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Choice Board Assignment

1: Romeo and Juliet

Timeline Sequence
Act 1
Dereck Riley
Two servants from each family, Romeos father brings up to
Montague and Capulets, get into Benvolio that hes going through a
a fight and cause a third strange time of his life. Benvolio
disturbance in the city causing the then goes on and asks Romeos
prince to get furious. troubles are and he states hes in
love with a girl.
Lord Paris purposes the idea of The servant couldnt read the list
him marrying Lord Capulets of invitees and he bumps into
daughter, Juliet, to him and they Romeo and Benvolio and he asks
discuss about it and he then them to read the list for him. After
hands a invitation list to the that, he then decides to invite
servant. them as long as they werent a
The nurse talks to Lady Capulet Lady Capulet brings up that if
about old stories of Juliets past Juliet has thought of any future on
and other memories of any times marriage and Lord Paris was
thats happened with Juliet. offering marriage.
Romeo brings up that it isnt a
good idea that it probably isnt a
good idea to go to the party
because of a dream he had and
Mercutio then tells Romeo that
dreams are as fake as the story
he begins to tell.
Romeo sees Juliet for the first Juliet then has a word with the
time in his life as gains a sense of nurse and her mother stating that
love and notices her beauty over she doesnt want to marry Lord
Rosalines. Paris, but now she loves and
wants to be married to Romeo.

Romeo meets Juliet and they get

love at first sight and they then
kiss afterwards. Romeo then finds
out that Juliet is a Capulet and if
he loves her it wont be easy since
hes a Montegue.
End of Act 1