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Lesson 2 Assignment

Tyler Courtney

Multiple Choice
1. How many layers are incorporated in the OSI model communications subnetwork?
c. 3
2. Which of the following layers deals with the serial transfer of data?
b. Data link
3. You need to install a router on your companys network that will allow access to the
Internet. What layer of the OSI does this device reside on?
c. Network
4. You run a netstat an command in the command prompt and notice many
connections being made that say TCP in the left-most column. What layer of the OSI is
TCP referring to?
d. Layer 4
5. You suspect a problem with your computers network adapter and its ability to send
the correct frames of data that correspond with the network architecture used by the
rest of your computers. What layer should you attempt to use as a troubleshooting
starting point?
b. Data link
6. A standard such as 100BASE-T refers to which OSI layer?
a. Physical
7. Almost all of your users connect to Web sites with Internet Explorer. They usually type
domain names such as What protocol is initiated by default when
they press Enter after typing the domain name?
8. You need to find out the MAC address of your directors computer. He has given you
permission to access his computer. You access the command prompt. What command
should you type to see the computers MAC address?
b. ipcong/all
9. You need to find out the MAC addresses of all the computers that a particular users
computer has connected to in the recent past. What command should you use to
accomplish this?
c. arp -a
10. You have been instructed to capture and analyze packets on a server. What tool will
allow you to do this? (Select the two best answers.)
a. Protocol analyzer
d. Wireshark

Scenario 2-1: Installing the Appropriate Switch Proseware, Inc., requires you to install a
24-port switch that directs TCP/IP traffic to logical addresses on the network. What kind
of switch allows you to do this, and what kind of addresses will the traffic be directed to?
Also, what layer of the OSI model are you dealing with here?
A layer 3 switch. The traffic will be directed to IP addresses. The transport layer.

Scenario 2-2: Defining the IP Address and Ports Used by Destination Servers A
coworkers computer seems to be connecting to various computers on the Internet on
its own. The computer gets pop-up advertisements and other pop-ups out of the blue.
What command syntax would you use to analyze which IP addresses and ports the
computer is connecting to? And what layers of the OSI model do the IP addresses and
ports correspond to?
The netstat an command. IP addresses are on layer 3 and ports are on layer 4.