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Vastu for office

Vastu & Office

The Ancient science of construction that is Vasthu Sastra doesnt just apply to a home. A place of
business should also be in tune with the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth so that
management and employees work in harmony to achieve success.

The managing director of the office should occupy the south-west quadrant and should face north
while sitting at his desk. The flooring in the room should be 7cm to 15cm higher than the rest of the
office. His or her table should be in the extreme south-west corner of the room, and it would be
auspicious if the door to the room were in the north-east quadrant.

The managing direction of the office should occupy the SW quadrant and face north.

The second person in command, like a general manager or manager, should occupy the south and
west quadrants. He or she should sit facing north while occupying a southern room and should face
east in a western room . All other staff should sit facing east.

The finance manager should sit in the north quadrant facing north or east, as this will yield enhanced
financial results.

Tables or counters should be designed in such a way that sales people face either east or north and
the customers face west or south. The sales staff should occupy the north-west quadrant.

The administration and human resources departments should be in the east.

If the office has a prayer room, it should be located in the north-east and should be kept clean and
free from weight.

Showcases, racks and cupboards should be against western and southern walls.

First of all an ideal site, free from any of Vastu defects should be selected. After selecting the site, in
designing a lay-out for industry and providing for utilities special attention should be paid for the
following aspects :

The sloping of floors should be towards East, North and North-East, More open space should be left in
the East and North side.

Buildings height can be equal in all sides, otherwise South and Western sides should not be taller in
height as compared to East and North.

Well, bore well, underground reservoir, sink, pools, swimming pools etc. should be located in North-
East or Eastern zone, preferably between Mid East and North East.

Stair cases should always be provided in South West part of the building.
Overhead water tank may be erected in South West, South or West. Its height should be more than
that of buildings height in North East corner.

Toilets may be placed in North West or South East. North East and South West corners should be
strictly avoided for this purpose.

Weigh bridge or weighing machines may be placed in North West or Central East.

Parking of heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors, trolleys or cranes etc, should be on the roads outside or
if it is to be inside, they should be parked in South West zone.

Cycles, scooter, cars, light commercial vehicles can be parked in North West, North or East side of
buildings. North East should always be free from any parking of vehicles.

Lawns with big avenue trees can be developed on South and West sides.

Small lawns with fountains etc (without big trees) can be developed in North East, North and East
also. Here only small plants can be grown.

Administrative and other office blocks can be constructed in North, East, South or South West keeping
the heights of these buildings lower than that of main factory.

Staff quarters may be built on East without touching East wall, in North, West or South East. Multi
storied flats may be constructed in South zone without touching main factory building.

Staff canteen may be placed in South East.

Guard Room should be placed near gates in such an advantageous position so that the guards can see
approaching persons, vehicles etc. without any obstruction. North East direction should be avoided for
a guard room or security cabin. For East facing gate the security office should be on South East side of
gate, and for North facing gate it should be on North West side.

Time office should be placed near gate for entry for workers but not in the South direction.
Heavy plants and machineries should be erected in West, South and South West zones leaving the
North West and South East corners. North East and centre of the building should be avoided for
placing heavy machineries.

Light and auxiliary machines, work equipments and tools can be placed in Eastern and Northern sides
except in North East, North West and South East corners.

Generator, boilers, ovens, oil fired or electric furnaces, switch gears, capacitors, transformers, control
panels, smoke chimney etc. all should be located in South East.

Heavy raw materials stores may be placed in South West, South or West.

Semi processed materials can be stocked in South or West sides.

Finished goods stores, packing and forwarding can be in North West, in East or South East. North West
is preferable. North East should always be avoided.

Maintenance workshop may be in South, South West avoiding North East and centre. Maintenance and
consumable stores should be nearer to the workshop.

A temple (even a small will do) in the North East corner should be built and maintained neat and
clean. No material should be stacked here.

