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Subject: ELA 9a Grade: Nine Unit Name: All That I Am - The Search for Self

Final Assessment Piece: Reflective Identity Portfolio

Your portfolio will contain at least four (4) items that you feel best represent your understanding
of who you are and how your own identity has been influenced and shaped over the course of
your life by choices, beliefs, experiences, relationships and society. Please select four (4) items
from the following to include in your portfolio. As you will notice, some of the items listed
below are assignments we have already done in class. (If you have an idea(s) for different
identity piece(s) that you want to construct please come talk to me). Your portfolio can be
either a digital portfolio or a physical portfolio (ie: scrapbook format).

Choose four (4) items from below:

Write your Im From poem based on George Ella Lyons poem Im From (appendix A)
One Thing Based on the photography project by Susan Mullally of What I keep
create a visual representation and written explanation of the one thing you would keep.
(appendix B)
Six Words- Use six words to create an identity story and include a photograph, drawing
or visual of some form. (appendix C)
Biography Poem BIOPOEM Short 10-line poem that details your history (appendix D)
Personal reflection on what you believe. You can use any format you would like.
Poetry, visual, video, written, oral (recorded), artistic, dramatization (recorded).
Reflection should present at least 10 points supporting what you believe.
Memory Letter- Write a personal letter to someone who has had a significant impact on
you and your life.
Narrative of a personal life-changing event (obstacle or challenge you overcame, positive
event that deeply affected you, personal accomplishment)
A piece of descriptive writing sharing a significant event or happening from your
An interview (oral recorded, written) with a significant person in your life that has
influenced you.
Bucket List - 35-40 items that are on your bucket list with the most important FIVE
highlighted, providing a short description of why this is important to you.
Other ideas? Come chat with me
Item #5: This will be the fifth item in your portfolio

Reflective Writing (500-750 words) (Rubric #1):

Choose one of the readings from the unit and write a descriptive assessment of the characters
identity and how it was influenced and shaped by society, the opinions of others, as well as their
own choices and relationships. The writing should include a topic sentence, three or more
paragraphs describing the characters identity with supporting evidence, and a conclusion that
includes your own personal opinion using evidence from the story to support your reasoning.