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Introduction P. 2
CREDITS: Time & Movement 5
Robert Cowan, Basic Combat System Experience Tables 6
Dave Clark, Basic Magic System Saving Throws 10
Kenneth M. Dahl, Basic Clerical and Special Saving Throws 11
Thievish Systems Special Rules For Elves,
Nick Smith, Text and Development Paladins and Fighters 11
of Other Systems and Rules Effects of Characteristics 11
Equipment 12
Cover art by Tim Finkas Size and Strength Tables 12
Interior Logos by Adele R. Bass Combat System 13
Archery 16
Playtest and ongoing suggestions are Critical Hits 18
courtesy the Caltech Gamers and the Clerics and Clerical Spells 21
Pasadena Playtest Group. Magic and Magic Users 25
Illusionists and Illusions 43
Illustrations on pp 1 and 53 courtesy Thievish Abilities and Thieves 47
Dover Publications, Inc., from Symbols, Creating Player Characters 54
Signs & Signets by Ernst Lehner. Used Special Characteristics 54
with their kind permission. Learning Languages 55
Notes on Unusual Weapons 56

Dungeons and Dragons, the game, is

Copyright July, 1978, by Balboa a creation of and copyrighted by,
Game Company. All rights reserved. TSR, Inc.

in some areas, such as: magic items character that an individual is. For
and the basic monsters, as well as example, the 'prime requisite' of a
how to design a dungeon or other Fighter is Strength. How high or low
game location. We will be going into this prime requisite is helps to
some of this in. a separate book for determine how good a character is at
a mnJnr referees, but not here.
What You Need To Play
his or her chosen specialty: fighting,
magic using, etc.
Other than this book, you need Player Characters
mainly the thing that you would Each player is represented in the

~&~ uariant need to play regular D&D: someone

with a lot of patience who has
game by one or more player
characters which he must create and
designed a dungeon. You also need maintain. If one or more of a player's
dice, mainly at least one 20..sided die characters are killed or otherwise
and several 6-sided dice. In these eliminated from play, a player must
rules, whenever 'dice' are referred to either: 1) find a way to recover the
it means 6-sided dice unless it state~ old character, by magical or other
otherwise. means explained later; or 2) create
Other things that are useful for new characters to replace the old.
the players to have are papers and The following types of player
pencils, for mapping and keeping characters are what we recommend
A few years ago, the first copies
track of casualties, treasure, and you use in your games as normal
of a new game called Dungeons and
anything else. Our group also uses characters:
Dragons appeared on the market.
Fantasy fans and gamers in general miniature figures representing the
characters in the game, allowing them Fighters: Fighters are tough, strong
were en thralled at the possibilities.
to be physically positioned on a men or women who specialize in
Most of them became hooked on the
tabletop or other surface so that you combat and cannot use any magical
game, due to its unusual and
can see what is happening. It is or clerical spells by themselves. They
imaginative nature. You could
possible to spend a lot of money can use any weapon of a normal or
actually do unusual things: slay
playing the game, but not at all magical nature unless noted
dragons, rescue the downtrodden and
necessary. Let your budget be your otherwise. Fighters tend to be much
just grab loot. '
guide. harder to kill than o.ther types, too,
When our group first started
since the number of hit points they
playing the game, our overall reaction
Terms To Understand can take increases more rapidly than
was that it had great ideas, "but
Player Character: This is what for any other character type. Fighters
maybe we should change the combat
represents you in the game. They are may wear any armor that is their
system, clarify the magic, and re-do
the equivalent of 'playing pieces' in own size, although heavy armor may
the monsters". Warlock is not
intended to replace D&D,and, indeed, most games and much more. Your hamper their fighting, as explained
characters will take on personalities later. The prime requisite of a fighter
would not exist without that classic
of their own if you let them, and is Strength.
game. What we have tried to do is to
present a way of expanding D&D provide you with much enjoyment.
without the contradictions and They are the adventurers, the people Clerics: Clerics are religious men or
who actually do things in the world women who are able to call upon
loopholes inherent in the original
of your referee, but are controlled by their deity or gods for help in the
rules and the various supplements. By
players. We suggest you have only a form of clerical spells. They may use
putting together one set of rule
small number of player characters per fewer magical items than can magic
changes and interpretations and
player. In our games we allow any users, and fewer weapons than
playing by them for three years, we
player to involve any 2 of his fighters, but have certain special
have developed something that works
characters in any one adventure or items of their own. Clerics may wear
pretty well. We spent a considerable any armor that they find comfortable
expedition. Whether these player
amount of time working out a solid and convenient, but may only use
characters are fighters or. elves, clerics
combat system, a coherent magic
or dwarves, remember that, in their weapons that are not designed to
system, and a more flexible way of
own w01ld, they are people, and treat shed blood (fists, quarterstaves,
handling monsters as monsters, rather maces, and so on), and thus may not
them accordingly.
than as men dressed up in gorilla
Characteristics: There are eight things use swords or arrows. Clerics may use
suits. We have been (rightly) accused certain special consecrated items that
that are determined for each
of making D&D into a different game enhance their own abilities, such as
character at his or her creation:
altogether, but we think it is an clerical staves. The prime requisite of
Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom,
enjoyable one, and hope you do, as a cleric is Wisdom. A character must
Constitution, Dexterity, Agility,
well. Charisma, and Size. These are called have Wisdom of 9 or greater to be a
We recommend that you have
'characteristics'. See the rules on cleric.
access to a Dungeons and Dragons 'Creating Player Characters' for more.
set, preferably a copy of the original
version, plus any supplements you Prime Requisite: This is the Magic Users: These are men who have
enjoyed. We lack the space to go into characteristic or characteristics which studied magic and are able to throw
the detail supplied by the D&D rules is the most important to the type of spells. They may use any magical

item not specifically forbidden to magic users and fighters can do. be a thief.
them (such as armor and most (Whenever there is a conflict between
weapons), and may arm themselves what the two types can do in the Rangers: This is a character class
only with daggers or magical swords rules, elves gain the benefit of loosely based on the wandering loner
or staves. Magic users may carry whichever is to their advantage characters in fantasy . This character
non-magical staves as tools or to overall). They have the disadvantage class is primarily a fighting one, but
defend themselves by parrying that they do not go up in levels as who can gain enough knowledge to
(explained in Combat rules), but may quickly as humans do. Elves are also make use of a little magic eventually,
not use a non-magical staff as a more likely to find hidden doors and and enough respect for the ruling
weapon for attack. A normal magic other objects than are most other deities that they can gain a little
user is not permitted armor of any characters. They are very good at clerical ability eventually. They are
kind, or shields. As magic users learning languages. The prime better than average fighters, and have
progress in levels an.d gain experience requisites of an elf are strength and the same restrictions as fighters, with
they are able to learn more and intelligence, whichever is the lower. A the exception that rangers who are
higher level spells and gain greater character must have Strength of 9 or 8th level or lower may not own any
ability to use the spells. The prime greater, Intelligence of 9 or greater, a property, magical or not, that is not
requisite of a magic user is sum of Strength + Intelligence of 25 portable enough to be carried along
intelligence. A character must have or greater, and Dexterity of 11 or with the ranger on one horse. There
Intelligence of 9 or greater to be a greater to be an elf. is a special section of rules for
magic user. rangers later. The prime requisite of a
Haltlin~: Halflings tend to be only ranger is strength. A character must
Illusionists: Illusionists are a special about one-half the size of the average have Strength of 17 or more,
class of magic users who study and man in height, but for their size they Constitution of 15 or more, and
use the art of illusion. They have the are the toughest characters in the Intelligence and Wisdom both of 13
same basic restrictions as magic users, game (dwarves being somewhat or more in order to be a ranger.
but use a somewhat different mixture larger). They have the same basic
of magical spells. The prime requisite limitations as fighters in what they Paladins: This is a character class
of an illusionist is intelligence. A may wear and use. Common sense loosely based on the idea of the
character must have Intelligence of :;hould be used when there is any Chivalric Knight from the legends of
15 or greater and both Wisdom and doubt (for example, a halfling does King Arthur and others. They are
Dexterity of at 13 or greater to be an not use a longbow effectively, and fighters with a few of the abilities of
illusionist. should not be allowed to). A halfling a cleric, and the ability to use clerical
is at his best while outdoors or in implements and swords which have
Dwarves: Dwarves tend to to be smaller places similar to their own homes, been consecrated to their own faith.
than men, but they make up for their forests and glades. The prime A paladin must adhere completely to
size by being particularly resistant to requisite of a halfling is either the rules of his faith, or lose all
fatigue and magic (these differences constitution or dexterity, whichever special abilities, and become a normal
are noted in the appropriate sections is lower. A character must have fighter. (See Paladin Rules). The
of the rules). In most other respects Constitution of 15 or more, prime requisite of a paladin is
they are much like fighters, except Dexterity of 15 or more, and Agility strength. A character must have
for the following: 1) they are the of 9 or more to be a halfling. A Strength of 13 or more , Wisdom of
only characters able to fully employ halfling gains special abilities similar 13 or more, and Charisma of 17 or
the more powerful dwarf-made to those of a thief as he goes up more to be a paladin.
weapons; 2) they are more likely to level (see Thief rules for details).
notice slanting passages, traps, Combination Characters: It is possible
shifting walls, and new construction Thieves: Thieves are men who have for a character to be more than one
in underground settings; 3) they are perfected the arts of stealth, agility type of character. If a character has a
much more likely than other and lock picking to a fine degree. score of 17 or better in the prime
characters to know their way around They are able to get into places requisites of two or even three of the
underground settings without getting where other character~ would find it character types that can combine
lost or not noticing how deep they difficult or dangerous to go. In order (fighter, cleric, magic user, or thief),
are; 4) they are able to judge the to use their abilities, however, thieves then he can become a dual or triple
value of gems and jewelry without must wear no armor more character type. A character with
extensive testing. The prime requisite encumbering than leather (with a scores of 17 or better in both
of a dwarf is the average of his shield if they so desire). The prime strength and intelligence could
strength and constitution. A character requisites of a thief are dexterity and become a magical-fighter, as an
must have Strength of 15 or greater agility, with experience bonuses example. As such, he would gain the
and Constitution of 15 or greater to determined by the lower of the two. abilities of both types, like an elf,
be a dwarf. A thief gains abilities as he increases but would advance on a different
in levels (see Thief section later in experience table for his type (see
Elves: Elves have the ability to use the rules). A character must have Experience tables for examples of
weapons as fighters do, but they are Dexterity of 9 or greater, Agility of 9 Combination advancement). The
also able to use magical spells. In or greater, and a sum of Dexterity + prime requisite of a combination
fact, elves can do everything that Agility of 25 or greater in order to character is the lowest of the types ,

which are combined. treasure a party brings out of an HIT DICE are the number of
Dwarves and elves may only be adventure, they earn 7l of an cumulative 6-sided dice rolled to
combination-thieves. An elf may be a experience point, adjusted according determine how many hit points of
combination elvish-thief if he has to the level of the highest character damage a character can take before
Strength of 15 or more, Intelligence and the treasure's guardian. falling unconscious. If the number in
of 15 or more, Dexterity of 15 or Experience points for monsters, to be this column is X+ 1 or X +2, etc, it
more and Agility of 15 or more. A divided between the members of the means that 1, 2, or the appropriate
dwarf may be a combination party as was the gold, is as follows: number is added to the total number
dwarvish-thief if he has Strength, rolled on all the dice, not to each
C.)nstitution, Dexterity and Agility Monster Experience die .
all of 15 or more. These types also Level Points The hits at any level are used to
have special Advancement tables. 1 50 compute those at the next level; the
2 100 dice are not rerolled. In other words
Experience Points 3 400 a 2nd level fighter who takes 7 hits
At the end of an expedition, all 4 900 reaches 3rd level. On his new Hit Die
surviving members of the party 5 1600 he rolls a 4. Adding this to the
receive experience points, as 6 2500 previous 7 he now has 11 hit points
determined by the referee. The basic 7 3600 (which may be modified by an
experience is determined by the 8 4900 extremely high or low Cons ti tu ti on.
monsters and men defeated by the 9 6400 See 'Bonuses and Penalties Due to
party, as well as any treasures 10 8100 Characteristics').In some cases, a
obtained in so doing. These are 11 10,000 character must go from, say, 2 dice
modified by the level and experience 12 12,100 +2, to 3 dice . This is done by rolling
bonuses of the characters in the 13 14,400 a die and subtracting 2, adding any
party. 14 16,900 result greater than zero to the
Experience points are totalled up 15 19,600 previous hits. A character can never
and divided evenly between surviving 16 22,500 take fewer hits at a higher level than
members of the party. If the 17 25,600 he took at a lower one.
monsters were of a lower level than 18 28,900 At any time, a character has a
one or more members of the party, 19 32,400 margin between his Hit Points and
the party gets less experience for 20 36,100 the point at which he dies from
those monsters (and any treasure 21 40,000 damage. This margin is equal to
guarded by them) at a rate based on add 4000 for each additional level. (Constitution X .03 X Hit Points).
the ratio of monster level to Please note that, while monsters Thus a character who has
character level. For example, a 12th are evaluated by hit dice under most Constitution 10 and takes 10 Hit
level cleric is in a party which defeats conditions, magic users and other Points has a margin of 10 X .03 X 10
a fifth level monster with treasure. types able to use magical spells == 3 points. This character would
The party only gets 5/ 12 of the should be credited at their experience become unconscious after receiving
possible experience for this monster or magic level if it is higher than 10 points of damage in combat or
and treasure. their hit dice. Thus a 6th level magic from magic, and would die upon
user would be worth 2500 EP for his receiving 13 points of damage. While
In addition, a character is limited level rather than 900 EP for his (3 unconscious but not dead, a character
to going up one experience level per dice +2) dice level. deteriorates toward death unless
expedition. If, for example, a Special cases: if a creature takes n healed, as follows: the deterioration
character were the sole survivor of an dice +2 or more hits, its experience is 1 point per turn, plus 1/6 chance
expedition and lugged out three level should normally be considered (rolled) of a further 1 point of
million gold pieces worth of jewelry, level (n+l). Also, if a creature is deterioration for each point beyond
obtained by sneaking out while the taken while asleep or otherwise his Hit Points that a character has
rest of the party was being eaten, this unable to fight back, the referee taken. For example, in the case above
would not be sufficient to raise the should reduce its value for of the 10 Hit Point character who
character many, many levels. Even experience. The referee's decision of dies at 13 points, suppose he has
obtained in a more noble fashion what credit to give for defeating a taken 11 hits. If not healed, by
than in the example, a character creature is final, except in case of clerical or magical means, he will
'pins' at the top of the next level obvious errors of arithmetic. deteriorate 1 point (to 12 hits) and
above the one at which he began the have a 1/6 chance of dying outright
expedition. In other words, a third by deteriorating one more hit (to 13
Experience Levels
level fighter could gain (on one hits) after 1 turn of lying unaided.
The following is an explanation of
expedition) only enough points to the things found in the Advancement EXPERIENCE POINTS (Exp. Pts.)
take him to one point short of fifth Tables for the different character means that this is the number of
level; in other words, he 'pins' at the types, first the things found in all total experience points needed for a
top of fourth. types, then the specific types. character of that type to be the level
Experience points are earned for LEVEL is the Experience Level of on that line. For example, a Cleric
obtaining treasure as follows: for the character. All player characters with 3000 Experience Points would
every 1 gold piece of value of start out as Level 1 characters. be 3rd level, while an Elf with 3000

would only be 2nd. being resolved. While seeming being put to sleep
SPELLS AND LEVELS refers to complex, after the first couple of Suppose one of his targets was a
the number and level of spells known times this system is used, the order goblin with a bow 9" away from the
(in the case of a magic user) or will become familiar and easy to magic user. The goblin has a
usable (in the case of a cleric). The remember. Dexterity of only 8. However, upon
number above each column is the Since the precise order in which seeing a magic user pointing a finger
spell level (indicating the relative spells and archery are fired often in his direction, he rolls a 10 on his
difficulty of the spell). The numbers makes a difference in a battle, we two six-sided dice to determine when
in the columns opposite each have introduced a system which gives he fires. Thus, he fires his arrow at
character level indicate the number of those with a higher dexterity a Dexterity Count 18 one count faster
each level that can be learned (by a chance to fire first, without making than the magic user. The arrow
magic user) or used during a game the slower ones always lose. This is however, takes 3 Counts to reach the
day (by a cleric). the Dexterity Count system. magic user, so that the spell takes
ABILITIES AND LEVELS for a On any given phase of actions, the effect while the arrow is still in
thief are as above, except as referee asks the players whl't action flight.
explained in the Thief rules. each character is taking and also Remember, the higher the
determines the actions of the Dexterity Count number, the sooner
Time and Movement 'monsters'. If either or both are fuing the firing For simplicity, assume that
It is suggested that you use the magic or archery. the referee checks the melee part of each phase starts at
following set of scales of time and to determine who is going to fire around Dexterity Count 0 so that
movement for maximum enjoyment first. This is done by having each what you have is a sort of a
of the game: character or monster roll two countdown.
One real day (noon to noon) = six-sided dice, and adding the results The speed of movement of a
one Game Week. This allows you to to their current dexterity (whether character is determined by the
play more than one expedition or natural or magically enhanced). That carrying capacity of the character
adventure in a real day and also is when that character or being will (determined in Step 6 of character
allows expeditions that take more start to fire. In the case of a bow, creation) compared with their current
than one day of the characters' time that is when the arrow leaves the load. If they are carrying more than
without having to come back the bowstring. In the case of a magic user their capacity, they simply cannot
next real day to continue. or cleric casting a spell, it is when the move. If they are carrying less than
One real inch = 6 game feet (or 2 spell starts to be cast. This is also the that maximum, but more than 1/2,
meters). This allows you to use case for magical implements being they can move at 3" per turn or less.
miniature figures (either the Airfix fired; rings, wands or whatever. Since From 1/3 to 1/2 capacity, they can
plastic ones or the many lead ones) it takes time for a spell to be cast, move at up to 6" per turn. From 1/4
to set up the physical positions of arrows are often in flight before to 1/3 capacity, they can move up to
characters, so that the players and magic. The pre cise amount of delay is 9" per turn. From more than 1/6 to
referee can see what is going on, and as follows: not more than 1/4 capacity, they can
visualize the action. When inches are Each Dexterity Count is a small move up to 12" per turn. 1/8 to 1/6
referred to in these rules, they are fraction of a second (call it 1/lOth capacity allows 15" of movement.
meant to be these 6-foot inches. for convenience). It takes 1 Dexterity 1/12 to 1/8 of capacity allows 18" of
In a dungeon or other similar Count for an arrow or quarrel to movement. Carrying some items but
situation, a Turn = 1 minute of game travel 3" in scale. A magical spell less than 1/12 of the maximum
time. This length of turn is used for takes 1 Dexterity Count for every capacity permits 21" per turn
movement, magic, and any other case Spell Point the spell costs the caster movement. Carrying nothing
where a game 'turn' is referred to to go off. A clerical spell takes 1 whatsoever allows a normal character
unless it states otherwise. Dexterity Count for each level of the to travel at 24" per turn.
Each game turn consists of six spell (i.e., a Second Level spell takes These speeds are all subject to the
'phases' of ten seconds each. Each 2 Counts) to go off. A magical wand maximum speed attainable by man or
phase is broken down into three basic or staff takes only the time used up beast of the type in question. A
parts: Movement; Magic & Archery; by the Activation spell (usually I or being that is given a fixed maximum
Melee. It is not necessary to keep 2) to go off. Most other magic items speed does not automatically exceed
track of or operate in phases except are fired at a rate of 1 Dexterity that just because it isn't carrying
when encounters or combat occurs, Count per level of the spell being anything. Mules and other pack
rather than just walking around. The fired by the item. Specific 'spell animals trained for carrying can go at
parts take place in the above order storing' items go off as if they were their maximum speed with a load no
during any individual phase. First, all firing a memorized spell. greater than that listed on the Weight
characters in the situation move to Thus we have a magic user with and Cost table.
any new positions, as allowed by the Dexterity of 13 He wants to fire a The normal speeds are just that,
referee. Then, any magical spells are Sleep spell, which costs him 3 Spell and are used when walking. In
thrown and any archery fired. (This Points. He rolls a 7 on his two dice. combat, or in other situations where
step includes the use of any magical Thus, the spell actually goes off at speed is important, creatures that
implements other than weapons or Dexterity Count 17 (13 + 7 - 3), walk or swim travel at their normal
armor, in most cases.) Finally comes and that is when his targets need to speed, but per phase instead of per
melee, with hand-tohand combat make their Saving Throws against turn. Thus, running or swimming

quickly is 6 times as fast as normal 9 9+4 300,000 FIGHTING-THIEF Combination
movement. Flying creatures are 10 lo+2 450,000
somewhat different. Flying creatures 11 lo+4 600,000 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts.
move at their listed movement per 12 11+2 750,000
phase normally, and move a twice continue as 9-12 above 1 l+l 0
that speed when hurrying or diving. experience point steps above 20 2 1+3 2000
000000000000000000000 are 300,000 per level 3 2+3 4000
4 3+3 8000
FIGHTER 5 4+3 16,000
MAGICAL-CLERIC Combination 6 5+3 32,000
Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts. 7 6+3 64,000
Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts. 8 7+3 120,000
1 l+l 0 9 8+2 250,000
1 1 0 10 9 400,000
2 2 2000 2 1+3 2500
3 3 4000 11 9+1 550,000
3 2+2 5000 12 9+2
4 4 8000 700,000
4 3+1 10,000 13
5 5+1 16,000 10 850,000
5 3+2 20,000 14
6 6 32,000 lo+2 1,000,000
6 4+1 35,000
7 7+1 64,000 continue as steps 10-14 above
7 5 60,000
8 8+2 120,000 above 20th level, advance in steps
8 5+3 120,000
9 9+3 240,000 of 300,000 experience points.
9 6+1 240,000
10 lo+l 360,000 10 6+2 360,000
11 lo+3 480,000 11 6+3 480,000 CLERICAL-FIGHTER Comb.
12 11+1 600,000 12 7+2 600,000
continue as 9-12 above until 13 7+3 720,000 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts.
20 15+1 1,560,000 14 8+1 840,000
21 15+3 1,800,000 15 8+2 960,000 1 l+l 0
22 16+1 2,040,000 16 9 1,080,000 2 2 2000
continue as 20-22 above 17 9+2 1,200,000 3 3 4000
18 9+3 1,320,000 4 4 8000
19 lo+l 1,440,000 5 4+3 16,000
HALFLING 20 lo+3 1,560,000 6 5+3 32,000
above 20th level, continue to add 7 6+3 64,000
Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts. hits as in pattern formed by levels 8 7+3 120,000
9 8+2 250,000
I l+J 0 above 20th level, advance in steps above 9th, advance as Fighting-Thief.
2 2 3000 of 240,000 experience points. Add
3 3 6000 hits by average hits of MU and C at
4 4+1 12,000 that level. MAGICAL-THIEF Combination
5 5 24,000
6 5+2 40,000 MAGICAL-FIGHTER Combination Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts.
7 6 70,000
8 6+2 130,000 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts. 1 0
9 7+1 250,000 2 1+2 2500
JO 7+3 400,000 I l+I 0 2+1
3 5000
11 8+1 550,000 2 2 2500 4 3 1.0,000
12 8+3 700,000 3 2+3 5000 5 3+2 20,000
continue as 9- 12 above 4 3 10,000 6 4+1 35,000
experience point steps above 20 5 4 20,000 7 5 60,000
are 300,000 per level 6 4+3 35,000 8 5+3 120,000
7 5+2 64,000 9 6+1 240,000
DWARF 8 6+3 120,000 10 6+2 360,000
9 7 250,000 11 6+3 480,000
Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts. 10 8 400,000 12 7+2 600,000
11 9 550,000 13 7+3 720,000
1 1+2 0 12 9+3 700,000 14 8+1 840,000
2 2+1 2500 13 10 850,000 15 8+2 960,000
3 3+1 5000 14 ID+I 1,000,000 16 9 1,080,000
4 4+2 10,000 15 lo+2 1,150,000 17 9+2 1,200,000
5 5+2 20,000 continue to add hits as formed by 18 9+3 1,320,000
6 6+3 40,000 the 3-step paltern of 13- 15 above. 19 lo+I 1,440,000
7 7+2 75,000 above 20th level, advance in steps 20 lo+3 1,560,000
8 8+3 150,000 or 300,000 experience points. above 20th level, advance in steps
of 240,000 experience points, and 15 10t2 1,575,000 13 9+2 J Jl.f;Jl./J
average the hits of MU and T of the 16 11 1,800,000 14 10 1,175 ,CJOO
appropriate level. continue as 14-16 above 15 lOtl 1,350,000
experience point steps above 20th 16 10t2 1,525,000
are 450,000 per level. 17 11 1,700,000
CLERICAL-THIEF Combination continue as 15-17 above.
experience point steps above 20th
Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts. PALADIN are 350,000 per level.
1 0 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts.
3 2+3 3000 l l+l 0
4 3+3 6000 2 2 2500 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts.
5 4+1 12,000 3 3 5000
6 5 25,000 4 4 10,000 1 1 0
7 6 60,000 5 5+1 20,000 2 1+3 2500
8 7 120,000 6 6 40,000 3 2+2 5000
9 7+1 240,000 7 7+1 80,000 4 3+1 10,000
10 7+2 360,000 8 8+2 160,000 5 3+2 20,000
11 7+3 480,000 9 9+3 300,000 6 4+1 35,000
12 8+1 600,000 10 lOtl 450,000 7 5 50,000
continue as 9-12 above 11 10t3 600,000 8 5+3 100,000
above 20th level, advance in steps 12 11+1 750,000 9 6+1 250,000
of 240,000 experience points. continue as 9-12 above 10 6+2 400,000
experience point steps above 20th 11 6+3 550,000
are 300,000 points per level 12 7+2 700,000
DWARVISH THIEF continue by averaging the hit dice
taken by the three classes at each
Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts. RANGER level. This class advances in steps
of 300,000 above 20th level.
1 1+2 0 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts.
2 2+1 2500
4 4+2 10,000 2 3 2500
5 5+2 20,000 3 4 5000 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts.
6 6+3 40,000 4 5 12,000
7 7+2 75,000 5 6 25,000 1 1 0
8 8+3 175,000 6 7 50,000 2 1+3 2000
9 9+4 350,000 7 8 100,000 3 2+3 4000
10 10t2 525,000 8 9 175,000 4 3+3 8000
11 10t4 700,000 9 10 275,000 5 4+2 16,000
12 11+2 875,000 10 10t2 450,000 6 5+2 32,000
continue as 9-12 above 11 11 625,000 7 6+2 64,000
experience point steps above 20th 12 11+2 800,000 8 7+2 125,000
are 350,000 per level. continue as 9-12 above 9 8 300,000
experience point steps above 20th 10 8+2 475,000
are 350,000 per level 11 8+3 650,000
ELVEN THIEF 12 9+1 825,000
continue by averaging the hit dice
Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts. MAGICAL-CLERICAL-FIGHTER taken by each of the three classes
at each level. This class advances
1 1+1 0 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts. in steps of 350,000 above 20th level.
2 2 3000
3 2+3 6000 1 1+1 0
4 3 12,000 2 2 2500 MAGICAL FIGHTING THIEF
5 4 24,000 3 2+3 5000
6 4+3 40,000 4 3+1 10,000 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts.
7 5+2 70,000 5 4+1 20,000
8 6+3 130,000 6 4+3 35,000 1 0
9 7 225,000 7 5+3 65,000 2 1+2 2500
10 8 450,000 8 6+3 125,000 3 2+2 5000
11 9 675,000 9 7+2 300,000 4 3+1 10,000
12 9+3 900,000 10 8 475,000 5 4+1 20,000
13 10 1,125,000 11 8+2 650,000 6 4+3 35,000
14 lOtl 1,350,000 12 9 825,000 7 5+3 65,000

ELVISH ADV AN CEMENT 8 6+3 125,000
SPELLS 9 7+1 300,000
LEVEL HIT DICE EXPERIENCE 2 3 4 5 6 10 7+3 475,000
11 8+1 650,000
1 1 + 1 PIP 0 1 12 8+3 825,000
2 2 3000 2 continue by averaging the hit dice
3 2 + 3 PIPS 6000 2 taken by the three classes at ~ach
4 level. Above 20th level, this class
1 12,000 3 1
advances in steps of 350,000 points
5 4 24,000 3 2 per level.
6 4 + 3 PIPS 40,000 3 2 1
7 5 + 2 PIPS 70,000 4 2 2 QUADRUPLE
8 6 + 3 PIPS 130,000 4 2 2 (Magical-fighting-clerical-thief)
9 7 200,000 4 3 2 1 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts.
10 8 400,000 5 3 2 2
11 9 600,000 5 3 3 2 1 1 1 0
12 9 + 3 PIPS 800,000 6 4 3 2 2 1+3 2500
13 10 1,000,000 6 4 3 2 2 3 2+2 5000
14 10 + 1 PIP 1,200,000 6 4 3 3 2 4 3+2 10,000
15 10 + 2 PIP 3 3 2 5 4+1 20,000
1,400,000 7 4
16 6 4+3 35,000
11 1,600,000 7 5 3 3 2
7 5+3 65,000
17 11 + 1 PIP 1,800,000 7 5 4 3 2 1 8 6+3 125,000
18 11 + 2 PIPS 2,000,000 .8 5 4 3 2 2 9 7+1 300,000
19 12 2,200,000 8 5 4 4 3 2 10 7+3 500,000
20 12 + 1 PIP 2,400,000 8 6 4 4 3 2 11 8+1 700,000
12 8+2 900,000
continue by averaging the hit dice
THIEVISH ADV AN CEMENT taken by the four classes at each
level. Above 20th level, this class
LEVEL HIT DICE EXPERIENCE ABILITIES advances in steps of 400,000 points
per level.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 0 -
2 1 + 2 PIPS 1500 2 Level Hit Dice Exp. Pts.
3 2 + 2 PIPS 3000 3 1
1 0
4 3 + 2 PIPS 6000 4 2 2 1+2 3000
5 4 + 1 PIP 12,000 5 2 1 3 2 6000
6 5 25,000 5 3 2 4 2+2 12,000
7 6 50,000 6 3 3 1 5 3 25,000
8 7 100,000 6 4 3 2 1 6 3+2 50,000
9 7 + 1 PIP 200,000 6 4 4 2 2 7 4 75,000
10 7 + 2 PIPS 300,000 7 4 4 2 2 8 4+2 100,000
11 7 + 3 PIPS 400,000 7 5 4 3 2 9 5 200,000
12 8 + 1 PIP 500,000 7 5 5 3 3 10 5+2 300,000
13 8 + 2 PIPS . 600,000 8 5 5 3 3 continue as above until:
5 3 20 lo+2 1,300,000
14 8 + 3 PIPS 700,000 8 6 4
21 lo+3 1,500,000
15 9 + 1 PIP 800,000 8 6 6 4 4 1
22 lo+4 1,700,000
16 9 + 2 PIPS 900,000 9 6 6 4 4 2 23 11+1 1,900,000
17 9+3PIPS 1,000,000 9 7 6 5 4 2 continue as 20-23 above.
18 10 + 1 PIP 1,100,000 9 7 7 5 5 2 Acquire spells at same rate as MU.
19 10 + 2 PIPS 1,200,000 10 7 7 5 5 3 I
20 IO+ 3 PIPS 1,300,000 10 8 7 6 5 3 1



