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SELECTIVE MEDIA is a type of media that contains additives which inhibit the growth of some
bacteria but allow others to grow. It supports the growth of one type or group of microbes but not
another. It may contain inhibitory substances such as antimicrobials, dyes, or alcohol.


Vancomycin, Trimethoprim, polymyxin B,
Amphotericin B, Cephalothin in a Brucella Campylobacter spp.
agar base with sheep blood
Cefsulodin- Peptone base with Yeast extract, Mannitol,
Irgasan and bile salts, supplemented with Cefsulodin,
Yersinia spp.
Novobiocin Irgasan and Novobiocin, and Neutral Red
(CIN) Agar and Crystal Violet as indicators
Agar, Pantone, Bitone, NaCl, Tryptic digest of fastidious organisms
Chocolate Agar
beef heart, Cornstarch, Sheep blood, especially pathogenic
(CAP) defibrinated, Supplement B Neisseria
Colistin-Nalidixic Colistin and Nalidixic acid inhibits gram-
gram-positive bacteria
Acid (CNA) negative bacteria
Lactose Levine EMB
Lactose & Sucrose Holt Harris Teague
Eosin Methylene Formula
Escherichia coli
Blue (EMB) Agar Aniline dye (Eosin & Methylene Blue)
- inhibit Gram +++ and fastidious gram-neg
-acid production (precipitate)
Peptone base broth with Glucose and (enrichment) liquid
Mannitol; Sodium Citrate and Sodium medium for enteric
broth (GN)
Desoxycholate act as inhibitory agents pathogens

Hektoen enteric peptone base agar with bile salts, lactose, isolation and
(HE) agar sucrose, salicin, and ferric ammonium citrate, differentiation of
Salmonella and Shigella
indicators include bromthymol blue and acid
spp. from other gram-
negative enteric bacilli
isolation of
Lowenstein- Mycobacterium
Jensen (LJ) Malachite Green as inhibitor
tuberculosis from sputum
Medium and other samples
MacConkey Bile Salts & Crystal Violet gram-negative bacteria
Agar (MAC) -inhibit Gram +++ and some fastidious while inhibiting gram-
gram-neg positive bacteria
Neutral Red as indicator
peptone base, mannitol, and phenol red
Mannitol Salt differentiation of
as indicator; salt concentration of 7.5%
Agar (MSA) staphylococci
that inhibits most bacteria
Vancomycin as inhibitor of gram-positive
bacteria, colistin as inhibitor of gram-
Martin Lewis negative bacteria except N. gonorrheae, Neisseria gonorrheae
Trimethoprim lactate inhibits swarming of
Proteus, Anisomycin as antifungal
Vancomycin as inhibitor of gram-positive
bacteria, colistin as inhibitor of gram-
Modified Thayer
negative bacteria except N. gonorrheae, Neisseria gonorrheae
Martin Agar
Nystatin as antifungal, Trimethoprim
lactate inhibits swarming of Proteus
Mueller-Tellurite Corynebacterium
Potassium tellurite as inhibitor
Medium diphtheriae
NYC basal medium, Horse blood cells,
New York City Horse plasma, citrated, Yeast dialysate,
Neisseria gonorrheae
Agar Glucose solution, Antibiotic VCNT

inhibits the growth of

Phenylethyl Agar , Pancreatic digest of casein, NaCl, aerobic and facultatively
alcohol (PEA) Papaic digest of soybean meal, - anaerobic gram-negative
Agar Phenethyl alcohol , Blood rods and allows gram-
positive cocci to grow
charcoal agar supplemented with horse
Regan Lowe Bordetella pertussis
blood, cephalexin, and amphotericin B
peptone base with lactose, ferric citrate,
and sodium citrate; neutral red as Salmonella and some
Shigella Agar
indicator; inhibition of coliforms by brilliant Shigella spp.
green and bile salts
Tetrathionate Na2S2O3, CaCO3, NaCl, Peptone, Yeast Salmonella typhi and
broth extract, Beef extract, Iodine solution other salmonellae
Vancomycin as inhibitor of gram-positive
bacteria, colistin as inhibitor of gram-
Thayer-Martin Neisseria gonorrheae
negative bacteria except N. gonorrheae,
Nystatin as antifungal
Citrate Bile Salts
Sucrose (TCBS) sucrose, Bromthymol blue as pH indicator Vibrio spp
agar contains