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From "Big Money" from "See What I Wanna See":

Up to us to grab it.
You wanna, we can cab it,

From "Eternal Youth Is Worth A Little Suffering" from "Sunset Boulevard":

No more love handles to grab
You'll be so thin they'll all think you're
Walking sideways like a crab
Nothing sagging, nothing bagging

From "Oh Daddy" by BEANIE SIGEL:

That's what they yellin' when they grab me
Eyes are swellin', cryin', tryin' to stab me

From "Movin' Right Along" by Muppets, The:

Opportunity knocked once, let's reach out and grab it,
Together we'll nab it.

From "Pedaphile" by Vert:

you'll reach but you won't grab
you need something to stab

From "Eternal Youth Is Worth A Little Suffering" from "Sunset Boulevard":

No more crow's feet, no more flab
No more love handles to grab

From "Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer" from "Cats":

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer have a very unusual gift of the gab
We are highly efficient cat burglars as well
And remarkably smart at a smash and grab
We make our home in Victoria Grove

From "Peace" by Weezer:

I can't grab?
You can bet I'll pay the tab

From "Grind Time" by Chamillionaire:

Balling if I want it, don't play with it go and grab em
Get the old school a couple tools, candy paint and slab em

From "Hey Lady Godiva" by Dr. Hook:

Every man's just a clutchin' hand
Reachin' out to grab you
Every man's a quiverin' lance
Tryin' hard to stab you - don' let 'em nab you

From "The Last Payday" by Harry Connick Jr.:

Tried to make a five-grand grab
With a split second getaway
But he forgot that a bag of money
Ain't worth much on a slab

From "I'm A Hit That" by Fat Joe:

They don't really have it, yo missy you can grab it
So open nice and wide so I can start to stab it

From "Baby Phat" by De La Soul:

I love what I can hold and grab on
So if you burn it off then keep the flab on

From "Bad Intentions" by Dr. Dre:

take your clothes off,
make me wanna grab it,
turn around with it,
make me wanna stab it,

From "Let's Ride" by Q-Tip:

A little harder than your average hug or grab
Lady tell me this is better than taking a cab

From "What You Want (feat. Total)" by Mase:

Walk through the mall, if you like it you can grab
Total it all up and put it on my tab

From "I Hate College (Remix)" by Sam Adams:

Hold back to verbs that I must grab
And throw down like a rich girls bar tab (Tab, tab)

From "Big Money" by Michael John LaChiusa:

Up to us to grab it
You wanna, we can cap it

From "Glimpse Into New America" by Hyro Da Hero:

I'm just looking for change, get a bite I could grab
I'm sorry to bother, hope you understand
I misplaced my wallet gettin out of the cab
Oh you don't have, it's cool my man

From "I Shine, You Shine" by Fabolous:

Food for crabs, you rude to Fab
You end up bein' that dude they grab

From "Consumption" by Swollen Members:

I'm not a backyard bumpkin I'm from the concrete slab
where people taking anything and everything that they can grab

From "Project Blowed" by Aceyalone:

I was born in the jungle, the concrete slab
Where people take any and everything that they can grab

From "Gekackt" by Die Angefahrenen Schulkinder:

Und gibst Du dann den Lffel ab
Kack ich Dir auf Dein Grab

From "12" by Insane Clown Posse:

This man drives a taxi cab
Another wicked life to grab

From "Mungojerrie And Rumpelteazer" by Andrew Lloyd Webber:

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer had an unusual gift of the gab
They were highly efficient cat burglars as well and remarkably smart at a sm
ash and grab

From "King Leer" by Morrissey:

Your boyfriend, he
Has the gift of the gab
Or, could it be
The gift of the grab ?

From "Sleazy Come Easy Go" by L.A. Guns:

Oh taxi cab
It ain't nice 4 girls 2 grab

From "Hnschenklein Siebenundneunzig" by Megaherz:

schnitten ihm die Eier ab
und warfen Hnschen in sein Grab

From "Hnschenklein 1995" by Megaherz:

Schnitten ihm die Eier ab
Warfen Hnschen ins Grab

From "Got'm Lookin'" by Lil Wyte:

For me to try leave the hood and jump right back on the slab
If it was up to the cop for this lil cracker they would have to grab

From "I'm Ballin' (feat. Jazze Pha)" by Bun B:

But I'ma keep it O-G, and pull out the slab
So I can sit on buck, and have some wood grain to grab

From "Silence" by Kurt Nilsen:

Can't hear nothing but the dripping from the tap
blowing kisses noone will grab

From "Way Out" by Big Sean:

Man I wish that I could stab her
Remember when I used to grab her

From "Platz Miis Hrz" by Sina:

Bisch mr scho widr ab
Bringsch mi irgendswnn ins Grab

From "The Rubbers Song" by Pharcyde:

on life not my wife like a knife I stab
Placed them on tabled still I did not grab

From "88 Lines About 44 Women" by Nails:

Sherri was a feminist,
she really had that gift of gab.
Kathleen's point of view was this:
take whatever you can grab.

See grab used in context: 4 definitions


From The Farmer And The Raven (Mother Goose rhyme):

A farmer went trotting upon his gray mare,
Bumpety, bumpety, bump!
With his daughter behind him so rosy and fair,
Lumpety, lumpety, lump!

From "The Trolley Song" from "Meet Me In St. Louis":

bump, bump, bump
went the brake
thump, thump, thump
went my heartstrings

From "The Actuary Song" from "I Love You Because":

He`ll have a bump
Live in a dump

From "Madrid Is My Mama" from "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown":

I'm your baby.
Bounce me in my buggy on the roads I'm born to bump on.
I'm all right, or maybe I'm all wrong,
but I'm taking this ride, and anyone can jump on.

From "CAT'S IN THE WELL" by Bob Dylan:

The cat's in the well, and the horse is going bumpety bump.
Back alley Sally is doing the American jump.

From "Buckle Up" by Blondie:

It's gonna be a bumpity bump
Buckle up your sweet self sugar
You drive me crazy and I jumpity jump

From "Here Comes the Grump" by Adam Ant:

In the night when the things go bump
Think of me think
Here comes the grump
Here comes the grump, here comes the grump

From "Thump" by Adam Brand:

When they do it in the city they go bump bump bump,
So throw up your hands and jump jump jump,
From "Thump" by Adam Brand:
When they do it in the city they go bump bump bump,
So throw up your hands and jump jump jump, Cause everybody wants to go,
When you do it in the country you go Thump Thump thump,
When you do it in the city they go bump bump bump,

From "Hydrolic" by B5:

Bump in your trunk, make the speakers bump
Hit the switch on the '64, make it jump

From "Bump" by Rehab:

Lookin' at the world behind me make it bump bump bump
Turn it up another notch and watch it pump pump pump

From "Flovilla Thatch Vs. The Virile Garbageman" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies:
Let's make them bubbles bump
Let's dump the sump pump

From "Flovilla Thatch Vs. The Virile Garbageman" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies:
Dat viscious double bump
Your busy front is pumpin' up my bass
Got the hump
Clock dem mothers jumps

From "The Big Pump" by George Clinton:

So feel the heartbeat with the bump
Cause you know, you dig the big pump

From "Waters Of March" by Anya Marina:

A thrust, a bump
It's the will to survive
It's a jolt, it's a jump

From "What What" by Bizarre:

Now everybody bu bu bum bump bump
And get down to the sounds that we can xxxx jump

From "The Mission" by Digital Underground F/ Big Punisher, Styles, Wateva:

Breakin em off, like I had two and the bump
Whylin in the club, while my thugs, doin The Hump

From "Ghosties and Ghoulies and Things That Go Bump in the Night" from "Meet Me
In St. Louis":

From "The Parachute Jump {From Jumping Jacks}" by Dean Martin:

You drop and drop and pop you stop and land with a bump
If you really would like to fly
Feel like a bird on high
Take my advice and try the parachute jump

From "Stuntin" by Lil Wayne:

This is for all the stripper cause I know that they gonna bump it:
back it up and dump it, back it, back it up and dump it.

From "May I - Lil Malik" by Snoop Dogg:

Now... who got the beat that makes ya bump?
And who got the bump that makes ya thump?

From "May I" by Snoop Dogg:

Now... who got the beat that makes ya bump?
And who got the bump that ya thump?

From "Cat In The Hat" by Marilyn Manson:

Something went bump!
How that bump made us jump!