POINTS 0 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 1 0 2
2 2 1500 3 l
3 3 3000 5 2
4 4 6000 6 3 1
5 4 + 1 PIP 12,000 8 3 2
6 5 25,000 9 4 2 2 1
7 6 50,000 10 4 3 2 2
8 7 100,000 11 5 3 2
9 7 + 1 PIP 200,000 12 5 3 3 2 2
10 7 + 2 PIPS 300,000 13 6 4 3 3 2
11 7 + 3 PIPS 400,000 14 6 4 3 3 2
12 8 + 1 PIP 500,000 15 7 4 3 3 2 1
13 8 + 2 PIPS 600,000 16 7 5 4 3 2 2
14 8 + 3 PIPS 700,000 17 8 5 4 3 3 2
15 9 + 1 PIP 800,000 18 8 5 4 4 3 2
16 9 + 2 PIPS 900,000 19 9 6 4 4 3 2
17 9 + 3 PIPS 1,000,000 20 9 6 5 4 3 2
18 10 + 1 PIP 1,100,000 21 10 6 5 4 3 2 1
19 10 + 2 PIPS 1,200,000 22 10 7 5 5 4 2 l
20 10 + 3 PIPS 1,300,000 23 11 7 6 5 4 3



l 0 1
2 1 + 2 PIPS 2500 2
3 2 5000 2
4 2 + 2 PIPS 10,000 3 2
5 3 20,000 3 2 1
6 3 + 2 PIPS 35,000 4 2 2
7 4 50,000 4 3 2 1
8 4 + 2 PIPS 75,000 5 3 2 2
9 5 100,000 5 3 3 2 1
10 5+2PIPS 200,000 6 4 3 2 2
11 6 300,000 6 4 3 3 2
12 6 + 2 PIPS 400,000 7 4 3 3 2 1
13 7 500,000 7 5 4 3 2 1
14 7 + 2 PIPS 600,000 8 5 4 3 2 2
15 8 700,000 8 5 4 4 3 2
16 8 + 2 PIPS 800,000 9 6 4 4 3 2
17 9 900,000 9 6 5 4 3 2
18 9 + 2 PIPS 1,000,000 10 6 5 4 3 2 1
19 10 1,100,000 10 7 5 5 3 3 I
20 10 + 2 PIPS 1,200,000 11 7 6 5 3 3 2

SAVING THROWS (by Type and Level)
~ z~ ~
z~ ~ w o~ ~>
z z ~~
0 Q < o ~~ w~
~~ ~ ~ Q~ ~~
I For Thieves and Fighting-Thief Combinations)
1-3 11 13 14 15 16
4-6 9 11 12 12 14
(For Fighters) 7-9 7 9 10 10 12
1-3 12 13 14 15 16 10-12 10
5 7 7 7
4-6 10 11 12 12 14 13+ 3 5 5 5 8
7-9 8 9 10 10 12
10-12 6 7 7 7 10 (Magical.Cleric Combination)
13+ 4 5 5 5 8 1-3 11 12 13 16 15
4-6 9 11 11 14 13
(For Magic Users and Illusionists) 7-9 8 9 10 13 10
1-3 13 14 13 16 15 10-12 6 8 8 11 8
4-6 11 12 11 14 13 13-15 5 6 7 10 5
7-9 10 11 10 13 10 16+ 3 5 5 8 3
10-12 8 9 8 11 8
13-15 7 8 7 10 5 (For Dwarves, Rangers, Paladins, & Halflings)
16+ 5 6 5 8 3 1-3 10 11 12 13 14
4-6 8 10 10 11 12
(For Elves and Magical-Fighter Combinations) 7-9 7 8 8 9 10
1-3 12 13 13 15 15 10-12 5 6 7 7 8
4-6 10 11 11 13 13 13+ 3 5 5 5 6
7-9 9 10 10 11 10
10-12 7 8 8 9 8 (For Fighting-Cleric, Clerical Thief, and
13-15 6 7 7 7 5 Clerical Fighting-Thief Combinations)
16+ 4 5 5 5 3 1-3 11 12 14 15 15
4-6 9 10 12 12 13
I For Clerics)
7-9 7 8 10 10 11
1-3 11 12 14 16 15
10 -12 6 7 7 7 9
4-6 9 10 12 14 13 13+ 3 5 5 5 7
7-9 7 8 10 12 11
10 (For Elvish Thief, Magical Thief, and
10-12 5 7 9 9
13+ 3 5 8 7 Magical Fighting Thief Combinations)
1-3 11 13 13 15 15
4-6 9 11 11 13 13
7-9 8 10 10 11 10
13-15 5 7 7 7 5
Times Vs. Fire Vs. Vs. Vs. 16+ 3 5 5 5 3
Death Fire Lightning Energy Acid
1.0 1
1.1 1 2 Roll Needed Belief Fear Entanglement
1.2 2 1 2 3
1.3 3 2 2 4 ROLL NEEDED BELIEF FEAR CON Entanglement
1.4 4 2 3 5 Ont.) (St. +Wis) (2XAg +Dex)
1.5 5 3 3 6 1 20+ 41+ -10 to -14 54+
1.6 6 4 4 7 2 19 39-40 -5 to -9 51-53
1.7 7 5 4 8 3 18 37-38 0 to -4 49-50
1.8 8 6 5 9 4 17 35-36 1-3 46-48
1.9 9 7 5 10
5 16 33-34 4-6 44-45
2.0 10 8 6 11
2.25 11 9 7 12
6 15 31-32 7-9 41-43
2.5 12 10 8 13 7 14 29-30 10-12 39-40
2.75 13 11 9 14 8 13 27-28 13-15 36-38
3.0 14 12 10 15 9 12 25-26 16-18 34-35
3.25 14 12 11 16 10 11 23-24 19-21 31-33
3.5 15 13 12 16 11 10 21-22 22-24 29-30
3.75 15 13 13 17 12 9 19-20 25-27 26-28
4.0 16 14 14 17 13 8 17-18 28-30 24-25
4 .5 16 14 15 18
14 7 15-16 31-33 21-23
5.0 17 15 16 18
5.5 17 15 17 19 15 6 13-14 34-36 19-20
6.0 18 16 18 19 16 5 11-12 37-39 16-18
7.0 19 17 19 19 17 4 9-10 40-42 13-15
8.0 19 18 19 19 18 3 7-8 43-45 10-12
9.0 + 19 19 19 19 19 2- 6- 46+ 9-

Special Saving Throws to see 50% farther than a normal WISDOM: For a clerical character,
There are several types of Saving human in dim light (not total Wisdom of 13-17 gives a character a
Throw that need some further darkness). bonus of + 1/2 pip per die of healing,
explanation. Those on the Special Paladins: Paladins have the or per healing spell, whichever is the
Saving Throw table are for 'use in following special abilities: a Paladin greater, and +1/2 per die when rolling
specific circumstances, as follows. may heal other characters of the to dispel undead, both for quantity
BELIEF: This saving throw applies same alignment, 2 points for each and for chance to affect them.
to all situations involving illusions level the Paladin has attained, at a Wisdom of 18 or greater gives a
and phantasms where the character rate of 2 points per turn; a Paladin bonus of + 1 per die or healing or
might be able to reason out the may do 1 clerical Cure Disease spell healing spell, and + 1 per die on
unreality of the situation. Basically, (by touch) per day for each 3 levels dispelling undead. Further, a Wisdom
any character needs to roll a number he has attained; a Paladin may do 1 of 1S or higher gives a cleric a 5%
equal to (21-character's intelligence) clerical Dispel Evil per week for each bonus chance on dispelling demons.
in order to disbelieve a phantasm or 3 levels he has attained, starting at CONSTITUTION: Constitution of
illusion. This may be further 9th level; the touch of a ghoul will 1S or more gives a character a bonus
adjusted, as mentioned in the spell not paralyze a Paladin, and the touch of 1 hit point for each Hit Die.
descriptions. of a Paladin will dispel the paralytic Constitution of 6 or less causes a
FEAR: This saving throw applies effects of a ghoul; the clerical Bless character to lose 1 hit point for each
mainly to situations where a and Benediction spells have a Hit Die rolled.
character is hit by a Fear spell, or an DOUBLE effect on a Paladin. DEXTERITY: Dexterity of 13 or
equivalent effect caused by another Fighters: (This note also applies to greater adds + 1 to archery rolls.
being or circumstance. Failure to Elves, Rangers, Paladins and all Dexterity of 8 or less subtracts -1
achieve this saving throw means that combination characters that include from archery rolls.
the character retreats in an Fighter) Starting at 9th level, and AGILITY: Agility of 16 or greater
uncontrolled manner, checking once each 3rd level thereafter, a Fighter adds + 1 to the defense level of a
per turn thereafter to regain control, gains an extra ability. This ability character. Agility of 5 or less
using the same saving throw needed. may be applied to adding one attack subtracts -1 from the defense level
This saving throw is based on the level per ability to the Fighter's of a character.
sum of the character's Wisdom attack with any ONE type of weapon SIZE: The Size table gives the
(judgment) and Strength (aptitude for (i.e., a 9th level Fighter may choose basic weight of a normal human male
combat). to become Broadsword + 1). It may for purposes of figuring out carrying
ENTANGLEMENT: This saving instead be used to add + 1 to the capacity. For other types, adjust as
throw applies to all situations where Fighter's archery shots with any ONE follows: For Elves, after calculation
the character is in danger of physical type of archery weapon. A fighter of carrying capacity, determine actual
entrapment or falling. It is based on may apply more than one of these weight by subtracting 2 from rolled
the sum of (2 times Agility + abilities to any given weapon, to a size; for Dwarves, adjust same as
(Dexterity)). This saving throw is maximum of +3 per weapon. Elves; for Halflings, divide weight by
used in case of walking over pit traps, 2 before figuring carrying capacity,
under falling nets, or into quicksand, but figure capacity as if the character
among other cases. Failure to achieve weighed 20 pounds more than actual
this saving throw results in being Effects of Characteristics weight; for Female characters,
caught by whatever circumstance There are beneficial and harmful subtract 20 pounds from the weight
necessitated the saving throw. effects caused by having high or low before figuring carrying capacity (that
CON: This saving throw is for use characteristics on a character. These is, the female character rolling a size
with the Thievish Con ability. The are as follows: of 12 would actually weigh only 140
saving throw is based upon the PRIME REQUISITE: If the Prime pounds, not 160).
DIFFERENCE between the sum of Requisite of a character is 19 or
the thiefs Intelligence, Dexterity, and more, he gets a 15% bonus added to Carrying capacity of a character is
Charisma, and the sum of the victim's his earned experience. 15-18 gets a calculated by multiplying the weight
Intelligence and Wisdom. Failure by 10% bonus. 13-14 gets a 5% bonus. of the character by the carrying
the victim to achieve the number 9-12 gets no adjustment. A Prime capacity multiplier for that
needed for his particular difference Requisite of 7-8 subtracts 10% from character's Strength, applying any
means that he falls for the thiefs earned experience. 6 or less subtracts adjustments for special types of
ploy, probably losing money or worse 20%. characters stated in the Size notes.
to the con man. STRENGTH: See table for Thus, a human of Strength 18, Size
adjustments to carrying capacity and 18 would be able to support (barely)
Special Rules fighting ability. 250 x 3.0 or 750 pounds. He would
Elves: Elves have the following INTELLIGENCE: For a be able to operate normally (speed
bonuses: +1 on archery shots with magic-using character, an Intelligence 12" movement) while carrying no
bows, +1/6 chance of spotting hidden of 13-15 gives that character an more than 1/4 of this amount, and so
objects, + 1/6 chance of not being extra 1/2 Spell Point for each Hit Die on (see Time and Movement rules).
surprised by unusual circumstances, he gets. An Intelligence of 16 or
+1/6 chance of hearing or seeing higher gives the character an extra 1
approaching danger, and the ability Spell Point for each Hit Die he gets.
EQUIPMENT of the character's own funds. If any adjustments). Leather armor
another character is willing to loan (with helmet-cap) weighs 15% of the
ITEM WEIGHT COST weight of the character. Chain armor
the character more money, that may
Dagger 2 (with helmet) weighs 30% of the
Short Sword 4 8 also be used.
3 3 Items that say NA in the COST weight of the character. Brigandine
Hand Axe 5 3 column are not normally available for (with helmet) weighs 35% of the
Mace 5 5 purchase, but are listed for weight weight of the character. Chain-Plate
Warhammer 5 5 (with helm) weighs 42.5% of the
Beaked Hammer 7.5 NA calculation.
8 Weights of items are listed in weight of the character. Full Plate
Broadsword 5
Longsword 5 10 pounds (sorry, but the number (with helm) weighs 55% of the
Falchion 5 10 worked out neater than with metric weight of the character. The weight
Wide Falchion 5.5 10 of armor must be taken into account
units). The costs are listed in Gold
Battle Axe 10 7 when figuring the speed and
Morning Star 10 6 Pieces.
Flail 10 8 The weight of a set of armor is remaining carrying capacity of a
Spear 10 2 calculated as follows: each type of character. Thus, weaker characters
Javelin 2 1 armor weighs a percentage of the should wear lighter armor, and vice
Quarterstaff 10 2 weight of the character, by size (after versa.
Halberd 15 7
2-Handed Sword 15 15
Maul 15 20
Lance 15 4
Pike 15 5 Strength Carrying Attack Damage Damage
Short Bow 3 25 of Being Capacity Level Multiplier Bo~us
Long Bow 4 50
Composite Bow 5 50 1 0.8 -1 -2 per 2 dice
Light Crossbow 15 50 2 0.9 -1 1 -2 per 2 dice
Heavy Crossbow 75 150 3 1.0 -1 1 -2 per 2 dice
Quiver 1 5 4 1.1 -1 1 -1 per 2 dice
4 Arrows y. 1 5 1.2 -1 1 -1 per 2 dice
6 Quarrels 1 2 6 1.3 0 1 -1 per 2 dice
Sling 0.1 2 7 1.4 0 1 -1 per2dice
5 Sling Pellets (lead) y. 1 SIZE TO WEIGHT 8 1.6 0 1 -1 per 2 dice
5 Sling Pellets (silver) y. 2.5 9 1.8 0 1 0
Arrow or Quarrel tips 0.1 5 (for armor and
10 2.0 0 1 0
(silver) carrying capacity) 11 2.0 0 1 0
Leather Armor 15% 15 12 2.2 0 1 0
Brigandine Armor 35% 100 SIZE WEIGHT 13 2.4 0 1 +1 per 2 dice
Chain Armor 30% 50 18 250 lbs. 14 2.6 0 1 +1 per 2 dice
Chain-Plate Armor 42.5% 100 15 2.7 0 1 +1 per 2 dice
Plate Armor 55% 150 17 220
16 2.8 +1 1 +1 per 2 dice
Shield 15 10 16 200 17 2.9 +1 1 +1 per 2 dice
Barding 75 150 15 190 18 3.0 +1 1 +2 per 2 dice
Separate Helmet 5 10 14 180 19 3.1 +1 1 +2 per 2 dice
Saddle 25 25 13 170 20 3.2 +1 1 +2 per 2 dice
Mule (carries 350 lb.) 700 20 21 3.3 +1 1 +2 per 2 dice
Draft Horse (carries 500) 1000 30 12 160 22 3.4 +1 1 +3 per 2 dice
Light Horse 600 40 11 150 23 3.5 +1 1 +3 per 2 dice
Medium Horse 800 100 10 150 24 3.6 +1 1 +3 per 2 dice
Heavy Horse 900 100 9 150 25 3.7 +1 1 +4 per 2 dice
Saddle Bags (carries 60) 10 10 26 3.8 +2 1 +4 per 2 dice
Small Sack (carries 5) 0.1 1
8 140
27 3.9 +2 1 +5 per 2 dice
Large Sack (carries 30) y. 2 7 140 28 4.0 +2 2 0
Giant Sack (carries 50) 1 5 6 130 29 4.1 +2 2 0
Backpack (carries 30) 1 5 5 120 30 4.2 +2 2 0
Wineskin (1 qt. cap.) 1 4 110 31 4.3 +2 2 +1 per 4 dice
50 ft. rope 5 1 32 4.4 +2 2 +2 per 4 dice
10-foot pole 7 1
3 100 33 4.5 +2 2 +3 per 4 dice
Iron Spike 0.1 1 2 90 34 4.6 +2 2 +4 per 4 dice
6 torches 1 1 1 80 35 4.7 +2 2 +5 per 4 dice
Flask of oil 2 2 36 4.8 +2 3 0
Lockpicl< kit 1 50 37 4.9 +2 3 0
Grappling hook 1 5 38 5.0 +2 3 +1 per 6 dice
39 5.1 +2 3 +2 per 6 dice
Characters may equip themselves 40 5.2 +2 3 +3 per 6 dice
with various items of equipment 41 5.3 +3 3 +4 per 6 dice
42 5.4 +3 3 +5 per 6 dice
(depending upon character class and 43 5.5 +3 4 0
carrying capacity). The equipment 44 5.6 +3 4 0
table lists examples of equipment, 45 5.7 +3 4 +1 per 8 dice
their costs and weights. Before going 46 5.8 +3 4 +2 per 8 dice
on any expedition, a character should 47 5.9 +3 4 +3 per 8 dice
48 6.0 +3 4 +4 per 8 dice
fully equip himself, within the limits 49 6.1 +3 4 +5 per 8 dice
of budget, paying for equipment out 50 6.2 +3 5 0

<1Tnmbat! were using Maces, each would need
to roll 20 or less on a 00-99 die (or
pair of dice) in order to hit (cause
There are 12 columns for various
types of armor, to be explained
damage) with any given blow. I-None. This is basic clothing or
This example tells what happens skin with no protective qualities.
when both fighters are the same level. Robes and light fur come under this
Now, what if they are of different classification.
levels? Quite simple. If one of those 2-Leather. This is for actual
same fighters were SECOND level leather armor or padding, or for
instead of first, he would be a more slightly protective skin in monsters.
experienced fighter, and would have a 2B-Brigandine. This is to
better chance to hit. When the approximate several types of armor:
Second level fighter swings at the scale, lacquered leather, leather with
First level fighter, add 3 to the a breastplate, or other types of armor
number the Second level fighter that are half metal and half leather.
needs to roll, making it 23 or less. It is also for use for monsters whose
The more experienced fighter also skin is basically hard with many soft
defends himself better, so when the spots.
Combat First level fighter swings, subtract 1 3 Shield. This is for someone
For beginners, the numbers from what he needs to roll, so he unarmored who is carrying a shield,
involved in our combat system may now needs to roll a 19 or less to hit. or for slightly crusty or roughly
look a bit frightening. Try and calm In other words, if person A padded skin in monsters.
yourselves, because it really isn't all attacks at a higher level than person 4A Leather and Shield. This is for
that difficult. Here is how it works: B defends, for each l.:vel of someone wearing leather and carrying
Any character or monster has an difference, add 3 to the number A a shield, or for rather tough, but not
Attack Level and a Defense Level. needs to roll to hit. If person A scaly or hard, skin in monsters.
The Attack Level of any being is defends at a higher level than person 4B- Brigandine and Shield. This is
determined by his hit dice (2 dice = B Ltacks, subtract 1 from the for someone in brigandine who is
2nd level, etc) with adjustments for Ill' .1ber B needs to roll to hit. An carrying a shield, or for somewhat
strength or magic. Extremely high or act:tcker attacking at 10th level with tougher structure than class 2B for
low strength will add to or subtract a mace against someone in Plate and monsters.
from (respectively) attack levels, Shield armor, with a total defense SA Chain. This is for someone
according to the Strength Table. The level of 12th, would nee4 to roll wearing chain mesh or mail armor, or
Defense Level is also determined by between 00-23 in order to hit. for basically scaly-hided monsters.
the number of hit dice, with Another basic rule is that a roll of SB-Chain-Plate. This is for
adjustments for agility or magic. 00 always hits, and rolls of 90-99 someone wearing a breastplate and
Some magical weapons (swords, always miss, no matter how far apart otherwise armored in chain, or for
primarily) add to the attack level in the attack and defense levels are. The monsters with a tougher, scaly hide.
combat. Normal magical armor or wildest blow might hit something 6A-Chain and Shield. This is for
shields add their bonus to defense occasionally, and even the best someone wearing chain armor and
level. Thus, a seventh level fighter fighters miss once in a while. carrying a shield, or for somewhat
wearing Plate + 1 and carrying a more flexible scaly armor on
Shield +2 would be defending as 10th monsters.
level, Plate and Shield armor class. 6B-Chain-Plate and Shield. This is
Whenever there is a number of hit The Matrix for someone wearing chain-plate armor
dice with a bonus (such as 1+1 or The attack matrix is another thing and carrying a shield, or for the
2+3) the attack and defense levels are that may look scary, but isn't. On toughest flexible scales you'll ever
as follows: if the bonus number listed the matrix for normal weapons, look find on a monster (dragons and
is 1, the level is the number listed at the left side of the table. There is such)
(l+l=lst level); when the bonus a series of numbers and letters 7-Plate. This is for someone
number is a 2 or 3, the level becomes running ' down the left side. These wearing plate armor, or for something
1 higher (2+ 3=3rd level) Thus, a first have to do with how long the with a basically hard shell.
level Elf (1+1) would have a basic weapons are, in units of about 8 8-Plate and Shield. This is for
attack and defense level of 1, a third inches. You may need to know that someone wearing plate armor and
level elf (2+3) would have a basic later. carrying a shield, or for the hardest
attack and defense level of 3. Next, there are the names of the of shells.
The attack matrices, for both weapons. To see what the basic There is also a column on the
weapon and monster attacks, are number needed to hit for each matrix for Blows. This is the basic
designed to give the basic chance for, weapon against any armor class, just number of blO\\fS a man able to move
a specific weapon to hit someone look to the right of the weapon at speed 12" can take with that
wearing a particular type of armor. If name, to the column under the armor weapon during a combat phase.
two first level fighters (with Strengths class you want. That gives the basic Damage Dice is the number of
of 9-12) were both wearing Chain number before adjustments for attack six-sided dice of damage done by that
armor and carrying Shields, and both and defense level. weapon on a hit, before any



Armor Classes + + + 1 2A 2B 3 4A 4B 5A 5B 6A 6B 7 8 B D
N L B S L B c c c c p p L I
0 T R H & R H p & p L & 0 C D
N H I L s & N s & T s w E M
E R G D s s s G

OA UNARMORED FIST 55 45 22 35 25 12 20 10 10 05 00 00 4 1/2

OB ARMORED FIST 55 55 32 35 35 18 25 17 15 08 10 02 4 3/4
1A DAGGER/KNIFE 55 45 25 35 35 17 35 20 20 10 05 00 4 1
1B KRIS 55 45 25 35 35 17 35 20 20 10 05 00 3 2
2A HATCHET 45 35 20 35 20 11 15 10 10 06 05 02 4 1 1/2
2B HAND AXE 35 35 25 20 20 12 20 17 15 10 15 05 3 2
2C SHORT SWORD 55 45 25 35 35 17 35 20 20 10 05 00 3 1 1/2
2D ROMAN TRIDENT 55 45 25 35 35 17 35 20 20 10 05 00 3 1 1/2
3A WAR HAMMER 25 25 30 25 20 22 25 30 20 22 35 25 3 2
3B BEAKED HAMMER 40 35 35 35 25 25 25 30 20 22 35 25 3 2
4A MACE 25 25 30 25 20 22 25 30 20 22 35 25 3 2
5A BROADSWORD 45 35 22 35 25 13 15 10 20 11 10 05 3 2
5B LONGSWORD 55 35 20 45 25 13 15 10 10 06 05 02 3 2
5C FALCHION VS ARMOR 35 25 25 25 20 20 20 22 15 17 25 20 3 2 (-2)
VS NATURAL HIDE 35 25 15 25 20 10 20 12 15 07 05 02 2 2 (-2)
5D WIDE-BLADED FALCHION 35 35 27 25 25 17 40 27 30 20 15 10 2 2
5E SAMURAI SWORD 55 35 22 45 25 13 25 17 20 11 10 02 3 2
6A BATTLE AXE * 35 30 25 25 25 17 35 27 35 22 20 10 2 2
6B GREAT AXE * 35 35 30 25 35 27 35 30 35 27 25 20 1 4
6C BULLOVA * 45 45 27 45 35 20 35 22 25 15 10 05 2 2
7 MORNINGSTAR 45 45 35 35 35 27 35 27 25 22 25 20 2 2
8 SPEAR * 45 35 20 35 30 16 25 15 10 06 05 02 2 2
9A FLAIL * 25 25 30 25 25 25 35 35 25 25 35 25 3
9B MAUL * 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 4
10 2-HANDEP SWORD * 35 35 35 35 35 30 35 35 35 30 35 25 3
11 QUARTERSTAFF * 55 45 25 35 25 12 25 15 15 07 05 00 4 1
12A FAUCHARD * 55 45 30 45 45 27 35 25 25 17 15 10 3
12B POLE ARM * 45 45 32 45 35 22 35 27 25 17 20 10 2
12C LUCERNE HAMMER * 40 35 35 35 25 25 25 30 20 22 35 25 3
13 HALBARD * 25 25 30 25 35 30 45 40 45 35 35 25 2
14 MOUNTED LANCE 55 55 40 55 55 37 45 35 35 27 25 20 2
15 PIKE * 25 25 22 25 25 17 25 22 25 17 20 10 2
indicates 2-handed weapon

adjustments for magic or strength The rows labeled Small Crushing target using a shield should only
The Monster Attack Matrix is the and Large Crushing have a special include that shield if he is being
same except for the fact that the note for the damage. Small Crushing, attacked from the general direction it
numbers on the left do not indicate if successful, does 3 dice MINUS the is facing. A person in Chain and using
length of weapon. Those are only strength of the victim being crushed. a Shield would only defend as Chain
indicated by Small, Medium and Large Crushing does 6 dice minus the if attacked from behind.
Large descriptions. strength of the victim being crushed. Also, a person using a two-handed
Another note for the Monster This is to simulate the fact that a weapon cannot at the same time
table is for Envelopment. These stronger man or monster is more effectively use a shield, and so is also
numbers are what is needed to grab difficult to constrict, since he is defending as only whatever armor he
or engulf a struggling opponent, fighting back. The strength is only is wearing, not armor and shield.
either for subdual or for more evil subtracted if the victim is still
purposes. It covers grappling as well conscious and struggling.
as the twisting of a python around its Referees should remember a
victim. couple of things: the armor class of a



Armor Classes+++ 1 2A 2B 3 4A 4B 5A 5B 6A 6B 7 8 B D
N L B S L B C C c c p p L
0 T R H & R H P & p L & 0 C D
N H I L S & N S & T s w E M
E R G D s s s G

M1 SMALL TEETH 55 35 20 45 35 18 25 15 20 11 05 02 4 1
M2 MEDIUM TEETH 55 45 30 45 35 22 25 20 20 15 15 10 3 2
M3 LARGE TEETH 55 45 35 45 45 32 35 30 25 22 25 20 2 3
M4 LARGE MOUTH 35 35 30 35 35 30 35 30 35 30 25 25 2 3
M5 SMALL CLAWS 45 25 17 35 25 15 20 15 15 10 10 05 4 1
M6 MEDIUM CLAWS 45 35 25 35 25 17 , 25 20 20 15 15 10 2 2
M7 LARGE CLAWS 45 35 27 35 25 20 25 22 20 17 20 15 1 3
MB SMALL PINCERS 45 25 15 35 20 11 15 10 10 06 05 02 3 1
M9 MEDIUM PINCERS 45 25 17 45 25 15 20 15 15 10 10 05 2 2
M10 LARGE PINCERS 45 45 32 35 35 27 25 22 25 22 20 20 2 2
M11 SLOW ENVELOPMENT 15 15 20 15 20 27 20 22 25 30 25 35
M12 FAST ENVELOPMENT 25 25 35 25 25 35 35 40 35 40 45 45 2
M13 SMALL CRUSHING 55 45 25 45 35 18 35 20 25 13 05 02 2 3-V
M14 LARGE CRUSHING 55 55 40 45 45 35 35 30 35 30 25 25 1 6-V
M15 SMALL HORNS 55 45 25 35 25 13 25 15 20 11 05 02 3 1
M16 MEDIUM HORNS 55 55 32 45 35 20 35 22 25 15 10 05 2 2
M17 LARGE HORNS 45 45 32 45 45 30 45 32 35 25 20 15 1 3
M18 SMALL HOOVES 35 35 27 35 35 25 25 22 20 17 20 15 3 1
M19 MEDIUM HOOVES 25 25 25 25 20 20 25 25 20 20 25 20 3 2
M20 LARGE HOOVES 20 20 22 20 20 20 25 25 20 20 25 20 2 3
M21 MEDIUM PAWS 45 45 35 35 35 27 35 30 25 22 25 20 3 2
M22 LARGE PAWS 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 2 3
M23 LARGE STINGER 45 45 32 45 35 22 35 27 25 17 20 10 2t
M24 MEDIUM STINGER 45 35 25 45 35 22 25 20 20 15 15 10 2t
M25 SMALL STINGER 55 35 22 45 25 15 25 17 20 12 10 05 1t
OR TENTACLE 45 35 25 35 25 17 25 20 20 15 15 10 3
OR TENTACLE 45 40 30 40 35 25 30 25 25 20 20 15 2 2
OR TENTACLE 55 45 32 45 40 27 35 27 30 22 20 15 2 3
OR TENTACLE 35 30 22 30 25 17 25 20 20 15 15 :I 0 3
OR TENTACLE 40 35 30 35 30 25 20 22 15 17 25 20 3 2
OR TENTACLE 45 35 32 40 30 27 25 27 20 22 30 25 2 3
M32 SMALL BUTT /RAM 35 35 22 30 30 17 30 20 25 15 10 05 2
M33 MEDIUM BUTT/RAM 35 35 25 30 30 20 30 22 25 17 15 10 2 2
M34 LARGE BUTT/RAM 45 40 35 35 35 27 35 32 30 25 30 20 3

. "

