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"Difficile est proprie communia dicer e."




>HE idioms brought together in this volume were chosen from a large collection of
'similar phrases with a view to present in a useful shape a number of sentences in

bona fide kuan hua, each containing one of those common expressions of every-day
^life which are generally troublesome, but should certainly be familiar, to all students
of colloquial Mandarin. Two
thousand sentences were originally set aside for
publication, but these were finally reduced by one half, and the volume interleaved,
to enable any student to add a like number taken from his own particular experience and
more adapted to his own peculiar wants.
By confining the present collection to kuan hua, many neat and expressive idioms in
the Peking dialect were cast, though reluctantly, aside ; for while pronounced to be kuan
hua by a northern teacher, they were rejected as patois by natives of An-hui and Ho-nan
to whom the question was referred. The following are two examples taken at random :

We two don't agree ^ ifl fB Jt >5 $5
This road is impassable ia 10 ^fi JS ^ -7* I?

The alphabetical arrangement was adopted for the sake of convenience, and is
many sentences would stand as well, and perhaps better, under other headings
arbitrary, for ;

but the object was to keep as much as possible to Saxon verbs which are more likely to
come uppermost in the flow of ordinary conversation. It is
supposed that
not, however,

every sentence as it now stands will be found of sufficient value to commit to memory, but

only that each one contains a useful idiom which was actually heard in conversation, and
may be adapted as circumstances require; moreover, that as all trace of dialect or local
taint hasbeen carefully eliminated, the speaker will find himself on common ground with
educated natives from any one of the eighteen provinces.
And here I may be allowed to add that if
typographical errors are conspicuous by
their absence, this desirable result is due to the care and accuracy of Messrs. Jamieson and
Budler of H. I. M. Customs' Service, each of whom kindly gave every proof a separate and
patient revision.

H. B. M.'s Consulate,

Ningpo, 30th September, 1873.

Acts up to his words, He
T'a shuo te cKu lai, tso te ctiu lai.

Add on a few more (the present number being
too few)

Add on another dollar (over and above the sum

agreed upon)

iKei fa
tsai fieri

ft!l 7jh
shang chi

shang yi Uuai
M kc.

or m
ch'ten or ta shang.

Add on five more (reckoning with an abacus)

S *r JL m
tsai ta shang icu ko.

Add on that court-yard, I want to

(by breaking am *& K * 5 *t ft *
down the wall between) Na If uai
yilan-tzti yao ta fvng kuo lai.

Add it all
up together
e. make one grand
total) Hi yi hung hao yi ko ma V/t

Add it
up first T
JS i hsien sha yi ko tsung ';//.

Afford to buy this enamel, I can't g & II * a
il/IB ft
max pu
Che ko fa Ian u:o ch'i.

Afford to pay?
How can he (compensation for m pfa is % &
l"a ju ho p'ei te ctii.

Afford to live in this house, I can't (rent too

high &c.) {C/iS ko fang-tzii ivo chu pu chyi.

Afford to keep you, I can't (to a servant, whose
wages are high or who is above his work) Ni che ko jen too shih pu c'h'i.

Agreed between themselves, They have
(come IKftM:7
to an understanding) Pi tu shuo k'ai liao.

Agreed upon, The price is already fflfiiBlf/F7

(Chia hsia cltien i clang ting liao.

Agree with him, The climate here doesn't

\Che Jfziai V/t shui fu fafupu hsia lai.

Agree, We two don't

(. Wo men lia ho pu shang.

Agree about the price, We can't

( Che ko chia cJi'ien wo men shang Hang pu shang.

Agree, Those two don't

(in their opinions)
( T^a men lia chiang pu lai.
Arrange these skeins (of silk) vStJr. ?7. 3 , PItil 3 chu
,, ,
, .

I Che
hsieh liu rh lax.

Asked leave of absence yesterday, He \
( i a <so ri^n ja cAza A;ao Am.
Ask him to be kind enough to come over v\/\\ $3 Wx SSI M 2R
(to help in anything) (iVi pa *'a/an uo toi
Ask him to come (I have something to say to ( fft\ ;2T |B iHi 7jrj |lj 2{
him) ( ]i cKil pa fa yuo clCu lai.

Asphyxiated, Open the window and you won't be (W
1^ W* $Lm M 4* M
chuang hit chiu hsun 1 pu
-*:* *

Back the cart towards me (also of horses &c.) #R
ifB na IB WMH >M 2fc
(.Pa aan^r c/j'e s/jao kuo tat.

Bail him out, You must get somebody to fj K A iG 11 ft ffl i?fc
(A o fojenpa tapao chu Cat.

Bale the water in with a bowl (yao is also read
jljl |^E $3 ^fv i] ^^
wai 3 ))
(JVa wan pa shui yao 3 kuo lai.

(Pa cKuan li fou ti shui yao ch'u ch'u.

Bear that weight, This table won't (* A if 10 & *" ffi ft 7
(i'en ar<^ ta, che ko cho-tzu ko"1 pu chu.

Bear the blame for this? Who is to

{* W #B iS ft # %J&
{.Che ko tso rh shut tan chi. te

Bear the blame for your mistakes, I shall have ff^^ttj $0 jr ?fc ?fe I$2 ^T ft
to \Jtfi nung cttu ts'o V/t lai, wo ch'ih pu chu.

Bear me, I'm afraid that donkey ia too small to ffi J" *
&o te
(_iVa hsiao,
^ W !# pu^P ft
p'a fo

Bear this pain, I can't fe^ ft J| & B >P ffc

(.CVie pu*rn feng too jen chu.

Bear great heat, I can't

A ?5
#fe^ ft 3fe jjg
\Taje then wo nai pu chu.

Beat me, You can't (at games)

ying pu liao wo.

Beat him at chess, You can't

( Ch'i shih ni hsia pu kuo fa.


Begin work early to-morrow, Tell him to m- ft - in i

Chiao fa ming *rh yi tsao shang hung.

Began to get angry, He then tst m m % ft ft * *s # 7

Sltuo tao na V/i fa chiu nu cli'i lai lo.

Began to laugh, Directly he heard it he -J*,ftft#SiS*7

Yi fing fa chiu hsiao clH lai lo.

How am

Begin? I to
Clie ko hua tsen mo shuo cli'i.

Began it, He (of a quarrel &c.)

Cli'i shou shih fa.

Begin? How did that fire

SB *9
Na ko huo
* * 4 JK
shih tsen
chao cli'i lai ti.

Began to fight, They all **a.5fTiS*7 y

Ta chia huo rh ton ta cli'i lai lo.

How did it (of a row &c.)

Yi ch'i fou 'rh shih tsen mo cho.

Begun to get hot now, It ha3 a 2

Hsien tsaije
ch'i lai lo.

Bend your head down d mm p y 1
[Ni pa fou ti hsia.

Bend my finger yet, I can't

(. Wo ti chili fou hai shih wan pu kuo lai.

Bend a piece of iron wire into a ring

Pa fieh ssu 'rh lean kuo lai.

Bend it straight
(of a bent rod) ft IB ft it
Ni pa fa chili ch'i lai.

Bind some rag round it

Jh , ^
[Na pu kuo shang.

Uito afW tlio moon, Mosqtiitoos don't

ydeh "'n-tzU chiu ting
I ) i r/,\i. chao.

Bite it, Thin j><'ar

in no hard I can't
( hi ko U ying, wo yao a pu tuna*

Biio- thin piece of string in two w

I I'n <!
m m 4- m m
ri,io .'(//>

ntj-izU yao k'ai.

P.iltrll oil" IV lili;MT, '1'lic htt

1 1

dog A nil
| ijnO hsid WO Iji ko chill t'ou ch'U lo.

Bitten 1 1
iy girdle in two, The rut ha f*
k f -^ 8 r T
pa tai-izti yao tuan lo.

Blow the dost oh" (in the north |. Cu would be

need, which iti the south ii confined coduit

I'd Inn cli ni lis it i. cli'ii.

BluWj It. has just began to

M mMA* T
h mil/ Isai kua clii fnii/ lad lo.

Blew oil' the lid, The itean)

1 1. A rlii pa kai-tzil cli'ung k'ai lo.

Blew the aoof open! The wind

[luing j>a men kua k'ai lo.


Borrow tome wine-glasses, Go and flf

A'/ cA'fl
# M 2 # iS * kuo
y>a c/u'm pei cldeh lai.


Break It
np with a hammer (of coal &c.) i ^ ; -j*- lit]

(JV ch'ui-tztt ch'iao k'ai.

Broke the door down in tho night, Thiovos

( ) <A /<////.
pa nit 7/

Break it with your hands: don't use a knifb

(jPm .yuw^ tao-tzil, shih sliou pai 1 k'ai

Break fcheir ranks? Who can fiift- fi' SB 118 r* BI w

[S/nri uvmj pu n,i ko rlt'n
cliiuuuj k'ai.

Brokon its hanks at Yang-ts'un, Tho rivor has

( Yang-ts'un k'ai liao k'ou-'.zil lo.

Broken, The l>nt ton-hole (or loop) is )%' 17

(AmpVm VA /wo jb'ai /o.
Break Continued
Break open the padlock (by twisting it
Pa so fou ning k'ai.

Broken his chains, Ho has (of a prisoner) te

#U# ? J*
'a so lien-tzu ning tuau
Iff T
pa lo.

Broken out of gaol, The prisoner has ArfM8T

Fan cha Icai
jen pa yu lo.

Broke into the town, The rebels K*3feWT

Tsei pa clieng kung k'ai lo.

Break yourself of this habit, You must

Che Ico mao ping tei
pan kuo lai.

Break that string, I can't

Na fiao sheng-tzii ico chiu pu tuan.

Break this stick, I can't

[Che ko kun-tzu wo ao pu tung.

Broken off his engagement, I hear ho has ?iattaT8#

(of marriage) [T i?ig chien shuo fa fui liao cliin lo.

Broken up that ice yet, He hasn't (in Peking,

read tsao 2 ) Na ko ping fa hoi mei tso~ k?ai ni.

Broken in two by the wind, The flag-staff was

[Ch'i kan chiao feng kua she lo.

Broken by the wind, The hawser was

(_Mao pen chiao feng peng k'ai lo.

Broke this bottle? Who (in Peking read tsa

probably H) CM ko p'ing-tzu shih shui cha sui ti.

Bring the money back with you? Why didn't S Jt
5** fl)
you [Na ko cKienpu ni wei shen yao lai.

Bring me that chair of yours mmmmf #&**$

[Ni na ko yi-tzU kei wo no kuo lai.

Bring it with him, Tell him to

[Chiao fa na cho sung kuo lai.

Bring him over with you 64BH4MME

[Ni pa fa tai kuo lai.

Bring over those things

(of baggage &c.) fflf
* sms :* is Ji *
[Ni cJfil pa na ko tung hsi yiln kuo lai.

Bring that cart over here, Tell him to

[Na Hang die chiao fa kan kuo lai.

\j j."* .1.

Bring Continued

Bring me a lighted lantern $ "' "I 9k &

IPa teng lung tien kuo
M lai.

Bring my pony, Tell him to

#. ffl
W fe Si
7na /a Zruo

Bring him over, Hire a chair and

W ffi ffi
(H chiao-tzti fa
Hkuo>S $5
(./ pa tfai lai.

7$ $1 > ?N
Bring a shovelful of coal \
(.Pa ma &wo bzi

Bring some water for washing $ti 8& ?fc tT 3 9fc

(Pa fat /ten sAwi to kuo lai.

Bring in the soup when it's ready {

W T feii^J
Sf te lo, tuan kuo lai.

Brought forth from the earth, All things are [^ ^ S *& il 4 W

Wan wu shih
2fc $J
( ti li
sheng clUu lai ti.

Brought that trouble upon himself, He (#B

10 JH ft ffi. B 3f ffi #$ fft
[JYa ko huo shih ta tzU chi je c/t'w lai ti.

Brought up in our family, He was $jfa

^wo ^ S H Hi
s/ii/i c/ii'a ft &uan cA'w lai
2fc $J
(2' ti.

(7& IE ^u #
*^ iw
*** I
Ml ^ ^
^^ ,Uj
Bring an action against him, I shall \
( H^b yao jt>a Popping lai cho.

Brought back
care he
his old complaint, By not taking
[T'a pu
kou ch'i chiu
MW ping lo.

Brought on his illness by catching cold, He (^ ft W S^?! ffl 88 jfc T

(2 a shih chao Hang yin cKu ping lai lo.

Bring him round, At last I

managed to f SJ fiU
wo pa ia
4&M f\

ft chiu huo kuo lai lo.

Brush the dirt off these boots
<* ffi * * W j| W T * ni shua hsia
(iVt pa hsueh-tzU shang ti lai.


Build a partition wall j ^ *j| FBko $J

(CAM yi tu k'ai.

Build another house by the side, I want to

[F'ang pien 'rh haiyao kai clCiyi chienfang-tzil lai.
Bought last year, This house was
Che ko fang-tzU shi cliil nien chili hsia ti.

Buy up what you want beforehand

{Ni hsien pa twig hsi mai hsia.

Buy some lamp-oil to-morrow

{ta is also used
of rice)
[.Ming {ten pa ting yu ta hsia.

Buy it for this elsewhere, I can

Che ko chia 'rh mai te cliu lai.

Buy it at this price elsewhere, You can't mp m % uUoptmain * t &

Che ko chia 'rh ni hsia
pu lai.

Buy a pecul of coal, Send a man to (

A * *na * *
\Tafa jen cliii chiao tan mei lai.

Carry away the table
(two men using their
hands only) Pa cho-tzu ta k'ai.

using ropes and poles)

Carry away the stove (any number of men mm* mm
[Pa lu-tzU fai k'ai.

Carrying a dish on the hand

[Shou shang fo cho yi ko p'an-tzii.

Carry him across on your back

\Ni pa fa pei kuo cliil.

Carry this bag over your shoulder

Pa che ko k'ou tai Wang kuo cliil.

Carry on a business like that, He isn't fit to RJSAJjlSte*ft

{.Na mo mai mai
ta chieh chu.

Carrying a large bowl with both hands

Liang shou p'eng cho yi ko ta wan.

Carry it away very carefully

Ni pa a tuan chu lo.

Carry a lantern at night, You should m y % m trm m

Ilei hsia ni liai tang ta teng lung.


Catch hold of me, Don't f* JW **&

[Ni pieh chiu cho wo.

Catch hold of his tail and pull him over here

[Pa Ha pien-tzii chiu kuo lai.
Catch. Continued
Caught yet, Not one of the thieves has been
Yi ho tsei hai mei, na chu.

Caught a single fish, I haven't

(with a rod and
line ty tiao) Wo yi tiao yu mei yu ta chao*.

Caught cold, He has ffi

# 7 W. or % J ja H
cliao lo liang lo
or slicing lo fei>g lo.

Catch that disease, Take care you don't (in MMvM M % $ JL

Peking ^ is written for ^g) Na ho ping ni hsiao hsin chao a shang.

Catching, The itch is very

Chieh cliuang tsui neng chao jen.

Change hands
(use the other. In Peking $J
tao with huo lai) Ni pa shon huan Into lai.

Change the plates

Pa p'an-tzil liuan huo lai.

Change it, This bread is stale : take it away and

( CM ko mien pao shih dim ti, na liao huan cJiu.

Change it for a better one

Yu liao ti tiao huan liio lai.

Change things which have been taken away,

We don't
( lung hsi na ctiic men pu huan fuu

Chew his food well, He doesn't
(T'a so ch'ih ti tung hsi tou chiao la/u

Chop the stick in two with a hatchet m&*m? n -T- nii
Yung fu-tzu pa mu hun-tzu tuan fc'ai.

Chop off' the gristle and bone with a knife * Ti -w m T *

Na tao
chin kit to* hsia
pa lai.

Chop this rope in two

Pa che hen slieng-tzti to fc'ai.

Chopped up small, The suet must be Wr Jft 33 W f* T

[Niu yu yao cliieh sui lo.
Clean out the tobacco-pipe
Pa yen tax fung k'ai.

Clean the grease off the lamp

(Pa teng shang ti
yu ni ts'a hsia lax.

Ditto m
ting shang
ti la yu cli'i
clang lo.

Cleaned this fish, you haven't

m f* n f n fiao yii ni mei
yu Tfai fang.

Clear out, Tell that fellow to
[Chiao na hsiao-Uu Jcei wo kun k'ai.

Clear, this sort of sky won't

CM ko fien ta pu Ifai.

Cleared out of that house yet, I haven't m

mm ? -a m&m
\a %l
ko fang^tzu xoo liai mei feng ch'u lai

Climbed to the top of the mast, The sailor (* ^ is m m *f n a
[Slud shou p'a* tao wei kan ting 'rh shang.

Climb to the top of this house, I can't

CM ko fang-tzu too p'a pxi shang clCu.

Climb over that wall, He can't

Na ko cKiang fa p'a pxi kuo chu.

Comb it out, Your hair is in a tangle: take a
comb and Ni ti fou fa hsiu chu lo, na shu-tzU fung k'ai.

Come, I long for home letters but they don't m
mm i t tt
chia hsin tsung i>an
m ~x m tao.
wang pu

Come out, The sun has nmT

T'ai yang huang
Mai lo.

Come to owe this money? How do you

CM hsiang yin-tzU wei shen mo ch'ien hsia lo.

Come round yet, He hasn't (from drunkenness il & SI/M eJS

or a ( 3
fit) (T'a hai mei hsing kuo lai ni.

Come back, His colour has quite (he looks

well again) ( Pa
ti cKi se chuan* kuo lai lo.
Come Continued

Come back to him, His luck has

ify mm&& 7 chuan 3 kuo lai lo.
yiin ch'i

Come through the alley r

JS i ts'ung chia tao 'rh ch'uan kuo lai.

Come out, That affair of yours has all

JSzi na chien shih ton fa tso ch'u lai lo.

Come up to his, My abilities don't

Wo ti
pen shih ti
pu chu t'a.

Come out, This affair must mm mm xmxmmx

Che ko shih ch'ing hsien ch'u
pu neng pu lai.

Come to my turn to-day, It has

Chin 'rh k'o lun tao wo shen shang.

Come, He is too busy to

T'a na 'rh yu shih, kuo pu lai.

Come through yet, It hasn't

(of a gimlet &c.)
Ilai mei t'ou kuo lai.

Came round after a while, He (of drowned or

asphyxiated people) Pu ta ti
kung fu fa yu huo kuo lai lo.

Come back, His old complaint has

T'a ti chiu ping fan kuo lai lo.

Copy out this evidence for me
Che ko k'ou kung kei wo t'eng ch'u lai.

Cover over the meat
Pajou kai shang.

Cover over that cup of tea with the cover

Pa ch'a wan kai 'rh men shang.

Cover this chair-cushion again ffimm 7- s tt'

Pa yi tien-tzii tsai man 2 sltang yi ts'eng.

Covered his face with his hands, He

T'a pa lien wu 3 chu lo.

Covered the ground, The snow has quite SHMtt

P7 ,z

Ilsiieh pa ti tou p'ing lo.

Covered the bridge, The water has (* mm * t

[Shui pa ch'iao man 4 kuo lai lo.

Crack this walnut, I can't (with my teeth)
Che ko ho fao ivo yao pu Hai.

Crack this walnut, I can't (in my hands)

& tt # # # t
Che ko ho fao wo chi
pu p>o.

Crack this walnut, I can't (with nut-crackers) * * * ^ W

Che ko ho fao wo chia Kai.

Cracked this bowl? Who mm a * m mn t <b

Che ko wan shih shut p'eng lieh lo ti.

Crawl, This snake can't (may be used of
children) Che ko she p'a pu tung.


Criminate him ? Why do you want to ($, pan x
without the aspirate is to take out or to pull I fl. S J8 fl! St
Ni wei sMn mo yao pa fa p'an 1

Cured, This disease can certainly be
Che ko ping tsung chih te kuo lai.

Cure this complaint, I don't think you can

mm m&k% 7 #
Che ko ping too k\m
ni chih pu lai.

Cured of that habit, He can't be

T'a na ko mao ping chih pu liao.

Cured, This ham isn't thoroughly

Che ko huo fui mei yen fou lo.


Cut this sheet of paper

(doubling it)
Pa che cliang chih tsai" k'ai.

Cut this piece out, Tell the tailor to

( Chiao ts'aifeng pa che k'uai wan hsia lai.

Cut up the fruit with a small knife (in Peking

mm Yung hsiao tao-tzu pa kuo-tzti p'ou k'ai.

Cut up the water-melon with a large knife 7J S A ^ 8

Na tao hsi kua clUieh k'ai.

ts'ai pa

Cut it with scissors my* dm

Na chien-tzu chien Fai.

Cut off this button-loop

Pa niu p\in-tzu clCai hsia lai.

Cut Continued

Cut out this picture for me

Pa che ko hua VA kei wo iva hsia lai.

Cut so thick, I don't want the bread

[Mien pao clUieh ti pu yao che mo hou.

Cut my thumb, I have

Wo pa ta mu chili foil lapo lo.

Cut the reeds down with a sickle

Nia lien tao
7/ tt! S ^ *) T $
-tzu ko haia
pa lai.

Decide this case, I can't
^ HI $woUK # *
Che n9an tnan pu clCu

Deduct one dollar first
[Ilsien pa yi k\iai chHen cliu k?ai.

Deputed by His Excellency, I am
( Wo shih ta jen

p ai hsia lai ti.

Despise that class of man, I
(JVa tsung jen wo clCiao pu chH.

Die of cold this year, He won't
\Chin nien fa chiu twig pu chao.


Digest, My food won't

[So chHh ti
tuny hsi hua pu tectL

Digest my food, I can't

\So cliih ti tuny hsi wo hsiao hua pu twig.

Dispersed, The clouds have all
( Yun ts'ai tou san k'ai lo.


Distinguish between the four tones, He can't

Distinguish their faces, I can't


[Ssu sheng Va fen

7"a men
S ft *
wo Van
mien rh

pu clCiny cliu.

Dive down and look for it
Ni cha meng-tzu hsia cttu chao.

Divide a dollar between the two

Divide tin's
pumelo between them

M # *#
Yi Muai chHen kei fa men

che ko yu-tzu kei

lia p'i 1

fll ffi
fa men fen Mai.


Do away from home, That behaviour won't
Nakohsing xoei ivai fou tsoupu Mai or hsing pu Mai.

Do this work, I can't Che ko huo ivo tso pu shang lai.

Do, That plan of yours won't i%mmmmz

Ni na ko chu yi shih pu shang.

Do without this book, I can't (in Peking, of a

book constantly in use 7f> {;)
^ Che pen shu wo li
pu Mai.

Do this sort of thing, I don't

Che chung yang V/t shih wo tso pu cKu lai.

Does, He doesn't mind what he *MJft**9.ft#.IIf*.

Shin mo yang fa *rh shih tou hsing te clfu lai.

Do without that money you owe me, I can't ummmmz&

Ni kai ivo ti cliien wo chia pu chu.

Done this work well, You haven't

\CM ko huo ni mei tso tao chia.

Do at all, This kind of article won't [m.% M s # # Jt .

( Che yang tung hsi Man pu shang yen.

Doing just now ? What is the tailor

[TJaifeng hsien tsai tso shen mo huo ni.

Doing? What work have you been

\Ni tso shen mo huo lai cho.

Do for me? What work did you (to an appli-

cant for money) Ni kei wo tso shen mo huo lai cho.

Doing here? What are you

Ni men tso shen mo lai lo.

Do without spectacles now, I can't

Wo hsien tsai the pu Mai yen ching V/j.

Do Continued

Do, This one won't (too big or too small &c.) j*^ E 3F 4?
CAe &o sAzA
( jew slicing.

Do without it, I can't

(^o ^ ffi r
^ f
( TT i!'a
pu te.

Do, Though not good, it will HMWfc WWTf * Or *gf|.

(//ao shih pu kao yek k'o yi hsia te cliii or &uo e cliu.

Do, This knife won't(blunt or broken. Too f ill ffi 7J @| ^#

small &c would be as above $ _fc) ^ (C/ joa tao shih pu te.

Drained off
^ofF yet,
The water been
here hasn't been fi/jt
[f$ JPJ is
|PJ ill H M 3@ '&
jrj $ft H7
(of floods) \JSfi m $ n C M V/
'^A fo' s/iwi Aat /na 7isiV/i &'ai fo.

^ 38 i ^woB $S 5t ^T
Drawn out that money, I have already ffi ffi
(iVa ksiang yin-tzU yi eking cliii cKu lax lo.

Draw up the mat (in front of a verandah) [* W 2K "T* *fe *l5

ksi-tzU la ckH
(Pa lai.

Draw up a draft, Make haste and (^ IK #i

(iVt &arc
cAm c7i*i
&o kao-tzti.

Draw this sword, I can't (^ ^ S * *tw tt >P J ffi $

( CTie c/tW
jt>ao c/tz'en pu cliu lai.

Draw, This pipe won't (*t

ko yen tai
^pu^ M it IE fung
cli i 'rh.

Draw this bow, I can't (*EJS

3 II *fc ^F M
(C/ie a;mw^ u'o Zapit ttai.

Draw me two buckets of water (from a well (j/ft $n ^ tT PM tW 2N

or over a boat's side) i kci wo ta skui.
\j\ Hang fung

Draw me out a plan or pattern ft* ^wo

^^ Bf ^iWai ^
liua clCu yi ko
(iVi' yang-tzu laW


Driven to it
by poverty, He was {f^
(2 'a
I Hi c/j t'un<7
eld cliu lai ti

Drive it out, The Taoist priest wasn't clever f^Ui^fc/J j^Sll^^'ffe

enough to (of an evil spirit)
[Tao skik fa li cNien, ksiang pu cku.

Drove the rebels back with great loss, The Im- f |f ;S #3 M *& T ska fui
periahsts {Kuan ping pa tsei lo.

Drop that lawsuit, They have been persuaded to V& %^ AWlm
a men na ch ang kuan
[j. ssti
yu jen chuan ft at.

Drop that coal about, Don't W **~

[jya ko met ni pieli la lo yi ti.

Drop, Don't let it W^ # 7 **T

\_Pien chiao
t a tiao liao ti hsia.

Drowned that puppy? Have you If
f* & *m &J t t
A'o Asiao 7iiow r/i
yen ssti liao mei yu.

Drowned himself, He jumped into the river (ft fife 5c fe jgf V ^E T

yesterday and (2"a teo l'n *'ow ho yen ssti lo.

Eat in three days more, It won't be good to (|^ $J) S ^ $| Nf? ^f* fH
(in Peking P^ ^ >(;) (7W o sara *in cAra cA'z'A
pw te.

Eat any more, I really can't (J?

i saz
^wo@?^ T * f
ch in ch in hsia ch u
(_ pu lo.

Eaten away with rust, This iron post is quite j^f* *P/t
{Che ken tieh chu-tzti chang
hsiu chang hsi lo.

Eaten, This garment is moth (in Peking ft J) \%^f. 3fc "7 S&
.^ *4chiao
^ 7
(CAe ^i shang chung-tzti elm lo.

IB IS ^ 4tt 3* 2fc
Explain this, I can't

Explain this to mo

jffi cAe
f 7iO
Che ko hua wo pi pu shang

Awa /^a ico chiang ch

If ft


SMi ^ ^.^f^ W
Explain the taste of it, I can't exactly f
( CAe yawy m tew tea wo shuo pu ch u^. lai.

Explain this sentence very clearly, You don't f

*& ^ f $S ? #J >F
CAe c/m hua ni chiangpu ti
fl *!t
hen t ou.


Fallen down, Your handkerchief has jfj?

85J8 7*
# "T
tiao hsia lai lo.
Zfc 7

Fell down of itself, The matting was wet and |f$

? .{ 7
B ^
chi chiu
m T 5R T a hsia
(-r eng shih lo, tzil t lai lo.

Fell down, He didn't hold tight and so (from ( -fifi,

$E #t ft L (H 7* 2fc 7
a height) ( T'a met cAra chu chiu chid 4 hsia "
lai lo.

Fall Continued
The price of
** Wi ft Wi S ^ SI jlr 7
Fall any lower, opium can't f f
( ia?!^f yao ti
hang shxh tsax pa neng lao lo.

