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Monday: Seize by faith all the pr omises of God for

this year 2016. Pray that your faith may be active.
Monday Grace hour 6.30pm-7.30pm 1 Samuel 9

Wednesday Teaching 6.30pm-8.00pm

Tuesday: The wor d of God is what gives us the assur-
ance in times of adversity and tribulations. Pray that your
heart may be committed entirely to God's word.
Thursday Women meeting 6.30pm-7.30pm 1 Samuel 10

Thursday: Pr ay and declar e on your life than the joy

Friday Night prayer 9.00pm-02.00am of the Lord is your strength throughout 2016.
1 Samuel 11 To
Saturday Rehearsals 4.00pm-6.30pm FULL GOSPEL LIFE CHAPEL (FGLC)
Thursday: Pr ay that gr eat wor ks may be done Time
Time : 08.00am - 10.30am
through your hands by the power of the Holy Spirit. Venue
Venue: : We
Wessome (Near bar TaoTao)
Worship service 8.00am-10.30am 1 Samuel 12
Sunday Date:
nat~: Sunday,
Sn 10th January 2015
Youth meeting 6.00pm-8.00pm Friday: Never neglect the pr esence and influence of Theme (for 2015): FAITH IN CHRIST
the Holy Spirit in our lives: without him we can do noth- The vision of FGLC
ing. Pray that your fellowship with Him may be different Bringing man to the knowledge of Christ in its full-
and intensified in the year 2016. 1 Samuel 13
ness with the Bible as foundation.
Our mission statement
DAILY BIBLE READING Setting adequate evangelism structures in order to
MEMORY VERSE reach the maximum of people.
Monday: 1 Samuel 9 Our philosophy
W hoever believes in me, as b the Scripture has Tuesday: 1 Samuel 10 The philosophy of FGLC is three folds :
said, streams of living water will flow from within Wednesday: 1 Samuel 11 -Faith .
him Thursday: 1 Samuel 12 -Hope .
John 7:38 (NIV) Friday : 1 Samuel 13 -Charity .
Saturday: 1 Samuel 14 Pastor in charge
Sunday: 1 Samuel 15 Bright DZUDZOR

04 BP: 298 Lome 04 Cel: 91 98 85 76/
E mail: Ful90slf echapel (@ ~ahoo .fr
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Text: Jhn 7: 37-38; Jhn 10: 10; Jhn 14: 12; Ps 1: 1-3; Ps 46: 1-5 Sunday school 8.00am-8h45am
The Lord Jesus revealed himself with these words when the Israel- I believe and confess that the glory of the Lord is on
Intercessory prayer 8.45am-9.00am
ites celebrated the feast of huts. This feast of huts was the day for my life. I declare to every day of the year 2016 that
Israelites an opportunity to remember their exodus from Egypt un- Fraternal greetings 9.00am-9.05am my point of light like the dawn for the Lord is on my
der Pharaoh's persecution by the mighty hand of the Lord, the 9.05am-9.30am side.
crossing of the Red Sea, their march into the desert, the trials Praise and worship
through which they had passed, the murmurs they uttered, those Thanks giving and testimony 9.30am-9.40am I declare that my darkness light shines on all of 2016
who died in the desert... They still celebrating this festival with joy and that I am a point of reference that illuminates
in their heart, it was a very important day in their heart. Song ministration 9.40am-9.50am
everything in darkness.
Looking back a little, we can say that 2015 was not easy, it was Sermon 09.50am-10.20am
littered with various trials and numerous challenges. Despite all
these, there is one certainty: 2015 can no longer be referred to in Seed time and offerings 10.20am-10.25am I declare that the glory of the LORD is with me eve-
your life. Even if the earth shook beneath you, the Lord's protection Closing prayer and benediction 10.25am-10.30am ry day of the year. This glory breaks every yoke of
has remained with you and you are still alive. It happened that we shame and contempt in my life in Jesus' name.
are tired during this year, but for that we are still alive is a victory
If we can remain in communion with the Holy Spirit according to I proclaim the glory of the LORD made me a distinc-
the word of Jesus Christ, he will be our salvation during this 2016 Land offering this sunday tion among my peers. I declare that the nations come
year. In verse 38 of John chapter 7 Jesus raises a condition, which Always invite a brother or a friend to church to me to ask from my God.
is to believe in him, whatever the situation in which someone pass-
es. It is in this sense that Jesus gave five recommendations, it is the service.
source, by His Spirit will lead us. Anyone but the Spirit must also You are always reminded of your call to charity I declare that the joy of the Holy Spirit abounds in
take part in works of the Holy Spirit. The year 2016 is a year where towards a needy brother or friend, sick or loved my heart and removes any bitterness and pain in Je-
we walk hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, in his strength and ca- sus' Name. I declare that the joy of the Lord is my
pacity. ones.
The first recommendation to anyone but the Holy Spirit is life in Do join a department of your choice in the vineyard strength in the name of Jesus.
abundance. Anyone who takes part in the river of water of life, life of GOD (worship team, ushers, prayer leaders,
in abundance is our sharing. It is a life-giving joy, peace, a life of I declare that the Lord's protection is and remains my
success. It is a life where the pain comes, peace and joy fill us. children and adult, Sunday school teachers)
life throughout 2016. Wherever I go and wherever I
According to John 14: 12, the second recommendation of the Lord Do attend teachings and prayer sessions on Mon-
Jesus is that 2016 is a year of faith to accomplish great works find myself, the Lord is with me. I declare that the
days and Wednesdays between 6.30pm-8.30pm for
through the Holy Spirit. The faith spoken of here is the heart of the Lord will command his angels to keep me from acci-
insurance firm that Jesus alone is the answer to all things. divine experience. dents and bad news in Jesus' Name.
The third recommendation is that you have a productive life. Your Do attend Friday prayer meetings between 7.00pm
life bears fruit in all areas of your life and in everything you under- and 9.00pm for an encounter with GOD.
take. This year is my testimony for the Lord is doing
The fourth recommendation is that whatever you will do, will suc- through my hands very large works. Many will see it
ceed. Whoever is planted to the edge of the river of water, and that BENEDICTION
and will give glory to the Lord.
this river flows in him, succeeds in everything he undertakes. All
that will pass through your hands, all you will be provided as work Beloved, believe without thinking about the prom-
successfully. The prosperity of our life will be sharing in Jesus' ises of God for our lives in this 2016 year as the: In the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen!!!
Name. 1-Light, glory and joy of the Lord
The fifth recommendation for us this year is that the presence will
be abundant in grace, glory and strength. The grace and glory of 2-Protection and presence of the Lord AMEN!!!
God will surround us. You are a current of that river and you are 3-Delivrance from misfortune
the source of the joy of God. We ask God that our joy is not for a 4-Power of the Lord
time but remains forever. May the joy of God abides in our hearts 5-Restauration
throughout this year. All we will tell you and will not gladden the This is a year where we will have a- abundance of
heart of God passes over you in the name of Jesus. Beloved remain life, b- where God will heal our land and c- heal us
in communion with the Holy Spirit.
(Ezekiel 47: 1-12)
Pastor Bright DZUDZOR
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