From "Shake Your Rump" by Beastie Boys:

Disco bag schlepping and you're doing the bump
Shake your rump

From "Get Up And Jump" by Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Get up and bump
Get up and stump

From "I Killed An Ant With My Guitar" by John Hiatt:

It was no bump
Or any ordinary lump

From "Abdul Jabar Cut" by Kid Rock:

I mean push and bump
Cause it's about time we made this party jump
From "Pass That Dutch" by Missy Elliott:
Numba one, drums go bump, bump, bump
this beat here will make you hump, pump, jump

From "Blow Away (For Bill)" by Kate Bush:

Please don't thump me,
Don't bump me,
Don't dump me back there.
Please don't thump me,

From "Bump, Bump, Bump" by B2k:

Now BUMP That
I Pump that

From "Take a Bump" by Three 6 Mafia:

Break bre break bre breakout the dollar and take a bump
Pick out the seeds and spit the blunt
If you wanna get numb froze and slump
If you got what I want won't you give me some

From "Everybody Wants Ya" by S Club 7:

You just gotta bump
See the people jump

From "Addicted" by Ciara:

Let it bump, let it bump
Down here in the A

From "Plain White Rapper" by KJ-52:

But it's cool I let my speakers bump
Dude I got five inch woofers in the trunk
And I can still make the party people get up and jump
Kjfivetweezy you know he get it crunk

From "No Comment" by Joe Budden:

Only hurts is the team used to bump you
Now he look like a fiend, I should slump you

From "Ballad Of Billy Jo Mckay" by Shawn Mullins:

You gotta watch the bump
Right there across from the garbage dump
From "Hydrolics (feat. Bow Wow)" by B5:
Thumpin' your trunk, make the speakers bump
Hit the switch on the 6-4, make it jump

From "Brown Derby Jump" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies:

shake, trip, shimmy and we'd do the bump
everybody swingin' to the brown derby jump

From "Its Goin Down" by Yung Joc:

make the block bump
Boys N da Hood
Call me Black Donald Trump
Dope Boy magic

From "No Good" by Nappy Roots:

Erything tight, Volume 2 off in the trunk, bump
In a slump, head-shot got me pumped like a gauge
Turn the page, flip the script
Hit the script jump, shorty with the dump

From "Down 4 U Part 2" by Jhene:

I see your skin bump up
And the hairs on your arms jump up

From "Make Some Noise" by Kurupt:

Slump me and bump me
Pull out a pump and pump me

From "Do It Knightowl Do It" by Knightowl:

With a mothafuckin style that'll bump
All them lyrics come tight when I dump

From "Nikki The Plump!" by Lucky 7:

and when she does her tummy goes bump bump bump
then her rump goes thump thump thump

From "Come Come" by Dem Franchize Boyz:

In between the sheets we can grind and bump
Make the bed thump
From "Turn This Up" by T-Bone:
them bump it, bump it,
Cadillacs better dump it, dump it,

From "Scream Shout" by I5:

Bump, bump
Shake your rump

From "Dumpin'" by Psychopathic Rydas:

Low down with master hump, bump bump
Buckin with the master pump, dump dump

From "Mimic A Stranger" by Kill Paradise:

I'm gonna sit and make a bump,
Contemplating I'm gonna jump.

From "Stay Saved" by Canton Jones:

I'ma be the bigger man and let you bump me,
cause it's eight of ya'll and ya'll probably gon jump me

From "Moonbeam Woman" by Freak Power:

years later she's back in her stride,
Down Full Circle doin' the bump,
Lovely Lady, up on her feet,
She's getting over the hump.

From "Gunz Will Bust" by Tech N9NE:

It's all out war 4 the punks funk finna jump
Chumps get a lump when I dump tonks for the bianks
Gump wanna thump over pumps and a bump
Rumps get it krunk when I skunk runts

From "Adrenaline Rush" by Twista:

To make a trigger pick up and dump
So turn the bass, kick up and bump

From "(Have Some) Fun With the Funk" by Aaron Carter:

This party's gonna pump
Bebop and body bump

From "Money Maker" by A Tribe Called Quest:

And if you need a boost, then I got the jump
Because we prone to make the party
Go bump bump bump bump bump bump bump

From "B R Right" by Trina:

Get it right brother, jump
Gimme the beat then I'mma make it bump

From "Lions Roar" by Asher Roth:

C'mon, got to make you wanna jump, jump, jump
And I come with another banger and I know you wanna bump

From "Flovilla Thatch Vs. The Virile Garbageman" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies:
Ain't talkin' bout your rump
Dat viscious double bump

From "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer:

Move, slide your rump
Just for a minute let's all do the bump, bump, bump

From "Bring It Back" by Jibbs:

As soon as we open them and any doors the party gone jump
As soon as we turn up the music the speakers go bump

From "Woof Woof" by 69 Boyz:

Kris-Kross know to make ya jump
Wit the way that I bump bump bump

From "B R Right" by Ludacris F/ Trina:

get it right beother, jump,
gimme the beat then imma make it bump,

From "Everybody Move" by Kottonmouth Kings:

laid back let the beat thump
Let the beat bump

From "In the Trunk" by Tech N9ne:

and even though she had a big plump rump
i threw her in and let the beat bump

From "Get Up And Jump" by Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Get up and hump
Get up and bump

From "Put It Down" by Twiztid:

They call me Mr. Lump Lump
So when their heads hear the thunder and the bump bump

From "I Killed An Ant With My Guitar" by John Hiatt:

He was a chump
It was no bump

From "Wolf Wolf" by Three 6 Mafia:

Hit the floor like a maniac, everybody thump
'Cause nobody bump like the Hypnotized bump

From "Symphony (feat. Attitude and D.O.E.)" by Timbaland:

And then I made my city jump(jump)
It's your favorite producer, come on baby let it bump(bump)

From "Glitter & Grease" by Lady Gaga:

Knock it,
pump it,
wash it,
bump it.

From "Push Me Pull You" by Alexz Johnson:

Think you're tall as a building,
you're just a little stump.
Think you move like an earthquake,
but you're just a bump.

From "Crazy People" by Rehab:


From "Recognize" by Warren G:

its part of the plan to get mine from the jump
G-Dub hooked it up, so you know its gotta straight bump

From "Off Da Chain Daddy" by Drag-On:

Mommie wanna fight, we can thump we can thump
Then I throw my Hammer like Pumps and a Bump

From "Sholiz" by Nappy Roots:

Peoples in slums just slump, sholiz
Nappy with the country bump, sholiz

From "Can You Shout" by Mac Dre:

put the guns in the trunk, come listen to some slump
you neva know, cutty you might bump

From "Nikki The Plump!" by Lucky 7:

a guy named forest gump
and when she does her tummy goes bump bump bump

From "An Annoying But Funny Song" by Family Guy:

[Peter] Don't like it? Kiss my rump.
[Peter] Just for a minute let's all do the funk.
[Peter] Can't touch me
[Peter] Yeah, do the Peter Griffin bump,

From "Can't Touch Me" by Family Guy:

kiss my rump
Just for a minute let's all do the Bump

From "Don't Hate The Player" by Loop Troop:

Yo I'm bringin' the monstafunk your babymoms a pump,/
the ladies' hearts a thump, your neighbours cars a bump/

From "Playtime" by Lazytown:

You can stomp you can thump
Even double bump

From "Like Air" by Tommy Page:

All I wanna do is hump you!
All I wanna do is bump you!

From "My name is Leki" by Leki:


From "Casey Jones" by Pete Seeger:

Boy, you'd better jump
Cause there are 2 locomotives
And they're bound to bump

From "The Bertha Butt Boogie" by Jimmy Castor:

When Bertha got off o' her stump,
The whistles were blowin'
And everybody did the bump
But all the time bertha

From "Got To Know Remix" by Supergroove:

I was driving late at night with my best girlfriend, her name was Tracy Trum
We took a left up at Norfolk and stopped the car after I hit a bump

From "Rivals, The" by Paul Laurence Dunbar:
An' he 'ud sort o' turn an' twist
An' grind his teeth an' shake his fist.

From "To Baynard Taylor" by Sidney Lanier:

The cross of love, the wrench of faith, the shame
Of science that cannot prove proof is, the twist
Of blame for praise and bitter praise for blame,
The silly stake and tether round the wrist

From "The Ballad Of Reading Gaol" by Oscar Wilde:

They mocked the moon in a rigadoon
Of delicate turn and twist,
And with formal pace and loathsome grace
The phantoms kept their tryst.

From "Culprit Fay, The" by Joseph Rodman Drake:

He bridled her mouth with a silk-weed twist;
He lashed her sides with an osier thong;
And now through evening's dewy mist,
With leap and spring they bound along,

From "Bagman's Dog, The : Mr. Peters's Story" by Richard Harris Barham:
At each twist
Of her wrist,
From ""Who's Tommy, The" Script - Broadway musical" from ""Who's Tommy, The" Scr
ipt - Broadway musical":
He's a pinball wizard.
There has to be a twist.
A pinball wizard,
S'got such a supple wrist.

