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Gary White


An enthusiastic professional fundraiser who is passionate about making a real

Street fundraising
difference to big issues like poverty, animal welfare and child abuse. E xperience
of local and regional community fundraising and having the necessary
Sales & marketing
personality, commitment and drive to succeed. Possessing the communication
skills required to support and encourage colleagues when it's tough and to
congratulate them when they triumph.
Client facing Looking for a suitable fundraising position with a ambitious & reputable charity.

Fundraising events WORK EXPERIENCE

Cold calling National Charity Coventry

FUNDRAISER June 2008 - Present
Media promotions
Working as part of a dedicated, fun and professional team & involved in raising
Customer facing funds from local people, businesses etc. Inspiring them to support the charities
that we represent and encouraging them to be a part of making a real difference to
people's lives.

PROFESSIONAL Describing the work of the charity in detail to individuals and groups.
Asking members of the public for their support via a monthly donation.
First Aid Certificate Promoting the charity and its goals.
Stall holder duties at local events.
German Speaker Meeting potential donors in person where they work, live and shop.
Involved in door-to-door sales, telemarketing and promotions.
Supervising other fundraising staff.
Knowledge of ABAP and Java programming.
Able to explaining passionately why the charity needs regular funding.
PERSONAL SKILLS Involved in street collections on flag days.
Focused on gaining new long term donors.
Excellent communication Talking to members of the public in residential areas or busy high streets.
skills Organising events like discos, dinners and other activities aimed at raising
Possessing natural selling talent and enthusiasm.
Competitive and resilient to rejection.
Able to work outdoors in all weathers.
PERSONAL DETAILS Having a positive, mature and professional attitude.
Able to build lasting relationships with their new customers.
Gary White A friendly, passionate and confident communicator.
34 Anywhere Road Experience of managing volunteers.
T: 02476 888 5544
M: 0887 222 9999 BA (Hons) Business Administration
E: Nuneaton University 2005 - 2008

DOB: 12/09/1985 A levels: Maths (A) English (B) Technology (B) Scienc e (C)
Driving license: Yes Coventry Central College 2003 - 2005
Nationality: British
REFERENCES Available on request.
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