show what “Mle did aere ott ale + oo oir oe how te loves you, 0 how fe how He tows You, how He more could Hegre? Bone ftom de — spa °° oe te a 0 om oo loves me how He ores you and me! teres © tow He loys) You and! ‘Sone 175 and hia ©1976 Wak Manne, A ere ie yp SYULUGUEGULUELEOULESOGOSHHHHHDOHHHELESSSEBSE 24 My Wonderful Lord me HALDOR LILLENAS 1. have found a deep pence tat 1 ey = rad known And a 2 oat te alent? Shaw Tent at Thy fete Thy ap = Show at Gir = “cr tome than the iret ath, Thowom theworld could not af = fod Sine id= od ot prov = dha ke ay fe > wad ‘e'my More gestor small hip © O-tent, Mle - pe ~ ine Wont O Thou An-eeatot Days * e of my bod = y and soul To my won = derful, won -derfl T Sur ren = dere “all To my won ~ deeful won = deeful ‘Thowart wor = thy all pease, My won = deel, Won -dersul Low cuorus My won = dersful Lond, my er-tal Lord, By an = glean sere aphs in heavy = en shine, my ony 1998, Renewed 1965 by Lea Ping Go, Allg rene Ue by prion PPPPPPPPPPP PPP PPP PLerererye ry yrareyyPPy ‘ wm ” ‘ ’ : for d= ome, MY wom Poel, wan Seed Ee 2 . 2 I Wanna Be Ready - 5 5 acaAn GARLAND CRAFT & AARON BROW : > = — — 2 tow tong MM te tee, ‘aueJeas aide > Resse eee) ; = = 2 come, 3 = in Andwher He lee 1 wit go with th “ei tke” place a it does fe Tat te ctmesfor "ne: 3 Then Resonate me ith . ‘cuorus Him call my mame i aaa + int in Hk ace i eral and His eee TH Bowe 1 wannabe ad-ts (lo £2) a -. a Saou a seem eaten GLLLLVLYULULUUESUEesngeonrsre? 26 The Church in the Wildwood ws, WILLIAM s PTs » foo n d f * =F = é 1. Then’s a chursh inthe val= Hey bythe WIM = wood, No ive = i= ot 2 MO" 7 Sine to the “churh the il S wogd) othe ees wee the aon " ear Sab= bath more = “ing To at to the Lipo welae ley byte wid’~ woe, When day fas 8 spot inthe dis No pice ie sodear fo my chiMl = hoa AB the low es loon; Where the part ~ ing Ayam wil ‘be chant = "ay Wow fing Sng ba TS sect y are eal ing 0 im = to night, woullfam fom thivapot” of my GM! > food Wing my x DS-No por modear fo my child ~ hood At the " ne cous é we en me GT PTET O TST PPP? -e brownchurchin the val IPprrrprrrerrprperrrrrrry ree eeeeeerteeee Something Worth Living For 27 DALE OLDHAS WILLIAM CANTER 2 other, ai West te ow = 30's oy ot sins for Crueing the tout thst 1 Wo could hel nd te ‘othings “the aime at be eeusreaneeveoeruur ‘Then cut of the eet, “OG ThenHe came ng!” mend" et my ro"~ Ken ear My. leg uer = ilows since Je > sie came ee o . REFRAIN worth iv = ing worth lw = ing foe Something more than my ont iv Ine for Pr yes ter ys, More than ad be = for ee Something ore that SS oor oe wor o ‘ He save me something worth liv = Ing fo. awa _— apg 967 yw caer CASCAM, Jatermion copys, A igh ete Uy prin, be lets tele le lee bb UUs SYoSoes ®& 28 The Happy Jubilee RAYMOND BROWNING ADGER M. PACE * o 8 * 1, Paske he Lont, Poe ben in -vit sed to meeting inthe ai, 2 Win the ‘go's ou Se sum by dresed in‘ = mentapure and wit, 3. "S0 tan fll Ge bound amd wir wil come and Ba = aly Son, wl gn All the sins of all the 4 = ges in ther lo = ry mil be thee You wit “Tint me, for Tin watching and ‘my’ lamp _semmed and eh Whi the ransomed of the ‘Land shaltcome ta "Zi" = gn once. = el ® ow n * eo 8 Capri 928, Yen 1985 Ll Poliing Co A igh ee ed y prion PPOPP PPP PPL PP PPP PIII II ELEVA Y Ay IKKE EEE EEUGSGGUSGSSSSUlFSSSHHSDRHDHEHEVEE4EES cores t hap = py AS e o8 » 29 Tears Will Never Stain the Streets ba. DOTTIE RAM —_ — Lb eal count eta tattove fl ten 2 We ev = er met" one a withoot or = om 3 Thue “Stee” = ones the fap ‘ors oved one 4 Twouldscem tke ang = can tome Never bokel ‘in = 40 eyes with op ore seem a0 Ws nal and Gal . 