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1. Rosanna: Hi, John. Nice to see you.

What (do) these


2. John: Hi, Rosanna. I (work) in a hotel near the beach.

3. I (like) it a lot because it's so interesting.

4. And you? (still study) French at the college?

5. Rosanna: Yes. I (not like) it very much because we have

to work too much.

6. But one good thing is that I (write) to a French boy who

lives in Marseilles.

7. It helps with my French. (go) to work now?

8. John: No, I (go) to the supermarket to do some

shopping. Do you want to come with me?

9. Rosanna: I can't, sorry. I (go) to a cafe to meet my

friend Melissa.

10. She (help) me with my thesis. I will telephone you


John: OK, speak to you tomorrow. Bye.