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Better for All: Improving Care Relationships through

Communication Training
A proposed Research Study by VSC Bureau members

Background Methods Desired Results

We shared stories about positive health We designed methods and an intervention to test our research question. Better Quality of Care among Care Triad
outcomes and what makes them happen. Setting: In home personal care and household assistance Communication trainees:
We selected important story themes for a Population: Care triadscare providers, supervisors and recipients
1. Improved care relationships
Research Topic: Interventions: Care triad communication training vs. usual training o clearer communication
having care providers that think outside o professionalism
the box and dont give up. Care Triad Communication Training o mutual respect and understanding
Initial training that includes: o progression toward goals
o Overview of best practices in o ability to adjust to changing needs
communication 2. Care recipient satisfaction with
Research Question
o Training modules on 1) active listening, 2) o Personal care
We developed a comparative elders communication needs and o Care of the environment/home
effectiveness research question limitations & 3) conflict resolution 3. Accidents & falls avoided/decreased
based on this topic. o Signed agreement of goals/expectations
o Establishing ground rules for the care
What best improves the quality of relationship, with attention to
care in care relationships: (1) training strengths/limitations of all parties
care triads in communication skills OR o In home activity in active listening &
(2) usual training of care providers restating Data Collection (6 months)

and their supervisors? Monthly review of progress in care Pre- & Follow-up surveys (check
relationships to assess whats working, what in every 30 days)
needs improvement
Focus groups
The Bureau of Sages is funded through a Eugene Washington
Engagement Award (2640-CJE) from the Patient-Centered Supervisors receive training on explaining the evaluation of care relationships. Survey question on accidents/falls
Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) .