5 5 a _ eras St SS Se Ree ee ees a PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTIPIVUePA SS = ‘ © Gepinand you would se > Ant joy the only fone ‘hey sn m2 Tin wherewe ‘ner ”="ert from Sh SEUGEUEEGEEEEGYUGELbEEHEbHSHHHEHEELASSELLES cor ad Tear = drops of death on my man = som or: 2 we ge 30 Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness JOHN W. PETERSON ESSE 2 ge SME me) genome cet e FG me UP iS) tape toe Gee ce SM mS Soe SNS Seat Se 4 =e = === ‘ SS gS rt = 7 Mge ae hand ne-yo ple at sey wh: es woke dk ST Socks ae : YR wtih a ee SP Rie pe ft _# #5 pk 93455 $4544 4 E SS SSS SS na ae 7 and “ey Gee ‘hoc ot wre 5, fis fan) These Se son peak mt awit word, Ww= ibe won’) That wi feibeayy 9 eeaish . hone Tae 2 ae a COCCOOCOOOCPPP PPP Peer eee Peery ey yy ee SELEEEYEESEEELEEEEEOKLHHLHHHHSHHHEbLHEEELLIIOES 0 each for Joys amt wear Sing a fee fwhen the days ate dear=¥, Give a t-te ep to fend who's wea That's the way to make the world = hapepy pst! = ‘Thatstheway tomake the wort aap ay ple! Tucstheway to mike the work 4 spay ace, a happy ace! 31 The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power Ac ANDRAE CROUCH » mo oo Bg ts, 1. The loot that Je = sus shed Forme, Way backon TW ssothesmy doubts ant Venims my far an te oh ws, The ood tates me tenth ftom day 10 Sood tht peer me seneth fom n, mt OP See ee conus ®7 woo 6 im 7 TF wich-ce 10 the gh ~ et mounts 1 flows 19 the prererercecrrree pre rere rere reeset i le ee PUUOUUEEUEsEEUEVVeesaTeeTeagavsePseaseseeesesesse seed Teach Me, Lord, to Wait 32 si STUART HAMBLEN They sto run aml ot Be wes = ry. they” stalk and not 33 I Have a Peace in My Heart ‘OREN PARIS Ayr by Mose Lister PPPPPPPAPPPPPPPEPPPPPPLIPE PITA IIAIAWMHP GEYEEELYEFEOEORDESESEHOKHKSEHHFHHHHHHEHEDIGYGS you cond mest the Lo Ant weal 1y know the Lor £e om a ow or ‘Ten youwould love the Lord, Amd you'd fs the race in my Reart That the word J - MSt- m pesce, And | know hat isthe to 34 Linger a Moment Are by Eon Bika ——j (One whom help you, your ‘te COCOCOCEE CCC rere eee eter reer erases SEEN eee FFF SSSFOUSbGGHEHEELEOBE It Took a Miracle 35 awe. JOHN W. PETERSON 2 Tho here His glo = ry hus beenshown We stil can't full Ty ae 3. The Bhs ble Gli ws oF Mispow'e And wisdom all way thr “es owt Are tes ~ moons too Go of ‘might and aie The Won-dts of Mis oh Ani “ery Mt te "ba couorus « aT to put the stirs in ple, Ht took mit ascle 9 hang the word io spe et sed my sou took 4 mit ace of lowe and rae 36 What a Day That Will Be! a ssc » 1. Theye js com = iggy when no. eat = aches stl 2othewu be “ne” for row ther, "ao" more bur > ene in the shy, 90 more ture 10 im the for ev = er sore on. that tap - py gold - en oT iy Se ita the! One "odes" for that wal be! 2 pee tomo ama rm. Ag roan mb eM oe PREPERAPEPEPPPPPL LLLP PP PPP PPPP ITIP VPP 38 Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome paver Donte Ramo and DAVID HUNTSINGER bibey gece Toes «they i plas PMO Spiel Tow te Met Same fee, Moc e Spin = it, Thowsst wel = come this pices Om nip = ont Fa Soir it; Thowart mst = some nthe pies Om > mip = eaten Fa ? ther of mer = cy and pase! Thowatt_ wel ~ come in ths thee St omer dad pace! Thwart Wel > come he ee ond, im THY pres -snoe there's eal = ime ah = pe ila the fun ary and emp = with = = No oth or pow an mse, Lond, put Thal Re-sore Gn 0 Tah ter Se. te eS = (21977 yHexmamig Ma Company, Nel, A igh ENE, lt onl coy sued. ey minon PPEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPP PP PPP PPL I PTV IL Pe Sessa s see EGeFoUbbbbbbbbboebbbigjyETJUbt Mo = ty Spit =, Thow an wel = come Ho8 Shir = at Thou ae el 2 Some Where the Roses Never Fade 39 Eton LoL am Some ta ct y Eta iiswond we have our tow © es, Stages onerove Yo be wh “Jel sus ELSIE JACK & IM ree secs yith oka iB, thgerobes of whe rags, DS-1 am po-ing wa cit = y HORUS * , ewe they boom but for 3 sea sp, And the wore White the foros nev Where the ros 6 ae - Sapp tigen pyres 192 by Smee Mn ig Cee Hope SBlefeghe neha ahs Sy person gS S35 a oF fae afore Just a Little Talk with Jesus CCLEAVANT DERRICKS, ‘a tht ‘And then ® we an Merete a ee PRPPPLPPPPPPPP PPP PPP PPPPPTIIIII I IP PP blll ebb Seb SUbOFUHHHHHHLELSOS Fool a Mote pear whee unig Know a Melee burst, Find 9 t-te tak with Jo sus makes tet The Fire Song 41 ‘TRADITIONAL, TRADITIONAL 0 my ior = in” broth = cr, when the worl'son fey Don't you want Gal's tor = om tobe your ph = dow? Hide me 0 mr InMeRockof A= ge Rockof A = gen elt or 42There’s a Whole Lot of People Going Home ba DAVID INGLES PAPPPPPPPPP PPP PPP PP PPLE PIPPy PPA PPPPP the fam 29 cuorus o » » tine wont be CODA fepeina | ot oo 8 Bos lt home Towns 2 whole tot of goose £0 me home! BELGE seSEGsEGeseSoeGoesaaanannaesnsseuanne ease 43 Down the Sawdust Trail MLe. MILLIE LOU PACE "aw my Ucge old Brockenbeseted moth -er er kn, ‘On eke, wa er s_ a Weas-ute more than al Te was the tine he ok camp Yea bowed ow in" prayer Novae fore that she ws, ay > in P'fepcing ta 1 qoultadle ste cuorus é Down the sew-dust tla Heol camp-mest =n Where the sane’ — » Ft ” rang with a How here dal fol when tee Drayerecachad hee At he camped Scop 188 Gone Plating Hoe, AORN, Us by pen. PPPPPPPPRPPPPPPPPPPP Pree rae evevrvrravoa | BUELEGGGLGEGSGSGSSLGSeUbGes& 6666406000640 546b6F44 FERN Faith in God Can Move a Mountain 44 Sunce-GRACE MARILYS WATRINS ‘hort JOHN PETERSON wd SADHRED St Suns-GMN. Gera INP A ARS, 1. Have youprayers that seem 10 bean - an = sword?” Ant-ous_mo- ment 2 iArethereiowed” ones "yet or whomyourehar-denei? Une =Iy nights spent @ re * a fh = ale han © bear Have faith io Hispromse un - f-ing bowed in fervent prayer? God ses ey tear al your earache, ‘eep, un-faleing love Su ~~ clenteathdayforthe Te» . ie crionys Got wil ear, “He wil answer your payer 1S Mis prom Se of gaceltoma ~ bove Td rer desert tke 4 fountain, Fath etn tring the we = 10 2 6. Scope 95,1987 by Singin, Ie, A pees 45 Because He Lives WML 1.& GLORIA GAITHER, (WILLIAM GATHER 1 God sent His Son (hey called Him Je =, 3 Row eweet to ha 3. Rnd Then one ay ” oe f He came tv eal an for = ee Art “eel the pride nd Joy be” eves Ti fe ates a fal Nar wit P35 9 Jae —— ee om eee Ant Then can wa my ow: te | ‘An empty graves there 10 prove my Sav = jor ves, This cht cin “Tae am Stor tin aye e-came Hees Tir ee the trite Sf plo ay and~ Sow He thes copys 1971 Wiban JGatr (ASCAP, ttt copyright cm Argh seed ed by emis. bene te oe a LEGGE LGGELLGGGLbLbsbloesFbbbbbbObbbLLEDYD cuoRus be » Ne orth the be-catne He — es 46 Where No One Stands Alone Ma. Mote LISTER 1. One 1 stood inthe night 8h my ead bowed tow, int 2 Uke a ‘Mee Tomay ‘Wea "a paace SDI Wit et Aatcses aback as souhh be And ay heat fet alone, and 1 tad, renee 10a ay own eT dont know 3 thing in eis whale ' . wee cnoruse lord Does Side Your fae tom me “0 ; wile world Thats wane than Yesiag a lone a ae — Cry ou, evry days From fore 16 the pest un known “ote my mand, stand Where no one sands a (©1955 by tea Ping Go, allege rene Ue by prin PPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPP EP PPLE PEEP PPP IIIVGY Pes Chariot of Clouds 47 ast JOHN W, PEYERSON eeesend od Jo 1. Some day mol lave ths work! of sin With all its dak de = api 2 The fit "at st wl tue to. sit, VAS. esy-en Ioomebe = fore 5. "0" “Hotious day! when “in sear Mew Will sand the ‘Lond we ” fove eT ph eee And, tke E+ M = jak, rie to mest Our Sav tor in then ‘And! lin hat Wand of” fve amd unt Well tse for = or er = more fale cat wor ip a Tt Be yonf the “sls = be ‘cHoRUS ss Well be caueht up fm a chursicot of cloud Wert be caveht up re + ed fn OR . 5 6 tn tn rr r t ing chariot foun! Like E = Bejan of old, t0 the —_ Fog? on cE om Ae oo mmc a = 2 >. 2 2 5 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 = > = 2 2 > - 2 2 48 He Washed My Eyes with Tears Is. Ra STANFINLL 1. ‘ ty PREPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPP PP roppr epee yrs orere oe ® twas best forme He washed my oyes with teas that I might see ‘a tender = Andwashedmy eyecwah tm tht T might Se > > “ . 2 2 2 2 Where the Spirit of the LordIs 49 | SRA STEPHEN 8, ADAMS ° we oo mam Where the Sie tof the Lond i, there peace; Where the * won ono 8 Spirit of the Lond is Thee con-fot in Ble ak - est hour, There is eh and fe, there is ely and owt, In the Spit i, inthe Spi the GLELYULYEWYUBBUENBEBEOOReaaesae EEE” ‘garter copra ce Pel by prion 50 Jesus Will Outshine Them All co ‘GORDON JENSEN REFRAIN o 8 Man-sons wil plsten cm the Hil cf Glo Map py te an -fons on strets LO what glo-y a= waltsme 9) in Reays ews bright 2 the surkling BY et Towing, happy fe en cf city When I get there ach sihts TM be slow ing, Vand of spider where sgh nev = er tym by Jee ie, Nile, Aer, Imo Pre ced rity emo, POPPPPRPPP RPP PPP Pree PPP er por errr rrises A mien somes of are bau wil de- mand that The goiter “tes ges Ye Geecton Wa that cs Spar > > > . . : : : view them Sill Je-ws wil out = eine them al \ Tee" om Shin decaue al out = Sige Something Beautiful GLORIA Garren WILLIAM Gare os owe ee Something Bewwt-Ful, something good AL my con ~ f= son so SD » Bow» ao | = % 7 a on | nest and stifle, But He male something peNutisal of mye SEG SESE EES SS SLE EM EES 52, "Til the Storm Passes By mu _ MosysteR be it 6 dak gt the mtn ne ot iy ae. times $1 = tan whingeraThere & go need "To ty 3: Won the tore! ight" tut tad ed" and the stra Come monte » mom e “orm hos wt ees no Tt "ne sting “hThyprescence. "om that apt, peae-Tal_ she But "know Thov are with me, ind to mor’ - row TH re Tm tht ind) wha the Tem post nev = er cme, Loy PPPPPrPrPPp pepe p Pere reer rp a ery pee 22° 8». cuoRUS Keone fe" the slorm passe Dwellwith Thee whan the worm pes 8 fo -set, "TH the thon = der sauna more, TW the outs oll for 24 1958 tea Ping co, Aire, ay reer holow of Thy hand Keep me safe "tthe som pases by. ve My Desire 53 Le. LULLIAN PLANKENHORN © fe ewe or c NS 2 tike Jess, My deste to be he Him! Hs Spit ~ it filme ‘Mis love erate me: tm don ant wor! (0 belie Hin! LEONE bEGeGeEGGRESEDOOOOOSaSSSEPISODBDE 54 Until Then si STUART HAMBLEN rppeer A heaeache May tke PPPPPPPPP PPP PPP PPP PPP dey my eyes be OM the it = Un th the Gay Go call me Nome (clkme home)2.Thethingsof ome. (eallsme Home.) STs weosy BSOEYLYULYEEEYVEEYEGHEGEOLGSEGHHHHHHHHHHHbHELILDGS 55 Freely, Freely ‘CARDLOWENS Scuprgt 1972 by LEXICON MUSH, INC SCAR Sgr: (ASAP. hss nein copyrigh d PPPPPPPPPCPCCP ELIE E TIP r rrr rE REPRE a mOnm BYELEEEVEGEVLYELYELOLEOOGOOOHHHDDDDHDELLSDALZOOE cause you be tive, Oth = ers will Know that 1 ve God Put His Hand on My Shoulder 