From "It's an Art" from "Working":

There's a twist
To my wrist

From "Washington Twist" from "Mr. President":

Doing the twist with a twist
No one is set till they finally get
On the President's favorite list
President's doubts while the ins and the outs

From "Pinball Wizard" from "The Who's Tommy":

He's a pin ball wizard
There has got to be a twist.
A pin ball wizard,
S'got such a supple wrist.

From "Some Other Me" from "If/Then":

Trace every turn and twist
The lives that we just let go by
The dreams we might have missed

From "Big News!" from "Parade":

It's a scoop! It's a twist!
It's a reason to exist!

From "The Schmuel Song" from "The Last 5 Years":

Get up at dawn and start again with the hems and pins and twist
Forty-one years had come and gone at his tailor shop in Klimovich
Watching the winters soldier on, there was one thing Schmuel missed

From "Something Funny's Going On (Reprise)" from "Lucky Stiff":

Annabel: And an ending with a twist
Vinnie: And a brother who is pissed

From "THE BRACELET TO JULIA" by Robert Herrick:

Why I tie about thy wrist,
Julia, this my silken twist?

From "The Ballad Of Boh Da Thone" by Rudyard Kipling:

And the brown flesh blued where the bay'net kissed,
As the steel shot back with a wrench and a twist,

From "A Light Woman" by Robert Browning:

With no mind to eat it, that's the worst!
Were it thrown in the road, would the case assist?
'Twas quenching a dozen blue-flies' thirst
When I gave its stalk a twist.

From "The Ballad Of Reading Gaol" by Oscar Wilde:

Like travellers through a mist:
They mocked the moon in a rigadoon
Of delicate turn and twist,
And with formal pace and loathsome grace

From "Tragedy, The" by Richard Harris Barham:

With his great bony fist,
And pinch'd it, and gave it so painful a twist,

From "Dis-o-bedience" by KMFDM:


From "Shake Shake Shake" by Shaggy:

Move to this, let me see you jump and twist
Pump your fist ~cause you know it's hard to resist

From "Where Do We Go from Here?" by Jamiroquai:

If your love comes with a twist
'Cause I want the part that lingered
On my lips when we first kissed

From "The Gift" by Annie Lennox:

It seems our lives have taken on a different kind of twist
Now that you have given me the perfect gift

From "Bun Down / Stop Hitch" by Elephant Man:

Gal a yuh deh move dat wine up and twist here
Shot inna mi face fi get dat fist here
From "Place Of Higher Power" by Edenbridge:
The inner twist
Can I resist

From "Learn to crawl (ost. spider-man)" by BLACK LAB:

You can dance with a little twist
Tell you pretty red-head babe, you forget that I exist

From "Learn To Crawl" by BLACK LAB:

You can dance with a little twist
Tell your pretty red haired babe
To forget that I exist

From "Bossheaded" by Gluecifer:

With a nasty horror twist
You're a sinker with a bullet, baby
On the bottom of my list

From "Crazy About Girls" by Dr. Feelgood:

Next time that you think i'm goin' rock round the twist
Take a look around me and see what you'd missed

From "Sticky Icky Situations" by Anybody Killa:

Got the Faygo Cola with the Vodka twist
And when we all get together we see diamond mist

From "Dj Vd" by Nitzer Ebb:

a significant and ominous twist
it's confusing and frustrating
utterly deflating
in fact it gets me utterly pissed

From "Makin' Money" by Handsome Devil:

She's gonna move like that, you got to step and twist
I got a six pack, you need a 80 proof fist

From "Mental Blocks" by 3 Colours Red:

Out tongues are anaconda twist
'Cause we're holding out for what we missed
From "Shadows With Tales To Tell" by Manticora:
As the room starts to turn and figure starts to twist
I'm drowning in blackness, in a sea of mist

From "Ultraclean" by Effigy:

I need something ultraclean, something with a twist
Turn the future into the past so I don't exist

From "Dear Lady Twist" by Gary U.s. Bonds:

That's known as the twist
It's really not new
It's something you`ve missed

From "Witchcraft" by Inquisicion:

An Evil Shadow makes a twist,
Bloody Froth is coming out of Her mouth,
Magic Rites Lost in the Mist

From "So Much Better" from "Legally Blonde":

I'm too busy loving my name up on that list
kind of a cool ironic twist

From "What Do You Give To A Man Who's Had Everything?" from "Sugar":
All others have missed
What do you give to a man
Who's had everything
Where in the world's a new twist

From "Funny" from "City Of Angels":

