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MARCH 22, 2017

Farmers' Advance: Still a staple in the ag community

antiques information is also included throughout
the paper.
Our sales representatives are located
throughout the tri-state area and are always
happy to meet new customers. Jim McNeiece
serves our central Michigan and Thumb regions
out of the Defiance, OH, office. Southwest
Michigan and Indiana territories are covered by
Lanna Lee, Churubusco, IN; and Heather Van-
Lieu serves the southeast portion of Michigan as
well as Ohio territories out of our Camden
The main Farmers Advance office is locat-
ed in the heart of Amish country in Camden,
where the paper is edited and composed before
being sent to press in Davisburg, MI.
Julia Hite, Operations, Sales & Print Shop
Manager, is commander in chief, overseeing
workflow in the Camden office as well as assist-
ing the sales staff. If you make a call to Farmers
CAMDEN, MI One of the longest-run- favorite magazine in the tri-state area, publica- the Classifieds & Auctions of Farmers Advance, Advance, most likely youll talk to Serena New-
ning publications in the business, Farmers tion was restarted after almost 5 years of being and farmers have testified to not only selling ton, who handles ad placement and customer
Advance, is 119 years old and still going strong! discontinued. Equine Times was reintroduced as their equipment quickly, but for the right price. service.
Starting out as The Camden Advance, we a quarterly magazine and is gaining strength Another favorite that can be found in the same Sara Bryner is our Print Shop/Press Opera-
got our roots as a local paper, serving Hillsdale with each issue, and is now back to having a section is Sam Hatchers column, Tales From tor, and Erin Robinstine oversees editorial, sys-
County and the outlying areas, including por- monthly presence! the Farm. tems, layout and graphic design for the papers
tions of Ohio and Indiana. Over a century later, As agriculture has changed throughout the The Farm & Livestock Management sec- and Camden Printing. Doug Hite serves as our
we are now hailed as the leading agricultural years, Farmers Advance has also seen many tion includes weekly livestock and grain mar- deliveryman and occasional handyman.
weekly newspaper in Michigan, Ohio, and Indi- changes. Publishers, editors and managers have kets, and has been a helpful tool for agricultural We would like to thank all of our advertis-
ana, and also circulate into several states in the all come and gone, but the paper that farmers enthusiasts. Other farm favorites include the ers and subscribers for your many years of
Midwest and Canada. look forward to arriving in their mailbox every Inspirational Thoughts page, offering encour- patronage, for without you, we would not have
Camden Publications, where Farmers week has been steadfast in delivering the latest agement of all kinds and a peek into what the been able to not only survive a rocky economy,
Advance is produced, is owned by Gannett in agricultural news, a plethora of auctions and daily life of farmwives can hold. Regulars of the but steadily grow over the years! Thank you for
Company, Inc. In addition to Farmers Advance, has even come to inspire the hardworking farmer page include Gail Malick, Pastor Don Lee, and making us YOUR Farm & Auction Weekly!
Camden Publications also runs an extensive and his family. the Seeds From the Sower column. Camden Publications is open 8 a.m.-4:30
printing company, Camden Printing. Ag Source- Auctions have been a mainstay for the The Ag Calendar lists programs, seminars p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m.-4
book, the companys agricultural directory paper for years, but classifieds seem to be a sec- and other helpful events for producers and farm p.m. on Fridays. For more information on Farm-
geared toward farmers, is also printed annually. tion that satisfies not only the buyer, but the educators alike, and the 4-H & FFA Calendar ers Advance or Camden Printing, call 800-222-
Returning to print as of the fall of 2015 was seller of farm equipment. Everything from plant- offers items of interest to youth all around our 6336, email, or visit us
Equine Times. Once a long-standing monthly ers to hay rakes to corn stoves can be found in distribution area. Gardening, cooking and on the web at

Miedema Auctioneering Inc.

We have enjoyed working with
our friends for the past 32 years
selling Real Estate and Equipment.

Call us at 1-800-LASTBID (527-8243) or visit us at

601 Gordon Industrial Court, Byron Center, MI
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Harvest Energy works

hard to save you money
Harvest Energy Solutions is pas- customers throughout the entire process.
sionate about improving the lives of Since 2006, Harvest Energys goal has
hard working Americans dedicating been to assist farmers and ranchers,
their lives to agriculture and sustaining businesses and home owners, in becom-
their business from generation to gener- ing more sustainable, efficient and inde-
ation. We believe that there is a tremen- pendent with renewable energy. Our
dous amount of untapped value in ener- staff includes NABCEP certified install-
gy and believe in partnering with our ers and NABCEP certified PV technical
agricultural customers to promote lower sales professionals. Other products
energy costs and energy independence include HVLS fans, solar water pumps,
so they can focus on whats important: agricultural LED lighting, off-grid solar
feeding America. systems, solar charging tables, and other
Harvest Energy Solutions is a lifestyle products. The company is head-
full-service distributor, engineer and quartered in Jackson, Mich. For more
installer of renewable and energy saving information about Harvest Energy Solu-
products, specializing in rural residen- tions, visit www.HarvestEnergySolu-
tial, agricultural and commercial energy or call 1-877-788-0220.
solutions throughout the Midwest. From Contact Info:
product selection and site assessment to Harvest Energy Solutions
on-site installation and follow-up main-
tenance, the company partners with its 517-788-8800 x 713