56 swe. SOHN W. PETERSON 11 was a poor wapdingsin - ner, So lone had chosen to ram 2 Gone ae the fers tht tor mente And gone ithe burden Sn Thensomethingwomder(ul tap pend That ured me ward eavenand home ewelilemy beat Over ~low-mg,—‘Ther’s a acsand lot with in SS at ccuorus Go put His han on my shou der, whisperdis foe i = vin An ssvedthis poor sou! of mine. 57 Statue of Liberty NE NEILENLOE New York tar - bor ands ate Jone’ = Got oth a s Le = ty for you ant ae Pn ah the sted canes = th tm PRePreeeeerrrrersPPee rere eee erry rrr iPee SCEUUUUsEUEUESEUUUUEBUHUHEELHHOHOOKLURKSHHORDOHDHHHLLEYLE framed with the rah somed and whole As the sat ~ ue there at my Sout “was set ee GE aed Ep o ' fog and out tnst— in Got And the Sut - we of Wee erates the “at = TS So the toss ib - er flan “that "Sag eed” Gris is oy Sut - ae of lis ste te 2.01 soul oe te_- 8. — = — 58 Get All Excited WILLIAM J, GAITHER PPPPPPPPPP PPP PPP PPP PPP PP PrP Perr er rey rere You talk shout peo: you tlk about things hat realty arent ay = » ge portant at all, You tlk a-bout weuth-er, you talk bout prob- kes we fave here at ome and a = bro; Buty friend, ex-cit - alg tout a 50 th = ton for the wor tim —gon-a shout and sin te wm or soo ” cist is sail the King of kings, King of kines! SEGGGGEYEGGGSGEELYUbSLbGEOG6HKEbEEEEEHKKEHAEDIDILGE 59 The Unclouded Day bea rn by Noam Foson ve nme of a home far beyond te shies, mne oft home where my fends have tome moe ot 4 Kins ip HS beau” - "ty. the they fell ome that Hams on His hl = dren thet 3 ie = ; Ia = LES £2 SE 2 oe es ome MY MH me ofa home where m0. fom - ous Whee Ne te fn thedhrone thats wht = ae tan we § ge Ss = aS + $ == —s tt © they toh ofan un = dont ed dy vison stots “Tey in gametny che un > dont e at on tee ae yt ie male ots a on Hk ive = ed oe Un > co-ed Sa 4 PPEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PEPE PPL PIII WS croton. Alien . OLEEEERESGOSGEELYUHHUULOOOKSOSRDSHSSDS HOSS ELSLLOELE © the and of tout = fas day) the dof an hy! 0 ey tal me of home storm owls ne © ey tel me of an ~ nested — day WAYNE ROMERO I Just Came to Praise the Lord 60 | F jasteameto rae the Lon Uae iin ee Just cameto pase Mis ho ~ 1 james pea the Iisteametopise Hs bo = I pnteameto thank the cverebe 9 y Fore rt (ASCAP, Serna opr sere, Aight ori. y pein. 61 Dwelling in Beulah Land CAM AUSTIN SLES ® Pon» ® eee 1 Far a-way the nobe ofstifegp ~ on ye fine, Then Lknow te 2 Far se-ow the Som ofdoubeup- on thovordi® beating, Sons ofmen in BLE Mewonn.s” “See cbowe hi anmots «fam me, 8 amate- Vigw-ing hee the work ef Gad, Tank ‘ip contem = pation, eat-in now Hs * ° ® yy -. ie == De ea fee steak fe = wt on erty han; Doutandarand hee ofr Sei felon Ge | Sty alma, R'SRE Meee febicedhete me = eo Sy dad URE, BG Rae a wanes Segoe TSE eh Re otetes, ONCRE de spe hee soe = : Spt Bon oe . van (0 te ae eling- Nom of teed mveme om Bev ah Land ‘OF Gou's Wendie = seating Nothing en can feskine, "Us Beulah Land heetheresnaugitcen Rar me amsafe for —ev-er” ia Beu= ah Land Teas of fol = ve-ton- Ghad-ly wil arty im Bea ah Lang : oe igre hb spe HORUS & eon ing on the mountain, underneath 2 cloudless ine tag at the four-tin stat never shllrin dig; © yellim easing on be Cop 191, nk co, Oneneed pererrereerrerrrrrr errr errr reer rrr eee manna froma fount falsup- ly. For Tam dling in Beth Land There’s Not a Day That Passes 62. i JOHN W, PETERSON. 