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-Catching and Throwing: Grade 1

Jordan Logan
P.E. Lesson Plan #13- Physical Activity to boost performance
LESSON PLAN OBJECTIVES - Students will: (within this lesson)

By the end of the assignment...

The students will demonstrate their ability in object manipulation to achieve
a fairly accurate pass (within a 3 foot radius) to a desired target.
The students will apply their abilities of catching to be able to catch objects
that are directed towards them with some consistency.
The students will demonstrate body awareness and control through
gameplay as they maneuver through the different activities.
The students will demonstrate positive attitudes towards sportsmanship
and fair play.
The students will recognize that there are more aspects to physical
education outside of just playing the games that are assigned.

By the end of the lesson...

The students will make connections between daily physical activity and
performance in sports.
The students will demonstrate their understanding of how they can improve
their skills and abilities by increasing their daily physical activity.
The students will apply their understanding of daily physical activity and
create a drill that will help them improve at hand ball.
The students will demonstrate attributes of fair play and proper etiquette.


Alberta Program of Studies


Open space
Soft balls
Coloured pinnies
White board and markers

Pre-emptive Tasks for Teacher

Teacher will prepare materials prior to lesson

Teacher will ensure space is adequate prior to lesson
Teacher will prepare discussion points prior to lesson.

Introduction (8 min.)

Welcome the students to the space and have them complete their 2 laps
around the gym.
Have the students convene in their groups by the white board.
The teacher will introduce the theme for today and how it can become a
part of the students daily lives.
The class will discuss what practice is and how doing activities every day
increases performance in the game. Each team will have 3 minutes to think
of an activity or drill that they could use in their lives daily that would boost
their hand ball skills. The students will demonstrate their drills before
moving on to the lesson body.

Body (20 min.)

Learning Activity #1: (XX minutes)

The students will play their games of handball. The teacher will ensure each
team plays a different team and takes turns being along the middle. The
teacher should take this opportunity to assess students on their attributes
of fair play and etiquette via the assessment sheets.

Closure (2 min.)

Have the students clean up materials and line up for dismissal.

(Observations, Key Questions, Products/Performances)

Ongoing formative in relation to assignment completion

Did students.
o Apply their knowledge of physical activity to create a drill that would
boost the skills of handball.
o Demonstrate their knowledge of the rules of handball through their
o Demonstrate attributes of fair play and respect throughout the game