Looking for a solution to rising electric

costs, we turned to Harvest Energy - they
understand the ag industry and came up
with a solution that meets our needs.
- Marlin Langeland, Langeland Dairy

Have you recently been approached by a company selling Call Harvest Energy Solutions today!
the benefits of buying solar energy? Let Harvest Energy We will conduct a free, no-obligation energy assessment to
Solutions show you how we can save you more money than show you how you too can save money on your power bills.
our competitors!
Our operation runs 24/7, so our power bills are a
significant expense; were confident that we will see out
investment in solar energy pay off and add value to our
dairy and grain business.
- Marlin Langeland, Langeland Dairy
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Wakarusa Ag Services, LLC:

The one-stop shopping experience for dairy & beef farmers

opment of their own RTK Network which allows

their customers to purchase their signals by the
hour instead of by quarterly or yearly contracts.
Because of their focus on the raising of dairy
and beef cattle, Wakarusa Ag is the largest mixer
dealer in the tri-state area. They provide complete
service for Penta and Meyer mixers with the ability
to rebuild any component on the machines.
As service is the brothers number one goal, it
is offered for all the brands they sell and loaner
equipment is available to keep the farming opera-
tions running. They realize that quick service is
necessary to care for the animals and they provide
that in a very timely manner.
Additional products sold through Wakarusa Ag
are Echo lawn and outdoor power equipment and
the Echo Bearcat line; Wacker Neuson compact
equipment including excavators, telehandlers,
wheel loaders, and wheel dumpers; Deutz Fahr
tractors because of their quality design, fuel effi-
There is a one-stop shopping experience for offerings of their fathers business to include lawn ciency, and high speed capabilities for pulling
beef and dairy cattle farmers in Wakarusa, IN, and garden equipment, rentals, current agricultural silage wagons, manure spreaders and feed mixers;
where two family businesses are located, providing technologies, and complete service on all the and Vence Tudo corn heads which can include the
for all the animals needs. Wakarusa Nutritional machines they sell. new patent pending Shred Select stalk roll technol-
Services, LLC, provides feed mixing options while Each one has his own specialty in the family ogy. This new product is designed to help break
Wakarusa Ag Services, LLC offers a variety of business. Dwayne is in charge of the marketing and down the corn stalks quicker, providing better soil
machinery to assist in the caring for the livestock equipment rental and specializes in the sales of nutrient availability. The Vence Tudo Eagle SS corn
and property. Between the two, they are a total Pottinger Hay equipment, Wacker Neuson skid head, which includes the Shred Select technology,
solution for dairy and beef livestock farmers. loaders and related products, manure equipment, will be available for 2017 harvest.
In 2001, Frank Martin opened Wakarusa and Fliegl units. Dwight takes care of the account- Wakarusa Ag is open Monday through Friday
Nutritional Services, LLC, after using a mill for sev- ing and specializes in the sales of Penta TMR mixers from 8 5 and Saturday 9 1. They are not open
eral years to mix feed for his dairy herd. He decided & tillage and Hagedorn spreaders along with Skag on Saturdays from December through March 1.
to share the service with area dairy farmers and and Bad Boy mowers. Delvins expertise is in the
began selling Penta TMR vertical mixers, which area of service with a specialty in mixer repair and
were new to the market and provided a total mix he is also responsible for tractor sales. Darrin is
ration for cattle. Frank eventually sold Jamesway keeping current with precision ag solutions includ-
and Pik Rite Manure Equipment as well. ing Topcon, PrecisionHawk Drones, with nitrogen
Frank raised four boys and they have learned and moisture sensing, population count and
the ins and outs of the dairy industry and the impor- multi-spectral cameras. He also oversees the devel-
tance of keeping an operation running smoothly.
Dwayne, Dwight, Delvin and Darrin Martin opened
Wakarusa Ag Services, LLC in 2014, expanding the

Wakarusa Ag Services, LLC Wakarusa Nutritional Services, LLC

711 E. Waterford St. Wakarusa, IN 600 S. Indiana Ave. Wakarusa, IN
574-862-1163 574-862-1166
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Soybean farmers can earn reward for helping UI researcher

URBANA, IL In January, the four soybean fields on a simple form (one This project can be described as a information on, the more useful this effort
University of Illinois leader of a multi-state per crop year, 2014 to 2016), located at search to find what we should work on next will be, Nafziger explains. As the largest
soybean research project put out a call to The form with regard to soybean research. The goal and best state for soybean production, we
farmers to help gather data for the project. requests about 20 pieces of information for is to have thousands of fields in a large are hoping to produce the largest and best
Few participants have signed on, so he is each field, including field location, plant- database, then to see how soil, weather, and set of information of all states involved in
putting the call out again. ing date, variety, and seeding rate. Most management interact to produce yield, this effort.
We only need two or three producers farmers will be able to record information Nafziger explains. Farmers who want to participate can
in each soybean-growing county in Illinois for a field in 10 or 15 minutes. Nafziger encourages FFA and college fill out the form posted at the link given
to get the job done, says U of I crop sci- To provide an incentive, anyone who students to participate, giving them experi- above, or can contact Nafziger at ednaf@
ences professor Emerson Nafziger. fills out information forms and returns a ence with scientific studies and a reward or to
Nafziger and his team is asking pro- gift card request form along with the infor- for their efforts. have forms sent by email. The project is
ducers to provide information for up to mation sheets will receive a $50 gift card. The more fields were able to get also described on the Bulletin.

Have you noticed that Byron SERVING THE NEEDS OF OUR CUSTOMERS
Seeds has the Forage Seed PARTS AND SERVICE.

you need? SALES:

16 Full time Trained Salesmen
* 23 Factory Trained Service Technicians
Specializing in Agricultural Equipment
PARTS: * 5 Factory Trained Service Technicians
* 11 Full Time Trained Parts Specializing in Commercial and Lawn
Employees & Garden Equipment
* Very Large Stock of Common * A Fleet of 23 Mobile Service Vehicles
Parts * 7 Delivery Trucks
* Free Freight on Most 2 Day * Replacement Equipment Available
Special Orders when Yours is Down
* Overnight Shipping Availability
* Genuine High Quality John FINANCING
Deere Parts John Deere Financial
KingFisher Alfalfa! Hay and Summer Annuals!
KingFisher Pasture Mixes! BMR Gene 6 Forage 3 FULL SERVICE LOCATIONS
Alfalfas KingFisher Sorghums, Sorghum Sudan
Our hay and pasture mixes

are top and Sudangrass gives your

performers that are proven are very popular for good
reasons! cows energy from Sugar and
winners in many Midwest Digestible Fiber.
yield trials. They are versatile and more
Whatever your soil type or forgiving of adverse soil and MastersChoice
climate conditions.
management style, we have Corn! 5068 E. 100 N. - BLUFFTON 4777 W. 500 N. - HUNTINGTON 834 N. St. Rd. 13 - WABASH
the alfalfa to meet your Much research and 1-800-876-9351 1-888-876-9352 1-888-876-9353
farms needs! development by Byron Seeds
ensures the best possible E-mail: Website:
Cool Season mixes.
MastersChoice has a full OH-0001161502

lineup of floury corn varieties

Grasses! to meet your needs.
Small Grain Forages!
Late heading, increased
yield, higher energy, and Triticale, Oats, Peas, Spring From 82 day all the way to Sheridan Realty & Auction Co.
Barley. 118 day varieties.
better quality.
Allows for spring planted Great for corn silage or grain
Mixing our grasses with production.
our great alfalfa varieties is forage crops to have double
a winning combination for (and possibly triple) cropping Floury corn provides more
your farm! options. meat & milk.


