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HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN JOHN WILLIAMS I Witches, Wands And Wizards II. Aunt Marge’s Waltz IIL. The Knight Bus TV. A Bridge To The Past V. Double Trouble (with Chorus) Vabiar-Leonan mCORPORATION Instrumentation FLUTE 1 BP TRUMPET 1 (Piccolo) Bb TRUMPET 2 FLUTE 2 B> TRUMPET 3 (Piccolo) B> TRUMPET 4 PICCOLO TROMBONE 1 (Flute) TROMBONE 2 OBOE 1 BASS TROMBONE OBOE 2 TUBA ENGLISH HORN (Oboe) TIMPANI Bb CLARINET 1 PERCUSSION 1 BP CLARINET 2 PERCUSSION 2 1B} CLARINET 3 PERCUSSION 3 (E Clarinet, PEReUesoN Bb Bass Clarinet) PERCUSSION SCORE BASSOON 1 HARP BASSOON 2 PIANO/CELESTE ON oe CHORUS (SATB)t (Bassoon) B) ALTO SAXOPHONE* VIOLIN 1 VIOLIN 2 FHORN1 VIOLA FHORN 2 VIOLONCELLO HORNS) CONTRABASS, FHORN4 + IIL, The Knight Bus only —_ V. Double Trouble only Performance Time: 16:00 Complete Set (40 Choral Octavos included) 04490388 Full Score 04490389 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was the third in J.K. Rowling’s popular series of books to be presented on film. The story is rich with characters and situations offering wonderful opportunities for music. This suite includes references to magic, flight and wizardry, including Aunt Marge’s helium balloon trip, the zany Knight Bus ride through the city and “Double Trouble,” the admonitory song of the students at Hogwarts School. Ik was a joy to team up with film director Alfonso Cuarén on this adventure, and I must say [had a particularly good time setting music to this story which resulted in such an entertaining and enjoyable film. la WML |:auns ssn a0 I. Witches, Wands And Wizards Allegro (J = 142) JOHN WILLIAMS 5 =m Press: pe iss | =| ween | Boni a ; Bnet Male Peso & i ® @ @ a Fae ner And te ner OA B a. bck 2sTi Tea Peet H oe vn we a ao ”* @ a ww * @ FR dhe Rae Oa Al e 1% he Tp, ce FFF ane resin 77 a. tm te Tp ve Re Ad re Aan Tap Pes. Hp we tyme ae nr FAs ssi tee BEALL RADRE eM ca Ti imp. ca Ve . Reena Perot acten-#2 Fie a fo —= "= Te ta Tp. ce ve vs V. Double Trouble JOHN WILLIAMS ae Bow | Bute, (Berea sce ‘ese! Ft Btw Terie ee Tonle tec even PansCae semehio Tato oo, an Aine a RE SHON Be Rane rts ‘hans tm w tReet an mal tw Serpe ns Teheran ‘= a. ve FetyPamtat Tahar oratinn-§ ™ a o of ——— Reo fm ve o “og *s == ' @ a @ w ee ae Pn tse a (28 Spirteaty i ) ie a . Rar nthe hentai Z,