1, Tee not g day that pos =e BurCnfsen Se-ior —ieealto ae 3 Theres ‘not day that panes Buta Tec Him "Stone pays 3. Somerday—iveahthe portal Ofthatbnghtct ="y"” cnyonder Shore (On right or sahowed path= ways His presious presence by Gh 1 se Wondrous runs ton 1 uvcwith Hin wie 1 nee thee: Time wi nd el FW ee te eave forerser = monet Waku toe Jo = th of Mune dither, Haan doth ie Hees ny eye ‘Naren anacoup pies me’ “anther st “Se hehe. ath vce Matinee to esas yt — oF . oe fur whatttes ‘by my Bet what He" te my tea. i duce ="ter = m= Bt BELLS SSeS SBOVEVOUreTee 22a 22a ABD EOO' 63 Through It All ac AnpeAE CROUCH Lo Tea many tas anh orows, Tre halqusonsfor 16 = 2 The een to tote “St place And tveseen ait oF TE tink God eke ovncahs, xd snk Himfor the 2 222 = one re tesa rorrom, —7Thuceheetine) diana ah fom WOR Tevey 3 Thercrebeentines1 eit a ala tates, Thain forte Soms He vot ne tha cry St 8 = action God ante bles ad con =m ut We my tone = howe” Yes, those presous fone =f ad's probs tem T wouksen Bnow tat a a Meson That my al gone oan ty makes stone tou Het me know that ‘wis fs ‘own Setuwsthe tiem ra ner now want fan in Coca cnorus ~~ FT —, oO ‘Toei Thought a reared ott in rr cop yan. Rem Ne tk TOON, ern re PPPPPPPPRPPPPP PPP PPPP DD PP PPPE PP IIT ILL Baas ess SS ¥ Through releamed to de «pend pon Hi Learning to Lean 64 as JONN STALLD ® ” ‘ « Finding more pow an e¢dreamed, 9 eaing 18 : : . : . . , > > : . : : > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 2 2 2 2 J 3 f 65 He RICHARD MULLAN {INC RICHARDS. . om 8 oom 0 urn the tiles and calm the an - gry sta, He alone de- oe sic, wows gm ro = ays He Nero) tara mae loads “tnd ‘tum the eyo) be Slane knows here 10 a the = nes ht, “Ue keeps watch all througheack ong and one “iy night vows “wt te 3? ome ean "ase that er" be-yomd the bend Mea fing the ne fo Mar es at pay Sut oan, He Sin touch "ste and tum the fewest He" knows ny coll amd owns find Hm heres hough it makes Hint sad to ae the . » ‘Be ravage rm CO, ING 204 78 9 Now ah 10, mio pret Sec, heity pm, Sadcin OSA. Aired, PPPPPPPRPPPCPP PELLET PrP er ree errr rye ee SSOEGLEEEELELYLH LOLOL bOSSOKESDEDSEbEHSSEISELE Ive, He always say, te Sweet Fellowship : 66 aLF. BAYNARD 1, FOX. aoe . no® Tere i no lowship the l-owstip in dems ke te Ghris-tian tie that bin He He dove that draws ur dose to = asth = noe & I this sweet fo-hwetip, — sneet—F-Howship copy 19295 Hox Mc Paann Agi roee Lby genio, 67 Touring That City wu HAROLD LANE ° we 8) Po B 1. Many fines 1 have wondered Bout the sits of tht cit-y, And Zi Moeon cimh we have fouctgn, Gat fo. "aw seem ey) But in » 8 eo! 7 ait that my eyes shall be = kl: 1 wil see_all the wonders when 1 ween noone wil be sale Mom ant Dadwit te Sngcing, homes on o ® iS a co ter that ty, Therefor “ev = otto be fe in Ts fold. peste wit To ining. Porte dorset ent “TS er fa Some motn-ing you'll find me four fng that city Where the Son of t God the Ligh: You" find me there onthe streetsso prey, Mae of PEERS PO PR Soe bebe bboLbbbbbbhbbbbdbbbebss set parcond vety, Who Ind fim me touring Wit Sees the one who Eve me he Alleluia Some toring yout city Mberewith Hin Lil over a = bide 68 JERRY SINCLAIR 2 Alte = ta ia a er Alte = tw =i Hes my "sav - ee ah tei, He's my. Sir ps i, 7231 SSS eee er ery tes any "Sov “oe, Hes my "Sv an 1 pt in rt oF Ate, Hes my Sv 1 a gas aes Hes my at i pe syne. an 7 ey 0078 1 a i 1 Ree, aC 9104 69 His Name Is Jesus . LOWELL LUNDSTROM 1 asked for When Twa es te Hes the one His name ie Je se He's the Hismme Je 2 hie HS the copy 960 Gl biting Hoe, Aen by prison Leeee: Pee EE HRS gD SEES SE EEEEEESESSHHHSSHSSHHHHEEESHSLDIES ILE my King With = out Him She oth = ig, ey = thinet