Jacob D Eicher Lamar Weaver Jim Birgy Travis Miller
8316 N 250 E Sunrise Seeds Plus LLC Birgys Farm Miller Feeds Inc.
Bryant, IN Topeka, IN Fife Lake, MI Prescott, MI
260-463-0380, VM only 231-357-7467
Adam Linnemeier 989-345-1753
Fort Wayne, IN Leon Stanley Monroe Miller
Pine Ridge Farm Kevin Todd
260-710-7646 Grand Junction, MI
Barryton, MI 269-434-8125 Country Vet Supply The Sheridan family has been in the agri-marketing business
Samuel Eicher 989-382-5415 Reed City, MI for almost 40 years. Starting in the livestock business at Howell
Grabill, IN William Brenneman Lonnie Hershberger 231-832-5510
260-416-7951 Shady Lane Seeds Dowling, MI Livestock, Bill Sheridan began the auction business focusing on
Blanchard, MI 269-758-4006 Ken Langmesser farm machinery, real estate and estate auctions. Today the family
John A Schwartz Saint Clair, MI
Schwarz Seed & Twine Scott Peters Cushman Creek Supply 810-329-3067 continues to work in those areas of expertise and has developed into a full time auction firm with
8155 S 850 E Dover Road Seeds Holton, MI Brokers, Realtors and area field agents throughout Michigan.
Hamilton, IN Burt, MI 231-924-7014 Earl Burkholder
262-488-2560, VM only 989-574-7476 Cedar Lake Farms The Sheridan team has worked diligently to serve the needs and wants of the Michigan agribusiness
Sam Gebhardt Cephas Borntrager Sheridan, MI community and continues to develop new and innovative ways to serve the community through
Ed Bowman Cedar Springs Mill & Sup. Timberline Seed & Sales
Kirklin, IN Cedar Springs, MI Homer, MI
989-261-3023 marketing and professional auction management. The Sheridan family has developed a formula
765-336-4385 616-485-5089 517-568-7363, Caller ID Only Norman Miller for marketing which is tailored to the size and scope of your project. Every auction is unique and
Marvin Helmuth Jeremy Droscha Miller Feed LLC demands adjustments to maximize the return of your lifetimes work. The Sheridan approach to
John W Shwartz
Beech Road Seeds Hillcrest Organics Spruce, MI marketing is essential to the success of your auction and in our eyes the only auction that matters
Charlotte, MI Hudson, MI
Nappanee, IN 989-471-5523
574-773-7717 VM Only 517-712-1639 Eric Egeler is yours.
Cushman Creek Supply Kevin Rush Both Bill and Doug Sheridan have been Michigan State Auctioneer Champions, and Bill has
Tom Moneyheffer Carl Reimann
Cheboygan, MI Ludington, MI Stanton, MI
Nutritional Blending Inc. 989-831-5185 also won the International Auctioneer Championship in Orlando, Florida. Coupled with success
New Paris, IN 231-420-8170 231-239-9961
behind the microphone, the Sheridan Team has won numerous marketing contests on the State and
800-285-0796 James Miller Kurt Cobb Jacob Hershberger
Dover Road Seeds Stanwood, MI National levels. They recently upgraded their website to make it easier to navigate and bid, whether
Dan & Andy Pitstick Ulrich Farms
Clare, MI you are using a computer, tablet, or mobile device. They were also featured in the Michigan Banker
Pitstick Farms 989-386-7361, VM only Millington, MI John Keinath
Otterbein, IN 989-871-2314 Keinath Brothers Dairy magazine in October 2013 in an article praising the power of auctions. This is just a small example
Clarksville Feed Store LLC
219-869-0532 Clarksville, MI Country Feed Supply Vassar, MI of the Sheridan philosophy of excellence.
Elmer Martin 616-693-2777 Mio, MI 989-327-2262 Education is a foundation of the familys success. Bill Sheridan is a Licensed Real Estate
Tippy River Seeds Gary Martin 989-826-2305
Rochester, IN
Elgin Darling & Broker, an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC), a limited license appraiser, and member of most
Thumb Poly Reyen Pershinske Doug Darling
574-223-6007 Decker, MI all professional affiliations relative to the auction industry, including the designation of Certified
810-404-9115 Great Lakes Feed & Supply Darling Farms LLC
Larry Yoder Newberry, MI Auction Institute (CAI). Doug Sheridan is a licensed Real Estate Broker and Realtor. Doug is a
Willis, MI
Townline Seed Supply Dick Pershinske 906-293-6749 graduate of Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA) and the three year CAI designation.
Engadine Feed & Supply 734-587-3466
Shipshewana, IN The Sheridan family is proud to be surrounded by high quality associates and staff. These men
260-768-4561 Engadine, MI Greg Palen Tom Dykstra
906-477-6273 Michigan Livestock Serv. Zeeland, MI and women help provide the level of service you the customer deserve. Thank you Troy Crowe,
Ovid, MI 616-218-9987 Jason Buher, CAGA, Dawn Cherry, Dave Trout, Leah Sheridan, Sally Sheridan, Christine Winters,
Melody Rouse, LeAnne Lock, Eric Bannan and Theresa Zdunic.
Troy Crowe 989-720-SELL Located at 1007 S. Washington St, Owosso, Troy is a Licensed
Gerry Davis Land Broker handling land sales throughout the state of Michigan.
Rockville, Indiana NE Territory Manager The Sheridan headquarters is located at 740 South Cedar Street, Mason, MI. Please feel free to contact the

