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ENGLISH (General)
Time : 3 Hrs ] Class - 10th [ M.M. : 100
Instructions: (i) All Questions are compulsory. (ii) Answers should be clear, correct and according to
the instructions. (iii) Marks of each questions is given on their right side.

Section 'A' (Reading) Unseen Passages

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it:
'Prevention is better than cure' and it is recognized that the only way to get rid of malaria
completely is to get rid of the mosquitoes which cause it. Malaria is always associated with damp and
marshy land. This is not because the land is damp but because the stagnant water is the breeding
place of the mosquito, which begins its life as larva living in the water. Malaria does not frequently
occur in the water. Malaria does not frequently occur in dry desert countries, because mosquitoes
cannot breed there. The only way to destroy mosquitoes is to prevent their breeding in stagnant water.
This can be done by draining all ponds and pools, and by keeping them covered in the breeding
season with a thin layer of kerosene oil, which by depriving the larva of air, kills them.
Questions : (i) In which place does malaria occur most?
(ii) How does a mosquito begin its life?
(iii) In what places malaria does not occur?
(iv) The ......... is the breeding place of the mosquito.
(i) flowing water (ii) dry & desert
(iii) stagnant water
(v) Malaria does not occur in .......... countries.
(damp and marshy land (ii) dry & desert (iii) dirty water
Answers : (i) Malaria occurs near damp and marshy land.
(ii) The stagnant water is the breeding place of mosquito.
(iii) Malaria does not occur in dry and desert place.
(iv) Stagnant water
(v) Dry and desert.
Q.2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it:
An American enlisted himself in the Spanish Army. He did not know the Spanish language.
The commander informed that the king would come on inspection after six months. The king usually
asked three questions. ''What is your age?'' Since when have you been in army?'' and ''Are you satisfied
with your lodging and boarding?'' The commander taught him the answer and he crammed them. As
usual the king came on inspection. Looking at the new Soldier, he asked, ''Since when have you been
in my army?'' ''Sir, 25 years,'' replied the soldier. The king was taken back. He asked him the second
question. ''Then what is your age?'' ''Sir six months'', the soldier humbly replied. ''Am I mad or you?''
The king asked irritatingly. ''Sir, both'', was the quick answer.
Questions : (i) What was the problem of the soldier?
(ii) Which questions do the king usually ask?
(iii) The soldier did not know ....... language.
(i) American (ii) Spanish (iii) English (iv) French
(iv) The soldier replied that I am ....... year old.
(i) 20 (ii) 25 (iii) 27 (iv) 29
(v) Why was the king surprised?

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Answer : (i) The soldier did not know the spanish language.
(ii) (a) "What is your age''?
(b) "Since when have you been in army?''
(c) "Are you satisfied with your lodging and boarding?''
(iii) Spanish, (iv) 25
(v) The king was surprised to listen the answer.
Q.3. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it :
Students who are very fond of reading books are often labelled by their companions as
bookworms. The criticism generally comes from students who consider themselves better in sports.
Students who shine in athletics or in some games consider that it is better to spend time and energy
in a sports arena than in classroom or at a reading desk. All the same they do envy their fellows who
shine academically. Academic honour has a glamour which is unique. It is not to be denied that
playing games is a useful activity, because it creates team spirit and also make the sportsmen healthy
and vigorous. That is why games and sports are given so much importance in the curriculum of
schools and colleges. But studies should not neglected and should be given due importance along with
other activities connected with education. Let each type of activity have its own place in our daily
routine. Then only we will have students both academically sound and physically fit. We want our
education system to generate this energy among our youth.
Questions : (i) Students who are very fond of reading books are often labelled by their
companion as.......
(i) Sports loving (ii) studious (iii) bookworms
(ii) Why academically students are called bookworms?
(iii) Who envy their fellows who shine academically?
(iv) Why do we play games?
(v) ......... honour has a glamour which is unique.
(i) academic (ii) sports (iii) creative
Ans. (i) Book-Worms. (ii) They are always stick to the books. They are not interested in games.
(iii) Students who shine in athletics or in some games envy their fellows who shine
academically. (iv) The games create team spirit and also make the players healthy and vigorous.
(v) Academic
Section 'B' (Writing)
Q.4. You are Lokesh Patel studying in Govt. Higher Secondary School Bina. Write
an application to your Principal to issue your transfer certificate.
Ans. : See Q.No. 6 - Solved Question Paper 2012
You are Harsh Gupta, residing in 15-133 Chaurai Road Amarwara, Chhindwara.
Write a letter to your friend Pushpendra to congratulate him on his brilliant success in
High School examination.
Ans. 15-133 Chaurai Road
Dear Pushpendra,
I am fine here and hoping same for you. I am very glad to see your name and roll No. among
successful candidates for PMT 2015 released on internet. I congratulate you on your grand success
and feel proud of you.