Fell off his horse, He [

i a s/t</i c/t i cho maIf
T,* M]hsia lax tx.

Feel any pain, My hand is numbed : I don't
Shoa mu lo, pxi chileh t'eng.

Fetch J

Fetch some mud and mend that road i% . % ^ ^ f ^ ^

Fetch me a couple of buckets of water (carried (|j $U
?fe % PPj ffi ?fc 5fc
by on man) (JVi' fei tf't'ao
Hung shui lax.

Fetch me that box (carried by two or more (ffiM 10 $S ^F la wo II M 3fe 2fc

men) (Pa na 0 hsiang-tzil hex fax hito lai.

Fetch his wife and family, He is going to Mfc ^t M'^ ^ # 4* &

Peking to (2 a s/iaw# Pei-ching chieh chia chilan cliil lo.

Fetch his breath, He can't K * ^ -^ Si l&

Find out where he lives, You must W fE tt &H #W
fi ?fc

{i tx chu ch u nx fsung tex

fang ch u lax.

Find out his name for me j '&# tt *

IT a tx
hsing ming Jtei wo ta fxng ch
u lax.

Find out with whom this originated, I must IS.S. r.

shxh shui
(GAe chu
T ? *'" * 5 *5
yx wo tsung yao chiu chu

Found out what he was good for, I soon vk^^ft^

(.2 a
^/i wo
$ ^, ^. J shui It
uax shxh ch u lax lo.

Found those stolen goods? Have you

K #wu JH * T. * *
(f *fea^ Ao ?i sow cA w lax lo mex yu.

Find him out, You must * It ft * tt Hi *

Nx pa
tsung cKu tex fa chao lai.

Found the stolen goods? Has the constable ffl MJ SkM l W

(..Ma 'uai
c/i'i fo teano: /ai ?na ?/u.

$R & * ^ wot| ft.chu ffl ffe 5

Find all that money, I can't fl ,
(ivamo pu
to ?/Mn^ hsiang hung

Find your own food and firing, You must \**

B # % # 4 yC J%
(.in <2# c/ Z:o to cA t huo shxh.

Find Continued

Find out the good men, I am certain to {** A ** a ^ ' P?

(i/ao /en ?o Asm pHn te ch'u lai.

Find it, I have looked all over the room and can't f *??T ** ^pu W
{Man wu h chao pien
lo, chao chao.

Find out the meaning of this, You must (**

'W . ^ ^j # K
CAe ko yi ssU ni tsung tei
fui k ai.


Finished, The eclipse of the moon is

\% f*
& IS *&
( Iwc/i sAtA fui k ai
IT lo.
yi ching

Finish your work, Make haste and \

&> W W tE I W * tU ?fc
[K'uai k'uai ti
pa huo kan cliu lai.

Finish it to-day, I am afraid I shan't IX

Cmn -
. ,
( Z'zVn p'a kan pu wan.

Fix up a gauze window, Tell the carpenter to (ff^ ^E^cJt 10 ^ IS '

(in the south $ ]},!,) ( C/w'ao mu chiang
shang yi ko sha pi-tzil.

Fix his attention at all, He can't f

Asm yeh
shou pu chu. 3

Fix on a lucky day (S tH

10 Sf ft
( Tse clCu yi ko hao jih-tzu lai.


Flattered, I don't like being

f Ife ^ -g* tfc $^
( Wo pu hsi huanfeng dCeng.

Fold up this letter
in its envelope)
(^| f= is a letter already ($2 *H jjjj
^ ^tu*M 2K
(pa c ]iang ns{n c kuo lai

Fold up the clothes (W * ^ A chH*

(Pa yi shang tieh lai.

Folded his arms, He jl

&VA #
sAom cA'ao sAan#
( pa fo.

Force him, If he doesn't want to come, you can't iMi^M
M ftiifa 3 # ^ ni ch'iang t'a kuo.
( pw j/ttan ?/i lai, pu
Force him, Don't-(to drink &c.)
#J 33 8 iffl
(iW pieh mien ch'iang i'a.


Forgetting this, I keep on (*&

chien shih
ScwoM ;^ ~F "if
( ching icang hsia lo.


Freeze this year, The river won't H\^. *& ^ W

C/w'n wtVn che ko ho
Sfl ^ -t
( twig pu slicing.

Frozen on, The cover of the water-pot is Hv 5& yu A^ 1-"fc J

]'' ?&
[Shui hu ti kai *rh tung chu lo.

Get off it or out of it, I must try and (sec Find) |#R
fF W" ft
c/'<?72 sfo'/j
:2c ift EH
tw few^ yao fui Mai.

Get out of the way of a train, It's easy to ?$ f

S; $5 'A # W Jsf
(1m c/t'e /ai,
;Vn yww^ yt s/tan &'ai.

Get out of the way first, Let him {%
(iW hsien jang fa Mai. to

Get out of each other's way, Ships meeting should )ffi }& 7U Jm yfc %A m VWi
[Tui fou *rh cttuan lai kai tang ts'o Mai.

Get an anchor out- (for hauling on) {#3 & $& W

[Pa mao p'ao Mai.

Get off punishment? How can he f ffi IB IB #| $* Hf S6 SS M

2''a 72a &o swi se mo neng fao Mai.

Get him out of it, We must try to(of a scrape,

or action at law &c.)
f %M fe ffi fffi UK 1*1
j Tei hsiang fa-tiu pa fa p'ieh Mai.

Get rid ofyour cold, Drink a cup of hot wine (Pj|

M1^ "M?^MWt^L^

and you 11 [ff y{ c hung chiu han cMi chiu san Mai.

Get some coal in yesterday? Why didn't you |

^ / S tt S
^ IK B4 "^
mo pu pa mei
Tso rh wei shin
chiao hsia.

Get dinner ready a little earlier, Tell the cook to

W S ?E IK S J T -?r Jiff
[Chiao cMufang pa fan tsao hsieh yil pei hsia.

Get my spade back, Go and * AS W it St *

(#> c/t'w

f ?V7i
(iVi jt?a
w?o fa" c/t'iao yao kuo lai.

Get back the wine-glasses he borrowed [lffi^ifi\/vS^IeJ^

2''a chieh ch'u ti chiu
pei cMii hui lai.

Got in here, The smoke from that room has $$ ^ S ftft ffl I

Ht $-M ^ 7
(Afo t*w ft it
yen chH cliuan kuo lai lo.

Got rid of him, Try to tf * ft ? ffi #, ft ffi *

(iV hsiang fa-tzU pa fa nien cliu ctiii.

Get Con tin ued

Got much better, He seems to have

K'an fa ti
ping liuan kuo lai lo.

Got over it,

I never thought he'd have
S # $HHl X ft * T
Hsiang yu tao fa liuo kuo lai lo.

Got warm again. The weather has i^M ?T fa S SS 7

(THen clH tto nuan ho kuo lai lo.

Get hold of that house, I can't

Na so fang-tzil tsung nung pu kuo lai.

Get some tea, Go and

Ni ch'ti pa ch*a chH kuo lai.

Got my bearing.-; yet,

I haven't
Che ko fang hsiang wo hai met hui kuo yi lai lo.

Get hold of it somehow or other, Try and

SB ft JK i5 ft - ft tt
Na ko tung hsi ni ch'ii wan chuan kuo
$ lai.

Get into trouble, If you make a mistake I shall

Ni yao ts'o lo zoo Ic'o ko pu chu.

Got by practice, Skill is

Pen shih shih tsai kung fu li lien cliu lai ti.

Got by study, Official honours are t*I6f*'#HI*(

Kuan chili shih nien sliu li te cliu lai ti.

Got about, That affair of yours has all

m ft #' m w * T
Ni na chien shih tou lou cliu lai lo.

Get money out of people on false pretences, To

Shuo chia hua pa yin-tzu khiang clihi lai.

Get into the city, I'm afraid we shan't (before

the gates are shut) P'a lean chin clUeng
pu cliii lo.

Get out my fur coat (from a box or wardrobe)

Pa wo pH ao fan cliu lai.

Got what I After a great deal of trouble

I (of wanted,
a request) Pan fien ti
kung fu wo ts'ai chHu hsia lai lo.

Get this leg of mutton boiled quickly (Jisia lai

implies thoroughly cooked) Pa die ko yang fui k?uai cliu hsia lai.

Get back those bills for food &c. (Jisia implies SBSS5*-?ST*
from a superior) Pa na hsieh ts'ai tan-tztt yao hsia lai.

Get rid of him, Let us try and (of a fellow-

servant, by ruining his character with the
Tsan men hsiang fa-tzu pa fa kung 3 hsia lai.
master) j

Get Continued
Got you in a fix now, I have &L p MB tsai ivo
f #
[Hsien pa cJiih lo.

Get into this bad habit? How did you

[Ni che ko mao ping slrih tsen mo kuan hsia lai ti.

Get up, That man has fallen down and can't

[Na ko jen tsai tao 3 lo, p'a pu chH lai.

Getting up, The sea is


Get a Pass first, You must t

nA m m
lang yao fan chH

tei chH ko chih chao.


Got prickly heat, I have

Wo shen shang chH lofei-tzU lo.

Get out that grease-spot

Pa na Ituai yu chH hsia lai

Get back my capital, I shan't even

Wo ti
pen ch'ien hai liu pu chu.

Get there in one day, I don't think he will

Yi tHen p'a fa kan pu tao.

Get hold of that money, I can't (of a bad debt)

Na tsung yin-tzu lao pan pu tao shou.

Get any of your earnings, He won't

[Ni cli$ng ti chHen fa ie
pu chao.

Got very He has (or aged) (M<fcT

[T'a lao shang lai lo.

Got a word in, I can't f- -6J f

* *S
( Yi chil too yeh clia pu shang.
Get them on, These spectacles are too small,
I mm br it 4>a wom *
( Che ko yen ching hsiao, tai pu shang.

Get this hat on, I can't (too small)

[Che ko mao-tzu wo tai pu hsia cKii.

Get these trousers on, I can't

[ Che tHao Hu-tzti too ctiuan pu shang.

Get away to-day, I can't (too busy)

[ Chin *rh wo to pu k?ai shen.

Got for that in a shop, It can't be

[P'u-tzti li mai pu hsia lai.

Get Continued

Get out of what you said yesterday, You can't

^W ^W v& ikm^
tso fien ti
^ hua sldk
{Ni pu lai clift ti.

Getting into trouble, Don't you go I W S'J ?M il fL ]nL $.

(.iVi' pieh nao cl?u Ian lai.

Get ill, If you don't take care you'll ff

^ y^ & 35
7m'ao fotft
life IS 8 ?fc
(iW J9i6 yao sheng ctii
ping lai.

Get the better of him in argument, You'll never [W XK ^. fet ^ ftfc

(iVz yung yuan pien fa pu kuo.

Get back in time, I'm afraid I shan't j "

^ " ?? .

(.A ww/ p a * an F w '" ""



Give them one each WA M

(il/ei jen
?/i &o /en
Gave the order yesterday, I {^ ^ ffe St ^ f Pfl" $&
(2 so V/i wo chiufenfu hsia lo.

Given by His Excellency, This order was {*!

(.CAe &o
& R ft A ft T W
/ma s/w'A
hsia lai

Give it a name fl* *& *S

(iVz &<>i fa ch'i ko ming tzti.

Give these presents back to him (^ f PwuftSilT^

(CAe ko fui huan fa pu shou.

Giving up opium, but he won't do so, Ho talks of {

yang yao shuo tuan, &'o tuan pu liao.

Give that price, He won't \

H ft $>/?* -t
fit fli
(iVa &o c/'a
pu cA'^n i'a &et shang.

Give up the idea, You'll have to f.

^ & ** * * *
ko hsin ssti ni tsung tei tiu k ai.

Gave me up his own bed, He (ft

tG #.
# In ^ Tfa
6\l ffi
( pa ti
eliuang jang kei too lo.

Give up that horse, He won't ffi E $ ft % & ?K ffl

(iVa wa ^>'i tf'a
cAiao cA u lai.

Gave him his nickname? Who (W^KSli|Sl

(. VA
2"a ft' toai Aao s/'A shui ch i ti.

Gone away yet, The water hasn't(of floods) M? }& . fE T *
(o/iwi Aai met nao hsia ch ft.

Go Continued
Go away, Tell them to
ffi f\
t'a men
tsou k'ai.

Go away, Tell them to &H&ff\ ft TS

Chiao fa men fui hsia.

Go away from here

Ni clii Jcai pa.

Go off like this? Who could tell he'd (die)

Skid chih fa yi ping pu cliH.

Go back a few steps

Ni tao fin chi pu 'rli.

Going that way, I'm not

Na fiao tao 'rli wo tsou pu chao.

Gone through, The oil hasn't (the lid of a box

&c.) Yu met ou huo cJtu.

Gone through a great deal, He has to

cliing kuo hao hsieh ko huan nan.

Grow, This tree won't
Che k"o shu chang pu clii lai.

Guard this place alone, I can't
mm i -% % is - m a n # #
Che ko wo
fang 'rh yi ko jen hu pu chu.

Guessed his riddle, I have (in Peking $ |ff))
T'a na ko teng hu ivo ta chao lo.

Guess & ft m & % n * tS *

his meaning, I can't T'a ti
yi ssu wo Xiao pu clihi lai.

Guess? Can you

Ni ts'ai te chao ts'ai pu chao.

Guess odd or even?

Do you
Ni shih ts'ai tan *rh skill ts'ai skuang V/i.

Guess your scheme, I can't

Ni che ko chi kuan wo shih pu p'o.

Guess, No one could ft Jg

A 9S f * ft *
Slien jen tou ts'ai pu cliu lai.

Hand me that knife
Ni pa tao-tzii ti kuo lai.
Handed down, Customs are (from one genera-
tion to another)
Feng su ton shih cliuan hsia lai ti.

Hang it on, That nail is too small to
Na ko ting-tzil hsiao, kua pu chu.

Hang up this pair of scrolls

Pa die fa tui-tzti hsiian kua chti lai.

Hanged himself, He m s a us % m l
T'a tzu chi ko 'rh tiao ssii lo.

Hang up the curtains

Pa chang-tzu kua shang.

Hang up the leg of mutton (with string)

Pa yang tui tiao clii lai or tiao shang.