800-801-3596 517-250-1144 office in Mason or call at (517)676-9800. To learn more about Sheridans services and to view our upcoming
auctions visit our award winning website at
Thank you to all our past customers and great friends we have served over the years.
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Got tractors? You need Budd's Dont

Budds All Tractor LCC, is south cen- Budds also carries Rupp Seed! Rupp
tral Michigans largest premier 5 paw produces premium seed and seed care
Kioti dealer. We also dealers of Bush Hog, products for farmers and producers, at
Big Dog Mowers, and full line Husqvarna home and around the world. We sell the
products. We carry many parts and acces- leading genetics and trait packages for
sories for your equipment, brands like corn and soybeans. Also to aid our farm-
Oregon, Stens, A&I products, Sparex, ers we are Talc USA and AG Leader deal-
Atlantic, RTP parts, and Tisco SMA. ers. Ag Leader will give you precision
Budds All Tractor provides our customers guidance at a fair price. Contact Budds
with superior sales, service, and parts. The today for your Ag, Compact, Lawn and
heavy use of tractors and commercial landscape needs.
equipment means you need a highly expe- Contact our sales and service team at
rience sales and service team to care for (517) 750-4550, or
your equipment. Contact us for any out- Since 2010 and still growing, we want
door product needs. to be an honest, comfortable difference.

DK10 Series

For a first time tractor buyer, the KIOTI DK4510 can look
pretty intimidating. Especially when you see it lift, pull, cut
and dig. Its frighteningly powerful. But relax, its made to be
comfortable to drive and super easy to use.
2015 KIOTI Tractor Company a Division of Daedong-USA, Inc.

(517) 750-4550
6666 W. Michigan Ave.
Jackson, MI 49201
Monday - Friday : 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday : 9:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Specializing in quality lubricants & lubrication solutions

Better Fluids
Lower Maintenance Costs
Petroleum Solutions manufactures and distributes a large variety of petroleum products:
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil J-Max fuel Additives
Gasoline Additives Tractor Hydraulics Bar & Chain Oils
Visit our website for additional product listings!
Please call John and discuss your options today!
Proud distributor carrying the full line of Martin Lubricants:
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KCC, MSU partner on new agricultural operations program

From the Kellogg Comm. College website
COLDWATER, MI A new partner-
ship between Kellogg Community College
and Michigan State University will allow
students to earn an Associate in General
Studies degree at KCC while simultaneous-
ly earning an Agricultural Operations Cer-
tificate through MSU with all coursework
completed entirely at KCC.
The newAgricultural Operations Pro-
gram,offered through KCC and the MSU
College of Agriculture and Natural
Resources Institute of Agricultural Tech-
nology, is designed to prepare graduates for
jobs or further education in agricultural
technology fields and will formally launch
with the Fall 2017 semester.
KCC PresidentMark OConnellsaid
the new program serves local interest and
industry needs in agriculture, particularly
in Barry, Branch and Calhoun counties.
KCC is excited to partner with Mich-
igan State University to help prepare local
people for local jobs in the agriculture sec-
MSU IAT DirectorDr. Randy Showerman,left, shakes hands with KCC PresidentMark OConnellas FFA students look on after tor, OConnell said. The new Agricultural
the two officials signed an inter-institutional understanding agreement formalizing the ag program partnership at KCC on Operations Program will offer KCC stu-
March 6. Courtesy photo dents yet another seamless pathway to
transfer or a rewarding career via KCC.
Students in the program will take class-
es on campus at KCC, online and in hybrid
online/classroom formats, paying KCC tui-
tion and fee rates for KCC classes and
MSU tuition and fee rates for MSU classes.
Students will have full access to
resources at both institutions, and will be

Insurance for
assisted by a local coordinator supporting
the program through recruitment, advising,
financial aid, course planning and other

