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I Rallye Ciudad de Loja's Classic

Loja 5 and June 6, 2009
ARTICLE 1. ORGANIZATION 1.1. 2001 Granada Car Club organizes the 5th and June 6t
h, 2009, an event of historical regularity, under the rules as described in Anne
x II, Section 3 Article 32 and 33, of RD 1428/2003,
Ier's Classic Rallye Ciudad de Loja
1.2 .- The event will count towards the championship Historic Regularity Andaluc
Ía 2009. 1.3. Implementing legislation. Shall apply, in order of priority, the
following regulations: - The Spanish legislation on Traffic and Circulation of V
ehicles. - General Regulation 2009 Andalucia Championship Historic Regularity. -
This Supplementary Regulations. ARTICLE 2. EVENT DEFINITION 2.1.The Ier's Class
ic Rallye Ciudad de Loja, Historic Regularity is as described in Annex II, Secti
on 3 Article 32 and 33, of RD 1428/2003, which approves the General Regulation C
irculation, an event of nature tourists, not sports, classified as Historic Regu
larity, which takes place on roads closed to normal traffic, imposed on medium s
peed. 2.2. The average speed will be, all the way, always less than 50 km / hour
. 2.3. Participants must comply during the whole length of the test, the rules o
f the Highway Code and applicable regulations. 2.4. Given the nature of the even
t tourism, circular road vehicles meeting closed to traffic all the rules withou
t hindering the movement, and not to hinder traffic crossing the existing contro
ls, no restrictive measures are necessary traffic control, assistance or Additio
nal security means (see Annex). 2.5 The maximum number of entries is set at 30 v
ARTICLE 3. PROGRAM SCHEDULE OF EVENTS May 15, 2009: Registration Opens. May 30,
2009: Registration Deadline June 1, 2009: Publication of Provisional List of Enr
olled in Web page Friday June 5, 2009 18:00 pm: Start of A
dministrative verifications as individual schedule published in www.rallyegranad 18:15 h: Opening of Park End, as the start of scrutineering individual sch
edule published in 20:00 pm: End of scrutineering. Close P
ark. Briefing. 20:30 h: Departure Ceremony Saturday June 6, 2009 07:30 am Depart
ure 18:20 h Arrival of the First First Player Tour Participant 349.80 including
73.80 km of stretch closed by the End of Rally Western Granada 20:30 h: Presenta
tion of Trophies
Schedules may be amended notice. 3.2. The Permanent Bureau Classic Rallye Ier's
City of Loja, is located to the day 06.05.2009 at the headquarters of the Automo
bile Club Granada 2001, C / Luis Buñuel, March 22 No. 18 200 Maracena, tel 958
958 271, E.mail ac Starting on 06/05/2009 will be at the
rally headquarters Municipal Pool Complex Genil de Loja (Granada). 3.3. Notices
and other relevant information from the test is published on the web. www.rallye
ARTICLE 4. EVENT MANAGEMENT 4.1. The Directorate of the event is: Event Director
: Arturo Javier Izquierdo Ans Pleguezuelos Timing: Sergio Alarcon Diaz Secretary
: Maria Sanchez Linares Angustias
Sec Resp of Vial:
Arturo Javier Izquierdo Pleguezuelos
ARTICLE 5. VEHICLES ALLOWED 5.1. Shall be admitted cars and sport vehicles, whic
h are more than 25 years, the first day of the event, hosted within the RD 1247-
1295, RD 1428/2003, Rules of the road, and the International Technical Code FIVA
. This age refers to the unit entered, never to the model or series of which it
is 5.2. In the cases of those vehicles registered with less than twenty-five yea
rs old, but with production date prior, will be the entrant who must demonstrate
, with sufficient supporting documentation, the age of the vehicle. In any case,
it is the Organization and FEVA Events Committee, before any doubt, who determi
ned the admission of it. . 5.3. The Organization of each test may reserve the ri
ght to refuse admission. 5.4. With the aim of matching vehicles to each other, i
n accordance with the Code of FIVA Events (Section 7.1.3), the general classific
ation is given by the final penalty for each participant by adding the last two
digits of year of manufacture the vehicle. For this purpose we will take the yea