Blows Per Phase Note that these changes do not All archery or thrown weapons
The following section may be occur when a heavily laden character may be used only once pet phase
treated as optional for those of you is temporarily speeded up by means except the following: Heavy
not familiar with this combat system. of a Speed spell or implement, sipce Crossbow may only be used once
It is designed to add realism to the these merely increase fleetness of every two phases, due to the slowness
game in the form of taking note of foot. of reloading. Horse bow, long bow,
the fact that a fighter who is heavily short bow, and composite bow may
burdened cannot fight as well as one Archery be fired twice per phase, at any one
who is carrying little or nothing. We Archery combat is done on a basis target.
suggest that this part only be used very different from that used for If the target is moving, add + 1 per
once the referee feels fully familiar melee. First of all, archery is done 3" of the target's movement speed to
with the rest of the combat rules. using a die number 0-19. Rolling the number needed to hit.
On the attack matrices, there is a high is good, rolling low is bad. If the firer is moving, as with
number for each weapon that Unless otherwise noted, a 19 will horse bow, add + 1 per 3" of the
represents the number of blows per always hit, and a 0 will always miss. firer's movement speed to the
melee phase that someoi;ie .:wielding In Archery, there is no adjustment number needed to hit.
this weapon may strike. In actuality, for attack and defense levels. Archery If the firer is a higher than 3rd
that number represents the number is mainly a matter of hitting and level character, subtract -1 from the
of blows that someone loaded so as penetrating the target. As explained number needed to hit for each
to be able to move at speed 12" can earlier, archery takes place during the experience GROUP above first that
strike. If someone is loaded more or same part of the phase as magic, and he is. That is, a 5th level character
less than this amount, it affects his goes off based on the Dexterity of would subtract -1, a 7th level
ability to fight, as follows: the archer, adjusted by adding 2-12 . character would subtract -2, and so
Someone loaded to maximum .; .The arrow, stone, quarrel or whatever on. Experience groups are always the
carrying capacity and able to move travels at a rate of 3'~ per Dexterity same as the groupings for when
only speed 3' cannot use any Count. Thrown weapons (axes, Saving Throws change.
weapon listed as being 1 or 2 spears, etc.) travel only 2" per If the target is in melee, add +3 to
blows/phase. He may only take 1 Dexterity Count. the number needed to hit.
blow/phase with weapons listed as The Archery Table is used as If the target is crouching behind
either 3 or 4 blow weapons. follows: an obstacle, or not occupied except
Someone loaded to be able to The first line is the range of the for dodging your clearly seen archery,
move only speed 6 ' may not use any shot. Any range less than that shown add +4 to the number needed to hit.
weapon listed as being 1 blow/phase. needs a number greater than or equal If the target is prone or mostly
He may take 1 blow/phase with any to the number immediately below the concealed, add +6 to the number
weapon listed as either 2 or 3 range, rolled 0-19, to hit the target, needed to hit.
blows/phase; 3J1d may take 2 blows assuming no armor or other If the firer has a Dexterity of 13
with any Weapon listed as 4 adjustments. or greater, subtract -1 from the
blows/phase. The armor of the target normally number needed to hit.
Someone loaded to be able to affects the number needed to hit. If the firer is using a Horse Bow at
move only speed 9" takes normal This is determined by looking at the range 25" or less, subtract -1 from
blows with either 1 or 2 blow/phase line for each type of archery weapon the number needed to hit.
weapons, but may only take 2 blows and looking across to find the armor If . the firer is using a Light
with a 3 blow/phase weapon, and of the target. There is a number at Crossbow at range 50" or less,
only 3 blows with a 4 blow/phase that point that must be added to the subtract -1 from the number needed
weapon. number needed to hit. Thus, if an to hit.
Someone loaded to be able to archer is firing at a target 20" away, If the firer is using a Heavy
move speed 12" fights normally. he needs a base number of 7 to hit. Crossbow at range 50" or less,
Someone lightly enough loaded to If he is. using a short bow, and the subtract -3 from the number needed
be able to move at speed 15 ' takes target is in Leather armor {class 2a), to hlt, and from 51" to 100"
normal blows with either 1 or 2 he adds the modifier in that column, subtract -2 from the number needed
blow/phase weapons, with two (+1), and gets ii 'tot111 ' of 8. He needs to hit.
exceptions: at speed 15", the wielder to roll an 8 or better to hit. If the firer is using a Sling or a
gets 2 blows with a 2-handed Each archery weapon has a line of Javelin, calculate his number to hit as
broadsword, and 3 blows with a information incluiling the various if he were firing at a target 3 times
morningstar. Further, he gets 4 blows modifiers for firing at each armor the actual distance away.
with 3 blow/phase weapons, and 5 class, the number of dice of damage If the projectile misses for any
blows with 4 blow/phase weapons. each shot does, and the maximum reason other than bouticing off of
Someone lightly enou:gh loaded to range when used by a normal human armor (i.e., missed by more than the
be able to move at speed 18" or or similar being. adjustment for armor class) other
greater takes 2 blows with any 1 There is a separate table for Hand possible targets within what is called
blow/phase ..yeapon, 3 blows with Thrown weapons for accuracy, but it the Danger Space of the shot may be
any 2 blow/phase weapon, 4 blows is read the same, and has the same affected. This Danger Space is a
with any 3 blow/phase weapon, and modifiers for conditions that are not radius equal to 3% of the range of
6 blows with any 4 blow/phase related to range or armor, as follows: the shot. Reroll the shot versus any


Range (in inches) 16- 17 18 19 20 22 24 26 29 32 36 41 48 57 72 95 129 186

Roll needed to hit: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 18 19

Die Roll Modifiers (for armor class and specific weapon)

ARMOR CLASS: Damage Max.
WEAPON 1 2A 2B 3 4A 4B 5A 5B 6A 6B 7 8 Dice Range (inches)
Short Bow 0 +1 +4 +2 +3 +5 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 1 100
Composite Bow 0 +1 +3 +1 +1 +4 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 1 175
Long Bow -1 0 +3 +1 +1 +3 +2 +3 +2 +3 +4 +4 175
Horse Bow 0 +1 +4 +2 +3 +5 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 125
Staff Sling 0 +1 +4 +2 +3 +5 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 100
Hand Sling 0 +1 +4 +2 +3 +5 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 100
Javelin 0 +1 +4 +2 +3 +5 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 40
Light Crossbow 0 +1 +4 +2 +3 +5 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 rn 150
Heavy Crossbow 0 +1 +2 +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +2 +3 +3 +3 3 200


Range (in inches) lY, 2 2Y. 3 3Y, 4 4Y, 5 5Y, 6+

Roll needed to hit: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Die Roll Modifiers (for armor class and specific weapon)

ARMOR CLASS: Damage Max.
WEAPON 1 2A 2B 3 4A 4B 5A 5B 6A 6B 7 8 Dice 8ange (inches)
Dagger -1 0 +4 +4 +4 +7 +4 +6 +6 +8 +8 +10 1 3
Short Sword -1 0 +4 +4 +4 +7 +4 +6 +6 +8 +8 +10 rn 3
Hand Axe 0 +1 +4 +2 +3 +5 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 2 3
Hatchet 0 +1 +4 +2 +3 +6 +5 +6 +6 +7 +7 +8 rn 6
Spear -1 0 +3 +1 +2 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 2 9
Warhammer +4 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +4 +4 +5 +5 +3 +4 2 3

one other target in this area in the calculate the basic number needed to scored an Archery Fumble. Roll
case of such a miss. If more than one hit as if the range were THREE times again. If the second number, after all
target is within this space, determine the actual range, adjusting for the adjustments, is not sufficient to hit
which one randomly, and re roll the low actual penetration of these the target, the firer has fumbled. Go
shots, taking into account any armor weapons. to the Archery column on the fumble
or other adjustments for this second Whenever the firer rolls a natural table and roll 2-12 to find the result.
target. Note that this may hit persons (before adjustment) 19 on the 0-19 Again, referee discretion should be
friendly to the firer, which is a good roll, there is a chance that he has used. A bowstring break on a
reason to be careful firing archery scored a Critical Hit. Roll again. If hand-thrown axe means that the
into melees. the second number, after adjustment, thrower has hurt his hand, etc.
Some of the archery weapons have is sufficient to hit the target, an Please understand that this archery
a better penetration of armor at short Archery Critical Hit has been scored. system is designed for small battles,
ranges than others. To reflect this, Determine location and severity as in as is the melee system. If you want
make the following adjustments when Melee Critical Hit, but be sure to use to have several hundred archers in a
rolling shots with these weapons: the correct table . (Archery and battle, by all means find some way of
Horse Bow: -1 from number Stabbing for arrows and such, simplifying it or using another system
needed to hit at range 25" or less. Slashing for thrown axes and the altogether. For normal expedition
Light Crossbow: -1 from number like). Referee discretion should be usage, however, this system is more
needed to hit at range 50" or less. used at all times. If a creature doesn't than flexible enough to handle most
Heavy Crossbow: -3 from number have any eyes, an arrow can't very situations.
needed to hit at range 50" or less, well hit one , now can it?
- 2 from 51 - 100". Whenever the firer rolls a natural
Also, when using javelin or hand (before adjustment) 0 on the 0- 19
sling, both hand-thrown weapons, die, there is a chance that he h~s

Anll 2-12 Nat11ral/Bodv WeaDOns Artificial Melee Weanons Archerv Weannns

2 Puncturing or cutting weapon Snag or jar weapon, lose 1-4 blows. Projectile-thrower breaks (bow or
cauaht lose 1-4 blows. eouivalent). Drop weapon if hand-thrown.
3 Wild blow, reroll vs. others Trip and fall. Take 1 phase per two Bad release. Archer takes 0-3 points damage.
(friendly or enemy) within range. armor classes to recover (time cut
in half if assisted bv others).
4 Trip and fall. Take time equal Wild blow, reroll vs. others (friendly Bad release. Shot lands at 0-99% of
2-12 blows with own weapons or enemy) within range. intended range.
n ro~nuor

5 Minor break in appendage Drop weapon. lit takes time equal Bowstring or equivalent part breaks.
being used to attack (0-3 points to 2-12 blows with that weapon to '
damage, appendage not usable recover it if melee still going on.)
fnr "tt"'"" fnr 1-4 chases

6 Strain in appendage being used Break weapon (see Weapon Breakage Projectile breaks (see Weapon Breakage
to attack. Will only do 1 /2 Saving Throw Table). Saving Throw Table) .
...1-~--- novt 1..d hlnws if hits

7 Lose balance, lose 1 blow. Lose grip, lose 1 blow. Wild shot (triple danger space miss, reroll
vs. another taraet in expanded space, if any).
8 Same as 6. Same as 6. Same as 6.
9 Strike opponent's weapon. Tangle weapons. Hit self with Same as 5.
Take 1-6 points damage plus flexible weapons. Both self and
any special damage due to opponent lose 1 blow.
opponent's weapon.
10 Same as 3. Same as 4. Same as 4.
11 Major break in appendage Disarm self and opponent. Both Same as 3.
being used to attack, Take take 0-3 points damage.
2-12 points damaged, no
further use of appendage
until healed.
12 Same as 2. Same as 2. Drop bow or equivalent.



Humanoid Biped, Front 3,11 2 5 4,9 10 7,12 6,8

Humanoid Biped, Rear 2,5 3,4 11 12 6,7 8 9,10
Tailed Biped, Front 3,11 2 5 4,9 10 7 6,8 12
Tailed Biped, Rear 2,5 3,4 11 12 6, 7 8 10 9
Winged Biped, Front 3, 11 2 5 9 10 4 7 (12) 6,8 12
Winged Biped, Rear 2, 5 3,4 11 12 6 7(11,12) 8 10 (9) 9
Quadruped, Front 3,4 2, 11 5,6 9, 10 (12) 7,8 12
Quadruped, Rear 2 3 4,6 7, 8 (10) 5,9,12(11) 10, 11
Winged Quadruped, Front 3,4 2, 11 6 5 9,10(12) 7,8 12
Winged Quadruped, Rear 2 3 4 6,12 7 , 8 (10) 5,9 (11) 10, 11
Insect-like, Front 7, 11 6 4, 5 (8) 8 2,3 9, 10 12
Insect-like, Rear 3 2 4, 12 (8) 8 5,6 7,9 10, 11
Serpent-like, Front 2,4 3 5, 7-10, (6) 6 11, 12
Serpent-like, Rear 2 3 4,5 (6) 6 7- 10 11, 12
Fish-like, Front 2-5 6, 7 10 8,9 11, 12
Fish-like, Rear 2 3,4,5 9 6, 7,8 10,11,12

CriticM Hits and an extremely high number will ranges have a chance to Critical Hit
Whenever two or more beings are Fumble. A Critical Hit is not always or Fumble. There is a table in the
involved in battle, there is a small a hit that causes extra damage, but it Combat section of these rules that
chance that one or another will do is usually something that gives the shows, based on what number is
something out of the ordinary on any person scoring the Critical Hit an needed by an attacker to hit, what
given blow. Sometimes this something advantage in the melee. A Fumble is extreme numbers he must roll to
is good, sometimes bad. This is taken not always a matter of being clumsy either Critical Hit or Fumble. For
care of in our Critical Hit and with a weapon, it is a matter of example, if a character needs to roll a
Fumble system. giving one's opponent an advantage. 25 or less to hit an opponent, any
As you will remember, a low Once you determine what number time he rolls a 01 he must roll again
number on the 00-99 roll is likely to each person in a battle needs to hit, to get two more digits. If these two
hit, and a high number is likely to take note of any numbers that they digits are 30 or less, he has
miss. With our system, an extremely roll that begin with either a, 9 or a 0. criticalled. If he had rolled a 00 in
low number will score a Critical Hit, This is because numbers in these this case, no further roll would have


LOCATION 1 2 or 3 rolled 4 or 5 rolled 6 rolled

HEAD X2 damage, 10% KO. Lose all actions X2, 20% KO. 1 /6 eye hit from front, X3 damage, 30% KO. 1 /6 eye hit from 'ftont,
for 1- 4 phases for all HEAD hits. 20% I K if eye hit. X4 damage if no 30% I K if eye hit. X6 damage if no helmet.
NECK X2 damage (A), 10% KO. Cannot X3 damage (B), 20% neck broken or X4 damage (Cl. needs double healing. 30%
(Break acts as talk until 50% healed. 10% beheaded beheaded. No talking until healed. neck broken or beheaded.
spine hit) if slashing weapon, otherwise broken.
WEAPON ARM Weapon lost, 1 point damage. Weapon lost, normal damage. 1 /3 Weapon lost, hand broken. X3 damage (Cl.
hand broken, if so X2 damage (A)
SHIELD ARM Shield broken unless more magical Shield broken unless more magical Shield broken. 50% arm broken, if so needs
1 /2 uooer body than weapon. Normal damaoe than weapon. X2 damaoe 10% KO. double healino. X3 dama"" 10% IK.
LEG Lose 1 blow per weapon. 1 /6 leg Lose 2 blows per weapon. 1 /3 leg Lose 3 blows per weapon. 1 /3 leg broken,
L=No. of legs broken, if so X2 damage. 1 /L chance broken, if so X2 damage (A). 2/L if so X3 damage (Cl. 2/L chance of being
of beino knocked down. chance of beino knocked down. knocked down.
UPPER BODY X1 .5 damage, 5% I K. X2 damage (C}, 10% IK. Needs Spine Hit. Spine 1-100% damaged. 81+% is
triple healing. I K. Each 20% is loss of use of 1 limb until
healed. Needs healing X10 on normal damage
of blow doing spine hit.
LOWER BODY X2 damage (A), 10% KO Groin Hit, X2 damage. Lose all X3 damage (C), 20% KO
blows and parries next 1-4 phases.
WING X 1.5 damage. 1 /6 chance wing X2 damage. 1 /3 chance wing X2 damage, 1 /3 chance wing destroyed.
broken. If so, X3 damage, no broken, If so, X3 damage, no If so, X4 damage, no flying until healed
flying until healed. flying until healed .. (wina destroYed needs X10 healina).
TAIL X 1 .5 damage. X2 damage (A). X3 damage (B). Tail broken.


LOCATION 1 2 or 3 rolled 4 or 5 rolled 6 rolled

HEAD X2 damage (X 1.5 if wearing X4 damage (X2 if wearing helmet) X6 damage (X3 if W\laring helmet). Eye
helmet), 5% IK, 10% KO. 10% IK, 20% KO. hit if front. (A}. 20% IK, 30% IK if eye hit.
NECK X2 damage (A), 10% KO. X3 damage (B). 15% KO, 5% IK. X4 damage (C), needs double healing.
No talking until 50% healed 25% KO, 10% IK.
on neck hit if from front.
WEAPON ARM Weapon lost, Xl damage (A). Weapon lost, Xl damage (B), (D). Weapon lost X2 dama~, (Cl, (D).
SHIELD ARM Shield punctured, X 1.5 damage (A) Shield punctured, X2 damage (B), (D). Shield punctured, X3 damage, (B), (D).
1 /2 upper body
LEG X2 damage (A). X3 damage, (B}, (D). 10% KO. X4 damage, (C), (D). Needs double healing.
15% KO.
UPPER BODY X2 damage. 10% IK. X3 damage (C). Needs triple healing. X4 damage (C). Needs triple healing. 20% I K.
15% IK.
LOWER BODY X2 damage (Bl. 10% KO. X2 damage (C). 20% KO. X3 damage (Cl. Needs double healing.
20% KO.
WING Xl.5 damage. X2 damage. No flying until X3 damage. No flying until healed.
damaaina obiect removed .
TAIL OR X1.5 damage. X2 damage (D). X3 damage (B), (D). Limb not usable as
TENTACLE weapon until healed.

been necessary, since 00 is obviously and rolls a six sided die for severity. you will notice that some of the
less than 0130. In this same case, a Suppose he is using a slashing weapon effects have special notes. These are
roll of 9630 or higher would fumble. (a broadsword, for example) and rolls to be interpreted as follows:
So, on the table, for each number a 5 for severity. He looks at the KO: This means that the creature
needed to hit, the maximum number Slashing table, Lower Body, 4-5 is unconscious or otherwise
needed to Critical and the minimum column. This is a Groin Hit, meaning incapacitated for N x (1-10) turns,
number needed to Fumble are listed. that he does X2 damage to the snake, where N is the damage multiplier for
If a Critical Hit is scored, go to and the snake loses all blows and the individual critical hit effect.
the Hit Location table. Look at the parries for 1-4 phases due to pain. IK: This means that the creature is
line that best describes the shape and The Slashing table is used for most killed outright or otherwise rendered
position of the target with respect to impact and cutting weapons, and the nonexistant by the critical hit.
the person striking the Critical. If he Stabbing table is used for daggers, (A): This note indicates that the
is attacking a giant snake from the spears, and most archery weapons. creature hit will bleed, and thus
rear, the line would be Serpent, Rear. The referee should use his discretion continue to take damage from the.
The attacker then rolls two six-sided in the case of unusual weapons. If it wound at a rate of I point per turn
dice for location. Suppose he rolls a does its damage by impact, use the until healing is begun on the damage.
7. In this case, Serpent, Rear, a 7 is Slashing table. If it does its damage (B): This note indicates that the
Lower Body. Depending upon the by puncturing, use the Stabbing creature hit will bleed heavily,
weapon being used, he goes to the table. and will continue to take .1 point of
appropriate Critical Hit Effe.:ts table On the Critical Hit effects tables,
damJge pe1 tum u11til the creature is Number Number Number Number Number Number
completely healed of all current To Hit To Critical To Fumble To Hit To Critical To Fumble
(C): This note indicates fast 00 00.05 95.05 50 02.55 97.55
bleeding, and that the creature hit 01 00.10 95.10 51 02.60 97.60
will continue to take 1 point of 02 00.15 95.15 52 02.65 97.65
damage per PHASE until healing is 03 00.20 95.20 53 02.70 97.70
begun on the damage. 04 00.25 95.25 54 02.75 97.75
(D): This note indicates that the 05 00.30 95.30 55 02.80 97.80
limb hit by the Critical Hit cannot be 06 00.35 95,35 56 02.85 97.85
used for 1-4 phases after the 07 00.40 95.40 57 02.90 97.90
Critical. 08 00.45 95.45 58 02.95 97.95
There are also two notes on the 09 00.50 95.50 59 03.00 98.00
Shield Arm row of the table worthy 10 00.55 95.55 60 03.05 98.05
of notice. The first is the note that 11 00.60 95.60 61 03.10 98.10
says (1/2 upper body). What this 12 00.65 95.65 62 03.15 98.15
means is that if the creature or being 13 00.70 95.70 63 03.20 98.20
is not using a shield, 1/2 of the 14 00.75 95.75 64 03.25 98.25
Shield Am1 Critical Hits become 15 00.80 95.80 65 03.30 98.30
Upper Body hits, the other 1/2 16 00.85 95.85 66 03.35 98.35
remaining Arm hits. The second note 17 00.90 95.90 67 03.40 98.40
is that a shield may be broken or 18 00.95 95.95 68 03.45 98.45
destroyed by this type of Critical Hit 19 01.00 96.00 69 03.50 98.50
UNLESS the shield is MORE magical 20 01.05 96.05 70 03.55 98.55
than the weapon or projectile hitting 21 01.10 96.10 71 03.60 98.60
it. 22 01.15 96.15 72 03.65 98.65
23 01.20 96.20 73 03.70 98.70
Fumbles 24 01.25 96.25 74 03.75 98.75
When a number is rolled that is 25 01.30 96.30 75 03.80 98.80
high enough to score a Fumble, go 26 01.35 96.35 76 03.85 98.85
straight to the Fumble table. No 27 01.40 96.40 77 03.90 98.90
location number is necessary. If the 28 01.45 96.45 78 03.95 98.95
fumbler was using a sword or other 29 01.50 96.50 79 04.00 99.00
melee weapon, use the Artificial 30 01.55 96.55 80 04.06 99.05
Melee Weapons column. If he was 31 01.60 96.60 81 04.10 99.10
using claws or other body appendages 32 01.65 96.65 82 04.15 99.15
to attack, use the Natural/Body 33 01.70 96.70 83 04.20 99.20
Weapons column. In the case of an 34 01.75 96.75 84 04.25 99.25
Archery fumble, use that column 35 01.80 96.80 85 04.30 99.30
devoted to Archery Weapons. 36 01.85 96.85 86 04.35 99.35
For each fumble, roll two six-sided 37 01.90 96.90 87 04.40 99.40
dice and note the result for that 38 01.95 96.95 88 04.45 99.45
number. Follow all directions to their 39 02.00 97.00 89+ 04.50 99.50
natural conclusions. Most of the 40 02.05 97.05
results are self-explanatory. Always 41 02.10 97.10
remember to use discretion if the 42 02.15 97.15
physically impossible is suggested by 43 02.20 97.20
the rolled result. 44 02.25 97.25
45 02.30 97.30
46 02.35 97.35
47 02.40 97.40
48 02.45 97.45
49 02.50 97.50


<1IIcric!!! 7.

0th Level Spells

3rd Level Spells
Detect Evil: This spell is the same
as that for magic users except that it
has a duration of 6 turns a11d a range
of 12".
Detect Good: This spell is similar
to Detect Evil (0) except that Good
is detected rather than evil.
Detect Magic: This spell is the
same as that for magic users.
Clerics: (This includes clerical 9. GLIDING
Heal: This spell will immediately
combination characters) As a cleric 10. LOCATE OBJECT
(1 phase) remove one (1) hit point of
reaches a new level, he does not have 11. REMOVE CURSE
damage from a wounded being. The
to . memorize spells or calculate spell 12. WALK ON WATER
cleric casting this spell must be in
pomts. Instead, clerics gain the ability physical contact with the person
to throw a larger number of spells being healed. Clerics with Wisdom
based on what is available to him. A 4th Level Spells
13-17 do 1~ points of healing with
cleric who knows six different 2nd this spell, while clerics with Wisdom
level clerical spells could throw any 1. CREATE WATER
18 or higher do 2 points of healing.
one of them as many times as he has 2. CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS
The character being healed cannot be
2nd level spells per day. Further a 3. EXORCISM
in melee combat or otherwise actively
cleric may throw a spell as if it w~re 4. FLIGHT
engaged while the spell is being
a higher level spell, that is, using up a 5. HUMAN CONTROL
3rd level spell to throw a 2nd level 6. NEUTRALIZE POISON
Purify Water: This spell will make
chemically bad water (not actively
0th Level Spells poisoned) usable for drinking and
other purposes. The quantity purified
1. DETECT EVIL by a si11gle spell is approximately 1
2. DETECT GOOD gallon of water. Range: adjacent to
3. DETECT MAGIC water to be purified.
4. HEAL Sanctify Water: This spell is used
5. PURIFY WATER for making ordinary water into Holy
6. SANCTIFY WATER 5th Level Spells Water. The quantity of water
7. TURN UNDEAD sanctified by a single spell is
1. ANTI-MAGIC SHELL approximately one quart. Note: while
2. BREATHE WATER clerics of any level may create Holy
1st Level Spells 3. COMMUNE Water, it will have no special merit
4. CONTROLLED EMPATHIC against any creature of higher level
1. CURE LIGHT WOUNDS than the sanctifying cleric.
2. DETECT CLERICAL SPELL Tum Undead: This spell is used to
turn undead, per the Clerics vs.
Undead table. The number turned is
5. LIGHT 7. FINGER OF DEATH dependent upon the level of the
6. PROTECTION FROM EVIL 8. INSECT PLAGUE cleric and the level of the undead. It
7. PROTECTION FROM GOOD 9. LOCATE PERSON can be used only once by any one
8. PURIFY FOOD 10. PATHFINDING cleric against any one group of
13. RESTORE SCARABS VS. EHP First Level Spells
2nd Level Spells
~ure Light Wounds: This spell is a
1. BENEDICTION basic healing spell. The amount of
2. BLESS 6th Level Spells ~ai:1~ge to be healed by any
3. DETECT ALIGNMENT mdiV1dual casting is determined as
4. DETECT CURSE 1. CREATE AIR follows: the cleric rolls a six-sided
5. DETECT DISEASE 2. CURE CRITICAL WOUNDS die , and adds one to the result. if the

cleric has a Wisdom of 13-17 he then chance per level of the cleric that any Third Level Spells
adds 1/2 point to the result. If the basically friendly animals spoken to
cleric is Wisdom 18 or higher, he in this manner will assist the cleric, Animal Control: This spell is the
adds 1 point instead. The total is the within their physical and mental same as that for magic users.
amount of healing to be done, limits. (i.e., a rabbit cannot be sent Continual Light: This spell is the
pro-rated over six phases. If the cleric to count a hidden group of enemy, same as that for magic users, except
is interrupted at any point, the or to assault a guard post.) Duration that the light cast is as bright as full
healing terminates at that point. The of spell: 6 turns. daylight (which will affect anything
cleric must be in physical contact which hates light, or is unable to see
with the character or being to be Second Level Spells in bright light) but will not have the
healed throughout the six phases. If destructive powers of full sunlight
contact is broken, the healing Benediction: The cleric may use against vampires and other such
terminates at that point. this spell to raise the defense level of creatures.
Detect Clerical Spell: This allows the recipients by +1. In the case of Cure Disease: .Thjs spell is used to
the cleric to detect the occurrence or followers, this spell also adds +I to cure any forni of disease, including
presence of a clerical spell in his their morale. For player characters, it those caused by curses and other
immediate vicinity, to a maximum adds +1 to their saving throws against non-normal means of transmission. If
range of l" per ievel of the cleric Fear effects as well as the bonus to cast within 12 hours of the infection,
employing the detection. defense. The recipients cannot be in this spell will prevent the
Detect Injury: This allows the melee combat or otherwise fighting transmission of any lycanthropic (i.e.
cleric to determine whether a when the Benediction is cast, or else werewolfism) disease to a bitten
character who has mysteriously they gain no bonuses. Duration: 6 victim. Cleric must be in physical
collapsed has done so through turns. Range: can affect all beings of contact with subject.-
undetected damage, or through some same alignment within 6" of the Detect Food: This allows the
other source. It also allows the cleric caster. cleric to find food (if it exists) in a
to determine whether a being who Bless: The cleric may give the wilderness, desert, or other situation
cannot communicate with the cleric benison of a Bless spell during any where necessary. Range: 2" per level
has sustained injury that needs to be turn that the beings to be affected of the cleric casting the spell.
healed. Range: adjacent to subject. are not in melee combat or otherwise Detect Possession: This allows the
Detect Life: This allows the cleric fighting. A Bless raises morale by +1, cleric to detect an extra mind in
to determine whether a character or Attack level by +1, and its effects control of a body, such as when a
object is alive, as well as whether stack with other magical or clerical person is taken over magically or
there is an unseen life form within 3" effects. Duration: 6". Range: can demonically.
of the cleric. affect all beings of the same Dispel Clerical Spell: This spell
Light: This spell is the same as alignment within 6" of the cleric. allows a cleric to cancel the effects of
that for magic users except that it Detect Alignment: This spell is the a continuing spell (such as Hold
lasts for 12 turns plus the level of the same as that for magic users. Person (2)). It will not cancel the
cleric casting it. Detect Curse: This spell allows the effects of a previously hurled spell of
Protection From Evil: This spell cleric to determine of an item or a non-continuing nature (such as a
adds +1 to the defense level and person has been cursed. completed healing spell). It will
saving throws of the caster against Detect Magical Spell: This allows interrupt a healing or restorative spell
any evil beings (or spells cast by evil the cleric to detect the occurrence or that is in progress at the time of the
beings) for its duration of 12 turns. presence of a magical spell in his Dispel. Range: 3". Ability to dispel
Its effects add to those of any immediate vicinity, l" per level of spells cast by a higher level cleric are
magical protective devices. the cleric employing the detection. calculated as Dispel Magic (3rd level
Protection From Good: This spell Detect Poison: This spell is the MU spell).
is the same as Protection From Evil same as that for magic users. Diagnosis: This spell allows the
except that it protects against good Detect Water: This spell is the cleric to determine what is wrong
beings. same as that for magic users. with a character who has
Purify Food: This spell will make Find Traps: By means of this spell mysteriously collapsed, or otherwise
spoiled (not deliberately poisoned) the cleric will locate any mechanical determine the extent of inobvious
food usable. The quantity affected by or magical traps (not living ambushes) damage. Range: adiacent to subject.
a single spell is approximately five within a radius of 6" of the cleric for Empathic Cure: This allows a
pounds. a duration of 1 turn. cleric to fully cure another character
Speak With A11imals: This spell Hold Person: This spell is the same of damage taken, by transferring the
allows the cleric to speak with any as that for magic users except that its hits to the cleric. lf the hits taken are
form of normal (not monster) animal duration is 9 turns and its range is enough to cause the cleric to become
life, and to understand anything said 18". unconscious, he will do so, but will
in reply. If the animal has not Tame Animals: This allows the not deteriorate towards death from
already been attacked by the cleric or cleric to calm otherwise hostile that point unless further damaged. lf
his companions, and has not already normal animals, capture wild horses, the hits taken are sufficient to kill
attacked the cleric or his companions, and other acts of that type. It cannot the cleric, then the cleric will indeed
there is a 10% chance per level of the be used on monsters. The cleric must die, and the amount of damage
cleric that the animal(s) in question be adjacent to the animal to be transferred will only be equal to
will not attack. There is a further 5% tamed.