MSU IAT DirectorDr. Randy Shower-
mansaid the program partnership is a direct
response to industry needs, and that the Ag
Operations Program is the first of what
could be multiple agricultural partnerships
in the future.
We have more opportunities in the
agricultural industry than we have individ-
uals to fill those positions, Showerman
said, mentioning Commercial Drivers
License and hops production training as
two agricultural needs MSU is currently
working on with students. There are lots
of areas that were going to be exploring,
but if theres a need, were going to try to
The Ayres
located inin Southwest
Southwest Michigan
Michigan and and serves
serves all
all areas
areas of
of the state. Je
the state. Jeff Brazo
Brazo has
has been
been address it.
an agent
an agent for 22
20 years, and is co-owner of Ayres
co-owner of Ayres Insurance in Sturgis, Michigan. Jeff has
Michigan and Stillsonbeen involved Agricultural Operations Program stu-
with agriculture
Insurance Agency, in Michigan for most of his
LLC in Edwardsburg, life. He was
Michigan. raised
Je has oninvolved
been a farm inwith
Niles, Michiganinand
agriculture Michigan dents must complete a minimum of 21
for most of his
participated life. He
in 4-H andwas
FFA. raised
a farm
wentinonNiles, Michigan
to work and participated
as an high in 4-Hteacher
school Ag Science and FFA. Later,
and FFA credits at KCC and a minimum of 34 cred-
Advisor, as well as working with the National FFA Foundation, and in ag sales. He has been with thethe
Je went on to work as an high school Ag Science teacher and FFA Advisor, as well as working with its through MSU (a total of 55 credits) to
National FFAfor Foundation, earn the Agricultural Operations Certificate
Ayres Group 20 years. and in ag sales. He has been with the Ayres Group for 20 years.
from MSU; a minimum of 28 KCC credits
The Ayres Group represents insurance carriers that insure domestic and international shipments of and 34 MSU credits (a total of 62 credits) is
livestock, genetic material, and general ag commodities. Ayres represents carriers oering a wide range required to also earn the Associate in Gen-
of workers compensation insurance options, including options for self-funded plans and employers eral Studies degree from KCC.
with large employee numbers and high work comp premiums. Our partner companies also oer Program courses required at KCC
coverage for farms with large mobile equipment eets and irrigation units including replacement cost mostly include general education classes,
coverage for these classes of machinery. including basic English, math and science
classes. Program courses offered through
The Ayres Group has multiple companies that target many sectors of the Ag Business community MSU are focused on agriculture, including
including, but not limited to: courses on topics including farm and water
resource management, agriculture technol-
Aquaculture Feed, Hay & Grain Dealers Seed Dealers Grain Milling ogies and regulation, crop and soil sciences
Cheese Manufacturing Feed Manufacturing Flour Milling and more.
Cold Storage Fruit & Vegetable Feed yards Light Food Processing
Dairy Operations Turf Farms Fruit & Vegetable Packing, Storage & Distributors The program will simplify the process
Farm Products Livestock Auction Barns Grain Elevators, & Grain Handling Facilities for students interested in continuing their
Farm Supply Stores Mushroom Growing & Processing education in a four-year degree program at
Fertilizer Dealers & Blenders Potato Chip Manufacturing MSU after graduating from KCC, and also
allows students who have earned MSU
credits through Future Farmers of America
For more information contact
programming to apply up to six credits to
Jeff Brazo CIC, CAWC
the dual KCC-MSU degree and certificate
269-651-1761 program.
Lora Finch,Agriculture, Food and Nat-
800-343-2152 FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS ural Resources Argiscience instructor and FFA advisor at Marshall Public Schools,
said the partnership is a great opportunity
for students, linking education to
123 W Hatch Street PO Box 278 Sturgis, MI 49091 demand-filling careers in the community.
OH-0001161908 With the possibility of students taking
1-800-222-6336 FARMERS ADVANCE MARCH 22, 2017 PAGE 7-C

KCC, MSU partner on new

ag operations program
a full range of high school agriculture officials as they signed an inter-institution-
classes, earning their state FFA degree al understanding agreement formalizing
from their involvement in leadership then the ag program partnership at KCC on
to be able to earn six college credits March 6, including stateRep. John Bizon.
towards this MSU program, this is a game Bizon called the signing a momen-
changer for the agriculture industry in our tous occasion and praised the colleges for
area, Finch said. their dedication to helping guide students
Kris Jenkins,assistant superintendent into agriculture careers that could lead to
of Regional Career Technical Education the maintenance of family legacy farms
for the Calhoun Intermediate School Dis-
trict, praised the program for increasing
and new job opportunities in the future.
The real winners here are our chil-
Maximizing yields while using water
opportunities for K-12 students in the dren, our kids, our students, those who are responsibly through sustainable irrigation.
CISDs natural resources and agriscience able to participate, and I am excited to see
programs. so many fresh young faces here, Bizon
Students can continue their education said. For me this is a very, very exciting
and stay close to home, in a field of study day.
that they love, Jenkins said. The Agricul-
tural Operations Program is a win-win for
While the new Agricultural Operations
Program doesnt formally launch until this
M AISCO, a Valley Performance Premier Dealer,
is Michianas premier agricultural irrigation
sales and service company. Our team of experts
all involved in that we will have a more fall, students can enroll in KCC courses provides high-quality, innovative irrigation solutions
educated workforce ready to fill needed, this summer to fulfill program course service you with integrity and outstanding customer service,
helping farmers in northern Indiana and southern
skilled jobs within our region. requirements in advance. can count on Michigan achieve the highest yields per acre
Jamie Engel,director of Career and Registration for the Summer 2017 through sustainable practices.
Technical Education at the Branch Area semester opens on April 10. Registration
Careers Center, called the program a won- for the Fall 2017 semester at KCC opens
derful segue for BACC students to contin- June 5.
ue their education after graduation or in For more information about the KCC/ 50571 State Road 13
continuing their early college program- MSU IAT Agricultural Operations Pro- Middlebury, IN 46540
877-825-0643 or 574-825-9607
ming, allowing them an opportunity to gram,
gain knowledge and skills while continuing contact KCCs Admissions office at 269-
to live in Branch County and working. 965-4153.
BACC Agricultural Sciences Program For more information about the MSU
ManagerCarrie Prestonsaid the BACC is College of Agriculture and Natural OH-0001161912

