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Swine flu is caused due to the virus of pig. It is also called Swine Influenza or pig flu.

In Humans this flu

was first discovered in 2009. It was spreading in all over the world very fast,so WHO declared it as
Pandemics. The disease is considered as highly contagious. These viruses can cause high levels of illness
and low death rates in pigs. This flu is no more dangerous like other flus. Old aged people, pregnant
females and kids below 5 years are the victims of this disease. And in this article you will be able to know
about swine flu and for some of our specific users we have also mentioned the whole process of Swine
Flu in Urdu.

There are different types of swine flu viruses that have appeared. At present, there are four main
influenza type A virus sub-types that have detached in the pigs that are H1N1, H1N2, H3N2 and H3N1.
The virus which was most recently isolated was H1N1.

Some people think that these viruses are transmitted by food we eat. But actually it is not true, we
cannot get swine influenza by eating pork or the products in which pork uses. Swine flu virus kills when
we cook the pork on 160F temperature.

This virus can directly transfer from people to pigs and pigs to people. This disease is also easily passed
from person to person. So if you think you may have this flu then dont contact from other ones. Many
people are infected by touching the things having swine virus and then touching their mouth or nose. A
latest report indicates that this flu can pass infection deeper into the lungs. It is 100% curable disease
and now a vaccine has been discovered. It is the perfect precaution for this disease.

Swine Flu Symptoms :

This flu give you the following symptoms :

Primary symptoms are :



Body Aches


Eye Redness


Sore throat and swelling

Significant symptoms are :

Pain in chest

No foo intake

Loose motion



Confusing body

Body temperature rise up to 104 C

Difficulty sleeping

Joint pain

Swine flu in Pakistan :

Vaccination of this flu is available in Pakistan.More than 200 cases are reported In Pakistan and 50% are
from Karachi.

Precautions and Preventions :

Stay home if youre sick.

Use boil water.

Use mask on face before going to crowded area.

Wash your hands after using washroom.

Dont get close to the infectious people.

If there are pigs in your area then keep away from them.

Do regular exercise.

Go plenty of sleep.

Medicines to treat Swine flu :

There are four medications are available for the treatment of this virus.