enough damage to kill the cleric. bleeding. The character stops bleeding poisonous snakes as a last resort in
Gliding: This spell allows the cleric for from 2-12 turns (rolled). defense of the lives of other lawful
to glide through the air, the rate of Protection From Evil, l" Radius: characters. The cleric can command
descent controllable from a vertical This spell is the same as Protection from 2-16 snakes, and these will
dive to a 20: 1 glide ratio of From Evil (1) except that its effects perform as he orders for the duration
horizontal to vertical movement. cover an area around the cleric rather of the spell. Duration: 6 turns.
Duration: 6 turns. than just the cleric. Range: all snakes must stay within
Locate Object: This spell is the Protection From Good, 1" Radius: 12" of the cleric.
same as that for magic users, except This spell is the same as Protection
that the range is 9" + 1" per level of From Good (1), except that its
the cleric casting the spell. effects cover an area around the Fifth Level Spells
Remove Curse: This spell is the cleric rather than just the cleric.
same as that for magic users. Quest: This spell is similar to a Anti-Magic Shell: This spell is the
Walk on Water: This spell allows a magical Geas (6) except that the same as that for magic users.
cleric to walk on the surface of character sent upon a Quest by a Breathe Water: This allows a cleric
bodies of water for 6 turns, carrying cleric is not killed by failure to carry to breathe water for no more than l
his normal load. out the service. However, the cleric turn per level of the cleric.
may curse him with anything Controlled Empathic Cure: This
Fourth Level Spells appropriate to the alignment of the spell allows a cleric to absorb part or
cleric who specified the quest, so that all of the damage taken by another
Create Water: By means of this failure to fulfill the Quest is not to character, in an amount specified by
spell the cleric can create a supply of be taken lightly. The referee's the cleric, otherwise following the
drinkable water. The quantity of discretion must be used in phrasing same rules as for the simple Empathic
water created is equal to 12 x and detailing the clerical Quest. If the Cure (3). Damage is transferred
(cleric's level - S)(squared) gallons of character does not wish to be sent on immediately in both spells, and
water. The water appears adjacent to a Quest, a saving throw is applicable neither caster nor subject may be in
the cleric. as against magic. melee in either spell.
Cure Serious Wounds: This spell is Restore Life Levels: This allows a Commune: This spell puts the
like a Cure Light Wounds (1), except cleric to restore at least some of the cleric in immediate contact with the
that two dice are rolled (six-sided), life levels drained from a character by chosen deity of his faith (the referee)
one is added per die (2), and the undead or by special weapons. If a and allows him to ask three questions
bonuses listed for high Wisdom clerics cleric is immediately available (no (which must all be asked within one
in the Cure Light Wounds spell are more than 6 game-hours) it is game turn). Communing drains the
added for each die (maximum of 2). possible for him to restore from 1-4 cleric drastically, so much so that it
Thus, this spell will cure a minimum (rolled on a 4-sided die) life levels can be used only once by any cleric
of 4 points of damage, and a lost by a victim. Thus, if a seventh per game week, no matter how many
maximum of 14-16 depending upon level fighter is drained two life levels fifth level spells the cleric possesses.
the wisdom of the cleric casting the (thus becoming a fifth level fighter), Communes should not be used
spell. the cleric would need to roll a two or frivolously, but primarily where the
Exorcism: This spell allows a cleric higher to fully restore the fighter. safety or lives of one or more of the
to exorcise a demon who has taken This spell may only be used once on party are at stake. Note: each time a
control of a character. Note: this any one character after after any one cleric uses a Commune spell, he may
does not dispel or damage the draining of life levels. For example, if use one of the three questions to
demon, it merely frees the character. a character loses five life levels, he request that his deity grant him the
Flight: This allows a cleric to fly may not be fully restored by multiple boon of a clerical implement. He
at speed 12 for six turns. castings of this spell, since only the must ask for a specific type of
Human Control: This spell is the first use will have any effect. implement, and must not already
same as that for magic users. Speak With Plants: Same as Speak have been granted one by previous
Neutralize Poison: A spell to With Animals (2) except that plants Communing. He may ask fdr any
counter the continuing effects of a are communicated with instead of implement only once, ever, whether
poison. Note that this spell will not animals. Note that a cleric may not the boon is granted or not. The
resurrect a character killed by poison, chances of success are as follows for
ask a plant to do anything outside of
nor will it remove any damage basic items: Staff of
its normal limits. He may ask a vine
already done by poison to a living Healing-(Wisdom + Level of
to part for him to pass through, but
character. It will prevent further Cleric)%, maximum of 50% chance
a tree cannot be commanded to pull
damage from being done, and is [ 1% of staves of this type are able to
up its roots and walk around.
necessary before healing damage done Duration: 6 turns. Range: 3". heal from 4-14 points of damage,
by poison. It will affect only one Tum Sticks to Snakes: Any time rather than the basic 2-7] ; Snake
object or person per spell, and takes there are sticks of an appropriate size Staff-(W+L)/4, maximum of 10%
only one phase. Range: cleric must nearby, a cleric can turn them into chance; Staff of Withering: (W+L)/4,
be in contact with person or object normal (not monstrous) snakes with maximum of 10%; Scarab vs. Evil
containing poison to be neutralized. this spell. They can be either High Priests: (W+L)/2, maximum of
Stop Deterioration: This spell non-poisonous or poisonous, at the 20%.
allows a cleric to stop an unconscious cleric's choice, but a cleric of a Create Food: A spell with which
or otherwise damaged character from lawful nature may only create the cleric creates sustenance for a

party of men, in the form of a being) does not change during the the cleric to attempt to strike down
manna-like substance edible by man spell. Duration: 6 turns. any one being within 12". The being
and horse alike. The amount of food Raise Dead: A cleric may use this gets a saving throw vs. Death (see
spell in an attempt to bring the dead Saving Throw tables). If it fails to
created is equal to 36 x (level of
back to life. This spell may be used save, the being is dead. Note: a
cleric 7Xsquared) pounds of
no more than once on any particular lawful cleric may only use this spell
manna, where it takes one pound to
body on any particular death. If the in a situation where he has no other
fulfill the needs of a man, and 2
character is raised and killed again, available options and must defend
pounds to feed a horse, for one day.
however, he may be raised again. This other lawful characters from
The food appears adjacent to the
spell may be used only on beings of a imminent death.
similar type to the cleric (i.e., human
Dispel Evil: This spell allows a
or whatever species). A cleric may
cleric to dispel any evil spell or effect
attempt to raise a body after it has
within a 3" radius. Its effectiveness is Sixth Level Spells
based on the relative levels of the been dead for a period of time, if
that time is no longer than one day
cleric and the evil involved calculated Create Air: This spell allows a
as in the case of the magical Dispel per level of the cleric. In order to be
cleric to create enough air for normal
Magic (3). raised, the body must not have been
breathing by one man for one hour
fosect Plague: This spell allows a destroyed. Characters raised from the
for each level which the cleric has
cleric to call to him a large swarm of dead remain inactive for two game
attained. Thus a 24th level cleric
insects and control them, within the weeks after the raise, and may not go
trapped in a vault could create
range of the spell. They will obscure on expeditions or otherwise attempt
enough air for his own breathing for
the vision of any creatures in their to gain experience, and may not cast
24 hours per spell, or 8 hours for
midst, and will drive off creatures magic or fight. If killed again during
three men per spell.
with less than three hit dice. Note: a the convalescence, the character's
Cure Critical Wounds: This spell is
lawful cleric may not use this spell to effective Constitution in terms of
like a Cure Light Wounds, but the
summon poisonous insects except as attempting to Raise him is halved. A
effects are tripled so three dice are
in Turn Sticks to Snakes (4). The character with Constitution 3-6 has a
rolled, and all bonuses added to each
swarm of the insects may cover no 10% chance of successfully raising
die. Therefore, this spell does a
more than a 6" by 6" area at any from the dead. A character with
minimum of 6 po in ts of healing, and
one time, and must stay within 48'" Constitution 7 has a 2 % chance. A
a maximum of 21 (24 for a Wisdom
of the cleric. Duration: the insects, if character with Constitution 8 has a
18 or higher cleric).
not released before then, will disperse 40% chance. Constitution 9 gives a
Dispel Demon: This spell allows a
after one game day. 60% chance. 10 gives a 70% chance.
cleric to try and be rid of a demon.
Locate Person: This spell is the 11 gives an 80% chance. 12 and
If the cleric and the demon are the
same as that for magic users. above gives a 90% chance. If an
same level, the cleric has a 50%
Pathfinding: This spell enables the attempt to Raise has failed a
Reincarnation may still be attem~ted,
chance of success. Whichever is the
cleric to determine the quickest way higher level, if either, has a 5% bonus
out of a dungeon, forest, castle, etc., but not another Raise Dead spell, of
per level in the attempt. Thus as 15th
even after being teleported (assuming any level or type. Range: adjacent to
level cleric attempting to dispel a
such a way out exists). This spell subject. Note: the effect of a Raise
l 0th level demon has a 75% chance
may be employed by any one cleric Dead is so powerful that it uses up
the casting cleric's fifth level spell for of success.
no more than once per day. Nondeterioration This spell allows
Protection From Undead: This one full week, rather than the normal
one day. a cleric to stop a character from
spell allows a cleric to protect himself bleeding to death after
from undead beings as follows : any Restore Scarab vs. EHP's: This
unconsciousness, or from otherwise
one undead of the same level as the spell allows a cleric to recharge (1
bleeding due to special effects. The
cleric will have a 50% chance of charge per spell) a scarab or other
spell lasts until the character is
being prevented from attacking or device designed to protect a character
damaged again or healing is started
physically approaching (within 1 ') from a clerical Finger of Death spell.
Part Water: This spell is the same
the cleric casting this spell. This An empty scarab or other device may
as that for magic users.
protection is adjusted by 5% per not be recharged in this manner, only
Recover Life Levels: This is the
relative level difference between the one still active.
same as Restore Life Levels (4)
cleric and the undead. Thus, if the Vari-Heal: This spell allows a cleric
except that from 1-6 levels are
cleric is one level higher than the to do a cure on a wounded character.
restored Only one spell or the other
undead, it has a 55% chance of being A four-sided die is rolled the result
may be used after any one draining,
prevented from attacking the cleric. being the number of six-sided dice of
and neither spell may be used more
If the undead is one level higher than basic healing the spell will do. All of
than once on any one draining.
the cleric, it only has a 45% chance the dice are treated as if each were a
Repair Body: This spell allows the
of being prevented from attacking the Cure Light Wounds (1) in effect, with
cleric to repair or regrow missing or
cleric. Each undead being appropriate bonuses, and all are
mangled parts of a character's body.
encountered while this spell is in pro-rated simultaneously over the
Undead Control: This spell is the
effect must be checked separately. course of 6 phases. This spell is
same as that for magic users.
Each un~ead being is checked only usable by any one cleric no more
once dunng the duration of the spell than once per day.
and the effect (as far as that undeatl Finger of Death: This spell allows
special spell list provided for their get more Spell Points.
class. The only spells usable by a (2) is behind the concept of Spell
fighter are in the form of special Levels, since each level contains spells
scrolls activated by anyone capable of approximately the same degree of
of reading them. control of magical forces. Thus, while
As you may notice, our list of a Sleep spell may cost 3 Spell Points,
spells does not entirely match the and a Detect Water only 1, both are
one used in regular D&D. The reason of basically the same level of
for this is that we felt that the spells complexity in the magical forces used
at each level should be similar in and controlled by the caster. Thus, a
difficulty. A difficult spell shouldn't spell of higher Level may not
be first level just because it would be necessarily have a higher Spell Point
nice if it were, or convenient. The cost, since the two measure different
main thing to remember is that there
is a difference between magic and
(3) gives us the basic idea of Magic
miracles. Magic has its own consistent
Classes. These Classes, explained
rules and limits. Otherwise, not only
further in the basic rules 011 Magic In
is magic not usable in a game, it isn't
Practice, follow the b!{sic four
even feasible in a world of any kind,
Mapc Users: (This includes classical elements of Earth, Fire,
real or imaginary.
magic-using combination characters) Water and Air, with two other classes
In the case of a damaging spell,
As a magic user reaches a new appropriate to magic, Personal Will,
such as a lightning bolt, the amount
experience level, he chooses spells to and Outside Forces. All magical spells
make up the difference between what of damage done is usually one
may be broken down into one of
he already knows and his new limits. six-sided die for each level of the
these six Classes, whether directly
For example, a magic user has just caster. This damage is to be applied due to their nature (Fireball is in the
become 3rd level. He already knew to everyone hit by the spell (not Fire Class, for example) or due to
two different 1st level spells, and divided) unless otherwise protected. their symbolic feeling, which is a
now can learn a 2nd level spell. The There are some spells which do less thing important to most magics.
magic us.e r memorizes these new than one die of damage per level of Thus, Lightning spells are in the Air
spells and then is able to use them at the caster, and these are noted in the Class, since natural lightning comes
any time as long as he has sufficient spell descriptions. Assume one die of from the sky. By devoting his study
energy, measured in 'spell points', to damage per level of the caster to one of these Magic Classes, a
cast the spells. Spell Points are otherwise. When a spell is cast on a magic user improves his ability to
measured by adding the Hit Points of bhing or object who then makes his cast spells of that type, as explained
the magic user to his level, and or its saving throw, the amount of elsewhere.
making any adjustments based on his damage done is normally cut in half, Thus we have the limits on what
unless the spell description states
Intelligence (see 'Bonuses and levels of spells a magic user can cast
otherwise. Thus, the recipient of a
Penalties' table again). Thus, a magic in relation to his own level of
6-die lightning bolt will only take 3
user of Intelligence 12, who is 5th experience (see Advancement tables),
dice of damage upon making a saving
level and takes 9 Hit Points would and also the limit on his personal
have 14 Spell Points (9+5) per game ability to throw spells in general,
day. Note that more difficult spelis Magic In Theory reflected by his spell points. As you
cost more spell points to cast, and While, in history and in fantasy, can see from the Advancement tables,
thus can be thrown fewer times by a there have been many ideas of just there is a limit on the number of
magic user during any one day than a how magic worked, we chose to different spells which a magic user
cheap spell. A magic user may not adopt a relatively straightforward set can learn, based on the level of the
exceed his spell point allotment per of concepts: (1) that magic takes magic user. This is because we have
day except in order to directly save effort on the part of the magic user; assumed that there is at least some
his own life. His life-saving margin of (2) that magic requires control of difficulty in mastering any given
spell points is equal in size to the various forces; and (3) that there is a spell, and that attempting to learn
margin of hits he possesses between connection between the natural more than one's capacity, based on
unconsciousness and death. In other elements and the powers of magic. one's abilities and experience could
words, if he takes 9 hits, as above, (I) leads to the concept of Spell cause disastrous results. Rather than
and dies after taking 12 hi ts, he has a Points, a measure of the amount of put in a system of measuring the
(12- 9) 3 spell point margin for psychic effort required to cast a given likelihood of spell-casting errors, we
emergencies. Exceeding this margin spell. Any magic user has a limited limit the number of known spells to
means going unconscious for 1-6 number of these points, since each that which a magic user at each level
turns, and makes the magic user spell drains the caster at some rate. can cast without error under normal
unable to throw any other magic or Magic users of higher level, and conditions.
activate any magic items for the rest therefore with more experience in Once a magic user has memorized
of that game day, and slows his handling the forces of magic, have a spell, he has it at the tip of his
movement by ~. more Spell Points, and thus can cast tongue (or finger) and may use that
Magic users and elves use the more spells per day. Magic users with or any other memorized spell as long
regular Magical spells. Clerics use only higher intelligence have more mental as his spell points last. For example,
Clerical spells, and Illusionists use the 'muscles' to start with, and thus also a 12th level magic user with 40 spell

points could spend them all in casting caused by the spell. Of course, is rolled separately. (The referee may
first level spells (somewhere between anyone may will himself to be choose to ignore this in certain
l 0 and 40 of them) if he so desires, affected by the magic being thrown extreme cases, such as 500 goblins
or on some combination of his higher at him (if he knows it is coming), being hit qy a single spell of
level spells (which is a much more and may wish to do so in the case of Macro-Ball, for his own sanity's sake.)
likely case) beneficial magic. Non-damaging spells It may take a little more time to roll
The main thing to remember is usually have an all-or-nothing effect damage individually, but the results
that there is a difference between based on the saving throw, unless are worth it. It means that a single
magic and miracles. Magic has its own stated otherwise in the spell spell will not have as extreme an
consistent rules and limits. Just description. effect as is otherwise possible, since
because you think it would be nice an individual roll of the dice will not
to have a spell doesn't mean it should Casting Magic: For a magic user to affect everyone. (A roll of all ls or
exist. A first level spell of Obliterate actually throw one of his all 6s won't affect everyone, but
Enemy might be useful, but not hard-learned spells, he must be able rather mean that one being got very
good, since it would be completely to do a few basic things. First, he lucky or unlucky.)
out of line with the other first level must have enough Spell Points left to If a spell is designed to take
spells. We realize that this example is cast the spell. Second, he must be control of another being, the
a silly extreme, but we have seen able to aim the spell at its following limits apply: on the phase
many suggested spells that had to be prospective target, usually done by in which the spell of Charm, Hold, or
turned down for just that reason. means of pointing a finger or whatever is cast, the target must
You may notice that some of the equivalent appendage. Third, he cant make a Saving Throw. If the target
spells on our lists do not match those be doing too many things at once. fails to achieve the number required
published by others, as to Spell For example, if a magic user is to Save, it is immobilized for the rest
Level. The reason is simple: if a spell physically fighting for his life against of that phase, and is under the
is too powerful to be controlled as a a monster, he can't take time out to control of the magic user as of the
first level spell, we don't allow it to fire a spell somewhere else. He could next phase. Thus, a fighter taken over
be a first level spell. Just remember only cast a spell directly upon by a Charm Person on phase 1 may
that in your own play, and you himself or in the direction of the fight on behalf of the controller on
won't run into the problem of what monster. phase 2. However, due to the nature
to do when the enemy magic user If a spell has a range or must be of the order of play, the fighter may
throws his 4,000 die X-Ray Laser directly aimed, there is always a not move under the control of the
spell at you, when you know that the chance that the caster may make a caster of the spell until phase 3, since
guy is only a 5th level magic user. mistake, and miss his intended target. Movement comes before Magic in
Magic without limits is not usable in The size and movement of the target each phase, and it takes one full
a game, and isn't feasible in a world are the major modifiers, and the phase to take control of a victim.
of any kind, real or imaginary. likelihood of hitting must be left up Under any sort of controlling spell,
to the referee in most cases. Just the controlled being may not be
think in common sense terms. A ordered to commit suicide, or
Magic In Practice sparrow is a lot easier to damage than ordered to do anything which ,the
One thing which it is important to an elephant, but a lot harder to hit in controlled victim can perceive will
realize is that magic does not the first place. Assume that a magic cause his direct and unavoidable
automatically work as desired. This is user with nothing else to do can death. Thus, a controlled victim can
reflected in our game by the normally hit a non-moving target of a be ordered to fight a hopeless battle
existence of what is termed a 'saving clearly visible size, and adjust on behalf of the c'ontroller, since
throw'. Every living being and some accordingly for targets that are doing there is always a chance of victory,
magically empowered items have their best to be moving and/or not but could not, for example, be
saving throws against various sorts of visible. Take a look at the archery ordered to walk into a pit of molten
magical and other related effects. If table for suggested adjustments due lava.
this saving throw is made, the spell to movement and concealment, and Under most conditions, a magic
will normally have only a reduced have the caster roll an archery sort of user may not cast more than one
effect on the being or object. For shot if there is doubt about hitting spell, or activate more than one
example, in the case of a Charm the target with the spell. magical implement, per turn (defined
Insect spell, if the insect rolls his If a spell causes damage to the as six phases) Thus, a magic user
appropriate saving throw (an 18 on a target, the following rules apply: who cast a spell on phase 3 of a
0-19 die for most normal insects) first, all beings hit by a spell take battle could not cast another spell or
the Charm spell fails and our friend damage based on the full value of the activate any magic implements until
the insect goes on his merry way. If spell (that is, three people standing in phase 9 of that battle. The only
he had rolled a 17 or less, the Charm a 10-die Fireball take damage based exceptions to this rule are stated in
spell would have worked, and some on 10 dice, not 3 1/3 dice each); the spell descriptions.
magic user would have a Charmed second, that beings whb make their Unless otherwise stated, no spell
insect. In the case of a spell which saving throws against the spell take may affect anything more than 24'
causes damage to the target, such as a only 1/2 the normal damage (in most from the caster. This includes spells
Lightning Bolt (3), if the target cases, done by rolling 1/2 the normal with a burst radius. If any part of
achieves its saving throw, it takes number of dice); and third, that the such a spell is outside of the stated
only one-half the normal damage damage on each being hit by the spell range from the caster of the spell,


that part of the spell simple ceases to
ACTIVATE WAND 4 1 100 exist.
CHARM AMPHIBIAN 5 4 5 250 Magic takes an actual amount of
ARACHNID 5 4 5 250 time to go off. In the description of
CRUSTACEAN 5 4 5 250 play, you saw how Dexterity Counts
FISH 5 4 5 250 work. A magical spell takes the same
INSECT 5 2 3 150 number of Dexterity Counts to go
MAMMAL 5 4 5 250 off as its cost in spell points to the
REPTILE 5 4 5 250 caster. Thus, a spell costing 3 spell
CHARM PERSON 3 4 5 250 points takes 3 counts to go off. This
is important, since the basic
Dexterity Count system tells you
ALTITUDE 4 2 3 150 when the magic user ST ARTS a spell.
COPPER 4 2 100 A spell may be stopped from going
GOLD 4 1 2 100 off, either at the desire of the magic
IRON 4 1 2 100 user, or by his being prevented from
LIFE 4 2 3 150 throwing by other magic or injury, at
MAGIC 4 2 100 any point before halfway through the
PLATINUM 4 1 2 100 spell. After that, the spell goes off,
POISON 4 2 3 150 with or without any desired effect.
SECRET DOORS 4 It also takes time to stop a spell,
2 100
at least voluntarily. It normally takes
SILVER 4 2 100
(36- Dexterity of caster)/4 Counts to
stop throwing a spell. Thus, if at
WALLS 4 2 3 150 Count 20, the caster realizes he
WATER 4 1 2 100 doesn't want to throw, the caster
HOLD PORTAL 3 3 4 200 (assuming a Dexterity of 12) can stop
LIGHT 6 3 4 200 after (36- 12/4=6 counts, or at Count
MATCH (LIGHT FIRE) 2 2 3 150 14. If this is less than halfway
MUSCLE SPASM 3 4 200 through the spell, he can stop. He
PROTECTION 4 3 4 200 spends one spell point per Count of
READ LANGUAGES 3 2 100 the spell completed, whether he
finishes the spell or not.
Normally the number of spell
SILENCE, 1" RADIUS 6 2 3 150
points a magic user has act as a limit
SLEEP 3 4 200
to the amount of magic he can cast.
SOUND AMPLIFICATION 1 2 3 150 That number of spell points may be
SUPER MATCH 2 4 5 250 slightly exceeded under conditions
TELESCOPE 1 3 4 150 that the referee will agree cons ti tu te
VENTR I LOOUISM 3 2 3 150 a life-or-death situation as follows:
any magic user has a small number of
spell points that are called his 'Spell
Point Margin' This margin is equal in
size to his Death Margin on Hits. A
magic user may use part or all of this
margin in a life-or-death situation for
himself. If he casts a spell which
would use up ALL remaining points
of his Margin, as well as exceed that
margin by a small amount, he falls
unconscious for 1-6 turns and cannot
cast any magic, nor activate any
magic implements, for the remainder
of that day. Further, if the remaining
points in the Margin were not enough
to complete at least one-half of the
last-ditch spell, it simply fails to go
off, and the caster falls unconscious
anyway . Also, the mental drain of
exceeding his Spell Point Margin


causes the caster, after awakening, to
ACTIVATE STAFF (1 TYPE) 4 2 400 move at 1/2 his movement speed for
AURORA (LIGHT WALL) 6 3+1/Turn 5 500 whatever he is carrying, for the rest
AWAKEN 1 3 4 500 of that game day.
CREATE SOUND 6 3 4 500 Using The Spell Table
DARKNESS 5 3+1/Turn 5 500 As you may have noticed by now,
DEODORANT 1 3 4 500 we have included a lot of spells at
2 3 400 each spell level. This does not mean
that you need to use all of them,
especially if you are a beginning
EVIL 4 1 2 300 player or referee. The list will act as
GEMS, No. & Size 4 2 3 400 a set of guidelines for future spells, as
GOOD 4 2 300 well as giving a large list to choose
INVISIBLE 4 2 3 400 from in terms of expanding your
METAL & KIND 4 2 3 400 lists. This current list is a result of
SHIFTING WALLS 4 2 3 400 almost four years of development.
TRAPS 4 2 3 400 While mainly our own direct work, it
ESP 3 2+1/Turn 4 400 shows our interpretations of a few
EXTINGUISH FIRE 5 4 6 600 spells from outside sources, including
FIREWORKS 2 5 7 WO the original D&D rules. If a spell is
listed but not explained, refer to
FLASH 2 5 7 700
those rules. No matter what the
FREEZE WATER 5 3 5 500
source, we list the characteristics of
GLIDING 6 3+1/Turn 6 500 the spell used in our rules, as well as
HALLUCINATION 3 3 4 500 any variations fro{ll standard
INVISIBILITY 6 4 5 600 interpretations.
KNOCK 3 4 5 600 The first column of each spell
LEVITATE 6 4+1/Turn 7 600 table is obvious: Spe)l Name. This
LOCATE OBJECT 4 4 5 600 lists, alphabetically, the names of the
MAGIC MISSILE 3 4+1/Missile 7 600 spells of that level.
MEASURE DISTANCE 4 2 3 400 The second column is Spell Class.
MEASURE VOLUME 4 3 4 500 This indicates which of the six magic
classes a spell is in (see Magic
PARACHUTE 6 3+1/Turn 6 500
PHANTASMAL FORCE 3 4 5 600 The third column is Spell Points.
PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY 3 6 7 800 This gives the basic cost in spell
SEE INVISIBLE 4 2 3 400 points of casting the spell once. If
SILENCE, 3" RADIUS 6 3 4 500 there is a number such as S+ I /turn,
SPEAK LANGUAGES 3 3 4 500 this means that to cast the spell
ST. ELMO'S Fl RE 6 3+1/Turn 6 500 initially costs 5, and for each tum
SUPER SLEEP 1 5 6 700 the spell is maintained after the turn
WIND 6 3 4 500 it is cast costs an extra I spell point.
WIZARD LOCK 3 6 7 800 The fourth column is Recharge
.Points. You will not normally need
to use this column, but it is included
because it is necessary for use with
the Magic Item Construction tables
(in Warlock Two, a referee's
supplement), and for recharging
magic items which use charges. For
example, a wand which allowed the
user to cast a Heat Beam spell could
be recharged at a rate of 1 charge for
every Recharge Heat Beam spell cast,
at a cost of 8 spell points. Of course,
the Recharge Heat Beam spell would
have tO" be available, either
memorized by someone or on a


The fifth column is Research Cost.
BALL LIGHTNING 6 5 7 1600 This gives the cost in both spell
BALL OF FIRE 2 5 7 1600 points and gold pieces of researching
CLAI RAUDI ENCE 4 3+1/Turn 6 1200 the given spell. The amount of time
CLAIRVOYANCE 4 3+1/Turn 6 1200 it takes to research a spell is figured
COLD CONE 5 6 8 1800 by dividing this spell point cost by
CONTINUAL DARKNESS 5 5 7 1600 the number of spell points the
DARK CONE 5 4+1/Turn 6 1400 researching magic user has per day
DARKWALL 5 4+1/Turn 6 1400 (Spell Point Margin may not be used
for research). The resulting number is
the number of game days it takes for
that magic user to research the spell.
DETECT ORIENTATION 4 3 4 1200 Note: if a magic user possesses a
DETECT TELEPORT (AFTER) 4 3 4 1200 scroll with a given spell on it, he may
DISPEL MAGIC 3 5 6 1600 research that spell for only 2/3 of the
FIRE BALL 2 6 8 1800 listed cost in spell points and gold.
FIRE DART 2 4 6 1400 The explanations for the spells of
FLAME 2 6 8 1800 each level are in the same order as on
FLY 6 5+1/Turn 8 1600 the table for that level.
HEAT CONE 6 6 8 1800
HOLD PERSON 3 5 7 1600 Spell Explanations
ILLUSION 6 5+1/Turn 8 1600 Each spell listed on the spell
tables, with a few exceptions, have an
INFRAVISION 1 4 5 1400
explanation in these rules. Those few
exceptions are spells that behave
LIGHT BEAM 6 4+1/Turn 6 1400 exactly as described in the original
LIGHTNING BOLT 6 5 7 1600 D&D rules, so if you followed our
LIGHTNING DART 6 4 6 1400 directions in the opening paragraph
MAGIC MOUTH 3 3+1/Turn 6 1200 and bought or acquired that set, look
MAXI-BALL 2 7 9 2000 there when needed.
MAXI-SLEEP 1 7 8 2000 For the spells explained herein,
MICRO-PHANTASM 3 5 7 1600 the explanations obey a few simple
MINI-BALL 2 5 7 1600 rules. First, they are in the same
order as the spell table overall.
MINI-BOLT 6 5 7 1600
Second, the spell explanations give
MINI-COLD CONE 5 .5 7 1600 the durations (in phases or turns) of
MINI-HEAT CONE 6 5 7 1600 the spells. Third, the explanations
MINI-WIDE-COLD CONE 5 5 7 1600 give the range (if any) of the spell (in
MINI-WIDE-HEAT CONE 6 5 7 1600 scale inches).
MIRROR IMAGE 3 5+1/Turn 8 1600 Otherwise, the spell explanations
PROJECTED STRENGTH 5 7 1600 include any information necessary for
PROTECTION, 1" RADIUS 4 4 6 1400 the referee to get a basic
PROTECTION/NORMAL MISSILES 3 4 6 1400 understanding of the spell to see how
ROPE TRICK 3 6+1/Turn 9 1800 it works .in action, and for the player
SPEED 5 6 1600 to learn when and where to cast it.
WATER BREATHING 4+1/Turn 7 1400 The dimensions of the spell, if any,
are included. If not, obey the basic
WEB 5 5 6 1600
stated rules for spells of that type, or
WHIRLWIND 6 5 6 1600 for magic in general.
WIZARD LIGHT 6 4+1/Turn 6 1400-
Whenever necessary, use common
sense. The Polymorph Others spell
( 5) should not be used to tum a
player into something powerful but
non-living, or worse, something
thought up by the caster and
designed to be indestructible. It is
designed to imitate other living' beings
of which the caster knows. If a spell
description doesn't say you can't do
something, don't assume that you



can. No set of rules can be a perfect
ACID RESISTANCE 5+1/Turn 8 3600 set of prohibitions, and no set of
COLD RESISTANCE 5+1/Turn 8 3600 rules should try.
FIRE RESISTANCE 5+1/Turn 8 3600 Most importantly, don't try to use
LIGHTNING RESISTANCE 5+1/Turn 8 3600 a spell without understanding what it
POISON RESISTANCE 5+1/Turn 8 3600 does. Every spell on these lists has a
ANIMAL CONTROL 5 6 8 4000 purpose, no matter how odd it seems.
3600 Using a few spell well is better than
using many spells badly.
CHARM MONSTER 3 6 8 4000
The spell being described is listed
CLUMSINESS 1 6 8 4000 in bold letters at the start of the
COLD BEAM, 12" RANGE 5 6 8 4000 paragraph. Any other spells referred
CONFUSION 4 5+1/Turn 8 3600 to during the description normally
DELUSION 4 6+1/Turn 9 4000 are referred to by name with (X)
DIMENSION DOOR 3 7 8 4400 after it. The number in the
ELECTRIC MICRO-BALL 6 7 9 4400 parentheses is the level of the spell
ELECTRIC MINI-BALL 6 6 8 4000 being mentioned, so you can find it
FEAR 4 6 8 4000 by looking at the descriptions of
FIRE WALL 2 5+2/Turn 10 3600 spells of that level.
GASEOUS FORM 6 7 9 4400 Often, a spell is listed as being like
7 8 4400 another spell of a lower level, with a
few variations. Until you are familiar
with the spells, make sure you look
HASTE 7 9 4400
at that lower spell, and understand
HEALING (1 POINT/TURN) 2+2/Turn 6 2400 both the original and the differences
HEAT BEAM, l-2" RANGE 6 6 8 4000 in the higher level spell. For instance,
ICE WALL 5 6 8 4000 if a spell is listed as being "otherwise
IMMOBILIZATION 4 5+1/Turn 8 3600 similar to Cold Cone (3)" , look at
MASSMORPH 5 9 11 5200 the description of Cold Cone in the
MAXI-COLD CONE 5 12 15 6400 Third Level spell descriptions to
MAXI-HEAT CONE 6 12 15 6400 refresh your memory.
MEGA-BALL 2 10 12 5600 Shapes of Magic
MEGA-SLEEP 10 12 5600 There are certain standard shapes
MICRO-BALL 2 6 8 4000 for magical area spells, especially
ONE-WAY DARKNESS 5 6+2/Turn 10 4000 those that are other than simple
PARALYSIS CONE 1 6 8 4000 mental magic. When one of these
PERCENTILE NEGATION 3 7 9 4400 standard shapes is used in a spell, the
PERSONAL FORCE FIELD 3 6+2/Turn 10 4000 name of the spell generally has one
PERSONAL PARALYSIS 1 6 8 4000 of the following terms as a part of
PLANT CONTROL 5 5 7 3600 the name:
CONE: This shape emanates directly
from the finger or appropriate
REMOVE CURSE 3 5 7 3600 appendage of the magic user in the
SLOW 7 9 4400 direction aimed. A standard 6" cone
STRENGTH (X 1-4) 1 7 9 4400 is that length in the desired direction
TELEPATHY 3 6 8 4000 and 3" wide at the end away from
VERTIGO 3 5 7 3600 the magic user. There are other sizes
WALL OF THORNS 5 8 10 4800 and shapes of cones, longer and
WIDE-COLD CONE 5 9 11 5200 wider, but unless another size is
WIDE-HEAT CONE 5 9 11 5200 stated, assume this standard size.
WIZARD EYE 3 4+1/Turn 7 3200
X-RAY VISION 4+1/Turn BOLT: This shape normally is cast as
7 3200
a projectile which explodes into a
shape 6" long and no more than 3/4"
wide. The caster may normally make
the bolt narrower, down to 1/4" in
width for the normal bolt, but may
not change the length unless


