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Mackenzie Gabler

Gabrielle McClanahan

Blake Frick

Ms. Kadri

APEL, Period 4

28 Nov, 2016

Collaborative Argumentative Essay

Although certain struggles may be hard to bear, people experience adversity ultimately

live more successful lives. Hardships can be presented in many forms in our society. Whether it

may be financial hardships, or family hardships, or any other relevant hardships that may be a

burden on life. But in either scenario they force you to adapt to the situation by pushing yourself

to come out stronger.

Throughout life people often find themselves stuck. You could give up or push through,

and become stronger in the end. In third world countries things are not always handed to them.

They have to work all day to barely earn enough to support for their families. If you know you

either work starve you are going to work. When people work hard for what they want they feel

better when they receive their earnings. They know it will be hard at first but in the end you will

feel relief and accomplished. There is a girl in a few of my classes who I talk to and she tells me

about her problems at home. She tried to kill herself two years ago because of her relationship

with her family. She is now doing better with her mom and she enjoys living. She goes to

therapy and she has a boyfriend that makes her happy. After her suicidal state she came out

stronger. Stephen Hawking started out with a normal life. He was smart he went to different

colleges to pursue his passion when he developed Neuromuscular problems. Hawking was able
to slow his disease and live longer than doctors predicted. He has been able to write best selling

books and help popularise scientific concepts to make ground breaking discoveries. Some

people do not feel sympathy for others who suffer because they have never experienced the pain.

No one can understand others problems but they can listen, they can help them become a better


Life comes with many hardships and successes. These highs and lows are what build the

character of any business man or woman. Some decide to focus on failure and let it envelope

themselves others overcome it and use it to make them stronger. Examples of such are Bill Gates,

Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin. These individuals have built themselves upon miss

fortune. Bill Gates had countless failed business projects yet he forged on. Co-creating microsoft,

Gates has lead himself toward success as one of the richest men on the planet. Albert Einstein

didnt even speak till he was 4 years old. Benjamin Franklin has been known as the master of

trial and error. Many have tried few have made it. These things that tried to bring down such

entrepreneurs have taken many. All those who strive came through, any of these men could have

gave up and without their success we would be in a different world. All have the opportunities to

rise to their full potential but only some will take the risk and keep pushing through this all time


Overcoming medical limitations inspires one to reevaluate their lives and aid others

through tribulation similar to ones own. In fact, various foundations, companies, and

organizations have been established in an effort to reach out to patients in serious medical

battles. It would not be deceitful to state that there are close to a million outreach programs in the

United States, if not over; To each its own audience whether that be mental disorders or physical

constraint. One show of this would be The Breast Cancer Outreach Foundation where they work
with medical screenings and diagnoses, work towards a cure and/or vaccine, and support systems

which consists of people from all manner of lifestyles and stages in cancer joined through their

mutual adversity. Groups such as these are the work of those who have faced grave hardship,

some close to death, and lived to share their stories and ignite a hope within others confronted by

analogous calamity. Communal outreach programs suchlike are crucial to preserving the

confidence and faith of those whose diagnoses have become death sentences. Medical limitations

also gives way for a variety of opportunities unique to each disease and diagnosis. Even at a

young age, the doors for success are multitudinous. The Special Olympics, established in 1969,

are devoted to giving athletes with mental disabilities the opportunity to fulfill their biggest and

most wildest dreams of becoming an Olympic competitor. Over 4.4 million athletes with

intellectual disabilities from approximately 170 countries have participated in the Special

Olympics since its establishment in 1969. Disorders range from cerebral palsy to down

syndrome, however, these people of all ages are not limited by their diagnoses, but more so

empowered to be even more successful, to do more than someone with little to no disorders at

all. What society views as misfortune was all that those who suffer from mental and physical so-

called disadvantages needed to propel them into triumph.

Adversity is also illustrated through actions, actions that can help people and inspire

them. They have the strength and the will to overcome all sort of difficulties which hinder their

path. Hardships tear you down at first but in the end you are stronger. You can relate to others

that struggled and help those in the process.