Hatched yesterday, The fowl's eggs were (tt/f a 6 Ifc^ * fa -ft ffl
{Chi 'rh shih tso fien/u cKu lai ti.

Hatched in water, Fish-spawn is 1J* *&#*! Hi*.

Yii shuai-tzil shih shui li
pien cKu lai.

Hear when you called me just now, I didn't
Nin kang ts'ai chiao xvo, too mei Ping chien.

Hear what you say, I can't quite

Ni shuo na ko hua too iing pu chin.

Hear distinctly, I can't (e.g.

whether it's a
gong or a bell) Wo fingpu ctiu lai.

Helping, He's one of those men it's no use
[2"a shih yi ko fi pit ctii lai tijen.

Help him up
(of one unable to move)
[Ni pa ia fu chH lai.

Help him out

(support him out of a room)
jiVz pa ia clian cliu ch'ii.

Hindered all my business, You've
Wo ti shih citing ni tou icu Iisia lo.

Hire a single boat, I can't
- 3i j
chili clUuan
* woas * tou ta
{Lien yi pu sliang.

Hire the boats to-day- y

( Chin rh pa cliuan hi hsia.

Hired that piece of land, I have SR9tJfttt9fcffi&$7

Na Ifuai ti mou too tsu kuo lai lo.

Hire carts, I have been trying all day to

Ku liao yi fien ti die yeh ku pu chao.

Hit the target, I can't manage to (Manchus
call a target ^ ff) Pa-izu wo tsung she pu chao.

Hit that bird, I didn't

mm a % am t
Na ho niao V7i too mei ta chao lo.

Hit me on the leg with a brick, He

T^a na cliuan fou k'an lo wo ti fid lo.

Hoe away all those weeds
(Na cliu pa luan ts'ao cliu" Icai.

Hoist the big flag, Tell him to
\Chiao fa pa ta clt'i kua clii lai.

Hold it all, One box will easily
Yi chih hsiang-tzu tsu yi cliuang hsia lo.

Hold it, One bowl won't

Yi ho ta wan cli'eng pu hsia.

Hold his head up again, He will never

T a yung yuan
fai pu clfi fou lai.

Hold this horse, I can't (used of a led animal) mm majg ti & % #

Che ho wo la chu.
Hold in this horse, I can't m.U & 9 7 ft
(used when riding) p-
( Che ho ma wo lo pu chu.

Hold him by myself, I can't

(of a thief &c.)
( Wo yi ho jen cldu pu chu fa.

Hold it tight (securely) i m m ft

N.B. Lay great stress on chu. Ni pa fa na cliu lo.

Hold Continued
*8 $k1k *S 7fi #
Hold in the mouth, This pipe is too long to (^ yen
( C/<e Arc ang, nan pu tai ch chu.

Holding it up underneath, There is something

~K ^" ^7.?"
W ^P ifti
(ieAsia yn 2m<7 Asi o cAm /o.

"H lB 1* -t
Hold up the hand underneath)J

it r (by
v ' putting
r (*J
\JSi pa ta fa shang.

Hold up, It's too heavy for me to

{# ^A
(/'ew wan^
$wo I* >P
a, ju pu cat lai.

Holding a pot in his hand (by a handle over the j-^* ?M tS Sf '

-JE h2
top of the pot) \Shou li fi cho yi pa hu.

Held bin, back, I

kKo pa a t
la chu lo.

Hurt a bit, The small bamboo doesn't H\ "T* tT ^ Jf
llisiao pan-tzil ta pu chao.


Increased, The price of this kind of goods has (*&

# 7DVAM hS 7 ff T /iwo en t
mo Aan^r sAiA to.
( yaw?

Increase your wages next month, I will ffj By

X T /J ?5 *B fi| J
Y \"J*.
(_in i cA ien Asta yneA tro Icei ni cliia.


Interfere with each other, You two won't VQ *J W

(in men wa at >n cAao.
Invented by foreigners, Telegraphy was f? *f $
Tien wten s/A
A WwuW iK 89
icai leuo jen chu lai



Investigate this affair, You must \%f * f *m # * W

( C7ie
a chu
o shin citing

tsung tei ch lai.


Iron out the creases in the clothes.
(Pa _yi shang the VA yfin A'ai.


Join, Those two walls don't fijj

a an<7 ta ch'iang chieh pu shang.

Joined in the conversation, As we were talking

he also came and
j yfc
jfl lPt tm itH vL $k sfc X ^
{ Wo men shuo hua fa yeh tiou kuo lai lo.

Join Continued
Join these two together (used of anything) MB m. m fl ^ Jt
[Pa che Hang ko chieh slicing.

Join these stove-pipes together

[Pa che hsieh ko yen thing tfao slicing.

Join these two pieces of cloth ffiilPSMH

Pa die Hang khiai pn feng shang.

Jumped over the wall, He
T'a pa cli'iang tfiao kiio lai.

Jumped out of the bowl, That fish has

SB k M&
Na tfiao yil peng clCu wan
m*T lai lo.

Jump up on me, Don't let the dog

\Pieh chiao kou p'a clio ico.

Jumped the river yesterday,

into He (and # 5? T M T
drowned himself)
'Pa tso fien tfou lo ho lo.

Keep this out of sight, You must mm m m u # m m
Che ko tung hsi ni tei ts'ang k'ai.

Keep this for me

Che ko tung hsi ni kei too liu hsia.

this for me (take care of is *& & # a *

Keep it)
Pa che ko kei 100 shou ch'i lai.

Keep back that $10 of his, I must

T'a na ko shih k'uai ch'ien tei k'ou kuo lai.

Keep them in order, He is quite unable to

ffi &*
T'a mei ch'ilan heng, chili pu chu.

Keep anything secret, You can't SJM4MM&Z4!

Shen pu shih ni tou ts'ang chu.

Keep my dog at home, I cannot

Wo che ko kou lao yang pu chu.

Keep out cold like this, My clothes won't t^Wjft* * *

Che ko leng
too ti yi shang fang pu chu.

Keep him down, Once drunk, two men can't

( T*a yi ho tsui lo, Hang ko jen 0en pu chu.

Keep the rain out, Cotton blinds won't

Yi hsia yil pu chang-tzfi chiu tang* pu chu.

Keep Contin ucd

One wood won't

- $ * W f ft
Keep it up, piece of
Yi ken mu fou chih pu cliu.

Keep him, He will go : I can't r

Pa yi ting yao tsou, wo liu pu chu.

Keep him
I can't
indoors, This child is
very fldgetty: fitjb
* m f m lis?
ko hsiao hai-tztl fao chH,
( pu clfiXan cliu.

Keep me, My income won't (so I can't lend 3SSiftM7ft

you anything) Wo tzit chi ti chin hsiang Jcu
pu chu.

Keep the sun off, That hat doesn't

ZVa ting mao-tzti die pu chu fai yang.

Keep the dog in or at home

Pa kou ch'iian chH lai.

Keep things to himself, He can't m Mti*ft*

( T'a
ti hsin shang ko pu chu shih.

Keep my eyes open, I am so tired I can hardly

K'un ie 100 cheng pu k?ai yen.

Keep on stirring it
Ni pa fa chin huo nung cho.

Kept off [the blow] with a stick, He

T'a na kun-tza fang chu lo.


Knocked him down, I ?M*rft~FT

Wo pa fa ta fang hsia lo.

Knocked down the lamp, He (by accident)

(i ffi is 1 1mt
T'a pa teng p'eng tao 3 lo.

Knocked over the bottle, He (on purpose)

T'a pa p'ing-tzu cKung tao 3 lo.

Knock harder at the door % m m 3i m ^ pi

i\ i
shih tien 'rh chin chiao men.

Knock twice at the door (with the palm of the H$ PI ^ PB T*

ffi 3nL
hand) men
[.Ni pa p'ai Hang hsia VA.

Knocked into people, Skill is (lit, knocked out ffi j || fT jlj $$ ft\J
f them) ta chhi lai
[Shou yi shih ti.

Knocked it down with my arm, I

( Wo yi hui ko pei chiu kuai hsia lai lo.

Know, You go first and let him
Ni hsien cKu pa hua slmo hsia.

Know his place, He doesn't

[Mei shang mei hsia ti
pu chili kiiei chu.

Last, Things from that shop don't
(In Peking
$i ^
i may be used) [Na ko p'u-tzu ti
tung hsi pu ching yung.

Last over the year, I don't think he will

K'an fa ti
ping ai pu kuo nien ch'il.

Last, This shower won't

W PS ft Z- 7
chen yil cNang pu liao.

Lay this work aside for a while
Che ko huo ni hsienfang hsia.

Lay, All these fowls

mmm 4>M,fM^jsi
Che hsieh ko hsiao chi-tzu tou hsia tan.

Learnt the whole of the Golden Mean, I have
(not necessarily by heart) {Chung Yung wo tou tu foil lo.

Learnt the Five Classics by heart, I haven't yet 3L

m a f m * or ^ m
wo hai mei
clang pei sha ni or nien shu.

Leave that house, I want to
.ZVa ko fang-tzu wo yao pan k'ai.

Leave every other line blank (in copying)

Left it off, Don't begin opium again when you

have once
[_Ko yi fang hsieh yi fang.

lit T
5S #B5U
T'uan liao ya pHen yen tsai pieh k'ai chieh.
Leave father, mother, wife, and children? How
can I Fu mu cKi tzti
tsen mo p'ieh te hsia.

Leave out anything, Take care not to

Liu shen tung hsi pieh la hsia.

Left his children destitute, He

1 'a pa erh-tzil nil *rh tou liao hsia lo.

Left off working for me? Why have you

Wo ti
kung fu ni tsen mo kei ko hsia.

Leave Continued

Leave off this work, I can't mm % ftp % y

( Che ko huo tco jeng pu hsia.

Left that house long ago, I

Na ko fang-tzU too tsao yi pan chhi lai lo.

Leave, The cook wants to

CKu-tzu yao tz*tt fui.

Left me by my ancestors, This house was

CM ko fang-tzil shih lao pel liu hsia lai ti.

Leave off, Don't

Ni pieh chit shou *rh,

Left me by my father, This money was mmmmft%&m9T

Che ko cliien shih icofu chHn yi liu hsia ti.

Left his son out of his will, He

T'a pa fa ti erh-tzil cttu ming pu suan.

Lend a hand, Tell him to come and (In Pe-
king f 3F) [Chiao fa lai t so
pang shou.

Let go
[Ni pa shou sung k'ai, or simply sung.

Let go
Ni sa k'ai shou pa.

Let him pass first

Ni hsienjang fa kuo c/a'm.

Let you off again, I can't (forgive you) ft

7 M f 1*
tsai pu neng jung ni.

Let him go, I have already

( Wo yi ching pa fa fang clUu lai lo.

Let down the bamboo screen

\Pa Uen-tzU chieh hsia lai or fang hsia lai or lao hsia lai

Let down the table-curtain or cloth MB**"?*

Pa cho wei-tzU liao hsia lai.

Let this stirrup out a little

Pa che ko ma teng wang hsia fang fang.

Let the dogs out, Don't fw # ** m * .

{Pieh pa kou fang ctiu lai. %

Let Continued
Let this sleeve out a little: it's too tight *i Ha I* * g n a be is ia
Che ko hsiu-tzu shou, tsai ts'aifei tien 'rh.


Let my house, I can't

(can't find a tenant)
Wo tifang-tzU lin pu cliu cliti.

Let him off, The Magistrate doesn't wish to MMF?ff$flfll

Chih hsien
( pu yuan yi jao fa.

Let you have it back to-day, I can't

Chin *rh huan kei ico
( pu neng id.

Let him get up ffi I *m*

Pa a fang clii lai.

Lying down long, His illness prevents him from
T'a na ko ping shih fang pu chu.

Lift this stove, I can't
CM ko lu-tzti wo fipu tung.

Lift the clock down, Let two men fi A ffi * if "F *

Lia jen pa tso .chung ta hsia lai.

Lift up your hand

Pa shou fed cNi lai.

Lift the door off its

Pa men tuan hsia lai.

Lift up the cover of this box, I can't f

Che ko hsiang kai rh 100 hsien pu k'ai.

Lift up the curtains

Pa chang-tzu hsien k\d.
Light the lantern, It's impossible to (in a wind,

where it won't keep alight more than an
I Che ko teng lung tien pu chu.

Light, This tobacco is wet: it won't

I Che ko yen cUao lo, tien pu chao.

Light you, I'll

get a lantern and
$Wo m m m & % m m
na teng lung kei ni chao chao.

Light the fire

Pa huo lung shang.

Lighted the lamp yet, You haven't

Ni hai mei tien shang teng.

Like him, None of them
Che ko jen ta chia huo 'rh jung pu hsia.

Like his mother, He is very r

Pa chang ie hen hsiang fa ti mu chin.

Looked for it everywhere, I have
Ko cJiu *rh tou chao tao lo.

Looked into every place, "I have (searching & JS % % m m T

with a light for thieves &c.) Ko cliu *fh tou chao tao lo.

Looked at all those houses, I have

Na so \*h fang-tzii tou Kan tao lo.

Look after the house while I am away

Wo pu tsai chia ni Fan shou men hu.

Look so angry, You needn't

Ni pu yung tung huo.

Loosened his hold, At last he
! Jan hou fa pa shou sung Hai lo.

Loosen my waistband, I must

m m f *n m m m %
I Wo ti tai-tzU tei sung Jcai tien W*.

Loosen this tow mmmusmm

CM ho ma tao yao ssii If at.

Lose by not paying ready money, You'll
[Pu hex listen c'sfien pu shang suan.

Lose your head like this? What makes you % M )S m M * ffl

Ni tsen mo cM mo shih shen.

Lose your watch, I shan't

Ni ti
piao too tiu pu Xiao.

Lost that game of chess, He

\Na p'an chi shih fa shu lo.

Lost a battle, He has never

1 'a yung yuan mei ta kuo pai chang.

Make a cup of arrowroot, Tell the cook to 04 fj ^- fl - a fi 19-
\Chiao chu-tzu chung yi wan oufen.

Make out what you mean, I can't

Ni che ko hua too chieh pu k'ai.

Mak e Con tinned
Made up this quarrel, They have
T'a men ti ctiou hen chieh k'ai lo.