otherwise stated. This also holds true
ANIMATE DEAD 1 3/Body 8 6400
for 12" and other longer bolts. The
end nearest to the caster is ranged a
CHARM BEING 3 10 12 12,000 specific distance away from the
CLOUD KILL 6 6 8 8800 caster, and the bolt goes forward
COLD CONE, 12" RANGE 5 14 18 15,200 from that point. If a wall or other
CONJURE ELEMENTAL 4 6+1/Turn 9 8800 obstruction is encountered either
CONTACT HIGHER PLANE 4 6+2/Turn 10 8800 before that distance is reached by the
CRIMSON BANDS 3 8 10 10.400 bolt or in the middle of th~ bolt, any
DETECTION JAMMING 4 7 9 9600 remaining parts of the bolt rebound
DIMINISH OTHERS 1 10 12 12,000 toward the caster, possibly hitting
DRAGON CONTROL 3 12 15 13,600 him and any innocent bystanders.
ENERGY BOLT 4 9 11 11.400
ENERGY CONE 4 9 11 11.400 BALL: This shape is a basic sphere,
ENERGY DART 4 7 9 9600 2" in radius. Fire and bomb spells
ENERGY RESISTANCE 1 7+1/Turn 10 9600 have this basic shape and size. Always
EXTENSION 3 4+S.L. 9 7200 remember that this is a sphere, not
FEEBLEMIND 3 8 10 10.400 just a circle. The spells of. this type
GIANT CONTROL 3 10 12 12,000 nor,nally expand to fill the volume of
GROWTH OF ANIMALS 5 9 11 11,200 the 2" sphere, not just the area of a
HEAT CONE, 12" RANGE 6 14 18 15,200 2" radius circle.
HOLD MONSTER 3 8 10 10.400
HUMAN CONTROL 3 10 12 12,000 WALL: Wall spells can be cast in two
ICE STORM 6 8 10 10.400 basic shapes at the desire of the
IRON WALL 1 8 10 10.400 caster. The first is a simple plane, 6 '
LOCATE PERSON 4 6 8 8800 wide and 2" high The second is a
MACRO-BALL 2 15 19 16,000 cylinder (a circle if viewed from
MACRO-SLEEP 1 12 15 13,600 above), 3" in diameter and 2" high
MA6S ll\IV.FSIBILITY 6 12+R 16 13,600 If a wall spell is cast in such a way
MAZE 4 15 18 16,000 that a solid object (such as a physical
MINI-ENERGY CONE 4 8 10 10,400 wall or ceiling) prevents the wall
MINI-WIDE ENERGY CONE 4 8 10 10.400 from reaching its maximum height or
PARALYSIS CONE, 12" RANGE 1 14 18 15,200 width the magical wall simply stops
PASSWALL 1 8 10 10.400 at the point of contact, possibly
PERSONAL WIZARD LOCK 3 8 10 10.400 forming a closed container. The
POLYMORPH OTHERS 1 10 12 12,000
magical wall does not bounce off of
the obstruction, or punch through.
SCROLL LOCK 3 6 8 8800
Spell Modifiers
1 7 9 9600
SPEAK WITH DEAD 4 8 10 10.400 The following prefixes tell you
STONE WALL 1 8 10 10.400 about how the spell is different from
SUPER STRENGTH (X 1-5) 1 10 12 12,000
the basic spell of that type:
TELEKINESIS 3 7+1/Turn 10 9600
TE LEPO RT 3 12 15 13,600
VARI-: This prefix indicates that
the caster of the spell can make the
length or radius of the spell variable
UNDEAD CONTROL 3 8 10 10,400
from nearly zero to the maximum
VARI-BALL 2 8 10 10.400
normal size of that spell. The caster
VARI-BOLT 6 7 9 9600
has full control over this change, that
VARI-COLD CONE 5 9 11 11,200
is, he can state that "I want that
VARI-HEAT CONE 6 9 11 11,200
Vari-Ball to have a radius of 1.4'
VORTEX 6 8+1/Turn 11 10.400
inches,'" and it will have that radius
WEAKNESS 1 8 10 10.400
when it explodes. This does not mean
that he will always be able to tell just
what size is needed, howev~r. When
this or any other prefJX is attached tu
a Bolt spell, the spell is assumed to
be a Lightning Bolt. Thus a Vari-Bolt
or a Mini-Bolt are both of the



lightning variety . In the same
ACID PROTECTION 5 10+2/Turn 15 25,600 context, Ball spells are assumed to be
COLD PROTECTION 5 10+2/Turn 15 25,600 Fire unless stated otherwise. Thus,
FIRE PROTECTION 2 10+2/Turn 15 25,600 Vari-Ball is short for Variable Fire
LIGHTNING PROTECTION 6 10+2/Turn 15 25,600 Ball.
POISON PROTECTION 1 10+2/Turn 15 25,600
AIR WALL 6 9+2/Turn 15 24 000 MICRO: This prefix attached to a
ANIMATE OBJECT 3 10+2/Turn 15 25' 600 spell indicates not one but two
ANTI-MAGIC SHELL 3 10 13 25' 600 modifications. The first is that the
ASTRAL EYE 4 12+2/Turn 18 28' 800 spell is designed to hit ONE person
BOMBS, 2" RADIUS 2 12 15 28' 800 or object only. It is a magical sniping
COLD PELLET, 5 12 14 28' 800 weapon, and can be aimed at any
CONTROL WEATHER 6 25/step 30 49' 600 visible target within range_ The other
DEATH 3 9 11 24'000 modification is that this type of spell
DISINTEGRATE 2 11 13 21' 200 may be fired every PHASE instead of
ENERGY CONE, 12" RANGE 4 14 18 32:000 every tum, as normal magic is. This
ENERGY MICRO-BALL 4 8 10 22 400 allows a magic user to Iire Micro
GEAS 3 15 19 33:600 spells of whichever type he is using at
HOMING BALL LIGHTNING 6 11 14 27,200 six different targets during a tum.
HOMING BALL OF FIRE 2 11 14 27 200 EACH Micro-whatever costs the spell
IMPACT RESISTANCE 1 9+1/Turn 12 24' ooo points listed for that spell in the spell
INDETECTABILITY 4 12 15 28:800 table, which makes the rapid-fire
INDIVIDUAL DEATH 3 9 11 24,000 advantage an expensive one_
INVISIBLE STALKER 4 12 15 28,800
LIGHTNING BOLT, 12" RANGE 6 10 13 25,600 MINT : This indicates a spell of 1/2
LOCATE MONSTER 4 8 11 22,400 the normal radius or length of the
LOWER WATER 5 10+2/Turn 15 25,600 basic type of spell, or in some other
MAXI-ENERGY CONE 4 13 16 38,400 way of reduced effecL Thus a
MAXI-STRENGTH (1-100) 1 18 24 38,400 Mini-Bolt is 3" long, a Mini-Ball 1 ' in
MEGA-COLD CONE 5 24 30 48,000 radius.
MEGA-HEAT CONE 6 24 30 48,000
MINI-BOMB 2 10 13 25,600 MAXI: This indicates an improved
MIRROR WALL 3 10+3/Turn 18 25,6()(} coverage by the spell In the case of a
MONSTER CONTROL 3 12 15 28,800 Maxisleep spell, the effect is much
MOVE EARTH 1 25+15/Turn 45 49,600 greater than that of a Sleep spell, but
NEGATION 3 11 13 27,200 of limited duration.
PART WATER 5 8+4/Turn 16 22,400
PASSENGER TELEPORT 3 15 19 33,600 MEGA: This indicates a further stage
POISON GAS 6 9 12 24,000 of enlargement. For example,
PROJECTED IMAGE 3 9+1/Turn 13 24,000 Megaball is 4" in radius, but with
PROTECTION/MAGIC MISSILES 3 8 10 22,400 reduced damage effects.
IMPLEMENTS 4 10 12 25,600 MACRO: This is the descriptive term
REINCARNATION 4 10 12 25,600 indicating an enormous effect. For
SMITING 3 3 6+3/Blow 12 22,400 example, a Macroball spell is 6' in
STONE TO FLESH 1 8 10 22,400 radius.
SUMMONING 3 20 25 41,GOO Magic Classes
SUPER FIRE BALL (4") 2 15 19 33,600 Magical spells are divided into six
SUPER POLYMORPH SELF 1 10 14 25,600 classes based on their effects. All
SUSTAINED DIMENSION DOOR 3 10+3/Turn 16 25,600 magic-using characters must pick their
TIME DELAY 3 *** 20 19,200 magic class when they are able to
ULTRA-SLEEP 1 15 18 33,600 select their first second-lhvel spell.
WIDE-ENERGY CONE 4 18 22 38,400 Whenever a magic-using person
throws a spell from his or her
specialty class, it costs one spell point
less than it would normally. On the
other hand, whenever he or she
throws a spell from the magic class
that is opposite the specialty, it costs
one more spell point than normal to
throw the spell. The column headed

"Magic Class" on the spell lists gives until he is able to learn a new spell is thrown, the victim cannot obey
the class of each spell. The classes of that level. commands or carry out actions of his
are: No magic user may change his own volition, and thus stands still
I - Earth, Body and Inanimate spells once learned, so it is often and neither fights nor acts. Range:
magic. Its opposite is class 6. useful not to learn a new spell when 12". Duration: Until dispelled, or
2-Fire and Destructive magic. Its reaching a new experience level, just until removed by the caster of the
opposite is class 5. so that a useful new spell may be spell, or the caster loses control by
3-Magic of the Personal Will, the obtained later. going unconscious, dying, or moving
general 'Magical' effects. Its opposite Once a magic user has researched a outside 12" range.
is class 4. new spell and has memorized it, he Detect Alignment: This spell
4-Magic of Outside Forces, may teach it to other magic users allows the user to detect the
Spirits, and Detection. Its opposite is freely or sell the rights to it in order alignment (Law, Neutrality, Chaos) of
class 3. to recover some of his expended a single being at a distance of up to
5-Water, Life, Dark and Cold gold. At the discretion of the l" per level of the magic-user casting
magic. Its opposite is class 2. referee(s) involved, players may the spell (up to a maximum of 24").
6-Air, Electricity, Light, and Heat research new spells. Any referees Detect Altitude: Allows the user
magic. Its opposite is class 1. should obtain a careful description of to determine his altitude above or
Certain spells have been placed in the new spell and agree as to its level below ground level with an error
their classes as a matter of playability and cost before it is researched and factor of no more than 5%.
or in order to avoid philosophical used. A little work should allow Detect Magic: A spell to determine
debate over the actual basis of a type comparison with an existing spell. if there has been some enchantment
of spell. These exceptions are minor, For purposes of starting a series of laid on a single person, place, or
and I hope you will forgive us for games, we suggest that you allow thing. It is used to discover if some
them, for they were necessary. only a few basic first level spells to item is magical, if a spell has been
A referee just setting up a be available, with others needing to placed on a doorway, etc. Range:
campaign by our rules should be found or researched. The ones we adjacent to the person, place, or
consider the concept of spell classes recommend as a basic list of ten thing.
to be optional until the rest of the known spells are: Charm Person, Detect Copper, Gold, Iron, Life,
system is familiar, especially if a Jot Detect Alignment, Detect Magic, Platinum, Poison, Secret Doors,
of the players are beginners. Hold Portal, Light, Match, Protection, Silver, Sloping Passages, Wall, Water:
Read Languages, Read Magic and Allows the user to detect the named
Researching Magic Sleep. These allow beginning magic thing. Range: l" per level of user,
We have found that, in beginning a users to have something to work maximum of 6".
series of games, it is worthwhile to with, and a lot to work for. Hold Portal: A spell to seal a
limit the spells available to magic door, gate, or other such similar
users. This gives them an incentive SPECIFIC SPELLS opening. While this spell is in effect,
for finding the lairs of hostile magic no physical being or object may pass
users (in order to find books of First Level Spells through the portal. Dispel Magic (3)
spells) or seeking out friendly higher will immediately negate the Hold
level magic users (which often leads Activate Wand: This spell causes Portal spell, and strongly anti-magical
to adventures) or researching new the wand being held by a magic-user beings (demons and such) can simply
spells on their own. Researching casting the spell to activate. If the destroy the spell and walk through
spells in our system is done by the wand has charges, a charge is also without delay. A Knock spell (2) will
following formula: The cost of used. The wand spell will act as a negate the Hold Portal spell for 1-4
researching any spell, in both spell normal spell, up to a limit of acting phases. The Hold Portal spell lasts for
points and gold pieces, is 25(Spell as if thrown by a 6th level 2-12 turns (rolled by the referee in
Point Cost of Spell + Level of magic-user, in most cases. secret). Range: no more than 1"
Spell)(2 to the Lth power) where L is Charm Amphibian, Arachnid, from the caster at the moment of
the level of the spell being Avian, Fish, Insect, Mammal, Reptile: casting.
researched. This means that for a first Similar to a Charm Person spell (I), Light: A spell to cast light in a 3"
level spell costing 3 spell po in ts to but each affects only the type of circle, not equal to full daylight. It
cast, it is 25 X (3+ 1) X 2, which animal it is designed for. Range: 12". lasts for a number of turns equal to 6
equals 200 spell points and gold Charm Person: This spell applies plus the level of the user; thus a 7th
pieces. That isn't much, although it is to all two-legged, generally level magic-user would cast a light
a few weeks of work for a low-level mammalian figures near to or less spell lasting for 13 turns.
magic user. Now, when you want to than man-size, excluding all 'undead' Match: This spell may be used to
research a 4th level spell costing 6 monsters but including such things as set fire to inflammable objects from a
spell points to throw, the numbers ores and goblins If the spell is distance of up to 6". It will have no
become 25 X (6+4) X 16, which is successful it will cause the charmed effect on nonflammable objects.
4000. Higher level spells are time and entity to obey any spoken and Muscle Spasm: A spell which is
money-consuming. No magic user understood command of the charmer used to disrupt the aim of a single
may research a spell of a level higher until such time as the 'charm' is opponent for one phase. No effect if
than those he is capable of throwing. dispelled. The victim will not commit victim makes saving throw. Range:
Once he has researched a spell, he direct suicide under this charm. 3".
: may not use it or teach it to others During the phase in which the charm
Protection: This spell protects the scene as if he were at one-tenth the levels attained. Thus a 7th level
magic-user from attacks by enchanted true distance away. Duration: 6 fighter would be 3rd experience
monsters of lesser power (animated turns. group. Range: 24". Duration: 1
skeletons, etc.). It also serves as Ventriloquism: Allows the user to magic phase.
protection against various forms of "throw" his voice up to 6" in any Detect Evil: A spell to detect evil
attacks, improving saving throws by I direction not blocked by magic. The thought or intent in any single
and adding I to the defense level of point from which his voice emanates creature or evilly enchanted object.
the magic user. (Note that this spell can. be moved at will. Duration: 6 Note that poison, for example, is
is not cumulative in effect with magic turns. neither good nor evil, and would not
armor and/or Rings of Protection, be detected. Duration: 1 magic phase.
although it will continue to keep out Second Level Spells Range: 1" per level of magic-user
enchanted monsters.) Duration: 6 casting spell (24" maximum).
turns. Activate Staff: This spell works on Detect Gems: A spell similar to
Read Languages: This spell allows only one type of staff per individual Detect Metal & Kind (2) which
the reading of unknown languages on spell. If the staff has charges, a allows the user to detect the
maps and other inscriptions. It is charge is also used. The staff will do presence, number, and sizes of gems
otherwise like Read Magic. damage of no more than 8 dice or within 6" range.
Read Magic: The means by which one-half the level of the magic-user, Detect Good: Similar to Detect
incantations on a scroll or other item in dice, whichever is the greater. Evil (2) except that good is detected
are read. Without such a spell or Aurora {Light Wall): Causes a wall rather than evil.
similar device magic is unintelligible of light to be formed. Dimensions Detect Invisible: A spell to detect
to even a magic-user. Note that this and placement of the wall are similar anything which is either naturally
spell may be used to read a spell to those for a Fire Wall ( 4). invisible (such as an Invisible Stalker)
from a scroll during the same magic Duration: as long as spell points are or which has been made invisible via
phase that the scroll spell is cast. expended to maintain it. use of an invisibility spell. Duration:
Range: adjacent to the object to be Awaken: A spell to awaken from 6 turns. Range : I" per level of caster
read. Duration: one reading. sleep all beings within an area of 6" (24" maximum).
Silence, 1" Radius: This spell by 6". This spell will cancel the Detect Metal & Kind: A spell
forms a I" circle of total silence effects of all types of spells of which allows the user to detect the
around the target. No sound can be sleeping, as well as drugged sleeps. presence and type of any metal
heard inside the circle and no sound Range : 24". within 6" of himself. By moving
can escape from it. Range : 12". Continual Light: This spell creates about so that the metal is first in
Duration: 6 turns. a 12" circle of illumination range and then out, the user can
Sleep: A sleep spell affects 2-16 emanating from a point within 12" determine the approximate direction
first-level beings, 2-12 second-level of the caster, but does not equal full of the metal he has detected, if
beings, 1-8 third level beings, or 1-6 daylight. It continues to shed light unknown. Duration: 6 turns.
fourth-level beings, in an area of no until dispelled. Range: 12". Detect Shifting Walls & Rooms:
more than 6" by 6". Of the beings Create Sound: A spell to create With this spell the user can detect the
affected, any failing to make their sounds of moderate intensity at any presence of all walls and rooms
saving throws immediately fall asleep. point within 6" of the caster. Sounds within 6" of himself that are able to
This sleep lasts until the spell is so created are not harmful and may shift, rise, sink, expand, contract, or
dispelled, until the magic user dies, or not be of a complex nature (such as otherwise change in size or position.
until the magic user is more than 24" speech). Duration: I turn. Duration: 1 magic phase.
from the sleepers. If the target area Darkness: The opposite of a Light Detect Traps: This spell allows the
contains more than the number of spell {I) in effect, identical otherwise. user to detect the presence of all
beings rolled, determine randomly Deodorant: This spell, when cast traps within 6" of himself. Duration:
which are affected. Level of being, upon the magic-user or another I magic phase.
including men, is determined by hit character, will negate that character's ESP: A spell which allows the user
dice. Range: 24". scent, so that animals or monsters to read the surface thoughts {if any)
Sound Amplification: Causes the cannot smell the character, or track of whatever lurks behind doors or in
user to hear sounds better by a factor them by scent alone. Range : I". the darkness. It can penetrate solid
of 10. This will enable the user to Duration: 1 day or until dispelled. rock up to about 1/3" in thickness,
better hear sounds through doors, Detect Enemies: The user of this but a thin coating of lead will
walls, or when the sounds are very spell is able to detect any enemy that prevent its penetration. Note that
quiet (such as a thief moving knows of the user's presence. 'undead' monsters do not register on
silently). Duration: 6 turns. Duration: I magic phase. Range: l" ESP at all. Range: 6".
Super Match This spell is a per level of caster (24" maximum). Extinguish Fire: A spell which will
stronger version of the Match spell Detect Experience Group: This put out any normal (non-magical) fire
(I). It will set fire to flammable spell allows the caster to detect the within 24".
objects otherwise difficult to light, average experience group of any Fireworks: A spell which produces
such as wet wood. number of beings located in a 6" by a fireworks display. Duration: I tum.
Telescope: A spell which increases 6" area. Experience groups are Range: 24".
the ability of the user to see determined by level and type of the Flash: Causes a flash of heat and
distin1,;tly at a distance. The user will beings involved. Humans rise one light at any point within 6" of the
be able to make out details of a experience group for every three caster. The heat will ignite a

flammable object at the point of the particular flight of stairs often radius of effect is greater.
flash and the light will blind for one travelled, can be detected by this Speak Languages: Via this spell,
turn all who look at it and fail a spell. The spell gives the user the the user can speak and understand
saving throw vs. magic. Duration: 1 direction of the object desired, but any language or dialect that can be
magic phase. not the distance. The desired object normally spoken. Duration: 3 turns.
Freeze Water: This spell causes a must be within range in order to be St. Elmo's Fire: This spell causes
1" cube of water or less to freeze to detected at all. Range: 6" + 1" per an electrical light wall to be formed.
solid ice. Range: 6". Duration: until level of the magic-user casting the Dimensions and placement of the
the ice melts (as normal ice). spell. Duration: 1 magic phase. wall are similar to those for a Fire
Gliding: A spell which allows the Magic Missile: Allows the caster to Wall ( 4). Does no damage to those
user to glide through the air. Rate of throw magic missiles at the rate of 1 passing through. Duration: as long as
descent may range from a vertical for every 3 experience levels he has maintained by spell points.
dive to a 20: 1 ratio of horizontal to attained, rounded off. Each missile is Super Sleep: This spell, unlike the
vertical movement. Duration: as long like a light crossbow bolt in normal Sleep spell (1), will affect
as maintained by spending spell penetrating ability and chance to hit, monsters of higher levels but will not
points. but does 2 dice +2 pips of damage put the targets to sleep indefinitely.
Hallucination: A spell which when it hits. Maximum range is 15". The spell will affect any number of
causes the target to have vivid visual Each missile costs 1 spell point to monsters grouped within a 6" by 6"
hallucinations whose contents are throw over and above the cost of 4 area, within the following limits: a
controlled by the caster of the spell. spell points required to initiate the monster that takes L hit dice takes
Duration: 1 turn. Range: 12". spell. Duration: 1 magic phase. All up L squared sleep points. A magic
Invisibility: Makes invisible the missiles fired in one phase must be at user of level M has 25M sleep points
person or thing upon which it is cast. the same target. per spell. A monster can be affected
Highly magical creatures (like balrogs Measure Distance: Allows the as iong as L squared is not greater
or dragons) will still be able to see caster to measure any distance he can than 25M. The number of monsters,
the invisible object or person, but see within a tolerance of 5%. or the number of turns one or more
normal monsters or men will not. Duration: 1 magic phase. monsters will stay asleep is
Duration: until dispelled or the Measure Volume: Allows the determined by seeing how many
invisible person attempts to attack. caster to measure any volume within times L squared will go into 25M.
Range: 24". his sight within a tolerance of 5%. After seeing how many are affected,
Knock: A spell which opens doors Duration: 1 magic phase. those affected roll saving throws,
and other similar devices when Parachute: This spell allows a those failing falling asleep. Maximum
normally barred or magically sealed, magic-user to control his rate of range: 24".
as follows: unless the door is descent when falling so as to insure a Wind: This spell produces a wind
magically sealed in some way, it is safe landing. Duration: as long as of sufficient intensity to blow out
simply opened by the casting of the spell points expended to maintain torches. Wind direction is controlled
spell, even if locked. If the door was spell. Range: can be cast on self only. by the caster of the spell. Duration:
sealed by a Hold Portal ( 1) the door Phantasman Force: The creation 1 turn. Range: 12".
is opened for 1-4 phases, and then of vivid illusions of nearly anything Wizard Lock: Similar to a Hold
closes again for the duration of the the user envisions (a projected mental Portal (1), this spell lasts until
Hold Portal spell. If the door was image). As long as the caster dispelled. It can be opened by a
sealed by the use of a Wizard Lock concentrates on the spell (doing Knock Spell (2) without the Wizard
spell (2), the use of a Knock spell nothing else), the illusion will Lock being removed. It can be passed
opens the door for 1 phase, and it continue until touched by some living through without a spell of any kind
then shuts again for the duration of creature. If viewers of a Phantasmal by any magic-user who is three levels
the Wizard Lock spell. Range: 3". Force believe it to be real (see higher than the one who cast the
Duration: 1 opening. Special Saving Throws) the spell will spell.
Levitate: This spell lifts the caster, cause damage just as if it were a real
all motion being vertical. However, spell thrown by a magic-user of the Third Level Spells
the user could, for example, levitate actual caster's level. Thus, a
to the ceiling of a room, and move Phantasmal Fireball thrown by a 4th Ball Lightning: A spell to produce
horizontally by pushing his hands level magic user could only do 4 dice a sphere of electrical energy W' in
along the ceiling. Duration: as long as of damage, if believed. Range: 24". diameter. It travels away from the
spell points expended. Range: 2" per Photographic Memory: This spell caster at 12" per magic phase until it
level of magic-user is maximum allows a magic user to memorize strikes an object and explodes. The
height, upwards motion at 6" per exactly the area around him. Range: explosion affects an area l" wide by
turn. limited to what can be seen by the 3" long beginning at the point of the
Locate Object: In order for this magic user. Duration: 1 magic phase. explosion and extending in the
spell to be effective it must be cast See Invisible: Similar to Detect direction of motion of the sphere.
with certain knowledge of what is to Invisible (2) except the being or Damage caused is equal to h die per
be located. Thus, the exact nature, object becomes visible to the level of the caster.
dimensions, coloring, etc., of some magic-user, but cannot be seen in Ball of Fire: Similar to Ball
magical item would have to be darkness, or if hidden by position. Lightning except that fire is
known in order for the spell to work. Silence, 3" Radius: Similar to the employed rather than electrical
Well known objects, such as a Silence, l" Radius spell (I), but the energy.

Clairaudience: This spell allows the that lasts until dispelled). This is Hold Person: A spell similar to
caster to listen to sounds at a modified by the following formula. Charm Person (I), but which is of
distance, limited in the same way as The success of a Dispel Magic spell is more limited duration and greater
ESP (2). This spell may be used to a ratio of the level of the dispeller effect. It affects either from 1-4
listen in on the voices. of creatures over the level of the original spell persons (rolled on a 4-sided die)
seen thomgh a crystal ball although caster. Thus, if a 5th level magic-user normally, or can be concentrated on
the spell itself is not transmitted attempts to dispell the spell of a 10th 1 target, in which case the target
through the crystal ball. level magic-user, there is a 50% subtracts 2 from his Saving Throw
Clairvoyance: This spell allows the chance of success. Duration: 1 magic roll before checking his roll against
caster to see events transpiring in a phase. Range: 3". Can be aimed at a what he needed in order to save. This
location not visible to him by normal specific target or cast generally spell has the further effect of making
means, out to a distance limit of 24". around the caster. the caster's commands understood by
This spell is blocked by the same Fire Ball: A spell which produces the person taken over, even if the
means listed for ESP (2). Duration: a tiny ball of flame, traveling from wrong language is used. Duration: 6 +
as long as maintained. Note: Spell the finger of the caster in a straight level of caster (in turns). Range: 12".
will not make objects which are line to any point rithin 24" that is Illusion: Similar to Phantasmal
invisible or enveloped in darkness visible to the caster. At the distance Forces (2), except it causes no
visible, unless used in conjunction that the caster has ordered the damage to those believing in the
with a spell or device to see invisible projectile to travel, it bursts into a illusion. Continues as long as spell
objects or in darkness. sphere of flame 2" in radius. This points are used to maintain it, even if
Cold Cone: A spell which sphere, if in an enclosed space, illusionary object$ are touched. Belief
produces a cone, 6" long and 3" expands to fill the volume of a 2" Saving Throws need to be made each
wide at the base, with the narrow radius sphere, shaped like the turn illusion is maintained, until
point starting at the fiRgertip of the enclosed space requires. If the disbelieved. Range: 24".
caster, of pure cold. This spell causes projectile is prevented from reaching lnfravision: This spell allows the
1 die of damage per level of the its target range by meeting a physical recipient to see normally in total
caster. or magical barrier. it will bounce off darkness. Duration: I day or until
Continual Darkness: Similar to a and retrace its path until it has dispelled. Range of vision: limited by
spell of Continual Light (2) except travelled its intended distance, and terrain or IO".
that darkness is produced rather than then explode. Thus, it may go off on Invisibility, 1" Radius: An
light. top of the caster, in some cases. If Invisibility Spell (2) with an extended
Dark Cone: A spell which the projectile goes through a Fire projection of the area affected by the
produces total darkness in a cone Wall ( 4), it will explode into its casting of the spell. Otherwise the
shaped like a Cone of Cold. sphere at that point. This spell does 1 same as Invisibility.
Duration: as long as maintained. die of damage per level of the caster. Light Beam: Creates a beam of
Darkwall: Causes a wall of Duration: 1 magic phase. Range: 24". light 72" long and 1/60" in diameter,
darkness to be formed, dimensions Fire Dart: This spell produces a with an effect similar to that of a
and placement of the wall the same small missile of fire which, upon flashlight. Duration: as long as spell
as those for a Fire Wall ( 4). hitting its target, causes l die of points are spent to maintain it.
Duration: as long as spell points are damage per level of the caster. The Lightning Bolt: This spell produces
expended to maintain it. missile travels in a straight line from a projectile which leaves the finger of
Detect Clairvoyance & the finger of the caster to the target, the caster and goes a stated distance,
Clairaudience: The user of this spell up to its maximum range of 24". up to a maximum of 24". At its
is able to detect all uses of Duration: 1 magic phase. planned distance of travel, even if the
Clairvoyance and Clairaudience Flame: This spell produces a projectile is bounced back by an
against him. Duration: 6 turns. stream of flame 6" long and W' obstruction, the projectile turns into
Detect Orientation: Allows the wide, beginning at the tip of the a lightning bolt, 6" in length and
user to detect his orientation (North, caster's finger. The flame splashes 3/4" wide. If this bolt is prevented
East, etc.) as if he had an infallible when it hits any solid non-flammable by an obstruction, such as a wall,
compass. Duration: I magic phase. object, which may cause the flame to from reaching its full length, the end
Detect Teleport (After): By damage other targets or the caster. If touching the obstruction will bend
casting this spell within 5 turns of his the target of the flame is destroyed over and retrace the path of the bolt
having passed through a known or by the damage caused, whatever was until the 6" are used up. Anything in
unknown teleportation device or behind the target is also a target. the overlap will take damage as many
spell, a magic-user can confirm the Damage caused is l die per level of times as hit. Does I die of damage
fact that he has been teleported and the caster. Duration: l magic phase. per level of caster. Duration: I magic
can find the precise point at which Fly: By means of this spell the phase.
he arrived, if he has moved. Range: user is able to fly at a speed of up to Lightning Dart: Same as Fire Dart
6" from arrival point. Duration: 1 24" per turn. Duration: as long as (3) except that electrical energy is
magic phase. spell points spent to maintain spell. used rather than fire.
Dispel Ma:gic: Under normal Heat Cone: A spell which Magic Mouth: This spell allows a
conditions, this spell will be effective produces in tense heat in a 6" cone, magic-user to enchant an inanimate
in dispelling enchantments of a similar to Cold Cone (3). Causes l object so that it will speak a short
temporary nature (i.e., any die of damage per level of caster. phrase to whomever he has specified
enchantment with a time limit or Duration: 1 magic phase. (anyone, a particular person or class