Convey my respect to your parents and love to younger ones.
Rest is O.K.
Yours lovingly,
2015 - AJoOr-10 / 29
Q.5. Read the following passage carefully and do as instructed in (a) and (b) below
the passage:
There are many different kinds of musical instruments. They are divided into three main classes
according to the way they are played. For example, some instruments are played by blowing air into
them. These are called wind instruments. In some of these the air is made to vibrate inside a wooden
tube and these are said to be of the woodwind family. The examples of this faily are the flute, the
clarinet and the bassoon. Other instruments are made of brass : the trumpet and the horn are the
examples. There are also various other wind instruments such as the mouth organ and bagpipes.
Some instruments are played by banging or striking them. One obvious example is the drum, of
which there are various kinds. Instruments like this are called percussion instruments.
The last big group of instruments are the ones which have strings. Thre are two main kinds of
stringed instruments: those in which the music is made by pluking the strings and those where the
player draws a bow across the strings. examples of the former are the harp and the guitar and that of
the latter are the violin and the cello.
(a) on the basis of your reading of ther above passage make notes on it in points
using heading and sub-heading.
(b) Write a summary looking at the notes.
Ans. 1. Kinds of Musical instrument
1.1 Played by blowing air (wind instrument)
1.2 Wood wind.
1.3 made of brass.
1.4 Mouth organ
1.5 Bagpipes
2. Big group having strings
2.1 Plucking the string
2.2 A bow across the strings
3. Striking instruments
3.1 Drum
3.2 Tabla
Summary : Musical instruments are divided according to the way they are played. Wind
instruments are played by blowing air into them. The flute the clarinet and the bassoon are wooden
tube in which air is made to vibrate. The Trumpet, the horn and the bagpipes are also various other
wind instrument.
Some are played by striking them. The big group is one which has strings. They create sweet
sound and make peace in our brain.
Q.6. Write a paragraph in about 80 words on ''To make clean India'' with the help of
the verbal inputs given below:
(i) Cleanliness is based on our health. (ii) To put the garbage in the dustbin. (iii) To develop the
habit of cleanliness. (iv) Cleanliness is national mission. (v) Two hours in a week should be given in
this mission. (vi) Use of cotton bags only. (vii) Awarness in the society. (viii) Separate toilet for girls in
school. (ix) Water available to maintain the cleanliness.
Ans. Health is wealth. Health depends on cleanliness. We have to be habitual in keeping our
surroundings clean. We have to develop the habit of cleanliness in ourselves as well as others. We
should throw the garbage in dustbin. If we throw the garbage here and there it creates the atmosphere
polluted and it becomes the cause of different diseases. we should work on it as a mission and should
spend two hours in a week in our street city, village etc. So that people may be aware of it. They
should know the importance of cleanlines. We should use cotton bags. say No to polythene bags.
When the awareness comes in society. We will live in pollution and germ free zone. The toilets
should be separate for boys and girls in schools, colleges or even in public places. The govt is opening
"Sulabh complex" to make the public places clean. If the people of our country think about the
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problem which they had produced. We are responsible to solve that by keeping and maintaining the
places clean. Water removes the dirt. So we should provide water to the public to keep the drains
Write an essay in 200 words on any one of the following topics:
(i) My Hobby (ii) Wonders of Science, (ii) Any Interesting Match (iv) My Best Friend
Ans. (i) MY HOBBY
Introduction Hobby means some work done in free time. When a man gets time after doing
his routine work, he wants to enjoy. At this time if he does some good work. It is called his hobby.
Hobbies are many as painting, playing on some instruments, photography, stamp collecting, gardening
My Hobby My hobby is gardening. I think it is the best hobby, plants and trees are very useful
for our life. They not only provide us food to eat, but also serve us in many ways. They make the air
pollution free. Plants also give us fruits to eat and wood to burn. So I like trees and plants very much.
My garden There is no ground around our house. So I have planted several kinds of flowers
in flower pots. I love flowers very much. I water the plants and care for them. I bring small plants
from the nursery. I prepare the flower pots and then cultivate the plants. I give fertilizer to them. When
buds appear. It gives me great pleasure. I wait for blossoming them into beautiful flowers. When some
days I get up in the morning and see the flowers my joy knows no bounds my parents and other family
members too become very happy to see them guests coming to our home appreciate my hobby.
Conclusion Sometimes we sit in our small garden and do our home work to take tea and breakfast.
It gives us great joy my mind becomes sharp and my memory is increased due to the company of flowers.
Sometimes the flowers appear into my dream and fill my heart with pleasure. When I show my collection
to my friend and relatives they become very pleased. They praise my hobby. In leisure hours it provides
me great joy. Let everybody have some kind of hobby.