r of first registration, the participant must prove the date of manufacture, whi
chever is earlier. Example: A team with 40 penalty points on a vehicle in 1970,
will result,€40 + 70 = 110 points If the event is timed to the tenth, the last
two digits of the year of manufacture is multiplied by 10, if it is timed to the
hundredth by 100 and so on. 5.5. CLASSIFICATIONS AND TROPHIES: Trophies, at lea
st the top three Scratch, driver and passenger. Team Trophies with fewer points
before the application of the handicap, driver and passenger. Team Trophy to the
participant without additional instrumentation, better qualified. Still needed
at least three participants per category to qualify for trophies 5.6. APPARATUS
FOR MEASURING A single distance measurement equipment, digital or analog, not to
calculate or display automatically delay or advancement over time or reference
distance indicated by the organization. Or two bicycle odometer (biciclómetros)
are expressly prohibited GPS systems and personal computers ARTICLE 6. PARTICIP
ANTS ALLOWED 6.1. Participation in the Classic Rallye Ier Loja City's Historic R
As drivers, holders of the relevant driving license in force. - As sailors, aged
18 years or between 12 and 18 with written parental permission. 6.2. Merely by
enrolling in a trial, all participants are subject to the rules of application,
agree to comply with its obligations and relieve the Test Organization and the O
rganization of Andalucia Championship 2009 Historic Regularity of any fact deriv
ed from the movement of vehicles during the event. . ARTICLE 7. INSURANCE 7.1. B
esides the mandatory insurance required of each participating vehicle, the Organ
ization has hired an Insurance Policy Liability at least â ¬ 600,000, as required
in Annex II Art.33 RD 1428/2003 ARTICLE 8. REGISTRATION 8.1. Registration fees a
re set at â ¬ 120 per vehicle (two occupants) assuming mandatory advertising cover
ing rally, "The Costs of Organization. -Documentation of the rally. Should be se
nt the registration form completed along with proof of income into account regis
tration fees, vehicle documents, Copy of Insurance and ITV, to Automobile Club G
ranada 2001 c / Luis Buñuel, March 22 th 18 200 Maracena, Fax 958 958 272 e- ma
il: Perform transfer or deposit to the account of Cajaso
l No.: 01 0420 2106 1372002459
- Holder: Car Club Granada 2001 Important: Review the "concept" of the transfer
or the name of the driver. 8.3. After closing the registration period, changes i
n the team (driver, rider or vehicle) must be expressly authorized by the Organi
zation. ARTICLE 9. PAPER ROUTE (road book) 9.1. The Organization shall make avai
lable to participants, Paper Route (road book) that describes in detail and meas
ured the total journey to specify the stages, sections and sectors and sections
where adequate checks Schedule Secrets (Sections of Classification). Book Map wa
s distributed to participants in the Park Exit, at the time of the administrativ
e checks, remain the same for all teams.
9.2. The Organization shall establish a section called Section of adjustment and
calibration, so participants can check and adjust your measurements to the Rout
e Book and should be available to them, at least seven days before the start of
the test. ARTICLE 10. PLATES, NUMBERS AND PUBLICITY 10.1. The Organization will
give each team two plates with the number given. Such plates shall be placed in
a conspicuous position on the outside and in front of the vehicle, if a single p
late or front and rear if two plates. These plates can not conceal the vehicle l
icense plates. Likewise, given two ridges, which should be placed on the front d
oors of the vehicle. 10.2. The team participating at the time formalize the regi
stration in the trial, accepted the compulsory disclosure of the Organization, i
t can decide on the area where each one must be placed. Non-acceptance of this r
ule will lead to the exclusion of the event. 10.3 The advertising itself authori
zed participating vehicles will be two rectangles of 30 x 50 cms. approximately
placed in the front wings, without taking into account of the time or valued by
the organization.