of persons, whoever touches the item, magic-user, and which lasts for , 12 torches and to sweep away all
etc.). Once the message has been turns, affecting all being beneficially creatures weighing less than 1000 gp
delivered, the spell expires unless the as long as they remain within l" of in weight. The movement of the
magic-user maintains the enchantment the caster. (Note: beings that are whirlwind is controlled by the caster.
by being within 24" of the object particularly re sis tan t to magic will Movement speed: 24" per turn.
and expends the spell points required have to roll their Saving Throws to Duration: 1 turn. Range: 24".
to maintain the spell. This method is see if they are affected beneficially. Wizard Light: This spell creates a
used to transmit a longer message or This is one of the few instances when 24" radius circle of light emanating
to cause the message to be given a magic-user might want an enemy to from the caster. The circle of light
more than once. successfully save against the moves with the caster. Range: none.
Maxi-Ball: Same as Fire Ball (3) magic-user's spells.) Duration: as long as maintained.
except this spell has a radius of 3" Protection/Normal Missiles: The
and only does ~ die of damage per recipient of this spell becomes Fourth Level Spells
level of the caster. impervious to arrows, light crossbow
Maxi-Sleep: Same as Super Sleep quarrels and sling pellets of a Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, and
(2) except that the number of sleep non-magical nature and fired by Poison Resistances: Each of these
points per level of the caster is 50 normal, human or lesser opponents. spells provides a measure of resistance
instead of 25. This would not protect against heavy to the type of damage named. As a
Micro-Phantasm: This spell is archery weapons, monsters using result, the receiver of such a spell's
similar to Phantasmal Forces (2) projectiles, or magical missiles of any effects has 2 added to the number he
except that it affects only one person kind. Duration: 12 turns. Range: 3". actually rolls on a saving throw
and can be used cince per phase. Rope Trick: A spell to cause a against that type of damage, and
Once a victim disbelieves the rope to extend straight up and out of takes 1 point less per die of damage
phantasm, rolling each phase for sight into what is apparently another than is actually rolled. Range:
belief, he need not check again, and world or dimension. Any person or adjacent to target. Duration: as long
will not take further damage. thing following or climbing the rope as maintained.
Duration: 1 magic phase. The Spell will also go into a pocket of that Animal Control: This spell allows
Point cost listed is per phase of the other world. If the person climbing the user to control up to three
spell. the rope pulls the rope up into the 6-sided dice of 1st level animals
Mini-Ball: Same as Fire Ball (3) pocket, he cannot be followed. If the (3-18), up to two 8-sided dice of 2nd
except this spell has a radius of l ", rope is destroyed while outside the level animals (2-16), and up to one
doing 1 die of damage per level of pocket, the person is stranded. If the 6-sided die of 3rd level animals.
the caster. rope is pulled down, the person will Duration: as Charm Person (1).
Mini-Bolt: Same as Lightning Bolt fall out of the pocket and back to Range: 12".
(3) except the bolt produced by this the ground (1" fall). Range: adjacent Area Darkness: A spell to produce
spell is only 3" long. to rope. Duration: as long as spell darkness in a 6" sphere, not
Mini-Cold Cone: Same as Cold points are spent to maintain the spell necessarily centered on the caster.
Cone (3) except the cone formed is and the rope is in tact. Maximum range: 24". Duration: (6 +
only 3" long and 1W' wide at the Speed: A spell which will cause level of user) turns.
widest point. those affected to move at twice Charm Monster: The equivalent of
Mini-Heat Cone: Same as normal movement speed. This spell a Charm Person (1) spell, but usable
Mini-Cold Cone, except the cone does not affect blows taken per phase against all creatures. If animals or
formed is one of intense heat. or dexterity. The spell can affect an creatures with three or fewer hit dice
Mini-Wide-Cold Cone: Same as area of 3" by 3". Duration: 3 turns. are involved, determine how many
Cold Cone (3), except the cone Range: 24". are affected by the spell as in Animal
formed is 1W' long and 3" wide. Water Breathing: A spell which Control above. It is otherwise
Mini-Wide-Heat Cone: Same as allows the recipient to breathe under identical to the Charm Person spell in
Heat Cone (3), except the cone water without harm or difficulty. effect.
formed is 1W' long and 3" wide. Range: 3". Duration: as long as spell Clumsiness: A spell which causes
Mirror Image: This spell produces po in ts are spent to maintain the spell. all beings within a 3" by 3" area to
1-4 exact illusionary duplicates of the Web: This spell produces enough have difficulty in con trolling their
caster. These images may move sticky spider-web-like strands to cover bodily movements. The net result is
anywhere within 6" of the caster, at a volume of two 1" cubes. These that the attack and defense levels of
the will of the caster. Individual strands are difficult to sever without the targets are halved, and complex
images will disappear when touched. fire, and take an amount of time actions are impossible. Range: 12".
Duration: as long as spell points are equal to SO/strength of creature, Duration: 1-6 turns (rolled randomly
spent to maintain the spell. measured in turns, to break through. per creature by referee).
Projected Strength: This spell A flaming sword or torch will cut Cold Beam, 12" Range: Creates a
allows the caster to increase the through at double the normal speed. beam of cold 12" long and 1/60" in
strength of a recipient by 2-12 (rolled Range: 3". Duration: webs last until diameter. This beam does damage of
randomly) strength points for 1-10 destroyed. 1 die per level of the caster, and
(rolled) turns. Whirlwind: A spell which creates a stops when it hits a solid object.
Protection, l" Radius: A whirlwind having a 1" base diameter, Duration: 1 magic phase.
Protection s::l (1) which extends to a 2" top diameter, and a height of Confusion: This spell makes the
include a circle around .vthe 3". It is strong enough to blow out victims unable to tell friend from

enemy if they fail to make their Mini-Ball. Healing: Via this spell a magic-user
saving throws. The spell will affect as Fear: Causes all creatures within can heal damage to himself at the
many creatures as the total of the the 6" cone created by this spell to rate of 1 hit point per turn.
roll of two 6-sided dice plus one panic and flee if they fail to make Duration: as long as maintained.
point for each level above 8th of the their saving throws. (Use Magic saving Heat Beam, 12" Range: Same as
caster. The spell affects a 6" by 6" throw for creatures, or special Fear Cold Beam, 12" Range ( 4), except
area maximum, and any creatures saving throw for intelligent beings). that heat is employed and does the
that make their saving throws on the Fleeing creatures roll once each turn damage.
first try, but who stay in the area, to check for recovery from their fear. Ice Wall: A spell which creates an
must roll again each turn, and if they If they make their saving throw, the opaque wall of ice with dimensions
fail any saving throw, succumb to the same as the initial one needed, they and effects similar to those of Fire
spell, up to the total limit of beings stop running and may act freely. Wall ( 4) except the special damage is
affected. Confused creatures will act Duration of spell: 1 magic phase. for those who use fire or are specially
randomly, as determined per creature Fire Wall: This spell creates an susceptible to cold. Acts as a solid
by the roll of two 6-sided dice. Those opaque wall of fire, either flat or wall when spells hit it. Range: 12".
rolling 2-5 will attack the caster and circular, of W' thickness. It prevents Duration: 6 turns.
his companions. Those rolling 6-8 will all creatures of 4 hit dice or less from Immobilization: This spell
stand around doing nothing unless passing through. Undead take two allows the caster to hold immobilized
attacked. Those rolling 9-12 will 6-sided dice of damage when passing any one creature which fails to make
attack whoever or whatever is nearest through, as do other beings specially its saving throw. Range: 24".
them. Check these actions each turn. susceptible to fire. Other creatures Duration: as long as maintained.
Range: 12". Duration: as long as take one 6-sided die of damage from Massmorph: This spell is used to
maintained. passing through. Creatures normally conceal up to 100 men or creatures
Delusion: This spell causes the employing fire, such as Balrogs, take of similar size to men, as a small
victim to suffer from delusions, based no damage. Energy projectiles, such wood or orchard. The concealed
on his own desires and any as those which produce Fire Ball figures may be moved through
suggestions made by the caster. For spells (3), detonate upon contact without being detected as anything
example, the victim might think that with a Fire Wall. Range: 6". other than trees, and it will not
he could fly, or that a magic item Duration: as long as maintained. affect the spell. The effect will be
conferred total immunity to dragon Gaseous Form: Changes the target negated by a command from the
breath, even though these things were into an inert gas, allowing it to caster or by being dispelled. Range:
not true, thus placing the victim in penetrate any place which is not 24".
danger. Range: 12". Duration: as airtight. Only the target is Maxi-Cold Cone: Creates a cone of
long as maintained. transformed, not the things that it or cold, as Cold Cone (3) except for
Dimension Door: A limited he was wearing or carrying. All such having dimensions of 6" long and 6"
Teleport spell (5) which allows all material cannot be moved by the gas, wide at the base (the end away from
objects or persons within a l" cube and is left in place or falls to the the caster).
to be instantaneously transported no ground, as appropriate to the item. Maxi-Heat Cone: Creates a cone of
more than 36" in any direction. Duration: until dispelled. Range: 6". heat, as Maxi-Cold Cone, except of
There is no danger of misjudging Growth of Plants: This spell causes heat.
distance when using this spell, and normal brush or woods to become Mega-Ball: This spell is like Fire
thus the objects being moved always thickly overgrown and entangled with Ball (3) except the sphere of fire
arrive at the distance and direction creepers, vines, thorns, briars and so produced is 4" in radius, and only
stated by the caster, unless a magical on, so as to make the area virtually does ~ die of damage per level of the
barrier of certain types prevents it. impassable. It will affect an area of caster.
Thus, the caster could move an up to 9" square, the dimensions Mega-Sleep: Like a Sleep spell (1),
object 12" upwards, 20" left and 20" decided by the caster of the spell. a Mega-Sleep will put to sleep those
down. or any similar combination. If Range: 12". Duration: until dispelled. whom it affects. It will affect up to
an object occupies the space beings Hallucinatory Terrain: By means two 6-sided dice (2-12) of creatures
transpo rted to, a saving throw is of this spell, terrain features can of less than 20th level. Each creature
rolled for that object. If it fails, the either be hidden or created-an so affected will sleep for (20- L)
transfer is completed, with the illusion which affects a large area, turns, where L is the level of the
interfering object being moved to the thus a swamp, hill, ridge, woods or individual creature. Duration: per
site of the original object. May be the like can be concealed or made to level. Range: 24".
cast at a point no more than l" from appear. The spell is broken when it is Micro-Ball: Same as Fire Dart (3)
caster. Duration: 1 magic- phase. touched by an intelligent being. except this spell may be cast once
Electric Micro-Ball: Same as Range: 24". per phase, and the cost listed is per
Lightning Dart (3) except this spell Haste: An area spell which affects phase (thus, also per Micro-Ball).
may be cast once per phase, and the up to 24 creatures in a maximum One-Way Darkness: Similar to a
cost listed is per phase (thus, also per area of 3" by 3" . It has the effect of Darkwall (3) except that the wall
Micro-Ball). doubling the dexterity, movement appears dark from only one side
Electric Mini-Ball: An electrical speed, and blows per phase of hte (specified by the cag\ter). From the
discharge in the shape and size of a targets. Duration: 3 turns. Range : other side, no wall isl visible. Range:
Mini-Ball spell (3). Causes I die of 24". 6". Duration: as long as maintained
damage per level of caster. Limits as
Paralysis Cone: This spell produces non-magical missiles, even those destroyed.
a cone of the same dimensions as the hurled from magical projectors. Wide-Cold Cone: Creates a cone
Cold Cone (3), in which a special Remove Curse: A spell to remove with a 90 degree vertex and 3" long
form of damage is caused to all living any one curse, geas or quest. Using sides. Causes 1 die of damage per
things. The damage caused by this this spell in the case of someone level of the caster.
spell is not cumulative with other holding a cursed magical item would Wide-Heat Cone: Same as
types of damage. When a person remove the effect of the item's curse Wide-Cold Cone ( 4) except that heat
sustains damage of this type on that person, but would not affect is employed rather than cold.
exceeding his hits to unconsciousness the item permanently. (Beings under Wizard Eye: A spell which allows
level, total paralysis of all voluntary the influence of a Geas or a Queft the user to send a visual sensor up to
muscles results. Damage caused is may not use this spell.) Duration: 1 24" away in order to observe the
equal to 1 die per level of the caster magic phase. Range: adjacent to scene without himself moving. The
of the spell. Duration of cone: 1 target. "eye" is invisible (and may be
magic phase. Duration of paralysis: Slow: This is exactly the opposite detected as such). It moves up to 12"
until dispelled. of a Haste spell ( 4) in effect (i.e., per turn. Duration: as long as
Percentile Negation: This spell, halves dexterity, etc.) but otherwise maintained.
when cast before or at the same is exactly like the former spell. Note X-Ray Vision: Allows the user to
dexterity count as another spell being that a Slow spell will counter a Haste see through up to 1" of solid rock or
thrown at the caster that magic spell and vice-versa. 1/12" of iron for a total distance of
phase, will negate from 1-100% of Strength: Via this spell a 3" beyond. Lead prevents any
that incoming spell. If the spell is a magic-user may i;nultiply his strength penetration, as will gold. The user
damage-causing spell, the percentage by as much as four times (by roll of will note hidden doors and trans
negated is applied to the rolled a four-sided die). The strength when X-Raying areas they are in. A
damage. This spell works against multiplication lasts for 1-10 turns l" by 1" section of wall can be
individual or area spells. Duration: 1 (rolled). This spell may not be used examined for hidden things in one
magic phase. Range: 24". on anyone other than the caster. It turn. Duration: 3 turns.
Personal Force Field: This spell may not be used by the caster more
than once per day if his strength is Fifth Level Spells
has the effect of providing its user
with protection equivalent to Plate actually multiplied.
Telepathy: A spell which allows Animate Dead: This spell is used
armor. Duration: as long as
maintained. the user to read the thoughts of any for the animation of skeletons or
Personal Paralysis: A spell which creature within 9" of himself. If the zombies. It in no way brings a
causes a single target to become caster's intelligence is higher than creature back to life. For the number
paralyzed. Because of the personal that of creatures similar to himself of dead animated, simply roll one die
nature of this spell, the target's saving within range, he may attempt to for every level above the minimum
throw against it is worsened by 2. control their mind(s) with suggestions necessary to use a fifth level spell the
Range: 12". Duration of spell: 1 implanted telepathically. Such caster is. Thus a 9th level magic-user
magic phase. Duration of paralysis: suggestions will have a +2 chance of normally gets one die (1-6) animated
until dispelled. being carried out (when rolling for dead. Note that the skeletons or dead
Plant Control: Allows the caster to random actions of unintelligent bodies must be available in order to
control from 1 to 6 large plants (such beings). For player-characters or animate them. The spell lasts until
as trees), or all small plants (ground other intelligent beings, roll percentile dispelled or the animated dead are
cover) within a l" by l" area. dice, with 10% being added to the done away with (dispelled or
Duration: 6 turns. Range: 6". caster's roll. If the target fails to beat destroyed). Each body requires 3
Polymorph Self: A spell allowing this score, the suggestions will be spell points to animate. Range: 3".
the user to take the shape of carried out. (note that the actions to Broadfield Hallucination: Creates a
anything he desires, but without be performed must be reasonable for sustained illusion at the discretion of
thereby acquiring the combat abilities the target to perform. No being the caster, of a maximum size of a
of the thing he has polymorphed would willingly kill himself, for 24" radius circle centered on the
himself to resemble. That is, while instance.) Duration: 1 turn. caster, which lasts until dispelled.
the user may turn himself into the Vertigo: This spell causes a strong Otherwise similar to an Illusion Spell
shape of a dragon, he will not gain feeling of vertigo (dizziness) in the (3), except no Belief saving throw is
the ability to fight and use a dragon target. It affects the target's applicable unless the illusion is
breath weapon, but he will be able to equilibrium to the point that he physically entered. Duration: until
fly. (He will retain all of his own cannot ride anything, and cannot aim dispelled. Range: no part of the
basic abilities, within the limits of the a weapon or spell accurately. (He illusion may be more than 24" from
shape.) A magic-user who polymorphs finds it difficult to defend himself as the caster.
himself into the shape of a giant will well.) No aimed spells may be Charm Being: Similar to Charm
still have the damage capacity of his thrown , and subtract 10 attack and Person (1) except that any being with
normal form (as well as saving defense levels from the target. Range : a full intelligence is affected.
throws, etc.). Duration: until 24". Duration: 2-12 turns. Cloudkill: This spell creates a
dispelled, or until the caster wishes to Wall of Thoms: This spell causes a moving, poisonous cloud of vapor
return to normal . wall of thorns to be formed. which is deadly to all creatures with
Protection/Missiles: Simil ar to a Dimensions and placement of the less than 5 hit dice if they fail saving
Pro tection/Normal Missiles spell {3); wall are similar to those for a Fire throws against magic. Movement: 3"
this spell protects against all Wall ( 4). Duration: until dispelled or per phase according to wind
direction, or directly away from the Feeblemind: A spell used primarily Mass Invisibility: Like an
spell caster if there is no wind. against magic-users, it causes the Invisibility, l" Radius spell (3)
Dimensions: 3" sphere. Duration: 6 target to lose all effective intelligence except that the radius is variable
turns, unless dispelled or dispersed until the spell is countered with a depending upon the spell points used
by trees or unusually strong winds. Dispel Magic (3) or similar removal. to cast the spell (cost = 12 + radius
Note that the cloud is slightly heavier Because of its specialized nature, the in inches). Maximum radius: 24".
than air, so it will sink to the lowest Feeblemind spell worsens the saving Mini-Energy Cone: Same as
possible level, go down stairs, etc. throw of any magic-using target by 4. Mini-Cold Cone (3) except that pure
Cold Cone, 12" Range: Creates a Range: 24". energy is employed rather than cold.
12" long cone of cold, 6" wide at its Giant Control: Similar to a Charm Mini-Wide Energy Cone: Same as
widest point. Otherwise similar to Monster spell ( 4), this spell will affect Mini-Wide Cold Cone (3) except that
Cold Cone (3). from 1-4 giants. pure energy is employed rather than
Conjure Elemental: A spell to Growth of Animals: A spell which cold.
conjure an air, water, fire, or earth will cause from 1-6 normal-sized Paralysis Cone, 12" Range: Similar
elemental. The elemental will remain animals of any kind to grow to giant to a Paralysis Cone ( 4) except that
until dispelled or destroyed, but the size (up to 12 times their normal the cone is 12" long.
magic-user must concentrate on dimensions), with proportionate Passwall: A spell which opens a l"
control of the elemental or it will changes in their attack, defense, and diameter hole of up to l" in length
turn' upon its conjurer and attack hit capabilities. In addition, any through or into any normal wall or
him. Attacking the conjurer will animal of low intelligence will not be solid object. Duration: 3 turns.
break the control. Range: 24". able to cope with the adjustment, Range: 3" from caster.
Crimson Bands: Creates bands and tend to eventually go berserk. Personal Wizard Lock: Similar to a
which wrap themselves around all Range: 12". Duration: until dispelled. Wizard Lock (2), this spell allows
targets within a I" cube. They cannot Heat Cone, 12" Range: Same as a only the caster to pass through it
be broken or removed except by Cold Cone, 12" Range ( 5) except without dispelling it.
magic. Range: 12". Duration: until that heat is employed rather than Polymorph Others: Unlike the
removed. cold. spell to Polymorph Self ( 4), this spell
Detection Jamming: Allows the Hold Monster: Same as Hold causes the recipient to assume both
user to prevent others from detecting Person (3) but applicable to all the form and the combat abilities of
his presence. The spell will operate monsters of less than human the creature he is polymorphed to
against only one particular type of intelligence. resemble. In so doing, the recipient
detection (which must be specified) Human Control: Similar to a Hold loses all of his own physical abilities
per spell. Duration: 6 turns. Person spell (3) in effect, this spell (but maintains his mentality and hit
Diminish Others: Causes the target will affect 2-12 persons with 3 or capacity). Range: 6". Duration: until
to shrink to 1/12 its normal size. fewer hit dice, 2-8 persons with 4-6 dispelled.
Range: 6". Duration: until dispelled. hit dice, 1-4 persons with 7-9 hit Projected Clairaudience: Same as
Dragon Control: Similar to a dice, and I person having 10 or more Clairaudience (3) except that other
Charm Monster spell ( 4), this spell hit dice. Range: 12". persons in the immediate presence of
will affect from 1-3 dragons. Ice Storm: This spell causes a the caster may listen in.
Energy Bolt: Same as Lightning hailstorm to exist in a 3" cube which Projected Clairvoyance: Same as
Bolt (3) except that pure energy is rests upon the ground. This spell may Clairvoyance (3) except that other
employed rather than electrical only be used outdoors. The storm persons in the immediate presence of
energy, and only a specialized energy causes impact damage of 1 die per the caster may also watch.
resistance or protection spell will level of the caster. Duration: 1 phase Scroll Lock: This spell prevents
defend against it. (not magic phase). Range: 12" the writings on a scroll or similar
Energy Cone: Same as a Cold maximum. object from being read by anyone
Cone (3) except that pure energy is Iron Wall: This spell produces a except the caster of the Scroll Lock
employed rather than cold. planar wall of up to 6 square inches spell. Dispelling of the Scroll Lock
Energy Resistance: Provides with a thickness of 1/24". Duration: may (100-level of dispeller in %)
resistance to pure energy weapons, as 12 turns. Range: 6". result in damage or erasure to the
well as to fire and electricity, in a Locate Person: Similar to a Locate scroll itself. Range: adjacent to scroll.
manner similar to other resistance Object spell (2) except that the item Duration: until removed.
spells (see Acid Resistance (4)). to be located must be a person well Silver Magnet: A spell to make an
Extension: This spell causes a known to the spell caster. object attract silver like a normal
other spell thrown with it to increase Macro-Ball: This spell is similar to magnet attracts iron. The strength of
in duration by 50%. It has no effect a Fire Ball (3), except that the radius the magnet may be adjusted by the
on spells whose duration is normally of the explosion is 6", and the caster so that silver will be attracted
dependant upon continuous spell damage done is 1/4 die per level of only weakly or very strongly. (Silver
point expenditure for maintenance. the caster. pieces might be drawn upwards out
Unlike most spells, this spell cannot Macro-Sleep: This spell operates of a backpack, but not so forcefully
be used unless another spell is thrown like a Sleep spell (I) on any creature that the backpack would be torn.)
at the same time. Spell point cost: 4 less than 21st level. 2-12 such Range of effect: 6". Range of spell:
+ level of the spell it extends. creatures may be affected by the adjacent to object to be magnetized.
spell. Duration: until dispelled.
Duration: I magic phase.

Vari-Cold Cone: This spell is this viewer can travel through walls
Speak With Dead: A spell which
similar to Cold Cone (3) except that and solid objects unless they are
allows the user to converse with a
dead body, the magic-user being able the width of the base can be adjusted specifically shielded against it by
to ask three questions. Note that the anywhere between its normal 3" enchantment. Duration: as long as
length of time the creature has been width down to a narrow beam. maintained. Range: 24".
dead will be a limiting factor. Vari-Heat Cone: This spell is Bombs, 2" Radius: This spell is
Magic-users of 8th level or less (using similar to Heat Cone (3) except that similar to a standard Fire Ball (3)
scrolls or implements with the spell) the width of the base can be adjusted except that damage is caused by
can only speak with recent dead (no anywhere between its normal 3" impact (concussion) rather than fire.
more than 4 days dead); 9th-17th width down to a narrow beam. Cold Pellet: This spell is similar to
level magic-users can converse with Vortex: Similar to a Whirlwind a Fire Dart (3) except that cold is
creatures dead up to four months; spell (3), this spell is a bit stronger in employed rather than fire. Range: 6".
magic-users 18th level or higher may that it does 1 die of damage per Duration: 1 magic phase.
converse with any intact remains of magic phase to those in its path. Control Weather: This spell allows
any age. Note that the magic-user Also, any being failing its saving the caster to change the weather
must be able to speak the language of throw against a Vortex spell is swept conditions in his area. Changes must
the deceased in question. Range: up by it and carried along with it be made in a natural progression
adjacent to deceased. (re-rolling saving throw each magic (clear sky to light clouds to heavy
Stone Wall: Creates a planar wall phase). Duration: as long as clouds to rain to storm, for instance).
1/3" thick with a maximum area of maintained. Range: 12". Each level (1-6) of change costs 25
12 square inches. Range: 6"' Weakness: Causes the target to spell points to accomplish. The
Duration: until dispelled or battered become weaker at the rate of 1 possible weather states and their
down. strength point per phase until a levels are given below:
Super Strength: A magic user may maximum strength loss of 50% of the Disintegrate: This spell will cause
use this spell to multiply his strength target's strength is reached. Such an individual object of any
by as much as 5 times. (Roll a weakness is reflected in both attack kind-other than that of a magical
6-sided die and ignore sixes. A 1 and in damage caused in combat. nature-to disintegrate. Any living
means the spell has failed.) The Range: 12". Duration: until being or object will only disintegrate
strength multiplication lasts 1-1 O dispelled., as appropriate to the item. if it blows its saving throw against
turns. This spell may not be used on Duration: until dispelled. Range: 6". magic. Range of spell: 6". Maximum
someone other than the caster. It size of object: none, except entire
may be used by the caster no more Sixth Level Spells object must be in range, or segment
than once per dav. Duration: 1 cast. to be disintegrated must be in range.
Telekinesis: By means of this spell, Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, and Homing Ball Lightning: Similar to
individual objects may be moved by Poison Protection(s): Each of these Ball Lightning (3), except that it
mental force. Weight limits are spells halves the damage received 'locks on' a target and will hunt it
calculated by multiplying the level of from the danger named. These spells down (traveling in a straight line or
the caster by 20 pounds weight. Thus may only be cast by the user upon following around corners by the
a 12th level caster would be able to himself. A successful saving throw, shortest available route) until it hits
manipulate a weight equal to 240 when applicable, will further halve the target. Target must be within 12"
pounds. Duration: As long as the damage. Duration: as long as of the caster for the ball to initially
maintained. Range: 12". maintained. 'lock on'. Causes damage at 1/2 die
Transmute Iron-Lead: Allows the Air Wall: This spell creates a wall per level of the caster.
user to change all of the iron in a 1" of air, dimensions and placement Homing Ball of Fire: Same as
cube into lead or vice-versa. Will not similar to those of a Fire Wall ( 4). Homing Ball Lightning except that
work on magical metal. Duration: This wall will stop archery, breath fire is employed rather than
change is permanent unless reversed weapons, and projectile-type magic. electricity.
by similar spell. Range: 3". (Note: (i.e., the explosion of a Fire Ball will Impact Resistance: Similar to Fire
this spell works on masses of iron, go through an Air Wall, but the Resistance ( 4) except that the
not individual molecules. Thus, the pre-explosion pellet will not.) resistance is to impact (i.e. caster
iron in a persOn's bloodstream would Duration: as long as maintained. takes one point less per die from
be unaffected, but his weapons and Anti-Magic Shell: A skin-tight field melee, Bomb spell and other impact
armor would change.) which surrounds the caster and makes damage).
Undead Control: Similar to an him totally impervious to all magical Indetectability: When this spell is
Animal Control spell ( 4), but affects (not clerical) spells, whether cast by cast there is no way to detect the
2-8 undead under 4 hit dice and 1-4 finger or by implement. While the recipient except through use of a
undead having 4 or more hit dice. shell is up the caster may not himself Detect Life spell (1). Duration: until
Vari-Ball: Like a standard Fire Ball throw any other spells, by finger or dispelled or broken in a manner
(3), except that the explosion radius by implement. Purely magical damage similar to the breaking of an
can be adjusted by the caster, from a bonuses of magical weapons will also Invisibility spell (2). Range: 3".
pinpoint to the normal 2" radius. not travel in or out of the shell. Individual ueath: This spell affects
Vari-Bolt: Similar to a Lightning Duration: 12 turns. any one living creature of any level.
Bolt (3) except the length of the bolt Astral Eye: This spell allows the The individual nature of the spell
can be adjusted by the caster from a caster to send out an invisible viewer worsens the creature's saving throw
pinpoint to its full normal length of similar to Wizard Eye ( 4) ex1:ept that against magic by 2 on the die roll
6". against this spell. If the creature fails
to save after adjustment, it dies. employed rather than cold. Dispel Magic (3), by being hit by
Duration: 1 magic phase. Range: 24". Mini-Bomb: Same as Bomb spell destructive magic equal to the level
Invisible Stalker: This spell allows ( 6) except that the radius is only l ". of the caster (total, if two or more
the caster to summon a being of a Mirror Wall: This spell creates a destructive spells) or by magical
highly specialized nature. This being, wall with a mirror-like surface. It will weapons doing damage as if vs. the
called an Invisible Stalker, will reflect any spell that would normally caster (i.e., it has as many hits as the
perform one basic mission for the reflect from a mirror, as well as light caster). If the caster throws any spell
caster each time summoned, but will and related phenomena. Dimensions other than through the image while
become hostile if the summons are and placement are the same as those the image is being used, this
too frequent (more than once per for a Fire Wall ( 4). automatically dispels the image.
day if short missions, <;>nee per week Move Earth: When above ground, Duration: as long as maintained.
if long missions). The Stalker will the caster may use this spell to move Protection/Magic Missiles: Same as
continue on any one mission until it small hills or ridges (all parts of Protection/Missiles ( 4) except that
is accomplished, regardless of time or which must be within 24" of the magical missiles (including the spell
distance. The missions upon which a caster) or to cause avalanches, small Magic Missile (2)) are included.
Stalker may be sent must be tremors, and other effects, such as Reflect Detection by Implements:
consistent with the alignment of the cracking, fissuring, etc. When below This spell prevents the recipient from
caster. Stalkers return to their ground, the caster may use this spell being detected by any detection
extra-dimensional heme upon to open and close tunnels for his own implement. Detection spells will still
completion of their mission, or if a use or to hamper others, as well as to work if cast by finger. Duration: 1
magic-user at least 3 levels higher move obstructing rocks aside. The day or until dispelled.
than the original summoner casts a spell takes one full turn to go in to Reincarnation: This spell can be
Dispel Magic (3) at the Stalker. effect. Any object set into used to place the soul of a dead
Summons takes 1 full turn. Range: continuous motion (other than as character in a new body, given two
adjacent to caster. affected by gravity or other forces) things: that the spell is cast within
Lightning Bolt, 12": Same as will move no faster than 6" per tum. one week of the death of the
Lightning Bolt (3) except that the Duration: as long as maintained. character, and that the old body is
length is 12" rather than 6", with Range: 24". available to act as a focal point for
appropriate bounce effects. Part Water: A spell which will the spell. For the results of this spell,
Locate Monster: Similar to Locate create a dry surface below the level see the Reincarnation Table. Range:
Person (5), but works on monster of water no more than 2" deep for as adjacent to body.
types instead of sentient beings. long as the spell is maintained. This Stone to Flesh: The primary use
Lower Water: This spell causes the spell can be shaped either as a 2" of this spell is to turn former flesh
water level in a river or similar body radius circle, or as a l" by 6" that has been turned to stone by a
of water (or related liquid) to drop 'corridor', thus making either a dry Medusa or some such back into flesh.
to 1/2 of its previous depth in the circle or a subsurface 'bridge'. Range It may also be used to turn flesh into
area of the magic user, up to a from caster: 12". stone by reversing the spell. The
maximum affected area limited by Passenger Teleport: This spell effects are permanent unless a
the range of the spell from the caster. allows the caster to teleport as in a reversed spell is thrown, and thus is
The water remains shallow for as long normal Tele port spell ( 5) except that not dispellable. Range: 3".
as the spell is maintained. Range he may take one other person with Summoning: This spell allows the
from caster: 24". him. This other person must be caster to call to him any object that
Maxi-Energy Cone: Same as initially adjacent to the caster. If the he currently owns and of which he
Maxi-Cold Cone ( 4) except that pure caster fails to successfully teleport knows the current precise location.
energy is employed rather than cold. accurately, the same fate is suffered Once ownership changes hands, he
Maxi-Strength: This spell is used by the passenger. may no longer summon the object,
to temporarily attempt to increase Poison Gas: This spell creates a even if the change of ownership was
the strength of the caster by a major cloud of poison gas 6" by 6" (1" in against his wishes.
amount. Upon casting the spell, the height) which moves away from the Super Fire Ball: This spell is
caster rolls a percentile die (1-100). caster at 3" per phase in windless similar to the standard Fire Ball (3)
The result, if greater than his natural conditions, otherwise, adjusted by except that the radius of the
strength, becomes his temporary wind. Causes 1 die of damage per explosion is 4" instead of 2".
strength for the duration of the spell. level of the caster. Gas vanishes after Super Polymorph Self: This spell
If less than his natural strength, the 1 tum. may be used by the caster upon
spell has failed to act, although the Projected Image: This spell allows himself, and has the effect of a
spell points have been expended. the caster to project an image of Polymorph Others spell ( 5). The
Duration: 1-10 turns. Range: affects himself no more than 24" away, and shape .taken may be altered at will
caster only. while this spell is in effect, all further during the duration of the spell, so
Mega-Cold Cone: Creates a cone of magical spells thrown by the caster that the caster may change his shape
cold 12" long and 12" wide at the are fired by the image and measured multiple times. Duration: 10 + level
base. Causes 1 die of damage per as such. This allows the caster to hide of the caster, in turns.
level of the caster. The narrow end of around comers and other such things. Sustained Dimension Door: Similar
the cone emanates from the finger of Any spell thrown by the image may to a Dimension Door ( 4) except that
the caster, as in smaller cones. not go more than 24" from the this spell allows people to walk
Mega-Heat Cone: Same as caster unless the spell has a longer through and be transported.
Mega-Cold Cone except that heat is range. The image is destroyed by a Duration: as long as maintained.
Time Delay: This spell, when cast staff, or to read a magical scroll. observers believe the illusion to be
with another spell, allows the caster Thus, Activate Wand is a 3rd level real. This spell cannot touch or harm
to delay the other spell for as long as Illusionist spell, and Read Magic a any being, and must be maintained
the caster can afford to spend spell 4th, compared to 1st level for normal by the caster. The illusion is purely
points by the following formula : the magic users on both. visual, and cannot be detected by
delayed spell will go of after N turns In the Illusionist spell descriptions, beings that do not use sight. Range:
have passed; the spell point cost of whenever there are no details, assume 24 '. Duration: as long as maintained.
the Time Delay = 6 x (the sum of that the spell works exactly like the Size: the illusion should not be more
the squares of the integers from 1 to Magic User spell of the same name. than l" diameter for each experience
N inclusive). Thus, a 2 turn delay Use as much common sense as level the Illusionist has attained.
would cost (6 x (1 + 4)] 30 spell necessary in interpreting the Individual Silence: This spell
points. A 3 turn delay would cost (6 descriptions, since the whole point of allows the recipient to move silently
x (I + 4 + 9)] or 78 spell points. most illusionary magic is that the until the spell is broken, as in
The delayed spell goes off just as if uses are widely varied. Invisibility (2M), or dispelled. Range :
the caster were still standing where recipient must be no more than 3"
he was when he cast the spell, no First Level Spells from caster.
matter how far he moves. Darkness: Same as Darkness (2M) Light: Same as Light spell (IM)
Ultra-Sleep: This spell is similar to [note: 2M means 2nd level Magic Mirror: This spell creates the visual
a Sleep spell (I) except that from User spell. All references in this effect of a 1 square foot mirror. This
2-12 creatures of any level can be Illusionist section will use that mirror is not solid, and will not
affected. notation for spells. References to deflect material objects, but it will
Wide-Energy Cone: Same as other Illusionist spells will be as reflect light and images as a normal
Wide-Cold Cone ( 4) except that pure follows: Fog (2I).] mirror. The mirror may face any
energy is employed rather than cold. Detect Illusion: This spell allows direction, but must be placed in a
the caster to detect the casting or position visible to the caster.
ongoing presence of an Illusionary Duration : 1 turn. Range : 6".
Illusionists spell or other simple form of illusion. Read Languages: Same as Read
In addition to the normal six Duration: 1 casting. Range: l" per Languages (IM).
classes of magic, there is another type level of the caster. Silence, l" Radius. Same as
of magic altogether. This is Disguise Object: This spell changes Silence, l" Radius (IM).
Illusionary Magic, a separate type all the appearance of an object, although Ventriloquism: This spell :illows
to itself that can only be used by a the general shape must remain the caster to 'throw his voice' to any
limited number of magic users, called similar. This illusion lasts until the point within 6", for a duration of 1
Illusionists. object is touched by someone other turn. It does not allow the making of
The spells of an Illusionist are than the caster, or until dispelled. any noise that the caster could not
mainly mental spells by their nature, Range: 3" from caster. himself make unaided.
with higher level spe[s involving some Disguise Self: This spell changes Wall of Fog: This creates an
bending of light and other related the appearance of the caster, with the opaque but intangible wall of the
phenomena. An illusionist is limited general limitation that the new same dimensions as a Fire Wall ( 4M).
by his very nature, since he cannot appearance must have the same basic Projectiles and spells may be cast
affect some types of beings at all shape as the real one. This allows the through it, with the limitation that,
(most undead, for example), but this caster to look like another character since it cannot be seen through, spells
is made up for by the fact that an or being, but without any gain in and shots requiring vision may not be
Illusionist is very powerful against powers or abilities from the change. made. Duration: 3 turns. Range: 12"
other intelligent beings. This illusion lasts until the caster is from caster.
Many of the spells of an Illusionist touched by another intelligent being,
only affect the victim if the victim or until dispelled. Second Level Spells
thinks that whatever illusion is being Hypnotism: This spell allows the Blindness: J'his spell causes one
cast is real. This is determined by the caster to gain control of another individual target being to be unable
same Saving Throw as is used for the basically human being (includes to use any form of visual sense for
belief in magical Illusions and dwarves, elves, etc.) by visual 1-6 turns if the being fails to make
Phantasms: the Belief Saving Throw, hypnosis. The caster must be able to its saving throw versus magic. Range :
which, for any character, is equal to look the victim in the eye during the 12".
21 - (Intelligence of character). casting. The commands given to the Change Self: This spell allows the
Some of the Illusionist's spells adjust controlled being are limited as in Illusionist to change his physical
this saving throw against the target, Charm Person (IM), as is the appearance, as in Disguise Self (ll)
requiring the target to save by rolling duration of the spell. Range: target with the added advantage that the
2 or 4 higher than his normal belief must be within 9" of caster at time illusion is not dispelled by the touch
number. of casting. May not go beyond 24" of another intelligent being.
The main weakness of Illusionists from caster, or spell is broken. Duration: until dispelled.
is their near-inability to use normal Illusion: This spell is the basic one Continual Light: Same as
magic. Most normal spells are barred for Illusionists. As long as no one Continual Light (2M).
to them, and it is much more touches or enters the area in which Create Sound: Same as Create
difficult for them to use a wand or the illusion is being projected, Sound (2M)



