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282017 {Gmail - MakeMy Trp E-Ticket fr Booking ID NU7704S7576128856 M1 Gmail PABITRA DAS MakeMyTrip E-Ticket for Booking ID NU770437576428856 “message MakeMyTrip Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 1:14 PM ‘To: [Makemytnp ig Board the bus with mobile eicket Booking Details New Sankalp From: Solapur (MH) Bus Operator: Classic Travels Ticket 4AVQBNZ(Operator Number: | PNR: 55167202 ) Te: uta Bus Type: Arcsiooper | Maketytrp | wurzouarsveazeess Boarding Date | 20 Feb 2017 Boarding 2 oT 60 Passengers: Total Fare: | 700 Passenger Details, S.No| Name Seat Seat Type 1 Pabitra Das i Sleeper Boarding Point Details Classic Sankalp Travels, Gandhi Nagar Chowk Near Tripusundari Hotel, VIP Boarding Point: Road, Solapur Classic Sankalp Travels, Gandhi Nagar Chowk, Near Tripusundari Hotel, VIP Road, Solapur LandMark’ Classic Sankalp Travels, Gandhi Nagar Chowk Bus Operator Contact Number: | 02172514200,9561588887,9561688887 Address: (Please use the Ticket Number : 4AVGNZ(Operator PNR: 55167202 , ) as reference for interaction with the bus operator ) Online Cancellation and Rules + How do | cancel my ticket? Please go to ustamer support seein of (Tap right comer on website) and paces to cancel your teket. You willbe asked tw enter Booking Id and Contact ruber. you are unable to cancel, Pase malls at Sv=serv ice or eas at 0124-482- {8765 (Standara Charges Appto cancel your e-teket MakelMy Tip would not be able to process refunds for canceltons done decty wih the bus operator. + cancelation fe wibe levied on every bus teket cancelled. Applcable charges taken no account rom Bus Departure date tine are = Cancetaton 1440 to 2880 mins before travel- 50% of he total face Caneetaton 0 to 240 mins befor travel- 100 % ofthe total tare = Cancotaton 3,600 to mins before travel- 10% a he totatfare = Cancetaton 2/880 to 3,600 mins bore travel- 25 % of he total face Cancetaton 720 to 1,480 mins before ravel- 85% af the total are = Cancetaton 260 to 480 mins befoe vavel- 90% ofthe total fare = Cancetaton 480 to 720 mins befoe ravel- 75% of the otal fare + How do I contact To got in touch wih , malus a¢ \SaSa7aS2eG7cadOesiml=1GaSa7aS2eGTead) — 12 hiips:simall goog conmailta i= 28ik=Safea8view=plaqrmakemtripSqs=trueBsearch=querySt 2017 (Gmail - MakeMy Trp E-Ticket for Booking ID NU77O4S7576128856 Important Terms & Conditions + tncase of change bus type or ary issue elated to bus operator please bring nit out notice wih 24 hours of bus departure. We wil "vestigate wth he operator and revert accordingly. The customer i ettled for retuns incase a lower bus type s provided subjected to ‘our investigation. + Agency: MakeMy Trip (Inia) Pt. Lid (hersnater MMT) is only proving he services as agent of various tur operators (herenater “Operators, MMs obigstors are ited to issuance a ticket, providing intrmation as made avalable to and processing refunds. MMT not responsible fo the provsin of services bythe respective operator. MIT assumes no respons of lably forthe actions or omissions ‘ofthe operators including nen-adherence ofthe schedules timings, behavior af he operator’ staf, condltens side the buses, lss of He or property, delay, breakdown or nconwenince sulfered bythe user or passenger. + The prmary passenger is requies ta furrish a pint out ofthe e-cket and an idnity proof wih the passengers photograph on &at te of boarding the bus. Fling to do $0, the bus operator may net atow boarding + The bus e-ekst booked s non transferable + The bus operator reserves the ght o change the seat numbers) ofthe passenger(s). + The bus operator reserves te ight o change te boardng point andor sing a pick-up vehicle atthe boarding panto take customers tothe bus departure port + The departure and artvaltrings meroned onthe etiket are ony tentative tnngs. The same are subject o change. + The bus tps may be delayed, postponed or cancelled due to unavoidable reasons. + Provision of videoar condoning of ary such oer serves isthe responsibilty ofthe bus operator. Ary efundsilams due to non. functioning or unavaibiy of hese services needs to be settled rectly with the service prove (the bus operator. + Inthe event of cancelaton ofa busiservce tp, M's Iabity wil be Inte onl othe extent of refunding the sum paid bythe passenger for the ples ofthe extleket. + inease a booking cotimaton SMS or omalgets delayed or fats because ofechnieal reasons ora a resut of incoerect mobile number! ‘maillO provided by the customer otc, eke wile considered booked as lng asthe teket shows up onthe contematon page of ‘ or Mobile App, + Any grevances and clans related fo the bus travel shoul be repores to MMT within 10 days of your rave date + Partial Cancalaton fe NOT allowed for ts ket + Customers are advised to reach 15 mins before boarding tine hiipstimsil goo -comimailu trai