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Scoala : CNAM - DEJ

Disciplina: Limba engleza

Clasa: a XI-a 2h/saptamana
Manual : CAE Gold plus
Profesor:Vaida Simona


Nr. Unitatea Continut Obiective operaionale Activiti de nvare Resurse Evaluare

Grammar : verb tenses - reinforcing and training - key word transformation Revision ex
1 UNIT 1: Vocabulary: Word formation- the means of expressing - word formation Textbook
suffixes verb tenses - rephrasing exercises Worksheets
Entertainment - training the ability of - multiple choice exercises
Tuning in
word-formation according - correcting mistakes CD Vocabulary and
to contextual requirements grammar practice

Reading : Send in the clones - reading comprehension -multiple matching

deducing meaning from (reading)
context -finding similar words and
- training the ability of phrases Conversation
identifying appropriate -answer questions -music
headings for paragraphs in -ask questions
a given text

- training speaking and - predicting content by

listening skills using key words
Speaking : music - training pupilsability to - conversation
organize and draft a piece Writing :a letter of
Listening : extracts-multiple of writing by following a - ordering paragraphs complaint
choice given scheme; - open cloze
- using personal -analyse a model letter
Writing: drafting and organizing information and vocabulary
Paragraph planning in speaking and writing
Assessment criteria
2 UNIT 2: Grammar: defining and non- - training pupils ability of - rephrasing exercises Textbook
defining relative clauses using relative clauses in - correcting mistakes Worksheets Revision ex
Articles context - sentence completion CD
Worth the
risk? - training speaking ability
and reinforcing vocabulary - conversation practice Vocabulary and
connected to shopping and - matching exercises grammar practice
Vocabulary : consumerism fashion by appealing to (words to pictures / words
-compound adjectives pupils personal experience to their explanations)
-advertising and marketing - training contextual - translation exercises
differentiation between Project work
zero,definite and indefinite Advertise a product

- training specific reading

comprehension - multiple choice exercise
Reading :Fashion and shopping - matching exercise ( new
Extracts-multiple choice words from the text to
their contextual meaning )
- training first general and Conversation
then specific listening - multiple choice ex. practice:giving
Listening :Radio programme comprehension - fill in a chart (while opinions
Speaking:giving opinions - training speaking skills listening) Speaking practice-
based on personal - asking and answering shopping and
information by following questions fashion
the steps of the interview
listened to
- fill in the blanks
Writing : informal letter -discuss the questions
Register and including necessary
information -training writing skills Writing an informal
3 Grammar :modal verbs - reinforcing and training - multiple choice ex. Textbook Revision ex
- gerunds and infinitives the contextual use of modal - error correction Copybook
verbs - translation exercises CD
What makes -training the difference in - rephrasing exercises
us tick use of gerunds and Grammar and
Vocabulary: feelings infinitives - fill in the blanks vocabulary practice
- adjectives of character - identifying and
-deducing meaning from correcting the incorrect
context word in a given context
Reading :The power of saying
sorry -gapped text
- multiple matching ex. Speaking practice-
Speaking : Ways of expressing - question-answer practice speculating about
possibility and speculation - training topic based present and past
vocabulary in expressing situations
possibility and speculation -conversation practice

- predicting missing
Listening :Changing your name- - training specific listening
multiple matching comprehension
-sequencing expressions
-checking for mistakes
Writing : information sheet Writing an
Checking for mistakes information sheet
UNIT 4: Grammar : future forms - teaching and training the - matching ex. and fill in Textbook Revision ex
-countable and uncountable contextual difference in use ex. Worksheets
Food for nouns and meaning between - error correction ( find the CD
thought different future forms lacking word in the
- reinforcing and training sentence)
the use of countable and - multiple choice ex.
Vocabulary : food uncountable nouns -translation ex.
-body and health - training the use of - transformation exercises
cooking verbs - multiple choice exercises
-practice vocabulary items - matching exercises
connected to body and - open cloze
health - fill in the blanks
Reading :Tickle your taste buds - training pupilsability of
scanning a text - fill in the gaps with
- training general reading matching sentences Speaking practice-
comprehension - tick or cross ex. talk about food and
( identifying correct word a healthy diet
explanation matching ) Writing a recipe
- question-answer
Listening :Jamie Oliver -listening for general and
specific information - question answer ex.
Speaking : talking about - fill in the blanks ex.
advantages and disadvantages - describing pictures
- matching ex.
- identifying and ordering - conversation practice
Writing : an article paragraph topics
- training the pupils the - ordering events
ability of writing an article - writing an article by
by following a given following instructions Writing an article