Yam we thank = fat that Je = came Sine hive found Him tim mot the —~) : 70 IJust Feel Like Something Good Is About to Happen” ‘WILLIAM J. GATHER ee * 1 just feet tke something goad ison ts may For "T) know Hes work- Int “all things Tor my good PPPPCPOPPPPP PPP PPP PEPE PPP P EDT TIIT I wee | oe When Goa" peo = ple ham ble them sees to call on Je ss ie" us prom:kel "eye. nor” ear can ard fath-om War, tre "her''er Been more thellod a= Rout t0. = morrom, on Be ay » doh [bye SSS === ‘And they look to heswenex = pect-ine as they pay All the things te "has in. store for those who ray: Simshines “als ways bursting thw theses of) ay os So just feel tke something good aout (0 ap Fast fel ike Some-thing food tout 1 hap 1 just Sel tke somecthing good bout 10 ap ° ee ee ey Es S : ‘A pS az — pea, Ant ott, ths cull be the ver = dy me AD te: oat Bry wee ete we, — vero ve wera vo owe eevee bbbobbbeessssd dbl hs VN Wom kt f ‘i Pr ‘Qe ° . eee ee KD Bee be bbb SHHHHHHSSES SELLS “AEF And He wal fave for you thecrownyou'vewon When the Saints Go Marching In__ 72 Trains Tratitona dare by Eldon Bart moe 8 ® or 1am just “a weary pil-arinTraingtnw this world of sin 3 _saa's! few moneys to nce” Justa few moneys rath, Si theresa place “hares pre ~ pads, “Hfte journey tthe "en we os tm 6 Then a. crown of Bie Tell Brews Sins 20 marching i 2 2 ” oe os a wo © Lord,t want to be in thst number Whenthestntspo matc-ing i 73 Healer of Broken Hearts os (GEORGIA STIFFLER falloff ‘of your Tere one who thw mer-c¥ and suf - Pane There one who i wil-ihE TO. Hep” your cyonus Hes the healer of eo aoa 7 he © # rts, Hell mend. your shattered dreams; He pick op the threads Wer a ” ooo} fe And weave them to-geth-ee a Och 1945, eel 172 Sek Mai Compny. Allg Foeme Ue by pomisn PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPP PITT PEEP ry rt ype ee We'll Soon Be Done with Troubles and Trials CCLEAVANT DERRICKS pepepererrereereercerr pe pepo pp anna ---- te whe dine Rel s00n be done with swe amt wah Yes, ia thathome onthe other Q b Y Shake Bad hands with the el =, ray ia died gpod morn ng PO eee EEE ES HHHEEEEEEEEDSS EEL 76 Wait’ll You See My Brand-New Home RG. RUSTY GOODMAN ® oo LA you'e awed by this work and all ts bey Many ste-ty Xo My"bew ame wil not ‘hes "St Upom foun a= tens Thatare may man sone daly you may se > Bu with ~ out great wees ‘nan an wil ste day fans a Rovont be bull where the 8 fn now Fl ney gua one, Andyou will neither if yu"re no more ic han orms of ig can hit «th ire tt strmeloudeoiten tide the het of LEELLEPLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIPEELEL EIT?» P22 af your willook beyond what kang by, ut the! Gocner"tope™ of God's un = tn % You can se wa oth - ly P For on the The Root Da -wls ear the Kn Pwine “t ter side of Jor-dan ther’ con-strc-ton 2 Om a mansion being welcome and homecoming hat 2” wait me Anndim ex - peeing an 9 conus 87 » ® ele ut, ea for me apd stwait-ll you see my brandnew home Wait you se te Beauty re= Theres nothingdown hte that an com ~ pate; Just wait-Tl you sce my brandnew Some My henenly Rather's bul soy os iveAndn gonna oe-e8-py for eee axtwaitlyouse my brant new home : — — oy ae da ae aed DDH DOSEHHHHEHEHOHHHHEHHEELEL 7 Sweet Jesus PAUL GOODWIN PPPIPPD than the or ae: x fee fro, much fairer han the PELLELEPE LLL PP LP te Come, Holy Spirit 78 1 J. & GLORIA GAFTHER . WILLIAM), GAITIIER 1. Come as wie-dom to chil - den, Come as new sight 10. the 2 Come as 2 test to the wea Come as a alm for the 3. Come ke spare Inthe des = Come 12 the