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Skills test 5B (Units 910)

Listening 2 (LB1_ SK5_2.mp3) Listen and

complete the sentences. Write one
1 (LB1_ SK5_1.mp3) Listen and word in each gap.
choose the correct options. 0 Heather and Liz are going on
0 Mark is a school camping holiday.
a) English. 1 Heather wants to take her
b) American. shoes.
c) French. 2 Liz wore and a T-shirt
to the party last year.
1 In April Mark was in 3 Liz says are more
a) Mongolia. useful than party shoes.
b) England. 4 Liz says Heather also needs her
c) France. things.
5 Last year Liz learned how to cook
2 What problems did Mark have? .
a) His plane left from a different airport. 6 In the evening they told
b) The airport in Botswana closed early. to each other.
c) There was no hotel transport. 7 Liz rode a horse through the
3 The weather in Botswana was 8 Heather needs to take
a) very cold at night. a and a hat because
b) cool in the evening. its sometimes windy and cold.
c) warm with no rain.
___/8 marks
4 On a walking safari you need to
a) drink a lot of water.
b) stay out of the sun. Reading
c) have lots of food. 3 Read the messages and answer true
(T), false (F) or doesnt say (DS).
5 Where did Mark stay twice?
a) in his own tent RU free 2morro? Would U like 2 come to
b) in hotels our house for dinner? My cousins from
c) in a friends flat America R going to be there. You met
them last year. Were going to have your
6 Mark visited favourite: chicken. Mums busy cooking it
a) every hotel in Botswana. now!
b) the most important tourist areas. Agnes xx
c) only Chobe National Park.
Hi Agnes,
7 The camp is the best place to Thanks for your text. My phone's broken,
a) see elephants. so Im sending you this email. Id really
b) see lions and buffalos. love to come, but Im going to London
c) eat African food. tomorrow with my parents. Were going
to go sightseeing for three days and then
___/7 marks to see a play. Can we meet on Saturday
when I get back?

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Sorry, Tom, but Im going back to
America with my cousins for three weeks. Every two weeks we went to London
I want to take them to London, too, but Airport to meet new students and
we dont have the time. We can meet up welcome them to England. The coach
again when I get back. I can Skype you journey from Bournemouth is two hours,
from there and tell you all about it. Have so we spent the time on the way back
fun in London! telling them about the course and the
Agnes activities.

Thanks, Agnes. Dont forget: Im going to Three times a week we did sports with
be at the school camp when you get the students and twice a week we visited
back. I think the next time we meet is the local area. At weekends we travelled
going to be at school in September! Have to different parts of the country. We went
fun in America! to Bath, London, Edinburgh and Cardiff.
In London we all stayed in a small hotel
near Victoria Station and on the first day
0 Agnes invites Tom to dinner. T
we went on the London Eye. The
1 Agnes is cooking at the moment.
students loved it. Then we did the bus
2 Agnes doesnt like chicken.
sightseeing tour. On Sunday we went to
3 Toms going to see a play in
Camden Market and the British Museum
the museum was my favourite part of
4 Tom is going to travel to London by
the visit. Some students thought it was
boring, but I loved it. Most of the students
5 Toms parents are taking him to
preferred the market it was their
favourite part of the visit. We really
6 Agnes American cousins are going
needed much more time to see
to visit London.
7 Agnes is staying in America for
three weeks.
0 Josh got a job before university .
8 Agnes and Tom are going to meet
1 The English classes were for
again at school.
. hours.
2 Josh met the new students at
___/8 marks
3 He took the students to see the
4 Read the text and complete the twice a week.
sentences. Write one or two words in 4 At they visited other
each gap. cities.
5 They had hotel rooms not far from
Last year, when I left school and before I 6 The British Museum was
went to university, I got a summer job in for some students.
Bournemouth with young people from 7 The students thought the best thing
different countries. The young people was .
came to England to study English. They
studied every morning from 8.30 to ___/7 marks
12.30. In the afternoons we visited
interesting places with them. There were
six other students like me by the end of Writing
the summer we were best friends!

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5 A student from another country is
going to stay with you in the summer.
Write an email to him/her and tell them
about you and your life. Write about
these things.
daily routine
plans for this summer

Write about 80100 words.

___/20 marks

Total: ___/50 marks

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