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Stephanie Pelayo

EDU 543 Frameworks Reading Assignments for PE

PE Standards Chapters 1-3
Chapters 1-3 Select a Grade Level and do the following:
1: Read the At a Glance section of a grade level and list 3 to 5 points
for one standard that you consider to be the most import element to
keep in mind for teaching this standard to your students.

2: Read the Learning Snapshots and select one snapshot for one
standard that you are most interested (of those listed below) in
learning more about and list 3-5 key points described in that snapshot.

Note Grade level here: ______K______________

Leave the other standards you did not

select blank!
Standard 1: Students At a Glance:
demonstrate the motor
. Interpret environment by moving through space in rhythmic beat.
skills and movement
patterns needed to (Music)
perform a variety of . Students practice loco motor movements (running, jumping etc.)
physical activities. . Students practice non-loco motor movements (stretching, twisting
. Manipulate objects (balls, balloons, etc.)
Learning Snapshots:
. Four loco motor skills are performed to a steady beat as well as
non loco motor movements.
. Base support taught over time, refers to body parts in contact
with the ground and distance between them.
. Identifying the location of the lungs and explain the role of the
lungs in the collection of oxygen.

Standard 2: Students At a Glance:

knowledge of
movement concepts, .
principles and .
strategies that apply to
the learning and .
performance of .
physical activities. Learning Snapshots:

Standard 3: Students At a Glance:

assess and maintain a
level of physical fitness
to improve health and .
performance. .
Learning Snapshots: