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Why was the project required

=====Project Value $173 million
-----ADB 83% 23% Goverment of Punjab
What is the objective
what are the deliverables
How did u plan out the project
At which stage the project is currently
====2 components, Trimmu has started...Total 30% completed
====Phase 1 detailed study and planning.
====Phase 2 Trimmu, trimmu has started 15%
How did u recurit employees to work?
====Punjab irrigation department conceived project
================Reasons for Barrage
----Sustained water supply for crops
----Floods were repetative, flood bearing capacity
----sendimentation causes fluctuation of water supply
----Consultants= NESPAK (Lead) + SNEC International + EGC
----SinoHydro (Contractor); 4 years- Designing was detailed.
Phase 1 Numeric Analysis (longest period), Phase 2 Physical Modeling (Pr
ototype), Phase 3 Drawings---4 years
----ADB Procurement Process via Website
----Prequalification --> Financial and Technical bids + Relevant Experience + Me
thod Statements of work = Scoring system
Method Statement--> Quality Management, Scope Management, Similar Works
Experience should reflect Method Statement (Responsibility of Consultant)
Financial Bid--> Negotiation on basis of technical build
-----Approval of bids by Punjab Irrigation Authority-->Consultant receives and a
pproves bids--> Sends to ADB for approval
what value is the project adding
impact for pakistan
for the employees
for the locals
short term value creation
long term value creation
People and Stakeholder involved
-----Farmers training and resettlement compensation + Parks + Handicraft shops f
or merchandize
-----Supply of farmers is unhindered, as per Method Statement of Contractor,
Current Problems & Management?
-----Scope of Consultants and Contractors mismatched, communication gap and reso
urce planning. Earned Value calculation Vs. Contractor's cost
PMS (Project Management System) is developed to attempt to monitor and a
void deviations
Site staff makes independent reports, but are limited to their
Billing of contractors has almost no yardstick due to restricted access
to information.
Slow Work/ Closing of Work is done by SOP for avoiding sh
utting down of work.
ADB Procedures and Pakistan litigation/arbitration methods to be improve
d upon
Looking forward----Foreign contractors must be employed at a certain %,
area is distressed due to foreign involvement
Looking forward----Short term contractors attempt to seek their own bene
Looking Forward----80% non-skilled local labor must be employed, 20% is
available to be either local/foreign
Key resources/Skilled staff must be 100% foreign
what do they do in the completion of the project

At which stage the project is

Design and Construction should be separated. Design should be ongoing/co
ntinuous, not 1 time.
Mechanism for conceive project, Execution should be separtely monitored.
Imperical Values are exclusively for each model, DO not necessarily appl
y in all projects.
Outcomes of these values significantly impact the contract award,
Delay in final award will impact loan interest,
what diffculties and risk u planned for
what issues u encountered during the project
Learning or experiences which u can takeaway from the proeject.
-----Stakeholder management mechanism is vital, ADB (Standardized Procedures wer
e very helpful
-----Mission Leader/Project Director were in collaboration
-----Consultant coordination w/Project Director and Project Leader are on same t
rack trhough reporting
-----Management ensures relocation of resettling for stakeholders via checks and
-----Weekly reporting, Progress Reporting is monthly, Financial review is Quarte
rly; all made by consultants
-----Sent to Planning commission and Government of Punjab
which were unique

-----Barrage construction milestones are different from consultants
-----Contract milestones- 1. Prepation work: colonies and client's office 270 da
ys. 2. Overall project completion. Risk of claiming damages by client due to del
Completion of civil work, mechanical works, engineering works is separat
e milestones.
Monitoring: Scheduled in accordnacce with 3 flood seasons (June-August).
50% barrage damn coffer damn must be made BEFORE flood season arrives to avoid
damage from flood.
Second year milestone requires completion of barrage.
Third year milestone requires
Constraints are kept in mind whilst setting milestones e.g. 20 Jan - 25
Jan repair works
Mitigation report given by contractor for reasons for delay but no fine/
penalty due to delay IF contractor can show how he will bring back on schedule.
Unknowns Uknowns given more time by consultant to allow completion by co
ntractor e.g.
FIDIC is used for International bids- Special FIDIC Version MTP, harmoiz
ed addition for use by International Loan/Funding organizations
Used as
-----Consultant milestones-
3 months to review construction plan/design
3 months to dispatch/allocate designs
Monitoring: Supervision of construction

-----Consultant- 3 zones are set up. Zone 1 Main barrage 2. Additional base for
rehabilitation 3. Away from barrage: Removal of sedimentation
Reasons for Zones: all 3 are independant and work is being performed con
Areas: Zone 1 has 2 areas: Existing canals & Main bewer
Zone 2 has 2 areas: Additional base & New Head Regulator
Zone 3 has 2 areas: Upstream & Downstream
Areas are broken down in to sub-areas
Sub-Areas are divided into Structures/Group of activities
Structures are
Zones have multiple critical paths
------Everybody has separate EVs and basis for evaluation, based on stakeholder'
s interests.
Consultant uses multiple systems for e.g. PMS.
Group of acitivities assigned a weightage. Weightage can be financial, e
ffort, time,
Effort based on 1-5 difficulty level
--------Project Risk assessed by client
Consultant Risk is to deliver and design project
----Consultant Risk is least due to lack of resources involved, rather o
nly services. Time based work hence dependant on other's work, but relatively lo
Contractor Risk is on Planning engineer estimate. Margin included in PC-
1 is Contractor's risk cushion
TCPI Calculation
EAC Calculation