Make up the number, Add on a few to

T'wn shang chi ko, pa die ko shu 'rh pu slicing.

Make the water boil

# n
shui shao k'ai.

Make out what you mean, I just begin to

Ni ti
yi ssil too tsai tse tfai.

Make an omelette
Pa chi-tzii VA fan k'ai.

Made a hole in the wall, The thieves

Make a hole with a gimlet


Ni na
pa cKiang wa
tsuan ta yi ko yen
kfai yi ko k'u lung.

- 1 BR ft

Made into the next room, I want a passage mmmstmfmkm

Yao pa ko [chieli] pi vou-tzu fung kuo lai.

Make out this bill, I can't (not clearly drawn m. M its ft ' #M*
out) Che ko chang wo suan pu kuo lai.

Make a hole in the ground first

Hsien pa ti
p'ao k'ai.

Make out your bill first m m m w *

Hsien pa chang
ttai clfu lai.

Makes people hate him, It is he himself who AHMfilffiAf, W*tt

shih fa chao
Jen chia hen fa lai c/t'w ti.

Made up all these stories? Who m s is w m m m m * w or m a


or tsao
Che hsieh yao yen shih shui tsao clfu lai ti clii

He (from
Made his son retire,

official life or ft ffiMftMT^T
2"a pa fa ti erh-tzii chiao hsia lai lo.

Make up his mind about his profession, He can't

T'a ti chili
hsiang hai shih ting pu chu.

Make that hole right through, Don't (using a K4ft&fKM*Tjl.T

gimlet) Na ko ni yen V/t pieh ta fung lo.

Managed it at last, I
\_IIao yung yi ico ts'ai nung hsia lai lo.

Managed that matter for him, I have

what he wanted)
(got him
\m m * m $ e m %&, my * 7
(.Na ko shih ching kei fa shuo hsia
cliing woyi lai lo.

Manage Continued
Manage so much as that, I can't (of subscrip-
tions, &c.) Na mo hsieh ch'ien ivo cliieh chi pu chH.

Manage your son, You don't know how to

Ni ti erli-tzti ni hid kuan pu
~s it

Manage that pony, I can't

Na p'i ma 100 nung pu chu.

Meet him even if you go and look for him, I
don't think you'll Ni yao chao fa c/fil
yeh p*a yu pu chao.

Meet, The place

is so large that I'm afraid we mw%* *s & x #
Ti mien V/t ta,
p*a p'eng pu
or li
chao or p'eng
jf. ja
pu chien.

Meet him if you go by road, I don't think you'll tff

*r **&**& at* *
Ni ta han lu eliii p'a ying pic chao.

Met your match now, You've n & i m m 7 - 10 m ^

Hsien tsai ni p'eng chien lo yi ko tui shou.

Meet, The two ends won't

Liang fou 'rh kou pu shang or pu chao.

Met before? Have we ever

Tsan men lia hsien ch'ien chien kuo mei yu.

Melted, The ice in the river has all
IIo li ti
ping tou hua k'ai lo.

Mind other people's business, Don't you
Jen chia ti shih ni kuan pu chao.

Mind him, You needn't mxm$L

{Ni pn yung li fa.

Mix the mustard
Pa chieh mo huo k'ai.

Mix up that affair with this, You mustn't M IB # Jl 7 'J m. MM

Mix, Wine and oil won't M
Na ko shih ch'an

Chiu yu ho
- :*
tao che

- *& J
tao yi k'uai *rh,
li fou.

Mix with that sort of people, I don't

(_ Wang fa men na ko yang ti wo pu lai ivang.

Mix Continued
Mix a little water with your wine (%
^ W*
fa' K
M 88 IE
c/tm ftu ten V/t shut.

. Mix me up in it, He wants to jll!i32ftlfetell{?fc

(7"a wo la cli'ii lai.
yao pa
Move the child away $B S ^t tB Bj
(Pa kai-tzU pao ttai

Move away the things in the way of your hand f

ft ?l f*
n9ai shou
&5l KWI no
[Pa ti
tung lisi k'ai.

Move a little: it's under your foot W -# Sl^ET

[ft no Mai
tsai chiao ti hsia.
(iVi* yi pu,

Move over? When does he ft

(ffi 4 & >#$ *ft
( 2 "a shih to tsan
pan kvo lai.

Move over to-morrow, I shall $1 3E W 38 ^T


( PFb ?mwy Z't'en wo 7*0 c/t'w.

4* $ Ife #P ^ 8f
Move this barrow, I can't
(H fi
o /m'ao
( 6'Ae wo no pu tung. c/i'e

Move this box, I can't

7 S& "5F 3fe ttfc
&o lisiang-tzU 100 ksien
( pu tung.

Move, He's too ill to K& ^ # W W il ft 7fc jfc

( J"a pz'm? ft? ft /*ai, teou pu chH lai.


Neglect this? Why do you f *M ^ ^ J

tJE (Hf. T*
(CAe &o s/7j teen liao ti ksia.

Open the bag \
Open the bundle (or box, if not nailed down) (ft
"S tR #" H
[Pa pao fu ta Ic'ai.

Open the padlock

#t ffi IfU
(Pa so Z'wny &'ai.

Open the book

ff #U ftfc ^
(Pa s/m ^>e. V/j AsiVn Aj'az.

Open your mouth wide

cliang ttai.

Open your eyes wide (It's right under your (flj BR Br SP |jij
nose )
(Pa yen eking clieng k'ai.

Open Continued
10 P $ 4 $ ft
Opened this year, That port was $$
IJya ko kou
n chin nien ctiu ffan k'ai.

Open this watch, I can't j*J^

GAtf #<?
^ ^ ^ ^pu P
piao ivo chha k'ai.

Open, That door doesn't (properly of a false )#ft 10 PI M 'P II

door) (jya ko men k'ai pu k'ai.

Opened, The front door is not (except on j QIJ \\ jfg Jy* J

special occasions Ac) \CKien men k\d pu liao.

Open the private door, I can't (either locked (fj f^ 7c, ^ PI -^F Hv
or jammed)
\Pien men rh too k'ai pu twig.

Open the window, I can't 5 B T* 3* T& -4]*

\ClCuang hu too t\d pu k'ai.

Order about his servants, I can't K& ^A^j&W^fM
[T'a tijen wo clnh shih pu chao.

Overflowed, The river has (in Peking
"J* yaw# cAV Ion fo)
f| tfj
\ll shui man
^fC M ffi 5S
chhi lai


Pass, You can't (A ^ *

Pass through on foot, The river is too deep to \M 7^W M4^ m. ^
IHo tfai shen } tsou pu kuo ch u.

Passed his examination, He hasn't \

'*-* ** ^ *
7"a wia &'ao chung


Pass this water through the filter

M *E 10 ?fc
(Pa cAe o sAui tin.

Pass Peking on your way, You'll have to f$ W W 1 ^fc 5E

(iVz teurc# tei lu kuo Pei-clung.

Parsed through my hands, That money all 0B $1 TT Sft $ SB ?$ 6 HT

(iVa &o yin-tzu tou cliing kuo wo ti shou.

Passed through a great many dangers, He has (^ fc *& $? S W I* B

(Z"a &mo Aao AszVA #o hsien ch u.

Pay his rent? Why doesn't he P*
(T'a na
im SmoJS ft * *
few cAia shen fu pu lax.

Pay Continued

Pay me that money, Make haste and

Na hsiang yin-tzU ni ttuaifu kuo lai.

Paid yesterday, The compensation-money was tt.4l*&*itt.*-7

P'ei hsiang tso frh
cKu cliiao lai lo.

Paid yet, My bill hasn't been

Wo man
chang hai mei hsia lai.

Pay any attention to what I say, You don't

Wo kao su ti shih ni tsung pu shang hsin.

Pay you out for this treatment, I'll

Ni tai wo cM ko ch'ou wo pi yao pao.

Pay duty, Cheese doesn't

mm * *
Nai ping-tzii pu na shni.


Peel this pear (with a knife)

Pa che ko li hsiian 41

pH ctiii.

Peel this orange (with the fingers)

Pa che ko chii-tzii po hsia pH lai.

Peel after scarlet fever, You're sure to Mp % m M

(. Wen chen hou pi yao


Pick out the best * n ft m #

Chien hao ti fiao ch'u lai.

Pick out the stones (with the finger)

Pa ho \h k'ou hsia lai or Hou cKu lai.

Pick that flower m % *oa

my*hua ch'ia hsia lai,

Picked all the fruit, I have

Kuo-tzu wo tou chai hsia lai lo.

Pick up that rics (In Peking $g j|fi $) m m m i &iii *

[Pa na ko pax mi shih clii lai.

Pick out the peach-stones with a knife ZJ * wan

#J Hi tt 8 *
tao-tzil ch'u tao ho lai.

Pick up the poker wmmmM

Pa fieh kun li clUi lai.

Pick a quarrel with me, You evidently want to \m va % /c? m $

** m
[Shih ni 9an hsin wang wo kuo pu ch'u.

Pluck this fowl (In Peking fj|
is here read tse)
[Pa che ho hsiao chi-tzu ti mao chai citing lo.

Pluck this goose, Make haste and (scald

feathers off with hot water, Chinese fashion) Cite ho yen ni Jc'uai fid
( citing lo.

Point out whom you say it is
Ni slaw sltih slmi, chili cliu lai.

Pour out a glass of water 4
(.7ao cliu yi pel shui lai.

Press it down (with the hands) nOen lisia.
iNi pa fa

Press it down with something heavy

Na chung twig lisi
pa fa ya cliu.

Press me so closely, Don't (in a crowd &c.)

Pieh cM mo clti cho too.

Press it down with your feet

Pa fa cKuai* lisia ch'ii.

Print off some
New Year's visiting cards be- *!#* S HIT
Pai nien ti tsao lisieh yin lisia.
ming p'ien

Pronounce the Chinese sounds, I can't 4>S
Chung huo
ti tzu yin wo nien pu sha?ig lai.

Proved myself right at last, I
Tao ti h-h pa li
clieng huo lai lo.

the cover of
Pull the cover off that box
a coffee-tin)
(e. g.
Pa na ho-tzu kai cltieh Ifai.

Pull aside the mosquito curtains mmmnm

Pa wen cliang fiao Ifai.

Pull this button off, I can't

Che ko niu-tzU chiu pu lisia lai.

Pull this boot on, I can't (too small)

Che hsi'ieh-tzu chhian pu lisia ch'ii.

Pull Continued
Pull my boots off, I can't
(Ilsueh-tzu to
J8fc 3F T hsia
pu lai.

Pull him out (of water) jfi5

{Pa fa
# Jl TO
lao slicing lai.

Pull down this house, I want to

(67w ko fang-tzu yao cliai kfai.

Pull the rope out tight, You two (in Peking CfJ* fflffiffi$ffi^#Sltfr
ggj en
en is used J men
(.Jv lia
pa sheng-tzU shen chin Ic.

Pull the cork out of the bottle

^ 11 ^ T $$
)IK 5lL
{Pa ping-izU pa sai *rh hsia lai.

Pull down that rope (hanging from a ceiling jftl#R MM^WC^f^

^cv {Pa na fiao sMng-tzu chiu hsia lai.

Pull out that hair

M SI f *l T *
na ton nieh 1 hsia
(Pa fa A:e/i lai.

Pull out the third volume for me (from a pile

jffi% ^ a|uwo tt
^fe |1J 2fc
ol books) a
(p ^j san w c/i'o^ c/j'^ jg^

Pull out that nail with pincers ^ W % ^ ^ SB 10 $T

{JYa ch'ien-tzii
clii cliu na ko ting-tzU.

Pull down the small flag, Tell him to W\i& ffi 4>Wt jf ~f %
{ Chiao ta pa hsiao clii lao hsia lai.

Pull the door aftef you when you go out jWfflxSnffjL

(iVi' pa men
cliu cliu
shang. tai

Pull open the drawer tt JE fc li

{Pa ch'ou fi la leai.

Pulled out, He has had all his teeth

(T'a ya cliih lou
ti hsia lai pan

Pull out this tooth, I can't iMM ^^ci&^fiW)

{Che ko ya pan pu tung.

Pull the knot undone

^ffl ^ #t ^
{Pa tion *rk chiu k'ai.

Pulled up his horse, He f * ffi ^ Wl ft T

( Z"a pa lo chu lo.

Pushed back the bolt of the door, The thieves ( j$ ffi ?*] jff j| ffl J
(in Peking this bolt or bar is called gj gg fa) ( Tsei pa men shuan po k'ai lo.

Push that plate over here

SB fi ^ T * S $*
{Pa na ko tieh-tzU rut kuo lai.

Push Continued
Pushing the door open I got my finger pinched \\^uxJ*
, .,
cho chxao
^A T , ,

[T lax chx lo sliou lo.

Push open the door

{Jra men t ui k at

Pushed me down from behind, He (into a

river &c.)
(Ta pex hou pa
ico too t'ui hsia ch'u lo.

Pushed me into the river, He j ffi 3$ W*M

T a pa too tux tsai ho h ou.
* t

Push this barrow up, I can't-(up a bank &c.) (^.f W-JF 3t 16 ^ $

(GAe o /mao che-tzii ivo tin pu shang lax.

Put your hands behind you (in Peking &% jfft
ffl "^ 2? |$ Sf
$V JiM 2fc) (.^V* yw?2^ shoufan pang cho.

Put all the chairs inside, There's no room to \W*i. . .

, .

(C/ie /me/i yi-tzii icu Ix

pai pu hsia.

ffli 3 age
vt "

iva yt
. .

Wi Aao yao
t leli
, ,


Put the lamp-glass on ??f \f

(.i^a te?K? chao-tzU chao shang or "#an shang.
'* 7

Put my foot in the stirrup, I can't (in Peking (^ $F >*P Jt f

i is used) ( Wo ttua pu shang ting.

Put your foot in the stirrup first /p *f X f k

(.in Asi^n oa shang teng.

Put on your hat {

ft! ^1 i II

(Pa mao-tzii tat shang.

Pat it in the bag (* * # Rou

(Pa ra ygA ifsaz /c
tax li tou or
c/t a.

Put the cap on the brush when you have done

| j^ ^ J -? fB ifl ^jl 7L ^ JL.
writing (in Peking ffi cA'a is used) [llsieh wan Xiao tzu pa pi mao 'rh fao shang.

Put all the clothes away together

fffi S^# ti$ M 2fc
(Pa 3/1 shang tou kuex cho ch 1 lai.

Put in the wardrobe, This box is too big to (*& f^ ^'8 *? 3f S ^ >
o hsia-tzii ko
( G/ie pu ta, kuei-tzu Li hsia.

Put some water to i^ If the soup is not enough VM *& W SS/l^ J

(2 'aw^ m to, tei r/ww rh shut.

Put it on the fire, Fill a pot with water and j-fP

yi hu shui
^ ^ ^ ^ 7^ X
lax, tso tsai huo shang.

Put Con tinned
Put something under the leg of the table
Pa cho-tzu t\d 'rh tien slicing tien *rh.

Put the books in the book-case (for Chinese

books use -$ % lo tsai) Pa shu clia tsai chia-tzii shang.

Put the books away- S * 4* S *

Pa shu pen *rh sliou clCi lai.

Put up the umbrella

Pa yil san chili clii lai.

Put up the umbrella, The wind is too high to

Feng kuo ta, yu san shih ta pu chu.

Put on fur clothes yet, It's too soon to

PH ao hai shih cliuan pu chu.

Put up yet, The frame-work of that house is not M 9 mu* * M &'ft & *
Na fang-tzU
ti chia hai mei li ctii lai.

Put up yet, The scaffolding is not

Chiao shou hai mei ta cKi lai.

Put on your hat and clothes

Tai shang mao, ch'uan cli'i
yi shang.

Put him off, Think of some way to fl

&* W ffi

hsiang fa-tzil pa fa fang k'ai.

Put all these things, There's no room to

Che mo hsieh ho tung hsifang pu k'ai.

Put up with your temper, I can't

Ji ti
pH clii zoo shih tsai hsia.
jen pu

Put your hat straight

Ni pa mao-tzu cheng kuo lai.

Put it in the cupboard, There's no room to

[Kuei-tzu man lo, bo pu hsia.

Put some more coal on : the fire is getting low

llluofa lo, fieri shang mei.

Put another stool on the top

JVi tsai chieh shang yi ko icu-tzU.

Put on, This joy of yours is all

JSTi die ho lo shih chuang tso cKu lai.

Put up that flag-staff yet, You haven't

Ha ken clii kan ni hai mei li clii lai.

Raise the money somehow, You must { *
* wffi Js
5H SI T*
(in tsung tei pa ch ten chang lo hsia.

Raise this money, I can't (fe/P.

(Che hsieh
f^ * ^
ch ten wo na pu ch u
, , .

Raised to his present position by yourself,

He f^fi,
( sAz'A nin na fi pa cKi lai ti.

Raise him up (of a sick person) (^ W f# 43 flfc $

(in pa a cAiw cA
i lai.

Raise him up (of a person making a kotow) \ '_*.

^ # i$^ 777//^
(fyft ,fLj ,Lj 3& '

(in pa ta cKan ch i lai.

KeachiUcan't {f*B?*
(iVa a:o ten^ Asi wo #ow pu chao.

Reach down that case of books $& *& jff W W T ?N

(.ra na rao sAa cA w Asia ta?.

Reach up to the eaves, This ladder won't (*,

W "? >P * ^ fi >i
(GAe A:o th-tzil tcou pu chao Jang yen rh.

* M W >T 5'J R 7D
Reach to the end, The string is too short to $*
{Slieng-tzii tuan, kou pu tao ou rh. t

Reach to that end. The carpet is too small to f |

"T" *i
( i an-tzil hsiao,
^ ^
pu pu
%$ R 7U
na t ou rh.

Reach to the wall, I want the matting (mat- ( ^C $$j 3c Tj{ SJ *j fll IE

shed) to \THe71 p'eng yao ting tao cliiang hen VA.

Reach up to my door, The stone road doesn't ffi t ^ ^ " ^ T wo FwenW R

f on tao VA ^ao j>m
ft A; ou /-A.


Read Chinese, I can't [f^
^ $two P ^ W ^ cA n

(ii/an tew
pn ^en

Read all the Four Books,

stands them)
He has (and under- ffl # M 8$ ^ ^Tfa tou nien

[Sstt shu clCu lai lo.

Read the "Peking Gazette," I can't (too dif- (^ $R $c ^T

Han too hsia
ficult) \Ching pao pu
Receive me,
out to
When I got to the door he came C?lj 7 PI P HVA ffi 3$ MUj ?fc 7
(Tao fo'ao men &'ou 'a cAiw ?/m^ cA'w lai lo.

Received my month's pay to-day, I [3 P}^* ^.^

( Yixeh chin VA
^ ^,T
ch u lai (i'm?

Receive Continued
Received his wages, He hasn't
^ fl| 41 "P Jfc
[T'a ft'
hung cKien mei ling hsia lai.


Recognize you, I didn't f W * WVA%wo HI K

ft' Zien. mz'en net clCiao chen.

Recognize this character, I don't f*j|

^F 3fe >P IB jfc
( Che ko tzU wo jen pu cUu lai.

Remain one, I'm afraid that widow won't {?? kuafup'a
(iVa &o
St #1 TR ^P ft
shou chu.

Remain long out of work, He won't 10 A M 7 ft

[JYa ko jen pu listen chu.

Remain empty long, The houses here don't |

*& fl ^ M T* BJ 7 ft
ift JnL
&o tifang *rh tifang-tzil hsien chu.
(.CTie pu
Remain long on one's hands, These goods don't *B W DP Hv .M It *V Tn 7t*
(C/te &o ?/a??y V/i ft /io ts'un pu chu.

Remember things, I never can $fe $J <& -t B ^ ft
( PPo ft' /m'n slicing ko 1 pu chu shilu

fS tB oE
Remember all this, I shan't be able to jiS
(Che hua hsieli
p'a chi pu chu.

Remember what you have to buy (don't forget ( f$

=j^ j( jft S5 jfc pf jfg %\\ f
anything) |^ j c ]t ^ mai i ung ns^ m^ *

ns iang ( ao i0t

Remember where I put it, I can't

^* ffil ffi #5 IE T
\IIsiang pu chao ko tsai na VA fo.

Removed, He must be (of a sick man) pf AS ft ^ S!
(TH pa 2'a i k'ai.

Remove tumours, Foreign doctors can *^

V . . . .

( PFai &wo i
sAe/?^ nfegi ja liu-tzfi la hsia ch'ii.
Ride, This pony isn't strong enough for me to iSES^Jf^VW
ma wo
(. C/te p'i chin pu chu chH.

Rose from the ranks, He (if an official, 4% f#.ftfr~Fj5fj&jRJti?fc

may be used) shih ta hsia liu hsk

Risen, The sun has just

J \~J S? W ffi $$ 7

Rolled down from the top of tho bank, Ho y
{ T'a shih ta po *rh shang kun hsia lai ti.

Roll it up in paper
[Na chili chilan cICi lai.

Row your boat over here
Pa ni men ti clUuan cliao kuo lai.

Row against the stream, You can't

mmun* m
{ Ting liu ni cliao pu tung.

Ran away with another man's wife, He
(T'a pajen chia nil jen kuai ch'u lai.

Run out, The water has all

[Shui tou lou ch'u lai lo.

Run any more, I'm too blown to

\ Wo ti cICi tuan lo, p'ao pu tung.

Ran up against me and knocked me down, He 3

( J"a pa wo chhiang* tao lo.

Rushes at me directly he sees me, That dog
\]Ya ko kou chien lo wo cldu pen kuo lai.

Rushed out of the door, He

(Z"a cJiuang cA'w men ch'u lo.

Save a single cash, I don't
\ ko1@clCien wo
f? % y
m lao
\Yi pu hsia. yeh

Save a single dollar, He doesn't

{Lien y'i k'uai cKien ta tou tiun pu elm.

Saved me from the fire, He

( Tsai huo li fou ?a pa wo chiu ch'u lai lo.

Saw this board in two, Tell the carpenter to n*
*muE * tf
W chii k'ai.
! chiang pa pan

Say, These two seem to have plenty to
'Che liajen k'o shuo k'ai lo hua lo.

Say Continued
this, It's not my place to

Say Che ko hua ivo shuo pu shang.

Say how much you want

1* mm
for it
Ni shuo cNu chia 'rh lai.

Say, You simply had nothing to (in defence S 1H IS M^f ij

of yourself ) Shih ni na ko hua ti

pu tao.

Say off all the Four Books, I can

# MMT\&
or WM*
tou pei ti hsia lai or pei kuo lax.

Say out what you want? don't Why you

(instead of beating about the bush) Ni shuo hua wei shin mo shuo pu foil.

Scoop out the inside with a spoon
m ^wm^-m $
.<* \n u *
faoch'u laiorwanch u lai.

Screw it round and it will open
Yi ning lo so chiu k'ai lo.

Screw in this screw

Pa cM ko lo so ting-tzii ning shang.

Screw off the door-handle

Pa men huan^-tzii ning hsia lai.

Seal up the letter *##
Pa hsinfeng shang.
Secure this man, I won't
Che ko jen wo pao pu chu.

See him, I went to his house but didn't
[ Wo tao fa chia li mei chien chao.

See him off, I am going to

[ Wo kei fa sung hsing cliii.

See through your trick, I

if* SB fl ft ? Hi fa S
[Ni na ko/a-tzU wo ch'iao ti foil.


Sell anything just now, I can't

(bad market) II
f fa/KK*ffl*
tsai wo ti huo max pu cKu cA'm.

Sells at the New Year, Nothing

Hsin nien shen mo huo tou mai pu tung.

Sent, That despatch has just been
JSa ho wen shu kang fa ch'u cltu lo.

Sent by Heaven, This trouble is

{CM ko huo shih lao fieri chiang hsia lai ti.

Separate them
(of men fighting) n
Pa ft
fa men la Fai.

Separate from his father and mother,

He wants
to T'a fung fafu mu yao li Ifai.

Separate them
(make them live apart)
Pa fa men tiao* Tfai.

Separate these skeins of silk according to colour

[Pa cM eld liu Jisien ko Jcuei ko yen she.

Separate, Husband and wife want to

T'a men Hang ttou-tzu yao fen chia.

Set out your wares
Pa huo wn pai 3 tfai.

Set to work at last, He

Tao ti fa tung clii shou lai tso huo.

Set about it for you to-morrow, I'll \m is #

\Che ko shih wo
5c ft
fien kei ni
pm& pan chH.


Settled, That affair of theirs is already

Hi, ffl \m ;* B
T'a men na chien shih
ching shuo k?ai

Settle it for? How much will he

Kei fa to shao cKien neng liao hsia lai.

Settled yet, That marriage affair of theirs isn't *nft*flttlt

JYa mei shuo shang.
cliin shih hai

Shake off this melancholy, You must mmmwmmmm
Che ko ch'ou men ni tsung yao chieh 3

Shake the dust off the clothes *ffir*1-ft"F3fc.

Pa fu tou lou hsia ti
yi shang shang

Shake out the cinders (through the grating at
the bottom of a stove) Pa fa mei sou hsia lai.

Sa *i* SS 14*
af *f iff
(7Ae smg: cAVn m /en pu chao.

Shift your debt on to
You can't
anybody else's shoulders, f jfc ^^^f5!lA^^Jt
(iVt fan cAVen &0 pu too /en cAa s/ien slicing.

Shirk anything, You won't bo able to jff?
^ pu^ T
mo T
m yeh t ui liao.

Shirk, Don't try to f WaMtffJP *

\JSi pieh hsiang to 3 chu snen chu.

Shot himself, He or He shot
answer to a question)
it himself (in (#, g B 5 Jt tT JB 7
na ch'iang
\^Ta tzu chi ta ssti lo.

Shot him dead with an arrow, I ff&

( Wo na
&> W IE #. fj J J
chien pa t a she ssu lo.

Shot himself with a gun, He Iff

* #2
7 a na cA tan<? pa
chi ta ssu

Shove your boat a little farther up jffi
fft !% * # 1^ S J&
uan wang shang
{.Pa ni t% ch chili k'ai tien rn.

Shove him on to me? Who told you to {W |4 # JE $1 2fe *fi 2fc

{ohm chiao ni pa a kuo t chili lai.

Shove the sampan this way jffi

[ra san pan po a:mo lax.

Shove the cart up, Get out and(if upset) -

f? Asia ^*
en a
cA e
t tai.

Shove me off, Don't(a bench; or out of a cart) j j

$ j J&ft

pa wo
clu hsia chu.

Shut him up, I (by asking a question to which f ^ ffifiS B9 ft P^
he couldn't reply) ( Wo pa fa wen chu lo.

Shut to, This door won't feP

^ P ^ "
wen &uan pn

Shut, That door won't keep P ^P^

(iva A.0 men kuan pu

Shut him up, I very soou *#MMI

( fro cAt
J ** eAa Ana i a ting hut ch u lo.

Shut Continued
Shut up the book
[Pa shu ho sliang.

Shut, The box won't (too full)

[Ssia?ig-tzu sai pu hsia lo.

Shut his eyes, He hasn't m & m m. m

{ T'a mei pi sliang yen ching.
Sit down just now, I haven't time to
Wo II M **#
hsien tsai yu shih, tso pu elm.

Sit a little closer together

Ni men ton chi cho tien 'rh tso.

Sitting, That turkey is now

Na ko huo chi hsien tsai pao ivo ni.

Skin that sheep w
mm &my *
chi ko la hsia lai.
yang pH
Sleep with all this noise, I can't
Che mo ta hsiang sheng wo shuipu chao cliiao.


Slipped away, I watched my opportunity and

CIiou 1 tiung *rh
wo chiu liu hsia lai lo.

Slipped down on the ice, He

tsai ping shang tsai tao

Slipped away without my knowing it, The whole

day Pu chili pu chueh ti
yi tien tou kuo lo.

Smell anything, I can't (have lost the sens of
smell) IShen mo wo tou toen pu chien.

Smell anything, I don't

[ Wo wen pu cliu shen mo wei *rh lai.

Smoke, This chimney doesn't mm m n v *
Che ko yen Vung mao pu
\a m*
clUu yen lai.

