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Iferhounene New Middle School FIRST ENGLISH TEST-MS4-

Healthy Diet for Kids: Food Pyramid

Have you ever heard of the Food Pyramid? No, its not a giant pile of
food in Egypt! The Food Pyramid is a clever chart to show the five groups
of foods that have all the nutrients that keep your body healthy and make
you grow. It includes the different foods from all five groups and how much
of each type of food you should eat.

The foods that make up the widest part of the pyramids basebreads,
cereals, rice and pastashould be the biggest part of your diet, followed by
several servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. And as you
climb up the pyramid you get to dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt)
and meat, fish, beans, nuts and eggs. And finally, fats, oils, and sweets are
at the very top of the pyramidwhich means that you should eat very little
of these foods!

Remember that its very important to eat these good foods, and also
exercise regularly. And one of the most important meals of the day is
breakfast! If you eat a healthy breakfast before leaving for school youre
sure to have better grades, pay more attention at school, and stay
healthier than those kids who dont eat breakfast. Learn more about the
Food Guide Pyramid for Kids or the Food Pyramid for Adults.
(online education Centre )

A/- Read the text and answer the questions . (03 points )

1/ - Is the food pyramid a diagrammatical representation of recommended portions

of basic food groups ?
2/ - Should you eat more cereals than fruit ?
3/ - Are fats , oils , and sweets the most important foods in your diet ?

B/ - Match each question with the appropriate answer . (02 points )

Which meal is essential to you ? Fats , oils , and sweets .

How much vegetables should you have Kids who have a healthy breakfast .
What is at the top of the food Breakfast .
pyramid ?
Who does better at school ? 3 to 5 servings .

C/ - Find in the text words that fit the definitions below . (02 points )

1/ - conductive to good health : ----------------------

2/ - nourishing ingredients in a food : --------------------


A/ - Rewrite the following statements using the imperative . (03 points )

1/ - You should eat a largest amount of cereals .

2/ - It is important for you to have a healthy breakfast .
3/ - It is not recommended to eat much sweeties .

B/ - Spot the mistakes and rewrite the correct sentences . (02 points )

1/ - What would you like to having for lunch ?

2/ - Would you like some steam rice ?
3/ - Do you like a dessert ?
4/ - You liked the fruit salad yesterday , dont you ?

C/ - Pick out from the text words which have the following sounds . (02
points )

/I/ / i: /
1 ------------------ 2 1 ----------------- 2
------------------ ---------------------


You have read about the food pyramid in a teenagers Web site . Write an e- mail
to a friend of yours to give him / her some advice and instructions concerning his / her
diet under the form of a recipe for a good health . Use the information below :

Breakfast / important ; foods / contain fiber - vitamins - calcium ; not eat / fats - oils -
sweets ; practice / sport