DARKNESS 3+1 /turn 200 BLINDNESS 3 500

LIGHT 2+1 /turn 150 FLASH 3 500
MIRROR 2 150 FOG 3 500
WALL OF FOG 3 200 LIGHTWALL 3+1 /turn 500
DARKNESS 4+1 /turn 1400
4 1400 CONFUSION 5+1/turn 3600
1800 DELUSION 6+1 /turn 4000
MIRROR IMAGE 5+1 /turn 1600 ONE-WAY DARKNESS 6+2/turn 4000
PHANTASM +2 4 1400 PHANTOMS 6+1/turn 4000
SLEEP 5 1600 READ MAGIC 2 2400
SUGGESTION 5 1600 SHADOW WALL 4+2/turn 3200
WIZARD LIGHT 3+1 /turn 1200 SPELLBIND 7 4400
VERTIGO 5 3600
DETECTION JAMMING 5/type 8000 FIVE-SENSE ILLUSION 12+2/turn 28,800
LIGHT OF TRUTH 7. 9600 MIRRORWALL 9+2/turn 24,000
SUPER-PHANTASM 8 10,400 SIMULACRUM 10+4/turn 25,600

Detect Magic: Same as Detect additional point for each missile cast, Hallucinatory Terrain: This spell
Magic (IM). 1 for every three levels the caster has functions in the same manner as
Disguise Others: Same as Disguise attained (rounded off to nearest 3) Hallucinatory Terrain (4M)
Self (11), except it is cast on another Range: 1S". Duration: all missiles Illusionary Script: This spell allows
being, intelligent or not. Range: being must be fired at the same target the caster to create illusionary letters,
to be disguised must be no more than during the same magic phase. symbols, and other drawn devices in
3" from caster. Silence, 3" Radius: This spell is mid-air or on surfaces of his choice.
Displacement: This spell causes the the same as Silence, 3" Radius, (2M). If drawn in air, they last for no more
caster to not be seen clearly, and True Sight: This spell allows the than 1 turn per level of the caster. If
thus gives him a bonus of +2 defense caster to be able to see the reality drawn on a surface, they last for 10
levels, makes him harder to hit with behind any illusions or similar effects turns per level of the caster or until
archery by 2 on the die roll, and caused by normal or illusionary dispelled. Range: within 1" of caster.
gives him +2 to his saving throw magical spells of Fourth Level or Invisibility, 3" Radius: Same as
against individually aimed spells. below, or their equivalents. Range: Invisibility, 3" Radius (3M).
Flash: Same as Flash (2M) except 24". Duration: 3 turns. Magic Mouth: Same as Magic
this spell cannot ignite materials, Mouth (3M).
since the flash is only illusionary. Third Level Spells Mirror Image: Same as Mirror
Fog: This spell creates an opaque Image (3M).
Activate Wand: This is the same as
but intangible cloud that spreads out
Activate Wand (lM) Phantasm +2: This spell is the
3" in all directions from the caster,
Change Object: This spell allows same as Phantasm (21), except that it
but is stopped by walls that
the caster to change the appearance worsens the saving throws of all
intervene. Duration: 3 turns. targets by 2 on the Belief Saving
of any non-living object. This
Ha II u c in at ion: Same as illusionary appearance will not vanish Throw.
Hallucination (2M). Sleep: Same as Sleep (lM)
if the object is touched, but only if
Hypnotic Pattern: This spell Suggestion: This spell functions in
dispelled. Range: 3".
entrances and immobilizes victims in Change Others: This spell allows the same way as Hypnotism (11)
the same quantities compared to the except that the victim does not have
the caster to change the appearance
Illusionist's level as a Supersleep (2M) to be looked directly in the eye, but
of any living being. The effect lasts
is calculated. All victims must be until dispelled, and the spell is not merely must be within range of the
facing the general direction of the broken by being touched. Range: 3". caster and in plain view of the caster.
Illusionist at the moment of casting, Concealment: The use of this spell Range: 12 '. Duration: until dispelled.
and within a 6" by 6" area. The spell allows the caster to move about in Wizard Light: Same as Wizard
creates a visually entrancing hypnotic total silence, have a 90% chance of Light (3M) Note that this spell,
pattern that lasts for the duration of hiding in shadows or other while disconcerting beings that do
the spell (also calculated as if concealment, and, if combined with not like light, will not actually harm
Supersleep (2M)). Range: 12" invisibility, makes the caster beings that are susceptible to
Invisibility: Same as Invisibility indetectible to beings to beings that daylight.
(2M). could only detect the caster by being
Lightwall: Same as Aurora (2M). able to see invisible objects. That is,
Misdetection: This spell gives the someone able to see invisible objects Fourth Level Spells
caster a Saving Throw against any would not see him, but someone Area Darkness: Same as Area
detection spells which would using a Detect Illusion (11) would Darkness ( 4M).
otherwise automatically detect him in note his presence and location easily. Confusion: Same as Confusion
some way. This saving throw is vs. Duration: 3 turns. (4M).
Magic if the detection is a directly Continual Darkness: Same as Delusion: Same as DelUsion ( 4M)
cast spell, and vs. Wand if the Continual Darkness (3M). Immobilization: This spell causes
detection is being done by means of Darkness: This spell creates an the victim to be unable to voluntarily
an implement. Duration: 3 turns. area of total darkness in the 1" move unless he makes his magic
Phantasm: Similar to Phantasm immediately surrounding the caster, saving throw +2. In other words, if
(2M), this spell is used primarily for that moves with him. Duration: as the victim's normal saving throw is a
instantaneous 'shock effect' illusions long as maintained. 12, he must roll a 14 or greater to
that may cause damage to the target Deafness: This spell causes the save against this effect. Range: 12 '.
if believed. Range: 24". Duration: 1 victim to be completely unable to Duration: as long as maintained.
magic phase. hear for 1-6 turns if he fails to make Mass Invisibility: This spell
Pyrotechnics: This spell allows the his saving throw vs. magic. Range: functions in the same manner as Mass
caster to present the illusion of 12". Invisibility (SM).
spectacular fireworks (bright flashes, Dispel Image: This spell allows the Mind Blank Self: This spell
sparks cascading down, etc.) for one caster to dispel Illusionary spells a prevents the caster's mind from being
full turn. Range: 24" percentage of the time equal to the read, and also protects him from the
Shadow Missile: This spell acts as percentage ratio of his level to that effects of any first through fourth
if Magic Missile (2M) if the target of the caster of the illusion to be level spells that depend on the
fails to make a Belief Saving Throw. dispelled. Range: 6 '. detection of mental emanations from
The cost of this spell is 3 Spell Points Fear: This spell functions in the the Illusionist caster or upon
to initiate the illusion, plus 1 same manner as Fear (4M). reception of mental compulsion or

commands sent to the mind-blanked Mass Suggestion : This spell works it gets a Belief Saving Throw +4, and
Illusionist. Duration: 6 turns + 1 turn as the Suggestion spell (3I), except thus a chance to realize that it is
per level of the caster. that it affects either 2-12 target indeed an illusion. If it is merely
One-Way Darkness: Same as beings, or I target with a +4 viewed, touched, smelled, etc., the
One-Way Darkness (4M). adjustment to that target's needed observer automatically believes it to
Phantoms: This spell allows the saving throw. When controlling more be real. Thus, an illusionary wall
creation of an illusionary common than one being, the caster must be would be real enough, but an illusion
monster that will act as if the same very careful not to give confusing or of a falling boulder might be
level as the caster, and takes 1 hit conflicting orders to those controlled, disbelieved. Range: 24' from caster.
point of damage per level before since this will result in total inaction Duration: as long as maintained or
being destroyed. If it attacks a real on the parts of the controlled beings. until dispelled.
being of any sort, that being must Range: 12". Duration: until dispelled. Indetectability: This spell allows
make a Belief Saving Throw. Failure Programmed Illusion: This spell the caster to render himself invisible
to make this saving throw will result allows the Illusionist to cause an to all forms of detection except for
in taking damage from physical illusion or illusionary being to the Detect Life (IM) spell. Duration :
attacks made by the illusionary perform simple actions and/or 3 turns.
monster. Note: phantoms may not disappear without further attention Mirrorwall: This spell creates an
throw magic, breathe fire, etc., but from the Illusionist, although it illusionary wall like that of
only make physical attacks or move continues to drain his spell points as Mirrorwall (6M), with the exception
around in a non-hostile fashion, per long as it continues to function. that non-living solid objects will
the wishes of the caster. Range: 6" Thus, he could create the illusion of travel through the wall. Duration: as
from caster. Duration: until an ogre walking back and forth in long as maintained or until dispelled.
destroyed or dispelled, as long as front of a doorway for three turns, Prismatic Illusion Spray: This spell
maintained. while he is engaged in other actions, affects from 1-4 living targets, and
Read Magic: Same as Read Magic but the illusion would drain a total causes them to believe that they are
(JM). of 13 spell points (7 for the first being hit by an extremely powerful
Shadow Wall: At the option of the turn, 3 each for the second and third destructive form of magic. They must
caster, this spell creates the illusion turns). During the three turns, the make a saving throw vs. magic with
of a wall of fire or ice, size and shape illusionist could even cast other +2 added to their required saving
as Fire Wall ( 4M). This wall behaves spells. The death of the caster throw. If they fail to make this
as if the similar magical spell if beings instantly terminates the Programmed adjusted saving throw, the victims
trying to pass through fail to make Illusion. Any being attempting to behave as if hit by a Feeblemind spell
their Belief Savi'ng Throws. touch this form of illusion will find it (SM) since they are fully convinced
Spellbind: This spell may be used intangible, but the illusion will not that they have just been killed.
either as if Hold Person (3M) or simply dispel by touch. It takes one Range : 12". Duration : 1 magic phase.
Charm Monster ( 4M), and thus can complete phase to program an Prismatic Illusion Wall: This spell
affect both intelligent being of the illusion of this type, and so this spell creates the illusion of a Prismatic
same type as the caster, and cannot be cast if the Illusionist is Wall (9M), and, if the observing being
monster-type beings. Range: 12". under melee attack. Range: 24" from fails to make a Belief Saving Throw,
Duration: until dispelled. caster. Duration: as long as will act as such if the observer
Vertigo: Same as Vertigo (4M). maintained, or until dispelled. attempts to go through the
Projected Image: Same as illusionary wall. Range: 12' .
Fifth Level Spells Projected Image ( 6M). Duration: as long as maintained, or
Broadfield Hallucination: Same as Super-Invisibility: This is a special until dispelled.
Broadfield Hallucination (SM) form of invisibility that is not broken Simulacrum: This spell creates an
Detection Jamming: Same as by casting other illusionary spells apparently solid image, otherwise
Detection Jamming (SM) unless they affect another being who similar to Projected Image (6M). If
Illusionary Prison: This spell can makes his saving throw vs. being the caster is not otherNise disturbed,
affect all beings within a 2 ' radius affected in whatever way is he may control this image well
circle. All beings failing to make a appropriate to that spell. Duration : enough that it may melee other
Belief Saving Throw +2 cannot leave until broken or dispelled. beings, and will cause real damage if
the circle, since the illusionary prison Super-Phantasm: This spell is the believed to be real. The Simulacrum,
is to them quite real. Range : 18' same as Phantasm (21), except that under the direction of the caster,
Duration: as long as maintained. +4 is added to the number that the may cast Illusionary magic (draining
Light of Truth: This spell victim or victims need to roll to the real Illusionist's spell points, of
automatically dispels all illusions make their Belief Saving Throw. course) Range : no more than 24"
created by fourth level or below from the caster at any time, and any
spells, within 6" of the caster of the magic cast by the Simulacrum must
Light of Truth spell. It works as if a Sixth Level Spells also remain within 24" of the caster
Dispel Image (31) spell against Five-Sense Illusion: This spell unless the spell has a longer range.
illusions created by fifth level or creates an illusion that is real to the Duration: as long as maintained, or
higher spells, also out to a distance of senses as long as maintained. If the until dispelled.
6" from the caster of the Light of apparent reality of the illusion would
Truth spell. Duration: 1 magic phase. in any way harm another living being,

available when attempting to use any accuracy, determine whether the
given ability. object under examination is magical.
Some of the abilities listed have a This does not allow the thief to
percentage number attached. These notice the presence or casting of
numbers are the chance of using the spells, but only the enchantment of
ability successfully. In most cases items. In most cases, the thief must
what happens in case of failure is be able to observe and handle the
obvious (Note Poison Locks 90% item in question for this ability to be
means that the other 10% of the time accurate. A distant look at an object
the poison lock was not noted, or a would not suffice unless the item
non-poisonous lock was thought to were glowing or otherwise making its
be poisoned; 90% accuracy, in other magic-ness obvious.
words). Other abilities have a specific Evaluate Treasure: This ability
bonus, such as Detect Noise + 1/6. allows a thief to estimate, within
These bonuses mean that, using this 10%, the value of normal treasure
case as an example, a thief with the items, such as gems, statuary, etc. It
ability would detect noises 1/6 of the would not automatically allow him to
time more often than someone know that an item was rare and
Thieves: (This includes thievish without this ability. If a normal valuable in a place outside of his
combination characters) As a thief person would have a 1/6 chance of experience, such as a spice or cloth
reaches a new level, he learns new detecting a specific noise from another world.
abilities, up to the limit of the approaching, this thief would have a Jimmy Portals: This ability allows
difference between what he already 1/3 (1/6 + 1/6) chance instead. a thief to open a door, window,
knew and what is now possible. Always remember that whatever shutter, etc., that is closed but not
Further, a thief must learn abilities of the adjustment or bonus is has to locked, without making significant
any one type (such as Lockpicking) make sense in terms of the ability noise. A being deliberately and
in order from 1st to higher level mentioned. If in doubt, re-read the closely listening to the other side of
abilities. To compensate for this, description of the ability and any of the portal would know of the thiefs
when a thief learns a higher level the lower level forms of the same efforts, but casual passersby would
ability of any one type (such as Pick ability, and you will probably not not.
Locks, 90%) he can choose another have any real problems. Pick Most Locks: This ability
ability to replace the low level ability Halflings: Halflings, as they reach allows a thief to, with a 2/3 chance
of that type (in this case, in place of each new experience level, have the of success, open a normal lock, as
Pick Most Locks). This would give the special bonus of being able to learn long as he could physically reach it
thief the chance to pick another 1st one First Level Thievish Ability (such with his hands and simple
level ability to replace the Pick Most as Hide in Shadows (50%)). These manipulative tools (!ockpicks, etc.,
Locks ability which trained him for Thievish abilities may be repeated considered an essential part of a
the Pick Locks, 90%. (learned more than once) with the thiefs gear). Note that normal locks
The Thievish Advancement Table second and third times having 1/2 the do not include magical or highly
lists just how many total abilities of listed bonus or added effect sin technological locks beyond the
each level a thief may have at any addition to the basic ability. A abilities of physical effort.
experience level. For example, a Fifth halfling may not learn any of these Dagger +2: This ability allows the
level Thief has 5 first level, 2 second abilities more than three times thief to attack with a dagger 2 attack
level, and 1 third level abilities. Upon overall. Further, a halfling is limited levels higher than his other modifiers
going to sixth level, he gains 1 in the use of these abilities in the (hit dice, strength, and magic) would
second, 1 third, and 1 fomth level same way a thief is, in terms of allow. Note that this ability does not
ability. He may choose these from circumstances and equipment. mean that he is attacking with a +2
any of the listed abilities of those dagger, but merely attacking more
levels, but he must meet the First Level Abilities skilfully with whatever dagger he
prerequisites listed for each ability, Detect Evil: This allows a thief to uses.
whether by meeting certain physical examine an object, and, with 90% Short Sword +2: Same as Dagger
standards of characteristjcs or by accuracy, determine whether the +2, except that the weapon to be
already having a certain lower level object was manufactured by and for used is a short sword.
ability that has trained him for the evil beings, by means of examing Sling +2: This ability allows the
new one. Combination characters that inscriptions, details, etc. He does not thief to add +2 to his archery die roll
include a thievish type gain abilities have to handle the object for this (0-19) when using a sling. This +2 is
in exactly the same way, and at any examination, but must be able to in addition to any other modifiers
given level have exactly the same closely observe it for one turn. that he might possess, due to
number of abilities as a normal thief. Detect Good: As Detect Evil dexterity, magic, etc.
Some of the thievish abilities above, except it allows the thief to Sure Strike, Dagger (X3): This
require materials to be used (i.e., Tie determine whether the object is of ability allows a thief to do extra
Up With Ropes requires ropes), and Good manufacture. damage on an individual dagger blow
the referee should make sure that the Detect Magic: This allows a thief under the following conditions: first,
thief has all necessary materials to examine an object, and, with 90% the target must be unaware of the





23. ARSON 23. FORGERY (90%)
24. CON +2 24. Tl E UP WITH ROPES +2
26. FORGERY (80%)
28. PICK POCKETS (90%)

presence of the thief; second, the cheat at gambling 90% of the time, Pick All Locks (90%): This ability
blow must be the first blow for that adding 1/6 to his chances of winning. allows a thief to open any lock that
thief of that phase; third, that the Penalties for getting caught that other may be opened by purely mechanical
thief must be using only that dagger 10% of the time may vary with means that are available to the thief
as a weapon, and not attempt to use circumstances. (lockpicks, etc.) with a 90%
two weapons. The chance of a Sure Sleight Of Hand (80%): This probability of success in opening the
Strike to hit is based on the attack ability allows a thief to do simple lock. Note that failure to open a lock
level of the thief, since the target of manipulation of objects, palming prevents the thief from trying again.
a Sure Strike defends at level 0. Only coins and such, with an 80% chance Prerequisite: must already know Pick
the physical armor of the victim of doing so undetected by normal Most Locks (2/3).
adjusts the chances to hit in the observers. Parry Bonus: This ability allows a
victim's favor. Thus, a thief attacking Pilfer From Backpacks/Saddlebags thief to gain the following advantage
at 6th level with a Dagger Sure Strike (50%): This ability allows a thief to when parrying: if the thief is using a
attacks a man in chain armor (class remove objects from or place objects dagger or short sword, he may parry
Sa) from behind. His basic chance to in a backpack or saddlebag (being more accurately due to his quickness
hit through chain armor is 25. worn by someone) with a 50% and training. This means that his
Adding his 6 attack levels (6X3=18) chance of not being detected. parry subtracts more from the
he adds 18 to this number, and needs Lie Convincingly: This ability opponent's chance to hit, and what
to roll 43 or less to hit and do X3 allows a thief to attempt to lie his would be a 1/4 parry becomes a 1/3,
damage (normally 3 dice in this e,ase). way out of situations with a straight a 1/3 parry becomes a 1/2, and a 1/2
This system represents striking for a face and forked tongue. Add +4 to parry becomes a 3/4. Thus, if the
vital spot when the victim isn't his effective Charisma while dealing thief is parrying with a dagger against
preventing you from doing so. with the situation in this manner. an opponent with a short sword, he
Detect Noise +1/6: This ability Map Deciphering: This ability reduces his opponent's chance to hit
allows a thief to detect noises 1/6 of allows a thief to read basic maps, by 3/4 instead of the usual 1/2. (See
the time more often than a normal both of dungeons and to treasures. It parry rules).
character of his type would be able includes a basic course in commonly Sure Strike, Dagger (X4): This
to do. Thus, an elven thief would used map symbols, as well as the ability is the same as Sure Strike,
have his basic elvish hearing and this training needed to logically interpret Dagger (X3) except that it does X4
bonus as well. some other things (i.e., a note on a damage if the thief hits. Prerequisite:
Hide In Shadows (50%): This map saying 'Dr. Cv.' might be Sure Strike, Dagger (X3).
ability gives a thief the basic ability interpreted as 'Dragon Cave', etc.). Throw Dagger +2: This ability
to blend with shadows to some Read 1 Extra Language: This allows a thief to add +2 to his
extent, judge when to move or not to abili:y allows a thief to learn to read archery roll (0-19) with a thrown
move. This ability will successfully 1 extra language of his choice, as dagger.
hide him from normal men 50% of long as it is available (see language Throw Short Sword: This ability
the time, with adjustments for special rules). The thief must have an allows a thief to throw a short sword
types (beings with better or worse intelligence of 9 or greater to utilize with the same accuracy as a normal
vision) being up to the referee. this ability. dagger throw (NOT adjusting for . any
Jam Portals: This ability allows a Start Fires: This . ability allows a dagger-throwing abilities he might
thief to set up blockages that will thief to start fires with basic have), doing 1 1/2 dice of damage
prevent a portal from being opened equipment (flint & steel or rubbing when he hits with the thrown short
by anything except the application of sticks) more rapidly than most sword. Prerequisite: thief must have
magic or brute force. (Materials normal men, as well as allowing him Dexterity 15 or greater.
needed at the discretion of the the ability to pick what spot on an Bump of Direction: This ability
referee, based on the portal to be object is the best to light in order to gives a thief a 50% chance of
jammed.) efficiently set the object on fire. knowing what direction relative to
Move More Silently (+1/6): This Tie Up With Ropes: This allows a North he is facing even after going
ability allows a thief to move silently thief to tie up any humanoid or through winding turns of unknown
enough that he escapes detection by similar being efficiently enough that angle, as long as he has walked or
listeners 1/6 of the time more often the being only has a chance equal to been physically transported while
than a normal man under similar (average of Dexterity and Agility of conscious since he last knew what the
conditions. being) percent chance of untying true directions were. If he has been
Spot Hidden Items (+1/6): This himself per hour. transported while unconscious, or
ability allows a thief to spot teleported, since he last knew the
concealed items 1/6 of the time more direction correctly, this ability does
Second Level Abilities
often than a normal man under not function.
Note Poison Locks (90% ): This Disgui~ (Basic): This ability
similar conditions. This, and all ability allows a thief to examine a
similar bonuses, add to any special allows a thief to conceal his identity
lock and, with an accuracy of 90%,
bonuses for special types of from casual observation or search by
tell whether it is designed to poison
characters, such as elves in the case means of clothing, makeup and other
someone trying to open the lock
of elvish thieves, etc. means, including the ability to create
unprotected, by means of pins or
Cheat At Game Of Skill: This makeshift disguises in emergencies,
other mechanical (not magical)
ability allows a thief to successfully changing his speech and walk to fool
constables, etc. Escape From Ropes: This ability Note Secret Panels In Chests
Move More Silently (+1/3): This is allows a thief to es<.;ape from normal (90% ): This ability gives a thief a
the same as Move More Silently confinement with ropes a percentage 90% chance of finding any secret
(+ 1/6) except for the increased of the time equal to ( 5 times (average compartments built into a treasure
adjustment. Prerequisite: Move More of thiefs Dexterity and Agility))%. chest.
Silently (+1/6). This escape, if not being watched, Note Traps In Chests (90%): This
See In Dark (50% Bonus): This takes from 1-6 turns. This includes ability gives a thief a 90% chance of
ability allows a thief to distinguish escaping from being tied up by spotting a mechanical trap device
objects 50% farther away in darkness someone with the First Level Tie Up designed into a chest. Note: this does
than a normal character of his type With Ropes ability. not allow the thief to spot purely
without this ability. The actual Estimate Range (+/- 10%): This magical traps.
distances depend on degree of ability allows a thief to do a visual Note Traps In Doors (90%): This
darkness, and thus are at the referee's estimate of any distance to an ability gives a thief a 90% chance of
discretion. accuracy within 10%. spotting a mechanical uap device
Spot Hidden Items (+1/3): This Estimate Volume (+/- 20%): This designed into a door. Note: this does
abil~ty is the same as its prerequisite, ability allows a thief to do a visual not allow the thief to spot purely
Spot Hidden Items (+ 1/6), except for estimate of the volume of a room or magical traps.
the increased adjustment. object within 20%. Dagger +4: Same as Dagger +2,
Tracking (50%): This ability allows Map Memorization (75%): This but with added attack leveh:.
a thief to have a base percentage of ability allows a thief to memorize the Prerequisite: Dagger +2.
50% of successfully tracking any essential details of a map after a 1 Extra Arrow (-4): This ability
being that leaves physical traces of its turn scan, with a 75% chance of allows a thief to fire an extra
passing in any land situation, whether remembering those details accurately. (normally third) arrow from whatever
through city streets or through Pick Pockets (2/3): This ability type of bow he is specializing in, but
tunnels, as well as outdoors. This allows a thief to pick the pockets of with an adjustment of -4 to his
does not work in air or water. normal persons with a 2/3 chance of archery shots that phase for lack of
Game Of Skill +1: This ability success, adjusted up or down for aiming time. Prerequisite: Bow +2 for
allows a thief to have a basic + 1 special cases (i.e., picking another specialization, but the +2 ability does
added to his die rolls in gambling thiefs pocket has less chance, not add to help counteract the -4
situations, without cheating. depending upon that thiefs detection adjustment.
Mechanical Trap Setting: This abilities, and picking the pockets of a Short Sword +4: Same as Short
ability allows a thief to design and blind cripple usujj]y is more Sword +2, its prerequisite, except for
build basic traps, ranging from pits to successful). the added attack levels.
spring-loaded treasure chests. Speak 1 Extra Language: This Sling +4: Same as Sling +2, its
Secret Panel Design: This ability ability allows a thief with Intelligence prerequisite, except for the added
allows a thief to design and build 11 or greater to learn 1 more accuracy.
secret panels in walls and containers, language than his language points Sure Strike, Dagger (XS): Same as
in order to conceal small would ordinarily entitle him to. He Sure Strike, Dagger (X4), its
compartments. may only learn languages for which a prerequisite, except for the added
Sleight Of Hand (90%): This is the teacher is available (see Language damage.
same as its prerequisite, Sleight of Rules). Hide In Shadows (90%): Same as
Hand (80%), except for the improved Bow +2: This ability allows a thief Hide In Shadows (50%), its
chance of success. to add +2 to his archery shots prerequisite, except for the added
Ventriloquism (80%): This ability (0-19) with any ONE of the chance of being undetected.
allows a thief to throw his voice to following types of bow: Short Bow, Spot Hidden Items (+2/3): Same
nearby objects, with an 80% chance Horse Bow, Composite Bow, Light as Spot Hidden Items (+1/3), its
of not being caught at it. The Crossbow. It is not possible for a prerequisite, except for the added
location of his voice must be within thief to gain extra accuracy with a bonus.
2" of his real location. Longbow or a Heavy Crossbow with Cheat At Game Of Skill +2: Same
Con: This is the basic ability a this ability. as Cheat At Game Of Skill, its
thief uses to raise money by selling prerequisite, except for adding +2 to
the London Bridge. In the Special the chances of winning.
Saving Throws table there is a Jump And Run: This ability
Third Level Abilities
column for Con, as follows: Add the allows a thief to jump down from
Circumvent Traps (50%): This
Intelligence, Dexterity and Charisma heights of no more than 2" and land
ability allows a thief to attempt to
of the thief together. Subtract from running for quick getaways or
bypass a mechanical trap, with a 50%
this the sum of Intelligence plus attacks.
chance of doing so without triggering
Wisdom of his victim. Look to the Poisoned Trap Setting: This ability
the trap.
Con Saving Throw table for the line allows a thief to work carefully
Find Likely Treasures: This ability
that contains this difference. The enough with traps and poisons to
allows a thief to have a 75% chance
victim must roll the number on that allow him to set traps involving
of figuring out the location of any
line or higher to see through the Con poisoning the victim by mechanical
treasures in a room, as long as they
and not go along with the thiefs means. Prerequisite: Mechanical Trap
are only concealed by non-magical
plan. Setting.