Snatched it from me, He MMnmmmmM%.
[Na ko tung hsi shih fa to kuo lai.

Snuff the candle
Pa la hua *rh chia hsia lai.

Soak the sea-weed (in cold water)
A 35 Jfl W
Pa hai tai tsai p'ao Jcai.

Soak the mushrooms (in hot water)

Pa Jisiang chiln fa Icai.

Spare time to go, I can't
[Mang pu kuo lai, ico mei kungfu ch'ii.

Spare time to go, I can't

Wo feng pu Icai hung fu chHi.

Spare any coal, I can't

Wo ti mei shao, fen pu Icai.

Spend two dollars, You'll have to
Ni tei hua shang Hang k?uai ctiien.

Spend so much, I can't afford to

Che hsieh cliien wo hua pu clii.


Spill that water, Don't

Na ko shui ni pieh kuang tang ch'u lai.


Split of itself, This table

CM chang cho-tzu tzil chi chiu lieh k'ai lo.

Split this firewood, I can't

Che ko p'i 3 cttai too pH pu

Spoil it, Don't (by using it
roughly &c.)
Ni pieh pa a shih huai lo.

Spread out the blanket 4Rfe?H':H.
Pa chan-tzu pu k'ai.

Spread the ointment out on paper

$ Janus!
Na chih pa yao fan k'ai.

Spread all these false reports? Why do you

Ni wei sMn mo cliuan k'ai cM hsieh ko yao yen.

Spread all over the village, This disease has

Che ko ping man tsun-tzU tou cKuan k'ai lo.

Stand even one pipe of opium, I can't
Yi k'ou yen wo yeh cltih pu hsia.

Stand up, This stool won't

Che ko teng-tzu ko 1 pu elm.

Stand against you five, I can't

( Wo yi ko jen ft
pu chu ni men wu wei.

Stand the heat of this place, I can't

( C/te k?uai 'rh che
shoupu je too lai
or ^#
or shoupu chu.

Stand up; you needn't kneel

Ni pu yitng kuei cho, chan cKi lai.

Stand up, This man can't

( Che ko jen chart pu chu.

Stand his temper, No one can MffigMst-tfeit^ft

Stand the consequences, I won't
T'a na ko

\mm kuan
Che ko
p'i clti shut

* ft
hsi wo
yeh nai pu chu.

pu chu.

Stand a beating, He can't ffiSB IB A HI * ft #

Pa na ko jen ko pu chu ta.

Starch the clothes, Get some starch and
\Na fen~tzu pa yi shang chiang cKu lai*

Started this year, Railways were only
Huo lun clCe chin nien ts'ai hsing Icai.

Start to-day, I can't 4 3c awo* ii & *

Chin fien pu neng cKi shin.

Stolen out of my room, That was T
J\ a shih ta wo ti wu li ou cltu lai ti.


Stick, Thin paste won't make

I 'T* ii chart pu chit)
it (in Peking m mm? 17
[Na hsi chiang-tzu nien pu

Stick it in
the book (i. e., put anything in
between the leaves of a book. In Peking
I Che tsai shu pen li.
j$j yeh used)

Stuck up all over the street, Notices are (*

t&Jtt ffl
chielt fielt cltu
#S*7 kao pai lai lo.

Stick Continued
Stick so close to me, Don't (** 9i IB
M # ?6
t ieh cho wo.
[JSi pieh

Stick, The paper on the wall won't M ."^ ^

^."?./^. J* ,
{Cliiang shang ti chili t'iehpu chu.

Stuck a pin into my leg, He (* * fj" & -T wo8.^1

{1 a na cMn cha fui
lo ti lo.

Stick on that pony, I can't zwffccASf ^cAw.ft

f$a B% ma t >m
(_i\ jo

Stuck fast, This cover has fef' PIJ&F* i* J

|CAe ko kai rh man chu lo.

Stuck tight, The doors have all (swelled from

jH ^ fR gf $; "J
damp, &c.) (ifew Aw tow c/w cAa?z# fo.

Stick them up (of pins in a bowling-alley &c.) ] -^ ~ ?y*

{Li cA'i lai.

Stop this affair, I can't(hush it up) I^t'
. *
^ chu.
( clCvng ya pic

Stop here to-night, It's so late you had better j?clT

(T'tVn wan
chiu chulo, ni hsia.

Stop that blood-spitting, He can't \% M $Mjt >*

[T'a lao fu hsieh, chih pu

Stop that break, They'll never(in a river bank) j#B

^ ^ ft
1B E "?
ko tfou-tzti tu chu.

Stopped, He's in a hurry to go and won't be J % M 5 * ^ ft

( Z" cAi sit ?/ao c/t'w,
tan >w cAv.

Stop long in this place, I am not going to (*1

IB #VA^ ft ^ ft
Ax> ti
*tt 3fe
tw chu pu chu.
(CAe fang

Stops speaking, He never (

W iS B9 SB ^ ft
| hua tsung

( T'a tezzi puli ti chu.

Stop snowing, It doesn't

IB ^i 3F ft
jis CAe &o AsweA lao chu.
( pu
Stop here, I don't care to (in consequence of 10
f *, /? 5E S6 w >P ft
some unpleasantness) VA w?o toi cAw.
[cAe fa> pw

Stopped, The steamer has fW W 1? ft T

(Lun cliuan ting chu lo.

Stop there long, He won't(of a servant &c.) f& & SBna & & it *5 T
ttuai 'rh cftang pu


Stop Contin ued
Stopped by the Imperial troops, The rebels were ]Jjp y*
' S
> * fm 1l 4
[Tsei chiao kuan ping tang chu lo.

Stopped that hole, You haven't f$ f #,fi* <* tfHfa

[Na ko k'u lung ni hai mei tu chu.
MM s

Stopped? Has the wind

(also of snow, rain, &c.) ] ^* *& J CC "
[Feng chu lo mei yu.

Stopped for two months, I have had my leave j^^^^f^^^T*^!.^.

It he
hang wo kao pu ko yiXeh hsia chia lax.

Stop, Don't(doing anything) \vbA*W: ffi

(iVi pu yao cAw s/ic-u.


Strain this wine

i Pa che ko chin kuo kuo lin clCii.

Strained myself just now, I

Wo kang ts'ai nu chao lo.


Stretch out your hand \ f*

* f& % J
sAom sAen Aral.
(2v i pa
Stretch your legs a little and be off as quick as (}fg |fj H &| #S 'fefe tfe
you can (/Sa AVai <Vi, AVwai AVweu ft'

Stretching themselves,
fond of
Dogs and cats are very f|$ |ffi lft
|& # 1ft
swi ax shen Ian yao.

Stretch this rope tight (chu should be read with

marked emphasis)
(^fi ia ^ I3S "T*
cAe 'iao sheng-tzU la chu
fe ft T


Struck three, That clock has just IB ft ffl *T =: "T 51

(SB ho chung kang ta san hsia rh.

Strike now, This clock doesn't (Ml0fti8ffi^tT

\CM ko hsxen tsai pu ta.

Struck work, They have all-(slang) fcfc

( Ja c/ita
* if ft * |p ^ T & 7
/mo V/i tow &t atwujr /o tax lo.

Struck by lightning, His uncle was V> 6? II ^T W MW J

T'a ft emu emu c/tiao
pi lo.

Strike the flag i^TMf^

{Lao hsia cICx-tzU lai.


Stuffed, I want it(of poultrv c.) jf? m - m %

( lao rum shang hsien rh.

Mv nose is ? 3F aft tfe

Stuffed up, |t II-

(Mo pt-lzO pu t ung k uau

Succeed in life, That stvle of man doesnt }SB
H A jt >P fe M 3R
a tsungjen ch'i shih
pu yeh lau

Succeed, That business doesn't{wont succeed (JR j& || Jf pjj ^P ft

would be H
; jfe }fc) (Ja *o mat mai ttaipu chu.
tt SI ft 83 ~F *
Sack tliint off, Dont |W
(Pieh pa yen she *rh tsa hsia lau
Surrounded by a crowd of people, He was $f A& fl&fa ffi ft *&
(J3ao hsiehjen pa tcet lo.

Swallow even half a glass of wine, I can't j#-
fit Y 3fc
Pan chuna chiu wo yeh yen pu
"& RB 7 ~F hsia.
{Pan I

Swallowed an insect, He has

(jPa ch
ih chin ch'u lo yi
ho ch'ung-tzi

Swears it wasn't he, ^ He { * ft 7 * ffi
(ra ctt *i* *foio pu fc& fa.

Sweep the dust off the bed jffi
# Jl ftf It T
ti tu sao
hsia lau
(.Pa cnuang shang
Swelled up, Suddenly it
iau /an chung* cat lax lo.

Swelled, The wood has (* Sou fi

Hi 3fc T
chang chu
Ji>< r la* lo.

Take awav
J ^^
the things <

(Pa huo na
chia fo
1c au

\Pa chia huo chien* l?ai or chien hsia lau

Take the cover off that pot

j Pa na huo hat rh
hsien k'ai.

Take Continued

Take it out with a needle (of a thorn)

2s a cMn t'iao k'ai.

Take the cover off that box (if nailed down) {* *

"T" H J# 18
(.ra hsxang-tzii kax ch lao kai.

Take away this basin

f * %* MM
Take the capital, They'll never \% *# ^ men * * W a

l/oheng ch eng po pu t kax.

Take it from him, Make haste and (relieve (f$ ft Stfe ?fc
him of it) (JVi A'wai chieh kuo lai.

Take off the lamp-shade

\f * * f .f /ma
te>/o cAao c/tcn



Take down this door (ta is used specially of tf& iS 10 PI fT T ^R

fixtures. See ?/) (Pa c/?e &o ?wen a hsia lai.

Take out this pane of glass f * Jl * ^ 7\ ^

(Pa c/<e A: waz joo Li chx hsia Lai.

Take away the ladder (or take down) (f*

(in ji?a
tx-tzU die k ax.

Take all the books out of the book-case (*?

^ *
chxa-tzU shang
T ??7
na hsia lax.

Take the kettle off the fire {la implies the use
of one hand only)
(fll ;/<. -t $J H fe ~F
\pa huo shang tx la hsia lai.

Take off your shoes before getting on the chair j ^^
11 eng
yi-tzii, hsien
^. $f .^, 1|\
pa hswh to hsia
^ 7

Take down the pictures from the wall (framed

jffi *j
Jl ^M
ffi T $
pictures hanging to nails) \p a diiang shang kua pHng chai hsia lai.

Take the pot off the stove (using two hands) ffi $t T" -t ml IS fe
lu-tzU shang kuo
T ?K
titan hsia lai.
(Pa ti

Take off the candle-end (from the spike on a

Chinese candle-stick)
jflU ^ 'R T* $v
VA pa
(p a fa 'ou Asia Zai.

$5 tK 1? %
Take up the mat on the Vang j#l #1 hsi hsien hsia lai.


Take off the table-cloth * * J f OT ** * chieh hsia lai or hsien ch


(.Pa fax
pu i lax.

Take in anybody, His tricks don't KJ<

$ It ft SS >F # A
Awa 3 c/w man pu
(P'a ft chujen.

Take Continued

ft *fi A SS ^ SB ^
Take in man but not Heaven, Yon may {W
{Man kuo jen, man pu kuo fien.

Take root, That tree doesn't $B IB

M ^ ft

{A a ko shu ken chang pu chu.

Take root, He doesn't (seem likely to stop long) f ?
^ ^ ft

( /' a to Are?* 5Vm

p^ c/m.

Take up pigeon's eggs with chopsticks, You can't 1

* ^ Y* ^*
r ?*
{Cnih ko pu tan, khiai-tzu chia chu.

Take off your glove first |^ pa^

ffi T i" 52. ?j
shou fao rh fun hsia cliu.

Take this back-(to a shop) j* ^ 10/mla #. ft T ^ H

(./^a <'e /to a rwi to pu yao.

Take out the ashes(from a grate) j*T , .

,, ,

{Pa fa met pa ch u lau

it out of the box (using finger and thumb.

jtT ^l
Take "F* jS t tU $5
In Pekingese | wieA) (2a ho-tzii li men cliu Li.

Take the lid off the tea-pot 1 1? a hu , 7

C/^a c/t kai VA
? faten cA'i Zai.

Take off your apron

{JYi wet c/iiin clneh hsia lai.

Take that pair of ear-rings out of pawn }fP ^fl ,"\r^ T*

(i^a na fu erh ch tian shu
Hi ?*,
chu lau

Take your long coat out of pawn (by putting jfB JS ?|r "T* lit Cm ^R
something else in so as to raise the money) \p a ctiang kua-tzu ting cliu lai.

Take a handful of ashes fj|

^ ,""* *? *
(C/<a i
yz pa hux lai.

Take out the bones first (from raw meat, fowls (71C ?fi *R S ^J pj $fc
&c.) {Hsien pa ku fou fi cliu lai.

Taken out, All the bones must be (In Peking IR S$ 3? ft UJ ?fc

% tse is used) \Ku fou tou yao chien ch'u lai.

Take off this waistcoat, I want to ifhl'

ko k an
M*^,^ chien wo yao t o hsia lai.

Take the skates off [the boots], Don't W *K

{Puh pa ping
* if ? T ^5 hsieh na hsia lai.

Take the skates off [the boots], You needn't ft $ ^ W WT 7F 3R

hsieh ni lao hsia
{Ping pu yung

Take Continued
Taken away his button, The Emperor has ffe
fr T fffi. ftv tH 7D 7
{Huang shang ko lo ta ii
ting V/i to.

Take the skin off first (of almost anything) [<*M" ,. ,, \

[Hsien pa pi ch ii lo.

Take down that pair of scrolls j* ^M ft

%& $chu hsia
(Pa nafu lai.

Take out the screw jftlWft'f S^ fti

(Pa ting-tzu ning ch u
lo so lai.

Talk Manchu, I can't
f f *H * *pu- *
{Man-chou hua wo sliuo snang

Talking to you, It's no use (it doesn't improve ($jR $1 M Ii 7 Si

you) [JRi mao ti
pu ping shih shuo kuo lai.

Talk of people behind their backs, Don't (ff.

mMM Mm A
ti li
pieh i lun yen.

Tear that piece of calico {'*
[Fa pu na k uai ssu ka%.