I could cry to think of all the irony i've missed!
What an unusual twist

From "I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts" by Disney:

give 'em a twist
a flick of the wrist

From "Denmark: Sidsel Ben Semmane - Twist of Love" by Eurovision Song Contest:
He didn't know how to twist
He didn't know how to make a girl insist

From "Pinball Wizard" by Elton John:

He's a pinball wizard, there has to be a twist
A pinball wizard's got such a supple wrist

From "Doin' Too Much" by Snoop Dogg:

Ain't that a trip? Now we in a twist
Back in the county wit the red ribbon on his wrist

From "a A Rat" by Franoise Hardy:

Que jusqu' minuit et plus tard, ensemble oui nous avons twist
Il m'a dit "que faites vous ce soir ?" et il a si bien insist

From "King Of Thieves" by Elvis Costello:

Final twist
Blow the whistle on the whole design
As they find my name on that fatal mailing list
I hear the clatter of a typewriter

From "Good Sex (feat. Twista)" by R. Kelly:

Come N Get Wit The Twist
I'm A Made Star
Wit One Grip Of The Wrist
Like Ray Charles

From "Play On Playa (feat. Snoop Dogg)" by Nas:

we twist it,
goddamn D.O Double G, cuz we missed it,

From "That's All" by Kmfdm:

I'm done with the twist
There's plenty of ways
No way to resist
Every little thing

From "Teach Me How to Twist" by Connie Francis:

I gotta learn to do the twist
Set it top my list

From "Knife In Yer Guts" by Gwar:

My knife if your, you crumple and twist
You're grabbing my arm, you try to resist

From "Charlie" by Red Hot Chili Peppers: the twist
Get the message...on Flea's fist

From "Secret Loser" by Ozzy Osbourne:

I'll tell you here's the twist
The truth is lying
Below the surface
I don't exist

From "Twist And Turn" by Miley Cyrus:

and turned and twist
and burned and kissed

From "Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag" by L.L. Cool J:

with a peppermint twist
Ricky or Mike is next on the list.

From "Smile For Me" by UB 40:

Woman when you smile ever cute you ever twist
Your smile a drive me wild, woman I am tempted to kiss
Me say honey me say sugar, all over your lips
Could a give me diabetes, me still not resist!

From "Dance And Shout" by Shaggy:

Move to this, let me see you jump and twist
Pump ya fist cause you know it's hard to resist

From "Learn To Crawl" by Black Label Society:

You can laugh, you can feel FIRE.
You can dance with a little twist.
Tell your pretty red head babe
you forget that I exist.

From "Pinball Wizard" by McFly:

There has to be a twist
A pinball wizard
Got such a supple wrist

From "Ladies 1st" by Trina:

Glamorous with the gangst twist.
Gucci on the hip Betaluche on the wrist.

From "What's It Worth?" by Peter Hammill:

every time a subtle twist,
I think I'll grab my plot
and simply exist
Or would that be

From "Other Side of the Hill" by Suzy Bogguss:

Watch out when they start to twist
Hold tight with a leather fist

From "Drama Queen" by Trapt:

You like a story with a twist
Conflict, you cannot resist

From "Lost Realist" by Trapt:

Will the plot ever twist,
Or will I still resist?

From "Screwtop" by Shihad:

Twist, twist, twist
From the head to the hand
From a palm to a fist
Crawl, crawl without all

From "Peaches" by Busted:

I took a little nap where the roots all twist,
Squished a rotten peach in my fist,

From "I Can Feel You" by Jump Little Children:

How could we know about this?
She gave that little ring a twist
She swelled up and cried as if something had died
I felt it slip right through my fist.

From "Lone Wolf" by Corey Hart:

So here the story will take a new twist
Suddenly the girl could not resist

From "Oh Lately It's So Quiet" by Ok Go:

Oh, whose sheets you twist?
Oh whose face you kissed?

From "Smoulder" by Magic Dirt:

I can twist it
I can resist it

From "Bump This in Yo Cadillac (Remix)" by Bun B:

when the wood wheel twist
cokes on the cut dawg lookin like a sunkist

From "Strange Things" by Gentleman:

How comes you have the youths dem turn and a twist
Have dem ina the jungle like a tarzan pon a wist

From "Legend In His Own Mind" by Soundtrack Of Our Lives:

and so he let you do the twist
an equality that didn't exist

From "Hanky Code" by Peaches:

Red to the wrist, pink give it a twist,
Grey your gonna be tied up you can't resist,

From "Bad Mutha" by Cee Lo Green:

Boogie down and stomp just twist
Don't dare miss a minute of this
This the funk that you can't resist
Wave your hands high in the air

From "Atrocity Exhibition" by Joy Division:

For entertainment they watch his body twist
Behind his eyes he says, 'I still exist.'

