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Buckinghamshire County Council

Property Plus for self-help 3. Approve simple jobs to allow works

projects to be conducted asap
4. We will Inform you on how it is being
As part of your membership, you can treated asap (In more complex
utilise our pay as you use project cases)
management service which includes A dedicated Service Desk
design, specification and and Customer Portal
implementation of works executed on
For less urgent enquiries, please
your behalf in respect of self-financed
utilise the new customer portal to:
alteration, improvement, refurbishment,
energy conservation projects.
Raise a request with detailed
Our pay as you use self-help project description of the type and location
scheme has the following benefits: of the problem

Check schedules of PPM work

You have control of pay as you use
Access property related documents
and certificates for your site/s
Inclusion of free initial viability
The service desk provided by
Buckinghamshire County Councils
Compilation of professional Property Team is available:
specifications and drawings
During working hours
Access to specialist contract (Monday Friday 8.00 am -
administration advice 5.00pm)

Supervision of contractors on site Out-of-hours for emergencies

If you request any work to be Contact us on 01296 383238

undertaken, then a quotation in respect anytime
of professional fees will be presented to
you in writing for approval at the time We will:
the project brief is discussed. 1. Diagnose your call
2. Prioritise in terms of urgency
Buckinghamshire County Council
Dedicated procurement
Service Desk and process; for
Services Customer Portal assurance their
to Schools and
and quality
of work
Academies are fully
Property Plus with
NEW Membership industry
Property You pay an annual
membership fee

Plus (based on the gross

external floor area or
Being part of the
Property Plus
GEA) of your Club
building. There will be a
About the new This enables full large network of
service access to other members. We
Buckinghamshire can facilitate
From April 2017, County Councils
Property Services are opportunities to
Property service. liaise with each
pleased to be offering Which includes:
a refreshed property other should you
maintenance service wish to.
package providing a access to a
fairer and more dedicated
transparent service for Property
all schools and Service Desk
academies alike. The
offer consists of: Comprehensive
Property Plus access to an Planned
Membership enhanced Preventative
Comprehensive Customer Maintenance
Programming of portal
Planned Unlimited
Preventative Access to our Service Desk
Maintenance (plant operational and support
servicing) technical
Reactive expertise Approved
Maintenance maintenance and
emergency call-out Access to our servicing
Project Management vetted contractors
of self-help projects suppliers
Access to Our approved
Professional suppliers have
Property Advice undergone
Buckinghamshire County Council
Programming of Fulfil statutory reactive works
Periodic duties of undertaken
Inspections school/academy You have control
Comprehensive of any proposed
servicing checks works through
We will ensure
and maintenance of approving
Periodic cleaning
all relevant plant quotations at the
and testing of plant
and associated outset. Payment will
and equipment is
equipment be via monthly
also regularly
invoicing on the
Statutory testing Customer Portal
and repair service
with a bespoke Reactive Maintained/Bucks
itemised priced Maintenance CC responsibilities
schedule Call-Out
Go to SchoolsWeb -
Guaranteed value In the event of an Premises and
emergency, we will Property zone
Direct access to the
provide: Document entitled
best rates
negotiated with the Responsibilities for
Councils approved Approved Repairs and
suppliers for all maintenance Maintenance to
members contractors Buckinghamshire
County Council
Regular Property Plus Specialist Schools
servicing for your advice from our Financial threshold
school/academy assets professional on shared
will: surveyors and responsibility items.
engineers when
Reduce your required. Reactive maintenance
running costs Your own costs are the sole
Minimise risk of itemised responsibility of the
breakdowns account for Academy/VA school.
-Tracking open All invoices must be
Prolong the life of
and closed requests paid via monthly
equipment -Viewing monthly invoicing on the
invoices for any Customer Portal.