Toilets in the administrative building or in other parts of factory or mill should be made in South East
or North West area and if septic tank is to be built for that purpose, it should be built in between North
and North West or between East and South East.

ommercial Vastu

The recent times have seen the rise of Commercial business spaces like Malls, supermarkets,
business complexes, multiplexes etc. emerging and prospering in cities and towns all over the
world. Space is always a constraint and thus every square inch is made use of for commerce. In
such a scenario it is easy to overlook the influences of negative energies at work. Every
business deserves to earn profits, grow and succeed. With some Vastu tips and tweaks in your
design, it is possible to attract revenue, increase profitability and maximize positive influences
on your trade andcommerce, finance and hence overall wealth.

For commercial establishments, though all directions are considered good, shops located in
the North and east are the best.
The Sales Counter should ideally face the road or the entry for small shops, such as grocery
stores, stationery shopsetc. However for South andWest facing shops, the owner or
salesman should close deals and receive cash while sitting in the Southwest Zone facing
East or North. South or West facing shops should avoid having entry from the South-West
For bigger shops like departmental stores and malls, the cash counter should be located in
the North or Northeast zone.
The manager or the senior officer should have their office in Southwest zone facing east or
north direction.
Process flow, that is from Godown to Dispatch Area has to be clockwise or from north-east-
south or east-south-west.
As far as Level of floor is concerned, the southwest & south sides need to be placed higher
than other directions.
Northeast, the Ishaanya zone is good for worshiping and should always be kept clean and
open, free from any heavy storage.

Location of treasury is best located in north zone as this is a place of Kuber,the lord of
Vastu for Hotels

Vaastu helps a great deal in ensuring that commercial buildings, such as hotels, would have a
booming business, with the arrival of more and more number of guests. Many things are taken
into consideration, while suggesting the right Vaasthu remedies for hotels.

Leave the portion of North and East open while constructing hotel. Hotel must be well ventilated,
illuminated and large. Pantry or kitchen should be given South-east corner and other
electrical equipments including geysers, meters must also be employed in this direction only.
Kitchen should be constructed at Ground floor only. Visitors room should be made in South-
west portion of hotel with beds placed in South or West so that they sleep with head towards
South or East. Place balcony of hotel rooms in Eastern or Northern direction. Bathrooms and
toilets must be made in North-west or West. Hotel premises should be huge and open to
maintain the flow of positive energy.

Vastu for Industry

Taking the help of the very old vaastu shastra is vital for the development of an industry. It
ensures the successful running of business activities, leading to larger production and better
monetary profits. Applying vaastu advice for industry can be of great help and it pave way for
prosperity in business as well.

North-eastern part of factory must be kept open and free from any material while if possible
install a water resource here. Raw material must be stocked strictly in the South-western zone
of industry and they must be moved on the production from South to North. High heat furnaces
must be constructed or installed in the South-eastern quadrant. Liquid steel that is being sent to
rolling mills must be placed in Western part of industry in the fashion of West to East. Finished
steel content must be kept in West of North-west as this direction give transit strength. This steel
can also be stored along the Southern or Western lines.

Vastu for Offices

To ensure bountiful output, good profit and efficiency in work, many people design their
workplace according to vaastu shastra. Following vaasthu remedies for office ensures that its
employees will work efficiently, which in turn would prove to be beneficial for the company.East
facing office is considered good bountiful. Avoid irregular shape of the plot while square or
rectangle is best for office structure.

Water resource or element if any, must be placed or installed in North-east of the office. The
main head or owner of the business organization must face North while working or dealing with
clientele. Northern or eastern sides are suitable for executive and other staff. Managerial level
and other high level people in the office must be made to sit in Southern or Western portion so
that they must face North or East while sitting in office North-east portion of office should be left
empty with water resource installed. Toilets should be built in West or North-western side while
avoid toilet in South-east, North-east & East. Pantry should be constructed in South-east.

Vastu for Shops

Vastu for any shop the customers are considered as God and the ultimate success of any shop
depends on the sale of goods for which vastu rules has to be followed To open the gateway of
monetary benefits and ensure smooth running of the operations of shops, many people resort to
the very ancient, yet popular vastu shastra. Not just because of the fact that it is a very old
science, but also because of positive results given by it. The ancient science is not only
confined to India - its native.
An ideal shop should be square-shaped or rectangular or have a front wider than the rear.
However, triangular or irregular shaped shops or those with narrow front and wide rear should
be avoided, as they lead to financial loss and mental tensions. Keep heavy material such as
raw material or dumping stuff on the South-west portion. Entrance of shop is recommended in
East or North-east....