From "Pinball Wizard" by Smithereens:

There has to be a twist
A pinball wizard's
Got such a supple wrist

From "Flipper Twist" by Flipper:

My body starts a motion and I start to twist
Scream and shout but never resist

From "Wilbury Twist" by Traveling Wilburys:

Eh, come and get it it's the Wilbury Twist
I guess by now you got the gist
From "Figure It Out" by Versaemerge:
With a twist
My mind has missed

From "The Coldest Days Of Winter" by Dead Soul Tribe:

Before the spiral turns a twist
Before the numbers of your bank account
Are carved into your wrist
One by one we'll walk away

From "Makin Money" by Handsome Devil:

James Brown don't move like that you got to step and twist
I got a six pack and an 80 proof fist

From "Stop Drop And Roll" by Foxboro Hot Tubs:

Got a gun and a strychnine twist
Little girl on the graveyard shift

From "One In A Million" by House Picture:

Pour me a cab with a lemon twist
A bowl of peanuts and a well-placed fist

From "Shot In The Dark" by Fiddlers Green:

She drinks him round the twist
And now he can't resist

From "Just Friends" by Lsg:

You 'bout to self-destruct, girl, ruin your plans
I gave you love like The Sizzler, club gettin' twist up,
You the first to get a whole bottle of Cris', what
But in front of me ma, he gettin' lift up,

From "Razorblade Limeade" by Evan Taubenfeld:

You can be the lime, and I can be the twist
You can be the razor blade, running down my wrist

From "Tell Her This" by Diffuser:

Tell her this my tongues in a twist
I ran through a confident fist
From "All Night Long" by Kool Moe Dee:
Updated with a modern day twist
A women that's a slave to passion
But know when to resist
I like a woman

From "Flaunt It" by Rupee:

Show dem how you turn
Show dem how you twist
Make de dance floor burn
Woman i insist

From "A Fowl Fetish" by Cretin:

Dressing for sex with a twist
Spread her thighs, I grease my fist

From "Wretched" by Paris:

Again I start this but I'll add a new twist
So the masses can't resist

From "Dance 'till The Morning Light" by Slow Club:

Oh he could reach the sockets that I could never twist
So now you can cross me off that goddamn list

From "Matador" by Sylvia:

As I watch his body turn and twist
He doesn't know that I exist

From "Heat It Up" by Midnight Spaghetti & The Chocolate G-Str...:

grease up your gears and do the twist
like you was sitting at the top of Big Bopper's list

From "Biscuit Rap" by Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisp...:

I int dunkin no girl like a biscuit never gonna change so don't try to twist
I got my lovely crunchy biscuits hell ill say it once more case ya missed it

From "Martini Man" by David Slater:

I love a little Tanqueray, with an olive, not a twist,
And just a hint of dry vermouth, sprayed on like Irish mist.

From "Urban Spaceman" by Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band:

I'm the urban spaceman babe, but here comes the twist,
I don't exist !

From "G's Up" by Bone Breakin' Bros:

And I blow up your house with a serial killa twist
Then I'll go home take a pill and drink some mist

From "Bigger Than Punk Rock" by Sonic Boom Six:

And that's the reason that we came and add a twist
I thought that punk was all about the freedom mister!
Don't want to be the sound to tick off your list,
We're bigger than this punk rock

From "Free Yard" by Aggro:

Now I'm waiting for Twist
He's bringing down chicks and there taking the piss
What kinda time you call this
It's been half an hour on my call list

From "As You Do" by Edible Red:

And hindsight may provide a twist
and insight not so black and white
from our first kiss to our last tryst
I've gotta go

From "Learn to Crawl [Black Lab]" by Various Artists:

You can dance with a little twist
Tell your pretty red haired babe to forget that I exist

From "Can I Get a Flicc Witchu/Every Dogg Has His Day (Interlude)" by Snoop Dogg
All these moves that missed us,
Divide and twist us,

From "Crazed Institution" by Jethro Tull:

You can wear a gold Piaget on your semaphore wrist
You can dance the old adage with a dapper new twist

From "Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up)" by Jay-Z:

Whole squad got they crowns on wrist
Whole squad got a pound of twist
From "All My Life" by Foo Fighters:
Your such a delicate rist
And if I give it a twist

From "All the Rest" by Twiztid:

Normal people call me abnormal because I'm pissed,
She smiled and she chuckled, and blew me a lil' kiss,
Musta got lost in the Jose Quevo with Lemon twist,
Or the sounds of bodies slappin', grindin' to club hits,

From "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" by Bobby Darin:
I want to cross you off my list
When you come a-knocking at my door
Fate seems to give my heart a twist
And I come running back for more

From "Jazz (We've Got)" by A Tribe Called Quest:

The tranquility will make ya unball your fist
For we put hip-hop on a brand new twist

From "Where Do We Go from Here?" by Jamiroquai:

So honey, strike me off your list
If your love comes with a twist

From "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" by George Harrison:
I want to cross you off my list
But when you come knocking at my door
Fate seems to give my heart a twist
And I come running back for more

From "What Are We Doing" by Kinks:

What are we doing in a place like this
Trying to prove to the world that we really exist
Standing around with all the egotists
Sticking out like a zit knickers all in a twist.

From "Valentine Heart" by Tanita Tikaram:

The lie is the angel, it doesn't exist
I tell you it's funny but you like just to twist

From "Siren of the Sea" by Anvil:

Obscured by fog and distance, a maiden in the mist
Hear her call of singing, your fate will have a twist
From "Everything I've Got" by Blossom Dearie:
I've a powerful anesthesia in my fist
And the perfect wrist to give your neck a twist

From "I Got Love (Remix)" by Nate Dogg:

You wanna see the shells shift
Wiggle ya torso or make ya bottom or ya hips slip
like a slick disc and twist
Buster boy Bobby, sockin all y'all is a hobby

From "For Her" by Dark Moor:

I could resist
In my frail heart, the Fortune's twist

From "Wilbury Twist" by Traveling Wilburys:

It could be years before you're missed
Everybody's trying to do the Wilbury Twist

From "Wilbury Twist" by Traveling Wilburys:

Better not forget it on your shopping list
You can stop and buy one, it's the Wilbury Twist

From "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" by Harold Arlen:
I ought to cross you off my list
But when you come a, knocking at my door
Fate seems to give my heart a twist
And I come running back for more

From "She's Not Innocent" by Antigone Rising:

He holds the secret in his fist
A burning ember
To stay or go? Now, that's the twist
Hate or befriend her?

From "Back On The Block" by Quincy Jones:

As I reminisce before this the bliss that exist
But now we brought about a twist

From "Complicated Shadows" by Elvis Costello:

But the jury was dismissed
Took his neck and they give it a twist
From "...And in Every Home" by Elvis Costello:
With an artificial limp wrist
And so a young blade becomes a has-been
Looking for a new twist

From "Mr. Twister" by Connie Francis:

'Cause all the girlies can't resist
The way my baby does the twist

From "All My Life" by Foo Fighters:

You've such a delicate wrist
And if I give it a twist

From "Let's Make Evil" by Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Let's get pissed
Get your knickers in a twist

From "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" by Ella Fitzgerald:
I oughta cross you off my list
But when you come knockin' at my door
Fate seems to give my heart a twist
And I come running back for more

From "Suffer" by Waterboys:

You contained me like a glove or a creeping cloak of mist
You guaranteed the stars but there always was a twist

From "Rebirth" by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony:

we got 'em trippin' off the gift,
and split a wig up with a pretty sick twist.

From "Cadillac Cowboy" by Chris Ledoux:

Hold tight with a leather fist
Watch out when he starts to twist

From "Main Vein" by Jamiroquai:

Like I'm not the man and I don't exist
You wanna know about this and you wanna
Know things about me
But what you're saying always has a vicious poison twist
From "I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra" by Ian Dury & The Blockheads:
These lovely boots exist
To drive it round the twist

From "Love Song With A Twist" by Angel:

All the reasons I missed
I will write you a love song with a twist

From "Footprints" by Porcupine Tree:

Then floating through the heavy mist
My vision took a sudden twist

From "The Maggot" by Goldie Lookin Chain:

watch out if he's there when you're pissed
he learnt his science from the man, Oliver Twist

From "Torch The Moon" by Whitlams:

On her wrist
Dry run with a bread knife
For a final twist
It wouldn't be for show

From "Cries Too Hard" by Whitlams:

Feather scratches on her wrist
Dry run with a bread knife for a final twist