ARTICLE 11. CONTROL CARD 11.1. At the start of the race, teams will receive a Co
ntrol Card, indicating the times offered to cover the distance between two stop-
off controls. This card will be delivered on arrival Control Section or Stage€a
nd replaced by a new one at the time of departure, if applicable. 11.2. The team
is solely responsible for its Control Card and must be available whenever requi
red by the commissioners, only allowed to enroll at the same time. 11.3. The Con
trol Card must be presented in person at checkpoints by a team member for approv
al. Therefore incumbent upon it to decide the right moment to present their ID c
ard to the commissioner responsible for control and verify the accuracy of the r
ecords of time has been correct. ARTICLE 12 CHECKING ONES 12.1. Before the start
of each test, the Organizer will establish a technical check on the vehicle cha
racteristics, and administrative control at least Certificates, ITV and Mandator
y Insurance of the vehicle and driving license of the driver. 12.2. At any time
during the course of the test will be controls on the legality of participating
12.3. A vehicle may not be allowed to exit if in the opinion of the Directorate
of the event, did not offer sufficient guarantee for driving safety. 12.4. The f
ailure to overcome the technical verifications and / or administrative action wi
ll not, in any case, the right to a refund of registration fees. ARTICLE 13. WAL
K 13.1. Throughout the course of the event, the vehicle may occupy only the team
members are legally registered, which should comply fully with the path indicat
ed in the Paper Map, unless a decision is against the Event Management 13.2. The
repairs are allowed during the event. 13.3. In the event that the participant w
ill have support teams, this may remain in the Service Park and will be barred a
ccess to the sections while they are closed. ARTICLE 14. IMPOSED VELOCITY MEDIA
14.1. The average speed will be imposed, for the entire journey, always less tha
n 50 km / h 14.2. In the Sections of Classification may be varied imposed averag
e speed for each of them or within them, in part or in full. 14.3. In the feeder
lines imposed the average speed will not necessarily be equal to the Classifica
tion Section of the previous or the next. 14.4. Excessive speed will be penalize
d in both feeder lines as in the Sections of Classification, for which the Organ
ization may have secrets to monitor controls to compliance with the imposed aver
age speeds and traffic rules, being able to team Exclusion if it is perceived by
the Organization, several times in this attitude.
ARTICLE 15. CONTROLS 15.1. Controls Departure and arrival schedules. Teams must
be available to the Director of Event 15 minutes before the starting time of dep
arture, as contained in the Control Card. The output interval between each two v
ehicles shall be thirty seconds. This interval may be increased at the discretio
n of the Event Director in exceptional cases and if circumstances allow and advi
se. 15.2. Step controls. Shown with standard banners, in checks, the Acting Comm
issioner should simply endorse the Control Card when it is submitted by the team
, which is the only responsible for presenting your Control Card, and the entrie
s made therein. 15.3. Grouping controls. Several assembly areas will be establis
hed along the route. If the entry and exit from these areas, the control
Rally Schedule Control was a mandatory stop its operation will be like that. If,
however, had not Stop Mandatory Control Schedule, teams must take the exit at t
he right time in your Control Card. 15.4. Regularity Controls. Sections were est
ablished in the Classification, number and location secret, at the discretion of
the Organizer, its presence must be hidden as far as possible. Only you will fi
nd the number and location of these controls at the end of the test. ARTICLE 16.