withered of ome Lor, os enh my wk ou, ‘O” et Your sweet Neal- ine power ® . REFRAIN Take me soul, body, ant ind Filme with) oy, ver > mor Come, Ho-ty Spir-it, 1 roudme “ind make age whole CCome,sweet Spie= it 1 Come la Your strength and Your pow =e {Come in Your own gen-te Scone 9649 wil J Galther (ASCAP), Inertial apyegh ce, Argh eed dy pein, oe ae ee DDD DD eee TEHHHOEHEEHEHHEHCGEEEELYLY AoMoNITION fees eae ie it ASPIRATION & PRAYER. Mydesre a [ASSURANCE & FAITH. Bech ee 6 God 30 pe ° ws the ait ine Soenttg wr bine kr seeeet re ee Hoh ele ies a Tage 8 Uo 8 NE te di i vou Mas Wee Sab a CLEANSING & FOReNENESS Gad Bahia oa ny ioe & COMFORT & PEACE Galen ‘ twas teal tie ine Tea fee my heart usage dae Be tied » pes i whew a The fe ng" a Tew eh a “Tie pes By Welleaste Seah Weenie ccomuiriten peared Panam oR Ae? cog Topical Index DISCIPLESHIP & SERVICE Gaulle & Pi ee BI feito a 2 Sarat ine ‘aac » FELLOWSHIP feito Taw EGR Me iad GUIDANCE & CARE ee ere WAPpHESS & OF sare Sige od Ties pace sya 38 cae eg ween Wet ete dine with Wied 5 Wha daa a= 3 Mie se tae AHS Rete ertle HOLY SPIRIT Aisa, Wn wre Whee Spite te Lords Love {Geet Shepherd 2 ee a es ej wan thank Yov 2 Seat a nt Send Praise Sion . ser sts ec iaie i enreie ian ie he ad Jou wa % Lette te rd ween Oat on 8 REVIVAL Benth he ptine 20 Sead gr g FEET SALVATION Doge th ea Bathe Sey pu % Bettve sessing Sect worth ing oe 2 Thea Pe he aes ab ‘Wier none vans oe ‘SECOND COMING rot of cd eT bre thre te bw 5 ‘Thee abe i a vale Wea saiis o marhig in 32 TESTIMONY & WITNESS Bec deta eres 3 Carat ed on ie cei pope 18 whee alibi A Hegel myer weh tat ederim tae O° 33 raga Colt 3 Tne Peedi eb he pect amy 33 eee 2 Eecticlneujensiineting & Tea da tie dn ry foster 3 Meda and aoe F the Upto 4 Beet | PPEPELCELELEPLEPLE PPPS PPP PPP PPP PPP? 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Faith in God Can Move a Moun Freely, Freely Garment of Praise Gentle Shepherd Get AILEscited Cod Is So Good 138 God Put His Hand on My Shoulder 16 God's Worderul People 14 Got Any Rivers? 1 Greater Is He That Is in Me 6 He 12 He Was There All the Time 48 He Washed My Eyes with Tears Hell Break Through the Blue 73 Mealer of Broken Hearts 69 His Name bs Jesus 28 Holy Sprit, Thou Art Welcome 3 How Big Is Goal 22 I Have a Friend-His Name Is Jesus Have & Peace in My Heart 35 1 Wanna Se Ready 21 Will Serve Thee 74 Tve a Longing in My Heart ' Iunt the Lave of Jesus Something 15 It Took a Miracle 15 is Always Darkest Before the Dawn 71 Its Not the Fist Mile 2 Jenin, We Just Want to Thank You S50 Jesus Will Outshine Them All 40 Jost a Little Talk with Jesus 64 Learning to Lean 13 Lats Just Praise the Lord 3 Linger a Moment 53 My Desire 24 My Wonderful Lord 35 0 How He Loves You and Me! 411.0 may vin’ hater ‘of Lave and Kindness 237 Some 57 Statue of Liberty {86 Sweet Fellowship TT Sweet Jews 82 Teach Me, Lord. to Wai 20 Tears Will Never Stain the Streets 31 The Blood Will Never Love Is Power 26 The Church in the Wildwood p03 Fablee 4 The Lighthouse 17 The Night Betore Raster 59 The Unelouded Day 19 Then | Met the Master 42 There's Whole Lot of People Going 2 There's Not a Day That Passes 33 They that walt upon the Lord 6 Throvgh teall 52 “Tl the Storm Passes By {7 Touring That City 54 Until Then 276 Waitll You See My Brand-New Home 75 Well Soon Be Done with Troubles and $i What a Day That Will Bel {TR When the Sante Go Marching In 10 When the Savior Reached Down for Me 46 Where No One Stands Alone 59 Where the Roses Never Fade 49 Where the Spirit ofthe Lord Is