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Career Readiness Reflection for Industrial Setting

Paul Andrew R. Regino 4PSY5

Job Duties/Responsibilities What I Actually Do Competencies Developed

I was tasked to encode the From a master list, I used Critical Thinking
requirements for the Microsoft excel and Microsoft Oral and Written
employees PhilHealth, SSS word so that I could properly Communication
and PAGIBIG forms. encode the name, Teamwork/Collaboration
PhilHealth/PAGIBIG/SSS ID Information Technology
of the employee, the date of Application
employment and the like, to Professionalism/Work
ensure that every single Ethic
employee is accounted for. Career Management
Helping hand in the employee I helped in interviewing Critical Thinking
screening and selection applicants, in administering Oral and Written
process. the tests to the applicants and Communication
in sorting out their paper Information Technology
works and other documents. Application
Career Management
Teamwork /Collaboration
Both attended and assisted in I was given the chance to Critical Thinking
the training activity of the attend the training program or Oral and Written
Matterhorn company for new activity of the company. The Communication
employees. training program of the Teamwork /Collaboration
company was a week-long Leadership
event, but I was only tasked to Professionalism/Work
attend the first day of the Ethic
training program. To add, I Career Management
was also able to assist in the Information Technology
training activity for new sales Application
consultants. I helped in sorting
out document, buying of lunch
and in interacting with the
new sales consultants.