(ii) Wonders of Science
Ans. : See Q.No. 5 - Solved Question Paper 2012
(ii) Any Interesting Match
Ans. : See Q.No. 6 - Solved Question Paper 2013
Introduction Dinesh is my best friend. He is my class fellow. We are in the same class. He
is a smart boy. He is tall and handsome. He is good at studies. He is good in health. His personality
is impressive. He wears a simple dress. He is kind by nature.
His Habits He has all good habits. He gets up early. He does his work in time. He is regular
in his studies. He has helping nature. He helps everyone. He takes exercise daily. He does not smoke.
He does not quarrel with anyone. He is very punctual. He is never late. He is neither lazy nor dull boy.
His Studies Dinesh is studious student. He comes to school in time. He studies well. He
learns English in the first period. He answers every questions. His answers are mostly correct. He
studies six hours daily. He does his home work in time. He comes prepared in the class. His
handwritting is very nice.
Other qualities- He is an honest and obedient boy. He is a good player. He takes part in
cultural activities. He plays all the games. He takes part in games and sports regularly. He is good
debator. He stands first in debats. He has won many prizes. He is the captain of our school cricket
team. He is an all round player. He takes part in drama and fancy dress particularly. Gardening is his
hobby. He has a sound mind in his sound body. He has all the best qualities in him.
Conclusion- He is good at studies as well as at sport. He is an ideal and intelligent student.
Every body likes him. He is my favourite friend. He is the student I like most. He is the best student
of my school. I am proud of him.
Section 'C' (Grammar)
Q.7. (A) Fill in the blanks by using the correct form of the verbs given in brackets
(any five)
(i) Mohan was very tired, so he ............... to bed early. (go)
2015 - AJoOr-10 / 31
(ii) When we reached the cinema hall, the film had............... (begin)
(iii) Malini felt tired, She .................. in the pond since morning, (swim)
(iv) ................ the news, he felt disappointed. (Read, Reading)
(v) This is very light box, You ...... lift it. (Can, could)
(vi) I used to ....... in the river when I was young. (swim, swimming)
Ans. (i) went (ii) begun (iii) had been surmming
(iv) Reading (v) can (vi) Swim
(B) Choose the correct words from brackets and fill in the blanks (any five)
(i) He is ............... honest man. (a, an, the)
(ii) The student said, sir ............ I drink some water please? (may, can, might)
(iii) He was absent ............. he was sick, (while, because, during)
(iv) You have to wait .............. the signal is green. (until, during, while)
(v) Distribute the money .......... Ram and Mohan (among, between)
(vi) He has been waiting for the bus ........... morning. (for, since)
(vii) Mohan met his friend ................ he was on holiday. (during, while, since)
Ans. (i) an (ii) may (iii) because (iv) until (v) between (vi) since (vii) while.
Q.8. Do as directed (Any five):
(i) They play cricket in the play ground (Change into interrogative)
(ii) I do my home work. (Change into negative)
(iii) My father went to Bhopal yesterday. (Make a question beginning with ''where'')
(iv) It is raining. (Change into present perfect tense)
(v) The/won/have/we/match (Rearrange the words to make a meaningful sentence)
(vi) My grand mother is very weak. She can not walk.
(Combine above sentence using (so ....... that )
(vii) (a) The two friends found a pot.
(b) The pot contained a thousand gold muhar. (Combine the above sentence using ''which'' )
Ans. (i) Do they play Cricket in the playground ?
(ii) I do not do my homework.
(iii) Where did you father go yesterday ?
(iv) It has rained.
(v) We have won the match.
(vi) My grand mother is so weak that she can not wolk.
(vii) The two friends found a pot which contained a thousand gold muhar.
Q.9. Translate any five sentence into English.
(i) Je<ee& nes egkeer Leer~ (ii) Jes megyen mes veoer ceW lewj jns nQ~ (iii) Jen cesjer meneelee kejsiee~ (iv) oeoer ceeB keneveer megvee
jner Leer~ (v) ceQ Debespeer yeesue mekelee ntB~ (vi) Jen Dehevee ie=n keee& kej egkee nw~ (vii) Deehekeer Gce efkeleveer nw?
Ans. (i) It has rained. (ii) They have been swimming in the river since morning. (iii) He will
help me. (iv) Grand-mother was telling a story. (v) I can speak English. (vi) He has done his home
work. (vii) How old are you ? Or What is your age ?
Section 'D'
Q.10. Read the following extract carefully and answer the question given below it:
Mamta has been studying in a small school in the near by town till then, as her parents could
not afford to send her to any one of the public schools in the city. It was only because of the
scholarship she had won from a trust that it had been possible for her to join this reputed convent
school. Being away from home, in a hostel, she yearned for some friends, but till now most of the
girls had refused to accept a smalll town girl as their friend. Most of the girls in the school came from
rich families. They treated her as unwelcome guest who was too low in status by their standards.
