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Vanguard University
EDUG 558: Shadowing Assignment

For this assignment, you will shadow a student with a disability for about 1 hour. You will take
anecdotal notes on the student and complete a summary of your observations. In your summary
answer the following questions:
Background information- name of student- age- grade- school
What assumptions can you make concerning this students exceptionality based on your
What behaviors do you believe were related to the exceptionality?
In your opinion, how did the students exceptionality affect his or her social interactions
with other students? With his or her teachers?
Date: 2/7/17 Setting: Classroom
Time: 8:05 am Background Information: Brandon has an IEP for Attention Deficit
Child: Brandon Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Age: 10 Others involved: Ms. Fowler (regular classroom teacher), and students
Observer: Heather in the classroom
8:05 am Notes: Students walk in from arriving to school. Students are
instructed to write their homework in their planners and take out their
Chrome books to respond to a google question of the day and move on
to Reading Plus when they are finished with everything else, while
the Ms. Fowler checks homework.

8:07 am Notes: Brandon is told a second time to write the homework in this
planner, put his backpack outside, and start writing in his Chrome
book. Brandon begins typing in the Chrome book and gets distracted
by helping a student exchange chairs.

8:10 am Notes: Brandon returns to work on his Chrome book and finished

8:14 am Notes: Brandon asks Ms. Fowler what to do next which he was already
instructed to work on Reading Plus a computer program at the
beginning of class. In addition, he is once again reminded to write his
homework in his planner and put his backpack outside. Ms. Fowler
reaches Brandons desk to check homework and he has not completed
the homework from the night before. He is told again to write tonights
homework in his planner so he can remember to do it and Ms. Fowler
moves on to the next student. Brandon gets distracted looking for his
planner and begins to show drawings he has made to the students
around him. He is instructed by Ms. Fowler to remain on task, put his
backpack outside, and put the drawings away.

8:16 am Notes: Brandon writes his homework in a spiral notebook because he

cant find his planner. He walks up to the board to read the homework
and distracts students on his way back to his seat by talking to them.

8:17 am Notes: Brandon has competed writing this homework in a notebook

and takes his backpack outside.

8:20 am Notes: Brandon works on his Chrome book while Ms. Fowler walks
around making sure everyone is on task. Brandon and his classmates
continue to work quietly.

8:25 am Notes: Brandon remains on task until he gets distracted by a student

walking by in the hallway making noise. It takes Brandon about minute
to get back on task while Ms. Fowler stands right behind him
observing his progress.

8:27 am Notes: Students are instructed to start putting their Chrome books
away, Brandon continues to play on the Chrome book while he looks to
see if any adult is around watching him.

8:30 am Notes: Ms. Fowler, again, instructs everyone to put everything away.

8:31 am Notes: Brandon puts his Chrome book away. Ms. Fowler discusses the
days agenda while Brandon stares off into space but remains quiet.

8:35 am Notes: Ms. Fowler passes out spelling word worksheets and Brandon
places his head on his desk and closes his eyes.

8:37 am Notes: Brandon get back on task and writes his name the top of the
page right when instructed.

8:38 am Notes: Ms. Fowler explains what Latin roots are and how they are a
part of their spelling words this week.

8:40 am Notes: Brandon write along with the teacher on the document camera
display. When Ms. Fowler asks the class a question Brandon does not
respond. His mind seems to be elsewhere but he remains quiet with a
blank stare.

8:45 am Notes: Ms. Fowler continues to talk about the spelling words while
engaging the class with questions. Brandon continues to get distracted
by motions of other students around him or noises outside but he gets
right back on track with copying the words and definitions on his paper
from the document camera display.

Notes: Ms. Fowler asks students what spectacular means by raising


8:49 am their hands and Brandon quietly mumbles an answer but did not raise
his hand. This is the first interaction with the lesson he has had.

Notes: When students answer with silly responses Brandon laughs but
8:53 am remains quiet and continues to follow the writing on the board.

Notes: Brandon gets distracted by his partner playing in his desk but
9:59 am gets back to task once the teacher begins to write on the worksheet.

Notes: Brandon watches the student next to him draw when the teacher
9:01 am asks a question. The class responds and seconds later he chimes in
stating the same response as well.

Notes: Brandon continues to copy the words and definitions onto his
9:05 am worksheet and is then instructed to go to his pullout for Resource
Specialist Program (RSP).

I observed a ten-year-old boy named Brandon. Brandon is in the fifth grade at College

Park Elementary in Costa Mesa, California. Brandon has an IEP and has been diagnosed with

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Brandon tends to get distracted easily and

struggles to stay on task. As a part of his IEP Brandon also goes to RSP once a day for one on

one instruction to aid with learning support and give him tools to help him be successful in the


I believe that Brandon is capable of excelling in school but he struggles with keeping this

attention on task. I assume that his ability to get distracted very easily and lack of focus is related

to his ADHD diagnosis. Little actions around Brandon would distract him for the classroom tasks

but he was able to find his way back to the instructed task within a few minutes. Brandon sits at a

desk right by the back door but his desk is not connected with any other students and yet he

continues to get distracted by the people around him.


In the classroom setting, students did not seem to notice Brandons behavior when he was

off task. In fact, Brandon was being distracted by the students around him who were not on task

at the time. He is social with students in the classroom which tends to get him in trouble when he

isnt listening to the teacher. I think Brandons exceptionality hinders the social interaction with

his teacher, Ms. Fowler because Brandons inability to remain on task forces her to continuously

instruct him to get to work or follow the directions with little encouragement or positive

interaction. This level of communication doesnt allow Brandon to be praised very often and the

instruction for other students is being hindered as well.