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STATE OF NEW YORK ALBANY CITY COURT COUNTY OF ALBANY CRIMINAL PART THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK against CRIMINAL SUMMONS C.P.L. Art. 130 ROBERT S$ GADDY IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK TO: ROBERT S GADDY DEFENDANT AN ACCUSATORY INSTRUMENT has been filed 02-21-2017 by the complainant against the defendant in this Court charging the defendant with the offense of PL-240.26-01 -V = 2-HARASSMENT 2ND- PHY CONTACT. The defendant is hereby ORDERED to appear in the Albany City Court, Criminal Part, at Morton Avenue and Broad Street, City of Albany, County of Albany, NEW YORK AT 9:00am on MARCH 10, 2017 for arraignment on this aforementioned charge. DATED: February 23, 2017 =p Albany City Court~Judge I am not a party to this action, am 18 years of age or older, and employed by the , Albany, New York, Albany County. on T served a true copy of the above criminal summons by delivering the papers personally to the following person(s) at the indicated addresses: False statements made therin are punishable as a class A misdemeanor pursuant to section 210.45 of the penal Law. (Name of affiant) STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ALBANY ALBANY CITY COURT CRIMINAL PART CITY OF ALBANY ‘THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW VORK (INFORMATION a (MISDEMEANOR COMPLAINT ROBERT S. GADDY D.OB. a: FELONY coMPLANT ARMED FELONY UPON DIRECT KNOWLEDGE INC. 17-0790 By the above checked complaint, GLORIA WINSTON One Raa ee accuses ROBERT S. GADDY of JN ALBANY, N.Y. 12206 the Defendant(s), of commiting: 4 Gount(e) HARASSMENT SECOND DEGREE, in violation of Section 240.26-1 of the Penal Law of the State of New York, @ Violation in that the defendant(s), on or aboutbetween: TIME: 8:30PM & 9:00PM DATE: 2ns2017 LOCATION: 89 STATE ST. ALBANY NY (HILTON HOTEL) in the City of Albany, County of Albany, State of New York, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person he or she strikes, shoves, kicks or otherw'se subjects such other person to physical contact, or attempts or threatens to do the same. Town: ‘ON 02/18/2017, BETWEEN THE HOURS 0830 AND 0900 PM WHILE AT 89 STATE ST. ALBANY NY (HILTON HOTEL) ROBERT ‘S. GADDY DID WITH INTENT TO ANNOY, HARASS, AND ALARM ME, BEGAN YELLING AT ME, STATING THAT HE WAS. GOING TO KILL ME. ROBERT S. GADDY THEN, WITH A CLOSED FIST, STRUCK ME (GLORIA WINSTON) ON THE LEFT SIDE OF MY FACE IN THE JAW AREA. SAID ACTIONS CAUSED ME TO BECAME ANNOYED AND ALARMED, FEB 21 2017 ALBANY CiTy CouRT CRIMINAL PART. ‘THE SOURCES OF THE DEPONENT'S INFORMATION AND THE GROUNDS FOR HIS BELIEF ARE: © Of my own knowiedge and observations (OMY taining in drug recognition and my experiance as a police of CJA criminat history check through the NYS OCJS (1 Feld tests conducted CIANYS DMV drivers license check inquiry 1 Admissions of the defendant Attached Supporting Depostions ; AFFIRMED UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY ~ this 18TH day of FEBRUARY , 2017 = or _ Compialdan SUSCRIBED AND SWORN TQ BEFORE ME FALSE STATEMENTS CONTAINED HEREIN ARE . i. panies 20 PUNISHABLE AS A CLASS A MISDEMEANOR _m cent PURSUANT TO SECTION 210.45 OF THE PENAL LAW OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. ~~ Commissioner of Deeds APD Control #2113073