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Ruth Detlefsen DeLano

Points of Analysis:
Main Points of the Eric Name of Outside Scholar:
Jensen article & applied to Title of Work(s): Teaching
your clinical experience or technology in low socioeconomic
past experiences working areas: Technology education will
with youth. (Note: Utilize the help break the cycle of poverty for
phrase For example early low socioeconomic students
and often!) Citation:
Thomas, D. (2007). Teaching
in low socioeconomic areas:
Technology education will help
break the cycle for low
socioeconomic students. The
Technology Teacher, 67, no. 3, 4-

Outline three main points from the

Main Point 1: Children from article:
poverty are more likely to
struggle with engagement in Main Point 1: Help for Students.
school. For example, I have The use of technology in industries
noticed in one of my field such as trucking, communication,
experiences this semester at newspaper, agriculture, and
Kids First that many of the medicine is rising, so there is a
students have a very difficult need for students to receive
time staying on task with technology education. Technology is
homework and school related expensive, so students of low
things. Almost all of these socioeconomic levels arent
students live in low-income receiving an adequate education in
housing. technology. A way to improve this is
to provide technology through
schools for students of every
Main Point 2:Inteligence is linked economic background to access and
to health. Health can affect learn from at no cost to their
attention, reasoning, learning, families, and to teach students to
and memory, as does nutrition. use this technology for things other
For example, during my field than games.
experience for this class at
Ridgeway, I have met with one
student who is frequently ill and
misses a good amount of school. Main Point 2: Teaching Technology
Because of this, he misses Effectively.
homework and assignments and In the shift of society from industrial
is behind in his work. to knowledge-fueled, the
importance of students knowing
how to properly use technology has
Main Point 3: Lower-class increased greatly. In order for
children have a much lower have students to enter the workforce one
a much lower vocabulary than day, they must have a proper
middle-and-upper-class children, understanding and knowledge of
so teachers should incorporate technology and how to use it. The
vocabulary into daily rituals. For socioeconomic statuses of students
example, during my time at Kids plays a role into their technological
First, I worked with a boy in background, because some may
kindergarten who has no concept only know how to play games while
of phonemic awareness and others have none at all. Teachers
doesnt know many words. His must educate students on the
parents do not read to him at proper use of technology as well as
home. Information Communication
Technology (ICT). The teachers
attitude about technology affects
the students achievement.
Main Point 4: Invest in students
who dont put in the effort. For
example, at Ridgeway, I have
observed that there are a select Main Point 3: Conclusion.
few students who do not really Students must be educated in
try when it comes to homework technology in order to become
or behavior. The staff really tries successful and productive members
to engage them in positive of society. Students who come from
behavior and enforce that they low socioeconomic backgrounds
(the staff) believe in them (the may struggle more with technology
students). education because often, they dont
have access to proper technological
use at home. Schools are where
Main Point 5: Hope! Teach students can gain a technological
students that they can learn new education in a safe and productive
things and that they can setting.
understand new material, that
they are much more than they
give themselves credit for. For
example, at Kids First a main
goal is to prove to the students
there that they are more than
their circumstances.

Main Point 6: Show students that

you care about them! For
example, at Ridgeway last week,
one of the students was having a
bad day and was crying. Another
staff member approached her
and listened to her for a while. To
me, this showed that the staff
member really cared about the
student, and I know that the
student felt that she was
important and cared about.