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Reading List

Kids’ Books About Redwoods

Author Title Date APPROXIMATE


Baker, Laura Nelson A Tree Called Moses 1966 4 and up

Buff, Mary and Conrad Big Tree 1946, 2001 4 and up

Bosveld, Jane While a Tree Was Growing 1997 4 to 8

Prevost, John Redwood Trees 1996 4 to 8

Vieira, Linda The Ever-Living Tree: The Life and Times of a Coast Redwood 1994 4 to 8

Wadsworth, Ginger Giant Sequoia Trees (Early Bird Nature Books) 1995 4 to 9

Baron, Kathy The Tree of Time: A Story of a Special Sequoia 1994 5 and up

Beals, Kevin and Gina Cervetti Walk in the Woods 2007 7 to 8

Purslow, Neil Redwood National Park: Forest of Giants 2006 8 to 12

Anderson, Margaret, et. al. Ancient Forests: Discovering Nature 1996 8 to 13

Collard, Sneed B. Green Giants 1994 9 to 12

Cosson, M.J. Welcome to Redwood National and State Parks 2006 9 to 12

Fitzgerald, Dawn Julia Butterfly Hill: Saving the Redwoods 2002 9 to 12

George, Michael Sequoias 1992 9 to 12

Jackson, Donna M. Extreme scientists: Exploring nature's mysteries from perilous places 2009 9 to 12
Includes a chapter on scientists who climb redwoods

Lynette, Rachel Julia Butterfly Hill: Saving the Ancient Redwoods 2007 9 to 12

Schneider, Bill The Tree Giants: The Story of the Redwoods, the World's Largest Trees 1988 9 to 12

Hill, Julia Butterfly Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods 2001 Young Adult
Best for late high school and college

Preston, Richard The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring 2008 Young Adult
Best for late high school and college

Reading List
Kids’ Books About Redwoods

Author Title Date APPROXIMATE


Lieber, Robert The Tallest Tree 2001 2 to 5

Donahue, Mike The Grandpa Tree 2007 3 and up

Reed-Jones, Carol The Tree in the Ancient Forest 1995 4 to 10

Chin, Jason Redwoods 2009 4 to 8

Donahue, Mike The Fire That Saved the Forest 2002 4 to 8

Robson, Gary D. Who Pooped in the Park? Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park 2006 4 to 8

French, S. Terrell Operation Redwood 2009 8 to 12

Halter, Loretta A Voice for the Redwoods 2002 9 to 11

Hassman, Mina Little Bigfoot Meets a Person: A Modern Tale About Bigfoot, 2008 9 to 12
a Legendary Animal of the Redwood Wilderness

Levi, Dror Shai The Sacred Redwood Forest 1999 9 to 12

Schwarzkopf, Chet Heart of the Wild: Animal Stories of the California Redwood Coast 2000 10 and up

Barron, T.A. The Ancient One 1992 10 to 14

Pfitsch, Patricia Curtis Riding the Flume 2004 12 and up

Leiterman, Robert The Bigfoot Mystery: The Adventure begins 2000 Young Adult

Leiterman, Robert Operation Redwood Quest: Search for Answers 2003 Young Adult

Leiterman, Robert Yeti or not, Here we come!: Bigfoot in the Redwoods 2003 Young Adult

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