32 / gmdS> nong- 2015

Questions : (a) Mamta had been studying in a ..........

(b) From which lesson this extract has been taken?
(c) Mamta could not join any public school because........
(d) Why did the girls in the school avoid Mamta's company?
Ans. (a) Smalll school, (b) The new player in the team. (c) Her parents could not afford to
send her to public school. (d) Most of the girls came from rich families. The treater her too low in
status by their standards.
Q.11. Read the following extract carefully answer the questions given below it:
Usually may elder brother dos not write to me. He does not need anything from me. He has
never sought a taken from me in lieu of his concern for me as an elder brother. In those days when I
was a student, the only thing that he enquired about was my well-being. During my stay at home, he
would catch fish for me from the pond behind our house and would ask his wife to prepare a good
dish, for I loved fish. When the catch was scanty, the dish would be prepared exclusively for me. He
would say to his wife : "you must make the dish as delicious as possible, using mustard paste for
Babuli, Even now, he is the same man with the sme tone of love and compassion. Nothing has
changed him - his seven children, father, mother, cattle, fields, house hold responsibilities. He is the
same - my elder brother.
Questions : (a) Name of the lesson from which the extract has been taken is
(i) The tirbute (ii) The Torch Bearer (iii) The pot of Gold
(b) My ......... borther does not write to me.
(i) younger (ii) cousin (iii) elder
(c) Find out the word from extract which means '' small in quantity or
(d) When elder brother caught the fish, what would he say to his wife?
Ans. (a) The Tribute, (b) elder, (c) scanty, (d) He would say to his wife: "You must make the
dish as delicious as possible, using mustard paste for Babuli''.
Q.12. Answer the following questions about 30 words.
(a) What was the duty of the little boy?
Ans. A Little boy had to come to school early everyday to start the fire and warm the room
before his teacher and his classmates arrived.
What did Mahatma Gandhi say on the death of Bhagat Singh.
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi said, ''It has increased our power for winning freedom for which
Bhagat Singh and his comrades died.
(b) Why did Dr. Kalam go to Delhi
Ans. He went to Delhi for the interview at DTP & P (Air).
Why did Babuli give the paper slip to his elder sister-in law?
Ans. Babuli had no courage to meet his elder brother. He handed over the slip of paper to his
elder sister-in-law, which had the details about his share.
Q.13. Who was Bhama shah? Describe his qualities (in 60 words)
Ans. : Bhama Shah was the Chief Minister of Mewar. He was a great patriot, a generous man,
a great soldier and a great planner.
Discribe the qualities of Maharana Pratap?
Ans. : Rana Pratap was an emblem of struggle for his motherland. He hardagreat courage. He
always had positive thinking. He did not fear from death. He was a warrior, a fighter, a great ruler and
a great judge.
2015 - AJoOr-10 / 33
Q.14.Read the extract carefully and answer the questions given below it:
Change my darkness to Thy light, Lord!
Change my darkness to Thy light
And my evil into good.
Touch me but once and I will change.
All my clay into They gold.
Questions: (a) Darkness' in the stanza stands for.....
(i) Night (ii) Ignorance (ii) Lord
(b) Light stands for ...........
(i) Electricity (ii) Ignorance (iii) Knowledge
(c) The poet who wrote the poem is .......
Ans. : (a) (ii), (b) (iii), C-R.N. Tagore.
Q.15.Where do the windows open?
Ans. : The windows open in the east.
Who takes the kite high?
Ans. The wind takes the kite high.
Q.16. Answer any two of the following questions in 20 words:
(a) Who is greater than king?
Ans. : The person who quells an angry thought is greater than a king.
(b) Why does the poet want his reader to leave their book?
Ans. The poet wants to leave them their books because it is better to know and enjoy nature
than to seek learning in books.
(c) What are the things suggested by the poet that we should leave?
Ans. The poet suggested that we should leave falsehood, sad memories of past, misery and
poverty, harmful old traditions, cornal desires, sins, greed etc.
Q.17. Answer any three of the following questions in 30 words each:
(a) What does Red-cross Society do?
Ans. : The Red-cross society helps the mankind suffering from natural disasters.
(b) What is the inevitable burden for a child
Ans. The School-bag is inevitable burden for a child.
(c) What is the main goal of our educational system?
Ans. : The main goal of education system is to prepare students academically sound and
physically fit.
(d) What was Napoleon's mottow ?
Ans. : Napoleon's Mottow was, "Divide and conques".
Q.18. Answer any two of the following questions in 30 words each:
(a) What is the first requirement of good etiquette?
Ans. : The first requirement of good etiquette is a pleasing personality.
(b) What did Ashoka do
Ans. Ashoka planted shady trees on the roads and in public places.
(c) What was the question of the American women?
Ans. The American woman asked, "Why doesn't he travel first ?"