Tear down that torn paper (from a Chinese

(ffi $R i@ iR ^R fjlf %^
&c.) (Pa na ko p'o cliih sstt hsia lai.

Tear down all the pictures (pasted against a (JU S7iSIIT*

wall) {Fa hua *rh tou chieh hsia lai.


Tell the good from the bad, I can easily f*f

W 3$ W an
(// ao ?az tec //en fe c/i tat.

Tell the quality by looking at it, You can \J*

{Cheng se
?% P,^
sink ckiao
*? JPsr.
techu lai tu

Tell me what you have spent f

f * *
m pao chu
un<? e/ritfn ta

Tell whether it's a man or a woman, I can't \WJ^ r^

* *T ^ flj *?, 'I*.
(o/itA nan shih nil ivo pien pu ch u lau

Thaw it with hot water (Sf /v J?
(iVa ^e s/ c/tiao

Thawed, The ice has all

(^ ^^W T y

[Ping tou hua k ai lo.

Think of his name, I can't
'a ti
(i hsing ico hsiang pu clii lai.

Think of it?
ventions &c.)
How did he ever come to (of in- (^ ^ fe Jg mo ft $* $f
%fl j(g
{Tang cKu shih t&en ksiang cJiu lai ti.

Thought he'd have come? Who would have {& % ^ ^ SI f& $S #&
[Shuiyu hsiang te tao fa lai ni.

Thinks nothing of a sum like this, He j*E

SI 1B 41
Che chi ko
7 PJ BR ftcliien
fa ko
tao yen
pu li.

Think much of this thumb-ring, I don't ! R IB SfcW X

Che ko pan chih wo Han pu
( shang.
Thread me a needle
JS^a listen jen shang chin.
Throw open all the doors in the morning
(also (

jrg, fE Pi 1*5 MX tfl ^n

to unbutton a coat in hot weather) 3
[Ti tsao 'rh pa men tou cliang k'ai lo.
Throw away the water in the basin |f
{Pa p en
9rf r^ *? ."
shui po k
li ti ai.

Thrown up all the medicine he took, He has f |8S

Sf Bf 9& W *& PJ !& T
[T a so ch ih ti
yao tou fu cliu lai lo.

Throw away all the broken crockery (Jeng 1

(^ $ ^f ^}S |/7 HI ~2t
or jeng 3 ) tu clii tou
\p> jeng ch'u ch'ii.

Threw me down, He
{.T'a pa ico shuai tao 3 lo.

Throw so high, I can't

31 ifi/V
Wo jeng pu cliii.
( shang

Throw across? Can you (a river &c.) fgj

f# ^ ^T.J* ^ ^
(iVi jeng pu te kuo clii! jeng kuo cliii.

Throw the dog into the river (& $ W ^ ST ft 5S

Throw it over here
iW pa Z'a /twa &wo Zai.

Threw three sixes, He (with dice)

W TZtao c/<iA
c/<i/t sa?i

Throw this into the bargain, You must fe r' ^ * ^.** -t ororII ffi ft H
&o m
(C/ie shang jaotoungr teijao
tsai li tou.

Throw it in through the window ffHrW^lSE.- t

(Tu cKuang hu jeng chin lai.

Throw Continued
Threw down the lamp, His hand slipped and he ((&
^ "^
shih shou
ffl ^M# ffi *& TT
( pa teng jeng tsai ti hsia lo.

Threw down the looking-glass on purpose, He j

2* .* fe
"^an Asin >a ching-tzu shuai
"J }$ T


Tie two pieces of ice together, You can't [JS
J% fcN ffl
3J #
[Liang Kuai ping kunpu chu.

Tie it up tight {W *H "? .

(Pa sheng-tzU lei chin lo.

Tied together, I want these two pieces of string f
m^wS^SI^i^- ^^,
( C7<e Jiaw^ yao shuan
sheng-tzu tsai i k'uai 'i

Tie, My girdle won't(too short) (f^f^^^-'

(Wo ti tai-tzti
pu chi shang.

Tie up the pony j^ W \% X

(Pa ma shuan shang.

Tied up to the post, He is (ehu-tzU the column f^b Jt ^

>0E "F" pi J

of a verandah &c.)
( Tsai chu-tzU shang pang chu lo.

Tie his hands together #. #J "^ W -t

[Pa fa ti shou k'un shang.
Traced, This is (not written or drawn) {* S R 3f cAao
"J5^ 7& 4? $J
V/t c/t'ao
((7/? s/a'/j c/jo ymy ti.

Treats people with contempt, He jffi
8ft jl II ^F tfS A
( 2 'a yen li cliiao pu en's ;<?n.

Treat you tomorrow, It's my turn to j

W 7C ft ?6 UV 3K 12.
{Ming tfien shih wo ti
tung \Ju
Try if it is gold or copper & & *shih^ #* In 3fc 8? HJ * .

{Shih chin tfung ni kei wo mo cliu lax.

Try, You don't \ *N

[Ni pu ctieng hsin tso.

Tried to drown himself yesterday, He (y 5|5

llfc ft S SIAwo ho.
(Pso tf'e'm tf'a tf'ow

Tried to hang himself, He once it*

rftfi ifi 01X
(2"a cliang shang kuo tiao.

Tried to commit suicide, He once [ffi

If 2# M JE
[T'a cliang hsun kuo ssii.


Turn over this leaf{of a book) { P S8 W ,

(Pa cm yi p ten fan k'ai.

Turn these sheep out (to grass &c.)

( na ch tin yang fang k at.

Turn round, The room is so small you can't j*JJ

^? .
chuan pu Kai.
( Wu-tzti c/iai,

Turned out fine, The weather has f

3* % & T
* Jfc
( 6/ie o rten cw't pien kuo lai lo.

Turn your face round * ft ^ *

jf pa ken rh tiao kuo lai.

Turn the coat inside out (* & * ^C 5K

(Pa kua-tzil fan kuo lai.

Turn the bench round straight{teng is proper- ^ ^ ;

(Jfi ffl #fc 2fc
ly ^e/i^) (Pa wa A'ao pan i*ewa //e^r kuo lai.

Turn the cart round and bring it back W Chiao na ko ch'e mo hui lai.

Turn it round the proper way ffl

Zao 3
# #M (fc
c/jo Til, fo'ao kuo

Turn to the west when you get to the end

;$ PJ #R IR !HL f 25 $J 2fc
(of the street) ( Tsou tao na fou V/t wang hsi kuai kuo lai.

Turn the things out (of a bag or box) ffB

M 55 \H ttl $fc
[Pa tung hsi fao cKu lai.

Turn the box upside down (& *B *? fll 31 3R

(Pa hsiang-tzU fan kuo lai.

' WwSB &

Turn it the other side up(of blankets &c.) {
(Pa fa fan ko kuo 'rh.

Turned him out of doors, His parents [^ # W TO # HJ

(Pm ?m pa fa fen ch\i
lai lo.
Turn out, It's impossible to say how he will [wB
"a tfi
fiS tt AE
cluing hsing ting
^puft chu.

Turn him out(by force) (JE fa

^ W 4ft
cKu ch'u.

Turn out(of animals) #. ?& uB 4*

j#l 3
{Pa fa hung cKu ch'U.
Turning over and over, quite unable to get to (jf|j ^^S4*l|ffi^#
sleep \Fan kuo lai tiao kuo c/i'u, tsung shut pu chao.

Turn Contin ued
Turn that bowl upside down M Mwan&E +H _t
($2 na ko ttou shang.

Turned white, His hair has all

W @t | & t S T
( T'a ti t ou fa tou pien pai lo.

Turn that bottle upside down \ #S SB M, M M M

[Ni pa na ko p'ing tao kuolai.

Unbutton this button, I can't W^
( C^e a;o
wo^ #? ^Jj '

chieh pu k at.

Understand you, I begin to
$ * wuW jR-jfe
(? ft Awa wo ts ai kuo lai.

Understand his meaning, I HJ|

* * '
T ?fc ffl 2fe
(i a fo i ss# two" Lai Lo.

Understand his temper, I can't f ^A

* ^wo * * * na pu chu.
(T a pt c i

Understand this sentence, I don't fig-

7 f
cM Aua
** J?
wo hsieh* Jpu kau ""}

Undertake that work, He won't j$ ft I
lliUf $ "f ?fc .

(iVa &o uw<7 ch eng ta yxng pu hsia lai.

Unravel this ball of tangled silk (in Peking (flU *, laO SfL mk W> W
jj^P fltj) (Pa cAe fuan &m hsien lu k'ai.

Use this, I can't
(have no use for it or find it
unsuitable) \CM wo
ko tung hsi
chao. yung pu

Use pork-fat in cooking, Don't f $^ fij

ft M fit 3K
(.ivt pieh shin chu yu tso ts ai.

Use this cash-note here, You can't

ko clCien p'iao, tao the VA shih pu ch'u ch'u\

Wait, I can't [% *& ^ &
(Wo teng pu lai.

Wait upon him, He has four men to (* H * A M ft ft hou


{1 ayu ssU ko jen tz iX t a.

Wait at table? Do you know how to fl*

ft* # * ^ *

tfur/o te kaifan tx kuex chu mo.

"Waive this for the present
[Che ko hua hsien ko ttai.

Waked yet, He hasn't i* 1 iSLM T
[2*0 hai mei hsing lo.

Walk, I can't
Wo tsou pu tung.

Walk so far, I am not accustomed to

Wo tsou pu kuan na mo yuan.

Walk 200 li, I can't

\Erh pai li ti wo tsou pu liao.

Want all these men, I don't
[ Che hsieh ko jen wo yung pu k*ai.

Want all those rooms, I shan't

(iVa hsieh wu-tzU wo chu pu Mai.

Warped, The board is
[Mu pan-tzU ku 3 chH lai lo.

Wash out that black mark, Take some soap and
(ts'o to rub between the two hands) Na yi-tzii pa na tien hex ts'o hsia lai.

Wash all the crockery, plate &c.

[Tz'U cICi chia huo tou kuo kuo shui.

Watered, These flowers must be
[Che hua ^rh tei chiao shang shui.

Water the pony just yet, Don't

[listen pieh yin ma.

Wears very badly, That stuff
iNa ko ts'ai liao clCuan pu chu.

Wear this jacket, I can't (too small)

Che ko ma kua *rh too ctiuan pu shang.

Worn out my fur coat, You have quite

Wo ti
pH ao ni tou cliuan huai lo.

Wind up that watch
[Ni pa na ko piao shang shang hsien.

Wind some iron wire round it W-

m m 5t m Jl
t'ieh ssU 'rh ctian shang.

Wind some string round it

(Na sheng-tzil jao shang.

Work hard enough at it, It must be because I
don't shih wo
[Tsung ti
hung fu hsia pu tao.

Worth while for an affair like this, It's not
( Wei che ko shih fan pu shang.

Worth so much as that, It's not

*7 815
na mo
( pu liao hsieh ko cKien.

Wrap it up in paper
[Na chih pao cJCi lai.

Wrap it up in dough
(as a dumpling)
(.Na mien pao shang.

Written out that notice? Have you (*&'**
&Ttfc< III
ko kao pai ni hsieh ch'u lai lo mei yu.

Write the li character, I can't

[Li tzU wo hsieh pu shang lai.

Write with that soft brush, I can't

[Na ko pi juan, wo hsieh pu lai.

Write on it, The paper is oily : I can't \m mm%%

[Chih yu wo pu
shang yu, hsieh shang.


OF ,



The cupboard is locked : I can't get at it

{Kuei-tzU so lo, wo na pu chao.

I can't keep this piece of ice in my hand (too )$&, ijjl frjC ^ ^ l "jf
slippery of too cold) Che Tcnai ping too na pu cliu.

I can't lift this weight mmmtopw

Chemo a**.
chung ti chin Hang wo na chH.

He can't lift that sack (too heavy) SMS R *:*

Na ko Hou tai fa na pu tung.

He won't let me have any of your money

Ni ts'un kei fa ti ch'ien, ico ch'u na pu tung.

I am not used to a Chinese pen

( Chung kuo pi wo na pu kuan.

The criminal is not caught yet ma mm*m

[Fan jen hai na pu tao.

I can't take them all in an hour

( Yi tien chung ti
kung fu na pu wan.

I can't take them all at once

Yi tz'ti na pu chin.

Bribes are not to be accepted

i Hui lu shih na pu te.

The hole is too small to get it through \m ffl

CM ko
m %* *xa
w> i
*rh hsiao, na pu kuo.
( yen

One man can't take it all

Yi ko jen na pu
A**T liao.

There isn't time to get it now

[Shih hou k'uai wan lo, na pu chi.

He can't take that puzzle to pieces 3MBA*5fc*:*|(

Na ko liu cliiao fa na pu k'ai

I shall be a long time taking all these different f )K [jfc^^P&IS^tfe

things Tung hsi fax sui na k'uai.
ling lo, pu

I can't say whether he'll come or not

( T'a lax
pu lax, na pu chun.

He can't make up his mind

(Y"a ti chu i na pu ting.

One is never sure to win or lose in gambling
Tu cltien ti shu ying na pu wen,

You can't take fresh fish far

\Hsien yii na pu yilan.

Tai li means that the appointment is

Tai li ti
yin pa 'rh shih na pu cliang.

I can't get his account books (he won't let me

have them) Z"a ti wo na pu lai.

He can't take away the seized goods

K'ou Liu ti huo wu t'a na pu cliu.

The window is too small to bring it in by

Cliuang hu Jmao, na pu chin,

I haven't got so much in ready money

CM hsieh lisien yin-tzu wo na pu cliu.

I can't get the cork out of the bottle (a cork

which has been pushed in by accident) P'ing li ti sai-tztt wo na pu cJiu.

I can't present this petition (informal &c.) m.10 m M Hwo % *

CM ho ping fieh na pu shang.

I can't get that looking-glass down (nailed to

the wall &c.) Na ko ching-tzu ivo na pu hsia.

The phrase jfi

;jt Jl& ? lift S ^7* -t ? can ^ ^re a s n9^e

^ boat occurring under

Hire, is used north of Shanghai with the meaning here given ;

but in the south
the sense would follow more closely the primary meaning of ^ and be / cant
get a passage in a single boat
implying that all the boats were full.

1 *
! 86