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Dreaming with a Broken Heart Words and Music by ‘John Mayer vith pedal When you're dream = ing hard = est part — You roll out of bed and down on your. knees, Copyright © 2006 Sony/ATV Tunes LLC and Specie Harm Music ‘Figs Aamir by SonyATV Ms Pubting, @ Muse sae West, Nasvil, TN 97203 62 Internatonal Copyright Secured All Fights Reserved rmo- ment, you can hard = ly won der ing, Is she stand = ing in my room? Gasenye cal? GB GeyB> Am “cause she’s gone, gone, When you're dream ing witha bro ee Eis a is the hard ~ est part She takes you in with her ery ing eyes you have to say good bye, wondering