excited to participate in the initiative, Resources Institute of Agricultural Tech-

which will benefit our students tremen- nology,
dously over the years.
Several FFA students, community
For more news about Kellogg Com-
munity College, view our latest press
Topeka New Holland
members and representatives from commu- releases online at
Equipment & people you can trust
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Gerald Main Office Liberty Center Wauseon Branch Archbold Location

14-540 Co. Rd. U Location 15035 Co. Rd. J (Feed Mill)
Napoleon, OH 43545 105 West North Street Wauseon, OH 43567 3265 County Road 24
419-598-8015 Liberty Center, OH 43532 Archbold, OH 43502
800-783-8015 419-533-2321 419-445-2451 TOPEKA, IN Topeka New Holland opened Holland added the Jay-lor line of mixers to the
Fax 419-598-8025 Fax 419-533-3299 800-344-2451 in the mid- to late-80s with one thing in mind: cus- products they sell. This brand was chosen because
Fax 419-446-9472
tomer service. Not only have they upheld that they felt its quick processing time and fuel efficien-
Wauseon Agronomy Hamler Branch North Hamler Ridgeville Corners
115 N. Main Street (seasonal grain (Agronomy)
focus, but they are still a thriving, independent, cy would provide the biggest benefit to their dairy
16134 Co. Rd. B
Wauseon, OH 43567 Hamler, OH 43524 receiving) 20758 US Highway 6 family-owned business that strives to keep building and beef cattle customers. In 2014, Great Plains
419-335-9136 419-274-8030 419-274-3731 Napoleon, OH 43545 the local economy. Known as Topeka Implement tillage products were added to complement Topeka
Fax 419-335-9002 800-423-9385 419-267-3315 when it first opened, the store sold both White and New Hollands existing lines of equipment.
Fax 419-274-7721 Fax 419-267-5509
New Holland equipment. Throughout the years, Topeka New Holland heeds to the farm commu-
Gerald Grain Center, Inc. is a farmer-owned cooperative located in northwestern Ohio. they have listened to their customers needs, which nitys demand and is driven by the local market.
The Gerald branch is the main office located just north of Napoleon in Gerald Ohio. The Gerald has further strengthened their commitment to New They serve five surrounding counties and within a
Branch is a grain handling facility that has made recent updates to improve unloading speed. It also Holland equipment. 50-mile radius of the store. The local area is top
handles bagged feeds, lawn and garden products, and many other agriculture supplies. Dave Eichelberger is the owner and General priority, but Topeka NH also works with farmers
The Hamler branch is a CSX 90 car unit train shipper. The Hamler location is a grain handling Manager for Topeka New Holland. Working along- and contractors further away... all this from a single
facility that besides the upgrade from the 60 to the 90 car train hub, has also increased its storage side him are Andy Coats, Parts Manager, and Jeff location!
capabilities for rail loading. It also carries your a variety of agriculture feed and supplies. Carson, Service Manager. Together, they make up If youre looking for exemplary service, quality
an excellent team of dedicated workers ready to equipment and down-to-earth people in a home-
The Liberty Center branch is a grain handling facility that has recently constructed a new office with
a new scale and probe. This locations has also increased its unload speed with a new leg. The match you with the right equipment for whatever town setting, stop in and see the staff at
Liberty Center location also handles bagged feeds, lawn and garden products and pond supplies. task is at hand. Topeka New Holland. Theyre located just a 1/2-
Located at 1725 W. Lake Street in Topeka, the mile east of State Road 5 on West Lake Street, in
Ridgeville Corners branch is our full service agronomy location. Ridgeville has recently remodeled store encompasses an impressive 20,000 square Topeka, IN. Store hours are Monday through
its office, build a new chemical warehouse, increased its anhydrous ammonia storage, and has 2
million gallons of 28% storage with Triway Nitrogen. Anhydrous ammonia, liquid and dry fertilizers, feet. In addition to New Holland, they also sell and Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.-noon. You
chemicals, lawn and garden products are available as well as custom application of products. service Meyer, Kinze, Sitrex and Trimble brand can contact them at 800-741-8795 or 260-593-2345
This facility also handles a wide range of seed corn, soybeans, wheat, and forage products form equipment and specialize in skidloaders, hay equip- or email Visit them online at
DEKALB/Asgrow, Croplan, NK, and Brodbeck. We also can custom clean and treat your seed wheat ment and tractors of all sizes. In 2010, Topeka New
or soybeans at Ridgeville.
Wauseon branch serves as another grain receiving location. Wauseon has recently added a half
million grain storage bin and doubled its grain receiving. Wauseon also handles some bagged
feeds, lawn and garden products and pond supplies.
North Hamler is Gerald Grain Centers seasonal grain receiving facility. If you need to take care of
any grain accounting or sell grain stored at North Hamler, please call the Hamler branch.
Archbold branch is a grain handling facility and home to the feed company named GGC FEEDS, LLC.
This facility has tripled it grain receiving speed and has doubled its wet corn holding capabilities.
GGC FEEDS focus is providing custom formulation to integrator as well as hobby farmers. This
branch is home to all your Provimi (Akey), Kalmbach, and Purina/Land O Lakes feeds, along with all
animal feeds needs.
The Wauseon Agronomy branch is the newest facilty to Gerald Grain Center. This branch is also a
full service agronomy and is the delivery point for many speciality crops. This branch works closely
with our Ridgeville branch helping service all our agronomy patrons.
At Gerald Grain Center we strive to do our best with customer service! Call us and see how we might
be of service to you!!
Mission Statement
To be dedicated to provide safe, quality animal nutritional products at an economical price including
service that is focused on our customers needs! OH-0001161398
PAGE 8-C MARCH 22, 2017 FARMERS ADVANCE 1-800-222-6336