Vastu for Plot Selection

In the contemporary times, more and more people are consulting a Vastu expert, while selecting
a plot, irrespective of the fact whether they want to use the plot for residential or commercial
purposes. Vastu for plot selection goes a long way in keeping away the negative energies,
which lead to severe health and loss of money.
An ideal shop should be

Vastu for Hospitals

A hospital needs a lot of positive energy and careful planning, according to Vastu
recommendations. People nurture high hopes of getting back to their normal health by defeating
fatal ailments, when they undergo treatment in a hospital. Vastu can be of great help, especially
when applied to hospitals.

Vastu for Clinic

Just like a home or a building, even commercial places should be constructed in a way that they
have a correct vastu. Talking about commercial places, a clinic serves as an inevitable part of a
residential complex. Fever, stomach ache or even constant headache is a few of the many
ailments that may sound nominal, but can cause a lot of pain and hardship to the sufferer.
Vastu for Factory
Factories and industrial structures need special attention while construction and should be free
from any Vastu defect. It is very important to follow the right Vastu advice while constructing a
factory, since its a business enterprise and should provide profits only. Following Vastu
guidelines while planning factories helps avoid losses and untowardly incidents.

In Factory Labout Problem

Factories and industrial structures need special attention Electrical equipments, meters,
generators, boilers etc must be located in the South-east direction as it facilitates the smooth
functioning and alleviates accidents. North-East should not be burdened, it should not be
blocked. Raw material or stacks must be dump in South-west corner. The North-East being
higher irritates the Vastu purush.

Vastu for Restaurants

It is always advisable to follow Vastu guidelines while building a restaurant. Certain rules have
been laid down for every structure and the same holds true for the restaurants as well. Vastu
becomes all the more important while planning a restaurant, as its important to prevent it from
running into losses because of any problem with its planning. You will invite troubles, if you do
no plan your restaurant or any building to be used for commercial purposes according to Vastu

Vastu for School

A school should be designed carefully, following the guidelines of Vastu Shashtra, as students
are the future of a nation and they need a firm focus and solid concentration. At the same time,
it is necessary for the students to not feel stressed and over-worked. They would not be able to
achieve good results, otherwise.A school, college or any other educational institute plays a
major role in shaping the fate of the nation. It is very essential to construct such buildings
according to Vastu guidelines, to get the maximum benefit of the five elements of nature.

The entrance of the school building should always face east or north. The temple or the prayer
hall should be constructed in the northeast direction only. The students should face either north
or east while studying in the classes. The classrooms should have larger windows on the
northern and eastern walls. The electrical equipments, like generators and inverters, are to be
kept in the southeast. The toilet blocks should be in the northwest corner of the entire building.
The administration block should be preferably in the north or east direction. The canteen should
be made in the southeast corner.
Vastu for Institutions
All institutes should be built with East or North-East entrance.Staff room must be made in North-
West. Reception and cashier room must be located in Eastern or Northern side. Click For

Vastu for Movie Hall

Avoid purchasing land which has been used as morgue, crematory, hospital or any other dead
infertile place. Projectors should be installed in South-West direction. Canteen or kitchen should
be constructed only in South-East portion. Public toilets should be built in North-West and WC
facing North or South. Cinema hall should always be constructed on lively plot in terms of
functionality and sand identification; therefore a veteran Vastu consult must be consulted before
checking for the site.

Avoid purchasing land which has been used as morgue, crematory, hospital or any other dead
infertile place. Construction of cinema hall should begin from West to South and must be heavy
here. Screen of the cinema hall should be installed in such a way that viewers face East or
North while watching movie. Projectors should be installed in South-west direction. Placing
electrical equipments in South-east can turns things successful. Public toilets should be built in
North-west and WC facing North or South.