Use Sleep Drugs: This ability he has previously tasted. This ability (50%), its prerequisite, except for the
allows a thief to work safely with also gives him a bonus of subtracting added chance of success.
knockout drugs of a non-fatal nature, 1 from each die of poison damage in Dice Manipulation (90%): This
as well as to know what to obtain to case the compound tasted is ability allows a thief to roll dice
have this effect. poisonous, since he can identify it amongst non-thieves in gambling
Ventriloquism (90%): Same as more quickly and spit out any excess games and roll his chosen numbers
Ventriloquism (80%), its prerequisite, traces. with a 90% chance of not bein~
except for improved chances of not Bow +4: Same as Bow +2, its caught cheating.
being noticed. prerequisite, except for the added Game Of Skill +2: Same as Game
Climb Rope: This ability allows a accuracy with any one type of bow. Of Skill +I, its prerequisite, except
thief, moving at speed 15" or faster, Dodge 2-Handed Weapons: This for the added chance of success.
to climb a rope at 1/3 of his ability gives a thief an added 2 Climb Sheer Walls: This ability
horizontal speed for whatever defense levels when meleeing a single allows a thief, by the proper use of
encumberance he has. opponent who is using any 2-handed small hooks, pitons, thin lines, and
Con + 1: This is the same as Con, weapon . other devices, to climb any vertical
its prerequisite, except for the fact Double Dagger Throw: This ability wall that is not specifically smoothed
that + 1 is added to the number that allows a thief to throw two daggers and specifically too high for the use
the Con victim needs to roll in order at the same target simultaneously, of grappling hooks and other similar
not to fall for the thiefs ploy. suffering a -4 adjustment to his devices.
Detect Slopes (50%): This ability archery shot for each dagger. Juggle (80%): This ability allows a
allows a thief to detect, with 50% Prerequisite: Dagger +2, which does thief to juggle, using a great deal of
accuracy, whether there is a slight not help counteract the -4 showmanship, with an 80% chance of
slope or change in slope of the path detriment. not making any mistakes per tum.
he is travelling. Sap (50% KO, 1 Die): This ability Manipulate Small Objects With
Estimate Range (+/- 5%): This is allows a thief to use a sap to strike Feet (90%): This ability allows a
the same as Estimate Range (+/- an opponent and attempt to knock thief to use his feet as a second set
10%), its prerequisite, except for him unconscious. The basic chance to of hands, to some small extent,
improved accuracy of the estimate. hit is determined as if the thief were especially for the purpose of
Estimate Volume (+/- 10%): This using Armored Fist. If he hits, he retrieving objects out of reach, using
is the same as Estimate Volume(+/- does I die of damage, and has a 50% keys to unlock unreachable locks,
20%), its prerequisite, except for chance of knocking his opponent out and other such feats used in escapes
improved accuracy of the estimate. for 1-6 turns. The thief may not use while the hands are tied. The 90% is
Pilfer From Backpacks/Saddlebags another weapon simultaneously with the chance of success in any one
(90%): This is the same as Pilfer the sap, since the sap must be aimed operation using the feet.
From Backpacks/Saddlebags (50%), more carefully than such double use Manufacture Poisons: This ability
its prerequisite, except for the of weapons would permit. allows a thief to distill and mix basic
Sure Strike, Dagger (X6): Same as poisons in a solid or liquid form. He
improved chance of undetected
Sure Strike, Dagger (XS), its must be able to obtain the basic
prerequisite, except for the added ingredients for whatever type of
Tie Up With Ropes + 1: Same as
damage bonus. poison he wishes to make, at the
Tie Up With Ropes, its prerequisite,
Throw Dagger +4: Same as Throw referee's discretion.
except for the knots being better, so
Dagger +2, its prerequisite, except for Manufacture Sleep Drugs: This
subtract 5% from the victim's chances
the added accuracy. ability <lllows a thief to distiL and
of escape per hour. Also, this ability
Detect Noise (+1/2): Same as mix basic knockout potions in a solid
negates the Escape From Ropes
Detect Noise (+1/6), its prerequisite, or liquid form. He must be able to
ability, giving a thief with that ability
except for the improved chances of obtain the basic ingredients for this,
only a normal chance of escape (not
detection. usually rare plants and such, at the
adjusted down 5%). Freeze In Position: This ability referee's discretion.
allows a thief to stop absolutely in Sleight of Hand (95%): San1e as
Fourth Level Abilities
any position permitted by the force Sleight Of Hand (90%), its
Find Likely Treasure Rooms
of gravity or other outside influences. prerequisite, except for the added
(75%): This ability allows a thief to
This ability helps protect a thief chance of success.
reason out, with a 75% accuracy,
against detection by things listening Arson: This ability allows a thief
which of several rooms is the most
to his footsteps or noticing his to judge and achieve the best way of
likely to the be treasure trove of a
motion. setting fire to a structure or object in
being or monster. Prerequisite: Find
Move Silently (+2/3): This ability order to quickly and efficiently
Likely Treasures.
is the same as Move More Silently destroy all or part of it. Prerequisite:
Pick All Locks (95%): Smne as
( + 1/3), its prerequi:1ite, except for the Start Fires. Equipment is necessary
Pick All Locks (90%), its prerequisite,
added bonus against detection. for use with this ability in cases
except for the improved chance of
Spot Hidden Items (+5/6): Same where the structure- is not readily
as Spot Hidden Items ( +2/3), its flammable.
Taste Analysis: This ability allows
prerequisite, except for the added Con +2: Same as Con +I, its
a thief to identify compounds by
bonus. , prerequisite, except for the added
taste, within the limits of his personal chance of success.
Tracking (75%): Same as Tracking
experience, inducting potions. of types
Escape From Ropes +1: Same as Extra Arrow (-2): Same as Extra aided) speaking a language known to
Escape From Ropes, its prerequisite, Arrow (-4), its prerequisite, except the thief.
except for the fact that this will also for the reduced detriment to the Tightrope Walk: This ability allows
allow escape after being tied up by a archery shot. a thief to walk a narrow object,
thief using Tie Up With Ropes + 1, as Sap Sure Strike: This ability including ropes, with a 90% chance
well as adding 5% to the basic chance allows a thief to use a sap under the of successfully crossing that object
for successful escape. same conditions as in Sure Strike without the use of emergency
Forgery {80%): This ability allows Dagger (X3), one of its prerequisites, procedures (grabbing onto the rope
a thief to forge handwriting he has and with the same benefit that the with hands, etc.). This basic 90%
available for copying, with an 80% victim will be defending as if level 0. chance is adjusted as follows: add 1/2
chance that it will not be spotted This gives the thief an added chance of the thiefs experience bonus
immediately as a forgery. It also to hit which may be used with any percentage, and subtract 2% for each
allows that thief to draft of the other Sap abilities, which 5 miles per hour of wind, as well as
au thori ta tive documents from determine the chances of knocking 2% for each turn past the first that it
supposedly distant people that will out the victim and the amount of takes to cross the object. The
have an 80% chance of being taken damage done. Prerequisites: any level crossing is made at speed 3".
for authentic. of Dagger Sure Strike and any level Ventriloquism {99%): Same as
Identify Poisoning: This ability of Sap ability givmg knockout Ventriloquism (90%), its prerequisite,
will allow a thief to, after observing percentage and damage range. except for the added chance for
the physical symptoms of the victim, Throw Short Sword +4: Same as escaping detection.
get a general idea of what type of Throw Short Sword, except for the Code And Cipher Development:
poison a poisoning victim has been added accuracy bonus. Prerequisites: This ability allows a thief to design
hit with. This is most useful in cases Throw Dagger +4 and Throw Short codes and ciphers for Use in secret
where antidotes are available. Sword. communication, with a basic chance
Pick Pockets (90%): Same as Pick Bump Of Direction (90%): Same of 5% per point of Intelligence the
Pockets (2/3), its prerequisite, except as Bump Of Direction (50%), its thief possesses that the code or
for the added chance of success. prerequisite, except for the added cipher will not be broken by
accuracy. outsiders while secrecy is still
Camouflage: This ability allows a important.
Fifth Level Abilities thief to camouflage his position, as Con +3: Same as Con +2, its
Circumvent Traps (90%): Same as well as design basic clothing that prerequisite, except for the added
Circumvent Traps (50%), its blends into any one given type of chance of success with the Con.
prerequisite, except for the added environment. Detect Shifting Walls And Rooms
chance of success. Doppelganger: This ability allows a {50%): This ability allows a thief to
Nose For Treasure: This ability thief to disguise himself as any one have a 50% chance of spotting clues
allows a thief to find, with 90% person he has had the chance to that will tell him that he is entering a
certainty, treasure rooms and treasure observe, with a 90% chance that he room or passage with walls that shift
hiding places in and around lairs. will not be immediately recognized as or slide.
Prerequisites: Find Likely Treasures a fake. The person being imitated Estimate Range {+/- 1%): Same as
and Find Likely Treasure Rooms must not have any physical Estimate Range (+/- 5%), its
(75%). characteristics that it would be prerequisite, except for added
Note All Traps: This ability allows impossible for the thief to accuracy.
a thief to spot, with 90% accuracy, approximate (i.e., a six foot tall thief Estimate Volume (+/-5%): Same
any traps if he has time to examine could not disguise himself as a six as Estimate Volume (+/- 10%), its
the object or place trapped (I turn), inch ~all pixie). prerequisite, except for added
as long as he can actually observe the Spot All Hidden Items: This accuracy.
place or object trapped. Prerequisites: ability is a further extension of the Forgery (90%): Same as Forgery,
Note Traps In Chest (90%) and Note Spot Hidden Items (+5/6) ability, its (80%), except for the added chance
Traps In Doors (90%). prerequisite. This allows a thief to of successfully passing off the
Diving Dodge: This ability allows a spot, with 90% accuracy, any item forgery.
thief to withdraw from combat with hidden by non-magical means, as long Tie Up With Ropes +2: Same as
any one opponent by giving up all as he is searching for that object 0r Tie Up With Ropes +1, its
offensive actions for one phase as he something like it. prerequisite, except for neutralizing
dives out of combat. Note: this Cheat At Game Of SkiU +3: Same the Escape From Ropes + 1, if
ability is not usable in a constricted as Cheat At Game Of Skill +2, its possessed by the person being tied, as
space, as there must be at least one prerequisite, except for the added well as subtracting 10% from the
body length in clearance either to chance of success. basic chance to escape as figured in
one side or the rear of the thief using Juggle (90%): Same as Juggle Tie Up With Ropes.
this ability. Prerequisite: Dodge (80%), its prerequisite, except for the
2-Handed Weapons. added chance of successful juggling.
Double Dagger Throw (-2): Same Read Lips: This abi1ity allows a
as Double Dagger Throw, its thief to read the lips of anyone
prerequisite, except for the reduced visible to the thief (within 12",
detriment to the archery shot. unless the thiefs vision is magically

Sixth Level Abilities poison that he is familiar with and design of magical traps. Prerequisite:
Bypass All Normal Traps: This for which an antidote is possible. Mechanical Trap Setting.
ability allows a thief to bypass any Prerequisite. Manufacture Poisons. Grappling Hook: This ability
mechanical trap which he has Game Of Skill +3: Same as Game allows the successful casting and use
successfully found, as long as there is Of Skill +2, its prerequisite, except of a grappling hook across distances,
a means of doing so that is physically for the added bonus. with a basic chance of 100% -1 % for
possible to the thief with the Juggle (99%): Same as Juggle each 1/2" distance the hook must be
equipment that he has. This does not (90%), its prerequisite, except for the thrown. Such hooks can be used for
include magical traps, nor does it added chance of successful juggling. climbing walls, as well as setting up
include traps set by a person with the Mimic Voices: This ability allows a ropes for crossing horizontal distances
Thief Trap abilities. Its prerequisite is thief tO successfully mimic the voice with the use of the Tightrope ability.
Circumvent Traps (90%). of anyone he has heard, with a 90% Its successful use may depend upon
Pick All Locks (99%): Same as chance that the listener will believe related abilities, such as Climb Rope,
Pick All Locks (95%), its prerequisite, that it is really the person being etc. Referee's discretion should be
except for the added chance of imitated who is speaking. used on limi:ing the distance that the
success. Mimic Movements: This ability grappling hook may be thrown under
Double Dagger Throw: Same as allows a thief to imitate the walk and varying conditions.
Double Dagger Throw (-2), its physical gestures of anyone he has Spot Thievish Activity: This
prerequisite, except for the fact that had the chance to observe, with a ability gives a thief a basic 50%
there is no subtraction made, 90% chance that a norma~ observer chance of spotting ongoing thievish
al though bonus abilities for throwing will believe that it is really the person activity by a thief of his own level,
single daggers (i.e. Throw Dagger +4) being imitated. or the results of such activity. This
still do not add on. Thief Trap Setting: This ability percentage is adjusted 5% for each
Double Dagger Ylelee: This abili~y allows a thief to design and build a relative level difference of the active
allows a thief to fight with two trap that is designed to trap someone thief and the spotting thief. Thus, if
daggers without losing 1he normal ordinarily able to circumvent normal a 15th level thief is using this ability,
four attack levels for using two traps, with a basic 50% chance of he would spot the activities of a 12th
weapons. A thief with this ability avoiding circumvention, adjusted 5% level thief 65% of the time.
may add on any dagger attack per level for the relative levels of the
abilities he possesses for using single thief set ting the trap and the thief
daggers to this ability. trying to circumvent it. Thus, a Thief
Double Short Sword: This ability Trap set by a 20th level thief would
allows a thief to fight with two short have a 65% chance of trapping a 17th
swords, or one short sword and one level thief trying to circumvent it.
dagger, without losing the normal Code And Cipher Breaking: This
four attack levels for using two ability allows "' thief to have a chance
weapons. A thief with this ability equal to (5 times thiefs Intelligence)
may add on any short sword abilities +20% of breaking a normal code or
to this ability. cipher within one day. Prerequisite:
Sap (90% KO, 0-2 Dice): Same as Code And Cipher Development.
Sap (50% KO, 1 Die), its prerequisite, Detect Counterfeit (90%): This
except for the improved chance of ability gives a thief a 90% chance of
knocking out the victim, as well as immediately spotting a counterfeit
the variable damage, rolled randomly, coin or other valuable object, as long
caused by hitting more sensitive as he is famiLar with the real version
areas. of the object counterfeited.
Tracking (95%): Same as Tracking Detect Slopes (90%): This ability
(75%), its prerequisite, except for the gives a thief a 90% chance of
added chance of successful tracking. detecting a gradual slope, as its
Alchemy (Duplication): This prerequisite, Detect Slopes (50%), but
ability allows a thief to duplica1e, with added accuracy.
from an alchemist's formula, any Escape From Ropes +2: Same as
poison or potion that can be Escape From Ropes +1, its
produced by an alchemist, as long as prerequisite, except that this ability
the materials and a laboratory are will also allow escape from Tie Up
available. Prerequisites: Intelligence of With Ropes +2, as well as add 5% to
9+ and both Manufacture Poisons and the basic chances for escape. Thieves must beware
Manufacture Sleep Drugs (to Special Trap Setting: This ability
allows the setting of traps specially
justice's sword!
familiarize the thief with the basic
techniques). designed to have unusual mechanisms,
Antidote To Poison: This ability including activating elaborate
allows a thief, with access to mechanical devices, triggering alarms,
laboratory and mate1ials, to etc. This ability is also used in
manufacture the antidote to any conjunction with magic users for the
Creating Player Characters just what it says. Agility is physical character class may be met
Step 1: There are eight quickness and maneuverability. INCLUDING any adjustments made
characteristics which need to be Dexterity is quickness of mind and in step 4.
de te nnined initially for each eye for both archery and magic. Step 4: Adjust the characteristics
character. These are: Strength, Charisma is the overall likeability of according to the following: No
Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, the character. characteristic may be lowered to a
Size, Agility, Dexterity, and Step 2: Detenriine the character's value less than 9. Magic users and
Charisma. These are each determined initial amount of gold with which to elves may raise intelligence by 1 for
by rolling three six-sided dice (once equip himself. This is done by rolling each reduction of Wisdom by 2.
for each of the eight). Record the three six-sided dice and multiplying Clerics may raise wisdom by 1 for
results, as these characteristics are the results by ten. Thus a character each reduction of strength by 3 or
normally permanent after step 4. starts with 30-180 gold pieces, with for each reduction of iq.telligence by
To give you some idea of what an average of around 100. 2. Thieves may raise agility by 1 for
these characteristics actually mean, Step 3: Choose the character's each reduction of strength by 2, or
we interpret them as follows: type from those available. While any they may raise strength by 1 for each
Strength is both physical strength and character may be a fighter, other reduction of intelligence or wisdom
the overall fighting ability and character classes have certain basic (not combined) by 3. All types
aptitude of the character. Intelligence requirements that must be met. It is except magic users, clerics and thieves
is both the IQ and the general recommended that any character be may raise strength by 1 for each
aptitude for magic. Wisdom is both made whatever he is best at. Except reduction of intelligence by 2 or for
judgment and tendency towards in the case of Dwarves, whose each reduction of wisdom by 3.
things dcrical. Constitution is overall Strength must be rolled at least 15 In other words, a Cleric with:
toughness of body and spirit. Size is naturally, the requirements for a Strength 14, Intelligence 13, Wisdom


Fighters Clerics Magic Users Thieves

01-05 Sword -1 Sling -1 Dagger -1 Dagger -1

06-10 Bow -1 Mace, Warhammer -1 Fists -1 Sling -1
11-14 Throwing -1 Quarterstaff -1 Sword -1 Sword -1
15-18 2-Handed Axes -1 Chain Weapons - 1 -1 vs. Magic Type I Throwing -1
19-22 Dagger -1 Maul -1 -1 vs. Magic Type II Vision -1
23-26 I-Handed Axes -I 2-Handed Weapons -1 -1 vs. Magic Type III Hearing -1
27-30 Mace, Warhammer -1 Hearing -1 -1 vs. Magic Type IV Surprise -1
31-34 Chain Weapons -1 Vision -1 -1 vs. Magic Type V Tracker -1
35-38 Maul -1 Surprise -1 -1 vs. Magic Type VI Parry -10%
39-42 Spear Weapons -1 Lives as if Paladin Throwing -1 Fists -1
43-46 Staff, Pole Weapons - 1 Hated by Animals Hearing -1 -10% Success with Gadgets
47-51 2-Handed Weapons -1 Fists -1 Vision -1 Receives No Bonus from Bless
52-56 Hearing -1 -1 vs. Undead Surprise -1 Quarterstaff -1
57-60 Vision -1 +2 Bonus to Self on Bless Roll Twice Judgment Poor (-10%)
61-65 Surprise -1 Smell and Taste Edible Parry -10% Success Poor Mapper
66 -1 vs. Magic Type I -1 vs. Magic Type I Use Magic Type I at + 1 sp -1 vs. Magic Type I
67 -1 vs. Magic Type 11 -1 vs. Magic Type II Use Magic II at + 1 sp -1 vs. Magic Type II
68 -1 vs. Magic Type III -1 vs. Magic Type III Use Magic III at + 1 sp -1 vs. Magic Type III
69 -1 vs. Magic Type IV -1 vs. Magic Type IV Use Magic IV at + 1 sp -1 vs. Magic Type IV
70 -1 vs. Magic Type V -1 vs. Magic Type V Use Magic V at + 1 sp -1 vs. Magic Type V
71 -1 vs. Magic Type VI -1 vs. Magic Type VI Use Magic VI at + 1 sp -1 vs. Magic Type VI
72 -1 vs. Mental Magic -1 vs. Curses -1 vs. All Magic -1 vs. Mental Magic
73 -1 vs. Clerical Spells -1 vs. Mental Magic -1 vs. Clerical Spells -1 vs. Clerical Spells
74 Smell and Tast-e Edible Poor Mapper Poor Depth Perception Smell and Taste Edible
75-76 Tracker -1 -1 vs. Poison Has Familiar (see table) -10% with Locks
77-78 Parry -10% Success Parry -10% Success Smell and Taste Edible -10% with Traps
79-80 Fists -1 -1 vs. Clerical Spells Poor Aim With Spells -1 vs. Poison
81-82 Gullible, -1 vs. Cons Trusting, -1 vs. Cons Poor Balance, Poor Balance,
and Illusions and Illusions No Flying Can't Fly or Climb
83-84 Receives No Bless Bonus Reroll, Becomes +2 Reroll, Becomes +2 Reroll, Becomes +2
85-88 Reroll, Becomes -2 Reroll, Becomes -2 Reroll, Becomes -2 Reroll, Becomes -2
89-98 Re roll, Becomes + 1 Reroll, Becomes + 1 Re roll, Becomes + 1 Re roll, Becomes + 1
99-100 Roll Twice Roll Twice Poor Mapper Roll Twice

15 could be adjusted to Strength 11, subject to the requirements for Any player character gets one
Intelligence 11, and Wisdom 17. 3 building a castle, keep, or other language at no cost, normally his
were subtracted from strength, 2 holdings. In other words, an 11th alignment language (Lawful, Neutral,
from intelligence, making a total level magic user no longer has to pay or Chaotic) Special exceptions are
addition to wisdom of 2. It is upkeep once he completes made in the case of Dwarves, elves
possible to adjust a character into constuction of his own Wizard's and the like, who pay no cost for
being a combination character, or to Tower or whatever he chooses to their own tongue, but must pay to
a prime requisite of higher than 18 in build. Clerics may begin building a learn alignment languages.
some cases. It is beneficial to have as hold when they reach 8th level, For one-half the normal cost for
high a score as possible in the prime fighters upon reaching 9th level. any language, a character can learn
requisite of a character. There are enough for simple conversations, but
also benefits from having high scores Special Characteristics not enough to fully command a
in other areas. (See Effects of The special characteristics table is language. Elves, due to their nature
Characteristics). mostly very simple. For each and background, learn languages more
Step 4A: Roll on the Special character, roll a percentile die or pair easily than humans and most other
Characteristics Table. (This rule is of dice, numbered 01-100. Look at intelligent beings, so multiply their
optional at the discretion of the the column for the particular type of basic language point total by 2. Thus
referee, but we recommend it.) Any character. The special characteristic at they can learn more language~.
character should roll in the that point on the table is what your Dwarves, Halflings, and Rangers also,
appropriate column for his type. character has. Please note that these by their nature, tend to become
Elves should roll as either Fighters or are almost all minor deficits, unless involved with other languages at an
Magic Users, depending on which is you roll that something becomes +1 early age, so multiply their basic
higher, their Strength or Intelligence or +2 instead of the normal minus. language point total by 1.5, allowing
(roll on both in case of a tic). These are basically minor handicaps them s'Jme extra language ability.
Paladins roll as both Fighters and to be overcome, or occasionally a Not all languages are immediately
Clerics. Combination characters roll minor bonus. available for the learning in most
as each type included in the (weapon name) -1 means that the cities. The learning of a language is
combination. character is -1 attack level or archery limited by the availability of a
Step 5: Determine the character's accuracy with that weapon, as teacher for that language. The chance
weight and maximum carrying appropriate. of such an instructor being available
capacity from the Weight and -1 vs. Magic Type means that the in a given normal fantasy city of
Strength Effects tables. character's saving throw ~s worsened mixed population is listed for each
Step 6; Determine the number of by 1 against that type of Magic. language as 'Availability'. Use these as
hits which can be taken and the Use Magic Type at +1 sp means a guideline for determining other
number of spells or abilities available that that character must expend an languages not listed.
to the character for his type, from extra spell point each time he casts a It takes approximately
the appropriate advancement table. spell of the type listed. game-month of intensive study per
Step 7: Purchase (from the funds The rest are basically difficulty point to learn a language
available to the character) the armor, self-explanatory, with a little thought fluently. If the character is only
weapons and other equipment that applied. studying the language on a casual
the character is to carry (see basis, it takes 4 game-months per
Equipment Weights and Costs table). difficulty point to gain fluency.
Please note that this purchased Languages Some languages have specific
material is non-magical. Experience Each player character has a dialects, and examples are listed in
will teach you which weapons . and language-learning ability, in points, the language descriptions. These
gadgets are needed, and some are equal to (Intelligence + Wisdom)/4. dialects are offshoots of the main
dictated by circumstances. Torches, Thus, a character with Intelligence of language, and can be learned simply
for example, are needed in quantity 10 and Wisdom of 10 has (lo+l0)/4 once the main language is known.
for underground or cave travel. Pack = 5 language points. These points For each dialect learned of a
animals are used outdoors (except for include all languages known by the language, the cost is one-half the cost
mules, which can negotiate character previous to adventuring as of the main language.
underground passages). Other well as those to be learned later. This Language Descriptions
materials are at the discretion of the is to simulate the difficulty in COMMON: This is the trade
players. speaking multiple languages fluently. tongue of most humanoid intelligent
Step 8: From the time of their The total number of languages beings. That is, it is not a native
first expedition on, player characters learnable by a character is determined language, but an artificial mixture of
must pay for their upkeep at inns as follows: Languages can be learned words and phrases generally
and such, the cost reckoned to be 1% at a cost of 1 language point for each understood, developed for the
of their gold per game-month. In level of difficulty of the language to purposes of trade and communication
addition, clerical types should pay be learned (ranging from 1-10 in between different peoples. Difficulty :
tithes (10%) of any earnings to their difficulty). Thus, Goblin, a simple 1. Availability: 100%.
church. Upkeep costs (but not tithes) and coarse tongue, only costs 1 LAWFUL: This is the normal
cease upon completion of a point, whereas Elvish, a more rich language of Lawful humans. It is the
stronghold for the player characters, and difficult language, costs 5. commonly spoken language of various
lawful non-human beings as well. WISP: This is the basic language of armor, primarily a stabbing weapon.
Difficulty: 2. Availability: 100% aerial beings. Pixies speak a dialect of It is not useful against natural body
NEUTRAL: This is the normal this language. The availability of armor, which does not have as many
language of Neutral humans. It is the Basic Wisp and of any dialect weak spots at joints.
commonly spoken language of various decreases by 1% for each 5 miles you WIDE FALCHION: This is a thick,
neutral non-human beings as well. are from high hills or mountains. broad-bladed sword designed for
Difficulty: 2. Availability: 100%. Difficulty: 4 Availability: 10%. chopping through armor.
CHAOTIC: This is the normal OLD FOREST: This is the basic SAMURAI: This is actually only
language of Chaotic humans. l t is the language of Dryads and other beings one of the types of sword used by
commonly spoken language of various of the deep forest. The availability of Japanese samurai, the longer of the
chaotic non-human beings as well. Old Forest or of any dialect thereof two basic one-handed swords. They
Difficulty: 2. Availability: 100%. decreases by 1% for each 5 miles you should not be common unless you
ELVISH: This is the basic are from a true forest (not just a play in an oriental world.
language of the various Elves, no park or grove) Difficulty: 4. BATTLE AX: This is a
matter what location or alignment. Availability: 10%. long-handled ax designed for
Difficulty: 5. Availability: 90% chopping with distinct strokes,
DWAR VISH: This is the basic Weapon Descriptions usually with a blade on only one side
language of the various groups of Some of the weapons on our
of the pole. It is a two-handed
Dwarves, no matter what location or combat table are not familiar to most weapon.

alignment. Dwarves are somewhat people, or might lead to some

GREAT AX: This is a broad,
secretive about their language, and confusion due to the terms being
twin-bladed ax - very heavy and very
this means that not all cities will have used. We suggest you read the deadly It is a two-handed ax with
persons who can teach this one. following descriptions in order to more blade and less handle than a
Difficulty: 5. Availability: 70%. familiarize yourself with just what
battle ax..
GREEK: Difficulty: 3. some of the weapons are. BULLOVA: This is a type of
Availability : 70%. KRIS: This is a wavy-bladed two-handed ax with four points
LATIN: Difficulty: 2. Availability: Malayan dagger (there Is also a sword (Take a five-pointed star, cut off one
90% if your major churches use it, version, but not here). The blade is point, and lay the now-flat edge
70% otherwise .. designed to cause a wider wound along a pole; that's the shape.) rather
NORSE: Difficulty: 2. than a normal dagger, and it is than a single cutting edge.
Availability: 70% heavier and more difficult to use, MORNING STAR: This is a metal
ARABIC: Difficulty: 4. which is why it causes more damage ball attached to a handle by a short
Availability: 30%. and gets less blows per phase than a chain. It is used by whirling the ball
DRAGON: Each color of dragon dagger. to swing it at the enemy.
has its own dialect. The availability SHORT SWORD: This is normally FLAIL: This is a two-handed
of each dialect is reduced by 1% for a stabbing type of sword with a weapon similar to the morningstar.
each 10 miles you are from the rather narrow blade, about 18" long Usually consists of two or more balls
natural habitat of that type of (not scale inches, real ones) with chains, or one heavier ball.
dragon. Basic Dragon Difficulty: 10. WARHAMMER: This is normally a MAUL: This is also called a Great
Basic Dragon Availability: 10%. hammer similar to those of dwarvish Hammer. It is similar to a dwarvish
GIANT: Each type of giant has its make, with basically a brick-shaped hammer, but scaled up in size, and
own dialect. The availability of each head attached to a short handle, swung with both hands.
dialect is reduced by 1% for each 10 balanced for throwing. FAUCHARD: This is a type of
miles you are from the natural BEAKED HAMMER: This is a polearm with a sharp curved edge
habitat of that type of giant. Basic weapon that looks somewhat similar (sort of a cross between a scythe and
Giant Difficulty: 2. Basic Giant to a carpenter's claw hammer, but a razor) Like other polearms, it can
Availability: 30% much larger. It has a narrow beak on be used from the second row of a
GOBLIN: (Spoken by goblins, one side for puncturing armor, and a battle, if you're careful and have
hobgoblins, and related beings) spike at the end for slashing against room to swing it.
Difficulty I. Availability: 20%. light armor. Its point means that it is LUCERNE HAMMER: This is a
KOBOLD: (Spoken by kobolds not considered a weapon for lawful Swiss invention, sort of a beaked
and their kin) Difficulty I. clerics. hammer on a pole. It was designed
Availability: 20%. BROADSWORD: This is the for use from the second row of a
TROLLISH : (Ogres speak a dialect standard knight's one-handed weapon. battle, or with pikes.
of this tongue) Difficulty: 3. It is not particularly sharp, but it is If you still have difficulty
Availability: 20%. basically good against almost visualizing what these weapons are,
MER: (Dialects of this language anything Most magical swords are of we suggest you look at your local
are spoken by Tritons, Mermen, this type. library for a good book on medieval
NiJcies, Elves of the Sea, and other LONGSWORD: This is a longer, weapons. Some weapons are more
underwater beings) The availability of sharper, slightly curved saber-like useful than others, it's true, but don't
Basic Mer and of any dialect blade. The scimitar can be used as limit yourself just to what you think
decreases by 1% for each 5 miles you being this type also. 'optimal'. Any weapon is good as
are from large bodies of water, NARROW FALCHION: This is a long as you hit with it.
especially oceans. Difficulty: 5. straight, narrow blade designed for
Availability: 10% forcing its way through the chinks in

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