$19.99 $21.95 $329.00

A92817 Gauge 1x12 Bolt-on 12V/15GPM
Wheel Arm Kit Closing Wheel Fuel Pump
Includes New Style 40mm bearing 1/4hp motor
Bushing & Hardware Fits: JD, Kinze, 12 hose
Fits: JD White, Hesston manual nozzle
MaxEmergeXP, XP
Order# 110205 Pro Order# 109131 Order# 1210

$31.00 $179.99 $209.00

16 Vortex 330CA/275CCA JD Tractor
Planter Coulter Battery Jump Buddy Seat
5 & 6 Bolt Pattern Pack Replaces Armrest in
Fits: John Deere & 50, 4 Gauge Cables 30, 40, 50, 55, 60
Kinze HD Clamps w/cop- Series Tractors.
per jaws
Order# 113042 Order# 475700 Order# 504315

$859.00 $28.95 $189.00

Bulk Seed Box LED Rotating 1x12 Bolt-on
Opener Beacon Poly Spike
Wireless 5 diameter x 4-1/4 Closing Wheel
47lbs of pull tall Includes 2 complete
Promotes Safe- takes (4)AA bateries wheels.
ty/Easability Magnetic Base Fits: JD, Kinze,
Order# 492350 Order# 695855 Order# 6200-005 White, Hesston

$419.00 $289.95 $139.00

UTV Full Folding
Windshield JD SoundGard 7x3 LED Flood
Fits: 2003-2012 XUV Cab Roof Light
625i / 620i / 825i / Replaces AR74143. 2200 Lumens
850D / 855D / HPX Fits 30, 40, 50, 55, 12/24V systems
4x4, 2013-2016 XUV 60 Series Tractors Glass Lens
625i / 825i / 825i 2.0 amp draw
Order# 2900 S4 / 855D / 855D Order# 474143 Order# 097564
S4 / HPX

$729.00 $26.99 $419.00

Sur-Lock Loader 7-Pin Ag to Auto Unit Mount
Quick Tach Wiring adapter Floating Resi-
Adapts 145, 146, Plug 7 pin Ag due Mgr.
148, 158 John harness into 7 pin 30 Rows
Deere Loaders to Automotive harness Fits: JD 7200, 7300,
quick tach. on Pickup Truck 1700. Kinze 2000,
Order# 589000 Order# 695800 Order# 2967-029 3000, 4900. White

$365.00 $115.00 $359.00

Auger Dolly Cab Monitor Seed Catcher
Wheel Jack Bracket Chute
HD 5000lb Jack Fits John Deere R Fits: JD, Kinze,
18.5x8 Pneumatic Series Tractors Case-IH, White
Tire Incl: 6x9 tray Central Fill Plant-
Fits: 6, 8, 10, 12, ers
13 Augers Order# 504823 Order# 492300 Will not fit DB Series