OFFICIAL TIME AND TIMING 16.1. It will seek to match the official time of the t
est with the National Radio of Spain, or the signal emitted by Telefonica of Spa
in through the service schedule (093). However, prevail exposed by the Directora
te of the event, 15 minutes before departure of the first team in Output Control
. 16.2. The timing of the test is performed with a precision of tenths of second
s, and they shall refer to the passage of the front end of the vehicle by the dr
ARTICLE 17. PENALTIES 17.1. For each second early or late hours at each stopover
Control from ideal passing minute 1 point 17.2. For every tenth of a second ear
ly or late in each Regularity Control: 1 point 17.3. By arrest or abnormally slo
w progress on a voluntary basis in view of a control on a stretch of Division, r
eported by a Commissioner or Timekeeper: 100 points 17.4. Infringement of the hi
ghway code, denounced by the competent authority or by the Management of Event:
Exclusion 17.5. Loss of a test plate: 10 points 17.6. Loss of dorsal test: 100 p
oints 17.07 Delay less than five minutes on the time schedule or theoretical out
put control section: 17.8 Exclusion Advancement less than 30 seconds in control
of regularity: 3,000 points in the first Exclusion hand and the next. 17.9 Loss
of a ridge that prevents the identification of the participant at step Regularit
y Controls or loss of both dorsal or plates: Exclusion
17.10. Loss, alteration or erasure on the Control Card: Exclusion 17.11. Enterin
g an address control area other than that provided in the Route Book or re-enter
once through or endorsed the Control Card: Exclusion. The direction of the test
may agree to replace such a penalty equivalent to 15 minutes. 17.12. Transport
trailer or vehicle during part of the route: Exclusion 17.13. Blocking the way t
o other vehicles or leave the vehicle stopped in a manner which endangered: Excl
usion 17.14. Failure to obey the instructions of the Directorate of Event: 17.15
Exclusion. No Control Card deliver at the request of the Organization: Exclusio
n 17.16. Abandoning a team member: Exclusion 17.17. Go to any participant in-veh
icle Extra: Exclusion 17.18. Do not go through any of the controls: Exclusion. T
he direction of the test may agree to replace such a penalty equivalent to 15 mi
ARTICLE 18. RANKINGS AND AWARDS 18.1. At the end of each stage, the organization
published a General Classification with an expression of total penalty points a
ccumulated in increasing order and detail of the hours of theoretical step, hour
s of actual path and penalties assigned to each participant in each control, sch
edule or regularity, specifying the exact location of these kilometer. The gener
al classification is given by the final penalty for each participant by adding t
he last two digits of year of manufacture of the vehicle. For this purpose we wi
ll take the year of first registration, the participant must prove the date of m
anufacture, whichever is earlier. The operation of publication of results is as
follows: - The Organization shall publish the provisional results of the event w
here at least reflect the back of each team and the penalty obtained in each Con
trol Regularity in sections and sectors, plus locations in kilometers they exact
- The organization will, for a minimum period of 30 minutes, the deadline for cl
aims under the rules and attend, in order of presentation, the claims submitted
by the teams. - After the deadline for claims, the Organization made the necessa
ry corrections and publish the final results of the test process of the awards.
- There will be the following classifications. - A) Scratch - B) Class Tourism -
C) team with fewer points
18.2. The Organization shall, at least, a trophy for the first 3 classified as d
rivers and navigators in the General Classification. Team Trophies with fewer po
ints, the Driver and Navigator class Tourism Team Trophy, better placed to Drive
r and Navigator ARTICLE 19. TIE In case of tie, winner is the team has less poin
ts before applying Handicap old, if still a tie, the winner who will have more z
eros etc. etc.
ARTICLE 20. COMPLAINTS AND APPEALS 20.1. The complaint must relate to a particul
ar point, and shall conform to the procedure described in the General Rules of t
he Challenge of Historic Regularity AndalucÍa 2009. 20.2 Stop dealing with comp
laints was formed a committee consisting of: Director of Event Timing The head o
f Representatives of the participants in number three, you only have one vote sy
- The events authorized by the Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles (FEVA) dev
elop in accordance with: o Royal Decree 1428/2003, of November 21, by approving
the Rules of the road, that the Annex I describes the Historic Regularity Rallie
s as non-sporting events, taking place on roads open to normal traffic, imposed
on medium speed.€or with existing agreements between the International Automobi
le Federation and the International Federation of older vehicles, which the Fede
ration is the official representative and unique in Spain, listed in Annex K of
the International Sporting Code. - The historical regularity rallies do not have
a sports event, being the maximum required average speed throughout the journey
always less than 50 km / h. - The vehicles involved must be in perfect working
order, with Certificates, Mandatory Insurance and ITV in force and have been man
ufactured for over 25 years. - These events, according to the RD 1428/2003, are
made on roads open to normal traffic, the participants must always respect traff
ic rules in force, so it does not necessitate the adoption of additional safety
measures or control traffic.